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LGCY Network  


LGCY Price:
$12.6 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #LGCY today is $0.000170 USD.

The lowest LGCY price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000170, and the exact current price of one LGCY crypto coin is $0.00016960.

The all-time high LGCY coin price was $0.90.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of LGCY with market cap of BTC and how the supply of LGCY affects the price at different market capitalizations.


The code for LGCY Network crypto currency is #LGCY.

LGCY Network is 3.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for LGCY Network is $2,087,063.

LGCY Network is ranking downwards to #1427 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #LGCY.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for LGCY Network is $12,618.


The circulating supply of LGCY is 12,305,592,497 coins, which is 12% of the maximum coin supply.

Relatively, LGCY Network has a large supply of coins, 559 times larger than Bitcoin's supply, for example.


LGCY is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


LGCY is available on at least one crypto currency exchange.

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The “Blow Your Socks Off” Giveaway

When LGCY Network began we set out with the intention to run things better than the typical way projects had been being run. Without a roadmap we followed much of the same pattern in terms of asset allocation and token numbers. But we quickly realized that much of those numbers were unnecessary and sometimes even unfair. Initially we created founders wallets because that’s what other projects were doing, but decided that if the founders were going to own tokens they would buy them just like everyone else. As such neither one of the founders have taken any allocation or draw any pay whatsoever from running the project. We decided that in order to prove our commitment to the community we would begin this process by burning all of the tokens in one of the wallets. The burning of these nearly 1 billion tokens was a huge step in proving to the community that we don’t operate like other projects. Step two of this process has now arrived. In another showing to the community that we mean business we are formally launching a 1 year community gratitude campaign. From the second wallet we will be running two competitions. 260 million tokens will be given out in 5 million token wallets weekly over the next year. If you are a loyal holder who can prove to us that you have held LGCY for over one year, you will be invited to a special Telegram group and entered into the competition. To be eligible for the weekly competition you must A....

The LGCY Developer Hub

LGCY has just released the first iteration of its Developer Hub. This is a major step forward for LGCY’s developers and partners to be able to develop on the network! Welcome to the LGCY developer hub. You’ll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with LGCY as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck.

LGCY x Paction Announcement

We’re excited to announce our partnership with LGCY Network! Leveraging LGCY Network’s L1 blockchain energizes our disruptive music contract management and royalty NFT systems with cheaper and faster smart contract and NFT deployments, allowing us to get artists paid in the Web3 era. — About Paction - Paction’s mission is to establish a standard for digital legal contracts and smart contracts allowing the music industry to collaborate on a shared blockchain solution that can integrate and replace traditional paper-based systems. Paction will introduce the music business to a Web3 infrastructure that removes costs associated with traditional contract management, improving the transparency, credibility, and speed of royalty transactions. Paction components: Contract management and smart-contract transformation enable the digitization of legal contracts. All legal agreements on Paction are briefed. For users, the briefs present complicated legal agreements in an easy-to-read format, but Paction Briefs are actually smart contracts that turn the elements that are the basis of all royalty transactions into executable code. This creates a modern, modular, and data-driven smart-contract which powers automatic payment execution and settlement on the LGCY blockchain., Royalty term extraction and NFT creation allow for the tokenization of participation rights contained within a smart-contract, providing direct ownership for ...

LGCY AMA Summary and Transcript — June 30, 2022

LGCY Network Telegram AMA Summary and TranscriptSummary In this AMA, LGCY Network Co-Founder Justin Waia’u answers questions from the community about development progress, the LGCY Native Wallet Extension, GB staking, marketing, internal structure, USDL liquidity, rewards, USDL airdrop, roadmap, and more. In particular, Justin addressed many questions about progress, timelines, and the mainnet launch, assuring the community that LGCY’s priority is longevity, stability, and network quality.Part 1 Note: This transcript has been edited for grammar, style, clarity, and readability. Sig: We have a great community. The community has been patient and is eager to learn more. Mods can see the team working behind the scenes, but it’s not always easy for the community to understand what’s going on with the project. We want this AMA to be focused on the community and to allow for as many questions as possible to be asked and answered. Part 1 will be focused on preselected questions. Part 2, many community members have submitted their questions and Justin is prepared to answer the questions submitted in advance. Mods have gathered wide and far as well as combed through them to ensure we don’t post repetitive questions. Thank you Justin for joining us today and taking the time to answer questions from the community. We’ll get started with an easy first question. Justin: Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in. Sig: Q0: If you choke a S...

