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Moar Finance  


MOAR Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:

Circulating Supply:
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The last known price of #MOAR is $0.022 USD.

Please note that the price of #MOAR was last updated over 470 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #MOAR statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest MOAR price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.022, and the exact last price of MOAR was $0.02240.

The all-time high MOAR coin price was $3.15.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of MOAR with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Moar Finance crypto currency is #MOAR.

Moar Finance is 1.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Moar Finance is not available at this time.

Moar Finance is ranking downwards to #11293, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a very weak volume of trading today on #MOAR.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Moar Finance is $22.00.


The total supply of MOAR is 10,000,000 coins.

Note the limited supply of Moar Finance coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


MOAR is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


MOAR has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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More MOAR Product Issue 10

Polygon, Diamond, Flash-loan Attack Updates. — — TLDR - Polygon in private testing on Mainnet Polygon, awaiting Index service optimization. Deposits and Withdrawals successful on Mainnet Polygon!Diamond analysis completed. A total of 344,578 MOAR will be distributed! Link to check reward will be shared early next week.Next steps to re-enable borrows are to set MOAR and UNN to 0 borrow factor the week of Dec. 6th, until Oracle solution found. Please manage your liquidity! — Polygon - Our Polygon mainnet app has been released on private server! At this time, we are optimizing performance issues with our Graph indexing service on Polygon. The Indexing service allows the app to load at a faster speed, instead of calling the smart contract end points directly. MOAR app always tries to call indexing service first (typical response time is ~1 second), then falls back to the smart contract calls (typical response time ~ 5+ seconds), in order to deliver a speed user experience. — What is working:. — Deposits! Hello World to the first mtokens (the deposit tokens of MOAR) of ETH and MOAR on Polygon. You can see the tx hashes here and here., Withdraws! Withdraw transactions here and here., — What is not working:. — Borrows are not enabled yet and will not be until we have 1) set borrow factors of UNN and MOAR to 0 to prevent another flash loan attack and 2) found a suitable Oracle (one o...

More MOAR Product Issue 9

Ribbon, Diamond, Polygon/Fantom plans. — — TLDR - Ribbon LP Collateral done! Waiting for sane gas to deploy.Diamond methodology shared.Polygon and Fantom plans. Initial actions in Polygon week of November 8th. — Ribbon Integration - Our work with taking Ribbon’s covered Bitcoin pool and ETH pool has passed final testing! It took us longer than expected as Ribbon migrated from a v1 to v2 pool on their side, and we had to adjust on our side too. Once deployed, liquidity providers to these two pools can deposit their LP for collateral and borrow stable coins! We are monitoring Ethereum’s gas situation and will deploy to production accordingly. — Project Diamond Update - We are running the analysis for Project Diamond distribution. We will update in the coming weeks when calculation is done and provide sheet for people to check.Given the cost to transact on Ethereum, we are evaluating claiming the rewards in Polygon or Fantom. Our proposed methodology for participation in share price is as such: Step 1: Aggregate participation holdings per address to get MOAR_equivalent. MOAR: 0x187eff9690e1f1a61d578c7c492296eaab82701a, mMOAR: 0xF186cd440DA91B89396D39f1FFdD271641914e91, MOAR/ETH - Uniswap LP token: 0xCa7d3e930932a6Cb26ae4E06c18b2ad09a43bB90, MOAR/UNN - Uniswap LP token:, 0xc0359b47b4249C91Cf038EFC8c61Ef2510400145, Step 2: Identify all segments from April 23rd to Oct 20th where the user has non-z...

