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MATIC Price:
$0.8 B
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$10 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #MATIC today is $1.06 USD.

The lowest MATIC price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.06, and the current live price for one MATIC coin is $1.05955.

The all-time high MATIC coin price was $2.92.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of MATIC with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Polygon is #MATIC.

Polygon is 4.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for Polygon is $10,208,400,851.

Polygon is ranked #16 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a very large volume of trading today on #MATIC.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Polygon is $803,434,774.


The circulating supply of MATIC is 9,634,695,185 coins, which is 96% of the maximum coin supply.


MATIC is the native coin for the Polygon PoS blockchain.

View the full list of Polygon PoS blockchain tokens, and has digital contracts with 7 other blockchains.

See list of the MATIC Blockchain contracts with 8 different blockchains.


MATIC is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 123 crypto exchanges.

View #MATIC trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #MATIC purchase.



How Zero Knowledge Proofs, Aggregation Layers, and Light Nodes Can Improve Web3 Experience and…

How Zero Knowledge Proofs, Aggregation Layers, and Light Nodes Can Improve Web3 Experience and Structure? - — A Deep Dive Into Web3 Infrastructural Needs For A Decentralized, Censorship-Resistant, Secure, and Private Future. — In the great crypto circus, liquidations and Chapter 11 filings have become so common that people consider them almost synonymous with cryptocurrencies. But is that really the case? All of the multi-billion dollar hedge funds, firms, market makers, and trading exchanges that went bankrupt had one thing in common — opacity in their balance sheets enabled by an opaque ‘centralized’ system rather than a system of transparent ‘decentralized’ ledgers. To create truly decentralized, accessible, self-custodial, and censorship-resistant systems that can withstand attacks and fraud, we need more than a system of conventional settlement layers. This research explores the intricacies of Web3 infrastructure or middleware to identify existing challenges and future opportunities. We shed light on the utility of aggregation layers; various types of nodes; and Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) to further the mission of decentralization across the crypto ecosystem. This research is carried out and authored by 0xlol, and edited by ThePsychGuy. They can be reached on Twitter at 0xlol and ThePsychGuy respectively. — tldr; - A robust and resilient Web3 Infrastructure is necessary to sustain decen...

Best Practices for Building Decentralized Option Vaults

Some Suggestions on Building the Crypto Structured Products in Best Possible Way! Decentralized Options Vaults (DOVs) are structured products offered on-chain, closely related to TradFi counterparts that combine several financial instruments to create a whole new payoff curve. The core function of DOVs is to use investors’ capital and employ options trading strategies in a completely automated and decentralized manner. These strategies may include covered calls, protective puts, or straddles. Before DOVs, option strategies were only available to accredited investors through over-the-counter (OTC) trading or by self-execution on option exchanges like Deribit or FTX. DOVs allow their investors to earn true return on investment (ROI), not just passive income from liquidity provision. The capital is being actively invested in trading strategies, and is independent of the amount of trading being conducted i.e. there is no token “yield” in the traditional DeFi sense. From scratch, DOVs have grown exponentially to become the dominant part of the ~$1 Billion DeFi option TVL, with notionals trading in billions of dollars every month.Picture Source: Ledger Prime Over the past several months, DeFi ecosystems across different blockchains have witnessed a massive surge in new projects focused on structured product vaults with the objective of offering users sustainable yield. Given the infancy of these popular products, we aim to...

What’s Up With DeFi Before Merge?

A Compilation of all the Important Findings from Different DeFi Forums. — The Ethereum Merge is a cryptocurrency event that will significantly change the way Ethereum operates. With this hard fork, Ethereum will operate on a new consensus mechanism “Proof of Stake (PoS)” from the originial “Proof of Work (PoW)”. It will also have an impact on the narratives surrounding ETH. The debate on ETH’s eco-friendliness shall take a new turn making it more ESG compliant, along with its utility as a long term debt (if you consider it as a bond). In this article, we shall cover the important proceedings taking place at various decentralized finance (DeFi) governance forums. We will not go into the intricacies of the merge as there has already been a considerable amount of debate and writing on the topic. This article is based on findings by our DeFi researchers Akhil Vajjhala and Jack, and has been edited for relevancy and readability by 0xlol. — Some Useful Resources to Learn about the Intricacies of ETH Merge: - On the Merge. Quick Takes | by Amber Group What to Expect from Ethereum’s Merge Upgrade | Galaxy — Engineering a new economic paradigm. A Step-By-Step Overview of Ethereum’s Merge Upgrade and Associated Risks | Galaxy ETHEREUM MERGE — The Most Anticipated Event In Crypto Explained — Lido - Lido offers liquid staking for ETH holders who wish to earn yield on staked ETH2.0, but do n...

Decentralized Social Media: The Future of Connections or an Unnecessary Niche?

People increasingly rely on social media for news, publication, and entertainment. However, centralized players such as Facebook, Tiktok, and Twitter have come under fire for exploiting users’ data and biased moderation. Web3 solutions have entered the space and competing decentralized social media platforms are now vying to solve this 21st-century problem. With scalability and mass adoption obstacles, questions surround the possibility of a great transition to decentralized social media. — Where are we now? - Today, there are roughly 3.8 billion social media users, and with the proliferation of cheaper mobile devices worldwide, the number of users expands yearly.Source: Statista While a part of everyday life, social media in its current form is almost as addictive and toxic as it is beneficial. Existing networks face criticism about biased moderation, exploiting user data, addictive algorithms, and siloed ecosystems. Truly ‘fixing’ social media requires a complete paradigm shift, and decentralized social media solutions are the closest we’ve come to a truly democratized social sphere. — Reimagining Social Media from the Ground Up - While web2 companies focus on social media as a single product, web3 expands the idea of social networks into multiple layers. The base layer is a social graph: it maps profiles, followers, and their connections. Next is the app layer, where users can consume content and in...

Black Scholes Merton Model to Price DeFi Options (Part -2): Analyzing the Pricing ‘Systems’

A Systems Review of Adjustments Made to Black Scholes Merton Model by Various DeFi Protocols. — In part -1 of this research series, we tried to analyze the various problems associated with the Black Scholes Merton Model’s (BSMM) assumptions as well as certain associated fractals. Now we will analyze how such problems are being solved in practical environments. It must be noted that it’s not appropriate to study a ‘mathematical model/equation operating in an engine’ as an ‘isolated entity’. This equation/model gets impacted, as well as impacts other parts of the system, and hence a ‘systems overview’ is required to get a comprehensive evaluation. Through this article, we 0xlol and Akhil Vajjhala try to investigate the adjustments made to standard BSMM by DeFi Protocols to increase its accuracy in pricing option positions on the blockchain. You can connect with us on twitter at 0xlol and Akhil.Summarizing Part — 1Read part -1 here BSMM is based on the concept of dynamic replication of a portfolio such that the price of a derivative should be equivalent to the cost of replicating this portfolio. The model theoretically estimates the price of European-style options on a stock/asset that doesn’t pay any dividends (during the lifetime of that option). It takes into account certain assumptions which makes it ‘kind of’ unfit to price on-chain options. The model assumes that this portfolio can finan...

