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LUA Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$64.4 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #LUA today is $0.000297 USD.

The lowest LUA price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000297, and the exact current price of one LUA crypto coin is $0.00029665.

The all-time high LUA coin price was $0.83.

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The code for LuaSwap crypto currency is #LUA.

LuaSwap is 3.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for LuaSwap is $64,369.

LuaSwap is ranked #1146, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a weak daily trading volume on #LUA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for LuaSwap is $189.


The circulating supply of LUA is 216,986,330 coins, which is 78% of the total coin supply.


LUA is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the LUA Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


LUA is available on at least one crypto currency exchange.

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Trade LUA-TOMO and Cheer on TomoChain mainnet celebration

In celebration of TomoChain’s Mainnet turning 4, we are delighted to announce the Trading Competition on LuaSwap with a prize pool of 40,000 $LUA!. — — Competition period - 8 AM (UTC) 14 December 2022 — 8 AM (UTC) 21 December 2022 — Approved trading pair - LUA — TOMO (TomoChain mainnet) — Leaderboard | Trading on LuaSwap. — — Promo A: The top 4 users (address) with the highest trading volume in USD (both buys and sells) under LUA/TOMO trading pair will share a prize pool of 20,000 LUA.. — 1st place: 10,000 LUA, 2nd place: 5,000 LUA, 3rd place: 3,000 LUA, 4th place: 2,000 LUA, To be eligible, participants MUST trade at least $400 (buys or sells) under LUA/TOMO trading pair during the competition period. — Promo B: All users that trade at least 40$ (buys and sells) under LUA/TOMO trading pair during the competition period will evenly split a pool of 16,000 LUA.. — — Promo C: 4 lucky winners will be randomly selected to share a pot of 4,000 LUA.. — Complete the following tasks to enter the draw: Retweet this tweet with #TOMO4EVER $LUA $TOMO #LuaSwap #TomoChain, Tag 4 friends in the comment, Note: Promotion C will take effect immediately, retweet, and tag your friends to become a lucky winner. — How to participate - Please ensure that you are familiar with LuaSwap before participating in the activity. Step-by-step user guides are...

Join ‘Treasure Hunt’ to Celebrate #LUAturns2 & Become the Conqueror to Achieve Decent Rewards

There are plenty of rewards waiting to be discovered in ‘Treasure Hunt’. Let’s accomplish sufficient tasks and explore treasures.. — ‘Treasure Hunt’ is a series of daily tasks for attendees to complete and reap rewards. There is no prize without challenges. Now, discover your incredible patience and persistence as you strive to harvest as many rewards as possible. — Competition period - 9AM (UTC) 22, Sep — 9AM (UTC) 29 Sep, 2022 — Rewards - After you finish sufficient tasks for each day, you have the opportunity to receive a part of 15,000 LUA., A total reward of 15,000 LUA will be shared among 7 winners over the contest period. (~2,142.86 LUA each), — How to win - Perform ALL required tasks every day to be eligible, At the end of the daily game, ONLY the luckiest user who completes sufficient tasks will get a reward of 2,142.86 LUA (15,000 LUA/7), — How to get rewards - The Final result of each day will be posted within 24h after the contest session for that day ends, Rewards will be distributed to 7 winners’ wallet addresses within 7 working days after the Treasure Hunt contest ends, — Terms & conditions - LuaSwap reserves the right to cancel or amend the Competition or Competition Rules at its sole discretion, Users are not eligible for multiple rewards in the Contest, LuaSwap reserves the right of final decision in case of disputed cases., —...

Celebrate #LUAturns2 to Share a Prize Pool of 200,000 $LUA!

Time really does fly when you’re BUIDLing! The LuaSwap DEX 2nd Birthday is almost here!. — Back in 2020, LuaSwap was launched on Ethereum mainnet, followed by another deployment on TomoChain network and the launch of IDO platform LuaStarter. Since then we have achieved great things, marking several groundbreaking milestones. It has been a thrilling experience watching us evolve into the platform that provides users with broad exposure to the DeFi ecosystem in an easy, automated, and cost-efficient manner! Until now, the whole DeFi product suite of LuaSwap has simplified access to crypto for both crypto beginners and professional traders. We would like to thank all our users and partners for your trust, support and contributions. LuaSwap would not have achieved so much without you! As we move forward and more things are under development, there’s several things in the future for you to await, from new DeFi features to UI/UX upgrades to even more multi-chain deployments — which we will talk about in the upcoming AMA. Stay tuned for that! We believe the LuaSwap community is the heart of the network. As such, we want to give back to all of you in celebration of our LuaSwap Season 2 Anniversary, with numerous exceptional and lucrative events throughout the period of 5 weeks, from 25 Aug to 29 Sep, 2022. This event is designed to say THANK YOU to our LuaSwap community and celebrate all things LUA! The following e...

