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Metis Token  


METIS Price:
$21.4 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.4 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #METIS today is $76.54 USD.

The lowest METIS price for this period was $0, the highest was $76.54, and the current live price for one METIS coin is $76.53643.

The all-time high METIS coin price was $327.

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The code for Metis Token is #METIS.

Metis Token is 3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Metis Token is $435,211,682.

Metis Token is ranked #159 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large volume of trading today on #METIS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Metis Token is $21,386,624.


The circulating supply of METIS is 5,686,334 coins, which is 57% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of Metis Token is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


METIS is the native coin for the Metis Andromeda blockchain.

View the full list of Metis Andromeda blockchain tokens, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

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METIS is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 25 crypto exchanges.

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A Heartfelt Message to the Metis Community

We’re pleased to announce our retribution plans for two groups of recently affected METIS holders. First, we will compensate the users who held METIS on BNB Chain and suffered the consequences of an attack on the PolyNetwork bridge. Metis’ total lifetime supply of 10 million tokens is locked in a smart contract and thus immutable, and we would not want to dilute the token’s value for existing holders even if that were possible. As a result, the retribution of 117,000 tokens will come from the Metis Foundation’s own reserves, with all of those tokens already being in circulation. Due to the size of the hack and in consideration of existing holders, retribution will come in the form of a vesting plan. You can read details of the plan here: Metis Provides Retribution for Users Affected by PolyNetwork Bridge Exploit Second, we will compensate the users who fell victim to a scam perpetrated by a hacker who stole the credentials for the MetisDAO Twitter account. Affected users are encouraged to submit a support ticket in the Metis Discord channel, where we can verify on-chain activity to confirm the claim. (We will not provide any retribution for wallet addresses related to the hacker or his confederates.) While we’re happy to close this difficult recent chapter, we are also disappointed that both these events happened in the first place. The Metis team has thus taken aggressive steps to help ensure incidents like these ...

Metis Advocate Program: Help Pave the Way for Web3 Innovation

Metis Advocates are a group of talented individuals from all over the world who can help grow our community, educate new members, and spread the word about Metis L2. To accomplish our mission, we are always on the lookout for volunteers under the Metis Advocates program who can help us foster local communities, grow by our side, and help spearhead mass adoption in the blockchain world. Aim: The program aims to create a one-stop solution for anyone who wants to begin their blockchain and web3 journey, and to support those already building in web3 and help them to bring their journey on Metis. — What is a Metis Advocate?. — We welcome anyone who possesses the following qualities: 1. Strong leadership and communication skills 2. Passionate about blockchain and Metis 3. Technical skills are a plus, but not mandatory for consideration *We welcome everyone to apply, irrespective of their geographic locations — What are the benefits of being a Metis Advocate?. — By joining our program, you will get the following: Experience in the fast-paced and dynamic work culture of an international team, Excellent growth opportunity as your role expands in direct relation to the growth of your region’s participation/involvement/adoption, Learn about the Metis ecosystem and its products, Contribute to building the fastest-growing Layer 2 ecosystem, Get invited to Metis events as a privileged guest, Free access to train...

Bridging the Gap with Layer 3

TL;DR — Metis and Layer 3 launch multi-quest initiative, kicked off by Bridging the Gap. Bridge in and receive a limited-edition NFT. Decentralized finance (DeFi) offers endless possibilities, from trading tokens on decentralized exchanges to earning yields through lending and staking. However, navigating this new world of Web3 can feel daunting for many newcomers. For that reason, Metis has partnered with Layer 3 in order to bring a new initiative for both platforms’ users: Bridging the Gap. This initiative intends to bridge the gap in web3 education, as well as the gap between Ethereum and the masses. Bridging the Gap kicks off a new period of growth for the Metis ecosystem, being the first of a series of quests that will be conducted alongside Layer 3. By completing the quest users will receive a limited-edition NFT, reward points, and other incentives. Bridge the gap by following the guidelines below. — Bridging the Gap. — This activity focuses on learning about web3 and bridging assets from Ethereum and Avalanche to Metis in order to receive a commemorative, omnichain NFT. Step 1: Start by completing a quiz to test your knowledge of Layer 2 and bridging. Step 2: Next, you’ll bridge at least $25 worth of assets from Ethereum to Metis. Step 3: Finally, share a screenshot of your successful transaction on Twitter to complete the social action. Step 4: Earn rewards points and a mint a limited-edition...

