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$159.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.5 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #MATTER today is $0.11 USD.

The lowest MATTER price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.106, and the exact current price of one MATTER crypto coin is $0.10640.

The all-time high MATTER coin price was $6.04.

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The code for AntiMatter crypto currency is #MATTER.

AntiMatter is 1.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for AntiMatter is $3,524,513.

AntiMatter is ranked #693 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium today for #MATTER.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for AntiMatter is $159,299.


The circulating supply of MATTER is 33,125,513 coins, which is 33% of the total coin supply.


MATTER is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the MATTER Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


MATTER is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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B2 Development Update — Final Steps

B2 Development Update — Final Steps - We are coming closer to the B2 launch. Most specifications have been set in stone and most features are finished and developed. The launch date for mainnet will be announced soon. — Initial Setup. — Now is the time to make sure the launch of B2 will go as smooth as possible. We at Antimatter Labs have decided to set out following points: B2 Validator set will initially start off only with nodes controlled by our team, Tentatively, each node requires 1 Mil. $MATTER locked, Smart Contract deployment is reserved for addresses on a whitelist. This whitelist is to be managed by Governance., While B2 will start in a centralized manner, we are planning to add multiple third-party validators. In the coming days we will open an application form for anyone interested in validating on B2 to gather $MATTER rewards. Similarly we are looking to open applications for builder teams dedicated to build on top of B2. More details on selection criteria will follow shortly. — Other Progress. — The bridging discussions with CelerNetwork have finally concluded and we are ready to bridge $MATTER onto B2. The documentation of the bridge architecture will be released soon. We will use Blockscout as our block explorer: 🔗 If you want to test out B2 on your own you can get your testnet tokens here: 🔗 ⚠Tokens are...

Introducing: Quanto on B2

Quanto is an open trading platform focused on Quanto Futures Contracts. Simultaneously, it is the first B2-native application launching on our upcoming BNBChain sidechain B2.“A quantity-adjusting option, also known as a Quanto option, is a cash-settled, cross-currency derivative, where the underlying asset is denominated in a currency other than the currency in which the option is settled.” —, 01.09.2022 — What does this mean in the context of cryptocurrency markets?. — Quanto options allow the speculation on the price of an asset denominated in a currency e.g. BTC/USDT, similar to any other option. The difference lies in the settlement. Quanto options are not settled in the denomination currency (here USDT), but are settled in a different currency. This different currency in theory can be any coin, i.e. ETH, BNB,…. As B2 is a BNB Sidechain, we will start off with offering BNB Quanto options, meaning that the actual profit and loss calculation of all settlements are made using BNB. At inception, the Quanto contract fixes the BNB exchange rate. This fixed exchange rate remains in force for the duration of the contract. Quanto allows exposure to the USDT price of an asset, without needing to hold USDT or the asset directly. Quanto is the first attempt at leveraging B2 technology for scalability and security by using B2 as a data uplink solution. By settling trades on B2, the exchange is ...

B2 Development Update —Getting Closer

It’s time for another update on B2 development! Since last time we made a lot of progress and finished some functions. — What have we accomplished?. — In our last medium post we laid out the objectives we would work on for B2. B2 Development Update — Step by Step Our whitelist system is now fully completed. This means we now have a system in place that only allows certain addresses to deploy smart contracts onto B2. These addresses are to be managed by governance. Furthermore we now have deployed another testnet that employs all our newly made configurations. RPC Node:, Chain ID: 20221, Explorer:, This also means that our old testnet and its links are no longer relevant. — What has to be done still?. — We are still working on the deployment environment for B2, which will make it easier to develop on B2, as it introduces automation to our deploying process. Additionally, bridging discussions with Celer Network have almost concluded and we’ll have it set in stone soon. Lastly we are still working on the ecosystem of B2, meaning easy access to cross-chain bridging, governance, DApps, staking and faucets. This also includes user guides and tutorials. Accompany us on our journey, we keep building! — About Antimatter - Antimatter is a hub for decentralized on-chain financial products, such as DeFi derivatives and financial NFTs....

B2 Development Update — Step by Step

B2 Development Update — Step by Step - Antimatter Labs has been working around the clock these last few weeks, developing B2 step by step. We will continue to do so for the following weeks. We appreciate all feedback, which we are using to improve B2. — What are we working on?. — In our last medium post we laid out the configurations and features that we want on B2. Antimatter B2 — Configurations & Features The objective of the last weeks has been to code functions that enforce those configurations & features. For example we are currently implementing a whitelist system for the deployment of smart contracts onto B2. This is ~60% done. For B2 a new environment is needed, which is in the process of being deployed. In preparation for the launch, we are preparing to apply for a listing on BNBChainlist for our own chainId. Additionally, we are working closely with Celer Network to find the optimal bridging solution to and from B2 that fits our requirements. It is very important for us that B2 will give it’s user a great and smooth experience. Part of this is providing easy access to cross-chain bridging, governance, DApps, staking and faucets, by creating corresponding frontends. We want those components to be finished and ready on launch. This also includes user guides and tutorials. Development updates will be coming frequently, as we value community feedback for our next steps. Thank you fo...

