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LOKI Price:
$10.2 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$7.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #LOKI today is $0.13 USD.

The lowest LOKI price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.134, and the current live price for one LOKI coin is $0.13382.

The all-time high LOKI coin price was $2.40.

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The code for Oxen crypto currency is #LOKI.

Oxen is 5.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for Oxen is $7,081,345.

Oxen is ranked #682 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest today for #LOKI.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Oxen is $10,221.


The circulating supply of LOKI is 52,918,206 coins, which is 35% of the maximum coin supply.


LOKI has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 3 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #LOKI, and you can view them on our LOKI disambiguation page.



WTF Is Oxen?

ELI5: The Oxen project Are you being spied on? Every day it becomes more and more obvious that technology is being used to keep an eye on everyone in the world. Nobody is safe from surveillance. Oxen is bringing privacy to the digital world through blockchain technology. Oxen allows you to make the things you use every day more private. Things like web browsers, instant messengers, and social media.Level 1: The blockchain OXEN is a fully private, instant, and anonymous crypto — like digital cash. OXEN makes the foundation for the entire Oxen network. Anyone can use their OXEN to get more OXEN, by staking to something called a service node. Service nodes secure the blockchain, power apps, and get OXEN rewards for all their hard work. This creates an enormous decentralised network full of powerful, private servers.Level 2: The apps Thanks to blockchain, we’ve got a huge network of decentralised horsepower. We can use the service node network to power privacy applications you can use every day. Any app in the world can use Oxen to become private. We’ve already gotten started — we’ve made a private messenger, called Session, and private internet access using Lokinet. You could build anything from a private Instagram, to a private Discord, or a private version of AOL.Level 3: The user The users of Oxen are just normal people. It’s obvious that people want privacy, and that privacy has crazy value. People...

Built On Oxen: The Future Of Digital Communication

They say data is the new oil — but privacy is gold. And Oxen has struck gold. The thing that makes Oxen special is that it’s a privacy protocol that can be used by anyone, not just the tech elite. The way the internet has evolved, privacy is a commodity. If you want privacy — you have to pay for it. Whether that cost comes in the form of money, time, or social currency, you’re made to work for your privacy. More and more, people are willing to sacrifice convenience to preserve their privacy, people are aware their data is for sale, and they want to use services that respect their privacy. The sleeping giant of privacy is stirring, and soon its fist will be beating on the head of big tech. Oxen is a privacy protocol built for everyone. And that means everyone. Decentralised applications built on top of the OXEN blockchain are already being used by hundreds of thousands of users — mostly on the hardcore private messenger, Session.The heir to private messaging Messengers are a commonplace technology used by virtually every person with a mobile phone. With over 100,000 active users, Session is gaining a foothold in the enormous private messaging space. The appetite for privacy is growing, and as the most private mainstream messenger, Session is perfectly positioned to grow even more. The biggest tech companies in the world are starting to notice how valuable privacy really is, and some of them are paying at...

Who Let The Doge Out: Why Oxen Should Be The King Of The Kennel

Is the meme power of DOGE really stronger than the fundamental forces of OXEN? Memes are the fuel that makes the internet machine go round. By now, we’re all well aware of the real-world repercussions our silly online jokes can have. In the crypto space, this is even more true. Fortunes are won and lost on the back of image macros, social media storms, and trending hashtags. In 2021, the star of DOGE is shining bright. For a lot of people, DOGE is one of the only coins they know by name, it might even be the first they’ve ever heard of crypto — certainly outside of Bitcoin. If you’ve been around the crypto block a few times, you’ve probably been shaking your head as you’ve watched your parents, hairdresser, and some dude you went to high school with talking, posting, and fawning over the biggest joke on crypto Twitter. For a long time, DOGE was laughed out of the room. All that changed when the Technoking of Tesla, Elon Musk, started talking about the coin. Its meteoric rise brought interest from investors from every corner, and millions of eyes were focused on crypto for the first time ever. Of course, not everyone was pleased by Mr Musk’s antics, with one of the original creators of DOGE calling him out in a now-deleted Tweet. Let’s put the memes down for a second. There has been some chatter about OXEN being the next DOGE… let’s compare the pair.DOGE vs OXEN TL;DR: Despite its relative anonymit...