July in Metis

Month after month, we keep getting closer to our vision of building an open and decentralized economy, a Web3 Economy. Summer in the Metis ecosystem has been filled with excitement and progress. In July, the ecosystem saw relevant growth driven by significant enhancements and integrations. Ecosystem builders appear to be working 24/7, and Wallet Addresses keep going up. Neither of these trends appear to be slowing down. Let’s go over some of July’s highlights on Metis: — 1. +400k Active Wallets 🚀🌑. — After celebrating our 100,000th wallet on 2023, we’re already on track to hit 500,000 this year. In July, Metis broke the 400,000 wallet ceiling. This is only possible thanks to all the teams, developers, and contributors, on the ecosystem. wen 1m? — Metis 🌿 on Twitter: "400K wallets and counting📈 / Twitter" - 400K wallets and counting📈 — 2. Hummus Devs Cooking Weighted Dishes👨‍🍳. — DeFi on Metis just got a major boost: the deployment of Balancer’s proven variable pool dapp by Hummus Exchange. This development transforms liquidity management, bringing together an ultra-low-slippage stableswap and liquidity-deepening pools for assets like ETH, BTC, and METIS. Users can now enjoy smoother and more efficient trades, making it even simpler to access and utilize different assets. The Balancer fork not only b...

Metis Milestone: Celebrating 50 Community-Verified Projects

The Metis Community Ecosystem Governance (CEG) program has achieved a significant milestone of 50 Community Verified Projects! The CEG program was launched last year with a vision to empower the heart of governance: the community. Since then, it has been steadily growing and enabling token holders to have a real say in shaping the project’s direction. The CEG program is designed to promote transparency, trust, and community participation by giving users the power to make decisions about the organization’s future and operations. By utilizing voting mechanisms and on-chain decision-making processes, the community collectively decides which audited protocols can partner with Metis and receive support, fostering an organic evolution of the entire system. — Engaging with Metis Governance. — Getting involved with the CEG program requires minimal effort yet offers immense influence. Stay in the loop on developing proposals at, pose thoughtful questions to further the discourse, and share your own insights. Conduct due diligence through independent research then confidently cast your votes, shaping the principles and trajectory of the organization. Regardless of your METIS holdings, you can help steer Metis Governance by voting on proposals free of charge or going one step further by submitting your own proposals to actively mold the project’s future. To join the ranks of Community Verified Projects (CV...

Wanchain XFlow Bridges: Unlocking Enhanced Liquidity for Metis

Building on the vision of creating an affordable and scalable environment for apps, businesses, and the DAO community, we are glad to announce that Wanchain has integrated XFlows bridges to Metis. These bridges enable direct interoperability between Metis and various other blockchain networks, facilitating seamless asset transfers and liquidity provision. — Introducing Wanchain XFlows Bridges - Wanchain XFlows bridges offer a unique advantage to Metis users, as they provide an avenue for increasing liquidity on the platform. Through the XFlows bridges, users can bridge assets like BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC from various other networks directly to Metis. For Metis, users will now be able to bridge each of these assets to and from the following chains: — BTC. — Bitcoin, Avalanche (as BTC.b), BNB Chain (as BTCB), Ethereum (as WBTC), Metis (as WBTC, Metis bridge), Wanchain (as wanBTC), — ETH. — Ethereum, Arbitrum (Arbitrum bridge), Metis (Metis bridge), Optimism (Optimism bridge), Polygon (Polygon bridge), Wanchain (as wanETH), — USDC. — Arbitrum (from Circle), Avalanche (from Circle), BNB Chain (as Binance-peg USDC), Ethereum (from Circle), Metis (Metis bridge), Optimism (Optimism bridge), Polygon (Polygon bridge), Tron (from Circle), Wanchain (as wanUSDC), — USDT. — Arbitrum (Arbitrum bridge), Astar (from Tether, via Polkadot as xcUSDT), Avalanche (fro...

June in Metis

Summer in the Metis ecosystem is nothing but great vibes and outstanding innovation. June was marked by growth, further expanding the Metis ecosystem. We’ve seen considerable enhancements and strategic partnerships, leading up to an extreme increase in Metis Daily Active Users. — Metis 🌿 on Twitter: "Number of daily active addresses in Metis is going parabolic📈Some of the main dApps driving this increase include @LayerZero_Labs, @MaiaDAOEco, and @AaveAave, among others.Something brewing? / Twitter" - Number of daily active addresses in Metis is going parabolic📈Some of the main dApps driving this increase include @LayerZero_Labs, @MaiaDAOEco, and @AaveAave, among others.Something brewing? Judging by ecosystem DeFi analytics, it looks like the trend is not slowing down. Let’s go over some of June’s highlights on Metis: — 1. Project M. — A first-of-its-kind concept was introduced by the Metis Foundation in the form of an upcoming econode: Project M (Now known as ZKM), an advanced zero-knowledge proof solution for [redacted] architecture. Embracing a forward-thinking, open-source approach, Project M is honing in on Ethereum’s key challenges and presenting some smart solutions. Through the use of ZK technology, it enables fast transactions with the highest level of security. No more zkEVM overhauls. Project M will offer a streamli...