Antimatter B2 — Configurations & Features

Antimatter B2 — Configurations & Features - — Background - A modern blockchain environment can be technically divided into two components: The underlying platform and the upper layer application, which complement and promote each other. The underlying platform provides the basis for the upper layer application, while the prosperity of the upper layer application drives the development of the underlying platform. Looking back at the history of blockchain platform development, from Bitcoin in 2009 to Ethereum in 2015 we have seen a lot of changes and various decentralized applications began to blossom. Ethereum supports the Turing complete programming language — Solidity, with the goal of creating a world computer. But later on, as we all saw, the subsequent applications were greatly limited by the performance of Ethereum. This led to the emergence of many competing Layer1 chains, such as Solana, Algorand, etc. We also see an upsurge of Layer2 solutions, such as sidechains, rollups, and other types of approaches, as well as Ether’s own iteration — the Merge (2.0). Blockchain is in need of scalability solutions. All of these solutions are still evolving, and the performance issues of Ethereum have not been completely solved yet. The ecological construction of the sidechain itself is a big problem, and there are a lot of security risks. We have seen many attacks on cross-chain bridges in the news....

Antimatter B2 — A BNB Sidechain

Antimatter B2 — A BNB Sidechain - A new path has opened for Antimatter. We at Antimatter have decided to, as part of our growth strategy, build a sidechain for BNB Chain. The sidechain will be called B2. To coincide with this we are releasing a new logo and are launching a brand new homepage. The last few months we put a lot of effort of setting up the BAS sidechain with the right parameters. We put together a whitepaper, containing everything you want to know. — Background. — Antimatter Labs vision was always to utilize blockchain to be the gateway of DeFi derivatives. We realized that accessibility is a key to a blockchain system. Hence, our goal is to have a universal efficient and low-cost DeFi derivatives worldwide. We came to the conclusion that building an own blockchain would provide scalability and the opportunity to create a perfect financial infrastructure for structure products and derivatives. Running a sidechain provides users with very low transactions costs and fast transaction finality. We figured that it lowers the barrier to entry, packaging one ecosystem on one blockchain. All Antimatter DApps are multichain, which imposes challenges for UX and UI and generally can get confusing. — B2 - B2 is build from the BAS framework providing development-ready EVM-compatible features like staking, RPC-API, and smart contracts. Antimatter’s ecosystem will move onto B2, including Nonfungible F...

Introducing: Antimatter Sharkfin

It’s time for another decentralized structured product! We are introducing Antimatter Sharkfin — A principal protected product, where users subscribe using the required currency and earn varying yield based on a specified price range of the underlying asset. The product runs on a weekly basis and redemption is only possible at maturity. In simpler words: You deposit a currency and earn yield on it, if the asset stays in a price range ➡ more %APR, if it doesn’t ➡ less %APR. — Why? - In TradFi sharkfin options are already an established structured product on various underlying assets. Antimatter is determined to bring traditional derivatives onchain, while simultaneously innovating the space. Antimatter Sharkfin is the decentralized version of the traditional sharkfin product and will be starting out with $BTC as first underlying asset. Users are provided with attractive APR rates, while keeping a low risk profile and keeping their principal protected. — How does it work? - A sharkfin product has two parameters that change every week: Price range and APR range. They are adjusted to provide an attractive APR, but also low risk. Below an example with $BTC as underlying asset. Example product: Price range: $38500-$42500, APR range: 3-16% At maturity there are two outcomes: 1. $BTC price was always in the price range: Annualised Percentage Return (APR) = 3.00%+(settlement price at maturity-38500)/(4250...

Development Update — What We Are Building Behind the Scenes

Development Update — What We Are Building Behind the Scenes - April has been a very busy month for us development-wise. We launched our first Defi Option Vaults on both Avalanche and Ethereum Network and Dual Investment for Polygon Network. Behind the scenes Antimatter Labs has been developing new products as well as updating the concept of our existing product line. Both of which will be rolled out in the coming weeks. — $LUNA Vaults on - We will be adding native $LUNA vaults to our vault line-up. 20% APY through Covered Call and Put Selling strategies with $LUNA as underlying asset. Similar to our already existing vaults, these vaults will be facilitated through Opyn’s tokenized option contracts. We are currently in the process of setting up all necessary contracts: Gamma, Address Book, oToken and oToken Factory. The first cycle will approximately start in one month. — Improving Vault Dashboard - Based on feedback from vault users, we will improve the vault dashboard. The new dashboard will make it easier to understand the mechanism of our DOVs. Especially the past cycles will be documented with graphs and statistics. In general we will improve the UI to enhance the user experience. — Antimatter Explorer - An analytical tool to monitor activity on Antimatter Structured It will enable the search for Products and Orders filtered by various parameters. We are currently imple...

