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MIST Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #MIST today is $1.28 USD.

The lowest MIST price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.28, and the current live price for one MIST coin is $1.28382.

The all-time high MIST coin price was $226.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of MIST with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Alchemist crypto currency is #MIST.

Alchemist is 2.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Alchemist is $2,789,781.

Alchemist is ranking upwards to #1212 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a weak daily trading volume on #MIST.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Alchemist is $828.


The circulating supply of MIST is 2,173,037 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of Alchemist is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


MIST is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


MIST has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #MIST, and you can view them on our MIST disambiguation page.



Alchemist Council Report II

The out-going Council members occupied a period of six months as the Community elected Alchemist Coin governmental body. The Council was tasked with strategically leading Alchemist during this time. Consequently during this period — between August 8th 2022 and February 13th 2023 — many developments in the Alchemist ecosystem transpired. This report will act as a detailed overview of the key events of this time period. The elected Council members began as Santa, Ri, Joeh, Asathoro, and Renars. However, Joeh resigned from the Council and temporarily left Alchemist. Subsequently, the 7th highest recipient of votes, Adrian, stepped up to fill the empty position. This is what they accomplished: — MIST Improvement Proposal (MIP) #1. — The newly elected Council wasted no time in getting to work as they set in motion a governance vote regarding MIST Improvement Proposal (MIP) #1 — after some initial discussions around it occurred on Discourse. Essentially, this changed the type of rewards Alchemist Coin liquidity providers (MIST-WETH) receive for their contributions to the ecosystem. Liquidity providers (LPs) had been receiving revenue airdrops in MIST, but with the passing of MIP #1, LPs now receive revenue airdrops in WETH or stablecoins. Since the passing of MIP #1 two revenue airdrops have occurred. They amounted to ≈ 55.2 and ≈ 2.2 WETH being distributed to Alchemist LP’s and MIST Stakers, re...

Alchemist Copper

The Alchemist project is an incubator. Projects that are incubated by Alchemist are run by separate teams, enabling greater mobility, efficient processes, entrepreneurial innovation, and many other benefits. In recent times individual project teams have had to traverse challenging market conditions threatening their survival. During this period of time Alchemist has not been able to provide the support some developed projects require. In order to protect the long term viability of the Alchemist experiment, the Alchemist Council has agreed to a revenue and equity deal with the Copper team that provides a clear understanding of the relationship between Alchemist and Copper. This deal provides the Copper team the ability to build a sustainable treasury for future development and to enable them greater flexibility when seeking collaborative relationships moving forward. The Council, excluding Ri (Copper product lead), unanimously agreed to this deal on Tuesday August 30th, 2022 and informed the Copper team of their decision shortly after it was agreed upon. The deal is as follows: Revenue Share: Alchemist receives 25% of Copper ERC-20 LBP launches revenue., If Copper is required to enter into additional temporary revenue share agreements with strategic partners (i.e. Balancer), Alchemist’s revenue share will be diluted proportionally to Copper’s (Note: Copper currently has a 30% revenue share with Balancer since February 202...

The Alchemist Ecosystem | July 2022

Image courtesy of community member Renars — Alchemist Core & Community - Greetings Alchemists! Another exciting month has come and gone. July has been an interesting month for the Alchemist ecosystem with numerous updates for you in this month’s report. Continue reading to learn more about what we have been up to. Enjoy! New Project 👀 A new project is in the works by a bootstrapped team of community members. Projects materialising via community members organising around a common goal is what Alchemist is all about! This new project will usher in a new era of governance for Alchemist. Once complete, the project will allow for the community to have a much more active role in the evolution of the Alchemist ecosystem. The atmosphere of the project will be energised with a sense of community and become the de facto place to initiate new ideas. More news on this front will be popping up in the coming months. Make sure to join our biweekly calls so you don’t miss when the news drops. Bi-weekly Community Calls Speaking about our community calls… We held two of them in July with the first being held on July 7th and the second taking place on July 21st. You can listen to these recordings on our YouTube page. We hold calls every other Thursday. Our next call will take place in our Discord on August 14th. We hope to see you there!  — @_alchemistcoin NFT Project Alchemist had previously announ...

