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MASQ Price:
$36.0 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$4.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #MASQ today is $0.14 USD.

The lowest MASQ price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.137, and the exact current price of one MASQ crypto coin is $0.13678.

The all-time high MASQ coin price was $0.91.

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The code for MASQ crypto currency is also #MASQ.

MASQ is 3.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for MASQ is $4,845,266.

MASQ is ranking downwards to #738 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest during the past 24 hours for #MASQ.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for MASQ is $36,008.


The circulating supply of MASQ is 35,424,484 coins, which is 94% of the maximum coin supply.


MASQ is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the MASQ Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


MASQ is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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MASQ <> Filebase Partnership

The Final Pillar - In recent months, MASQ’s evolution toward becoming the go-to privacy Web3 gateway for users of every level of technical experience has accelerated at breakneck speed. It is a bold vision, but it is one we believe is well within our reach, for with the addition of the desktop-like experience of MASQ Spaces and the establishment of key strategic partnerships, we have done much to secure a genuinely decentralized future for Web3 in a very short amount of time. September saw the formalization of our partnership with Akash, the world’s first decentralized cloud services platform. It is a remarkable collaboration that connects decentralized networking (dWeb) and decentralized cloud services (dCloud) — two critical components of decentralized web services infrastructure. And so, with DeFi and dWeb firmly established, only decentralized storage (dStorage) remained to be added — until now. To this end, the MASQ team is excited to announce the confirmation of our partnership with Filebase, the leading decentralized storage solution, and geo-redundant IPFS pinning provider. The addition of this third and final infrastructural pillar makes the decentralized experience fully ready for mass adoption. As an ecosystem partner for the MASQ community, user base, and other project partners, Filebase provides a trusted dStorage solution for everyone’s Web3 needs. MASQ users can utilize Filebase within the M...

Frame Wallet Comes to MASQ

Because privacy and security go hand in hand, MASQ Network is pleased to announce our integration support of Frame, one of the most secure crypto software wallets to date. — Why we’re integrating Frame? - Frame is a privacy-first software wallet that allows users to keep their signing credentials separate from the browser itself — a massive advancement in the security chain of most browser-integrated wallets! And unlike other mainstream browsers, Frame provides many user options without the commonly forced defaults. MASQ identifies so strongly with this approach and ethos that in our quest to provide users with the most secure web3 portal available, we are not only showcasing this unique wallet User Experience (UX)in support of the Frame community, we are adding Frame as the next MASQ browser-compatible wallet extension.Frame and Metamask side by side in the MASQ web3 browser With so much powerful utility packed into Frame’s UX, we look forward to MASQ users enjoying all the privacy and security benefits it offers as an alternative to the traditional Metamask. Starting in MASQ v0.6.0, Frame will ship pre-loaded into the MASQ web3 privacy browser and can be enabled in the Browser Settings page with a single click! Current Beta Testers can reinstall or update their MASQ browser with the v0.6.0 release shortly — if you want to get onboarded as a Beta tester, make sure you join our Discord and use our Guil...

MASQ 2022 Year in Reflection

With 2022 behind us, it is incredible to look back at all the wild, exciting, and challenging moments across the year. For the MASQ team, it was the most memorable year since the project started, with many achievements to make the team and community proud. Let’s recap the most notable milestones and consider what’s coming in 2023! — Accomplishments - — MASQ Browser App (2022 v0.4.7). — Completed total working concept web3 privacy browser app, progressing through four phased testing rounds — the community testers are amazing!, Opened Beta MASQ web3 privacy browser for all community users with integration for utility token holder access, Full support for Over-the-Air updates of the MASQ web3 browser app, Released public web3 dApp Store with open source library repository on Github — with the expansion of 26 dApps in 2022, Designed and implemented MASQ Premium, offering an exclusive feature suite for users holding premium-level $MASQ utility tokens, Onboarded three new developer contributors to the MASQ team, — MASQ Beta Testing. — Over 300 Beta testers completed onboarding as active users of the MASQ browser app in 2022, We launched our feedback platform using Canny for public feature requests, dApp listing requests, and bug reports., Achieved all time high of 200+ MASQ Node users actively connected in Mumbai test network, Fostered Beta testing bounties and r...