Black Scholes Merton Model to Price DeFi Options (Part 1): A Tale of The King with Torn Clothes

A Deep-Investigation into Suitability of Black Scholes Merton Model with DeFi Options. — So, let’s suppose, you are an aspiring options buildoor. You are excited about your hand-crafted option contracts trading on the blockchain one day. But you don’t know how to price your DeFi options. What do you do? You go ahead and look for some popular pricing mechanisms. One fine day, under an apple tree, in a garden full of butterflies and velvet flowers, you come across the Black Scholes Merton Model, which immediately sends you in a state of epiphany. You are excited about using a valuation model for on-chain price discovery! Epiphany fades, and the realization hits. Realization of it not being perfect for DeFi, and the blockchain infrastructure. Realization that the model’s assumptions are not in line with the blockchain’s intricacies. What adjustments do you gotta make now? Through this article, we 0xlol and Akhil Vajjhala try to investigate the appropriateness of the Black Scholes Merton model (crafted for ancient traditional financial markets) in the context of decentralized finance (built on advanced blockchain technology). You can connect with us on twitter at 0xlol and Akhil.Before getting started, if you would like a quick review of on-chain or DeFi Options ecosystem, you can read our research article here.Black-Scholes-Merton ModelIf you are aware of Black Scholes’ intricacies, then you can skip this secti...

The Benevolent Dictator

A case study into the revival of ve(3,3). — Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. This adage holds true in politics, but what about in a decentralized, trustless financial system? Can dominating powers use their influence for good, or are they destined to fall from grace like so many past leaders? This research article by Jack McCarthy attempts to see if smart contracts and DAOs can be the secret weapon needed to fight against corrupted despots. The one exception to the absolute power sterotype is that of a “Benevolent Dictator.” Throughout history these leaders have wielded absolute political power, yet ruled for the benefit of the population as a whole. These rulers, while autocratic, tend to produce economic and cultural prosperity. Take for example, Lee Kuan Yew, who along with the People’s Action Party ruled over Singapore from 1959 until 1990. Following the Island’s independence in 1965, under Yew the country rapidly grew from an agrarian society into one of the 4 Asian Tigers and now has the second highest GDP per capita in the world.The Country So what country does the benevolent dictator rule in this story? Dystopia Swap. A ve(3,3) decentralized exchange (dex) that improves upon all of Solidly’s downfalls. Different from other ve-dexes like Curve, Dystopia offers swaps for both stable and volatile token pairs. Meaning in one place, you can provide FRAX-WETH in a Uniswap v2 style AMM and...

The Crypto Loan Economy

A deep-dive into the Undercollateralized Crypto-Lending Ecosystem. — Overcollateralized lending is a popular form of loan in crypto. It is a great option for individuals who need exposure to new assets without selling their current position. Here, a question arises: in a world plagued by income disparity, how does overcollateralization fulfill the very purpose of taking a loan? Besides the issue of issue of capital efficiency, overcollateralization prevents one from accessing cheap capital to achieve their financial goals. Meanwhile in a trustless financial system, undercollateralization is only going to make your liquidity providers poor. So what’s the solution? This research article is a collaborative effort of Jack and 0xlol for Polygon, who can be reached on twitter at Jack and 0xlol. Humans have been involved in the lending-borrowing dynamic from time immemorial. Earliest examples can be traced back to 2000 BCE Mesopotamia, where farmers borrowed seeds and animals to generate agricultural yield. Such social dynamics introduced the complexity of trust and risk, but opened up the horizon for a quantum leap in economic growth. Those with wealth found a new mechanism for earning yield on their assets and those who lacked wealth gained the ability to borrow it and produce their own wealth. Simple, but nothing short of genius! Leverage is the cornerstone of entrepreneurship and creation, allowing individuals to take o...

DeFi vs. Goliath

Can Decentralized Finance Survive the Inevitable Battle with Central Bank Digital Currencies?. — As central banks sound the alarm against decentralized finance (DeFi) and its currency (stablecoins), a new David vs. Goliath battle is catching fire. While the former has the advantage of regulation, institutions, and government oversight, the latter has decentralization and a community built against the overreach of government. As central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) take economies by storm, can the DeFi survive? This article has been written in collaboration with Tommy La for Polygon, you can connect with us on twitter at Tommy La and 0xlol.This article was originally published at by @0xlol on April 14, 2022. In the Biblical story, champion fighter Goliath decimated the armies of Israel. His strength was unmatched, leaving only death in his wake. As he destroyed David’s homeland, David took the mantle to challenge him. Armed with the inferior weapons of a simple shepherd — a slingshot — but empowered by unique combat strategies, David killed the “invincible” Goliath. Often, David’s Biblical victory over Goliath is seen as an exception, an abnormality in a world where Goliaths always seem to win. In a society where the “little guy” always seems to lose, the tale of a shepherd whose five smooth stones topple a giant seems increasingly out of reach. Today, a new ‘David vs. Go...

A Game of Premiums Through A Myriad of Complexities! — A Deep-Dive into On-Chain Option Protocols

A Game of Premiums Through A Myriad of Complexities! — A Deep-Dive into On-Chain Option Protocols — Are Decentralized Derivative Markets the New Meta?. — On-chain derivatives are a tough nut to build. From pricing mechanisms to assimilation of collateral in the engine — everything has to be done in a sophisticated manner to ensure liquidity in the system. The work doesn’t end at maintaining liquidity, you have to keep it from getting fragmented. Market sentiments go south, and that fragmented liquidity blows your system out of proportion into an absolute chaos! So what do you do as a protocol? You go ahead and lock it for the time being. But what about your liquidity providers? As an LP or an options writer, your time is running, and your capital keeps accruing an opportunity cost. There’s nowhere to go, your precious collateral is at the risk of those positions being exercised at in-the-money! But wait, this sounds confusing right? So how does one figure out a way through rabbit-hole of on-chain options? Before we move forward, you can connect with me on twitter at 👉 0xlolEntering the Rabbit Hole… To dig into this hole deeper, we have to first make an effort to understand what actually are ‘options’, and are they really worth our time? Option contracts are one of many types of derivatives. So, what’s a derivative? Derivatives are financial instruments, which in the form of contracts d...


