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LPT Price:
$4.8 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.2 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #LPT today is $9.78 USD.

The lowest LPT price for this period was $0, the highest was $9.78, and the exact current price of one LPT crypto coin is $9.77699.

The all-time high LPT coin price was $98.35.

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The code for Livepeer is #LPT.

Livepeer is 3.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for Livepeer is $237,706,880.

Livepeer is ranking upwards to #129 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big daily trading volume on #LPT.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Livepeer is $4,813,806.


The circulating supply of LPT is 24,312,878 coins, which is 98% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of Livepeer is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


LPT is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

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LPT is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 21 crypto exchanges.

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Around the World With Livepeer in August

August was full of global inspiration at Livepeer. From Argentina to India — by way of Toronto, Ontario, and Brooklyn, NY — the month was packed with evidence that the world’s decentralized video infrastructure is making waves across the planet. Let’s hop on the tour! Whoa Canada! Canada’s biggest web3 event, Blockchain Futurist Conference (August 8th-10th) was paired with ETH Toronto for an awesome double bill that got August off to a flying start. Shannon Wells, Head of Ecosystem, took the stage at Futurist to spread the word about web3 infrastructure. Then at ETH Toronto, Livepeer Studio joined forces with Kacie Ahmed, co-founder of LearnWeb3, to help mentor an incredible turnout of more than 600 hackers working on web3 video applications. Big shout out to everyone who participated in the events in beautiful Toronto. Next stop Buenos Aires Straight on to ETHLatam (August 11th-13th) to connect, learn, and celebrate with one of the world’s most active web3 communities. Shannon delivered a main stage presentation to a lively and engaged audience on the theme Foundations for a new internet: why web3 infrastructure matters. Her words “Web3 is about utility, not speculation” really caught the zeitgeist of the event. Meanwhile, the branded swag was in high demand and over 100 attendees claimed their unique Livepeer POAP. And since you ask, yes, the Livepeer ones were the most popular… ¡Vamos! Livepe...

Livepeer Welcomes Sensei Node as a New Orchestrator in Latin America

The Livepeer community is proud to welcome Sensei Node, a new node operator in Latin America to power the world’s decentralized infrastructure. Like Livepeer, Sensei Node is a pioneer. As the leading blockchain infrastructure firm in Latam, Sensei Node offers a simple, scalable, and secure node management platform that makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to join the decentralization movement. Chain-agnostic Sensei Node works with 11 protocols, including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Bitcoin, and Polkadot. Key team members include CEO Pablo Larguia, CTO Rodrigo Benzaquen, and COO Nacho Roizman. Sensei Node allows access to multiple protocols without specialized in-house node deployment and management. Developers can use the platform to build the infrastructure that will enable the rise of new projects from across Latin America, drawing upon multiple local hosting providers. This widening of geographical reach is another key milestone on Livepeer’s road to expansion. Because Livepeer understands the vast potential of this vibrant market, core team members will be on hand to meet and greet Latam-based web3 developers and creators August 11th to 13th at ETH Latam in Buenos Aires. Check out the new Spanish-language version of the Livepeer Studio website, the web3 video toolkit for app developers. Find out more about Sensei Node here. And wherever you are in the world, get started building with Livepeer and Livepeer Studio!...

Livepeer in July: Bringing the heat, hitting the headlines

Things were really heating up for the Livepeer community in July — making headlines, hitting new milestones, and spreading the web3 love in beautiful Paris. Let’s dig into the details! A digital postcard from Paris Livepeer core team members arrived in the city of lights for the Solana Foundation’s Paris Hacker House on July 15th, and stayed for the full week of web3 events — eager to talk to and support builders looking to integrate web3 video into their projects via Livepeer Studio. The Future of Content in Web3, an afternoon salon jointly hosted by Livepeer, Protocol Labs, Lens Protocol, and MetaWeb, had incredible buzz and conversation. With a full house of 90 thought leaders, builders, creators, the web3-curious, and influential representatives of web2 media, the event harkened back to the cultural and intellectual gatherings credited with spreading enlightenment throughout France in past centuries. Individual salon sessions were tailored to specific topics. Livepeer co-founder and CTO Eric Tang sat on a panel exploring how blockchain is set to become the new default for creators: “Enabling the web3 technology stack for the future of content”. And Shannon Wells, Head of Ecosystem Growth, joined a discussion with @0xChristina, @provenauthority and the aptly named @parisrouz. Breakouts and workshops gave ample space for all participants to delve into questions central to web3’s future, specifically ...

