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MARSH Price:
$197.6 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #MARSH today is $0.07 USD.

The lowest MARSH price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.070, and the current live price for one MARSH coin is $0.06967.

The all-time high MARSH coin price was $9.79.

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The code for Unmarshal crypto currency is #MARSH.

Unmarshal is 1.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Unmarshal is $2,093,946.

Unmarshal is ranking upwards to #772 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #MARSH.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Unmarshal is $197,606.


The circulating supply of MARSH is 30,055,000 coins, which is 30% of the total coin supply.


MARSH is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the MARSH Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


MARSH is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Unmarshal Receives Stimulus Grants from Cronos to Develop Data Infrastructure

We are pleased to announce that we have received stimulus grants from Cronos Ecosystem Grants Program to build a data infrastructure layer for the Cronos blockchain which allows dApp developers to easily query data. The Grants program was established in December 2021 to support early-stage projects on Cronos by bootstrapping initial product development and providing monetary, technical, and marketing support. The goal was to align incentives together with new builders and teams by helping their projects grow together with the broader ecosystem. We are proud to let our community know that we’re among the projects chosen by Cronos. — About Cronos Blockchain - Cronos is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chain running in parallel to the Chain. It aims to massively scale the DeFi and decentralised application (DApp) ecosystem, by providing developers with the ability to instantly port apps from Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains. — Unmarshal’s Support for Cronos Chain - The funds received from the grants program will be used to index the Cronos chain, providing data querying service to smart contract developers deploying on the network. Here are the key integrations Unmarshal will be adding for Cronos Basic DeFi & NFT Data APIs — Token Balances, Transactions, Transaction Details, Price Store and Token Store APIs, DeFi & NFT Smart Notifications, No-code Smart contract Indexer — Pa...

Unmarshal’s Tech Integration for Fuse Network Blockchain

Unmarshal has completed the integration of Fuse Network blockchain and now provides access to its complete product suite for developers and dApps building on it. — About the Fuse Platform - Fuse Network is an EVM compatible Layer-1 blockchain which uses a delegated Proof of Work (dPOS) consensus mechanism. The Fuse Platform consists of three components: 1. The Fuse Network Blockchain 2. A mobile-centric open source technology stack which helps businesses plug in crypto payments into real-world use cases, and 3. A collection of reference DeFi products and tools. These 3 components make Fuse a solid choice for dApp developers looking to build DeFi, Play-2-Earn gaming, utility, social and NFT dApps. After receiving stimulus grants from the Fuse Foundation, Unmarshal has built a data infrastructure layer for the Fuse Network which allows dApp developers to easily query data. — Unmarshal’s Tech Stack for Fuse - The Fuse blockchain currently consists of over 19 Million blocks with total transactions exceeding 111 million, and took about a week to index and sync the entire chain right from the genesis block. There are approximately 1.3 Million active wallets on the network. Users can query data through Unmarshal’s core APIs, Parser, and instant notification services. Let’s take a look at these in detail. For the complete list of APIs, please visit — DeFi APIs. — Wallet Transac...

Unmarshal Completes Integration of Data Infrastructure Layer for Klaytn

After securing stimulus grants from the Klaytn Foundation, Unmarshal is proud to announce the integration of a data infrastructure layer for the Klaytn blockchain. dApps building on the ecosystem will now be able to query data through Unmarshal’s robust & reliable APIs and utilize the Parser tool to index & analyze smart contract data.Our CTO, Shivkumar unveiling the integration at Klay Dev-Day — About Klaytn - Klaytn is an EVM-based L1 blockchain founded in 2019 by South Korea’s leading software enterprises. The network architecture is designed for high TPS, low latency, and near-instant finality, and gives priority to enterprise-level solutions. Apart from its base-layer architecture, it offers an additional functionality in the form of service chains that allows enterprises to create custom blockchain solutions based on their use case, anchored to Klaytn’s mainnet. The Klaytn Foundation is committed to making blockchain technologies more accessible, to pave the way for more to be a part of the Web3 revolution and wants to set itself apart by becoming a fundamental trust layer for the metaverse. It will provide metaverse builders with integrated solutions that includes components such as an open source dev package, a high-performing mainnet, community co-building and financial support (grants to the tune of $1 Billion is set aside as part of the Klaytn Eco Fund). — Unmarshal’s Tech Stack for ...

