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Lattice Token  


LTX Price:
$101.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$18.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #LTX today is $0.31 USD.

The lowest LTX price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.313, and the exact current price of one LTX crypto coin is $0.31341.

The all-time high LTX coin price was $2.78.

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The code for Lattice Token crypto currency is #LTX.

Lattice Token is 2.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Lattice Token is $18,409,913.

Lattice Token is ranking upwards to #495 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium volume of trading today on #LTX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Lattice Token is $101,255.


The circulating supply of LTX is 58,740,319 coins, which is 59% of the total coin supply.


LTX is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


LTX is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Vote Passes for Shared DTM Rewards, Plus new Rewards Claim Function

Another Lattice governance proposal has passed with successful voting on the Lattice voting platform. The results are in for the DTM Rewards Sharing proposal, and a vast majority of participants (nearly 99%) have decided to move forward with a 5% fee for the DTM program. Starting from the beginning of each month, veLTX token holders can claim their rewards as an airdrop through the Lattice node management platform. View the voting snapshot for this proposal here. Claiming Rewards on Lattice Gateway Lattice Gateway now has a Rewards Claim Function, exclusively available for veLTX token holders. This function provides an easy and accessible way for veLTX token holders to claim their airdropped rewards from programs with successful fee sharing proposals, including the recent successful DTM Rewards Sharing Proposal and the $DAG Soft Node Sharing Proposal, as well as any future proposals of this kind. These rewards can be claimed on the first day of each month. Claim your rewards here. Be sure you’re subscribed to our mailing list to stay in the loop on all things Lattice Gateway! Important Links: List your Project for Funding on Lattice Launchpad: Apply here, Participate in our Launchpad, Join the Lattice Community on Telegram, Follow Lattice on Twitter,

Lattice Proposal for Dor Traffic Miner (DTM) Reward Sharing

The Lattice community has put a proposal up for vote around sharing rewards from Dor Traffic Miner (DTM) programs. DTM rewards are managed through the Lattice Gateway and therefore subject to fee assessment by veLTX token holders. veLTX holders may vote to receive: 0% fee on DTM rewards (no fee), 5% fee on DTM rewards, Rewards from this program will be paid at the beginning of each month in $DAG, an L0 token, and incur no transaction fees to claim them. As with every fee claimed for veLTX holders, 5% will be set aside for the veLTX treasury. Sample fee mechanism: As of the date of this article, the DTM reward pool is 5,000,000 $DAG per month. If veLTX holders vote for a 5% DTM rewards fee, 250,000 $DAG will be paid as fees for veLTX holders, and 5% of this (12,500 $DAG) will be added to the veLTX treasury on a monthly basis. The remaining 4,750,000 $DAG will be distributed to current DTM program participants. Voting process The vote begins Wednesday, January 25, 2023, at 8:00 a.m. PT and will remain open for seven (7) days, closing on Wednesday, February 1st, at 8am PT. A quorum of 33% of all veLTX tokens is required for a valid vote with a simple majority to pass. veLTX holders can vote on this proposal through the Lattice governance platform here. More about the Dor Traffic Miner Constellation Network’s DTM is a first-of-its-kind, peel-and-stick, battery-powered thermal sensing device that can be placed in any d...

First Lattice Governance Proposals Passed for Treasury Fund and Soft Node Rewards Fee

The first two Lattice governance proposals have passed with successful voting on the Lattice voting platform. Proposal 1: Establishment of the Lattice Treasury Fund With a vote of 87.45% in favor, a 5% fee will be implemented on all Lattice platform rewards and airdrops to veLTX token holders going forward to establish a Lattice treasury fund. Read more about the treasury proposal here This fund will be used to grow the Lattice ecosystem for such things as project grants, bounties, marketing, special events, product development and even investment opportunities. View the voting snapshot for this proposal here Proposal 2: Establishment of a 5% fee on all Soft Node Staking Rewards With a vote of 99.37% in favor, a 5% fee will be implemented on the soft node staking program currently running on the Lattice platform. This fee will be distributed to all veLTX token holders and may be claimed as an airdrop through the Lattice node management platform. Read more about the soft node proposal here Rewards will accrue starting in December and will be “claimable” once the necessary Lattice interface updates are completed by mid January 2023. View the voting snapshot for this proposal here Be sure you’re subscribed to our mailing list to stay in the loop on all things Lattice Gateway! Important Links: List your Project for Funding on Lattice Launchpad: Apply here, Participate in our Launchpad, Join the Lattice Community on...

