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Meter Governance  


MTRG Price:
$167.5 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$35.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #MTRG today is $2.06 USD.

The lowest MTRG price for this period was $0, the highest was $2.06, and the exact current price of one MTRG crypto coin is $2.06292.

The all-time high MTRG coin price was $12.68.

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The code for Meter Governance crypto currency is #MTRG.

Meter Governance is 2.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Meter Governance is $35,382,077.

Meter Governance is ranked #333 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium volume of trading today on #MTRG.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Meter Governance is $167,480.


The circulating supply of MTRG is 17,151,449 coins, which is 43% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of Meter Governance is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


MTRG is the native coin for the Meter blockchain.

View the full list of Meter blockchain tokens, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the MTRG Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


MTRG is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

View #MTRG trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #MTRG purchase.



Understanding Concentrated Liquidity (Uni V3) with iZUMi Finance launch on Meter

iZUMi Finance just launched on Meter Network deploying its innovative Discretized-Liquidity-AMM(DL-AMM) model! The DL-AMM model, which was upgraded from Uniswap V3’s concentrated liquidity model is an AMM mechanism that supports discrete liquidity on every price tick — liquidity can be precisely distributed on any fixed prices rather than a price range in Uniswap V3. Users can now place limit orders on iZUMi Finance in a non-custodial orderbook way, providing DEX users with a CEX-like trading experience DL-AMM? Concentrated Liquidity Model? Price tick? Non-custodial Limit Order? Being the first concentrated liquidity model deployed on Meter Network, Meter Community can have some of these questions. In this blog, we will try to ELI5 the Concentrated Liquidity Model and open avenues to the Meter Community that ensure capital efficiency. — Uniswap V2 — Simple, Omnipresent but Capital Inefficient! - Uniswap opened the doors for Automated Market Making and Decentralized exchanges across the blockchain networks boosting on-chain liquidity management. — Liquidity Model/ Curve. — The constant product model:x * y = k — Implementation. — Simple. Liquidity provided by all participants can be efficiently aggregated along the constant product curve. The LP tokens are also represented as ERC20 which are fungible. — User Interface. — Simple, any user can add on-chain liquidity adheri...

Highlights — METER UP TVL Incentives, Exciting Launches: Meter MEN, IZUMI Finance, NFTing, Pyth…

Highlights — METER UP TVL Incentives, Exciting Launches: Meter MEN, iZUMi Finance, NFTing, Pyth price feeds - Meterians, Welcome to the Meter Monthly Newsletter, a window to the ‘Meter’verse and its thriving ecosystem. At Meter Foundation, our primary focus is on fostering growth and providing critical support for the development of new dApps and a better experience for developers. Before we go into the details of the Newsletter, we would like to reiterate that Meter is not impacted by the recent Silicon Valley Bank debacle. On the contrary, the bank run is a stark reminder of the necessity as well as the promise of ‘MTR’ as a decentralized and permissionless currency independent of FIAT. Let us dive in for the details for the month of March. METER UP TVL Incentives are here! The METER UP TVL Incentive program is aimed at growth and adoption of Meter Network. Details of the program can be found on Meter Docs here. Based on the program metrics, we have piloted the incentive program with Voltswap. On Voltswap, the incentives are distributed as bribes to the pairs proportionate to the TVL. Pyth x Meter: Real time price feeds With access to over 200 institutional-grade datasets covering a wide range of asset classes and markets, Pyth’s unique capability to provide real-time data and enable direct consumption from users has the potential to unlock new possibilities for DeFi on Meter. Understand how Pyth Works...

Special GemPad Sale: MEN-MTRG Liquidity Tokens

The special sale of MEN tokens — a XEN fork with an innovative and sustainable Tokenomics design on Meter Network is here and you would not want to miss out on it! The special sale will take place on GemPad starting 15th March 2023 and will last for 7 days until 22th March 2023.The initial value of the promised distribution of the sale is 3x the participants’ contribution. The value of the distribution may be higher or lower at the end of the lockup periods, but will never be lower than the participants' original contribution. — What does the special sale entail? - — Step 1: 6 month lockup of 100 MTRG initial contribution. — Participate in a 1:1 MTRG sale through which your initial MTRG contribution will be refunded after 6 months through the GemPad contract. — Step 2. 12 Month lockup of MTRG-MEN liquidity (100 MTRG paired with 28.8 Million MEN at launch, 1000 LP tokens). — The MTRG-MEN liquidity allotted to the sale will be locked up for 12 months and airdropped in proportion to the initial MTRG contribution. — FAQs - So I would get back all my initial MTRG contribution in the MEN-MTRG LP token Special Sale back after 6 months? Yes. The vesting period for the special sale will be 6 months.What is the minimum and maximum contribution in the MEN-MTRG LP token Special Sale Minimum MTRG — 0.1 Maximum MTRG — 2When will I get the MTRG-MEN liquidity which is part of ...

