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Hifi Finance  


MFT Price:
$4.4 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$49.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #MFT today is $0.00498 USD.

The lowest MFT price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00498, and the current live price for one MFT coin is $0.00497705.

The all-time high MFT coin price was $0.037.

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The code for Hifi Finance crypto currency is #MFT.

Hifi Finance is 4.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Hifi Finance is $49,770,536.

Hifi Finance is ranking downwards to #305 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big volume of trading today on #MFT.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Hifi Finance is $4,369,938.


The circulating supply of MFT is 10,000,000,000 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.


MFT is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the MFT Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


MFT is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #MFT, and you can view them on our MFT disambiguation page.



Forging a Flawless

With each new phase, the community has been sacrificing bots to extract desired traits and forging improved NFTs to increase rarity and fine-tune aesthetics.. — Every forge and upgrade request introduces more refinement and cohesion within the Pawn Bots collection, and every day that passes, holders are coming closer to Forging a Flawless… — How a Flawless is Forged - A Flawless is born when 2 bots are Melted & Forged together to create something where all attributes and colors are matching those of an existing Flawless bot. For example, a forged Pawn Bot with a Gold Body, a Gold Mirror Background, Gold Original Eyes, and a Gold Smile Screen will produce an ultra-rare Forged Flawless Gold bot! — A Challenging Task to Prestige - Flawless bots are some of the rarest of the rare in the Pawn Bots collection, so creating a Flawless is no walk in the park. It will require ample planning throughout each Melt Down and & Forge phase to make the traits precisely match. For instance, to create a Flawless Chrome bot, you MUST ensure the bot being forged will have Original Eyes with the Chrome Eye Color and an Original Mirror screen.Creating the perfect Flawless bot that meets all specifications could take multiples forges to accomplish — Requirements - Each Flawless color originally included one of each body, so all body types are eligible to forge up to a Flawless. Depending on the color, some Flawless bodies are paired with specific accessories and you are required to match the Body with the matching Accessory and Accessory Color. Let’s take the Cassette Player Body for example. For the Gold and Chrome bodies, the Cassette Players must include the Walkman Headphones to be considered Flawless; however, the Matte Black Cassette Player must have no accessories to be considered Flawless. Currently, only Chrome, Gold, and Matte Black Flawless Pawn Bots can be forged, but remember that ALL attributes and colors must match a pre-existing Flawless to be considered Flawless. Referencing the image above again, you’ll notice the Flawless Gold bots require a Gold Smile Screen, the Flawless Chrome bots require an Original Mirror Screen, and the Flawless Matte Black bots require a Blank Black Screen. We understand that Forging a Flawless is a difficult task, and that is by design. This venture is aimed towards the most esteemed Forgers within the ecosystem. If more clarity is needed, we highly recommend looking at the existing Flawless Pawn Bots, viewing one you want to build, and using the properties as a checklist. Any of our team members in our Discord will also be happy to assist! — Conclusion - The Pawn Bot’s team continues to build effective collateral for lending and borrowing. As we grow and expand, the team becomes perpetually excited about the future of Pawn Bots. New limited edition attributes will be introduced to the Pawn Bot’s gene pool and available to purchase exclusively with BURN token. Remember the rewards rate (Ratio of BURN Token issued per Pawn Bot burned) for Forge Requests will be reduced beginning in Phase III to 0.9 BURN tokens per Forge Request. BURN token is received in 1 of 2 ways. The first way to receive BURN is to submit a Forge Request. The other way is to visit The Furnace. Here holders can burn multiple Pawn Bots in a single transaction to save on time and gas fees. Each Forge Request, Upgrade, or Burn will result in an entry to our ultra-rare 1-of-1 contest at the end of Phase III. Good luck! To stay up to date with all of the latest on Pawn Bots join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. Forging a Flawless was originally published in Hifi Finance | Official blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Pawn Bots Upgrade: Ceramic White