Clean Crypto: Creating A Sustainable Future For Blockchain

The environmental impact of crypto — like Bitcoin — is the worst kept secret in the crypto industry. Everyone in the crypto community knows the harsh reality: blockchain technology (specifically, Proof of Work) uses an enormous amount of energy. Of course, this is by design — computational power is how traditional blockchains are secured. The blockchain world is growing and expanding at a breakneck pace. In 2021, Elon Musk’s fascination with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has poured ample rocket fuel into crypto’s propulsion systems. However, the brakes have been pumped by Musk’s announcement that Tesla is suspending vehicle purchases using Bitcoin due to environmental concerns. If we don’t change, things like this will keep happening.The world will not embrace an environmentally destructive blockchain community. People care about the climate. They care about sustainability. And if crypto doesn’t catch up with that mindset, it’s going to come up against a brick wall. Every year, there are news headlines along the lines of ‘ Bitcoin now uses more power than x country.’ Bitcoin is incredible, it is revolutionary, it is why we’re all here. But cryptocurrencies can’t expect to gobble up the energy equivalent of mid-sized countries without facing serious criticism. Some people in the blockchain world are happy enough with trying to use renewable energy resources for mining — but thi...

Oxen rebrand rollout: Our roadmap — Loki

Oxen rebrand rollout: Our roadmap — Loki Towards the end of 2020, we announced the biggest change to the Loki Project since launch: Loki is rebranding to become Oxen. There have been plenty of questions about what the rebrand entails, when everything will be happening, and what our users need to do (spoiler alert: Loki users and $LOKI holders don’t need to do anything whatsoever). To minimise uncertainty and confusion, today we’re announcing our roadmap and timeline for rolling out the Oxen rebrand. For an overview of the reasons behind the rebrand, head over to our rebrand announcement blog.What’s happening today (6 Jan 2021, AEDT): Today we’re dropping the first taste of Oxen’s gorgeous new branding: A landing page is now live at Head on over to feast your eyes on Oxen’s logo and a peek at the colour scheme we’ll be using.What’s happening tomorrow (7 Jan 2021, AEDT): Tomorrow is when the rollout really kicks off. Our social media accounts, Telegram community, and contact email will officially switch over to Oxen equivalents. An updated desktop wallet with Oxen branding will also be released tomorrow, and our exchange listings will start swapping from $LOKI to $OXEN ( note: these are cosmetic changes only; $LOKI holders do not need to take any action). All Loki users can continue using their current wallets and services without having to update — everything will continue working as nor...

Major project announcement: A bright future for Loki

Since we started in 2017, Loki has grown exponentially. After beginning as an ambitious Monero fork, our scope has dramatically expanded into a full privacy suite: a private messaging app, an onion routing network, a private PoS cryptocurrency, and a foundation dedicated to building and supporting free, accessible, decentralised, open-source privacy tools. We have proven ourselves to be a community-first, transparent, development-led team. Always have been, always will be. We work for our community, and we’re always adapting to make sure we’re bringing value to the project and providing you with the best applications possible. In recent months we announced our foray into the DeFi space with our support of Chainflip, a decentralised cross-chain asset swapping service being built on Loki. Chainflip has been met with enormous excitement and support from the Loki community, and the initial centralised version (beta) was due to be released this month. However, recent developments in the regulatory landscape have made us pause and consider the best way forward for both Chainflip and the Loki Project. The knock-on effects of those recent regulatory developments are far-reaching, and they’ll have dramatic effects on the crypto space as a whole — so the Chainflip team has been hard at work finding the best way forward for the project. While the Chainflip team has been planning for their future, we’ve also had the oppor...