Introducing: Antimatter Option Vaults built with Opyn

This week we are finally launching our DeFi Option Vaults on Avalanche Network and Ethereum. We will be starting out with two vaults — Covered Call and Put Selling — on each blockchain. The vault will open this week and will accept orders till Friday 15th of March 0pm GMT. The vault goes through weekly cycles. Follow our Twitter @antimatterdefi to be notified when exactly the vault will open. — What are Option Vaults? - DeFi Option Vaults (DOV) are automated vaults running with a preset options strategy. The strategy determines whether a put or call option is sold. Yield is earned by collecting premiums that accrue when the option expires ‘out-of-the-money’. Before DOVs, option strategies were only available to accredited investors through over-the-counter (OTC) trading or by self-execution on option exchanges like Deribit. — Why make it a shared vault?. — The automation is facilitated through a smart-contract on the blockchain. Users can deposit their assets into the smart-contract/vault and it will automatically start earning on a weekly basis. Apart from the obvious advantage of automatization, another advantage is the saving of gas. Once the assets are deposited, there is no further action required from the user, until he wants to redeem his returns. Transactions from all users of the vault are pooled together, saving a lot of gasfees. — Strike Price and Delivery Date. — ...

Antimatter Structured on Polygon Network

Antimatter Structured Live on Polygon Network - After deploying Antimatter Structured on Avalanche last week, we now have decided to continue expanding the Antimatter ecosystem and brought Antimatter Structured to Polygon. Polygon is the first Layer 2 we deploy Structured on. Today the Antimatter Structured contract is live on Polygon Mainnet. It is reachable through To access $MATIC products, you need to change the network in the top right corner. — What products are available? - To start off, Dual Investment is enabled for the native $MATIC coin. Dual Investment is an advanced options derivative based on a decentralized protocol. The product has a “market-neutral, returns guaranteed” feature, where the yield is clear and fixed at the time of purchase, while the settlement currency is uncertain. At maturity, the settlement currency depends on the outcome of the settlement price at maturity compared to the strike price. If you are wondering which of these products is suited for you, check out this decision guide: Decision Guide for Dual Investment For a more detailed explanation of Dual Investment check out our Docs: Dual Investment — What’s coming next? - In the coming weeks we will introduce two $MATIC DeFi Option Vaults. They are currently undergoing internal testing and more details will be released soon. — What are DeFi Option Vaults?. — DeFi Option Vaults ...


Terra Reacts To Case Against Do Kwon, Claims Matter Is Highly Politicize...

    The collapse of the algorithmic stablecoin Terra and its native token LUNA remained a shocking event in the crypto space. The outcome was the loss of billions of dollars for many individual and institutional investors. It also threw the entire crypto industry into a historic crisis. Lots of changes have taken place following the fall of the stablecoin. Subsequently, some investigations and legal cases have been against the founder of Terraform Labs, Do Kwon. Firstly, the South Korean Prosecutors leveled some allegations against the Terra Chief. Also, the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) issued a Red Notice against him. The Interpol request is for law enforcement's immediate arrest of Do Kwon globally. There was a massive loss of over $60 billion of investors’ funds through the fall of Terra and its ecosystem in the first half of the year. The South Korean Prosecutors requested the assistance of Interpol for the arrest of Kwon. The prosecutors accused the Terra chief of hiding to avoid their investigations. According to a source, Kwon was seen in Singapore, though the city police noted that he later left. Terra Says Case Against Kwon Is Highly Hyped Up Following the alert from Interpol, there was a slight fall in the prices of Terra Classic (LUNC) and the newly launched Terra LUNA. Some rumors have been that Kwon went into hiding since the collapse of Terra and its ecosystem. LUNA Price grows l LUNAUSDT on Terraform Labs has finally ... read More

Thai Regulator Accuses Digital Asset Service Provider of Failing to Comp...

