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LOCG Price:
$54.2 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #LOCG today is $0.019 USD.

The lowest LOCG price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.019, and the exact current price of one LOCG crypto coin is $0.01940.

The all-time high LOCG coin price was $0.63.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of LOCG with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for LOCGame crypto currency is #LOCG.

LOCGame is 1.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for LOCGame is $2,154,161.

LOCGame is ranking upwards to #775 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest volume of trading today on #LOCG.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for LOCGame is $54,223.


The circulating supply of LOCG is 111,032,700 coins, which is 75% of the total coin supply.


LOCG is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


LOCG is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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LOCGame Weekly Update: January 27, 2023

Hello Legends! It’s been a minute since our last weekly update, but we are more than happy to be back and to share with you some of the good stuff that keeps us up at night at LOCGame. We hope you had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend. January was a long and thrilling month, and as it slowly ends, here are the things we achieved. — Overview:. — -Game Updates -LOCGame Global Tournament -European Blockchain Convention & Awards -Social Mentions Let’s get right on with it! — Game Updates - Shout out to our dev team, who have a new product build ready and waiting to be deployed as early as next week. The new build will feature; New icons and deck builder UI improvements, Bug fixes on frontend, An upgraded game admin panel, Also, we are making some improvements to our internal processes and will share the updates in the coming weeks. Keep playing the game, on a desktop or on mobile for Android users. Keep an eye on the iOS mobile version, which will be available very soon! — LOCGame Global Tournament - This week has been so much fun with the ongoing LOCGame Global Tournament. It’s our first-ever tournament, and we are happy to see our community engaged and having fun. The first round of the tournament ended on Wednesday. Out of the 32 players that competed, 16 moved on to the second round, which ended today, Friday. The winners are getting ready to battle in t...

LOCGame Global Tournament

Legends, This is the year of having fun and rewarding our community, and to kickstart the fun, we are glad to announce the first-ever LOCGame Global Tournament! If you are certain that you have what it takes to wear the crown as the ultimate LOCGame champion, keep reading to find out more. During the tournament, players will be drawn against each other in a series of epic PVP battles until the ultimate champion emerges. — Tournament Structure - — Preliminary Rounds. — All interested participants must register for the Tournament in this Form. At the close of registration, the team will cast lots to draw the schedule for the games. The schedule will be announced to the community via Telegram and Discord. Each match between players will be a series of 5 games in a row. The player who wins the most rounds out of five is the official winner of the game. The winner will move on to the next round, and the loser will be eliminated from the tournament. — Quarterfinals. — The winners of the first rounds of matches will then participate in another draw made by the admins, and their second opponents will be chosen after this draw. Players will then battle against the new opponents in a series of 5-rounds of games. — Semi-finals. — The matches continue between the winners of the quarter-finals. The team will do the last draw to randomly pick the player combinations for the semi-finals. &mdash...

LOCGame Year-in-review: 2022

Legends, Welcome to 2023! We are thrilled for this new year and for the new and exciting opportunities that lie ahead for us as a team and as a community. Indeed, the year 2022 was a head-scratcher for the entire crypto community, but for us at LOCGame, it was an opportunity to keep building, and we seized it. We are proud of the strides we have made and our many victories, and for all the times we missed a step, we took that as a sincere lesson. We are grateful for your support as a community. We took your positive criticisms and feedback, and now we’re glad to share with you our milestones as we look back on the year that was in 2022. — Game Releases - Season 0: Apollo Release Last year, one thing was our top priority: game development. Following up on the previous Alpha 2.0 version, we resolved to have the first playable version of the game. In May 2022, we launched the first major game release in Season 0, aka the Apollo Heights Season. In the Apollo release, our community was introduced to two new game modes: PvP-friendly mode and PvP Tour. As the community took to testing and playing in Season 0, we decided to update the game design. With a new UX/UI, we also introduced new interactive visual effects, in-game tutorials, and more. More importantly, we fixed the bugs and improved the player's overall gaming experience.Awakening Season Our next major release of the year came in September 2022, the Awakenin...