COVID-19 contact tracing: Getting it done — and making it work — Loki Foundation

COVID-19 contact tracing: Getting it done — and making it work — Loki Foundation On April 16, I published an open letter detailing my thoughts on contact tracing apps in Australia. In it, I talk about how I think it’s a surprisingly well thought through plan, and in my opinion, sufficiently protects the privacy of the public. It seems further explanation is required. Currently, the government is doing an atrocious job of convincing Australians to support what’s actually a very compelling product that could genuinely make a huge difference if enough people use it. I’m going to do my best to explain how the app works, why it’s actually relatively harmless, and lastly, my recommendations on what the government needs to do in order to make this a success.Part 1: Is it okay? There’s so much misleading information about COVIDSafe doing the rounds. It seems like people are imagining what it is based on supposition rather than actually looking at it — so let me explain what COVIDSafe does in simple terms.How it works COVIDSafe uses the BlueTrace protocol. This is great — it’s open-source and, in my opinion, pretty low risk when it comes to user privacy. When you register with COVIDSafe, all you do is enter some basic information for the health system — your name, age range, postcode, and a number you can be contacted on. This is required so the health system can contact you and identify ...

COVID-19 contact tracing in Australia and abroad: An open letter from Simon Harman — Loki…

COVID-19 contact tracing in Australia and abroad: An open letter from Simon Harman — Loki Foundation On April 10th, Apple and Google announced their plans to jointly create software infrastructure in Android and iOS for use in contact tracing apps. Separately, the Singapore government’s efforts to develop a contact tracing app have resulted in TraceTogether, and a similar app now being actively developed for use in Australia. This app will have to utilise the APIs being provided by Google and Apple to increase its effectiveness when they become available. Contact tracing identifies people who may have come into contact with someone with an active case of COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, many countries have launched technologies and apps that aim to perform contact tracing, which has understandably given rise to some privacy concerns. Digital rights advocates are naturally sceptical of any apps that track user behaviour through their own devices. This is a healthy attitude to have, but I think it’s more useful to have a nuanced conversation about specific proposals and ideas in the context of countering the spread of the coronavirus. I am a strong advocate for privacy and a staunch supporter of user autonomy. However, I’m actually reasonably impressed by both the designs of the Android and iOS contact tracing APIs, and the Singaporean Government’s application, and I believe they are in fact good uses of mobile techn...

Strengthening Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Tuesday, 10 December marks Human Rights Day — the day the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was adopted by the United Nations back in 1948. The UDHR was a visionary document that provided a ‘terms of service’ for our human rights. I live in Australia, and I tend to take my own human rights and freedom for granted. I have never personally experienced a place or a time where these principles were not a given. But more recently, we have seen a crackdown on free speech with the raids on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the persistent erosion of privacy in legislation. The UDHR is composed of 30 principles or articles that were formulated by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, that describe our rights and provides guide-rails to enable us all to live in dignity, freedom and peace on our shared planet. The work that the Loki team and I do is grounded in the values articulated in the UDHR. Our work aims to strengthen Article 19 — especially in a digital world that is becoming increasingly surveilled and restricted by corporations and governments.Article 19. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. We at Loki are building a network and messaging apps that are designed to facilitate communications with...

Loki Messenger breaks new ground

Multi-device support is one of the most-requested features in modern messaging applications — people want to be able to chat seamlessly across all of their devices. Decentralised chat applications have struggled to implement this crucial feature, leaving their user experience lagging behind messengers that use central servers. The Loki Messenger team has been working on this problem for the last few months, and we’ve finally published our solution. Loki Messenger v1.5.0 puts multi-device into users’ hands for testing.How we did it Unlike many decentralised messengers, Loki Messenger is not a peer-to-peer messaging service. Instead, Loki Messenger uses a network of servers (Loki Service Nodes) to store and retrieve messages, which are operated by individuals and groups in the Loki community. Because Loki Messenger is based on this unique decentralised architecture, it can do things that many traditional peer-to-peer messengers cannot, including storing messages offline and enabling multi-device syncing. When a message is sent to a particular public key (Loki Messenger address), it is received by a ‘swarm’ (a group of 5–8 Service Nodes). The recipient’s Loki Messenger client polls its swarm to check for incoming messages. This polling typically occurs every 3 seconds, but exact intervals can vary depending on the device. If an incoming message is found, the client downloads it. If the receiving client is of...

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