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Lattice Token  


LTX Price:
$27.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$10.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #LTX today is $0.10 USD.

The lowest LTX price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.101, and the exact current price of one LTX crypto coin is $0.10109.

The all-time high LTX coin price was $2.78.

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The code for Lattice Token crypto currency is #LTX.

Lattice Token is 3.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Lattice Token is $10,108,841.

Lattice Token is ranking upwards to #1124 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest today for #LTX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Lattice Token is $27,295.


The circulating supply of LTX is 100,000,000 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


LTX is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


LTX is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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[LIP#9] $veLTX Rewards Eligibility: A Fair Approach

Our Lattice Gateway community of $veLTX token holders is at it again, gearing up for another proposal — [LIP#9] $veLTX Rewards Eligibility. Currently, eligibility for rewards hinges on the timing of the Airdrop and whether you hold $veLTX at that precise moment. This proposal seeks to overhaul this model to ensure fairness for all $veLTX holders, regardless of when they join the governance community. — Introduction of the Proposal. — This proposal aims to address the eligibility criteria for stakers to receive rewards, emphasizing fairness for all $veLTX holders who have committed their time and resources to the governance ecosystem. It’s all about striking a balance between encouraging participation and preventing tactical maneuvers to maximize rewards. We’re laying down three potential approaches for the community to consider: — Option 1: Continuing with the Current Model (Recommended by the Team). — In this approach, stakers become eligible for rewards as soon as they stake their $veLTX governance tokens. This means they can participate in rewards from events that occurred before they joined. The advantage here is that it incentivizes participation, as stakers are eligible for past rewards. It’s worth noting that the Lattice Gateway developer team favors this option, as articulated by the developer comment on the governance thread. — Option 2: The Introduction of a 1-Month Waitin...

[LIP#8]Proposal Committee Implementation

Hey, Lattice Gateway community! As we all know, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are at the core of crypto communities, representing the embodiment of community-driven decision-making. In line with this ethos, the Lattice Gateway community is taking strides to enhance its governance structure. Building upon the groundwork laid by LIP#7, we present — [LIP#8] Proposal Committee Implementation. This proposal marks a pivotal step in our journey towards a robust and efficient DAO.To review the full details of the proposal, please follow this link. — The Proposal Committee: A Necessity. — In the dynamic landscape of crypto, precision and adaptability are vital. LIP#8 suggests the establishment of a Proposal Committee within the Lattice Gateway DAO. This committee will act as a guardian, overseeing, supporting, reviewing, and evaluating governance proposals. It ensures compliance with regulations, fostering a fair and equitable environment for proposal creators and collaborators. — Transparent Decision-Making. — LIP#8 champions transparency and accountability. Two voting options, “Accept this proposal” and “Reject this proposal”, will ensure that the community’s voice is heard. The proposal allocates up to 110,000 $LTX annually to the Proposal Committee, mirroring the maximum attainable bonus rewards. — Committee Composition and Requirements. — The Proposal Committee ...

[LIP#7] Enhancements to the Lattice Gateway DAO Governance Proposal and Rewards System

Dear Lattice Gateway Community, We are excited to unveil a series of enhancements designed to empower our decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and drive its continuous evolution. These updates focus on strengthening our governance proposal process and introducing incentives that reward community members for their contributions. We invite you to explore the exciting details below:To review the full details of the proposal, please follow this link. — Fostering Community Engagement: Rewards for Successful Governance Proposals. — At the heart of any successful DAO is an engaged community. To cultivate active participation, we propose implementing a rewards system that recognizes and incentivizes individuals who contribute successful governance proposals. We believe in streamlining the proposal creation process, making it accessible to all community members who have valuable insights and ideas to share. — Advancing the Lattice Gateway DAO: Incentives for Growth. — To drive ongoing improvement, we aim to introduce incentives that inspire community members to actively contribute to the development and enhancement of the Lattice Gateway DAO. By rewarding efforts that enhance functionality, security, and overall effectiveness, we encourage continuous innovation and progress. — Tiered Rewards System: Recognizing Proposal Complexity and Impact. — We understand the need for fairness and incl...