Lattice Proposal for Node Reward Sharing

In light of Constellation Network’s expansion of the soft node program to smaller holders, Lattice Gateway will expand its fee-sharing model to include the soft node program, distributing rewards in $DAG tokens. This is another step towards Lattice Gateway’s goal of creating a sustainable rewards structure from all existing and future products running on its platform for veLTX token holders. An additional advantage for rewards paid in $DAG, as an L0 token, is that there is no transaction fee to claim them. What this means for veLTX Holders Lattice will offer a proposal to levy a 5% tax on all soft node rewards to be paid monthly to veLTX token holders. As with other rewards for veLTX holders, a percentage of the $DAG to be rewarded can also be added to the veLTX treasury. veLTX holders can vote on this proposal through the Lattice governance platform. You can find out more about voting and the Lattice governance process here. More about Soft Nodes Constellation’s Soft Node Program provides holders with at least 250,000 $DAG the ability to stake and earn rewards similar to hardware validator nodes on the Hypergraph network. Participants just need to hold 250,000 $DAG in their Stargazer wallet, connect their wallet to Lattice Gateway, and join the program. Soft node program participants receive approximately 40% of the total rewards pool, with 60% being distributed to hardware validator node operators. More about Fr...

Lattice Governance Process and the veLTX Treasury

Lattice Gateway encourages community governance with respect to platform use and fees while granting veLTX token holders the right to vote on various launchpad project initiatives and fee-sharing proposals put forth through the platform. Proposals Proposals may be put forth by any veLTX token holder with at least 100 veLTX in their wallet connected to the Lattice platform. Only whitelisted addresses may submit proposals for the initial proposal rounds, but this limitation will be lifted once the submission process has been successfully approved and adopted by the voting community. Lattice Gateway proposals will be focused on launchpad project acceptance, platform fee-sharing, token airdrops, and other fee-generating events or activities associated with the Lattice Gateway platform. veLTX token holders may also vote on efforts to grow the Lattice token treasury and direct the use of funds in the treasury. Any changes to this policy will be put forth to the community for approval. Lattice Treasury To enhance the scope of veLTX governance, a treasury will be put in place to be funded by taxes imposed on platform activities and token airdrops. veLTX token holders will vote on treasury funding methods and allocations. Use of treasury funds could be directed by veLTX token holders for such things as project grants, additional project funding, potential platform enhancements, etc. Accordingly our first proposal will be to establish t...

Lattice x JennyCo AMA Recap

JennyCo is changing the way healthcare data is managed, empowering individuals with ownership of their data and enabling users, large companies, and brands to share and access rich Insights — with all groups benefiting economically. JennyCo (JCo) is the first healthcare data exchange powered by Web 3. JennyCo’s novel blockchain microservice Xchange will be built on Constellation’s Hypergraph and governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This JennyCo hosted Xchange allows consumers to contribute their consumer spending, social, IoT, device and health data, and receive personalized AI-generated recommendations and compensation. Companies will also gain access to valuable demographic, product purchasing, social, personal genomic and healthcare information, with real insights and outcomes, that can better inform R&D decisions, directions, new product creation, advertising, and product strategy. JennyCo is the convergence of Healthcare and IoT Data, AI, and Blockchain….the first Healthcare Web3 platform. JCO allows users to “Own Their Health.” Co-founders, Michael Nova (CEO) and Jenny Diggles (Board Member), joined us recently for an AMA. Here are the highlights: JennyCo is a platform that allows consumers to track and securely store their medical and health data, receive deep insights back as well as be empowered to lease their data to data buyers, The healthcare data mining market in the US...

