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Measurable Data Token  


MDT Price:
$5.9 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$35.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #MDT today is $0.06 USD.

The lowest MDT price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.059, and the current live price for one MDT coin is $0.05920.

The all-time high MDT coin price was $0.45.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of MDT with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Measurable Data Token crypto currency is #MDT.

Measurable Data Token is 6.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Measurable Data Token is $35,892,153.

Measurable Data Token is ranked #508, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big during the past 24 hours for #MDT.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Measurable Data Token is $5,915,243.


The circulating supply of MDT is 606,319,736 coins, which is 61% of the maximum coin supply.


MDT is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


MDT is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 15 crypto exchanges.

View #MDT trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #MDT purchase.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #MDT, and you can view them on our MDT disambiguation page.



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Vote & Earn Your Favorite Gift Card RewardMe This! $MDT Giveaway

Hello Community! We are more than excited to announce the latest MDT community vote and giveaway event, RewardMe This! Last year, RewardMe launched the gift card feature. Users can now redeem the Me Token / Reward Dollars in their wallet by selecting gift vouchers from more than 800 merchants, covering e-commerce, F&B, travel, and more. What’s next? Our team is working hard to offer you with more exciting gift card options. Your opinion matters. We would like to invite all of you to join our community vote and pick the next Gift Card you wish to redeem on RewardMe. 🗳️Cast your vote here: The winning gift card option will be available on RewardMe in the upcoming app update. For those who participated in the community vote, you are eligible to join our $MDT giveaway! RewardMe This! giveaway prizes: 500 $MDT x 10 winners, How to join the giveaway: Download RewardMe and bind at least 1 email, Follow @MeasurableData & @TheRewardMe on Twitter, Like, Vote, and Retweet our giveaway post, Fill in this form:, The event starts now on June 1st and ends on June 7th. We will announce the giveaway winners’ results on June 14th via MDT’s official Twitter. Don’t miss your chance! (Please scroll down for detailed terms and conditions.) About MDT MDT official website: Twitter: Telegram: Terms and Conditions Eligibility: This event is open only to those who have an account w...

MDT(Measurable Data Token) Monthly Update Report (2022 February) — Happy Valentine’s Day!

MDT(Measurable Data Token) Monthly Update Report (2022) — Happy Valentine’s Day! - Dear MDT Community, Happy Valentines’s Day! Welcome to the MDT updates of February. In the past few weeks, the team has been working on some new products as well as multiple revamps on our ecosystem applications. Let’s get started: Baking RewardMe App New Update, The team have been working very hard on the next version of RewardMe App! We’ll be adding some new features, as well as improving the overall security for the app. It might also look very different for some of the pages! So get ready!Sneak Peak of the new RewardMe Flow! Apart from that, RewardMe will be supporting some new languages and merchants as well. Check RewardMe’s latest blog on the great hacks of maximising cashback with RewardMe App. If you haven’t downloaded the app — Always sign up with a referral code! Use referral code 9xrOM6 to register, or the referral link: and earn 25 Reward Dollars for free now. How to Maximise your Cashback with the RewardMe App?, RewardMe Blog To RewardMe HK users: we just started our new Instagram account in traditional Chinese! Follow us — Also new cashback tips: 【在家渡過情人節】高質抵食外賣、自煮、Netflix煲劇推介 |居家約會提案, 【居家髮寶】8款暢銷美髮剪刀、理髮工具套裝 | 在家剪髮神器 | Amazon、HKTVMall 有售, 2. Technical A...

A year with $MDT — 2021

A year with $MDT — 2021 - As 2021 draws to an end, Happy Holidays! This year we have achieved several milestones that help propel the growth of the $MDT data ecosystem which we would like to share with our supporters. Launch of RewardMe, World’s Most Effortless Cashback App, We launched the world’s first blockchain-enabled and effortless cashback app that makes earning rewards a breeze. Every purchase* automatically entitles users to earn reward dollars which can be redeemed for gift vouchers or crypto. The rationale underpinning RewardMe is that we believe consumers should be justly rewarded for the data they contribute. To enforce our vision while respecting privacy protection, once users opt-in, all their data is anonymized and aggregated and only exchanged as big data. We do not sell the data to third party ad agencies and our services are protected by the world’s most advanced security infrastructures. We never share emails, personally identifiable information, contacts or messages with third parties, unless required by law. Any data we collect is only to improve our service and enhance our app features to end users, and to create aggregate, anonymized e-commerce trends. 2. Debut of MeFi, The First Blockchain Oracle Bridging Financial Market Data with DeFi We are excited to launch Measurable Finance (MeFi) this year, a blockchain oracle for financial market data, made for the decentralized finance indust...

MDT is now listed on CoinBase Pro!

