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MOOV Price:
$287.9 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$5.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #MOOV today is $0.00624 USD.

The lowest MOOV price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00624, and the exact current price of one MOOV crypto coin is $0.00624354.

The all-time high MOOV coin price was $0.10.

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The code for dotmoovs crypto currency is #MOOV.

dotmoovs is 1.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for dotmoovs is $5,240,411.

dotmoovs is ranked #632 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #MOOV.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for dotmoovs is $287,941.


The circulating supply of MOOV is 839,333,037 coins, which is 84% of the total coin supply.


MOOV is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the MOOV Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


MOOV is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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dotmoovs 2.0: What’s your player type?

A player’s type can be observed in one’s profile and player card. Not all people are the same. In our metaverse, four types can label a player’s profile: Rookie, Pro, Sports Miner, and Veteran. These indicate the type of athlete and their level of crypto-related expertise. Curious? Find out the meaning behind the little tag on your brand-new player card. Rookie As the name suggests, a rookie athlete just wants to play sports and have fun. Rookies may also not know anything about crypto, and that’s totally fine. If you’re one of such players, fear not and get on the Move-to-Earn train with our help, as the dotmoovs is designed to include all kinds of athletes. The first time a MOOVer joins our sports arena, they can start playing immediately. Once they validate their e-mail address, 50 XMOOVs (i.e., our in-app currency) will be automatically added to the Rookie’s in-app wallet. But, pssst… want to know a little secret? These XMOOVs can be converted into $MOOVs once the Rookie becomes a Pro. Pro A Pro player understands a bit about crypto and, as such, has their own crypto wallet and owns at least one NFT sports gear. Following the NFT sports equipment purchase, 100 XMOOVs are deposited into the player’s in-app wallet, and their profile and player card are updated to include the tag “Pro”. NFT sports gear grants access to dotmoovs’ Move-To-Earn mode, where besides winning the challenge, players also have...

MOOV more, live better — The benefits of physical activity

MOOV more, live better — The benefits of physical activity - Looking to boost your energy levels and have an improved sense of well-being? If so, then please read on. Whenever that annual health check-up comes around, three things are (very) likely to happen: your blood pressure gets checked, your body weight is measured, and you’re asked: “what are your physical activity habits?”. The answer to the latter will inform your physician of how many times per week you engage in physical activities and the intensity of such activities, helping them (assuming you’re truthful) to determine your lifestyle and examine you accordingly quickly. Nowadays, people move less and sit/lie down more. Even though our way of life differs from that of our ancestors, the medical community agrees: physical activity improves and protects every individual’s health and quality of life (healthy or otherwise). But is it really worth it to work up a sweat? Yes, it is, and believe us when we tell you that you’ll get more than a fit bod from doing so. More energy, better sleep Any physical activity that makes you sweat and increases your heart and breathing rates is known as aerobic exercise (e.g., running, swimming, and dancing). Studies show that regular aerobic physical activity reduces the time it takes for one to fall asleep and the number of nocturnal awakenings. If you sleep better, you’ll have more energy. Though closely linke...

How dotmoovs stands out in the Move & Earn hype

Move & Earn explained Move & Earn is a relatively new concept derived from the Move-to-Earn business model. Albeit focusing both on incentivizing people to get off the couch and move, the motivation behind them is different. In Move & Earn, engaging in physical activity is a joy and not looked at as a chore or a means to fill one’s pockets. The idea is simple: people have fun moving around, either that being walking or doing a more structured exercise like dancing, with the bonus of earning while they’re at it. If doubts remain, dotmoovs is a Move & Earn app. If you’re wondering how your activity is converted into rewards, the answer is tech! Movement-related games exploit smartphones’ built-in technology to monitor players’ motion. For instance, GenoPets and Sweatcoin track users’ steps, STEPN uses GPS, and dotmoovs uses the smartphone’s camera. Standing out from the crowd Although several platforms are riding the Move & Earn trend, they’re not all the same. Our project goes beyond most competitors’ walking/running approach, urging people to move purposefully and carry out specific exercises instead. dotmoovs was developed with every sports enthusiast in mind. Players (a.k.a. MOOVers) can download the app for free, explore its feed, and learn the kind of movements that are expected. There’s no initial investment required. People can practice their football juggles or dance moves up to...