Together in Paris: You and Livepeer

Ready to make a date with Livepeer in the city of love? Mais oui! Paris is set to play host again this year to Europe’s flagship blockchain event, the Ethereum Community Conference. As Livepeer is an EthCC sponsor, core team members are already practicing their French and prepping for three days of conferences, networking, and shared learning. Not to mention a crowd-pulling schedule of other web3 events on the Parisian menu in the run-up. Can’t wait to see you there!Solana Hacker House Paris, July 15–19 Did you know Livepeer is cross-chain compatible with the Solana blockchain? You do now! The Livepeer team will be on hand in the Solana Hacker House, supporting builders looking to integrate web3 video into their projects. Get primed for the five-day offline event by reading the full Livepeer workflow documentation from Livepeer Studio. It’s all going down at 11 Rue Forest, 75018 — but be sure to RSVP well ahead of time, as it’s a case of first come, first served!Metaverse Summit, July 16–17 Come say “bonjour” to Livepeer Head of Ecosystem Growth Shannon Wells, who will join a panel on the Open Metaverse Framework moderated by Metaverse Summit founder Yingzi Yuan. Shannon will join more than 1,000 web3 creators, builders, and crypto ecosystem participants at a gathering that will zero in on the future of the metaverse. Head to Station F, 5 PARV. Alan Turing, 75013, after checking out the dedicated Me...

A jump through June: Livepeer Studio launch, Explorer update, NFT.NYC and more!

The Livepeer ecosystem took a big leap forward in June with the launch of Livepeer Studio, the new video toolkit for web3 app developers! The Explorer also got a major upgrade, and the Livepeer core team turned out in force to represent the world’s open video infrastructure at NFT.NYC — the “Superbowl of NFTs” — ETHNewYork and ETHPrague. With so much to cover, let’s dive right in! The Livepeer ecosystem gets a new member Web3 video developers, and creators, gained a new partner in innovation on June 21st. That’s when Livepeer Inc. launched Livepeer Studio, a toolkit of easy-to-use features that make it simple to build innovative web3 apps that use the Livepeer network. Incorporate video or video NFT minting into any kind of app — from music and decentralized social to gaming and shopping — all at a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud providers. And, of course, without those restrictive contracts and copyright hassles that are an unavoidable part of the deal on web2 platforms. With Studio, you can lock in proof of creation and proof of contribution from the start while royalties can be distributed fairly when video assets are sold or shared. And your finished creations are stored on web3 networks with permanent access. So what are you waiting for? Check out the code and no code toolkits on Livepeer Studio’s easy-to-navigate website and bring your ideas to life! Gateway to Livepeer n...

Livepeer Set To Strut Its Stuff at NFT.NYC — See You There!

Livepeer Set To Strut Its Stuff at NFT.NYC — See You There! The Livepeer core team will be out in force at this year’s NFT.NYC, with appearances by Livepeer co-founders Doug Petkanics and Eric Tang, Head of Ecosystem Growth Shannon Wells, and Head of Marketing Meredith Tretiak, as well as a fabulous Livepeer-branded snack bar (yum!) to satisfy the hungriest visitors. The world’s top NFT event is expected to be the most dynamic yet, with action set to take place across seven iconic Big Apple venues, including Radio City Music Hall, the Palladium Times Square, and the Edison Rooftop. This year’s theme — "The Diversity of NFTs" — is tailor-made for Livepeer and its relentless quest to find new video NFT use cases. In addition to being a food and beverage sponsor, Livepeer will be meeting community members and showing off its latest technology — including the NFT Minting SDK, which launched just weeks ago — at the Livepeer demo table. With a packed roster of speaking appearances, you’ll have the chance to hear all about the future of video NFTs from leading minds in the network. Wednesday, June 22nd, will be a red-letter day, with not one but three-panel discussions featuring Livepeer core team members and an address by Meredith about what it takes to build a killer video NFT app. First off, Doug will join a panel at the Palladium to talk about “Decentralizing Hollywood: How ...

