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Cake Monster  


$9.2 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$11.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #MONSTA today is $0.00162 USD.

The lowest MONSTA price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00162, and the current live price for one MONSTA coin is $0.00161605.

The all-time high MONSTA coin price was $0.034.

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The code for Cake Monster crypto currency is #MONSTA.

Cake Monster is 1.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Cake Monster is $11,298,764.

Cake Monster is ranking upwards to #1134 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is small during the past 24 hours for #MONSTA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Cake Monster is $9,213.


The circulating supply of MONSTA is 6,991,578,775 coins, which is 73% of the total coin supply.


MONSTA is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


MONSTA has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #MONSTA, and you can view them on our MONSTA disambiguation page.



Monsta Munch — Helping Communities in Need

Monsta Munch — Helping Communities in Need - — Wen MONSTA met PIGGY - Cake Monster ($MONSTA) was recently given the opportunity to help holders of the inactive PiggyBank Token ($PIGGY) by offering them a way out by swapping their holdings in exchange for MONSTA, and by joining our welcoming and active community. The Piggy Token was, unfortunately, one of the many projects in this space that faced some development issues and inevitably failed to keep up over the past year. Despite their best efforts, the team was unable to continue the project in a feasible way. They locked the PIGGY liquidity pool for a very long time, and renounced the contract ownership, which led to a dilemma that didn't leave many satisfying options for PIGGY holders. And this is where MONSTA stepped in to lend a helping “claw”. We made a public offer to the PIGGY community for all remaining holders to send us their tokens in exchange for MONSTA — and with success, it led to us happily welcoming the former PIGGY holders with open arms. The now MONSTA holders got to join our fabulous community, learn about us, participate in our rewarding on-chain activities, and received their new MONSTA in a fair and slippage-free conversion offer. The former PIGGY project team got to officially finish their project with integrity, and without the moral burden that comes along with abandoning a project and its community entirely. With this spi...


OFFER to the PIGGY community Having competed and won a few seasons of VOLUME WARS, MONSTA knows the PIGGY community from the hardened battlefield. MONSTA would like to give active PIGGY holders the opportunity to join the MONSTA community and revive their deflationary dreams.MONSTA welcomes the PIGGY Community — THE OFFER: - MONSTA is offering PIGGY holders the opportunity to Convert their PIGGY holdings at a fixed rate of 2.5m PIGGY / MONSTA.* All you have to do as a PIGGY holder is send your PIGGY to the MONSTA multisig before EOD 13 September 2022: SEND YOUR PIGGY HERE: 0xAB299186D619B5A2DD3C98d9FE810d30Ec09C1E7 *Final conversion rate will determined by BNB realised and not PIGGY received. WHAT HAPPENS THEN: The PIGGY received will be sold off for BNB. PIGGY holders that sent their PIGGY to the MONSTA Multisig will be airdropped MONSTA according to the above ratio from the MONSTA community wallet. The BNB received will be used to Buy Back and Burn MONSTA from the Open Market. We look forward to welcoming the PIGGY community. — About Cake Monster - Cake Monster ($MONSTA) is an experiment in sustainable Hyper-Deflationary Economics. We have developed a groundbreaking economic policy and wrapped it as a cute Meme on BNBChain. To give you some fun along the way, you’ll find On-Chain Games, Play2Earn NFTs, Arcades, and other rewarding features that let you earn money in the world’s first sustainable Hyper-De...


WTF is MPOP!? — MONSTA Proof of Plushie. — MONSTA Proof of Plushie (MPOP) is a deflationary, digital asset representing a 1/1000 plushie Collection. Each plushie is an exact replica of the Monsta.Party plushie that was launched into near earth orbit, as part the world’s 1st ever Generative Art NFT space launch. There will ONLY be 1000 of these Plushies Made.Monsta Plushie in Space — MINT. — 1 BNB = 1 MPOP MINT HERE REDEEM 1 MPOP = 1 PLUSHIE To redeem a Plushie you have to 🔥 Burn 1 MPOP 🔥, and your Plushie will be delivered to you anywhere in the world.The MONSTA POP Game In the name of Monsta Fun, MPOP has a game built into it. — Tokenomics ⬆️. — Max Supply is 1000 MPOPDeflationary (Burn 🔥 on Redeem)10% Buy / Transfer Tax0% Sell Tax 10% Tax is Used to BUY MONSTA5% gets Burnt5% gets added to the Monsta POP Game Pot — The Game 🎲. — Every Buy >= 0.1 MPOP resets a timer to 10 Minutes.After 10 Minutes a bubble is ready to “POP” and the last user to Purchase >0.1 MPOP can ‘POP’ the bubble to claim the whole POP Pot.The user has 10 minutes to claim after which the Pot will roll over if unclaimed. After a successful claim the Pot restarts at 0 and the game restarts.Mint & Liquidity The MPOP sale will run for 30 days or till sold out. Any unsold MPOP will be sent to the Cake Monster Community Wallet and be used for Community Events/R...