Bittrex Global x LGCY Network AMA Transcript

Streamed Live on 13th April, 2022 Parties Present: Jason Park, Head of Business Development for Bittrex Global Justin Waiau, Co-Founder of LGCY Network Note: This AMA transcript has been edited for grammar, clarity, and readability.Introduction and Background JP: We really appreciate you joining the podcast today, and we are super excited about listing you guys, continuing the dialogue, and really learning more about your token and your team. JW: Thanks for having us, and we are really excited to be part of the Bittrex family now. JP: Yeah absolutely. So for our AMAs, we source questions from both our Bittrex Global and the broader crypto communities for your listing, so let’s dive in. So to kick things off, we always like to learn a little bit about our guest and hear your story, so can you tell our audience what gave you the idea to create this unique project? JW: Kind of in a nutshell, it’s a long story for sure. We started trading, we had a trading group with me, Wes Wade, and some of the other guys who are involved in the project, and we believed in crypto and the blockchain and all the things we wanted to invest with. We wanted to be maximalists about it, we really believed in the projects. Personally, I started in import and export, what drew me to blockchain was being able to send funds overseas immediately, and settle without the need for a third-party. So that’s how I came in, and we had this group trying...

LGCY Network Development Update #14

Development Update: 25th April, 2022LGCY Network Development Update #14Summary Overview We’ve got a huge bumper update for you with some exciting details, starting with key updates about the long-anticipated wallet extension, product teasers, and important developments. We’ve also got links to recent exclusive AMAs, notable publicity, and some hot networking and partnership news. We’re also really excited to report on the Hotbit LRC-20 integration — a real coup for LGCY Network as our first CEX native token integration, which should bring the community even greater utility.ContentsWallet Extension ReleaseTechnical Information UpdateHotbit LRC-20 IntegrationPublicity and MarketingJustin Attends NFT¦LABittrex Marketing CampaignsApril AMAsCommunity Questions: You Asked, We AnsweredDecentralized Future1. Wallet Extension Release We are so excited to announce that the LGCY wallet extension (mobile version) will be released by early May or sooner. The LGCY wallet extension (web version) is planned to be released in Q2. You will be able to grab the mobile-friendly wallet extension on the Block Explorer website when it’s available. We plan to make this wallet downloadable from the app store and Google play in the future. In the meantime, you will be able to access it from your browser with full functionality. Here’s a sneak peak:Wallet Extension mobile version2. Technical Information Update More good news: you...

LGCY Network Development Update # 13

Development Update: 19th March, 2022LGCY Network Development Update #13Summary Overview This development update contains a lot of exciting information. It is the start of great things in the pipeline from LGCY Network. We know the Jan 23, 2022 update was a bit optimistic, so from now on, we will be sticking to the estimated timelines on the DAC Roadmap.ContentsTechnical InformationMarketing UpdateBittrex Global/Bittrex ListingCommunity Hero AwardsCommunity Questions — You Asked, We Answered.LGCY Network1. Technical Information A) Node Software: Node software will be released shortly. It is complete, and we are finishing the final tests and in-house audits. B) GB Docs: As above with the node software, these docs are almost complete. We are finalizing them before their release. Please standby for the announcement for items A and B.2. Marketing Update LGCY Network is featured by “New to the Street.” Marketing has started, since LGCY Network is now a working product. (There is more to come on the utility front.) Justin was in NYC filming a TV segment to be broadcast on BLOOMBERG, FOX BUSINESS, NEWSMAX TV, and others! Stay tuned for more exciting marketing announcements! Here is the full Newsmax segment. The interview starts at 9.48 mins in the video.3. Bittrex Global/Bittrex Listing We have fantastic news about this listing — providing another advancement along on the roadmap. Trading went live on the Bi...