Is Polygon (MATIC) Price About to Explode by 90%? This Popular Analyst W...

    TL;DR Polygon (MATIC) experienced a 30% monthly price surge, with analysts predicting further increases. The surge coincides with a significant rise in Polygon's on-chain trading volume and other metrics. One of the best-performing cryptocurrencies (at least from the top 20 list) - Polygon (MATIC) - briefly surpassed the $1 mark this week. Its 30% price surge on a monthly scale has captured the attention of industry participants, with some analysts envisioning a further rally in the following months. The popular X (Twitter) user Ali claimed that MATIC shows 'promising signs' to chart impressive gains in the long term. He predicted that the asset's valuation could explode by 90% next month should it close above the $0.96 resistance level. #Polygon shows promising signs from a long-term perspective. The prevailing pattern appears to be a multi-year symmetrical triangle. If $MATIC can maintain a close above $0.96, it could signal the start of a bull rally, with a potential target of $1.73! — Ali (@ali_charts) February 21, 2024 MATIC has not dropped below the depicted mark since Ali's forecast, and it is currently trading at around $0.97 (per CoinGecko's data). The content creator and investor Jake Gagain outlined an even more bullish scenario for the token, predicting a price appreciation to as high as $9 by 2025. MATIC's most recent spike coincides with an increase in Polygon's on-chain trading volume. According to DefiLlama, the figure curr... read More

The Polygon Vesting Contract Is Officially Empty, Will This Send MATIC P...

    Like many other crypto projects, the native token of the Polygon network, MATIC, was launched with some portion of the supply vested for the team over a period of time. In the case of Polygon, the vesting was for five years, and since 2019, there have been periodic token unlocks. However, the unlocks, which have often been a deterrent for investors, are now over, as the last batch was just released to the team. Polygon Last Unlock Goes To Team On Wednesday, February 21, the Polygon Foundation received the very last portion of their vested tokens from the vesting contract. In total, 273,304,816 million MATIC tokens valued at $260 million were released to the Foundation’s wallet. This unlock marks the very last unlock that the Foundation will receive, meaning that almost all of the available supply of MATIC is now in circulation. The latest unclog brings the circulating supply of the cryptocurrency to 9,618,318,574 out of its 10,000,000,000 maximum supply. As a result of this, the market cap of Polygon is sitting just above $9.14 billion with a fully diluted valuation (FDV) of approximately $5 billion. The entirety of the MATIC supply has been unlocked, which means that there will be no more tokens being brought into circulation. This is a huge milestone for the project, whose investors have waited years for the vested tokens to finally run out. How Will This Affect The MATIC Price? The fact that the entirety of the MATIC supply is now in circulation is bullish for the... read More

Polygon Could See Bull Rally To $1.73 If This Happens: Analyst

    An analyst explained that Polygon could see a potential bull rally to $1.73 if the cryptocurrency's price is above this level. Polygon Appears To Be Breaking Out Of A Symmetrical Triangle Currently In a new post on X, analyst Ali talked about a multi-year Symmetrical Triangle that Polygon has been traveling inside. The 'Symmetrical Triangle' is a pattern in technical analysis (TA) that, as its name already implies, looks like a triangle. The pattern comprises two converging trendlines, with the upper line being made by joining lower highs in the price, while the lower level connects higher lows. A feature of this pattern is that these two lines approach each other at roughly an equal (but opposite) slope. This is the reason why there is 'symmetrical' in its name. When the price trades inside the triangle, it tends to encounter resistance at the upper level. As such, tops can probably form at the line. Similarly, the lower line can act as a source of support, thus facilitating likely bottoms to take place. If the asset breaks through either of these barriers, its price could probably see a sustained push in that direction. This means that breaks above the triangle can be bullish signals, while drops under it can signify that a bearish trajectory has taken over. There are also other triangle patterns in TA, with two popular ones being the Ascending and Descending Triangles. These two patterns differ from the Symmetrical Triangle in that one of their trendlines is parallel to t... read More

Exploit On Polygon Contracts Extract $15M, Here Are The Details

    The play-and-own mobile gaming platform GAMEE suffered an exploit of its GMEE token contracts on Polygon that led to the theft of 600 million GMEE tokens and left the crypto community pondering questions. GAMEE Confirms $15M Exploit On Polygon On January 22, GAMEE Token’s official X (formerly Twitter) account advised its users to refrain from engaging with the digital asset while their team investigated the GMEE token-related security comprise it had just suffered. The GMEE token is an ERC-20 utility token “designed to be the currency of access, action, and governance within the GAMEE ecosystem,” as their website states. $GMEE | URGENT There has been a security incident involving the GMEE token. As a precautionary measure, we advise all users to refrain from engaging with $GMEE until further notice. Our team is actively investigating the situation, and updates will be provided soon. — GMEE Token (@GAMEEToken) January 22, 2024 Before the official announcement, crypto users quickly noticed the token’s sudden price crash and the transactions behind it. This left GAMEE users and the general crypto community wondering if an exploit had occurred. In the early hours of January 23, GAMEE’s team returned to the X platform to explain what happened and the steps to come. The thread explains that their preliminary investigation indicated that the GMEE token contracts on Polygon had been compromised via unauthorized GitLab access. This compromise r... read More

How To Buy, Sell, And Trade Tokens on The Polygon Network

    Polygon (formerly Matic Network) is a game-changing Layer 2 scaling solution that addresses Ethereum's scalability challenges. It empowers developers to create and deploy scalable, interoperable decentralized applications (dApps) by utilizing sidechains, plasma chains, and innovative scaling techniques.  If you’re unfamiliar, sidechains are unique blockchains that are bound to the main Ethereum blockchain and are effective in supporting many Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols available on the Ethereum network. This enables rapid transaction speed and cost-effectiveness while maintaining the security and decentralization of the Ethereum network. As a Layer 2 solution, Polygon operates in parallel to the Ethereum blockchain. Rather than individually validating each transaction, batches of transactions are sent to the Ethereum blockchain, significantly accelerating the validation process and reducing fees. Polygon implements a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism wherein users can stake tokens for a predetermined duration to validate transactions. In return for their staking activities, participants are rewarded with MATIC tokens. To ensure robust security, Polygon implements the advanced technique of 'commit-chain' or 'checkpointing.' It securely anchors the state of Polygon chains onto the Ethereum mainnet at regular intervals, enhancing data integrity and leveraging Ethereum's inherent security. By capitalizing on Ethereum's proven security measures, Polygon pro... read More

Brace For Crypto Market Waves: FTX And Celsius Are Sending MATIC, ETH, A...