Coming Soon…👀 Soon.

Lucky Lotto Extravaganza — It could be YOU!

Lucky Lotto Extravaganza — It could be YOU! The Eternal Cake Lotto is about to get wild with the release of our next batch of Lotto tickets! These tickets will not only enter you into the existing Eternal Cake Lottery, but we’re spicing things up with a special competition and a chance to win something MOAR! 🤩Here’s how it works:Starting July 11th 2022, purchase your lotto ticket on our app ( are priced at 0.25 BNB eachQuantities are limited and only 100 will be made available!Only ticket transactions from purchases via our app will be included in the additional BNB prize drawOnce the 100 tickets are sold, one lucky purchaser will be randomly selected from the transactions and win 5 BNB! That means you have a 1 in 100 chance of winning 5 BNB for every ticket you buy! 🙌But wait, there’s more! 🤑 We’re also going to sweeten the CAKE pot for the next Eternal Cake Lotto draw! 2 BNB from the special ticket sales will be used to purchase CAKE and add it to the lotto pot. Exciting right? When all lotto tickets are bought we will release another 100 tickets at the price of 0.5 BNB. This will result in a prize of 10 BNB for another lucky winner, plus we’ll buy another 4 BNB of CAKE to add to the next Eternal Cake lotto pot. See where we are going with this? Every time 100 tickets are bought the price will increase, but so too does the prize! As long as all the tickets ...

LEVEL UP! — Introducing the Monsta Party Arcade

LEVEL UP! — Introducing the Monsta Party Arcade After much waiting and anticipation, we’re pleased to announce the release of the new Monsta Party Arcade (MPA) on July 4th! This feature addition has been in development for quite some time and we’re super excited to share it with you all! We worked hard to bring you something that is dynamic yet simple, robust, and more importantly — fun! 4 games are already completed and ready and we’ll release these incrementally after the initial launch day tournament. More games will be developed in the future as well. The MPA is a completely scalable product addition that will allow us to release future games with ease — building a library of dozens of games (or more!), and we’ll even include NFT holders in the decision making process of choosing new games!Arcade Phase 1 Phase 1 of the arcade introduces players to not one, but four specially created and customized skill based games described below. The simplicity of the games means that players of all ages can “pick-up and play” without needing to spend excessive time studying rules, gameplay, or strategies. In addition, our unique tournament style set-up allows players to play the games as much or as little as they like, without the worry of running out of “lives” or “credits.”The Games — Monsta Man. — Inspired by the classic Pacman game of arcades past, MonstaMan brings the fun and add...

One Year of MONSTA — A Look Back

One Year of MONSTA — A Look BackBirthday Burn Success A big thank you to everyone that joined us yesterday for Monstas very first Birthday celebration!! We had an amazing turn out, listened to some sweet new Monsta tracks, gave away some prizes, raffled off a limited edition NFT, and BURNED A TOTAL OF 97,436,421 MONSTA!! 🔥🤯 Absolutely incredible!! You can catch a full replay of the stream on our Youtube channel!Looking Back There is a common joke within crypto that time doesn’t move at the same pace as everything else. Days feel like months, months feel like years, and we find ourselves looking back on these past 84 years with fondness in our hearts… OK so it’s only been a year — but what an exciting and event filled year it has been! Milestone after Milestone, the MONSTA protocol has no shortage of achievements to celebrate! Let’s take a look back at some of things we’ve accomplished together as a team and as a community 💪May 13 — Cake Monster Project AnnouncedJune 19 — $MONSTA Launches and lists on PancakeSwapJuly 21 — First cartoon episode releasedAug 6 — Release of the Diamond Claw NFTsSept 3 — Gravity Vault staking liveOct 14 — Monstas roam the ProjectOasis MetaverseOct 20 — New ATH reachedOct 31 — Partnership with Flooz and launch of fiat on-ramp serviceNov 9 — Monsta Party NFTs launch and are displayed for the first time in sp...