    Thailand's securities regulator recently said it had referred digital asset service provider Zipmex and its Thai unit chief executive officer, Akalarp Yimwilai, to a technology crime division of the Royal Thai Police. The regulator said it made decision after Yimwilai and his company failed to comply with the request to furnish an official with information relating to customers' digital wallets.Zipmex Fails to Share Details on Transfers and Withdrawals on Its Platform Thailand's Securities and Exchange Commission (TSEC) said it has referred Zipmex and the digital asset service provider's Thai unit chief executive officer (CEO) Akalarp Yimwilai to local law enforcement for non-compliance 'with the order of the competent official.' In a statement, the regulator said it took action after Yimwilai and his company failed to submit information relating to customers' digital wallets. Zipmex is also accused of failing to furnish the TSEC official with details on the transfer and withdrawal of digital assets via its platform. The announcement by the TSEC came on the same day that Zipmex told its customers that it had temporarily suspended baht and cryptocurrency withdrawals. In its message to customers, Zipmex reportedly claimed the crypto market volatility, as well as problems with major trading partners, had prompted the suspension of withdrawals. According to a report in The Nation Thailand, Zipmex's suspension of withdrawals drew an angry response from customers. The report added ... read More

XTRA?FUND – the World's Only DeFi Platform That Always Rewar...

    The cryptocurrency Winter is (NOT) here to stay. If the media was any indicator of the current state of the cryptocurrency industry, one would think it was time to 'pack up' and find a new technology to invest both time and money into. It is true that the cryptocurrency industry is currently experiencing another so called 'cryptocurrency winter' and while numerous references may be cited to support that, it is also true that this is not the first nor the worst one. In fact, well supported and funded projects are thriving and now is the perfect time to develop them further. The team behind XTRA.FUND also believes that as well. The platform has been fully functional and live since December 2021, and it is also looking to solve the challenges that not only plagued the cryptocurrency industry since its inception, but will now be an even more predominant topic: making cryptocurrency safe, secure and rewarding at the same time, enough to make it a viable alternative to traditional investments. XTRA.FUND not only believes it can deliver, but is on a mission to convince the world of that as well. The way it offers that is with the following set of features: Sometimes it just takes a bit of XTRA PROTECTION The cryptocurrency industry is limited in terms of the types of protection it can offer, and with regulation in most parts of the world not around, it is no wonder that people are still hesitant. Companies have offered solutions much like Binance with its SAFU, but the user needs to... read More

Ferrum Network integrating Matter Labs' zkSync into its ecosystem,...

    Ferrum Network, a cross-blockchain service company & ecosystem, has now announced it will integrate the zkSync layer-2 scaling solution into its suite of products. This synergy comes following Ferrum's participation in the Series B round for Matter Labs, creator of zkSync.  zkSync is a user-centric zero-knowledge (ZK)-rollup platform for Ethereum and is live on the mainnet. Recent funding into layer-2 scaling provider Matter Labs came from Ferrum Network's investment arm, Ferrum Ventures. Matter Labs and their ZK-rollup system — zkSync — will now be integrated into Ferrum Network's products and ecosystem. Matter Labs / zkSync Matter Labs is a pioneer of zero-knowledge rollups. The organization launched the first-ever public ZK-rollup prototype in early 2019, was the first to implement recursive ZK proofs on Ethereum, and created the world’s first practical FPGA-based hardware for ZKP acceleration in 2020. Recently, Matter Labs announced the first EVM-compatible ZK-rollup on Ethereum’s public testnet, allowing developers to deploy existing Solidity applications to a highly scalable, low-cost environment without sacrificing the security or decentralization provided by Ethereum. “When you really think about it, most of us in this space are here because of Ethereum. Ferrum’s mission has always been to breakdown barriers to mass adoption… and scaling Ethereum is one of the most important milestones in doing so. I... read More

Joe Biden To Push For Crypto Regulations as a Matter of National Securit...

    Joe Biden's administration wants to clarify once and for all the regulatory landscape surrounding the crypto sphere —taking the opportunity to exert greater control over the industry. Apparently, within the next few weeks, it is expected that the White House will issue an executive order declaring the regulation of cryptocurrencies as a matter of national security - which would raise the priority level that different federal agencies would have to assign to their efforts to monitor the crypto ecosystem. A Holistic Vision According to a report by Barron's, the national security memorandum would essentially seek to achieve coordination among all branches of the government so as to distinguish and limit the competencies of each of the entities involved. Currently, there are conflicting opinions on several aspects inherent to the cryptocurrency industry and the use of cryptocurrencies in transactions. The IRS, CFTC, SEC, and OCC have issued numerous statements affecting the crypto industry. On several occasions, even law enforcement agencies have worked separately on very similar agendas - such as trying to crack privacy cryptocurrencies. An anonymous source told Barron's that Biden and his advisers want to achieve the unity of thought that previous administrations had failed to accomplish: 'This is designed to look holistically at digital assets and develop a set of policies that give coherency to what the government is trying to do in this space,' The State Department, Tr... read More

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