Buying NFT Sports Equipment: A step-by-step guide

Whether you’re a freestyle football or dance fan, this guide shows you what to do if buying ball packs or sneakers is your wish. Buying NFT Balls Packs A balls pack refers to an NFT that is yet to be created. Though you don’t know what NFT you’re getting (graphically speaking) upfront, one of the perks of purchasing a pack is that its price is set, and it won’t change, no matter your end result. To buy one of our balls packs, you need to: Access the web app. After you’ve successfully logged in, click/tap on “PACKS” in the top navigation bar and then connect your wallet. If you already own a balls pack, it will appear under the “Your Packs” section., 2. Choose the balls pack you want to buy. 3. Set the number of packs you wish to purchase 4. Click/tap “Select and Buy”. After that, your wallet extension will automatically open in your browser (in this example, we’re using a MetaMask wallet). Make sure you’re connected to the Polygon network because that’s where our NFT Balls are based. Then, select your most preferred gas fee option. In case you’re not familiar with the term “gas fee”, it’s nothing more than a transaction fee, similar to the ones applied by traditional banks but in the context of crypto transactions. For the transaction to go through, you must have enough MATIC to cover the gas fees and WETH (Wrapped Ether, a.k.a Ether on the Polygon network) to buy the pack. Note tha...

dotmoovs 2.0: Explaining the most recent changes in the app

Beware: The upgrade to the new game economy is a gradual process. Still, a few app updates have already been released. Creating a sustainable game economy is a huge undertaking. After the economy design comes the (apparent never-ending) modeling, the (repeated) testing, and, only then, its long-awaited implementation. There are a lot of MOOVing parts in this process, but the dotmoovs team is always up for a challenge and tackled this endeavor head-on. Below you’ll find what has changed so far and how those changes affect the game. Forget the betting system It’s true! There’s no more betting before entering a challenge. To compete with other people, all you need is to have an NFT Sports Equipment, which you can buy or rent from a fellow player. Though there’s no more betting, XMOOV remains our in-app currency, and your best moves are rewarded accordingly. Freeing NFTs from the active challenge limbo NFT Sports Equipment are a crucial part of dotmoovs new game economy. Before, you could only use one NFT per challenge, and if your opponent took their time to accept that challenge or submit their performance, the NFT would be “stuck” in that waiting game and unable to be used in other challenges. Instead of “locking” the entire NFT, dotmoovs now locks an NFT’s life per challenge, meaning that players can use their sports gear in different challenges at the same time as long as their NFT has lives. Simply put, ...

By all means, keep on MOOVing and you shall be rewarded

Explaining dotmoovs’ ranking without numbers You have likely heard “consistency is key” in a few different scenarios. Teachers remind others of it all day long, while personal trainers share it alongside a picture of their 7 am post-workout breakfast, for example. Though a little daunting for some, performance consistency is the holy grail in competitive sports. Given our commitment to providing everyone with a trusted and fair competition platform and because we value skill and consistency, we’ve paid special attention to the math to rank a player’s performance. It’s so much more than a one-time score Our rating algorithm is an extension of the Elo rating system, which was originally invented to measure the skill of chess players. The beauty of the Elo rating system is that it focuses on the players’ relative skill instead of a one-time score, meaning that one’s performance is inferred from their wins and losses against their opponent’s ratings. Simply put, your ranking position not only depends on your performance and that of your competition but also on both of your track records. The logic behind the math The algorithm calculates the chance of a person’s outcome when playing against other players. Practically speaking, this is how it works:If you win against someone with a much higher rank than yourself, and you’ve been winning challenges regularly, you’ll earn a lot of ranking points. However,...

Renting NFT Sports Equipment: A step-by-step guide

The go-to manual for those who want to rent out their own NFT Sports Equipment or borrow the sports gear from another MOOVer. When it comes to NFT renting in the dotmoovs metaverse, there are two distinct realities:People don’t have the funds or simply don’t want to make that investment, so they rent an NFT from a fellow player, OR;They’re more of a sports watcher than a doer, and they rather rent out their NFT Sports Equipment and profit from others’ sweaty efforts. No matter your reality, we’ll show you what to do if renting is your wish. For the NFT Sports Equipment owner To rent out your dotmoovs’ ball or sneakers, you need to: 1. Access the web app. After you’ve successfully logged in, choose the NFT Sports Equipment you would like to rent out from the “Owned NFTs” section in your profile. 2. On the selected NFT page, tap/click “Rent Out”. If, instead of the “Rent Out”, your interface shows a “Connect Wallet” button, you should connect your crypto wallet before moving any further so that we can make sure the selected NFT belongs to you. If, upon connecting your wallet, the button shows the message “Wrong Network”, don’t panic! This happens when your wallet’s default network doesn’t match the one where the NFT Sports Equipment is on. All you have to do is click on the button and select the correct network (FYI: balls v2 are on Polygon, and sneakers are on Ethereum). 3. Set yo...