Community Hero Awards: Winners Circle

March 12th, 2022. — To celebrate the launch of Neon Supernova we are pleased to announce the results of our Community Hero Awards aiming to drive increased organic exposure of our digital marketing campaign. Through the course of 2022 we have a range of Marketing Events planned to help drive awareness and adoption of LGCY Network. The Community Hero Awards represent an opportunity for our community to get involved and drive organic reach to new audiences. In total we are distributing $2500 worth of LGCY tokens to the winners. Submissions were reviewed by a cross section of our team and advisory group. Based on the submissions received we have selected 3 winners whose contributions we felt most worthy of recognition. We would like to announce the following winners: Joint 1st: Providing Clarity Joint 1st: Die_Langeee Runner Up: Twitter @aduakaj Telegram @paullo240 To our two winners awarded joint first place we are awarding $1000 each worth of $LGCY tokens. While our Runner up is awarded $500 worth of LGCY tokens. Our winners worked collaboratively to drive awareness of the protocol including developing video content, social media awareness across YouTube, Twitter and Telegram and also hosted a competition. The video by Providing Clarity can be found here: As well as a raft of exposure on twitter including example from Die_Langeee below;  — @die_langeee And from our Runner Up who supported...

LGCY Network Development Update # 12

Development Update: 20th February, 2022LGCY Network Development Update #12Summary Overview We’re into the sixth week of public access to the (soon to be) best network around. The LGCY Network community is growing, and people are as engaged as ever. The team is working hard and working through the roadmap. As with any new venture, there are growing pains; however, the issues are being addressed as efficiently as possible. Anyone who is still experiencing issues with staking or swapping from ERC-20 to LRC-20, remember to clear the cache and your cookies, check if you have USDL to cover the gas fees (for staking), and use the recommended Chrome browser. The blockchain is being updated frequently, so check back if you’re having issues. Thanks everyone for your continuous support. We’ve got a lot to release in the coming weeks and months!ContentsCo-founder Justin Waiau announced his Team Allocation Token BurnThird-Party Wallet Extensions and CEX IntegrationsCommunity Block Explorer / Wallet UI DirectionOnboarding GBs by the end of March (tentative)API UpdatesCommunity QuestionsLGCY Network1. Co-founder Justin Waiau Announces Team Allocation Token Burn The big news in February: LGCY Network Co-founder Justin Waiau burned 1B $LGCY tokens. Justin stated: “There is still a lot of work to do, but now that @LGCYNetwork mainnet has officially launched I’ve decided to burn my token allocation of about 1 billion. This is a bi...

LGCY Network: Neon SuperNova

Welcome to your decentralized future. — Over the last 18 months the LGCY Network team have been hard at work building SuperNova, a world class blockchain protocol delivering lightening fast speeds at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. In 2022, we realised the dream. — 2022 Digital Marketing Campaign. — Whilst SuperNova is now live and operational we recognize that to deliver our long term goals we need to accelerate awareness and adoption to support the long term sustainable growth of LGCY Network. We have always held the belief that Marketing should be focused after our primary build stage was completed, to ensure that we had a working product and clear value proposition for new community members and developers alike. Whilst we continue to refine & build our protocol, we believe that the time is right to bring a new generation of LGCY Community into the ecosystem, in particular building greater exposure across the developer communities. As such, we are proud to launch our 2022 Marketing Campaign, ‘NEON SUPERNOVA’ which celebrates the execution of our MainNet, and invites the broader blockchain communities to experience the new lightening fast network. — Meet ‘Neon SuperNova’. — A new media feature Neon Supernova, a digital TVC release, will spearhead the campaign, symbolizing our collective journey to build & launch the LGCY Network SuperNova MainNet. Throughout 2022 we wi...

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