    The crypto market might be about to experience a further downturn as a recent development suggests an imminent selloff is on the horizon. This comes following the recent market moves by Grayscale, which is believed to be responsible for the recent decline in Bitcoin’s price.  Celsius And FTX Crypto Funds On The Move On-chain data shows that defunct crypto lender Celsius Network recently transferred 34.08 million MATIC to the crypto exchange Binance. Meanwhile, a wallet address linked to Alameda Research, the sister company of defunct crypto exchange FTX, also recently sent 135 WBTC to Binance, 207 WBTC, and 1150 ETH to Wintermute. These transactions are more significant, considering that Celsius and FTX are in a bankruptcy liquidation process as they look to repay their customers. As such, transferring these funds to trading platforms like Binance suggests that these tokens could be dumped on the market soon enough.  Celsius, in particular, is known to have been making major moves in the market as of late. NewsBTC had recently reported how Celsisus had transferred $125 million worth of ETH last week to various crypto exchanges, something which could have possibly contributed to recent bloodbaths in the crypto market.  On the other hand, selloffs by Alameda could form part of FTX’s repayment plan, which it filed back in December 2023. This is a huge possibility, considering the defunct trading firm was used as a tool by Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) to def... read More

Polygon's Transfer Troubles: Is MATIC Facing A Trust Crisis?

    Recently, the blockchain intelligence firm ChainArgos brought to light some unsettling findings about the Polygon network. According to ChainArgos, suspicious transaction patterns have emerged, raising questions about Polygon's adherence to its initial token allocation plan. ChainArgos’ investigation revealed multiple transactions from Polygon's network to various exchanges seemed 'questionable.' Particularly, the firm pointed out 'anomalies' in the flow of tokens from Polygon's vesting contract, which is responsible for the systematic release of tokens. This contract, distinct from the foundation contract that governs overall allocations, displayed inconsistencies in outflow patterns. The firm's latest analysis, detailed in a series of posts on X, scrutinizes the movement of significant quantities of MATIC tokens, Polygon’s native cryptocurrency. Concerns Over Large MATIC Transfers The investigative reports from ChainArgos delved deeper into the token flows. The firm noted that a specific wallet received approximately 470 million MATIC from two sources - the foundation and an insider wallet, particularly 340 million and 170 million, respectively. The largest transfer identified was linked to a wallet associated with the plasma bridge, including two additional transactions to untagged wallets. Adding to the intrigue, ChainArgos observed that a sum of 178 million MATIC was transferred to the prominent exchange Binance, with the last transaction dated May 23, 2021.... read More

Bombshell Report: Polygon Team's Secret MATIC Sales Lead To Depressed Pr...

    In a detailed analysis released by crypto intelligence firm ChainArgos, allegations have surfaced about the Polygon team's involvement in secret sales of MATIC tokens, potentially leading to a suppression of the token's price. The revelations stem from an in-depth examination of the token allocations and subsequent flows to various exchanges. ChainArgos, in a series of statements on X (formerly Twitter), elaborated on discrepancies between Polygon's publicly stated token allocation plan and the actual flows observed. Notably, the firm identified irregular outflows from a 'vesting contract' and a foundation contract, which ostensibly manages the allocations. ChainArgos highlighted, “When you look at the flows you find a 'vesting contract' which mechanically unlocks all flows... That shape is odd and the gaps are all different sizes,' ChainArgos reported, indicating potential irregularities. $1 Billion In MATIC Sold In Stealth Modus? A critical point of concern is the supposed allocation for staking. ChainArgos's analysis suggests that while the allocation table indicated a range from 400 million to 1.2 billion MATIC for staking, the actual flow into the staking contract started from zero and only reached 800 million. This discrepancy of 400 million MATIC was traced to an address labelled 'Binance 33' on Etherscan, which ChainArgos asserts is not associated with staking activities. This address, interestingly, was also involved in a significant flow of 300 million MATIC ... read More

Crypto Analyst Forecasts MATIC Price Recovery With This 16% Swing

    MATIC was one of the altcoins affected by the recent market downturn triggered by the controversial Matrixport report on the Bitcoin spot ETF this week. This negative sentiment pushed the cryptocurrency’s price from trading at nearly $1 to below $0.85 in a single move. However, the tide seems to be turning in favor of the bulls, as the MATIC coin has jumped more than 1.2% in the past day. In fact, a popular crypto analyst on the X (formerly Twitter) platform has sounded a buy alarm for Polygon’s native token. Can MATIC’s Price Return To $0.96? In a recent post on X, crypto analyst Ali Martinez has put forward a bullish projection for the price of MATIC over the coming days. According to the crypto pundit, the cryptocurrency looks set to recover all its lost gains in a potential upward price movement. The reasoning behind this bullish prediction for the Polygon token revolves around the TD (Tom DeMark) Sequential indicator. For context, the Tom DeMark Sequential indicator is used to identify the exact time of trend exhaustion and price reversal. #Polygon | The TD Sequential presents a buy signal on $MATIC 4-hour chart. A spike in buying pressure around the current levels could see #MATIC rebound, potentially toward $0.88, and even as high as $0.96. — Ali (@ali_charts) January 6, 2024 Martinez noted in his analysis that the TD indicator is currently flashing a buy sign on MATIC’s 4-hour price chart. However, the crypto ... read More

Polygon SAGA Airdrop: A Game-Changer For MATIC Investors?

    In today's charts, Polygon (MATIC) is flashing red, losing 4.6% and 14.2% over the course of 24 and seven days, respectively. However, despite the poor showing, there was hope for fresh interest because of the recent developments. Focus is on the SAGA airdrop, which attracted over 26,000 Polygon users who used Polygon's zkEVM Bridge for Ethereum transactions or participated in MATIC staking. Developers can start their own 'chainlets' with the future blockchain protocol Saga. NEW: The $SAGA (@Sagaxyz__) airdrop is available to 26K+ Polygon users who staked $MATIC or bridged $ETH using the zkEVM Bridge. — Today In Polygon (@TodayInPolygon) January 4, 2024 Although the exact dates of Saga's airdrop are unknown, they most likely take place in the first half of this year. Saga also previously disclosed information about its 'Innovators' airdrop eligibility for users of its goods back in October. Excitement Over Polygon Airdrop Co-founder of Polygon Sandeep Nailwal expressed excitement on social media platform X about Saga's place in their ecosystem. Thanks @Sagaxyz__ for including @0xPolygon community in the airdrop. Super thrilled to have Saga as a key contributor into the Polygon ecosystem. They have been involved throughout the Supernets to CDK chains journey! They are doing amazing work, specially in automating… — Sandeep Nailwal | sandeep. polygon (@sandeepnailwal) January 4, 2024 Nailwal acknowledg... read More