MEN Crypto — Sneak Peek into variables impacting Mint

MEN Crypto — Sneak Peek into variables impacting Mint - Meter Network will shortly feature MEN — a XEN crypto fork with a more sustainable Tokenomics design following the success of XEN crypto on over 7 networks and 100 millions user accounts. Similar to XEN crypto, MEN rewards are also loosely based on game theory with several variables that influence the reward outcome. While the allure of minting MEN tokens is enticing, a prudent user should consider all the variables that impact the quantum of ‘MEN’ minted. The number of tokens minted are determined through the formula: — Terminology - Let us brush up the terms from the introduction article. — cRank. — To mint new MEN tokens, one must generate their Crypto Rank (cRank). Your cRank is a natural number, representing the relative standing across the MEN ecosystem. For example, a cRank of 5,000 represents the fact that 4,999 people before you have decided to mint MEN for themselves and have submitted their claimRank transactions before you did. — Global cRank. — MEN smart contract tracks a Global cRank within the ecosystem and increases every time someone else joins as a participant and generates their cRank. — Mint Term. — a minimum time difference (measured in full days) between the initial claimRank transaction and subsequent claimReward transaction. This parameter is submitted by the user during the claimRank tr...

‘MEN’ at work on Meter Network: Deploying a XEN Crypto fork

We are thrilled to introduce ‘MEN’ — a XEN crypto fork with a more sustainable Tokenomics design — on Meter Network. The deployment aims to increase the adoption and user base on Meter Network with the success of XEN crypto. — What is XEN Crypto? - In Summary: XEN crypto enables users to mint XEN token while paying only the applicable transaction fees. The XEN cryptocurrency was deployed on Ethereum on Oct 8, 2022 introducing the proof-of-participation (PoP) consensus mechanism — whoever participates in XEN creation has full rights of ownership through self custody. The design enabled users to utilize Ethereum-based wallets to mint new tokens by paying the applicable Ethereum gas (transaction) fees, making it one of the easiest cryptocurrencies to mint. The Tokenomics incentivized community growth and adoption, as well as precluded whale accumulation, overbuying, and pre-minting. Everyone had an equal opportunity to become a XEN minter and holder. XEN started with zero supply and no supply cap. The mint design ensures that the token will become less inflationary over time as adoption increases. According to XEN’s lite paper, XEN’s mission is to become a community-driven encrypted asset that embraces the original fundamentals of blockchain technology — decentralization, transparency, censorship resistance, P2P value transfer, and ownership. — The success of XEN Crypto - Xen was i...

Meter Tutorials — MEN Mint on Meter Network

Meter Tutorials — MEN Mint on Meter Network - — Step 1: Connect Wallet. — Click the “Connect Wallet” tab to connect your MetaMask wallet. Remember, dApps require users to connect their wallets to interact with them. Follow the connection prompts in your wallet to get connected properly. Check out Voltswap docs if you want help in setting up the wallet. Setting up a wallet — Step 2: Choose Network. — Visit the MEN dApp. Choose the Meter network for minting MEN. Check out Meter docs to add Meter Network to the MetaMask. Interacting with Meter Mainnet Using MetaMask — Step 3: Get MTR for Gas. — Gas is required to interact with protocols. Every time you interact with a protocol, including the MEN protocol, you are required to pay a gas fee for that transaction. To transact with the Meter network you need Meter (MTR). Check out Meter docs to get MTR for gas on Meter Network. Getting MTR for Gas — Step 4: Get MTRG. — Users will need MTRG to pay for the mint fee. Users can get MTRG on the Meter Network from KuCoin, or Voltswap. KuCoin | Cryptocurrency Exchange | Buy & Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and More, 2.555 MTRG USDT | Spot Trading |, Voltswap, — Step 5: Claim cRank. — Decide your MintTerm (T), 0–100+ days and Click the “Start Mint” button at the bottom to initiate the transaction. For the first time users, there will be an addi...