Aave Supply Caps Doubled: Unlocking New Possibilities on Metis Network

Aave Supply Caps Doubled: Unlocking New Possibilities on Metis - In a significant development for the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, Aave, the second-largest application in DeFi, has raised the supply caps for its popular pools on the Metis network. This collaboration between Aave and Metis marks a crucial milestone in expanding the platform’s total value locked (TVL) and attracting more user participation in the ecosystem. Furthermore, the increase in supply caps sets the stage for future initiatives. Let’s explore the implications of this update and its importance for the community. — Understanding Supply Caps & The Significance of the Increase - Supply caps refer to the maximum amount of an asset that can be supplied to a lending protocol’s pool. These caps play a crucial role in maintaining the security and health of the platform by mitigating potential attack vectors. The Aave protocol ensures the stability and resilience of the ecosystem by establishing such limits. — Unlocking New Possibilities & Paving the Way for the Future - Raising supply caps enables increased participation and provides users with more flexibility. Now, users on the Metis network can supply up to 100 ETH and up to 15,000 METIS, offering expanded opportunities for engagement and maximizing potential returns. This move positions Metis as a sought-after platform for users looking to leverage their assets and act...

Post Mortem — PolyNetwork’s Exploit

Post Mortem — PolyNetwork’s Exploit - The night of July 1st, PolyNetwork, a bridge on the Metis ecosystem, was exploited by a malicious actor. The hacker was able to mint, and pull all available liquidity from PolyNetwork. The assets that were affected are METIS on BNBChain, METIS on Ethereum, BNB on Metis, and BUSD on Metis. A detailed document has been prepared in order to explain how these assets became affected, and what measures will be taken. — Assets Affected - — METIS. — 8,882,912 METIS were minted on BNBChain, by the hacker, using the bridge’s mint and burn function. As a temporary solution, liquidity has been pulled from PancakeSwap and Stargate. Additionally, the PolyNetwork bridge has been closed by the official team. Given all the newly minted METIS tokens (PolyNetwork wrapped version of METIS) have no way out of BNBChain, and there’s no significant METIS liquidity, this will have no effect on Total Supply nor Circulating Supply of METIS on Ethereum and Metis networks. Thus, this will not affect users on either network., Users holding METIS tokens on BNBChain will be affected, as there is now no liquidity for swapping, and no pools for providing liquidity. We will work with PolyNetwork to find solutions for these users., Approximately 117,000 METIS were pulled by the hacker from PolyNetwork on Ethereum Mainnet. We are currently working with PolyNetwork in order to evaluate all alt...

Furucombo Deploys on Metis, Enabling Users to Create and Optimize Ecosystem DeFi Strategies

Furucombo’s drag-and-drop interface simplifies the use of complex DeFi protocols. Our EVM-equivalent Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution has taken another step toward making DeFi and Web3 more accessible, adding the Furucombo protocol to its ecosystem. Furucombo is a multi-chain DeFi aggregator designed to simplify, optimize, and automate DeFi trading. Its deployment will enable users to create personalized DeFi ecosystem strategies and earn fees for their usage, with no coding knowledge required. Furucombo makes this possible with its unique approach to DeFi, visualizing complex DeFi transactions into “cubes” akin to DeFi Lego blocks. Users then only have to set up inputs/outputs and the order of the cubes. Furucombo bundles the cubes into a single transaction and sends it out. This building-blocks setup is called a “combo”, and allows users to perform transactions using Uniswap, Aave, Compound, and other blue-chip DeFi protocols. Initially launched solely as a drag-and-drop DeFi aggregator, Furucombo has evolved to include a rich set of features including Investing, Funding, and Lending. More information about how it works and what this means for the Metis developer ecosystem can be found on Furucombo’s YouTube channel. “We are delighted to add Furucombo to our ecosystem as it is an efficient aggregator created for simplifying and optimizing DeFi trading. Projects like Furucombo help Metis with its primary goal...


API3 to deliver first-party oracles to the Metis L2 rollup ecosystem

    API3, a first-party oracle solution that makes real-world data accessible by smart contracts, has announced its latest partnership and integration with Metis, a layer-2 protocol for decentralized apps. Now, API3 will be making the API3 Alliance’sWeb3 API Catalog, the largest selection of data providers in Web 3.0, available for dApp devs to use on Metis. Moreover, API3 will be deploying Beacons to Metis, which will provide transparent, scalable price reference data feeds to the Metis ecosystem. Metis currently has $800M TVL in its growing ecosystem, with a variety of DeFi dApps on their layer-2 network that can forthwith utilize API3’s first-party oracle infrastructure. The Metis ecosystem is also being supported by a range of initiatives to bring L1 applications to their L2 environment along with supporting early-stage projects to help its platform grow. “Emphasis of Metis on providing easy access to decentralized governance for projects is highly relevant for API3, as a DAO governed project. We’re very excited to be able to provide them with a variety of DAO-governed external data products to help meet the needs of their ecosystem.” - Dave Connor, Business Development Lead, API3 The post API3 to deliver first-party oracles to the Metis L2 rollup ecosystem appeared first on CryptoNinjas. read More

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