How to Play LOCGame on Mobile

Legends, the mobile version of LOCGame is now available for Android devices. If you own an Android phone, download the game here and enjoy it on the go. If you are wondering how to access this mobile version, follow the steps below; Visit, Scroll down to this section & Click on ‘Download For Android, 3. Installation begins 4. After downloading, click on the file to launch the game 5. Connect your Metamask wallet 6. Congratulations, you are now logged in and connected 7. You can now navigate the game in Story Mode or battle in PvP mode. Keep playing and competing against other players for a chance to top the leaderboard and win cool prizes! You can also exchange your LC coins for LOCG tokens, and vice versa, in the Exchange. Please note that to play the game, you need to have 15 unique NFT cards. Visit the newly revamped marketplace to purchase your NFT card packs or resell them.

Holiday NFT Sale: Get Ready!

Hello Legends It is that time of the year again! We are excited to announce our upcoming Special Holiday NFT Sale! The holiday sale is particularly significant as it is the LAST TIME packs from the Apollo and Awakening collections will be available for purchase. — What to expect from the Holiday NFT Sale - The sale starts on December 23rd. We will offer packs from the Apollo and Awakening collections, as well as two new packs: the Mega Pack and the Dark Night Pack, to players and collectors. The Dark Night Pack contains five new standard rarity cards with 5 new seasonal characters., The Mega Pack contains all standard rarity cards, from Genesis and Apollo collections. There are 55 characters in total including many of the OGs., Remember, it is the last chance to own the NFT packs from the Apollo and Awakening collections. The cards and packs from these collections will no longer be available for sale and will only be issued as rewards for special occasions. Holiday Sales Overview Number of packs in the sale: There will be 640 packs from the Apollo, Awakening, and Holiday Collections. Number of cards in the sale: 6,700 cards in total. Blockchain: The cards will be minted on the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains. Start Date: December 23, 2022 End Date: January 15, 2023 Location: The location of the sale will be announced shortly. Watch out! — During the Holiday Sale, the following packs will be available for ...

LOCGame Weekly Update — 9th December 2022

LOCGame Weekly Update — 9th December 2022 - Hello, Legends! Tis the sound of another Friday. We’re holding our breath in anticipation of the weekend ahead. We sincerely hope that you had a productive week. Speaking of productivity, what’s a Friday without a LOCGame weekly update? Let’s get to it. — Overview - Game Update, Global Metaverse Carnival, RBL Labs’ New Website, Join the Rebel Fam, Social Media Mention, — Game Update - Get ready, Legends! Santa has the LOCGame mobile version on his list for you. That explains why our developers spent all week fixing critical bugs in the game’s mobile version. They are also implementing new tips, messaging, and pop-up features. The mobile version will have an improved UI which the team is currently working on. The release is only a few weeks away! — Global Metaverse Carnival - In case you missed it, we had a great outing at the just-concluded Global Metaverse Carnival. We were well represented by our founder and CEO, Mik Mironov. Together with his co-panellists, Mik spoke about LOCGame, GameFi and how to put Web3 to work. If you missed the event, you can watch the highlights here, and the full panel is here. — RBL Labs’ New Website - This week, we unveiled a brand new website for our parent company and web3 gaming studio, RBL Labs. The new website has a more edgy and befitting look, displaying all of our projects and games in one pl...

LOCGame Weekly Update — December 2, 2022

LOCGame Weekly Update — December 2, 2022 - Hello, Legends! Welcome to December — the most magical time of the year is here, and we are all here for it. We’re looking forward to an amazing month and end of the year. We hope that you enjoy all the good vibes that December brings. Now, let’s get you up to speed on the week that we had at LOCGame and our web3 gaming studio, RBL Labs. — Overview. — Cyber Week Sales, Game Updates, IKTP, Social Media Mentions, — Cyber Week Sales - As you may already know, this week, our legendary cyber week sales will end today. This means that you still have the opportunity to enjoy a massive -50% discount on all packs from the Apollo and Awakening collections in our in-game store. This is a chance to have your cards ready before the launch of the mobile version. Important to note here that everyone has access to the in-game store. Simply follow the steps below: Visit, Buy LC tokens at -50%, Purchase the Apollo and Awakening packs with LCs, This sale is exclusive to the in-game store. Hurry now and shop your packs! If you need any assistance, reach out to us on Telegram and we are happy to help. — Game Updates - This week, it’s been all eyes on mobile for our amazing dev team. Our goal is to deliver the mobile version of LOCGame just in time for the holidays. The game will soon be available on Apple Store and Go...