The Alchemist Council Elections

It’s time again for nominations for the Alchemist Council!The role of the Alchemist Council: The Alchemist Council will be responsible for guiding and steering the project. Rather than executing day to day operational tasks (these will be the responsibility of core team members that are selected by the council), the council will lead high-level strategic decisions. These include:Reviewing the performance and budgets of existing projects.Approving new projects to incubate (after initial screening by incubation team).Appointing leads for Alchemist core (Community, Coordination, Operations, and Seniors).Determining and approving multisig signers.Removing Council members for non-performance by a majority vote.Approving additional funding requests from teams for specific use.Calling Community votes where required.Making the final decision on anything that relates to the Alchemist ecosystem. The first edition of the council involved several existing product founders and seniors joining to help bootstrap the council. Now, all 5 spots on the council will be open to everyone including product founders, general community members and current seniors. The only criteria they must fulfill are the following.They have been a community member and part of the discord for at least 3 months.They have previously not been permanently banned from the community for breaking the Alchemist Code of Conduct.How is the Council formed? Five communi...

The Alchemist Ecosystem | June 2022

Image courtesy of community member Franz — Alchemist Core & Community - We are officially halfway through 2022 and it has been a wild ride to say the least. Nonetheless, each month we update you on what we have been working on and where we are headed. Read on for our short and sweet June update. The Lab Crypto Podcast The third episode of The Lab Crypto Podcast was released this month. It features KauriHero, project lead of MASQ Network. This episode features discussion around privacy in our digital age, differences in privacy technology, and how Web3 can help bolster privacy technology. There is also a sneak peak of what the MASQ Network team is building. Check it out on Spotify, YouTube, Anchor, or Google Podcasts. Bi-weekly Community Calls Two community calls were held in June. The first was held on June 9th and the second was held on June 23rd. You can listen to the recording of each call on YouTube. Make sure to subscribe if you have not already! — Crucible - Reward Program Setup The Crucible team has been hard at work to make setting up rewards programs permissionless and available to all. This feature is in the final stages of a security audit by an external firm, and once any issues found during the security audit have been corrected, if any, the Crucible team will make a formal announcement and release the upgrade. Crucible Artwork Additionally, the Crucible team has been working hard on crafting...

The Alchemist Ecosystem | May 2022

Image courtesy of community member Polly — Alchemist Core & Community Update - The Alchemist Project is built and backed by the community. Consequently, transparency is a paramount promise that the Alchemist team strives to uphold. Each month we publish an update on the progress made by all of the participants in the Alchemist ecosystem. Keep reading to learn what we have been working on and where we are heading. Incubation and Acceleration Alchemist is not just an incubator, it is also an accelerator. No matter how far along your project is on its journey to launch, you can still reach out to Alchemist to help make the journey quicker and easier. If you are interested in learning more about how Alchemist can help you get to market faster and smoother get in touch with us by joining our Discord. Loading ▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░ ⏳ A new product is on the way! We are super excited to share with you that a new groundbreaking product, with what we believe to be phenomenal product-market-fit, has been in the works for some time now. Keep an eye out for updates regarding this product over the course of the next few months. The Lab Crypto Podcast This month saw the advent of The Lab Crypto Podcast! The podcast is the latest addition to the Alchemist ecosystem. So far, two episodes have made their way to the airwaves. The first episode features Jomari Peterson, the lead strategist at Snowball Defi. The second e...

Alchemist & mistX — A new path forward

Alchemist & mistX — A new path forward When the Alchemist project began its journey in February of 2021, it abided by a proverb that sought to guide the community on an adventure. ‘The only plan is there is no plan’. While many found the very idea of having ‘no plan’ to be confusing, the ideals behind the motto were to build, create and experiment, without the strain of unrealistic demands that can burden builders. In an experiment during a fervent bull market, the logic behind the motto was even more profound. Behind the scenes there has always been a plan. To build an open community where builders, talented individuals and passionate people can converge to push the boundaries of what’s possible in web3. To this date, with the release of three flagship products and many innovative features we can confidently say that part of our goal has been achieved. Like any new experiment, there is an element of risk. As one of the initial flagship products of Alchemist, mistX sought to become the first DEX to use Flashbots technology, enabling users to have the added benefit of protection from sandwich bots. Additionally, instead of users having to use ETH for gas on transaction swaps, they were able to use another ERC-20 token used in the swap. Both key features, amongst others, were revolutionary in their own right and a testament to the innovation from within Alchemist and the mistX team. As time wore on competi...