Lattice Gateway launches JennyCo’s $JCO token, the world’s first Web3 healthcare data exchange…

Lattice Gateway launches JennyCo’s $JCO token, the world’s first Web3 healthcare data exchange putting users in charge of their own health data - Lattice Gateway is pleased to welcome JennyCo to the Constellation ecosystem with the launch of the $JCO token. Constellation’s ecosystem supports partners who work to evolve the healthcare data industry with innovative Web3 solutions. With its $JCO token launch on Lattice Gateway, JennyCo joins the elite group of companies revolutionizing their industries with the support of Constellation’s Hypergraph. JennyCo is changing the way healthcare data is managed, empowering individuals with ownership of their data and enabling users, large companies, and brands to share and access rich Insights — with all groups benefiting economically. Staking on Lattice Gateway begins Tuesday, October 4th, at 16:00 UTC and ends Monday, October 11th, at 16:00 UTC. Find out more about $JCO tokenomics and staking your $LTX (and locked $LTX) for a $JCO token allocation. ABOUT JENNYCO: Every second, an exponential amount of healthcare data is generated and mined for valuable insights. Today, approximately 30% of the world’s data volume is generated by the healthcare industry, and the gathering and mining of user-base healthcare and demographic data is a big business (worth $80 Billion by 2030, with a 19% CAGR). A user generates an enormous amount of data at an individual level, and expert...

Introducing veLTX: Lattice Gateway’s new governance and rewards token

Lattice users will need the new veLTX token to participate in Lattice governance and platform fee distribution. Fees: Fees can include launchpad fees, staking fees, fees from node campaigns, and eventually cross-chain swap fees. Fees are paid in various ecosystem tokens (such as $ADS, $JAM, etc.) from projects using the Lattice platform. Airdrops: Regular token airdrops will also be distributed to veLTX holders to incentivize continued participation in Lattice governance. Highlights: By initiating an $LTX lock with a smart contract, users will lock up their $LTX for a specific period of time and be granted veLTX during that time period in return., 100% of the veLTX granted during the lock up period is granted immediately when the lock is initiated., veLTX is non-transferable and the lock up period cannot be reduced after $LTX is initially locked., Longer $LTX lock ups will increase the proportion of rewards received., The larger the proportion of the veLTX pool you own, the more rewards you will receive., Upon completion of the lock up period, 100% of initially locked $LTX will be available to withdraw from the smart contract and the veLTX grant will expire., Note: Users who lock their $LTX may continue to participate in launchpad staking events during the lock period using their veLTX tokens. — How to acquire veLTX - veLTX can be acquired through an Ethereum smart contract via the Lattice platform. Check out this ...

Lattice governance: creating and voting on proposals

As regulatory scrutiny intensifies across all cryptocurrency based projects, a focus on decentralized development and decision-making becomes paramount to the viability of any project. DeFi has evolved governance to attach incentives for community growth and contribution through proposals. Additionally, it has aligned project liquidity goals with the dissemination of control of the future of the ecosystem. In Lattice v2, $LTX must be locked and converted to veLTX to initiate or vote on proposals. This provides users the opportunity to control the direction of the project and determine the associated reward mechanisms, while requiring them to put down substantive value to minimize the likelihood of the platform being co-opted by malicious actors and to likewise minimize the need for centralized control. How to participate in governance Users may participate in governance of the Lattice platform by first obtaining veLTX. Check out the article here on how to lock your $LTX tokens and obtain veLTX. Once you have your veLTX tokens, you may visit the Lattice platform and click on the governance icon in the left menu area. Clicking this will take you to a stats page: From this page, you will click “Vote” in the top menu area. This will take you to the Lattice proposal and voting application on snapshot. Once in the snapshot application, you will need to connect your wallet with your locked LTX and click the Join button on the...

Lattice 2.0: The Gateway to Constellation Network’s Web3 Ecosystem

Lattice Exchange has evolved into a full web3 Gateway for Constellation’s ecosystem, where businesses can launch their projects and tokens, grow and manage liquidity, and individuals can participate in various stages of the token lifecycle, providing liquidity and earning rewards. Lattice features decentralized governance where participants can suggest proposals and vote on platform fees and rewards Through Lattice, users can manage their nodes and data and participate in bounties to grow rewards. Key Features Lattice 2.0 offers six key features that align with the token lifecycle. #1 Incubation and Advisory Constellation’s Flight Program provides advisory support for new companies looking to launch a token. The program guides an entrepreneur through each phase of their Token Lifecycle (ideation, fundraising, token liquidity) with the intention to bring innovative solutions to the ecosystem. In exchange for advisory services, a project will dedicate a percentage of their token supply which will be distributed to veLTX holders. 70 projects have successfully completed the program to date. Future Flight Program participants will be guided through building a state channel and creating an L0 token. #2 Launchpad The Lattice Launchpad is an application designed to connect early stage projects to potential backers of a token offering or product sale. The LaunchPad requires users to stake $LTX (or now veLTX) tokens to secure...

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