[LIP#6] Vote to determine the Exolix Fee Distribution Schedule

Attention $veLTX holders, As promised, we’re offering rewards by sharing the fees collected from Exolix swaps with our loyal community members. The proposal for determining the distribution schedule is now ready for voting.To review the full details of the proposal, please follow this link. To ensure direct benefits for $veLTX holders, the fees collected will be distributed in the form of $LTX tokens. These tokens will be acquired from the open market using Exolix fees. We understand the importance of minimizing claiming fees associated with the Ethereum network, so we propose three options: quarterly, semi-annual, or annual distribution. You’ll have the chance to cast your vote and decide the timeframe for rewards. Mark your calendars! The voting process kicks off on Friday, July 7th at 17:00 UTC, and will remain open for 7 days. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to select your preferred distribution schedule. Here are the three options available for your consideration: Distribution every 3 months, Distribution every 6 months, Distribution every 12 months, In the short term we will provide the Ethereum address of the accumulation wallet, and in the mid term we will display the accumulated $LTX directly on Lattice Gateway as well. This way, you can stay informed about the progress of the reward distribution. Participate in the voting process and help us create value for our community. Vote here: vote...

Introducing JennyCo’s Pool: Expanding Opportunities on Lattice Pools

Building upon the success of Cyberlete’s LEET pools, we are thrilled to announce the addition of JennyCo’s JCO pool to Lattice Pools. This exciting partnership with Lattice Gateway opens up exciting opportunities for users to participate in decentralized finance (DeFi) and earn rewards by depositing their LP tokens. — JennyCo’s Pool: Unlocking Rewards for JCO LP Token Holders. — JennyCo’s pool offers a unique opportunity for users to deposit their Sushiswap JCO LP tokens (SLP), contributing to the liquidity and growth of the ecosystem. With this new pool, users can unlock attractive rewards and enjoy the benefits of actively engaging in the DeFi landscape. To participate in the JCO-USDT Lattice Pool, follow these steps: Ensure you have the SLP token in your wallet. (Find more info here), Connect your wallet to the Lattice Gateway platform., Stake your SLP token to the USDT-JCO LP pool on the Polygon network., — Impressive Performance: Cyberlete’s LEET Pools. — In addition to Cyberlete’s impressive performance, we are excited to see the positive reception and growth of their LEET pool. With over 1 billion LEET tokens deposited, the LEET for LEET pool continues to provide a rewarding +16% Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Similarly, the WETH-LEET LP for LEET pool boasts nearly 13,000 WETH-LEET LP deposits and an impressive +220% APR. These metrics highlight the potential for JennyCo’s poo...

Introducing Lattice Pools: Amplifying Liquidity in Existing DeFi Pools

We are thrilled to unveil Lattice Pools, a new feature designed to provide users with enhanced liquidity options and attractive rewards within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Lattice Pools offers a straightforward mechanism for users to stake tokens and earn rewards, whether through liquidity pairs or other tokens. At its core, Lattice Pools empowers users to add liquidity to established pools within the DeFi space. By participating in Lattice Pools, users actively support the growth and success of various projects while gaining proportional rewards based on their contributions. In line with our commitment to delivering diverse and efficient DeFi features, Lattice Pools introduces an innovative approach. Users can seamlessly add liquidity to existing liquidity pools, opening the door to enhanced engagement and increased utility on the Lattice Gateway platform. Furthermore, we want to assure our community that transparency remains at the forefront of our operations. While participating in Lattice Pools and earning rewards, a small fee on the generated rewards will be directed towards supporting the continued development and improvement of the Lattice platform, ensuring its long-term sustainability. — Cyberlete Pools. — To commence this exciting journey, we are thrilled to announce that Cyberlete, one of our esteemed ecosystem projects, has chosen to inaugurate Lattice Pools by adding their liquidity to ...

May Update for $veLTX holders

We are thrilled to announce a new reward opportunity for our loyal $veLTX holders. As part of our ongoing commitment to provide value to our community, we have decided to share the fees collected from Exolix swaps with our $veLTX holders. The Exolix fee sharing will start retroactively for the month of May. — About Exolix:. — Exolix is a third-party company that offers a secure, anonymous, and fast cryptocurrency exchange service. Exolix’s API has been integrated into our website and the Stargazer Wallet to provide users with an interface where they can easily swap cryptocurrencies. The aim is to reward $veLTX holders with the fees collected from Exolix swaps made on both our main site, and through Stargazer Wallet. This new form of rewards adds to the existing Lattice Governance rewards, further enhancing the benefits of holding $veLTX tokens. — How It Works:. — Users perform token swaps using the Exolix integration., A fee is collected for each swap., The fees collected will be distributed to $veLTX holders as rewards based on their activity within our ecosystem., Note: Rewards will be distributed in the form of $LTX which will be acquired from the open market with the fees collected by Exolix. Exolix swap fees can be distributed on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis, with the primary aim of minimizing claiming fees. To determine the distribution timeframe, a governance propo...