MATIC Blasts Off: 20% Surge As Polygon Trading Volume Hits Records

    The global cryptocurrency market value has retraced to over $1.72 trillion, suggesting that the cryptocurrency industry has lost some of its momentum in the last day. Furthermore, MATIC has not seen any tiny losses, in contrast to the majority of prominent digital assets, such as Bitcoin. As the Polygon protocol's supporters push for new yearly highs, MATIC is experiencing a seismic change within its ecosystem, which has caused its price to soar by more than 20% in early trading on Thursday. MATIC Breaches $1 Barrier Based on the several milestones in its ecosystem, Polygon has been indicating that it is prepared to overcome the critical $0.9 pricing threshold. Following an initial upward trend, MATIC made an unsuccessful attempt to break out in February 2023. Before the price broke out this week, there were two more failed breakout efforts in November and December. The $1.07 peak on Wednesday is the highest since April. It is noteworthy that MATIC has failed to close each week above the resistance trend line. Furthermore, some analysts say that MATIC may soon reach new peaks as it tries to keep a solid footing within - or even past - the $1 territory. Doctor Profit, a user on Twitter, is among those who endorse such theory. $MATIC is one of the most undervalued projects out there. If I wouldnt have bought tons of it at $0.50 I would heavily enter now as anything below $1 is a gift Sooner or later its an easy double digit coin in the incoming bull. One of my favorite c... read More

Polygon Price Outperforms Crypto Market With 20% Pump, Bitcoin Minetrix ...

    Despite a predictable slump in the crypto market on Boxing Day, one contrarian token rallied - jumping over 22% in just 24 hours. We’ll dive into the specifics of MATIC’s dramatic price appreciation, as well as a new altcoin that’s also forecast to see significant gains in the near future. Christmas Comes Late for Polygon HODLers Within 24 hours, MATIC (Polygon) jumped from $0.86 to $1.06 and a current market cap of $10.1 billion, placing it 12th among cryptocurrencies live today - according to CoinMarketCap. It leads tokens like MINA, ASTR and BSV in far outperforming the rest of the crypto market - which is currently down 0.01% over the last 24hrs. Analyst and YouTuber, CryptoCache believes MATIC still has room to appreciate. Having scanned for Fair Value Gaps (FVGs) - he had highlighted a gap created in April, between the price of $1.15 and $1.10, that hadn’t yet been filled. The road to that price range first sees MATIC closing above $0.91, which appeared to be resistance throughout the trading day of December 26th. Fortunately, MATIC flew past the price to close at $1. Whenever a correction comes before or after the $1.10 to $1.15 range is reached, as long as $0.98 to $1 becomes support traders can expect greater gains. The Polygon blockchain aims to solve Ethereum’s scalability issues. It’s a “sidechain” that provides a framework for connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchains to make them faster and cheaper to use. MATIC... read More

Polygon Breaks Out Of Symmetrical Triangle, Analyst Puts This Target

    An analyst has explained how Polygon is starting to break out of a symmetrical triangle pattern. If the breakout is confirmed, a rally to this level could be coming. Polygon Weekly Price Is On The Verge Of Breaking Out Of A Symmetrical Triangle In a new post on X, analyst Ali talked about a pattern that has been forming in the weekly price of MATIC. The pattern in question is called the 'symmetrical triangle.' As its name suggests, this technical pattern looks like a triangle. There are two main trendlines in this formation; the upper one is made by connecting a series of tops, while the lower one joins together bottoms. A feature of the pattern is that these two trendlines converge at about the same incline (which is why it has 'symmetrical' in its name). There are other triangle patterns in technical analysis as well, like the ascending and descending triangles. These patterns, for example, differ from the symmetrical triangle in that they have one trendline moving horizontally, while the symmetrical triangle has both of them at a slope. As is generally the case with patterns like this, the upper trendline in the symmetrical triangle can act as a source of resistance, while the lower one may provide support. Sustained breaks out of either of these levels can lead to a continuation of the trend in that direction. According to Ali, Polygon's weekly price has been on the verge of such a breakout recently. Below is the chart shared by the analyst that highlights this potential... read More

MATIC Price Explodes 20% Daily as Polygon Network Thrives: More Gains to...

    TL;DR The global cryptocurrency market has seen a retracement, but Polygon (MATIC) stands out with a significant price increase. Discussions and predictions about MATIC's potential for further growth are highlighted, with some analysts and influencers expressing optimistic views. Various factors, such as trading volume and exchange netflow, suggest positive trends for MATIC, with potential future market events also expected to impact its trajectory. MATIC Steals the Show The cryptocurrency sector seems to have lost some steam in the past 24 hours, with the global crypto market capitalization retracing to approximately $1.72 trillion (per CoinGecko's data). And while most leading digital assets, including Bitcoin (BTC), have charted minor declines, this is not the case with Polygon (MATIC). The token's price has risen by 22% in the last 24 hours, surpassing the $1 mark for the first time since April this year. MATIC Price, Source: CoinGecko In addition, some analysts argue that the recent uptrend could be the beginning of a larger rally that could take MATIC toward new peaks in the near future. One person who supports that assumption is the X (Twitter) user Doctor Profit. The analyst, who usually focuses on Bitcoin (BTC), described Polygon's coin as 'one of the most undervalued projects' in the entire market, claiming its price below $1 should be considered a 'gift' for traders and investors.  'Sooner or later its an easy double digit coin in the incoming bull. One of m... read More

Bitcoin (BTC) Eyes $43K Again, Polygon (MATIC) Shoots Up by 22% Daily (M...

    Bitcoin dumped to a 9-day low of $41,600 but reacted well and has recovered over a grand since then, trading close to $43,000 once again now. Polygon's native token has emerged as the top performer today, while AVAX and ATOM have retraced the most from the larger-cap alts. BTC Looks Toward $43K The past few days didn't go all that well for the primary cryptocurrency, which started from the weekend rejections at $44,000. After two unsuccessful attempts to overcome that level, BTC headed straight south. At first, the asset dumped below $43,000 and managed to recover most of the losses, but it started losing ground yesterday once again. The landscape worsened late last night when bitcoin dumped to $41,600 on Bitstamp for the first time since December 18. Nevertheless, the bulls managed to intervene at this point and didn't allow any further declines. Just the opposite, BTC started regaining value and currently trades over a grand higher at nearly $43,000. Its market capitalization has remained at around $835 billion, while its dominance over the alts has taken another minor hit and is down to 50.4% on CMC. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView MATIC Takes the Main Stage Most larger-cap altcoins sit with minor losses or gains over the past day. Such is the case with Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Solana, Dogecoin, Polkadot, Tron, Chainlink, and Toncoin. In contrast, Binance Coin has soared by almost 7% and sits close to $300 for the first time in months. Uniswap and Bitcoin Cash have risen by ... read More

Polygon Founder Recaps 2023: MATIC's Surge Powers Through Resistance Wit...