More MOAR Product Issue 8

New Geyser, MOAR Diamond, Updates on Cross-Chain. — — TLDR. — MOAR ETH-UNN Geyser to be continued at 1,000 MOAR per day, target start Oct 21st (pending gas).We share updates on Polygon efforts, fully working in Testnet, and our thoughts on Fantom.Fixed bug allowing people to withdraw or borrow more than they could in edge case when liquidity value changed just as withdraw/borrow was submitted. — MOAR Geyser — What’s Next?. — It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been180 days since the MOAR Seed Geyser launched, distributing 500,000 MOAR to our liquidity providers. Yet, here we are — 2 days from the end of the MOAR program. We are happy to announce MOAR Geyser Program 1: 90,000 MOAR over 90 days of liquidity incentives for ETH-MOAR providers in Uniswap v2., We are targeting a launch date of Oct 21st, pending gas., This equates to 1,000 MOAR/day or 57% estimated APY, assuming TVL remains the same. You will have to unstake and restake into new program — details to be shared soon! We expect the initial APY to be much higher, as the initial Uniswap liquidity provided by the team ($100k of ETH and MOAR at time of addition) will not migrate to Program 1 with the end of MOAR Diamond. Speaking of… — MOAR Diamond. — At the end of Seed Geyser, the MOAR Diamond incentive will also be completed. The team will be analyzing the many different contributors to MOAR...

New MOAR Reward Rates

Calling for USDC and USDT. — TLDRNew reward rates to grow USDC and USDT. Deposit to earn estimated 11,00% and 4,700%, respectively in reward MOAR.Put your deposited UNN and MOAR to work and borrow USDC/USDT against them to earn even more reward MOAR. Today marks the end of the early bird special! During this period, MOAR and UNN deposits were heavily incentivized, earning roughly 96% and 585% in vested MOAR, respectively. With our vesting rewards launched, we will begin growing MOAR liquidity and encouraging borrow transactions, which generate fees, which are shared with locked and staked MOAR (in the lending platform). The new distribution reward rates for the next 60 days are shown below.“MOAR Distribution per Block” is per Deposit. The same amount of MOAR is distributed to Borrows too! 95,000 vested MOAR has been set aside for rewards in the next 60 days. Reward share is allocated heavily to growing deposits and borrows for the stablecoins USDC and USDT. At current deposits, with an assumption of MOAR price at $0.50, APRs for both are 11.2k% and 4.7k% respectively! Even better, the same amount of reward MOAR is also set aside for borrowing! If you are the first to borrow USDT, you are earning all the rewards, even if you just borrow $1. As of right now, this is the Borrow Distribution APY of reward MOAR for the lucky person borrowing $200 USDC: — About MOAR - MOAR is a derivative-aware, cross-chain, an...

More MOAR Product Issue 7

Get More MOAR with deposit and borrow incentives!. — — TLDR. — MOAR depositors and borrowers earn Reward MOAR on top of the standard APY. Reward MOAR vests for 90 days.Early Bird Reward MOAR incentives range from 97% to 585% on deposits and a ridiculously high number for borrows. Borrow assets! Early Bird Rewards end on October 1st!Learn about our different rewards — Reward MOAR, Staking MOAR with no Lock, Staking MOAR with lock. — Early Bird Reward MOAR. — As mentioned in our August launch, people who deposited early have been earning boosted reward MOAR. Reward MOARs are MOAR tokens which vest in 90 days, and can be redeemed for MOAR once vesting period ends. These reward rates will reset at the end of the week (October 1st) to a lower rate to be communicated. We set aside roughly 831 MOAR/day for depositors and 831 MOAR/day for borrowers. The exact rates are below, along with the boosted APYs (estimated) that early adopters earned to date.People have been earning between 97% to 585% Reward MOAR Where is the Borrow APY column? Since there has been no/few borrows, technically the borrow APY would be infinity. For reference, the borrow on USDC right now earns a crazy 27M% APY as there is only a small $200 borrow in USDC at this time. Clearly, this rate will change as borrows are taken out. TLDR: Borrow some assets. How is APY calculated?APR for Deposited Asset = (MOAR emission per b...

Community AMA August 27th 2021

Thanks to everyone for taking part in our MOAR AMA! For those who missed it, here is a transcript. — AMA Transcript - Hello all! Let’s start with a short summary of what is the progress of MOAR and the milestones achieved. After our launch and also completing the audit feedback from Peckshield, team has been: optimizing our indexing and liquidation services so they respond more quickly/accurately. We originally tied straight to TheGraph, but found that in production, there could be times where connection would not be as quick as we would like. Very under the hood stuff, but helps us create a more responsive application and less “Moar connection issues” that some of you may have seen., working up the rewards program- being able to get MOAR for our depositors /borrowers and connecting to a vesting program similar to that of Ellipsis, where vested MOAR can earn portion of MOAR platform fees and early exist penalties for vesting MOAR., completing more integrations with UNION C-OP for boosters. In fact, we’ve secretly released BTC booster in production so once the gas fees get sane again, get ready to boost your BTC! Boom!, working deposit logic to handle LPs from other projects. Yep! We’ve been playing with taking certain liquidity pool tokens from other projects as collateral. In particular, we find Ribbon’s covered calls on ETH and WBCT a very interesting project and are close to completing an integration t...