Q1 Voting Rewards Available

We are excited to announce that the Q1 voting rewards for participating in the Lattice Governance system are now available for all $veLTX users to claim. Your dedication and involvement in shaping the future of our platform are highly valued, and we hope these rewards will further motivate you to contribute to the growth of the Lattice ecosystem. — Recap: LIP #4.1 Community Rewards. — As a quick reminder, the LIP #4.1 proposal, is aimed to determine the size of the quarterly reward pool in line with the previously accepted LIP #4. With the majority of the community voting for “25% of the total rewards (250,000 $LTX)”, the Lattice governance system was designed to incentivize both short-term and long-term participation. — Rewards Distribution Breakdown. — With a total of 1,000,000 $LTX allocated as rewards, the distribution is as follows: Annual Pool: 750,000 $LTX, Quarterly Pool: 250,000 $LTX, For the first quarter, a total of 62,500 $LTX are up for grabs. These rewards will be distributed among eligible $veLTX users who participated in the governance system. — How to Claim Your Q1 Rewards. — Follow these simple steps: Visit the Lattice Governance page., Login using your preferred wallet holding your $veLTX tokens., Navigate to the “Claim” section., Click on the “Claim Rewards” button., Note: rewards are only available to $veLTX users who actively participated in the Lat...

Identifying and Protecting Yourself from Common Crypto Scams

It seems as though more and more scam sites and accounts are popping up mimicking legitimate crypto projects. These scam accounts invite users to connect their crypto wallets to websites to receive token airdrops or NFTs, and once connected, the sites trick users into signing Ethereum contracts that allow the wallets to be drained. According to a recent article by Chainalysis, crypto crime is relatively small at 0.24% of all crypto transactions, but it’s still a $20 billion problem, and when it affects you, it doesn’t feel small. Those of us who’ve been in the industry for a while have seen many types of scams come and go. We all know at this point not to give out our wallet seed/recovery phrases, but scammers are getting more clever by mimicking legitimate projects, and even seasoned veterans can fall prey. Scammers will create fake websites, fake Twitter accounts, fake Telegram groups, and even impersonate crypto project team members to lure unwary token holders to part with their funds. Fake Social Media Accounts Below are some recent scam Telegram accounts and groups that have appeared mimicking our Lattice Exchange account. Since Lattice is a platform that actually does distribute rewards requiring users to connect their wallets, scammers have created fake accounts leading users to a fake version of the Lattice website where their wallets are drained. On Twitter, it is common for scam projects to copy legitima...

[LIP #4.1] Community Rewards  —  Quartely pool size

[LIP #4.1] Community Rewards — Quartely pool size - The Lattice community has put a new proposal up for voting. This proposal suggests different options for the size of the quarterly pool in line with the previously accepted LIP #4. As per LIP #4, the governance system should reward users for their activity and participation. To achieve this, LIP #4 implemented an annual reward pool and a quarterly reward pool, with a total of 1,000,000 $LTX per year, to incentivize both long-term and short-term participation. LIP #4.1 proposes having the majority of rewards going into the annual pool to strongly encourage the long-term participation of veLTX holders in our governance system. However, the size of the quarterly pool needs to be decided by the veLTX holders through voting. There are three options for the size of the quarterly pool: 15% of the total rewards (150,000 $LTX), 20% of the total rewards (200,000 $LTX), 25% of the total rewards (250,000 $LTX), The community members need to vote for their preferred option within the given timeline. There are no additional technical or financial requirements for this proposal besides that of LIP #4. — Voting Process. — veLTX holders can vote on this proposal through the Lattice governance platform. The vote begins Tuesday, March 14, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. PT and will remain open for seven (7) days, closing on Saturday, March 21, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. PT. A quorum of 33...

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