New limited edition attributes are available to purchase exclusively with BURN token. A new Ceramic White body color is the first upgrade for customizing your collection. — Possible Outcomes - As the collection is forged and upgraded, there are some special considerations to take into account. The most unique instance with the Ceramic White upgrade is adding the trait to a Flawless Pawn Bot. This results in a full reskin of all attributes. When upgrading a non-flawless Pawn Bot, the body color attribute is upgraded to Ceramic White, and all other attributes remain as-is. — The Pawn Bots Store - By visiting the Pawn Bots store, you can connect and upgrade. Instructions to upgrade are as follow: Visit and connect your MetaMask wallet, Select bots to upgrade (can select as many as available in your wallet), Purchase upgrade using BURN token. The price per upgrade is currently 0.25 BURN, You should receive a confirmation if you successfully upgraded your Pawn Bots, — Limited Supply - With over 40% of the supply sold at the time of this post, the details for this limited run are as follows: Attribute Type: Body Color Attribute Value: Ceramic White Compatibility: All Body Types Purchase Deadline: 19 September 2022 Reveal Date: 26 September 2022 Max Supply: 500 Price: 0.25 BURN / Bot We’d love to hear your thoughts about upgrades, BURN Token, and the Roadmap. Come chat with us in Discord and follow us on Twitter. Pawn Bots Upgrade: Ceramic White was originally published in Hifi Finance | Official blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Community Updates: The Next Chapter of Growth

Managing a growing community of crypto enthusiasts is not an easy undertaking. And over the years we have been through a lot, and have done an exceptional job at making our community a place where everyone could voice most anything they want. It’s now time to revisit the community policies that make us who we are and incorporate some learning from years of running multiple crypto communities. Going forward you can expect a much more focused dialogue in our discord. We are going to be more opinionated on enforcing appropriate dialogue and provide guidelines to help those genuinely trying to help, express themselves effectively and guard ourselves against unproductive and antagonistic dialogue. Our discord is where we meet to build and coordinate. You can use the following guidelines to help in your contributions to self-evaluate and if you are a moderator to guide your decision-making in moderating the community. Criticism is always welcome, how it is presented matters. When presenting criticism, ensure you have put in the effort to first understand the topic at hand and understand if there is expected to be new information shared within a short time period about the topic. Criticism coupled with recommendations is best. Ask yourself if you are contributing energy or sucking it out of the community. Spirited debate and differing opinions are most effective when they add energy to the community. If you are not adding energy to the community you are sucking it out. Watch the effect your contributions have, read others' responses, and measure your impact. — Appropriate Consequences - We will introduce a Quarantine channel and role which will appropriately quarantine individuals that consistently suck energy from our community. The Quarantine role will limit individuals to the Quarantine channel to express themselves. They can still read all regularly available channels but will not be able to engage directly in those channels. This will give the community the option to engage on their terms for anyone in Quarantine. The role will be assigned for a specified period of time that escalates for repeat offenders. Beginning with 1 Day, and increasing to 1 week, 1 month, and finally 1 year. We feel this is an excellent alternative to banning people from the community outright and allows members a chance to correct behavior. Onwards! Community Updates: The Next Chapter of Growth was originally published in Hifi Finance | Official blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Pawn Bots: Melt Down & Forge Phase II