Zone of Avoidance to Launch IDO on LuaStarter

We are thrilled to announce that Zone of Avoidance will be the next project launching its IDO on LuaStarter on April 27, 2022. — About Zone of Avoidance: - Zone of Avoidance (ZoA) is a PVP/PVE, Play-to-Earn, NFT-based auto battler in which the universe becomes your campaign ground. Buy your NFT spaceship, fill it with heroes and embark on your mission out of the New Milky Way toward the Zone of Avoidance. As you hop between planets you’ will discover valuable commodities and fight the inhabitants willing to do anything to protect them. Game Story After millions of years of conquest and evolution in space, three interplanetary races now dominate the universe: Humans, The Syndicate and the Raddans. Technological advance or complete annihilation; they battle to maintain control over an overpopulating universe. And even adventurers who land on faraway and inhospitable planets can no longer expect solitude; life has crawled from the primordial swamps out into the farthest reaches of the universe and brought with it war. Now there is a new frontier, inhospitable and massive. Humans call it the Zone of Avoidance, a shattered galaxy-turned-battleground hosting an all-out war between the three rival factions. New planets, new resources: claiming a strategic stronghold in The Zone of Avoidance may once and for all tilt the balance in favor of a victor in this war as old as time. Now it is time to pick your faction, recruit y...

Dark Land Survival Game Launches on LuaStarter

We are excited to announce that Dark Land Survival will be launching its IDO on LuaStarter on March 24, 2022. — About DarkLand. — Dark Land Survival is more than just an NFT IDLE Zombie Defense Game powered by blockchain technology. Built on BSC, it’s a massive open world that comes with a whole new perspective. Aside from Play-to-Earn mechanic with a rich story, Dark Land Survival offers a superior gaming experience with various gameplay modes and features such as campaign, dungeon, raid mode, construction mode, landlord, and more. All of which encourage players to keep playing and exploring. Find out more about DarkLand: ​​ Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | Medium — IDO Information - Token Symbol: BIG Token Type: BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) Total Supply: 400,000,000 BIG IDO Supply: 2,000,000 BIG Tier Member Pool: 1,800,000 BIG, Whitelist Pool: 200,000 BIG, Total raise in IDO: $100,000 Token price: 1 BIG = 0.05 BUSD Accepted cryptocurrency: BUSD — Important Dates. — IDO* Staking deadline: March 21, 2022 | 9:00 AM UTC IDO opens: March 24, 2022 | 9:00 AM UTC IDO closes: March 25, 2022 | 9:00 AM UTC Token Claim Time (TGE): March 26, 2022 | 18:00 PM UTC Note: IDO staking means staking LUA in LuaSafe or adding liquidity in LUA-TOMO(E), and LUA-PIXEL pool on TomoChain or Ethereum to be qualified for a tier, and secure an allocation., — Whitelist. — To sign up f...

LuaSwap 2021 Year in Review

2021 has been quite a year for LuaSwap with a range of new products and community campaigns, all of which have allowed us to build a strong foundation for the future. Let’s take a look back at some of the major milestones at LuaSwap in the past year. — LuaSwap launched on TomoChain. — LuaSwap continues to be a major infrastructure piece within the TomoChain ecosystem. Its deployment on top of the TomoChain network allows for near-zero gas fee, and almost-instant confirmation. Users can now trade, stake and farm tokens leveraging the amazing features of the TomoChain network., — Listings. — The year of 2021 saw many projects listed on LuaSwap, bringing more users and liquidity. These include wrapped tokens of established projects from other chains, such as $FTT (FTX Token), $SRM (Serum), $HY (Hybrix), and $MM (Million Token). Native coins on the TomoChain network including $TAI and $SHARK (Sharktoshi) also made an appearance., The IDO projects on TomoChain also got listed on LuaSwap including $tDAO (TomoMasterDAO) and $PIXEL (PixelVerse)., — LuaSafe official launch on the TomoChain network. — LuaSafe is a new mechanism for earning passive income, where users stake $LUA, and receive rewards from trading fees proportional to your asset ratio in the safe. By November 2021, total locked assets in LuaSafe already reached 50 million $LUA, which is an impressive number given our short produc...