The Alchemist Ecosystem | April 2022

Image courtesy of community member Holland — Alchemist Update - April was a phenomenal month for the Alchemist ecosystem. Read on to learn what we have been working on. Merchandise Alchemist merch has arrived! Alchemist believes the more passionate people who are involved in our community, the better. That is why Alchemist merchandise stores are built and maintained by community members. Anyone and everyone, who is an enthusiastic and entrepreneurial member of the Alchemist community, is welcome to set up a store to share our ecosystem with the world. If a store meets some basic qualifications, the merchants are free to keep revenues earned. If you are looking to set up a store you can view the available brand artwork here and you can find the listing request form here. Bi-weekly Community Calls Each month Alchemist holds two bi-weekly calls that are hosted on Twitter Spaces. Recently a discord vote was held to finalize the time these calls take place. The vote resulted in the call now being held on Thursdays at 7:30pm UTC. $MIST Buyback Program A Mist buyback using revenue generated in April took place recently with 20,278 Mist, worth an approximate USD value of $192,000 at the time of the buyback, getting airdropped to ETH-MIST liquidity providers via The Crucible. If you are interested in participating in this rewards program you can check it out here. If you are interested in checking out the Mist buy transacti...

The Alchemist Ecosystem March 2022

Each month we share key highlights, what we’ve been working on and what we’ve got coming up across the whole of the Alchemist Ecosystem. Here’s what happened in March… Alchemist Update The Crucible Tournament The tournament ran throughout March (ending in the early days of April). We had 25 entrants and it took us 23 brackets to get to the final, which ended in a nail-biting tie! We then took it to a vote from the Crucible Holders to eventually crown @alexandru#4424 as the winner! Take a look at the winning Crucible and all of the other entries in the Crucible Tournament Discord channel. Congratulations to @alexandru and a huge thank you to everyone who created images, videos and shared their Crucibles with us and of course to those who voted. Alchemist and Token Terminal Alchemist was listed on Token Terminal on the 11th March after a lot of hard work from both sides to get the listing live. The team at Alchemist are working alongside Token Terminal to ensure that they have as much data as possible. The AMA with Token Terminal Token Terminal hosted an AMA with Alchemist, providing the Alchemist team an opportunity to share more about our ecosystem to a new audience. We saw a really great turn out from the Alchemist community. The AMA covered: The Alchemist ecosystem and the support within the community for emerging projects, How the projects within the ecosystem generate revenue, How revenue is invested back i...

mistX integrates Limit Orders utilizing Gelato Network

Limit orders are here! mistX Labs are excited to announce that as of today this new feature is now live on Utilising Gelato Network’s technology, users can set limit orders directly from the DEX for any token available on Uniswap v2. This latest integration marks a major milestone in our roadmap and we’re pleased to bring extra functionality to mistX users. Ever since we launched V2 in January, the team has continued to work non-stop on further optimizing the DEX and building new features. Stay tuned for some further releases coming soon!mistX v2 roadmap 2022 Enabling limit orders is an important step in empowering users of mistX to have more tools at their fingertips. At mistX Labs we endeavour to build products for the end-user to navigate the world of DeFi easily and safely. — What is a limit order?. — The usual method of trading on a DEX is called market orders and this is when you want to execute the trade in the quickest time possible at whatever the current market rate is. Limit orders allow you to set the price you’re willing to buy or sell and it will automatically carry out the trade once the price meets your order. — How to use it on mistX. — When you open the swap interface on mistX click on the ‘LIMIT’ tab near the top. It will look quite similar to the usual swap panel but with a few more additions.Choose the tokens you want to trade.Enter the amount you’d lik...

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