With each new Melt Down & Forge phase, the Pawn Bots collection becomes more and more refined!. — The team is hard at work on Hifi Governance, the HIFI token swap, and prepping for our Pawn Bots Melt Down & Forge Phase I Reveal. The Reveal is still on schedule for this coming Monday, 29 August 2022. Today’s blog is packed full of updates. Announcing Pawn Bot Upgrades! Additional details about our ongoing 1 of 1 Giveaway. Officially introducing the BURN Token. And finally, updates to the Pawn Bots roadmap. — Introducing Upgrades - A new way to customize and upgrade your collection. New limited edition attributes will be introduced to the Pawn Bots Gene pool and available to purchase exclusively with BURN token. Upgrades are launching Monday, 29 August 2022 alongside our Phase I Reveal.Known for its heat-resistant properties Ceramic White bodies deliver a timeless look for premium bot collectors. — Leading Out In Style - Attribute Type: Body Color Attribute Value: Ceramic White Compatibility: All Body Types Purchase Deadline: 19 September 2022 Reveal Date: 26 September 2022 Max Supply: 500 Price: 0.25 BURN / Bot — Trait Desirability Drives Trade Volume - Even with the floor price hovering around 0.05 ETH, the average transaction price for Pawn Bots averaged 0.089 ETH (78% above FP). This is an indication of true desirability for specific traits. Gold, Chrome, Matte Black, and the Level 1 (GameBoy) game screen to name a few. With over 10% of the collection burned, holders seeking specific traits generated an increase in trade volume. — Phase II Details - Forge Request and Upgrades Deadline: 19 September 2022 Reveal: 26 September 2022 Phase II BURN Rewards Rate: 1 BURN Token per Pawn Bot Forge Request Phase III BURN Rewards Rate: 0.9 BURN Token per Pawn Bot Forge Request (See below for details) — Ongoing 1-of-1 Giveaway - Every Forge and Upgrade Request you submit is an entry to win a never before seen 1 of 1. Regardless of the BURN Rewards Rate or Upgrade price, you receive one entry for each Forge Request and for each Upgrade Request. So if you Upgrade 10 Bots to Ceramic White Body Color you have 10 entries. If you Melt Down Pawn Bot #1273, Forge it with Pawn Bot #332, then subsequently Upgrade Pawn Bot #332 you will have 2 entries. One for the Forge Request, and one for the Upgrade Request. The giveaway will happen along side the Phase III reveal. The tentative Date is expected to be 24 October 2022. — BURN Token Introduction - Little has been said about the BURN token. What is known? Only 8888 BURN tokens can ever exist. The only way to mint BURN token is to burn a Pawn Bot. Currently, one BURN token is minted for each Forge request a user submits. Currently, BURN token can be used to purchase exclusive attributes to upgrade your Pawn Bots. What to expect going forward? The rewards rate (Ratio of BURN Token issued per Pawn Bot burned) for Forge Requests will be reduced beginning in Phase III to 0.9 BURN tokens per Forge Request. To achieve this all remaining BURN tokens will be locked in a smart contract that enforces a diminishing rewards rate. No action is required for existing holders. Meaning, that once BURN tokens are deposited into this smart contract the rewards rate can only be permanently reduced. This means that even though there is a hard cap of 8888 BURN tokens, the actual cap will be less, likely much less. The actual supply cap will be a function of how many BURN tokens are minted during each phase and how much the Rewards Rate is reduced for each phase. New Reward Rates will be announced prior to phases in which the reward rate will change. Prior reductions in rewards rate is not a reliable indication of future rewards rate changes. Happy Forging and Upgrading! — Renewed Focus - Our team has learned an incredible amount in the few months we have been working to bring life to the Pawn Bots collection. Our objective from the beginning has been threefold: Create effective collateral, Introduce our team to the world of NFTs and give them hands-on experience building with NFT primitives., Introduce our existing DeFi audience to the world of NFTs in a controlled way that encourages learning and embodies our existing core values of being oriented for long-term success and building products that will stand the test of time., One key observation we’ve made about the community we are growing is that newer members of our community seem very focused on price, specifically the floor price metric. Who can blame them? As we examined this behavior our roadmap continued to come back into focus of our ongoing discussions. Revisiting our roadmap surfaced additional concerns that compete against our core values of being oriented for the long-term wins and building products that will stand the test of time. Focusing on price is not inherently bad, but when it becomes the main value proposition the nature of our product materially changes and new issues begin to sprout. Certain behaviors begin to dominate the conversation and narrative, and largely our ability to succeed shifts outside the domain of contributors and builders. Beyond the community and behavioral impacts, there are regulatory concerns that also began to surface. Fortunately for us “Getting rugged by the SEC” is not on the roadmap. So today we are announcing updates to the roadmap that are more in line with our core values and are aimed to safely position us well into the future. I think you’ll agree these new changes improve the project for everyone who shares our core values and are oriented and aligned with our long-term success. — Pawn Bots Roadmap Update - Previously our roadmap had milestones celebrating and focused around reaching different floor prices which would trigger a buyback and burn event along with borrowing against your Pawn Bots. Some shortcomings of this focus have been the amplified attention it gives the floor price and the fact that it’s a singular event and will exhaust community resources to the benefit of a finite number of people. A much better approach is to build a product people love to collect and let the floor price take care of itself. Put our team and community focus on the product, not the price. People will naturally focus on price, this is expected, but doesn’t need to be amplified. In line with this thinking, we will be removing the price-focused channels from Discord. The key component of our roadmap is how we allocate proceeds earned from royalties. Going forward royalties (along with the proceeds from our liquidity reserve bots) will go towards two specific destinations. Both of which have a perpetual benefit, permanent impact, serve a much broader audience, and are more directly aligned with our stated purpose. The destinations are Collection Liquidity and Lending Liquidity. Collection liquidity is essentially a pool of liquidity that operates much like existing DEX (think Uniswap) liquidity pools but will be purpose-built for NFTs. Lending Liquidity is a compounding liquidity pool that individuals can borrow from the community. Both of these liquidity pools will be a part of a future version of our Hifi Lending protocol and a separate NFT Liquidity infrastructure layer that will ship sometime after the upcoming HIFI token swap. At that time borrowing against your Pawn Bots NFTs will also become available and will not be contingent upon the collection achieving a set floor price. Exciting stuff! We’d love to hear your thoughts about upgrades, BURN Token, and the Roadmap. Come chat with us in Discord and follow us on Twitter. Pawn Bots: Melt Down & Forge Phase II was originally published in Hifi Finance | Official blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Melt Down & Forge: Phase 1 Recap