Robot Battle Game “Starbots” Ready to Launch on LuaStarter

We are excited to announce that the GameFi project “Starbots” will be lauching its governance token $BOT on LuaStarter on January 11, 2022. — About Starbots - StarBots is a BattleBots-inspired universe and the first-ever robot battle NFT game built on Solana. Players will assemble their own fantasy robots, using various in-game mechanisms, and go on a journey across different planets in a galaxy parallel to the human universe. The gameplay is to collect & customize your own fighting robots to attend battles and complete missions. As a Play-to-Earn game, in-game rewards for Starbots can be translated into real financial incentives. The in-game economy is powered by $GEAR tokens, which users could earn by participating in events and missions, as well as trading NFTs on Starbots’ Marketplace. $BOT token is not only the governance token of the game, but can also be used for staking, paying fees, opening loot boxes, and more to come. Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | Medium| Discord — 📜 IDO Information: - Token Symbol: $BOT Token Type: BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) IDO Supply: 500,000 Total Supply: 200,000,000 Accepted cryptocurrency: BUSD (BEP-20) IDO Token Sale Price: 1 BOT = 0.1 BUSD — 🗓️ Important Dates - $LUA* Staking deadline: January 8, 2022 | 9:00 AM UTC IDO pool opens: January 11, 2022 | 9:00 AM UTC IDO pool closes: January 12, 2022 | 9:00 AM UTC Token Generation Even...

Luna Rush’s IDO Looks to Kick Off During New Year on LuaStarter

We are excited to introduce you the first IDO project of 2022, “Luna Rush”, which is set to launch on LuaStarter on 4 January, 2022. — About Luna Rush - Luna Rush is an idle RPG game based on blockchain technology, focused on LevelUp and Strategy. Users can summon their warriors, train them to become powerful heroes, or convert them into Spirit Material for evolving. As a Play-to-earn game, players can battle with other users, team up with friends, win a tournament and earn money with your strategy and luck. $LUS is the governance token of the game, which users could earn through various quests, including Boss Hunting, Tournament, and more. Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram — 📜 IDO Information: - Token Symbol: $LUS Token Type: BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) IDO Supply: 1,250,000 Total Supply: 350,000,000 Accepted cryptocurrency: BUSD (BEP-20) IDO Token Sale Price: 1 LUS = 0.06 BUSD — 🗓️ Important Dates. — $LUA* Staking deadline: December 29, 2021 | 9:00 AM UTC IDO pool opens: January 4, 2022 | 3:00 AM UTC IDO pool closes: January 5, 2022 | 3:00 AM UTC Token Generation Event (TGE): January 5, 2022 | 16:30 PM UTC Note: LUA staking for IDO pools means staking LUA in LuaSafe or adding liquidity in LUA-TOMO(E) pool on TomoChain or Ethereum to be qualified for a tier, and secure an allocation., — 🔓 Vesting. — The LUS tokens sold in the IDO will be released followi... to Launch IDO on LuaStarter

We are excited to announce that will be the next project to launch on LuaStarter on 13 December, 2021. — About - is a decentralized finance (DeFi) infrastructure project that enables users to generate stable cryptocurrencies by utilizing asset-backed loans without intermediaries. This would allow users to spend their locked-up funds without selling their assets. The protocol is governed by a community of “Standard Token” holders which form a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The Standard DAO will manage the protocol by making key decisions utilizing smart voting mechanisms and prediction markets. Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | Blog — 📜 IDO Information: - Token Symbol: $TST Token Type: TRC-20 (TomoChain) IDO Supply: 3,000,000 Whitelist: 400,000, Tier members: 2,600,000, Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Accepted cryptocurrencies: USDT (TRC-21) IDO Token Sale Price: 1 TST = 0.07 USDT — 📋 Whitelist. — To sign up for the whitelist, please complete all the tasks following this link. A total of 500 winners will be randomly selected, each of whom will get an allocation of 800 TST ($56) in addition to their existing allocation from the Tier Guaranteed System. — 🗓️ Important Dates - LUA Staking* Deadline: 9:00 AM UTC, 10 December 2021 Whitelist registration deadline: 11:00 AM UTC, 11 December 2021 Winner announcement: 9:...


Luart Officially Rebrands to Arcnes as the Platform Looks to Be More Tha...

    PRESS RELEASE. Luart has announced an official rebranding to Arcnes, a move that will better position the NFT platform to innovate and grow to its fullest potential, and this is because Arcnes is more than just a marketplace; it's a tool for blockchain-based gaming and NFT projects. In addition, the platform will assist project founders in successfully launching and selling their in-game assets alongside an unparalleled user experience. What are Arcnes' main features? Arcnes will serve as the multichain launchpad and marketplace for Web3-focused gaming and NFT projects. As opposed to Luart, Arcnes prioritises the growth of the gaming crypto ecosystem. In this ecosystem, there will be a marketplace in which users can seamlessly trade or sell their favourite gaming NFTs quickly and securely. Moreover, thanks to the launchpad, which empowers gaming projects to launch their NFT collections (or IGO), the Arcnes community will receive an added benefit as they can invest in early-stage companies. Arcnes also plans to launch an SDK that will be a ready-to-use batch of multichain smart contracts to help onboard gaming projects into Web3. Furthermore, the Arcnes Grants will provide much-needed financial support for developing blockchain gaming projects with founders and teams with great potential. Arcnes will also set itself apart from other platforms with Horizon, a full-suite, in-house consulting product to help launch gaming and NFT projects. What about past accomplishments and futu... read More

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