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LOCG Price:
$99.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$1.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #LOCG today is $0.013 USD.

The lowest LOCG price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.013, and the exact current price of one LOCG crypto coin is $0.01325.

The all-time high LOCG coin price was $0.63.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of LOCG with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for LOCGame crypto currency is #LOCG.

LOCGame is 1.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for LOCGame is $1,429,573.

LOCGame is ranking downwards to #833 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest today for #LOCG.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for LOCGame is $99,787.


The circulating supply of LOCG is 107,851,658 coins, which is 73% of the total coin supply.


LOCG is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


LOCG is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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The Iris Opening Campaign is here!

Dear Legends, As previously announced, the new Awakening Season of LOCGame has been launched with a plethora of new features. It’s your time now to get access to this exciting season! To do this, you’ll have to meet a new hero who will be your exclusive pass to the game in the Awakening Season. Introducing, Iris! — Who is Iris? - Iris is a new LOCGame hero who’s set to perform a plethora of roles in the Awakening Season & beyond. Like other characters, she’s set to be minted as an NFT card that can be used within the game — but that’s where the similarities stop. Unlike other cards, Iris performs two very important functions: The pass into the Awakening Season: The card is used to access the game and its numerous new features. Without the Iris card, no one can play LOCGame in this season., Your Guide: Iris will be your coach during the in-game tutorial and help you navigate the new features., — “The Iris Opening” Campaign - “The Iris Opening” is a new campaign in which we will distribute daily Iris cards to members of our community, so they can access the game. Its name was coined from the participant’ ability to “open” the door into “The Awakening” 😉 The Iris Opening begins today, the 6th of October 2022 and ends at the end of this month (31/10). We will give away 10 Iris cards every weekday through our social media and community channels such as Telegram and Discord. ...

LOCG Character Spotlight: Airdrop Collector

Hello, Legends! Welcome to October. It is another Wednesday, and you know what that means — our LOCGame character spotlight series. We’re back again, but this time, we will be exploring the stories of the new and exclusive characters that can only be found in the Starter Pack and Story Mode packs of the Awakening Season. In case you missed it, the new Awakening Season is ongoing. We’re particularly excited for this season because we have many new cool characters to play with. This week, our community voted to beam the spotlight on one of our brand new characters -the Airdrop Collector. Let’s do this! — Character Analysis - The Airdrop collector is a LOCGame character inspired by people who have amassed a fortune in cryptocurrencies and NFTs by collecting free airdrops from various projects. He is a 23-year-old degen who dedicates his days to scouring Twitter, Reddit and Discord for new and promising projects. He understands that with airdrops, timing is crucial and has mastered the strategy of seeking the right projects at the right time. Many crypto and NFT projects give out free tokens as part of their marketing strategy to have users interact with their products and create awareness. The Airdrop Collector leverages this to collect and amass various tokens and coins which he then flips for profit or exchanges. For the really promising projects, he HODLs them. — Card Strength - You too can channel yo...

LOCGame Weekly Update: September 30th

Hello, Legends! It’s time for another weekly update — and this week we have MAJOR news to unpack. This is where we get the chance to tell you what we worked on during the week, and the progress recorded, so let’s get into it! — Overview - LOCGame goes to Token 2049, Message from the CEO, Awakening Season is LIVE, New LOCGame Website, They Talk about LOCG, — LOCGame goes to Token 2049 - This week, our CEO, Mik Mironov is attending the Token2049 event in Singapore. It is a global event that brings together the crypto community and leading web3 companies to share their views on the market. Mik will be flying the LOCGame flag high at the event. If you’re reading this from Singapore, please stop by to say hello. — Message from the Mik - This week, Mik shared a message with the LOCGame community appreciating everyone for their support and for being a part of our journey so far. He reminisced on the early days and the overall progress recorded. Read the full message here. — Awakening Season - Legends, this week, we launched the Awakening Season. This is the Early Access mid-season ahead of the upcoming Season 1. The Awakening season has the following features: - New Story Mode with +20 new characters and packs! - Friendly Matches that let you play against friends in wager mode or for free - Arena PvP games to test your skills against other players - All Packs are now available on the...