MASQ Crucible Staking — 2023 Extension

MASQ Crucible Staking — 2023 Extension - We have some exciting news to share as we approach the start of the new year — the MASQ Crucible staking program, hosted by Alchemist on the Polygon Network, will be extended for an additional 60 days starting December 31st, 2022. This extension is a great opportunity for those who haven’t yet had the chance to stake their $MASQ tokens on Polygon to get involved. You can find instructions on how to join, stake, and collect rewards in the information below. You can read more details in this article: For current subscribers to the MASQ Crucible rewards program, there’s no need to take any action. Your subscriptions will continue automatically, and you can continue to earn multipliers and rewards as time goes on. We’re grateful for your support of MASQ throughout 2022, and this extension of the staking program is our way of saying thank you and starting the new year off on a strong note! Some useful links & information can be found below: — What is a Crucible? - A Crucible is an ERC-721 NFT that can be stored in your wallet and used as a universal smart wallet for other ERC20 tokens. But why, you might ask? The answer is that participating in an LP staking program would usually mean transferring custody/ownership of your tokens to a rewards pool (Smart Contract) to accrue rewards. Crucibles allow you to do things differently, enabling you to stake...

MASQ Space, Token Utility & Beta v0.4.3

The MASQ team continues to ship feature-rich updates and improvements to Beta testers. Each is an expression of our focus on the core goals of extending the Beta testing userbase of the community and expanding the utility of the $MASQ token to users. This week marks the exciting release of the MASQ Spaces desktop user experience and continued testing invitations through the integration of the MASQ page! — MASQ Guild - Starting the week, the team introduced the MASQ Guild Page to provide unique roles to our community and early access to MASQ Beta Software with all the Premium features currently in the MASQ beta app. Through the platform, MASQ can harness decentralized fundamentals so the community can move fluidly as a collective. provides the infrastructure for platformless access management, allowing projects to create portable memberships and social structures around on- & off-chain requirements while building unique user journeys across apps! This integration is through a ‘gasless’ and secure verification that uses the bot and platform, already widely employed by massive communities such as Lens Protocol and Stargate Finance. If you are already in the MASQ Discord server, you can gain your Rewards and the MASQ Premium Beta Access role by verifying direct on the MASQ Guild site or in the Discord verify channel: — MASQ Beta Access - Holding 2000 $MASQ*...

MASQ Ecosystem Update — Sept ‘22

MASQ Ecosystem Update — Sept ‘22 - It’s time for a round-up of all the progress across the MASQ ecosystem, including MASQ Beta updates, community marketing initiatives, and exciting features for MASQ users. — Beta Testing Expansion - The start of September saw the launch of a successful fourth Beta test phase. Since then, the size of the testing group has seen further growth through outreach events, inviting additional active testers into the test network on Polygon Mumbai. The result is that another incredible milestone was reached - As of last week, October 10, MASQ had 150 active users on the Network! After working through many feedback tickets and feature requests, the team has just released the next beta version, 0.4.2, which includes a new ‘Suburb Cycle’ option, which allows the user to reconnect to another sub-cluster of the MASQ Network, optimizing performance and creating some methods of load balancing areas of the mesh network. Check out more details about this and other forthcoming MASQ app improvements on our Canny Changelog! — Thursday Beta Testing Sessions + AMA. — To showcase the growing test group using the new features and to have some fun, the MASQ discord is hosting live MASQ Beta Testing Thursdays each week. The goal is to have a focused day where all the Beta testers can connect and browse the network while live streaming and even playing browser games across the MASQ...

MASQ App: Major UI Update

Progress, they say, always brings new insights and opportunities. With four of five Beta testing rounds completed and new partnerships and enhancements in the works, it is clear that MASQ is proving the rule. So much so, at this point, we are asking if MASQ Operating System (OS) is coming soon?! Well yes, it is! Sort of . . ..MASQ UX Upgrade — Browser “Space”MASQ UX Upgrade — “Space” experience To explain, followers of the project already know that MASQ’s powerhouse toolkit will function as a veritable Web3 portal. But with even further enhancements to its User Interface (UI), the decentralized browser, dMeshVPN, and dApp store are becoming an OS-like experience where users will be able to securely and privately control everything web3-related from a singular ecosystem software, laid out like a desktop ‘Space’. This new Space will act like a customizable user area, and will be interoperable with browser tabs, dApps docked from the web3 Store, and various other extensions, which more to this new experience being added. . . so stay tuned for the forthcoming MASQ App upgrade! The OS-like experience is important because it allows MASQ to bring even more web3 integrations into the forefront for the user to experience directly in the app. One example is around Storage — the development team is currently looking at integrating decentralized storage partners into the desktop ‘space’, so user...