MOAR DeFi Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds to its Secure Lending Operations

MOAR, the first derivative-aware DeFi lending protocol, is thrilled to announce our integration of Chainlink on mainnet to value assets, calculate asset risk parameters, and provide valuation parity of our innovative Booster derivatives with their underlying derivative provider, UNION’s C-OP. By sourcing data through the industry-leading decentralized oracle network, Chainlink enables MOAR users to get strong assurances that deposited assets are accurately priced and the solvency of lending pools are securely maintained. MOAR will begin by integrating the following Chainlink Price Feeds: ETH/USD, BTC/USD, DAI/USD, and USDC/USD. These decentralized price oracles will be referenced by MOAR smart contracts to calculate deposited assets’ collateral value when used as borrows — borrow capacity used by accounts — and liquidation logic. Furthermore, Chainlink’s ETH/USD and BTC/USD price feeds provide valuation parity with UNION’s C-OP products, which also use Chainlink Feeds. This parity allows MOAR to provide one-click Boosted Borrows, unlocking 100% of deposited collateral value and not requiring overcollateralization of Boosted assets. For a more detailed explanation of Boosted Borrows, read our in-depth guide. — Integration Overview & Use Cases - MOAR is a DeFi lending platform that provides users with enhanced capital efficiency for their assets through the novel use of decentralized derivatives, ...

MOAR launches in Guarded Phase!

We are pleased to announce the launch of MOAR! We are launching in Guarded Phase with conservative measures around our innovative features to vet stability in Mainnet. Check out the MOAR app. Note: Please connect wallet to see the markets. We’re working on improvement next week so you can see the Markets (home) without connecting a wallet. Lending | MOAR DeFi We expect the Guarded Phase launch to last 2 weeks. While we have tested in Rinkeby substantially, MOAR’s incorporation of decentralized derivatives as part of its lending calculations is first of its kind and highly complex. — What is included in Guarded Phase?. — Phase 1 assets: WBTC, ETH, LINK, MOAR, UNN, USDC, and USDT. Click here for the Risk Parameters such as collateral and reserve factors. All Phase 1 assets can be used as collateral. Yes, you can actually post USDT and borrow against it. We are starting with a conservative 10% borrow factor to gauge market reaction and will leave to governance from community to decide future path of USDT as collateral. In Guarded Phase, UNN and MOAR can not be borrowed (though they can be borrowed against)., Boosted Borrows: MOAR’s revolutionary capital efficiency Booster, which allows users to borrow up to 100% against their collateral utilizing UNION’s C-OP products, is included for ETH. After Guarded phase, we will bring online WBTC Boosters. Read more about Boosters here., Automated Liquidation: Wit...

More MOAR Product: Issue 6

TLDR. — Peckshield audit moving forward as scheduled, week 3 of 5.UI upgrades including stylistic and layout optimizations.Roadmap prioritized for developments in DeFi market and spike in Polygon ecosystem. — Wen Audit?. — Peckshield continues working through their audit. We are on week 3 out of projected 5-week timeframe provided by Peckshield. We are as eager as you to get our borrow platform into the wild. — New Layout & Design. — In addition to a small palette facelift, we reorganized our app to make room for upcoming features, including: laying out menu options on the left as opposed to having them go across the top., collapsing Deposit/Borrow actions into an Actions dropdown so there is more space for data in the panes and allows MOAR to add new actions we are working on., — Analytics / Charts. — Having an analytics space that shows important KPIs (key performance indicators) go beyond satiating curiosity of users and other projects. A highly performant analytics space also is important for risk management, historical analysis of supply/demand, operations optimization, and liquidation management. As shared in previous articles, we started with calling data straight from smart contracts source. Then we supplemented this with MOAR subgraphs with The Graph to get balances with ease. Finally, we constructed a back-end hosting service to store historic data. These time-seri...

