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Leonicorn Swap  


LEOS Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.7 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #LEOS today is $0.0000880 USD.

The lowest LEOS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.0000880, and the exact current price of one LEOS crypto coin is $0.00008805.

The all-time high LEOS coin price was $715.

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The code for Leonicorn Swap crypto currency is #LEOS.

Leonicorn Swap is 1.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Leonicorn Swap is $2,659.

Leonicorn Swap is ranking downwards to #1918 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is unknown today for #LEOS.


The circulating supply of LEOS is 30,196,427 coins, which is 30% of the total coin supply.


LEOS is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


LEOS has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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$leons Token Core Utility In Leonicorn Ecosystem

LEONS is the core utility token of the Leonicorn Ecosystem. Following the DEN exploit, the Team created a new token with more functionality for the Leonicorn Ecosystem. As a result, the previous ecosystem tokens will be exchanged for LEON. LEOS holders will swap for LEONS at a 1:2.8 ratio, and LEON holders can claim LEONS at a 10:1 ratio — How the Team designed new tokens and token economic. — The Leonicorn Team decided to launch LEONS with a much lower initial supply by scaling down LEON supply from 4B to 400M for LEONS on a 10:1 Ratio. To ensure everyone maintained token value prior to the exploit, the Team set $LEONS starting price at $0.047. Furthermore, the Team is adding several essential features to LEONS that will improve our Ecosystem's overall security and robustness. Below are the functionalities and utility of the LEONS token: — Whitelist and Blacklist. — When the Team transferred liquidity from LEOS to LEON, we observed some were trying to cheat by buying LEOS cheap with the intention of swapping for LEON and thus gaining an undue advantage. To prevent this, all addresses were whitelisted to exclude those who purchased cheap LEOS before the LEOS to LEON token merge. Similarly, following the exploit of the DEN and the hacker selling LEON on our DEX, many users bought cheap tokens on the market. To ensure such people cannot exchange the LEON they purchased at the 10:1 ratio, all such...

Leonicorn Swap Future Plan after Exploit

How did the exploit happen on Leonicorn ecosystem? The hacking incident Our Team successfully rolled out the process of merging our ecosystem tokens into one token on January 4th 2023. The launch of our GameFi and reward-sharing system on January 5th 2023, followed this. Launching our GameFi and reward-sharing system required that we fund our DEN with $LEON, $BUSD, $BNB and $ZBG. Unfortunately, on the same day of the launch of our reward-sharing model, a malicious actor managed to gain access and clean out all the tokens in our DEN(Reward Pool). This included 360M $LEON, Around 22k $BUSD, 450 $BNB, and 10k worth of $ZBC. The malicious actor immediately sold all the $LEON tokens stolen on our DEX and thus drained our liquidity pool. The sell-off of the stolen $LEON tokens resulted in about a 95% price drop. Below are the details of how the hacker succeeded: Our DEX and Devdex environment had the following React property enabled by default (this is enabled by default for all React apps, even apps like PCS): GENERATE_SOURCEMAP We suspect that the hacker could use a debugger to access the source code of our frontend via both devdex and our dex to search for our private keys used to access our backend. This exposed our backend API’s authentication key, allowing the hacker to call our backend to get access to our Den wallet’s private key used to interact with the payment wallet autonomously. The code has since then been obfu...

Leonicorn Gamefi Faq

How to Play Dice? A guide on playing Dice Game on Leonicorn What is Dice Game? Dice is a luck-based game where in every roll, a random number is generated between 0.00 and 100.00. To win, you can choose if the result will be over or under a reference number. If you are correct, you win a multiplier of your bet based on the chance you choose. The highest chance is Over 4 or Under 96, where the chance to win is 94%, and the multiplier for the win is x1.0126, the bet amount., The lowest chance is Over 96 or Under 4, where the chance to win is 4%, and the multiplier for the win is x24.624, the bet amount., What currencies can I use to play the Dice game? You can play with $LEON, $BUSD, $BNB $ZBC. More currencies will be added in due course. How do you deposit to play Dice Games? Having launched the Dice game, click on “wallet” followed by “Deposit” from the resulting pop-up menu. Click on the drop-down dialog box to choose the crypto you want to deposit (step 3), enter the amount of tokens (step 4) and click on “Deposit) to complete How to play Dice? You need to know a few important things about Dice, and we will explain them. Each number in the list will match the explanation of the function in the image of what the number is pointing at Token selector: selects the crypto you want to play the dice game with, Token balance: displays the current balance of the selected token, Prediction: your predicted numbe...

