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LOCG Price:
$103.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$1.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #LOCG today is $0.012 USD.

The lowest LOCG price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.012, and the exact current price of one LOCG crypto coin is $0.01233.

The all-time high LOCG coin price was $0.63.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of LOCG with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for LOCGame crypto currency is #LOCG.

LOCGame is 2.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for LOCGame is $1,436,223.

LOCGame is ranked #789 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium daily trading volume on #LOCG.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for LOCGame is $103,818.


The circulating supply of LOCG is 116,484,359 coins, which is 79% of the total coin supply.


LOCG is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


LOCG is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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LOCGame Weekly Update, April 14th 2023

Hey there, Legends! It is another Friyaay, and this week has been really mind-blowing for us at RBL Labs. As always, we are more than happy to share with you all that we have been busy with, so go ahead and grab your favourite drink because you are about to be thrilled! — Overview - Countdown to the launch of ‘I Know This Place?’, Game Update, AMA, New Team Member, Social Mentions, — Countdown to the launch of ‘I Know This Place?’ - In case you have been living under the rocks these past few days, then, you will be thrilled to know that we are only 6 days away from the official release of our brand new game — ‘I Know This Place?’. “I Know This Place” is an epic experimental first-person game following a mystical quest with an unknown plot. It is a unique game in which the quest is divided into chapters. This game will have the players see things from the eyes of our unknown hero who is on a quest to find an old friend. The game is set in an apartment situated in a dystopian city. The hero will encounter many strange things as he navigates through the apartment. Players will be tasked with solving all the simple and complex puzzles and riddles that they encounter and will earn rewards for them. The game is completely community-driven, and players will get to decide the future plots of the game. The first chapter of IKTP will be released on April 20th, on Steam. Add it to your wishlist....

LOCGame Character Spotlight: Crypto Villain

Howdy, Legends! Welcome to another Spotlight Series — this is where we bring your favourite LOCGame characters to life and share the inspiration behind them. In the world of LegendsOfCrypto (LOCGame), there are many characters that players can choose to play as. From heroes to villains, each character has his own unique backstory and abilities. Today, we shine our spotlight on one of the most infamous characters in the game—the Crypto Villain. — Character Analysis - The Crypto Villain is a mysterious character whose name is often mentioned in whispers and hushed tones in the crypto community. With his cunning intellect and ruthless tactics, he has managed to amass a large fortune through various means, including hacking, scamming, and insider trading. Despite his nefarious actions, the Crypto Villain has become somewhat of a legend in the crypto community. Many people admire his ability to outsmart even the most advanced security measures and his willingness to take risks in pursuit of profit. With his ability to manipulate the market and sabotage his opponents, he is a formidable opponent in any game, and a force to be reckoned with. — Gameplay - The Crypto Villain is one of the exclusive standard rarities cards in the Dark Night Pack. He is capable of executing attacks on all sides and has a total health score of 10. Playing as the Crypto Villain in LOCGame is not for the faint of heart. It requires...

How to Play & Earn in Arena PvP Tour

Welcome, Legend. You have explored the insanely addictive world of LOCGame and are ready to take it a step further. With the Arena PvP Tour, we’ve got you covered. — What is the Arena PvP Tour? - The Arena PvP Tour is one of the game modes in the Multiplayer section. It is available to all players who have completed at least one city in the Story Mode for a chance to win the total prize pool of 90 LCs. Unlike the Friendly Match where you battle against your friends, in Arena PvP Tour, you battle against an AI that is using another player’s defence deck. This is called “Asynchronous Multiplayer Mode” and players interact with each other indirectly through their decks which are used by an opposing AI. This allows you to enjoy the gaming experience by taking on the AI that is practising another player’s strategy. In the Arena PvP Tour, you can see the name of the player whose deck you are battling against. This may help you identify the cards in this player’s deck, and their playing strategy. It’s good to keep this information in mind for the Tournaments and Friendly Matches. Here’s how to navigate and play in the Arena PvP Tour: Log in to, Check the “Deck Building” to confirm that you have a deck of 15 unique NFT cards., Click on “Home” to return to the main menu., On the Menu page, select “Multiplayer”., 5. In Multiplayer, select “PvP Tour”. 6. From the page,...