    Polygon is closing out 2023 on a high note as its native token, MATIC, experienced a significant surge over the past 24 hours, despite its founder highlighting a 'painful ride'. MATIC's current price stands at $0.8939, accompanied by a 24-hour trading volume of $701,503,128.22. This represents a notable 4.20% price increase within the last 24 hours and a remarkable 14.10% increase over the past 7 days. Polygon Founder Embraces Underdog Status Despite a challenging journey throughout 2023, Polygon's founder, Sandeep Nailwal, recently expressed his contentment with the platform's underdog status. In a statement on X (formerly Twitter), Nailwal stated: Polygon is back to where it's the best at being an underdog. Not going to lie, it's been a painful ride, the whole of 2023, but right now, it feels incredibly liberating to be the underdog again. Furthermore, Nailwal went on to outline several reasons why he believes investors should feel bullish about Polygon's prospects.  One key feature is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Compatibility, which allows Polygon to replicate the Ethereum environment as a rollup. This compatibility ensures that any application running on Ethereum or other EVM-compatible chains can be deployed onto zkEVM, Polygon's layer 2 solution, with minimal modifications. Another aspect highlighted is the utilization of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) for transaction validation. By leveraging ZKPs, Polygon enhances transaction speeds and reduces gas fees, ... read More

Polygon Breaks Through $0.85, Is A Move To New Highs Next?

    Polygon has seen some sharp uptrend during the past day and has now broken above $0.85. Here's why this break could pave the way for a further rally. Polygon Has Risen By More Than 6% During The Past 24 Hours After topping above the $0.94 mark earlier in the month, MATIC had gone on to register some significant drawdowns. In the last few days, though, the asset appears to have hit a bottom around the $0.75 level, as it hasn't gone below the mark yet. Something that could add further evidence for this is the fact that bullish momentum has returned for Polygon in the past day, as its price has shot up over 6%. The below chart shows how the cryptocurrency has performed during the past month: With this sharp surge, the cryptocurrency has recovered back above the $0.85 mark. This break could turn out to be significant for Polygon if on-chain data is anything to refer to. MATIC Has Broken Past A Major Resistance Zone With The Latest Surge In a post on X, analyst Ali discussed about how Polygon was about to face a major test of on-chain resistance. When the analyst had made the post, the coin was still trading around the $0.78 mark. Here is a chart that shows how the on-chain support and resistance levels looked like at the time of the post: In on-chain analysis, the potential of any price range to act as support or resistance depends on the number of coins that the investors purchased inside the particular range. This is because of the fact that holders are more likely to reac... read More

Bitcoin Dominance Dwindles as ETH, SOL, DOT, MATIC Continue to Outperfor...

    Bitcoin soared past $44,000 once again in the past few hours, but the bears quickly put a stop to this run and pushed the asset south. Most altcoins are in the green now, even though they were trading higher hours ago. Nevertheless, they continue to reduce BTC's dominance over the market. BTC Stopped Above $44K The business week started on a negative note for the primary cryptocurrency, which dumped to $40,500 on Monday. The bulls came out to play then and propelled a price surge that drove the asset north in the following days. After a brief retracement on Tuesday evening, BTC found itself soaring to $44,000 on Wednesday. However, the bears hadn't given up their control yet and pushed bitcoin south again. Nevertheless, the asset started gaining traction in the past several hours and jumped to a multi-week peak of $44,400 (on Bitstamp). Another rejection followed, however. As of now, BTC trades almost a grand below its intra-day high, and its market capitalization has fallen back down to $850 billion. Its dominance over the altcoins has also declined and is down to 51.5% on CMC. This means that the metric has decreased by almost 1% in the past few days. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView Alts Outperform The declining BTC market dominance means that the altcoins have performed better lately, and this is particularly true for Solana. SOL briefly soared to $100 today and surpassed BNB as the fourth-largest cryptocurrency. Despite retracing from that 19-month peak, SOL is still 6% up on... read More

Analyst Says Polygon (MATIC) On Brink Of Major Move, Here's Why

    A cryptocurrency analyst has explained that Polygon could be on the brink of a major move due to a pattern in an on-chain indicator. Polygon Whale Transactions Have Shot Up Recently In a new post on X, analyst Ali has pointed out how the whales have shown a notable surge in activity on the MATIC network recently. The relevant indicator here is the 'whale transaction count,' which keeps track of the total number of Polygon transfers happening on the blockchain that exceed a value of $100,000. When the value of this metric is high, it means that the a large amount of such transactions are taking place right now. Such a trend is a sign that the whale entities have an active interest in trading the cryptocurrency. On the other hand, the indicator being low implies the whales are potentially not paying much attention to the asset currently, as they aren't making too many moves. Now, here is a chart that shows the trend in the Polygon whale transaction count over the past month: As displayed in the above graph, the Polygon whale transaction count has observed a sharp rise in the last few days and has attained high levels not seen at any point during the past month. In the chart, Ali has also attached the data for another version of the metric that keeps track of only the MATIC transactions that are carrying a value of at least $1 million. These massive transactions are the ones more likely to move the market and it would appear that they have also gone up in number recently, imp... read More

Is Chainlink and Polygon About to Rip Higher? Whales Accumulating

    According to Lookonchain data on December 20, whales are actively accumulating Chainlink (LINK) and Polygon (MATIC) and moving them from Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume.  Citing on-chain transfers, Lookonchain notes that LINK is specifically seeing significant accumulation from a fresh wallet labeled '0x8eAD,' which has withdrawn 247,860 LINK worth approximately $3.5 million from Binance in the past two days. Meanwhile, two new wallets, '0xa813' and '0x38b3', have been actively accumulating MATIC, withdrawing 5 million MATIC worth around $3.13 million from Binance earlier today. Whales Accumulating, Will MATIC And LINK Rally? The fact that whales, individuals, or entities controlling large amounts of a particular token or coin are circling MATIC and LINK is net bullish and might support prices in the coming sessions.  Notably, the transfer is considered bullish when whales move coins from exchanges to non-custodial wallets like hardware wallets or even hot wallets to engage in decentralized finance (DeFi), degen trading, or NFT trading.  This shift is because, unlike in centralized exchanges like Binance, where their intention is usually trading for other coins or USDT, in on-chain apps, they can use the same stash to earn rewards, for instance, by providing liquidity or staking.  Therefore, considering the recent transfer, LINK and MATIC prices might recover, increasing in the coming few trading sessi... read More