LOCGame Weekly Update: September 23rd

Hello, Legends! Another week has come and gone, and honestly, it feels as though the month of September has been in a bit of a hurry. Wasn’t it only yesterday that we were gearing up for it, and now, we are already wrapping things up and are in such high spirits? For us at LOCGame, this was especially a great week, and yeah, we are patting ourselves on the back. Not only did we get to finally check off so much great stuff that we’ve been working on for a while now, but we are also thrilled that some of them are finally out there for you to share. What are those, you may be wondering? Come find out! — Overview - Game updates, Metaverse updates, New Crypto Rebel website, They talk about LOCG, Let’s dive in! — Game updates - A little throwback on the LOCGame shows just how much improvement has been achieved. We still can’t get over this new look and feel. We hope this rewards your patience and support as a community for our project. This week, our game dev team doubled down on the progress so far and has achieved the following major changes; Rating progress change animation after arena battle;, Avatars implemented, Damage hint and card moving VFX, Rating Leagues icons, Card rarity effects if the battle, Story Mode Tutorial, Metamask authorization errors validation, VFX corrections in battle, Localization and font fixes, Login flow fixes, In-game packs purchase and opening fixes, UI minor corr...

LOCGame Weekly Update: September 16th

Hello Legends, Cheers to the post-merge world! We are on the edge of another weekend, and that is more than enough reason to be excited. In keeping with our usual Friday tradition, we’re happy to bring you updates on all the stuff that we have been working on lately. Come with us! Overview Game Updates, Metaverse Updates, Marketplace updates, They talk about LOCG, How to cruise like a legend, Let’s dive in! Game update Major props to our amazing dev team who kept at it and delivered on most of our pressing tasks. This week, we achieved the following; Implemented in-game store with special offers, all existing packs, LC purchasing, Implemented LC to LOCG exchange, Implemented more Tutorials, updated battle tips, Implemented trophy road for arena, Improvements with MetaMask interactions, UI updates, Implementation of visual effects, and bug fixes., Please note that the latest updates above are currently in the development environment. They will be implemented in production very soon and available at your fingertips to enjoy some cool battles! Metaverse updates — Cryptise city! We’re glad to announce that we are almost wrapping things up with the Cryptise new website! This will provide you with the feel of what to expect in the future, and the ability to Explore the 2D map with all buildings and areas., Visit our blog to read more details about the features, tokenomics, buildings and our first land sale...

LOCGame Weekly Update: September 9th

Hello Legends! It’s been an exciting week for us at LOCGame. This week, as always we had to juggle multiple dope things, all at once. It’s safe to say that we’re cooking so much big stuff and just can’t wait to share them all with you. While we’ll still sit still on some of them, we will be sharing some snippets of what you should be expecting from us in the coming days and weeks. *Spoiler alert, there’s an awesome TikTok video at the end. Overview Game updates, Cryptise updates, New Twitter Community, New look, still Rebel!, They talk about LOCG, Let’s dive in! 👇 — Game updates - Our development team has been hard at work determined to take the game to the next level. At the moment, we’re working on: Full implementation of the in-game,, Seamlessc LC to LOCG conversion,, UI updates and adjustments,, PvP tour logic,, Battle logic adjusmtents,, Deck builder adjustments,, Login user flow adjustments, Web 3 logins via Wallet Conntect / Metamask,, Friendly match LC stake (betting system) UI and logic adjustments, — New Twitter Community - Legends, we have a new place to hang out — Our Twitter Community! We created this new space in addition to our already existing channels to be closer to you because wherever our legends are, so will we. This new place will not replace our Telegram and Discord channels, it is an additional space to keep in touch and have fun. We look forward to seeing...