LOCGame Weekly Update — March 31, 2023

LOCGame Weekly Update — March 31, 2023 - Au revoir, March, and what a week! Any guesses for what we have been up to? This was such an amazing week for us at LOCGame. We were all up on our grind, and today, we are excited to share with you all the stuff that kept us up at night. — Overview - Game Update, Kickback Program, Magicsquare listing, Social Mentions, — Game Updates - Our game has gotten so much better even though we dare to say so ourselves. And if you have any doubts, just log in and check it out. Despite all the updates and upgrades, we are not done yet, because this week, our brilliant dev team made some cool updates to the Arena PVP Tour. Previously, the Arena PVP Tour was only available to players who had completed the story mode. That has changed. From next week, any player that has completed 2 cities in Story Mode can now play and earn more LC tokens in the Arena PvP tour., They have also implemented the Arena PvP Tour tutorial, and for players who already have access to the tour, the tutorial will be automatically executed., Some of the latest updates in the marketplace include a return tab to the store, animation of packs in tabs only on hover, and when you click on the buy button — we display it on the marketplace website., To make the purchasing of LCs earlier, they have added a plus “+” button to the header, which leads to the tab with LC packs, And we now have the bots ...

How to Signup & Purchase on the Marketplace during the Kickback Program

Hello Legend! The first step to joining the LOCGame ecosystem is by owning 15 unique collectible NFT cards. You can buy these cards as packs from our marketplace. The process is very simple, and we have created this guide to help you with each step of the way. Come along, and let’s show you how to purchase and open your packs. Navigate to your Referral Link if you were referred by a friend. Otherwise, simply visit, 2. Enter your email & click “Next”. 3. Enter a password and accept the Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions. Then click the “Sign Up” button. 4. Congrats! Your account is set up, and you can go shopping! Now click “SHOP” to go check out the NFT packs. 5. On the packs' page, choose your favourite pack. 6. Once you find your pack, click on “BUY FROM OUR MARKETPLACE”. 7. Click the dropdown to choose a currency or buy with a credit card via PayPal. You must be logged in with a wallet connected, but we will direct you if needed. Current Cryptocurrencies include ETH, USDT and LOCG. If a valid discount code is applied the discount will be shown to the right of the total. When the kickback program is in effect the estimated $LOCG kickback amount will be displayed (this is subject to fluctuation based on the exchange rate). 8. Click “BUY WITH CRYPTO”. This should open your connected wallet, MetaMask / Brave wallet. You may be prompted to switch to the Ethereum...

How to Get Your LOCGame Kickback Referral Link

Hello Legends The $LOCG Kickback Program is packed with so many amazing rewards and we cannot wait for you to grab them. The Kickback is available to all existing cardholders and new NFT collectors. One of the rewards of the program will be through the referral system where both old and new LOCGame cardholders will receive a 25% kickback in $LOCG for purchasing a new pack and another 25% kickback for simply referring a friend who buys a pack. — How the referral works - If you are an existing owner of any LOCGame card, you can participate in the Kickback program by referring your friend to make a purchase. When they complete a purchase, you will automatically receive 25% in $LOCG as your reward for the referral. If you do not have any LOCGame cards, head to our marketplace, buy a pack and you will receive 25% in $LOCG back from your purchase. After your purchase, you can refer as many friends as you want, and receive an additional 25% kickback when your friends buy a pack. All participants of the Kickback program will automatically qualify for the $1000 Grand Raffle. The valid participants will be the people who have either completed a purchase or referred a friend who bought a pack. — How to Get a Referral Link to Track Your Rewards - Go to the marketplace and sign up for new buyers or log in for existing holders., 2. Click on the email field to enter your email address and password, or log in with your Goo...