800+ Pawn Bots Burned 🎉. — Phase 1 of our Melt Down and Forge event introduced collectors to a new and innovative way to customize Pawn Bots. The bar was set very high in the initial phase of Melt Down and Forge. With over 800 bots burned and forged by community holders, we generated a consistent trading volume, the average purchase price was well above the floor, and holders minted the new BURN token. In Phase 1 we saw: 🔃 A 10% decrease in total supply! 🚒 800+ Pawn Bots sent to burn address! 🐦 120+ holders update their Twitter PFP to Pawn Bots! 🔥 The reveal of our Pawn Bots Burn Token! — BURN Token 🔥 - Experimenting, pushing forward, and trying new things is in the Pawn Bots DNA. During phase 1, Melt Down and Forge participants received 1 BURN token for each Pawn Bot burned. The BURN token will be a foundational piece of Pawn Bots and how collectors upgrade their beloved bots. More updates on BURN token utility later this week 👀. For the official BURN token address check it out on Etherscan. — Phase 1 Reveal ✨ - Mark your calendar and tune in for the Phase 1 reveal on August 29th. Will we see new easter eggs introduced? Only time will tell. The original and nostalgic gaming console, the stealth matte black flawless, or all-gold-everything. Your Pawn Bots can be what you want them to be. Many are anticipating an all-new aesthetic for their Pawn Bot(s). Melt Down and Forge was an opportunity to take any two Pawn Bots from your wallet and combine the traits for a new outcome. The deadline for the Phase 1 reveal has now passed. Appropriately, any bots that missed the deadline should expect that they will have to wait until Phase 2 reveal to be updated. After submitting a forge request you should keep your bots in the same wallet. Forge requests for bots transferred to a different address will not be honored. — Upcoming in Phase 2 🔮 - The next chapter in the Pawn Bot’s story will add new dimensions to the collection. Remember every forge request qualifies you for a chance to win a never-before-seen 1:1 Pawn Bot. Later this week we will publish details about upcoming changes to the collection. These changes will iterate on aspects of our roadmap, include new ways to customize bots, and hone in our focus on making Pawn Bots into durable collateral! Head on over to OpenSea to browse available Pawn Bots and be sure to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter.