You asked… we listened! Check out the latest app updates

BTW: Invisible changes (a.k.a. bug fixes) were made, but this article focuses on what your eyes can see.. — Let there be light Not everyone is a fan of the dark mode; it’s a fact! But, dark or light, now the choice is yours as we have brightened up our interface, creating the app’s light mode. — Changing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. — We have redesigned the footer and labeled each icon. We have also changed the design of the Legendary and Weekly Challenge menus, the ranking, and the NFT screens. — Enter peer-2-peer challenges using NFT Sports Equipment. — The 1:1 dares can now only be played with an NFT Sports Equipment: a ball for freestyle football or a pair of sneakers for dancing. Within dotmoovs, the NFT Sports Equipment is currently present at every competition. Rest assured, you can still practice your MOOVs by yourself and without needing any customed gear in the Just MOOV Challenge. Still, the fun is in the competition, wouldn’t you say? — Calling all the sneakerheads. — MOOVCLUB sneakers are in the house! Go ahead and browse our sneaker collection in the mobile or web app. Most importantly, put your one-of-a-kind footgear to work in peer-2-peer challenges. What are you waiting for? Crack your knuckles, tap play, and let’s MOOV! As you can see, we’ve been busy MOOVing backstage. Let us know what you think of these updates, and stay tuned beca...

NFT Sports Equipment: Blurring the line between the physical and digital worlds

Learn all you can do (right now) with NFT Sports Equipment in the dotmoovs app.You can buy and rent dotmoovs’ NFT Sports Equipment, but you should really use it to MOOV! The principle No matter the sport, there’s always some type of equipment required to play the game, either player-specific paraphernalia (like uniforms or sneakers) or game-related equipment (such as balls or skates). The truth is that access to the proper sports gear gives players the correct set of tools to help them play the game. The same principle applies to the dotmoovs’ metaverse. Considering the sports released in the app so far, i.e., freestyle football and dance, we created NFT-based soccer balls and dance sneakers (MOOVCLUB Sneakers). If doubts remain, the balls are to be used when you feel like juggling a ball, while the sneakers are for you to MOOV to the beat in style. But what exactly can you do with NFTs? The NFT Sports Equipment grants exclusive access to dotmoovs’ Move-2-Earn mode. This means players can enter peer-2-peer, weekly and legendary challenges, allowing them the chance to win XMOOVs. To buy or not to buy, that is the question Whether you buy an NFT or not, the decision is yours! You can buy an NFT from our marketplace if you’re interested in football or at if dancing or shoes are more your thing. To buy the sneakers and the balls v2, our most recent ball collection, you’ll need either ETH or $MOOVs. On...

The (not so boring) computer science behind your dance moves

FYI: There are no math formulas in this article.. — The dotmoovs mobile app allows you to put your dance skills to the test using a smartphone camera. But how are your dance moves rated?The starting point First, professional dancers are recorded doing a set of choreographies. Then, following our dance experts’ guidance, we break down each choreography into a sequence of movements (e.g., “arm raise” or “step to the left”) and classify them according to their difficulty. The professionals’ dance data is used as a reference for your performance. When you feel like dancing (or should we say mooving?), you just pick the choreography and record yourself mimicking the expert’s moves, as you would in a dance class. Then, if you’re satisfied with your performance, you can submit the video so that our algorithm can rate it. — The logic behind the rating. — Our technology detects the dancer’s motion and matches it with that of the expert. What this means is that we are able to quantify the similarity between your moves and those of the professional dancer. In doing so, we spot if you sped through the choreography or were careless with your movement, which will be reflected in your final score, of course. — The score. — dotmoovs’ dance score is focused on two main components: time and body position. The algorithm detects how well your movement matched those of the expert dancer in a ...


Jelurida Becomes a Gold Member of Lugano's Ticino Blockchain Techn...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Lugano, Switzerland, 26th April 2022] Jelurida, the team behind the Nxt, Ardor, and IGNIS blockchain ecosystem is pleased to announce its partnership with the Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association. The think tank, located in Lugano, Switzerland, will bring Jelurida's technology and expertise to local crypto organizations and universities. Jelurida continues to turn heads in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The heavy-hitting team of blockchain, smart contract, and decentralization experts will team up with Lugano-based Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association [TBTA]. The TBTA combines blockchain and crypto organizations based in Lugano, Switzerland, and connects them to universities as a resource hub for private and public projects. Jelurida has become a gold member of TBTA, joining other entities like MOOV Airways AG, Interchain Stiftung, EventBoost SA, Elly,, Poseidon Group, etc. Jelurida's developments and expertise will be used by a new audience of future builders, individuals pursuing industry careers, and innovators. Moreover, the knowledge will expand the Swiss education system as a whole. TBTA President Giacomo Poretti comments: 'It's good to see how innovative our partners are in supporting and scaling blockchain projects. Thank you Jelurida for your insightful presentation at our first Think Tank of 2022. We look forward to the next developments and project collaborations between you and our partners.' The Ticino Blockch... read More

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