Measurable Data Token (MDT) is on Coinbase today! As 2021 draws to an end, we are pleased to close the year with a significant milestone. Coinbase operates one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and holds funds for 73m retail customers. “When MDT was starting, exactly this time four years ago, we envisioned a future where data monetization is ubiquitous for everyone. Today we are already working steadfastly to propel this mission with a number of exciting projects that will help people take ownership and capitalize on their data. Meanwhile data providers and buyers can exchange data securely,” says Heatherm Huang, co-founder of MDT. In 2021, other milestones for the team include launching Reward.Me, world’s most effortless cashback app whereby users get rewarded automatically for their daily purchases. The team also pioneered and launched MeFi, a blockchain oracle which bridges financial market data with DeFi. All of these milestones are possible because of every single user in the MDT ecosystem! Thanks for joining us in this journey. MDT is also listed on Binance, OKEx, Bitterex, Poloniex, and DigiFinex. Join the MDT community on telegram here. Read more about MDT on Medium. MDT is now listed on CoinBase Pro! was originally published in MeasurableData on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

MDT(Measurable Data Token) Update Report ( 2021 November)

Hello Community! Welcome to the latest issue of MDT updates! In the past few weeks, the team has been working on some new products as well as multiple revamps on our ecosystem applications. Let’s get it started: RewardMe App TWO New Features Live Today, The most anticipated gift card feature has launched and many users have started to redeem their Reward Dollars savings! Try it out, if you haven’t! RewardMe Launches GiftCard Feature, RewardMe Blog The New Survey feature is also on. Currently we have three survey providers available in the App: InBrainm, Tap Research and CPX Research. Each survey will enable our users to earn up to 500 Reward Dollars (which can be converted into either gift cards or cryptocurrencies). And…. we’re working on another new feature to help users earn and have fun. Stay tuned! 2. Measurable AI’s New Data Reports Check the latest data reports from Measurable AI, which are only possible because of every single user of this decentralized data ecosystem: Tale of Two Guys: Food Delivery Market in Taiwan | Data Insights - Measurable AI — MDT STATS - The chart below shows the top 10 holders’ addresses of MDT on Etherscan, as of November 10th, 15:20 PM (SGT) — *** Hiring! Software Engineer - We are hiring software engineers in our Hong Kong office! Responsibilities Design and implement RESTful API for both external and internal users Have the ability to balance high response...

MDT Launches Financial Data Oracle MeFi, Bridging Capital Market and DeFi

The first version of MeFi integrates with major capital markets including Nasdaq, NYSE and HKEX. The team also plans to provide other core financial data including company earnings, financial derivatives and ETFs for the smart contracts in future updates. DeFi developers will be able to access more varieties of financial data from MeFi with the MDT tokens on-chain. MDT is a decentralized data economy where users, data providers and data buyers can exchange data securely and anonymously on blockchain. On the consumer side, MDT’s very own consumer app RewardMe rewards users for contributing anonymous data points. On the business side, its alternative data arm Measurable AI turns anonymous transactional data into valuable consumer insights for financial institutions, corporates, and academia. With the surge of interest in decentralized finance, the MDT team has pioneered the MeFi oracle as a means to bridge the gap between capital market financial data and the decentralized world. “Data is like the superpower in the capital markets. If DeFi is to go mainstream, DeFi innovations and Dapps have to connect with the external context,” says Heatherm Huang, co-founder of Measurable Data Token. “MeFi serves as the ‘Bloomberg on blockchain’ — its secure connections between blockchain smart contracts and capital markets help developers access reliable external financial data on-chain.” With MeFi Oracle’s launch, the ...

MDT(Measurable Data Token) Update Report ( 2021 October)

Hello Community! Welcome to another week of MDT updates! In the past few weeks, the team has been working on both Mefi oracle project, as well as the ecosystem app RewardMe, other than those, our data analytics arm Measurable AI has also published a bunch of new data reports, based on the data points securely shared in the MDT data ecosystem economy! Let’s get it started for this issue of MDT update report: Launch of the MeFi Dapp, and MeFi Oracle soon, The Mefi Dapp is launched, and The MEFI oracle will be open-sourced soon! The Mefi Dapp is built to showcase how the Mefi oracle works. It helps users to access stock prices on the blockchain from the real world capital markets through the Mefi Oracle. Check the following video on how it works, or just try it out yourself at Note: remember to have some $MDT deposit in your metamask as some fees will be incurred for each transaction. 2. RewardMe App Launches GiftCard and Survey Feature Soon Two new features are coming soon for our ecosystem app RewardMe!!! Yes, one of them is the anticipated Gift Card Feature! RewardMe remains steadfast in empowering consumers to earn from every data contribution they make from their daily purchases. In our big data era, for too long have consumers been the product. It has become public knowledge that information gathered about users can be used by a third party for various purposes, the most often being targeted ads b...


Artificial Intelligence Crypto Assets Continue to Surge, Accounting for ...

    Following a brief downturn in mid-February 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) crypto assets have continued to see gains over the last 30 days. Currently, out of 74 listed AI-focused cryptocurrencies, the net value of all these tokens has risen to more than $4 billion, which accounts for 0.37% of the entire crypto economy's value. Majority of Listed AI Cryptocurrencies See Positive Gains Over Last Month Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a dominant theme in 2023, resulting in a significant surge in the value of AI-focused tokens this year. News reported on the rise of these cryptocurrencies at the end of January, and despite a brief pullback in mid-February, AI crypto assets have continued to see gains throughout the month. According to data from, 74 AI-centric digital currencies are now worth $4.03 billion, accounting for 0.37% of the overall crypto market and 1.19% of the smart contract token market. Moreover, the majority of the 74 listed cryptocurrencies associated with artificial intelligence have experienced positive gains in the last month. The largest of the AI-focused digital currencies is graph (GRT), with a current market valuation of approximately $1.42 billion. GRT has increased 70.57% against the U.S. dollar in the last 30 days. Singularitynet (AGIX), the second-largest AI-centric crypto asset, has surged 132.67% this month. (FET) has risen by 53.21%, and ocean protocol (OCEAN) is up 7.26% in the 30-day period. Iexec rlc (... read More

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