Birthday Burn Celebrations! — MONSTA turns One Year Old

Birthday Burn Celebrations! — MONSTA turns One Year Old 🎈Burn baby burn! It’s a MONSTA inferno! 🎵 It’s hard to believe that in a few days (June 19) MONSTA will be celebrating his very first birthday! We’ve accomplished so much together over the past year, none of which would have been possible to do without the amazing support of our Community, Team members, and Partners all around the world! 🙏 Get ready to dust off your party hats, because in true MONSTA fashion, we’ll be busting out all the stops of our crazy journey in a grandiose birthday burn-themed extra-long celebration, containing multiple events stretched over several days! — What's happening during the celebrations?. — Burn Portal PartyMonsta Party Mosaic NFT AuctionBirthday Burn Live Stream with DJ Tripped MonstaFire in the KitchenHigh Roller/Mass Cake TossRecord breaking Rob a Monsta RaidSome extra surprises we haven’t announced yet ;)❗ IMPORTANT: Only follow instructions that come from our official social media accounts! No one from the Cake Monster or Monsta Party team will ever message you privately, ask you to connect your wallet to any unknown sites or apps, or provide your seed phrase or private key! No one should ever ask you for these! Be aware of scammers and stay safe!MONSTA Burn Portal Party 🔥 We’re cranking up the temperature in MONSTA’s kitchen with the opening of our brand new Burn Portal!...

Choose a Side you Must — Cake Toss is here!

Choose a Side you Must — Cake Toss is here!Flip it to Win it 🤑 We know everyone is eager for the arrival of the Monsta Party Arcade and while we’re working hard to put the finishing touches on it, we wanted to bring you a fun new addition while you wait! Launching June 6th at 12:00pm UTC we’re happy to introduce a beta launch of a new chance-style game for Monsta Party that we’ve dubbed “Cake Toss!” In this simple yet addictive game, players will have an opportunity to face off against others for a chance to take home their share of the prize pot!How it works ⚙️ Visit the new “Toss” page in the Monsta Party App to get started.If no one else has started a game, you’ll see an option to start a new game. If a game is already in progress, you’ll see an option to join that existing game.Select the Monsta Party NFT you want to use as your Player (Note: Activity requirements apply so you need to have fed your Party Monsta within the last 12 hours)Select your bet amount from the available choices listed (payable in MONSTA). Note: The starting player sets the bet amount for all other players when starting a game.Choose your side — Light or Dark, and confirm the transactions in your wallet.The 10 minute countdown to the flip will begin when at least one other player has joined!If no other players have joined and the player that initiated the toss no longer wants to wait — they can ca...

The Cake Vault

52W Lock for Maximum ROI 🧠CAKE Vault Locked for 52 Weeks!🔒 The Vault As per Snapshot “Locking the vault”, which passed with 100% approval, The CAKE Vault has been staked in the PancakeSwap Fixed pool currently at 165% APY. 🔒 As no CAKE can be added to the position once locked, the Vault will switch to BNB in anticipation of the launch of the BNB Vault and new website. 🎉 The Cake Monster CAKE Vault is sitting on a Chungus 252k Cake which will now be staked at 165% APY. 🤯 The staking tx can be seen here : To show the full power of the #BeastofBSC the BNB vault will accrue at 100% for the launch period. 🚀 Thereafter the community can decide if it would like to add additional assets or just focus on BNB for the rest of the cycle. 🔥 Who knows, the #BeastofBSC might just be unchained and unfiltered… 🚨 One thing we do know is that the Beast is Hungry… 🔥🔥🔥What’s next?Arcades / P2E (actual skill based P2E) + More Lottos & on-chain games.Website & dApp redesign“Cake Monster For Good” Charity Program (CMFG)Staking Program Phase 2Multi-Chain Asset VaultsVault Partnership & “Degen” Weeks.POPMonstaDollarMonstaFarmMonstaDAOAbout Cake Monster Cake Monster ($MONSTA) offers a multitude of great features aimed at building a flexible, multifaceted, and automated dividend yield an...

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