Unmarshal Receives Development Grants from Klaytn

We’re proud to announce that we have received development grants from Klaytn Foundation to provide our robust and reliable data infrastructure services to builders and developers on the Klaytn Blockchain. — Unmarshal x Klaytn - With many new and exciting projects, we are happy to integrate with Klaytn. Unmarshal offers infrastructure support to Klaytn. Klaytn has a high TPS (Transactions Per Second), and Unmarshal offers an indexing solution so developers can easily build on their chain. The major endpoints available as part of the integration are mentioned below. 1. Core APIs: Get a complete image of your wallet. Check balances, transaction history, token transactions, an address’s transaction count, and token holders. 2. Notification service: To provide instant notifications of smart contract events that have been triggered 3. Parser: Gain access to all of your smart contract’s data by monitoring events and function calls. 4. Analytics: Parser allows users to index events and functions relating to any smart contract to a relational database. Once decoded and indexed, the data is made accessible through Metabase Dashboards, GraphQL APIs, 5. Xscan: Used as a wallet-centric search engine for Klaytn chain wallets. — About Klaytn - Klaytn is a public blockchain focused on the metaverse, gamefi, and the creator economy. Officially launched in June 2019, it is the dominant blockchain platform in South Korea ...

Unmarshal Receives Stimulus Grants from Fuse to Develop Data Infrastructure for Fuse Network

We are pleased to announce that we have received stimulus grants from our long-term strategic partner Fuse to build a data infrastructure layer for the Fuse Network blockchain which allows dApp developers to easily query data. The Fuse Foundation provides funding for projects that add value to the Fuse ecosystem and users, with an emphasis on new high-potential projects. We are proud to let our community know that we’re among the projects chosen by the Fuse Foundation to present the growth funds. — About Fuse Network Blockchain - The Fuse Network blockchain is an EVM-compatible layer 1 blockchain optimized for payments powering the Fuse platform. The network uses DPoS (Delegate Proof of Stake) and the AuRa algorithm for consensus and is supported by a group of more than 60 independent validators that run the nodes to validate network transactions and execute smart contracts. Network Details Network name: Fuse Network, ChainId: 122, Gas price: 10 gwei, With more than 19,000,000 blocks, the network creates a new block every 5 seconds. — Unmarshal’s Support to Fuse Network - The funds received from the Fuse Foundation will be used to index and bootstrap the Fuse Network, providing data query service to smart contract developers deploying on the network. Here are the key integrations Unmarshal will be adding for Fuse Network Basic DeFi & NFT Data APIs — Token Balances, Transactions, Transaction D...

Unmarshal: Restructuring Tech Roadmap to align with our active Business Goals

Dear #MARSHians, Transparency has always been a priority at Unmarshal. We’re here to provide an explicit update on the ongoing technical endeavors over the last two quarters, and also explaining the slight detour in the roadmap through 2022. We always thrive on giving the best tools to developers in web3 that help them succeed in their journey. So far, we’ve assisted thousands of developers in querying decoded on-chain data, relieving them of the burden of complex backend engineering. At the beginning of 2022, we kick-started our journey with a new roadmap and clear goals in mind to bring innovative products, services, and features into our tech suite. After the launch of the Parser Beta, we strategized and revamped our thought process from being ‘output-oriented’ to becoming ‘outcome-oriented’ while focusing on the output. We realized that certain feature additions are critically based on user demand, and we had to prioritize the tasks existing in the future roadmap. So our tech team collectively took a decision to restructure the tech roadmap by only shuffling the priorities without altering any goals. To put it simply, we’ve advanced some of our Q3 and Q4 goals to the present quarter and pushed some of the goals of Q3 to the next year. Along with the changes, we’ve added some of the new items to our roadmap such as ‘Stablecoin yields for $MARSH Stakers’ and ‘Unmarshal Insights & Analytics’, an...

Assessing Zeroswap’s P2E DEX Platform using Unmarshal Parser

A Comprehensive Case Study. — — About Zeroswap - ZeroSwap is a multi-chain compatible decentralized exchange aggregator focused on making zero-fee transactions possible. Their aim is to make on-chain trading simple and easy by providing access to multiple chains and DEXes under one roof, with zero gas fees. — Unmarshal Leverages Gamification Model to Draw more Users onto DEX - In order to encourage increased trading activity on their DEX, Zeroswap decided to introduce the element of gamification. A P2E Trading platform was implemented where users would be incentivized for trading higher volumes of selected token pairs. To help bring this to fruition, Unmarshal had to consider two things: A leaderboard with details such as wallet address of top traders, volume they’ve traded, number of trades made, and rewards accumulated was needed., At the backend, Zeroswap required a dashboard where they could monitor the impact of P2E on the volume., — Unmarshal’s Solution Using Parser Tech - For the leaderboard which is displayed to traders and used to monitor key metrics, Unmarshal built custom GraphQL APIs to fetch the required data. Unmarshal works closely with all its partners and anytime highly specific smart contract data is requested, we deliver with minimum turnaround time! And since Zeroswap’s DEX contract is deployed on a number of chains such as Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon, ...