MATIC Enters Correction Phase, Bleeds 10% In The Past Week 

    After the market entered a shortened bleeding phase, it has since rebounded to a stable foothold in preparation for a possibly bigger rally by year’s end. However, some altcoins continued to trend downward with MATIC being one of them. According to Coingecko, the token is down almost 10% in the weekly timeframe. Although the bears have a slight chokehold on MATIC’s market, there is some on-chain news that keeps the token afloat.  Update On Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK)  Polygon recently posted on their blog about the newest addition to their CDK. Gateway, a blockchain infrastructure-focused team, integrated cdk-erigon into Polygon’s CDK. According to the blog post, Erigon is a fast, high-efficiency node that will bring a better user experience for developers building on Polygon.  Need for a Public RPC infrastructure in #defi? We got you covered Our team is happy to announce that we have become the RPC provider infrastructure for Stellar @StellarOrg /Soroban @SorobanOfficial Public RPC infrastructure. @gateway_eth head of infrastructure,… — Gateway FM (@gateway_eth) September 28, 2023 “Erigon is known for being memory-optimized, and so is cdk-erigon. Compared to the zkNode on Polygon zkEVM (of which Polygon CDK is a fork), cdk-erigon uses 10x less disk space with +150x faster sync times on mainnet,” the Polygon team said in the blog post.  This new addition will attract ... read More

Fuse Network to Launch ZK-Powered Layer-2 Using Polygon CDK

    [PRESS RELEASE - Tel Aviv, Israel, December 18th, 2023] In a groundbreaking collaboration, Fuse Network, a leading Layer-1 blockchain player specializing in scaling Web3 payments, has teamed up with Polygon Labs, a globally acclaimed blockchain technology firm. Fuse embarks on an ambitious journey to create an innovative Ethereum-based Zero Knowledge (ZK) Layer-2 (L2) network, utilizing the formidable capabilities of the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK). The ZK-powered Layer-2 network will become Fuse’s new native platform, providing users and developers access to the world's most prominent blockchain ecosystems. Fuse’s native utility token, FUSE, will be the designated token for covering gas fees on this network. Driven by its scalability enhancements for Ethereum, unparalleled customization capabilities, privacy options, compliance-friendly architecture, and robust support for the Web3 ecosystem, Polygon CDK is the ideal choice for Fuse, poised to become a significant catalyst for businesses embracing blockchain. Mark Smargon, CEO of Fuse Network, underscores the significance of this initiative, stating, 'At Fuse, we're pioneering the future of Web3 payments by building an ecosystem that prioritizes the needs of our users and partners. Our vision includes very low transaction costs, instant clearing and finality, high throughput, and a decentralized validator set. In our quest to achieve these goals, we've conducted extensive research and found that using Po... read More

Polygon (MATIC) Price Faces Crucial Turning Point That Could Trigger 50%...

    Polygon (MATIC) is the altcoin in focus this time around as an analyst provides an analysis of the crypto token. Based on this analysis, there is a feeling that things could soon begin to look up for MATIC. Polygon Could See Significant Rally Soon In a video shared on the Cheeky Crypto YouTube Channel, crypto analyst JB noted that MATIC has declined following Bitcoin’s pullback. However, this move is unexpected as he believes that the crypto token’s decline to the particular retracement area sets it up nicely for an upward move. Based on his projection, MATIC could rise to between $0.87 and $1.36. JB also factored in other things that could suggest that an upward move is imminent. He alluded to the stochastic level, which had initially suggested an overbought condition. However, it has sharply corrected indicating that there could be another push to the upside for MATIC. On the other hand, the crypto analyst was also wary of factors that could spell a move to the downside. One of them happens to be the volumes that are seen across various cryptocurrencies. JB stated the current volumes aren’t great, and this has weakened the prices of these crypto tokens. This could potentially hinder any projection of an upward move. Another is the possibility of MATIC losing the cross above the 200 EMA, as this suggests that a dump is imminent.  Earlier in the video, JB had also emphasized the 5-wave pattern that was forming on different timeframes on the MATIC chart... read More

Polygon CDK Expansion Takes Precedence as Edge Contributions Cease

    Polygon Labs has discontinued contributions to its Edge platform which is designed to build custom Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. This decision reflects the company's plans to prioritize the expansion of the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK), the open-source development toolkit for building ZK-powered Layer 2 chains on Ethereum for both Web3 projects and Web2 enterprises. Polygon CDK Set to Take Center Stage In the official announcement, Polygon Labs - the developer behind the Polygon blockchain ecosystem - said that Edge has been an open-source project. Its code base is licensed under the permissive Apache License 2.0, which enables the community to use the software for any purpose, distribute, and modify it. However, there has been a change in the team's development priorities over the past year. Rather than developing with Edge, the emphasis will now shift towards CDK, Polygon's toolkit for designing and launching zero knowledge-powered Layer 2 chains. CDX has emerged as a preferred solution for both Web2 and Web3 players. Chains deployed through the CDK are expected to exhibit interoperability across an extensive network. 'The landscape in which Edge was developed has changed and Polygon Labs now supports a solution that empowers developers to build within a (future) unified ecosystem of ZK-powered L2s.' Polygon's ZK Push Polygon Labs has already started doubling down its efforts towards zero-knowledge (ZK) since the beginning of the year. In March, they ... read More

Chainlink Data Feeds Goes Live on Polygon zkEVM

    Chainlink has announced that its price feeds are now live on the zero-knowledge (ZK) scaling solution, Polygon zkEVM. The latest development essentially aims to allow developers to build advanced DeFi applications. Chainlink Data Feeds's functionality allows DeFi developers to tap external price data to develop and launch highly effective liquidity protocols and advanced decentralized exchanges, among other things. Polygon zkEVM Welcomes Chainlink Price Feeds According to the official press release shared with CryptoPotato, Chainlink claims that multiple layers of decentralization at the price data, oracle node, and oracle network levels make its data feeds resistant to API downtime, flash crash outliers, and data manipulation attacks such as flash loans, thereby ideal for security-first DeFi protocols build on Polygon zkEVM. Commenting on the development, Marc Borion, CEO of Polygon Labs, said, 'With the integration of Chainlink Data Feeds, DeFi can take the next step on Polygon zkEVM. Chainlink oracles unlock a host of DeFi applications, bringing opportunity for new dApps that truly leverage the unique value propositions of a ZK rollup, including fast finality and robust security. This functionality is set to unlock the deployment of several significant DeFi protocols on Polygon zkEVM early next year.' Chainlink Data Feeds Chainlink Data Feeds rely on networks of independent, reputable, and geographically dispersed node operators, ensuring a high level of reliability. The d... read More

Crypto Analyst Predicts 100% Price Surge For MATIC – Here's What N...