May at Livepeer: Broken records, new partnerships, & developer excitement

May may be remembered for drama in the crypto markets, but it will go down in the annals of Livepeer as a month of exciting milestones and promise for the future. Crypto research firm Messari published a deep dive into the Livepeer network’s performance that showed evidence of sustained and substantial growth. The report also highlighted a first-quarter rise in video transcoding volume and orchestrator revenue, along with a rise in the number of developers attracted by reduced gas fees in the wake of the transition to Layer-2 chain Arbitrum. We had strong confirmation of the growth in developer interest toward the end of the month, when we learned that 40% of the projects submitted to the hackathon at NFTBerlin made use of Livepeer’s video streaming infrastructure. Oh — and an exciting new partnership was announced between Livepeer and Polygon Studios that’s set to bring even more creators on board! Here’s a tour of May’s highlights.A Record-breaking First Quarter Messari’s May 6th analysis, “State of Livepeer Q1 2022”, highlighted to the world that Livepeer network usage has grown for six straight quarters and hit a record high during the period studied. Other key takeaways from the Q1 analysis:Livepeer processed more than 33 million minutes of video, up 12% from the previous quarter and more than 570% more than the first quarter of 2021.Node operator revenue in ETH grew 22%.Revenue from LPT stakin...

Livepeer proves popular at buzzy, busy NFTBerlin

Everyone expected NFTBerlin 2022 to be a buzzy, busy affair, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. “The vibe of a proper web3 gathering!” was the verdict of a tired but very happy Livepeer core team, on hand throughout the two-day hackathon that acted as the finale to a week of NFT-focused events in a capital famed across the world for its innovative arts scene. A total of $6,000 worth of Livepeer hackathon prizes were at stake for projects that used Livepeer to create cutting-edge social, gaming, or creator applications. And, with 40% of all projects competing in the hackathon using Livepeer for their build (6 out of 16), core team members were kept on their toes offering support and advice to the teams. This learning and sharing approach aligned closely with the underlying ethos of the hackathon, held May 27–28th in partnership with Encode Club, a web3 education community. Event organizers explained, “We believe NFTs will play a major role in deconstructing the current status quo of centralized ownership, and want to explore the potential of the technology through intensive cooperation and learning.” The hackathon took place in the closing days of NFTBerlin, a week of NFT-focused events held (aptly) in the city’s former mint that featured wide-ranging discussions, real-time collaboration, and an open exchange of ideas. Attendees could also take in talks from international guest speakers and exclusive art exhibi...

Breaking new ground with the first-ever Livepeer Community Summit

Those who have met co-founder and CEO Doug Petkanics know he’s not given to exaggeration. So when he calls April 20th one of the highlights of his career, that says something. So what made April 20th so incredible? Only the first-ever Livepeer Community Summit. It was a chance to gather Livepeer core contributors, community members, and web3 thought leaders in an environment conducive to collaboration and a productive exchange of ideas. Doug has long wanted to hold such a summit, and the core team has been searching the calendar — and the planet — for just the right time and place. Then an ideal opportunity presented itself: the Ethereum Foundation announced Devconnect, a week-long gathering of web3 experts in historic Amsterdam from April 18th-25th (coinciding with ETHAmsterdam on the 22nd-24th). Devconnect is the ultimate celebration of decentralization. The organizing concept, under which thought leaders in different domains created and hosted events rather than being shackled to a centrally dictated itinerary, spoke strongly to Livepeer’s ethos. A focus on innovation, inspiration, and independent thinking made Devconnect a perfect backdrop for the inaugural meeting of Livepeer developers, creators, and enthusiasts. The beautiful Droog event space was booked, and the stage was set. But while all the ingredients were there, we weren’t prepared for the scale of the impact. Doug’s tweet the following da...