Introducing The First-Ever $LOCG Kickback Program

Dear Legends Since the beginning of LOCGame, our vision has always been to delight our community, not only through our games and products but also through meaningful rewards. It has always been on our roadmap, and now we’re glad to announce that the first-ever $LOCG Kickback Program is set to be launched very soon! — What is the $LOCG Kickback program? - The Kickback Program is an initiative for sharing our proceeds with our new and existing NFT cardholders. It is one of the ways we want to ensure that LOCGame collectors and players earn from being a part of our community. The Kickback Program is designed to serve both existing cardholders and new NFT collectors. Here are the benefits we offer for both: If you are a cardholder: You can enter the Kickback Program and refer as many friends as possible. Once a friend buys an NFT pack, both you and your friend will get a 25% Kickback in $LOCG from the NFT purchase., You will both qualify for the $1000 worth of $LOCG Raffle drawn at the end of the Kickback Program., If you are a new collector: With any NFT pack purchase you get a 25% Kickback in $LOCG., After your purchase, you can enter the Kickback Program and refer as many friends as you want to get an extra 25% kickback from every friend who buys an NFT pack., You automatically participate in the $1000 worth of $LOCG Raffle., With the Kickback Program, when you or your friends buy an NFT pack from our website, ...

LOCGame Character Spotlight Series — The Regulator

LOCGame Character Spotlight Series — The Regulator - Love them or hate them, Crypto regulators will always have their place in the crypto community. They are feared for sometimes making rules and policies that could possibly stifle innovations, but there’s no denying the fact that regulators are necessary to protect investors and consumers in a very volatile space like crypto. We acknowledge the role of regulators, and they are the inspiration for our LOCGame character, aptly named — The Regulator. Let’s meet her. — Character Analysis - The Regulator is a legendary figure in the world of LOCGame. She is known for her strict enforcement of rules. This formidable character works tirelessly to ensure that all crypto customers are protected, crypto projects are vetted for compliance, and crypto-related conflicts are dealt with fairly and justly. As a symbol of authority, the Regulator never wavers when it comes to upholding the laws and regulations they have agreed to abide by. Their adherence to due process means that all disputes will be handled swiftly and without prejudice, no matter how small or large the issue may be. — Game Play - The Regulator is an OG LOCGame character. She was introduced into the game in the Genesis pack of the Genesis Edition. She has a total card score of 40 and an overall card health of 10. She can execute a left- and bottom-side attack. The Regulator is a standard rari...

LOCGame Weekly Update — March 10, 2023

LOCGame Weekly Update — March 10, 2023 - TGIF Legends! It was a great week for us, and we hope it was for you as well. Every Friday, we bring you an update on what’s been going on with LOCGame, we would love to hear from you as well. So, head over to our community groups and let us know how your week went. Also, shout out to the legends who sustain engagement in our community. We appreciate your contributions and continued support. Thank you for your sharing your favourite memes, battle strategies, selfies, $LOCG price predictions, and so much more. Let’s keep the fire burning! — Overview - Game Updates, Website Updates, Upcoming Kickback Campaign, — Game Updates - This week, we have amazing news for our mobile gamers — the new android build is ready and uploaded to our website. Go ahead and update your mobile game to experience the latest features. We are also working on the prototype designs for a new mobile layout to test the game in vertical vs landscape mode. We hope that this will improve the game for our mobile gamers and provide more of an immersive experience. And finally, we identified and made some fixes to the bugs in the deck builder. This should make the game more stable and provide an overall smoother playing experience. — Kickback Campaign - We’re counting down to the launch of the first-ever LOCGame Kickback Program. The campaign will give all the existing cardholders...

LOCGame Character Spotlight — Metaverse Real Estate Agent

LOCGame Character Spotlight — Metaverse Real Estate Agent - Say hello to the LOCGame Metaverse Real Estate Agent, the go-to expert in buying and selling virtual properties within Cryptise City. She’s got the knowledge and skills to help her clients make informed decisions when it comes to their LOCGame investments, negotiating deals and providing sound advice on how to maximize value from their LOCGame assets. She helps her clients navigate the complex world of virtual property ownership, negotiating deals and ensuring that transactions are secure. She will also provide advice on how to maximize the value of virtual assets, such as by building custom structures or creating engaging experiences for visitors. But she’s not just a savvy businesswoman — she can also fight hard for her clients with powerful left and right-side attacks! Despite her impressive fighting abilities, however, she does have one weakness: stronger cards can destroy her. So if you’re looking for an experienced LOCGame property agent who won’t back down from a challenge, look no further than the Metaverse Real Estate Agent! — Fighting Abilities and Gameplay - She can execute a left and right-side attack, Weakness — She can be destroyed from the top and bottom and by cards with stronger left and right sides., Total card health of 20, Available only in Standard rarity, The Metaverse Real Estate Agent is an Awakening Ed...

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