Introducing the Forge Web App

Melt down, forge, and burn token mint into a single experience.. — We are proud to introduce a more streamlined process for forging new bots with our new Forge Web App. Here is a brief overview to get you started. — Connect and Select - Connect your wallet to show all of your Pawn Bots available to Forge. A drop-down list will appear for the bot you want to keep and the bot you want to burn. Bots that have already been submitted in a previous request will be excluded from this list.Decisions, decisions — Guided Experience - Combine the colors, screens, and traits to match your final bot’s desired identity. All possible combinations for your bots will be presented in the app to help guide you in the Forge process. Any traits out of scope will be filtered out to improve the experience. — Burn & Mint - The app has also simplified burning your bot by including it in the process. You will no longer be required to send your bot to the burn address manually. As part of the transaction, you will also mint a Burn Token. Click on “Add Burn Token to Metamask” on the forge confirmation screen and then click “Add Token” in the Metamask notification. Burn token will then appear in your Metamask wallet. — Forge Request Instructions: - Visit, Connect your wallet, Select desired traits from available options, Approve interaction with burn contract (required 1 time per wallet), Approve transaction, Burn bot is sent to burn address (automatically), Burn token is automatically minted, Head on over to OpenSea to browse available Pawn Bots (to find all the right traits to modify your bots) and be sure to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. 🎉 Introducing the Forge Web App was originally published in Hifi Finance | Official blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Roadmap Recap: August 2022

What we have accomplished, and what’s ahead of us.. — In this roadmap recap we present our achievements during Q2 of this year, and what’s in the works for Q3. — What We Achieved in Q2 - Last quarter, we opted to prioritize the lending protocol, token swap, liquidation bot work, and preparing for the mainnet release of the Hifi protocol. We also prioritized shipping our new Pawn Bots NFT collection before going live with the Liquid NFT prototype. — Pawn Bots. — During Q2 we launched Pawn Bots, our new utility-focused NFT collection. The collection had great participation from MFT holders in a private mint and quickly sold out during the free mint. Since then we have had over 330 ETH in volume (over $550K at the time of writing this). While most NFT projects are slowly dying out due to the current market conditions, we have definitely not stopped building and have great plans for the project's future. In fact, we just recently released our Melt Down and Forge program where Pawn Bot token-holders can burn one Pawn Bot to exchange its attributes with any other Pawn Bot they hold. — Sablier. — Sablier has been growing at an incredibly rapid pace. Just last year, it reached over $1B in TVL, had over 25K new users and more than 12K new streams were created. It found product/market fit, and because of that, we decided to start the spinoff process. Sablier will have its own team and operate as its own entity, allowing the project to grow at an even faster pace. — HIP 1. — This proposal introduced several updates, including a license update to protect the Hifi DAO against unauthorized forking for a period of two years. User experience improvements for signature approval were made thanks to EIP-2612, and a significant overhaul of hTokens with dependency updates. The first Hifi governance proposal was a success, with over 210 million MFT voting in favor of the proposal and 0 MFT voting against it. Since then, HIP 1 has been deployed on Polygon along with a new market. — What’s Coming Up in Q3 - This quarter, our top priority is the Hifi token-swap, deploying the protocol on mainnet, and continue updating the liquidation bot so we can ensure the liquidation process is smooth and more efficient. — Token-swap. — The Hifi token swap is the most anticipated subject for the community, and we fully understand why. This quarter, we will release a token-swap proposal on the Hifi forum along with a set of token economics for the new Hifi token. We look forward to the community’s participation in voting and feedback on that proposal. — Mainnet deployment. — While initially planned for Q4 of this year, we decided to prioritize the launch of the Hifi protocol on the Ethereum blockchain and deploy it during Q3. The release of the Hifi protocol on the Ethereum mainnet is critical, as the majority of DeFi liquidity resides there. — Liquidation bot updates. — We will from now on be continuously updating the liquidation bot to make liquidations as efficient as possible, ensuring the protocol stays solvent at all times. As always, the safety of our user’s funds is our first and top priority. — Conclusion - We have been incredibly active during Q2 of this year with the release of Pawn Bots, the HIP 1 proposal, and Sablier spinning off. Coming up, we have the token-swap and the Ethereum mainnet deployment. Our goal is to ensure that Hifi is positioned to win in the long run. Join the conversation in Discord and Twitter and help us redefine an industry. Roadmap Recap: August 2022 was originally published in Hifi Finance | Official blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Melt Down and Forge: Pawn Bots Evolved