Highlights — P2E games Spotlight with CryptoBlades, Zomland, DragonMaster and CryptoPolis

Highlights — P2E games Spotlight with CryptoBlades, Zomland, DragonMaster and CryptoPolis - Meterians, Welcome to the Meter Monthly Newsletter, a window to the ‘Meter’verse and its thriving ecosystem. At Meter Foundation, our primary focus is on fostering growth and providing critical support for the development of new dApps and a better experience for developers. P2E Games stole the spotlight in February with 4 key partnerships. Let us dive in for the details, Better Adoption Metrics with launch of multiple P2E games! — CryptoBlades launch. — CryptoBlades is an exciting play-to-earn game revolving around the acquisition of legendary Blades and the powerful Heroes! The deployment on Meter Network included access to all CryptoBlades features, such as the Drawbridge, NFT Bridge, and Bazaar, along with a 2000 SKILL Reward Pool. The launch week featured daily events and giveaways. Read more about the announcement here. Check out the game today on — Zomland launch. — Zomland is an interactive P2E NFT card game where users lead an army of zombies & monsters to battle with users around the world. They were the winners of our GameFi hackathon category. Read more about the announcement here. Check out the game today on — DragonMaster: Launching shortly. — DragonMaster is the first blockchain-based Metaverse game that blends RTS, MOBA, Collection, ...

Highlights — Meter Developer Incentive Programs, Voltswap NFT Marketplace and CryptoBlades launch…

Highlights — Meter Developer Incentive Programs, Voltswap NFT Marketplace and CryptoBlades launch Countdown - Meterians, Welcome to the Meter Monthly Newsletter, a window to the ‘Meter’verse and its thriving ecosystem. At Meter Foundation, our primary focus is on fostering growth and providing critical support for the development of new dApps and a better experience for developers. A lot of progress was made in January 2023. Let us dive in for the details, — A boost to the Developer Incentive Programs!. — With the introduction of ‘METER UP: TVL Incentive Program’, Meter has taken a two-pronged approach to incentivizing developers on the network Developers can read more details on Developer Grant Program With over 10+ Million USD in grant available for disbursal, the focus of the program is network adoption with increased transaction volume, Total Value Locked and larger user base. Innovator Grants (high potential use cases with well-articulated delivery plan and traction) are supported up to 250,000 USD. To add transparency to the program, we also provide grant estimates across categories and the performance criteria here. Apply now!METER UP — TVL Incentive Program The ‘Meter Up’ Program shares the burden of adoption of a dApp by incentivizing TVL on the protocol. Under the program, All TVL (time-weighted) reported through a integration is incentivized!... in 2022

All about technology, community and ecosystem!. — ‘Eventful’ is such an understatement for the year that was 2022! A turbulent year across all measures even beyond the crypto space with Ukraine war, looming recession, energy and liquidity crisis — the centralized institutions within the crypto ecosystem stole the limelight with their lack of corporate governance and compliance policies. As we reminisce about 2022, this serves as a stark reminder to the pressing need of decentralization and decentralized finance — the heart of web3 ecosystem! At Meter, we experienced significant growth across partnerships, community and ecosystem in 2022. With our unwavering commitment to scale and connect the financial internet, we can’t wait to see what lies ahead in 2023. But first, let us reflect on our collective progress made in 2022! — Focus on Decentralization!. — We started 2022 with 154 validator nodes — a number far above the majority of blockchains. With our focus on decentralization and potential of our HotStuff Consensus engine which can support 1000s of validator nodes without impacting performance; we rolled out our Validator program intended to host 500 nodes. With 282 nodes on the network currently, we have made significant progress thanks to our community. Recently, we rolled out another Validator Program which further incentivizes validators to support network growth through DeFI T...

Voltswap ve(3,3) Deployment ON Theta — Liquidity Migration and VOLT to TVOLT swap

Voltswap ve(3,3) Deployment on Theta — Liquidity Migration and VOLT to TVOLT swap - IMPORTANT — The Weekly TVOLT emissions start on 22nd December 2022. The votes are due every Thursday 00:00 UTC Before we begin the guide on liquidity migration and VOLT to TVOLT swap, let us understand the difference between VOLTSWAP V1 and VOLTSWAP ve (3,3) design; Now that we have a brief understanding of the design, the overall steps required for the liquidity transfer are as below; — Step 1 and Step 2: Unstake LP tokens and Remove Liquidity from the VOLTSWAP V1 - Additional Information is available on Voltswap docs here. — Step 3: Swap VOLT for TVOLT - — KEY POINTS on the VOLT to TVOLT swap. — The swap ratio is fixed to 1.3 TVOLT per VOLTThe VOLT to TVOLT swap is one way transferAll VOLT deposited on Theta will be added back to locked supply on Meter Network — Step 4: Vesting TVOLT - As TVOLT veNFT holders dictate which liquidity pools get more emissions and receive swap fees from those liquidity pools as a reward; liquidity providers are encouraged to compete for generating the most swap fees. Vesting TVOLT up to 4 years period gives the users veTVOLT NFTs. The number of veTVOLT received per TVOLT varies linearly with the duration of the lock. User can understand more about vesting TVOLT on Voltswap Docs here. Additional tutorials on Increasing TVOLT ...

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