April in Amsterdam: Livepeer gathers the community, focuses on the future

From the first-ever Livepeer Community Summit to the high-level discussions at Devconnect, plus another amazing event in the return of in-person Ethereum building, April was a month that highlighted the vast potential of web3. There’s a definite groundswell of momentum in the space right now. And it’s coming from the grassroots level, as the high numbers of attendees and hackers at April’s events can attest. — Devconnect: A truly decentralized web3 conference. — A thirty-strong cohort of Livepeer Inc. team members headed to Amsterdam, host city for Devconnect — a week of community-driven web3 events that ran from April 18–25. The event was watchable on the platform built on the Livepeer livestreaming infrastructure, ensuring that even those who couldn’t make it to the Dutch capital wouldn’t miss out. Devconnect brought the web3 community together in smaller sessions organized and hosted by experts in various web3 domains. The aim? To promote serious progress on specific topics. The conference’s fidelity to its decentralized organizing ethos made it the ideal setting for the inaugural Livepeer Community Summit. Speaking of which… — Livepeer brings community together to focus on the future. — Stakeholders from across the Livepeer ecosystem gathered in person — and online — to hear co-founders Doug Petkanics, Eric Tang, and Yondon Fu outline Livepeer’...


Binance US Adds Staking Services for 7 Different Crypto Assets

    Binance US is now offering crypto staking services and the firm details that seven digital currencies are currently available with annual percentage yields (APYs) up to 18%. Customers can earn yields on proof-of-stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies that include binance coin, solana, avalanche, livepeer, graph, cosmos, and audius.Binance US Adds Staking Services On Twitter, Binance US explained the company is now joining the ranks of the variety of crypto exchanges that offer staking services. 'Binance US has officially launched staking, empowering customers to do more with their money,' the company detailed on Tuesday. 'Customers can now stake while generating an APY of up to 18%, the highest rate among U.S. crypto firms,' the exchange added. Currently, Binance US is offering staking services for seven different crypto assets, which include BNB, AUDIO, AVAX, SOL, ATOM, LPT, and GRT. Binance US shows that BNB currently offers an annual percentage yield (APY) of around 6.4% and LPT's staking reward is 18%. When an individual on Twitter asked Binance US if they can 'expect more options in the future?' the exchange replied: 'Yes. More to come.' With Binance US getting into the game of staking services, the firm joins competitors like, Kraken, Gemini, Coinbase, FTX, Tradestation, and other trading platforms that offer staking services for customers. In addition to centralized exchanges, crypto users can also stake coins in a non-custodial fashion by leveraging decentralized fin... read More

Diem Developers Raise $200M to Build Aptos Blockchain

    Meta (formerly Facebook) threw in the towel on its grand plans to create a digital currency last year. Earlier in 2022, though, it sold the remaining assets to Silvergate Capital for $182 million. The team behind the original Diem project announced they were working on a new blockchain called Aptos in late February. On March 15, they outlined massive funding round from crypto VCs. The startup has closed a $200 million strategic investment led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), with participation from Tiger Global, Multicoin Capital, Three Arrows Capital, FTX Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, among others. Building Their Own Blockchain The Aptos team stated that they will not be licensing or utilizing any of the Diem intellectual property that Silvergate owns because they built their own blockchain, according to Tech Crunch. The company's valuation was not disclosed, but it is likely to be over $1 billion according to the founders, who said it was well “into the unicorn territory.” Aptos is another layer-1 blockchain that puts it in competition with Ethereum and Solana. It uses a coding language called Move, with which it aims to attract a large number of developers from existing networks. Aptos CEO Mo Shaikh, who previously worked on Meta’s wallet Novi, said he had close connections with the Ethereum community, which the team wants to be a part of: “We want to be part of that ecosystem. We’re not here to necessarily compete. We want to complement [them] a... read More

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