    MATIC, the native token of the Polygon network, has been on an exciting run in the past few weeks, like several other altcoins in the market. Despite the positive price performance, the cryptocurrency has not been able to return above the $1 mark, seemingly facing rejection at the $0.9 zone. However, it appears that the tides might be changing for MATIC following a crypto analyst’s projection.  Will MATIC Price Skyrocket 100% If This Happens? Prominent crypto analyst Ali Martinez has put forward their bullish projection for the MATIC price in the near future. In a post on the X platform, the analyst revealed that the altcoin could be set for a bullish breakout that could catapult its price to double its current value. Martinez’s prediction revolves around the symmetrical triangle pattern forming on the Polygon weekly price chart. Interestingly, the MATIC triangular formation is around the $0.96 price point, intersecting with the 50% Fibonacci retracement level. Keep your eyes on #Polygon! A daily or weekly candlestick close above $0.96 could be the spark for a bullish $MATIC breakout. If this key level is breached, we might witness #MATIC surging toward $1.82! — Ali (@ali_charts) December 9, 2023 This pattern forms a basis of Martinez’s projection, as the analyst believes “a daily or weekly candlestick close above $0.96 could be the spark for a bullish MATIC breakout.” According to the analyst, a break thro... read More

What Is Polygon Matic: An Explainer

    Polygon (MATIC) is one of Ethereum’s premier scaling solutions. This article addresses critical questions such as 'What is Polygon?', 'What is Polygon crypto?' and the specifics of 'What is MATIC crypto?'. We look at Polygon's unique blockchain architecture and its role in the evolution of the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, we take an in-depth look at MATIC, the blockchains' native token, and its transformation into Polygon 2.0. Last but not least, we also examine key partnerships and try to make a MATIC price prediction. What Is Polygon MATIC? Polygon, birthed as the Matic Network in 2017, stands as a revolutionary 'Layer 2' scaling solution for Ethereum's blockchain. It's designed to provide a faster, more efficient parallel to Ethereum's main blockchain, addressing critical issues like high gas fees and network congestion. MATIC, the network's native cryptocurrency, is pivotal for network operations, serving multiple functions including transaction fees, staking, and governance decisions. The rebranding to Polygon in early 2021 marked a significant evolution, broadening its scope from just a scaling solution to a multi-layered ecosystem. Polygon Explained: A Comprehensive Overview Polygon operates akin to an express lane, paralleling Ethereum's main blockchain. It's a complex system utilizing a variety of technologies to establish this high-speed blockchain. By 'bridging' assets onto the layer-2, users can interact with popular crypto applications with greater spe... read More

Polygon Whales Go On 120 Million MATIC Buying Spree, Rally Soon?

    On-chain data shows the Polygon whales have loaded up on 120 million MATIC during the past week, a sign that could be bullish for the asset's price. Polygon Whales Have Increased Their Holdings Recently As pointed out by an analyst in a post on X, MATIC whales have made a decent amount of buys during the past week. The relevant indicator here is the 'Supply Distribution,' which keeps track of the total amount of Polygon that the different holder groups are carrying in their wallets right now. In the context of the current topic, the whales are the ones of interest and their group address balance range may be defined as 10 million to 100 million MATIC (which converts to about $7.7 million to $77 million at the current exchange rate). The whales are the most powerful entities on the network, because of the sheer scale of reserves they hold. As such, their movements can often be worth keeping an eye on, as they may end up having an influence on the asset's value. Now, here is a chart that shows the trend in the Polygon Supply Distribution specifically for these humongous holders over the past month: As displayed in the above graph, the indicator's value for the Polygon whales has registered a notable uplift during the past week. In total, these large investors have scooped up more than 120 million MATIC (approximately $92.5 million) in this window. These buys from the whales have come while the cryptocurrency's price has been trading around its lows following a sharp pullback... read More

Is the MATIC Bull Run Over? Sell-Off Looms as Price Lingers Below Key Zo...

    After an impressive run along with the rest of the crypto market, Polygon's native token - MATIC - lost approximately 15% of its value over the past week dragging its price to $0.77. Experts suggest that this level is far below the crucial support zone. If the price continues to stay below this range, there is an increased risk that these holders may begin selling to prevent substantial losses. According to prominent crypto analyst Ali Martinez, MATIC has fallen beneath a critical supply range, ranging from $0.84 to $0.86. Within this interval, more than 14,240 addresses hold over 4.13 billion MATIC. The analyst mentioned that should MATIC's price persist below the designated zone, it becomes more likely that those who purchased in the range might opt to sell in order to mitigate potential losses, thereby contributing to a further decline in MATIC's price. $MATIC has slipped below a crucial supply zone, spanning $0.84 to $0.86. In this range, 14,240 addresses hold over 4.13 billion #MATIC. The longer the #Polygon price remains below this zone, the higher the likelihood that these holders might start selling to avoid incurring… — Ali (@ali_charts) November 23, 2023 The latest decline - which reduced its monthly gains to less than 30% - comes after weeks of bullish activity. MATIC had exceeded the $0.80 threshold in November for the first time in three months, subsequently climbing to $0.96. Several factors influenced this price action,... read More

MATIC Price Prediction: Polygon Turned Sell On Rallies In Short-Term

    MATIC price is down over 10% after the SEC’s lawsuit against Kraken mentioned MATIC as security. Polygon is under pressure and might struggle to recover. MATIC price started a fresh decline from the $0.98 resistance against the US dollar. The price is trading below $0.80 and the 100 simple moving average (4 hours). There is a key bearish trend line forming with resistance near $0.788 on the 4-hour chart of the MATIC/USD pair (data source from Kraken). The pair could continue to decline if it stays below the $0.800 resistance zone. Polygon Price Takes Hit After a decent increase, Polygon’s price struggled to clear the $1.00 resistance. MATIC formed a high near $0.9829 and recently started a steady decline, underperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum. There was a drop below the $0.920 and $0.850 support levels. The bears even pushed the price below the $0.820 support and the 100 simple moving average (4 hours). Finally, it tested the $0.728 support. A low has formed near $0728 and the price is now consolidating losses. MATIC is trading below $0.80 and the 100 simple moving average (4 hours). There is also a key bearish trend line forming with resistance near $0.788 on the 4-hour chart of the MATIC/USD pair. Immediate resistance is near the $0.785 level or the trend line. It is near the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the recent decline from the $0.9829 swing high to the $0.7285 low. The first major resistance is near the $0.800 level. If there is an upside break above the ... read More

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