LEON Series A Public Round Fundraising on KANGA EXCHANGE

The Leonicorn Team has been working tirelessly to deliver everything outlined in our roadmap. In particular, everyone is expecting the launch of our much-anticipated industry-first MineFi and our reward-sharing model. Our ability to continue to deliver on our roadmap and achieve our shared vision of creating value that genuinely benefits all stakeholders requires good funding. For this reason, we are holding a particular fundraising round on the Kanga exchange on December 20, 2022, at 10:00 UTC. Below are the details for the particular fundraising round: Details: IEO Date: 20/12/2022 10:00 UTC Hard Cap: $500,000 Price per Token: $0.002 (representing a 50% discount on the current average price) Min. Investment: 100 USD Max. Investment: 30,000 USD Vesting: 10% TGE, 1-month cliff followed by a daily release in 9 months Available cryptocurrencies: USDT, USDC, oPLN, or oEUR Mainnet: Binance Smart Chain What is the special fundraising expected to achieve?The special fundraising round is expected to help the Team raise $500,000 to support the operations of the Leonicorn ecosystem. This money will help the Team achieve several things, such as:1. Provide the backup Reward funding necessary to run a sustainable MineFi scheduled to be launched on January 5, 2023.2. Make available additional funding to support the LEON liquidity pool to make it deeper and thus less volatile.3. By invigorating Leonicorn ecosystem activities, mor...

Aptos vs Sui: The Battle of top Layer 1 Blockchain

The last crypto rally was the golden time for layer 1 blockchains. We saw Solana, Cosmos, and Algorand at their peak. They were some best Layer 1 projects with high TPS. But this high TPS come with the price of security and scalability. Recently we saw a hack in Solana. That's why Layer 1 projects like Aptos and Sui come to the market. Aptos and Sui are developed in the Move programming language, which is Rust based. Move gives Aptos and Sui high scalability, speed and security. The results of the collaboration between former Diem employees were Sui and Aptos. Together, these chains represent the results of years of research into the scalability of distributed ledgers and have made substantial progress in the previous six months. — Programming Language. — Aptos and Sui developed Move, a Rust-based programming language. Move differs from other programming languages due to its enriched resource and linear logic. Sui's version of Move uses an object-centric model. That's why all NFTs, smart contracts and tokens in Sui can be represented as objects. At the same time, Aptos's version of Move follows Diem's Whitepaper. In the design approach, simple transfer needs two ledgers—one for the sender and one for the recipient. In Sui's version of Move, when an object is owned or shared, it is evident in blockchain, but that does not happen in Aptos. — Founders and Partners. — The Aptos ...

Leonicorn Swap community AMA questions — TEAM’S RESPONSE

Leonicorn Swap community AMA questions — TEAM’S RESPONSE - 1. Did the team consider doing a snapshot + airdrop for the merge Instead of a manual one? If yes — why did you choose to take the other route? Yes, we considered this option but opted for the approach we are using because we believe that to be the optimal approach for us. For starters airdropping the tokens will mean holders will keep the airdropped LEON and their original LEOS. This creates the possibility for some people to attempt to scam others with the LEOS in circulation. Additionally people can freely move their LEOS around after a snapshot, and this can create potential problems when sending LEON as airdrop. 2. For the community, if people who have come away from crypto for their health and due to it being a bear market, when they come back and if they hold Leo’s, will they be given the same ratio of 1:28 if they contact team and prove wallets holding? We encourage everyone to swap their LEOS for LEON within the stipulated time which will be announced. However, there will be opportunities to review every case for a late token swap on a case by case basis. 3. With caves Leon for leon, will we see low % apy to ensure we are not giving more Leon than what we are burning/using in games etc. We always strive to balance the LEON emission rate to ensure it is commensurate with prevailing ecosystem conditions. Given the current market conditions ...

