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MOOV Price:
$293.7 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #MOOV today is $0.00417 USD.

The lowest MOOV price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00417, and the current live price for one MOOV coin is $0.00417289.

The all-time high MOOV coin price was $0.10.

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The code for dotmoovs crypto currency is #MOOV.

dotmoovs is 2 years old.


The current market capitalization for dotmoovs is $3,436,709.

dotmoovs is ranked #680, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium daily trading volume on #MOOV.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for dotmoovs is $293,741.


The circulating supply of MOOV is 823,580,487 coins, which is 82% of the total coin supply.


MOOV is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the MOOV Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


MOOV is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Renting Sports Equipment: What’s new?

Dotmoovs’ renting system was updated. If you’d like to know more about it, keep reading to learn what we’ve been working on these last few weeks. When designing our sports arena, we considered distinct players’ realities. For example, those who lack the funds or don’t want to invest in digital sports gear but like to play can rent a fellow player’s equipment. Once upon a (not so distant) time, whenever you wished to play against another player or famous athlete and didn’t own sports equipment, you were redirected to our renting market, picked your gear, and then had to choose your challenge and opponent all over again. Good news: that’s not the case anymore! The new renting system update influences the user experience of both the sports equipment rentee and owner. From a rentee’s perspective Forget that sense of feeling lost when renting a pair of sneakers or a football mid-challenge selection. We’ve tweaked the player’s experience so they can choose their equipment without leaving the challenge selection flow. Also, before, equipment rentees didn’t support the cost of using another athlete’s gear and returned it to its rightful owner without restoring it. Now, when using another player’s equipment, it’s up to the rentees to cover the challenge’s cost, i.e., pay for the number of lives it costs to play a given challenge in competitive mode. Remember: the more you use dotmoovs’ sports equipm...

How to withdraw XMOOVs: A step-by-step guide

Looking for a guide on how to withdraw your XMOOV earnings from the dotmoovs app? Congrats, you’ve found it!While the following criteria is currently in effect, the team is already on the testing stages of an updated version. This article will be revised accordingly. When it comes to withdrawing XMOOVs from your wallet, there’re a few criteria you need to meet before you can do so, more specifically: Have at least 18 years of age;, Have verified your identity through our “Know Your Customer” (KYC) process;, Have registered in the dotmoovs app over 7 days ago;, Have linked your crypto wallet to your dotmoovs one by claiming your address within the dotmoovs’ web app. Note that if you’ve previously created a wallet on the mobile app, it was automatically linked to your web app account;, And last but not least, withdrawal requirements are also dependent on your player type: Pro & Legend — players must have spent 10x the XMOOV amount offered to them upon registration in the dotmoovs app; Sports Miner — players must have spent 10x the XMOOV amount offered upon registration in the dotmoovs app and have an active staking period over 30 days., If you read through the above list and your mind went: check, check, check, check, and check, then here’s what you have to do next to withdraw your in-game earnings and convert them to $MOOVs: Log in to the dotmoovs’ web app., 2. Hover over “My wallet...

Party on! The first-ever Carnaval-themed digital dance competition is on dotmoovs

It’s Carnaval season, meaning it’s time for dazzling outfits, parades, dance, and a lot of partyyyyy! This year, Carnaval came early! We’ve teamed up with GDance, an academy from Salvador (Brazil), and produced the first-ever digital dance Carnaval tournament. Whether you have “two left feet” or awesome footwork and rhythm, this tournament is for you! The competition started on the 7th and will run until the 21st of February. Ever wanted to experience the biggest Carnaval party in the world? We can’t send you to Brazil, but we sure can bring a bit of its palpable excitement and fun to you. Listen and dance to the beat of the Brazilian music “Faz o G” on the dotmoovs app. This super simple and family-friendly dance routine was choreographed by the brothers and GDance directors, Keko and Amitra Burak. All you have to do to participate in our one-of-a-kind competition is to download the dotmoovs app, choose dance as your sport, tap “Play” and then “Weekly Challenge”. After that, select one of the versions of the “Faz o G” dance and record yourself imitating the choreographer, and you’re in! Whoever best replicates the choreography wins a $150 (USD) Amazon gift card; the one who records the most videos gets a $100 (USD) Amazon gift card, and the player with the highest number of shares on social media using #dotmoovscarnaval wins a $50 (USD) Amazon gift card. There are many dance tournaments out th...