Upgrading bot rarity, fine-tuning aesthetic, and entering for a chance of winning a new 1-of-1 Pawn Bot is live.. — Sacrifice & Burn? Melt Down and Forge is a 20-day event where holders can choose to burn & sacrifice their Pawn Bots to generate new versions. The original Pawn Bots supply was 8,888. During Melt Down and Forge, holders bring forth two bots, mix and match from the pool of available traits, and send one bot to the ETH burn address. This community-executed burn is causing the supply to decrease daily. Beyond the project reveal, we learned how important aesthetics and rarity are to holders. Pawn Bots has opened this mechanism to allow for upgrades while decreasing supply. A New 1-of-1 Pawn Bot Every time holders sacrifice a bot to the burn address they will be credited with an entry for the ultra-rare 1-of-1 Pawn Bot. And that’s it… Forge instructions:Visit the “melt-down-and-forge” channel in the Pawn Bots Discord.Click on the Forge Request link.Follow the steps provided on the form until you have reached the confirmation screen. You won’t have insights into what traits others are choosing or what is left until the reveal. Sending a bot to the burn address destroys the traits it possesses. If too many common traits are removed from the remaining supply, what’s common today may be tomorrow’s rarest attribute. Pawn Bot upgrades are made possible by metadata refreshes made directly to the contract. In order to help more holders realize the advantages of this event, we have launched instructions and details at Head on over to OpenSea to browse available Pawn Bots and be sure to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. Melt Down and Forge: Pawn Bots Evolved was originally published in Hifi Finance | Official blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Pawn Bots: Melt Down & Forge Event

Melt down and forge your Pawn Bots for a chance to win a never before seen 1-of-1.. — Next week marks the beginning of the Pawn Bots Melt Down and Forge Event. Over a 20-day period, holders will be able to upgrade their bot rarity, fine-tune their aesthetic, and enter for a chance to win an all-new 1-of-1 Pawn Bot. Do you think you know the game being played?What could it be?Basic MechanicsSelection: Pick two of your Pawn Bots.Melt Down: Sacrifice one by sending it to the burn address.Forge: Your new Pawn Bot can be any combination of attributes from the two you selected. Detailed instructions for submitting forge requests will be released early next week. Requests for upgrading Pawn Bots will be open until August 22nd. Every time you sacrifice a bot to the burn address you will be credited with an entry for the ultra-rare 1-of-1 Pawn Bot. And that’s it… Definitely only that. Nothing else.Forging for Fun and Profit Our community is here for the tech, but some may see the opportunity to cleverly forge two common bots into something much rarer. Rags to Rarity? Who will craft the ultimate ascension into the royal ranks of rarity? Some bots are just missing that one final touch that really represents you and your brand. Creating clean combinations is just the tip of the iceberg of opportunities during our Melt Down and Forge Event. The game theory here may not be what it seems. If too many common traits are removed from the gene pool, what’s common today may be tomorrow's most desired attribute. You won’t have insights into what others are choosing. And you may not want to trust what others are representing in Discord as their motives may be to protect their own combinations and not invite the crowd. Good luck. Head on over to OpenSea to browse available Pawn Bots and be sure to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. Pawn Bots: Melt Down & Forge Event was originally published in Hifi Finance | Official blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Pawn Bots Liquidity Reserve