The Two Become One: Leos Merger With Leon Token

The Leonicorn Team has from the onset been committed to creating an ecosystem which will benefit all participants for years to come. We have always strived for innovation while maintaining a flexibility which allows us to respond quickly to changing crypto industry dynamics in ways that puts our ecosystem ahead of the curve. After careful assessment of what the Team wanted to achieve, we previously settled on a two token model as the ideal option to help us attain our objectives. Over the past year we have made significant changes and adaptations which are now putting our two token model at odds with our quest for efficient ecosystem management and value creation. Some of the important issues we have been facing with our dual token model are as follows: 1) Difficulty in assigning unique utilities for both tokens — with our current architecture it has become increasingly difficult to assign unique utilities to both tokens in a way that justify the need for two tokens. 2) Liquidity pool management issues — we have observed that the price transmission mechanism for LEOS and LEON have been largely negative, with both tokens tending to drag each other’s price down. Furthermore, the need to manage two ecosystem Liquidity Pools has not proven to be efficient use of our resources. 3) Undesirable community dynamic — we have observed that because some community members hold more of one token or the other and they ...

Leonicorn Swap community AMA questions — TEAM’S RESPONSE

Leonicorn Swap community AMA questions — TEAM’S RESPONSE - 1) Will we have not only Referral Codes but also Referral Links? Yes, we are looking to add referral links as well. The reason we didn’t go with links initially for referrals is because it’s an off-chain on-chain hybrid product, so you need to be connected to the DEX to use it. Meaning you’d need to copy and paste the link in a Dapp browser on mobile for it to work. You can’t follow the link directly from Twitter for instance on mobile cause it will most likely open on your phone’s default browser, making it look like referrals don’t work 2) How will we make sure that the den will be safe from hack? It has always been part of our practice to prioritize security for any feature we roll out and it will be no different for the DEN. All smart contracts will be thoroughly vetted for any vulnerabilities before we launch. 3) For lottery, will gas fees be improved so you don’t need to pay gas on each ticket bought? This was a big issue for adoption last time Lottery will be off-chain based, so you’ll be able to use your off-chain wallet to play. You’ll need to deposit funds to your off-chain wallet which will cost gas fees but playing lottery itself won’t cost any additional gas fees. 4) I think we should stop the emission of Leon till launch as people selling, those who are earning from caves with Leos staking! Leos is still above presale p...

Leonicorn Ecosystem Referral Program Goes Live!

The much anticipated referral program for Leonicorn Ecosystem is now live. From the beginning it has been part of the driving force of the Leonicorn Team to create value and to ensure all ecosystem participants benefit from the value created. Over the past year our community, affectionately called the #LEOSARMY, have been a source of tremendous support and ally in all our pursuits. Consequently, the Leonicorn Team has always sought innovative ways to create and share more value with our community. This inspired the creation of our industry first revenue sharing model, wherein all revenues generated on our ecosystem are put in a pool (DEN) and a proportion shared with all CUBS holders daily. All ecosystem activities, with the exception of staking & adding liquidity, generate CUBS tokens based on the Dollar volumes of such activities. Staking and providing liquidity are exempted because there is LEON token reward for them already. By launching our referral program prior to the launch of our revenue sharing system, we are giving the perfect opportunity to the #LEOSARMY to build their affiliates and be in the position to have optimum benefits from the revenue sharing model. What is the reward from the referral system? The reward for the referral system is CUBS tokens. Everyone will automatically earn 5% of the CUBS tokens generated from the activities of their affiliates. For example if your affiliates generate a combined 1...

Futures Trading: Win 4,000 USDT Lucky Draw on Leonicorn Swap!

Leonicorn Swap and ApolloX are excited to launch a lucky draw event with a total prize pool of 4,000 USDT for users who trade futures on Leonicorn Swap! More details below. Promotion Period 11 July 2022, 00:00 (UTC) — 24 July 2022, 23:59 (UTC) Eligible Users All new & existing futures traders from Leonicorn Swap Reward Structure ● Win a total prize pool of 4,000 USDT when you trade futures at least 3 times a week on Leonicorn Swap ● Winners will be selected on a weekly basis: How to Win Rewards ● The eligible prize per winner will be determined by your total trading volume over the promotion period ○ For example, if you trade 90,000 USDT during the promotion period and fulfil the other requirements, you will have a chance to win 80 USDT ● The campaign will last for 2 weeks with 4,000 USDT rewards in total ● Trade any amount for at least 3 days in a week to be eligible for the lucky drawTrade Now! Terms & Conditions ● Only users who meet all the requirements will be qualified for the rewards ● Rewards distribution: ○ Winners will receive their rewards in their futures wallet within 14 business days after the end of the campaign period ● Leonicorn Swap and ApolloX reserve the right to disqualify trades that are deemed to be wash trades, illegal bulk account registrations, self-dealing, or display attributes of market manipulation, etc. ● Leonicorn Swap and ApolloX reserve the right to canc...

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