More MOAR Product: Issue 5

TLDR. — Peckshield audit started on schedule June 14th with a 5 week estimate for audit feedback.Beta complete — no major bugs found.Usability enhancements continue; we look at governance and tokenomics ahead of Mainnet. — Audit in Progress!. — Peckshield, the tier 1 auditor whom we locked in Mid May for auditing MOAR started their work as agreed on June 14th. Their estimate to complete the first round of audit is 5 weeks, and we have planned an additional 1–2 weeks to address their findings. While we have seen other projects charge into Mainnet without audits or mid-audit, we continue to prioritize security when it comes to user funds. — Beta Completed. — MOAR’s first closed Beta was completed with great success! No major issues were found as 72 testers completed: 447 deposits, 235 borrows, 154 withdraws, 162 paybacks, 75 Booster purchases, We rewarded our testers 8,001 MOAR in total for their efforts. Thanks to everyone who participated! If you were a tester, check your rewards here and the distribution on Etherscan. — Improvements Continue. — The team is not idle as we await Audit results: Users can see their Deposit and Borrow composition in the summary panel, next to their borrow capacity used. Hovering over each component shows additional information on the asset, % composition, $ value, and number of tokens., 2. Hovering over the Collateral number in Dashboard s...


NFT Trade Volume Jumped 23% Higher This Week Capturing Close to $1 Billi...

    Non-fungible token (NFT) sales have increased by 23.56% over the last week, as $945.2 million in sales were recorded across 15 different blockchains during the last seven days. NFT sales stemming from Ethereum jumped 29.16% in seven days, gathering $863.2 million in sales or 91.32% of the $945.2 million in sales. One particular NFT collection called Moonbirds has bolstered most of this week's NFT sales volume. NFT Sales Spike This Week, Volume Fueled by Moonbirds Sales Following last week's slight uptick in NFT sales, which increased 3.35% and gathered $658.4 million in sales in seven days, this week's NFT sales action improved a great deal. On Monday, April 25,'s seven day metrics indicate that there's been $945.2 million in sales recorded. The overall sales derive from 15 different blockchains and while Ethereum sales were the most dominant, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) NFT sales jumped 39.95% and Fantom's sales volumes jumped 31.05% this week. The project that has helped NFT sales this week is Moonbirds, even though seven day Moonbirds statistics indicate the collection's sales are down 40.58% from the week prior. This past week's sales saw approximately $165,080,212 in Moonbirds sales among 1,309 buyers and 1,821 transactions. One particular Moonbirds sale, Moonbirds #2642, sold for 350 ether or more than $1 million at the time of settlement, which took place 24 hours ago on Opensea. Moreover, two more Moonbirds that were sold this past week came awfully close... read More

NFT Sales Volume Saw a Small Uptick This Week — Moonbirds, Mutant ...

    Non-fungible token (NFT) sales saw a small uptick over the last week as $658.4 million in NFT sales were recorded, up 3.35% in seven days. Out of 15 blockchains, Polygon-based NFT sales saw the largest increase in volume, jumping 106.68% this week. Moreover, over the last seven days, an NFT collection called Moonbirds saw the largest sales volume gathering $231.9 million.Weekly NFT Sales Record a Slight Increase NFT sales volume managed to increase slightly this week, as sales jumped 3.35% higher than last week's sales. The sales volume stemming from 15 different blockchain networks saw $658.4 million in sales this past week. Seven days ago, on April 10, sales volume the week prior had dropped by 13%. This week, Ethereum recorded $562.9 million in sales, up 3.74% higher than last week. The largest sales volume percentage increase out of all 15 blockchains, compared to last week was Polygon, jumping 106.68% with $7.3 million in sales. BSC-based NFT sales jumped 58.89% higher this week, and NFT sales from Arbitrum increased by 30.74%. Wax blockchain NFT sales were down 39.92% over the last seven days with $2.2 million. The NFT collection capturing this week's top sales volume was Moonbirds as the NFT collection recorded $231.9 million in sales volume. The second-largest sales volume stemmed from the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) collection, as it saw $26.8 million. MAYC was followed by Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) sales, which gathered $22.8 million in sales in the last seven d... read More

More Moar Finance (#MOAR) News

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