An overview of the Pawn Bots held in the liquidity reserve wallets. — Just a couple of bots ready to find their homesNote: For the purpose of this article I will be using “NFTs” to reference Pawn Bots and “bots” to reference code used to automate certain tasks. Since our mint (on July 7th) we’ve received questions about team wallets holding a good number of Pawn Bots. We want to start off by saying none of these will be sold for the benefit of individual team members or given away to influencers. All of these bots will be used in support of borrowing within the collection. Where can I find the Liquidity Reserve wallets? If you happen to take a look at top token holders on Etherscan for Pawn Bots, you’ll notice the top two (ignoring null address) are the following accounts: liquidity.reserve.1.pawnbots.eth — 1000 liquidity.reserve.2.pawnbots.eth — 980 These two wallets belong to the team and these NFTs were withheld during the mint to support borrowing within the collection (more on that later). What is the purpose of each wallet? Both will be used for liquidity. 1000 will be used in the process of setting up a price oracle for the collection to determine a fair market value for the floor price. The other 980 will be sold on a curve up to 1 ETH to collect funds, which will, in turn, be used to lend back to borrowers through the protocol (once the collection floor price has sustained a 1 ETH price). How will NFTs be listed? Hifi will list NFTs evenly across a specified price curve up to 1 ETH. The selling price will always be above the floor so as to not push the floor price down. The proceeds will be used for liquidity to lend back to holders.Deep in thought How many bots will be sold? We expect to sell 980 or just over 10% of the collection. Stopping the mint early We also want to use this opportunity to clear the air about why we stopped the mint with about 2,600 bots remaining. We did this in order to stop a few wallets using bots to acquire more than we were comfortable with, given the mint limit was 2 NFTs per wallet. We decided to list the remaining NFTs on OpenSea (see wallet Etherscan) over the following days at a price similar to what it would have cost for gas fees involved in minting. This was done in an effort to enforce more fair distribution of NFTs and discourage consolidation within a few large wallets. Holders using bots to acquire large numbers of NFTs can be harmful to the long-term outlook of a project. We hope this helps provide some clarity as we look forward to more of the roadmap opening up over time. In the meantime head on over to OpenSea to get your Pawn Bots and be sure to take part in the reveal! If you have any questions or want to stay up to date on the latest join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. Pawn Bots Liquidity Reserve was originally published in Hifi Finance | Official blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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    [PRESS RELEASE - Paris, France, 18th May 2022] French startup Sneakmart will bring its Metakicks sneaker NFTs to the Metaverse in 2022. With these NFTs, users can customize their virtual avatars and unlock various benefits in the digital world. Sneakmart has a vision for the Metaverse, which involves tokenizing real-world sneakers on the blockchain. It is another strong example of merging the digital and physical worlds, enabling users to showcase their kicks in a growing online ecosystem. Moreover, the growing popularity and collectibility of sneakers confirm models by various brands hold a significant appeal. Real sneakerheads want to get their hands on the Nike Air Jordan 1 high, although doing so is very tricky in the physical realm. That model is an example of how sneakers cultivated rarity through limited-edition releases. It has catapulted the sneakers market to a valuation of over $6 billion, with secondary market sales taking off in recent years. Sneakers are incredibly compatible with non-fungible token technology. The recent popularity of NFTs has spawned a multi-billion dollar market where second-market sales are essential. Furthermore, NFTs will be a crucial cog in the Web3 machine, enabling fashion trends to take on a digital nature. Sneakmart acknowledges this potential and will leverage the traction of its community-driven mobile app dedicated to streetwear. Furthermore, the team will internationalize its application, add unique features, and introduce new lim... read More

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    Competition continues to heat up in the NFT space, yet very few collections provide long-term utility. However, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate's team is preparing to launch the Sneaky Vampiress collection, which is integral to the project's future. Moreover, the new collection pays homage to the many female MFT artists who remain undervalued in this industry. The Success of Sneaky Vampires Syndicate Thousands of NFT collections have come to market over the past year and a half. Some are more successful than others, yet success comes in different forms. A high overall trading volume is often a good indicator. However, collections also need to offer long-term utility to remain relevant, which is much harder to come by. Sneaky Vampires Syndicate is one of the few collections checking both boxes. Thanks to over 21,700 ETH in total trading volume, SVS is one of only 63 NFT collections to date capable of surpassing 21,000 ETH in sales. That is remarkable, given the sheer amount of NFT collections being created every week. Moreover, the collection of 8.888 male vampires notes over 1,400 holders, confirming a strong interest in what this collection provides. Furthermore, the team recently achieved strong real-world utility coinciding with the new Scream movie release. To expand the utility of Sneaky Vampires Syndicate, the team will launch a secondary collection. Like the male vampires, the Sneaky Vampiresses are created by former BAYC artist Mig. Moreover, the choice for female vampires m... read More

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