LOCGame Weekly Update — November 25th, 2022

LOCGame Weekly Update — November 25th, 2022 - Hello, Legends and cheers to the freakin’ Black Friyaay! We hope that you can sense our excitement. Happy Thanksgiving Holidays to our American Legends. We are thankful to you for being a part of our community, and for your unwavering support. In today’s weekly update, we have info on our ongoing Black Friday sales (Yes, you can pause for a moment to shop your favourite packs, we can wait) and more. — Overview - -LOCGame Black Friday Sales -Game and Marketplace Updates -IKTP Updates -Play and Earn -Social Mentions — Black Friday is NOW! - ICYMI, the Black Friday sales have begun! All the NFT card packs in the Awakening and Apollo collections will be at a 50% discount. This is the perfect chance to arm yourself with the latest cards before the mobile version arrives. Hurry up to our Marketplace and purchase the packs for half their regular prices before the sale ends! If you have any questions or issues, contact us in our global chat channel, and we will assist you. — Game and Marketplace update - Following weeks of anticipation, we are glad to announce that our new marketplace is finally up! Although, we are yet to finalize the updates, most of the basic features are available for today’s Black Friday sales. We undertook this revamp to offer simpler and easier navigation. Now, you can easily browse through the various card collections as you s...

LOCGame Weekly Update — November 11

LOCGame Weekly Update — November 11 - Hello, Legends! TGIF! We have made it through the end of another week, and we’re glad to provide you with our latest updates, so come along! — Overview - Game Updates, New Marketplace, Cryptise Metaverse Updates, Social mentions, — Game Updates - During the week, our dev team worked on bug fixes, game optimization and the game’s admin panel. We are currently in the process of uploading the mobile version of the game to Apple and Google play stores. But before that, the mobile version will be available in the 1st community-driven app store for crypto and blockchain apps. Stay tuned to find out which one! While our dev team is closing in on the mobile version, we’re also working on securing other listing opportunities that will make the game available and accessible to more people. Our goal until the holidays is to make our game accessible to everyone and welcome new gamers and guilds to our LOCGame ecosystem. — New Marketplace - Our marketplace revamp is almost there. By the end of next week, you will be able to check our new marketplace design with new pages and cool features that improve our user experience. To honour the favourite shopping holiday, Black Friday, our team has been preparing a special NFT Sale for our community and gamers. The special NFT Sale will reach up to -50% discounts on your most beloved packs. Be sure to look out for the official...

LOCGame Character Spotlight: Cryptowinter God

Let’s huddle, Legends! 2022 has been one long crypto winter with no end in sight. A mix of many macroeconomic factors, the Terra ecosystem collapse, and recently, the crash of FTX — the world’s second-biggest centralized exchange has continued to cast a shadow that many believe will not be going away anytime soon. Today, our LOCGame spotlight shines on a character who has lived through 5 crypto winters and has been dubbed the Cryptowinter God. Grab your winter jackets, let’s meet this Legend. — Character Analysis - As an early-stage retail investor in cryptocurrencies, the Cryptowinter God’s first taste of the cold winds was in 2018. The price of Bitcoin had just hit a new all-time high of $20,000 from $900, and a new wave of millionaires had been born. Amongst them was a former Data Analyst who had had the foresight of buying and holding some Bitcoins since its early days. As the price of BTC began to hit the roof, he became rich overnight. By February 2018, the market tumbled, and the price of BTS fell by over 65% and as expected, other coins followed suit, effectively erasing the net worth of several investors. As the year progressed, the crypto market fell by an estimated 80% from the high of the previous year. This forced many investors to sell their stakes at a loss, further extending the crunch and ending the crypto dreams of many, but Cryptowinter God held his position. Since then, this Legend ha...

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