MASQ x Akash Partnership Advances web3

In the Darwinian tech and business world, there is a saying that “only the strong survive.” Historically, the ones who survive advance to the front while defining the future of their industry along the way. Some projects shift their focus, others reprioritize, while others whose foundations were already set in anticipation rapidly progress by taking hold of the massive opportunities that reshuffling creates. When new opportunities emerge, it is often in the form of symbiosis. To that end, MASQ Network is advancing its vision of web3 through its new partnership with Akash Network, the truly decentralized cloud computing alternative to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Just as MASQ, the world’s most powerful decentralized virtual private mesh network (dMeshVPN), is a truly decentralized and peer-to-peer network, so too is Akash. What MASQ has done for Internet security, privacy, and freedom through its fidelity to the ethics of decentralization, Akash has done for cloud computing. With Akash, applications can be configured and deployed in a matter of minutes, connecting them to the power of the cloud without the limitations and entanglements of centralized cloud corporations. You see the implications here — they are huge! This partnership is not just another application being joined to a cloud services provider or virtual private network (VPN) — it is a mesh network joining with cloud computing under organically dece...

MASQ’s Next Version brings Beta 4 Closer

Development energy has been high over the last month since the Beta3 test phase launch, which has brought 100 new testers on board to start using the MASQ app. Overwhelmingly, the Beta testing group has enjoyed the MASQ app’s ‘unlocked’ borderless browsing ability with its provision of a VPN-like service that allows users to surf anywhere from their country of origin. In MASQ app version 0.3.1, the team has implemented a wide range of features, improvements, and bug fixes which are now live with Beta testers. Read more about the features and improvements below, why they are essential, and what it means for all new users of MASQ. As well, we will be starting a new round with a Beta4 group drawn from our Twitter subscribers in the coming weeks! Make sure to subscribe to the MASQ Twitter profile page for a chance to be included in the Beta4 test group. — MASQ App 0.3.1 Features - — Browser Tabs and Hotkeys. — Through common feedback it was clear that the app needed more native browsing features and performance tweaks for the browser tabs to deliver the type of ‘daily-default browser’ feel that most people enjoy from mainstream browsers. The developers have addressed this by adding standard browser Hotkeys for tabs, refresh, and history. They have also optimized tab performance to make it snappier, more responsive, and able to display feedback during user interactions. — New General Setting...

MASQ Crucible Extended to EOY!

The MASQ Crucible staking programs are hosted by Alchemist on Polygon Network. These programs have now been extended to the 31st of December 2022! If you have not yet explored the new Polygon network supported by Crucible technology, look at our MASQ Crucible Polygon launch article outlining how to join, stake, and collect rewards! Current subscribers to the MASQ Crucible rewards can calmly watch the subscription continue — no need to do anything! Your multipliers and rewards will continue building! — Aludel Reward Programs Extended - The MASQ team has extended the MASQ x Crucible Reward pools for the rest of 2022! — Pool 1 — Quickswap MASQ-MATIC LP Tokens. — Additional Reward Pool added — 200,000 $MASQ tokens, Duration — 145 days (until the 31st of December 2022!), Permalink: — Pool 2 — Quickswap MASQ-WETH LP Tokens. — Additional Reward Pool added — 200,000 $MASQ tokens, Duration —145 days (until the 31st of December 2022!), Permalink: — What is a Crucible? - A Crucible is an ERC-721 NFT that can be stored in your wallet and used as a universal smart wallet for other ERC20 tokens. But why, you might ask? The answer is that participating in an LP staking program would usually mean transferring custody/ownership of your tokens to a rewards pool (Smart Contract) to accrue rewards. Crucibles allow ...

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