LOCGame Weekly Update: September 2nd

Hello, Legends! Welcome to September. How time flies. It’s safe to say that the new month is already off to a great start because we are already making the news for being one of the top play-to-earn games in the industry. Of course, this feat would not be possible without the support of our community, and for that, we remain grateful. As usual, we have a lot to share with you in today’s weekly update, so grab a seat and get comfortable! Overview Game updates, Metaverse updates, Season 0 Staking ended, rewards distributed and NFT Winners, We got featured, They talk about LOCG, Let’s dive in! Game updates Legends, we are excited to announce that our Metamask login integration is finally completed! Moving forward, you will be required to access the game using only your Metamask wallet. We also moved to a new client and server. The arena, LC coin and friendly matches with betting are all completed. These updates are now finalized in development environment and will be implemented in production environment soon. On the marketplace, we have fixed the glitch with the ReCaptcha process and special thanks to our community members for giving their feedback. For those of you who might wonder for new upcoming NFT packs, we glad to announce that a new pack will be added in our Apollo collection called the “Starter Pack”. It is specially designed for new players to get started in the game with 15 unique NFT cards and for our...

LOCGame Character Spotlight: Bitboy

YouTube has become the home for everyone searching for crypto-related information. This is because of the content creators who have and continue to dedicate their time and resources to educating and informing people about the happenings in the crypto space. In today’s spotlight series, we will meet the man who has become one of the world’s biggest crypto YouTube content creators and the inspiration for our Bitboy LOCGame card. Character Analysis Popularly known in the crypto community as Bitboy, Ben Armstrong is an alt finance enthusiast and investor. He is also a crypto YouTube content creator with 1.44 million subscribers. Ben is one of the early adopters of Bitcoin. He started out as an investor in the apex coin, and by 2018, he was creating daily content on his YouTube channel. As the channel grew, so did his authority as an influential voice in the community. He found fame as a YouTuber by creating what people consider to be sensationalist content ranging from news, market analysis, and interviews with other controversial players in crypto. Bitboy has hosted several big names on his platform including the late John MacAffe, Justin Sun, Charles Hoskinson and Naomi Brockwell. Bitboy also runs the website where he shares updates, insights and trends. He also provides some trading fundamentals making him a reliable source for many newcomers. From his activities, he has amassed a healthy social media fol...

LOCGame Weekly Update: August 26th

Hello, Legends Happy Friday! Starting today, we’re beginning the countdown to the 888th hour of the ongoing Season 0 — Apollo Heights staking program. It’s almost 792 hours since we locked in our tokens and really can’t wait for the rewards. Keep reading for more on that and all the updates from the week that just ended. Overview Game updates, Metaverse updates, Season 0 — Apollo Heights staking program countdown, Social mentions, Let’s dive in! Game updates Recent updates show that our team has been working on the arena, in-game store, and tokenomy. They have also fixed some bugs which will provide a more enjoyable gaming experience. We’re also working on the Daily rewards UI, and Friends list UI. Updates on the tutorial and story mode updates are in progress and will be completed and deployed by next week. Metaverse Updates We have some cool new visuals from Cryptise City, check them out. This week, we worked on the prototype of new locations and will share them alongside the 2D map. We currently upgrading the Cryptise website, please be on the lookout for that. We’re still working on the Cryptise whitepaper and tokenomics. Season 0- Apollo Heights Staking program — Maturity coming soon Congratulations, Legends. We’re almost at the end of season 0 — Apollo heights staking program. The staking period ends on Tuesday, August 30th. Be sure to un-stake to claim your rewards at the end...

LOCGame Character Spotlight: Infamous Hacker

Hello Legends Security breaches and hacks are not uncommon in the crypto community. Since 2011, hackers have devised several ways to compromise and attack crypto holders. There’s no slowing down. This year, it is reported that nearly $2 billion has been lost so far to exploits caused by hackers. As we have already established, it is not all sunshine and butterflies in the crypto community, it can get dark as well. While the legends put in the hard work of making crypto safe, others are simply up to no good. The infamous activities of these players continue to cast a grey shadow on the community. But that was to be expected where there are some positives, there will also be some negatives. These attackers are the reason why security and decentralization remain at the core of all Crypto projects. Today, our LOCGame character in focus is inspired by the nefarious players constantly on the lookout for wallets to exploit. Let’s meet the Infamous Hacker. Character Analysis The Infamous Hacker is one of the most notorious cybercriminals in the history of Crypto. He has had several run-ins with the government and was once arrested while partying in Ibiza. He is a career criminal who started out by hacking into small computers and systems. At 16, he had learned how to build viruses that crippled computer networks. At 20, he was first arrested for creating an email spamming bot that infected several computers and stole data from...

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