Sports and artificial intelligence’s transformative superpowers

Read about how artificial intelligence (AI) came to rule the sports industry AI is here to stay! The advancements in machine learning, computer vision, and AI have changed how coaches and personal trainers train athletes. Professional players, and their support staff, now benefit from data science insights to improve their performance. Discover how AI is enhancing the decision-making process in sports and changing the sports experience for the better. AI referee Doesn’t this ring a bell? 😏 Football referees have long been using Video Assistant Technology (VAR) to help them decide on big on-the-field plays like red cards or penalties. Humans are prone to error, especially when all eyes are on them, with screaming sports fans, clubs, and players demanding a given play is approved or vetoed. AI-powered referees minimize human referees’ error margin, allowing the game’s decisions to be made more accurately and reducing the controversy surrounding live in-game plays. Out of curiosity, research showed that the NBA reviewed 26.822 plays from 1.476 games between March 2015 and June 2018 [1]. A total of 2.197 incorrectly called plays, amounting to 8.2% of all calls reviewed. It may not seem much, but this is A LOT! This is true not only for in-person but also for asynchronously played sports. Since its inception, Dotmoovs has been using advanced algorithms to detect players’ bodies, limb by limb, and assess their movemen...

TOP 3 most played challenges of the month

Dotmoovs is all about making physical activity more fun and rewarding no matter a person’s age. Currently, the app has two sports available: freestyle football and dance, but soon there will be more. Discover below the most played challenges of the month so far. Freestyle football: CR7 Mom Legendary Challenge Dunno if you heard, but the world’s most famous soccer mom, Dolores Aveiro, is challenging people around the world to play against her in the dotmoovs app. Having fun has no age limit, and to some extent, neither do sports. The challenge of the Aveiro’s family matriarch can be found under the app’s Legendary challenges section alongside other famous soccer players like the Portuguese professional footballer João Teixeira. The best part? Anyone can do it! All you need to do is grab a football and record yourself kicking it in the air. Our AI referee will let you know how you did within a few minutes. Dance: Holly Jolly Me In this easy, Christmas-themed dance, Elisa guides you in grooving to a jingle of the most wonderful time of the year. One thing is for sure: by the end of this high-spirited dance challenge, you won’t be able to fight back the smile on your face. Dance: Freeze If street dance style is more your thing, follow Jadan’s moves in a quick, medium-difficult Hip Hop routine to the sound of “Freeze” by Jaylikethealphabet. Crank up your smartphone’s volume and get MOOVin’!

dotmoovs’ game economy: how it all works

Simplified schematics of dotmoovs’ game economy. A game without an economy is like watching paint dry… not the most appealing. Not that every game should have wallets or stores, but basic economic elements can transform an entire gaming experience, leaving the player excited, engaged, and craving for more. Dotmoovs’ playing modes With a challenge-based approach to sports, there’s no initial investment required to join the dotmoovs sports arena. Depending on the type of player, there are two playing options: Practice mode — for those who want to practice their moves and not compete with anyone but themselves., Competitive mode — for the ones who have a competitive streak and like to play against their friends or famous athletes., To play in competitive mode, athletes need to use NFT Sports Equipment. Dotmoovs is a virtual game with real-life concepts and features, and, as such, more advanced sports challenges wear out faster a player’s equipment, meaning the more complex a challenge is, the more digital “wear and tear” your equipment will suffer (read: you’ll need more lives!). Alongside the notion of durability, we’ve also accounted for the gear’s quality, and using high-quality NFTs maximizes players’ rewards. Fundamentally, dotmoovs’ sports equipment has utility, going beyond most digital collectibles. MOOV and you shall be rewarded Similar to other game philosophies, dotmoovs’ gam...

AI-driven immersive ad experiences

How dotmoovs is always on the crest of the AI wave Let’s talk AI Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic in the last few weeks following the ChatGPT phenomenon. In case you’re wondering, this is no news to us. Dotmoovs has been an AI powerhouse from the get-go, using advanced algorithms to detect players’ motion and assess their movements’ accuracy. Our tech informs athletes on how well they’re performing and assigns them an unbiased, movement-based score. The better a player’s performance, the bigger the rewards they’ll reap. Dotmoovs’ AI referee allows players to look critically at their exercise efforts and understand where they can improve. This is only possible due to incredible advancements in areas like computer vision, alongside our own internal research in AI and its deployment. AI-driven experiencesBrands will soon be able to create personalized NTFs within our ecosystem We may have started with our core AI, the one that allows us to create our game experiences. But we want our users (players and non-players) to feel the thrill of technology when they interact with our platform. So we set ourselves a new challenge: create AI-driven, immersive ad experiences. Internet consumers are tired and often block ads on most devices — and rightly so, as these can be intrusive and add nothing but an inconvenience to the experience. Furthermore, now more than ever, sports clubs and brands need a ...