Analysing User Trends for Apeswap DEX with Unmarshal Parser is a decentralised finance platform that provides a comprehensive set of tools for exploring and engaging with the future of wealth creation. It is governed by the ApeSwap Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The protocol offers asset swapping, lending & borrowing, and staking services to its users. — Indexing Apeswap’s Smart Contracts - The Apeswap DEX has two types of smart contracts associated with it — ApeFactory and ApeRouter. In order to build the Apeswap DEX Analytics dashboard, the Parser indexes events & function data for both Factory and Router contracts. All historical data right from the deployment of smart contracts are synced by the tool. ApeFactory is the primary DEX contract which is used to create and track all pairs created on the ApeSwap protocol. When a new pair needs to be created, this contract deploys a completely new pair contract specifically for these tokens and notes the address for future lookup. ApeRouter is an external, non-value holding, contract which manages different sets of interactions with the ApeFactory related to adding/removing liquidity and swapping tokens. Because this contract holds no value it can be upgraded without needing to redeploy the ApeFactory. In the ApeFactory contract, we track only the event “PairCreated”.Events & Functions for ApeFactory Contract For ApeRouter contract, functions such as “removeLiquidity”, “a...

Breaking Down the Anatomy of Hyphen Cross-Chain Bridge Using  Unmarshal Parser

Breaking Down the Anatomy of Hyphen Cross-Chain Bridge Using Unmarshal Parser - — About Hyphen by Biconomy - Hyphen, a cross-chain bridging protocol by Biconomy, enables instant and low-cost token transfers between blockchains. It does this by maintaining token liquidity on both sides of the chains and instantly transferring tokens on the second chain after accepting tokens on the first chain. It also specifically addresses the issue of latency while transferring funds from Layer 2 to Layer 1 blockchains. Hyphen introduces Self Balancing Cross-Chain Liquidity Pools which make the transfer fee variable at the same time incentivizing the users who make the transfers. — Indexing Hyphen using Unmarshal Parser - Unmarshal Parser is the most convenient tool to index any given protocol. For Hyphen in particular, after entering the smart contract address, Parser automatically fetches the related ABI (Application Binary Interface), and allows users to select from a vast number of historical events and functions pertaining to the smart contract. For Hyphen, Parser allows users to index more than 10 different events including ‘Assetsent’, ‘received’, ‘deposit’, and so on. Also more than 20 different functions including ‘WithdrawERC20GasFee’, ‘SendFundsToUser’, ‘removeNativeLiquidity’. — Our Dashboard for Hyphen’s Smart Contract. — Using the Parser interface, setting up an indexer for Hy...

Unmarshal Parser Used to Monitor Router’s Cross Chain Protocol

Router is a cross-chain protocol/infrastructure layer enabling communication between blockchains. It allows for fund transfers and asset swaps between chains, using a mesh network architecture to facilitate communication. Router wanted to visually show their bridge activity across different chains. So dashboards were needed which let their community, as well as internal team, easily track important metrics like transaction volume and liquidity across multiple chains. — Unmarshal’s Solution - Router leverages large liquidity pools maintained throughout decentralized exchanges and aggregators on multiple chains, which helps enable their cross chain swapping. Through Unmarshal Parser (automated smart contract indexer), Router was able to track their TVL across different chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, BNB and 5 others. All transactions made within and across chains are decoded with useful metrics such as the number of distinct users on the platform.Swaps within ChainCross-Chain Swaps Overall, the Parser tool helps Router and many such DeFi protocols to analyze the various aspects of their smart contract and understand user behaviour on a deeper level. Seamless integration, easy building of visual dashboards, no hassle of dedicating resources for indexing data are what drew Router to work with Unmarshal. — About Unmarshal - Unmarshal is a Multi-chain Web 3.0 data network aiming to deliver granular, reliable &am...


DeFi Data Network Unmarshal Doubles Down on Solana, Signs Key Advisor

    [PRESS RELEASE - Bangalore, India, 17th January 2022] Since its launch in 2021, Unmarshal has continued to look for ways to improve its ecosystem to provide the best services to existing blockchains. Now in 2022, the DeFi network has added a key advisor, Brian D. Evans, to the team to strengthen the protocol. Brian D. Evans is an Inc. 500 Entrepreneur, Forbes top digital marketer, investor, and blockchain/crypto industry veteran. With his wealth of experience and connections, Evans, who is also a Founder of ReBlock Ventures alongside Kenn.eth boasts almost 1 million followers on his Twitter. Evans and ReBlock will help Unmarshal become industry dominant by suggesting key initiatives, and connecting high level players. Speaking on the appointment, Evans said “They’ve managed to recruit top development talent, I can see this platform doing very well. I’m excited to open up my Rolodex and help them achieve large scale industry adoption.” Unmarshal Boosts Its Query Mechanism for Apps on Solana Aside from signing Evans, the multi-chain DeFi data network is strengthening its querying support for decentralized applications built using Solana's API. The added support will provide safe real-time data to DApps. The Solana Network was one of the most deployed chains in 2021 due to its incredible throughput, ultra-low gas fees, and scalability. The chain can process over 50,000 transactions in a second, making it faster than all the blockchains in the industry. Al... read More

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