New year, new opportunities, new challenges

Want to know more about dotmoovs’ plans for the future? Read on to find dotmoovs’ roadmap for 2023. We’re pleased to post our 2023 roadmap. What a year 2022 was for dotmoovs! If you missed our recap, watch it here. The market conditions haven’t affected our trajectory, and 2023 will be THE year of dotmoovs. Without further ado, here’s the roadmap for 2023: Q1/ 2023 The new year’s #1 resolution for dotmoovs is user acquisition. To accomplish such a goal, we’ve planned our user acquisition strategy and will launch audience-specific ad campaigns in the first quarter. Alongside our marketing efforts, the team will also be actively recruiting content creators (a.k.a. dotmoovers) so that whenever you open the dotmoovs app for that extra energy boost, you find more sports challenges. Those excited about sports and who can do a few moves have the chance to have their own choreographies or juggle sets being mimicked by thousands across the globe. Our sports arena is a fair and trusted space for people to express themselves through sports and earn from it. Want to monetize your own skills? Reach out to us, and you’ll be earning in no time. We plan to update the mobile app’s look and feel by turning it into an easy-to-navigate and fun-looking interface. Improving the dance-scoring algorithm, allowing you to have an even more accurate assessment of your movements, is also in the works. Q2/2023 Speaking of dotmoovers,...

dotmoovs 2.0: Breaking down NFT Sports Equipment

Some believe that online games transport players to an alternate reality without an actual link to the gamers’ real life. If you’re one of those people or know someone like this, please let them know they’ve got a LOT to catch up on. While several web3 platforms lead people to enter a virtual universe, the dotmoovs sports arena meets people in their real lives. You must put in the work purposefully (not just using your fingertips) and give the best you’ve got to earn the highest rewards. One thing is guaranteed: you’re bound to have fun and enjoy yourself! Having the right sports gear is a must When it comes to sports, the game can’t be played successfully without the appropriate equipment. Likewise, dotmoovs players have access to sport-specific gear — soccer balls for freestyle football and sneakers for dancing. This equipment is in the form of an NFT (i.e., non-fungible token), a digital (and colorful) representation of real-life paraphernalia that, in our case, is sports-related, as are balls and sneakers. Looking beyond the visuals Like everything in life, durability and quality go hand-in-hand, meaning high-quality sports gear takes longer to wear out. Generally speaking, our sports equipment is divided into three categories: Common, Rare, and Legendary. Each of these categories has a set total number of NFTs and is paired with its corresponding maximum usage, a concept most gamers know as “lives”...

Who’s got the MOOVs? — The GameFi side of dotmoovs

Who’s got the MOOVs? — The GameFi side of dotmoovs - The concept In traditional video games, wins are rewarded with ranking points, credits, or in-game currencies. These give players a sense of victory while mentally stimulating them to keep playing to achieve that “big triumph feeling”. However, these rewards have no use or value outside the game. The term “GameFi” combines two words: game + finance. First coined in 2020 by Andre Cronje, CEO of Yearn Finance, and based on blockchain technology, this gaming system offers players (real) economic incentives like digital currencies, a.k.a. cryptocurrencies, or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for completing in-game tasks. MOOVing from theory to practice dotmoovs is a Move & Earn sports app that has a GameFi component. This means that people have fun moving around and exercising, with the bonus of earning while they’re at it. In the dotmoovs sports arena, athletes are rewarded in MOOVs, which can be converted outside the game. So whether you MOOV to juggle or MOOV to dance, the better you perform, the greater rewards you’ll reap. For those wondering what to do with their haul of MOOVs, you can spend them on dotmoovs’ marketplace to buy or rent sport-specific equipment to play the game: soccer balls for freestyle football and sneakers for dance. These equipment are an example of the above-mentioned NFTs, which, simply put, are a digital representation of r...


Jelurida Becomes a Gold Member of Lugano's Ticino Blockchain Techn...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Lugano, Switzerland, 26th April 2022] Jelurida, the team behind the Nxt, Ardor, and IGNIS blockchain ecosystem is pleased to announce its partnership with the Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association. The think tank, located in Lugano, Switzerland, will bring Jelurida's technology and expertise to local crypto organizations and universities. Jelurida continues to turn heads in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The heavy-hitting team of blockchain, smart contract, and decentralization experts will team up with Lugano-based Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association [TBTA]. The TBTA combines blockchain and crypto organizations based in Lugano, Switzerland, and connects them to universities as a resource hub for private and public projects. Jelurida has become a gold member of TBTA, joining other entities like MOOV Airways AG, Interchain Stiftung, EventBoost SA, Elly,, Poseidon Group, etc. Jelurida's developments and expertise will be used by a new audience of future builders, individuals pursuing industry careers, and innovators. Moreover, the knowledge will expand the Swiss education system as a whole. TBTA President Giacomo Poretti comments: 'It's good to see how innovative our partners are in supporting and scaling blockchain projects. Thank you Jelurida for your insightful presentation at our first Think Tank of 2022. We look forward to the next developments and project collaborations between you and our partners.' The Ticino Blockch... read More

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