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LEND Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$27.7 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #LEND today is $0.76 USD.

The lowest LEND price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.764, and the current live price for one LEND coin is $0.76449.

The all-time high LEND coin price was $6.63.

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The code for Aave crypto currency is #LEND.

Aave is 4.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Aave is $27,719,186.

Aave is ranked #1104 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is weak during the past 24 hours for #LEND.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Aave is $641.


The circulating supply of LEND is 36,258,446 coins, which is 3% of the maximum coin supply.


LEND has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

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Aave Price Action: Bearish Pull Forces AAVE To Resist Drop To $74 Level

    AAVE has been showing hints of recovery today which is quite the opposite of its figures a few hours ago. AAVE shows signs of recovery as price climbs by 7.35% Coin generally bearish but the bulls are now attempting to take over AAVE breaches $77.53 level This could be due to the general crypto market recovering too as of press time. Will this be for long term? The coin has been generally bearish as it resist falling into the $74 level. Key support is now spotted at the $73.65 level and resistance is present at $77. 52. Evidently, AAVE is seen to be moving downhill earlier as it failed miserably in breaching the $77.53 level. At this point AAVE is treading the bearish route for short term. Judging by the 1-day price analysis, it is moving downwards as triggered by the uptick in selling pressure. If the selling pressure subsides, then AAVE price could shoot way up which is happening right now. Chart: AAVE Price Climbs By 7.35% According to CoinMarketCap, the coin's price has skyrocketed by 7.35% or trading at $79.64 as of press time which means it has successfully breached the $77.53 level that it has been trying to do so for the past couple of days. The Bollinger Bands Indicator higher band is now seen at the $78.63 mark which is now the key resistance for AAVE while the lower band is seen at the $73.83 mark. More so, RSI has previously manifested a decline to 40 but has shown recovery and is now looking more balanced. The 4-hour price chart reveals that... read More

Aave (AAVE) Attracting Whales Over Past Few Months – Will It Spur ...

    The number of 'whale' addresses in AAVE has recently increased. Whale addresses are digital currency addresses that store 1 million or more of a particular coin. AAVE is currently riding a wave of whale-like popularity. AAVE is currently riding a wave of whale-like popularity. A 55 percent of the AAVE coins are held by addresses with 1,000 to one million tokens, per Santiment. That's a big jump from the 48% investors saw in the first half of June. This increase in whale addresses may be attributable to new AAVE features. AAVE recently tweeted on the company's recent achievements in the present DeFi industry. We may expect an increase in the number of services that make use of the AAVE ecosystem over the coming years, as funding has been awarded to more than 26 different beneficiaries. Staking the token on the ecosystem can now generate instant returns thanks to the company's cooperation with Flashstake. AAVE TVL Increasing As Well Using the governance token, users may lend and borrow cryptocurrencies and real-world assets (RWAs) directly from one another, cutting out the need for a trusted third party. Investors gain interest when lending money and lose it while borrowing money. The TVL of the system has increased to $1.17 billion, from $1.09 billion on September 14th, since tweets describing current changes in the ecosystem were released. When the TVL number goes up, trade volume goes up with it. The token's 24-hour trading volume increased from $74,494,475 on September 18 ... read More

Aave Pushes for Proposal to Support Ethereum PoS Exclusively

    The Merge continues to be one of the most high-profile upgrades in recent times. But the retaliation is strong and has gained many allies. Those opposing keep reiterating their push for Ethereum to undergo a 'hard fork' after it transforms into a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain next months. Despite this, many protocols are looking to shift exclusively to the PoS version. One such is Aave. Aave's Proposal As per its latest proposal, members of the DAO governing the open source liquidity protocol - Aave DAO - are set to review whether to head towards the new version of the Ethereum mainnet and turn down any forked versions that continue to use the PoW consensus mechanism. In short, the Aave protocol will be shut down on any forks arising from the Merge. The proposal read, 'There is a general consensus from builders involved in the protocol’s development that it is effectively impossible to sustain a viable Aave Market on any Ethereum fork running an alternative consensus (such as Proof of Work). To ensure the continued existence of the protocol for the community, the Aave DAO should consider signaling strongly that the Aave Protocol should commit to the Ethereum Mainnet, running under Proof of Stake consensus.' Ethereum PoW Proponents While the transition will result in the delegation of tasks to validators instead of miners to reduce the energy use of the blockchain, many miners are not happy with it. The frontman of the opposition is a well-known Chinese Ethereum miner ... read More

Aave Bans Justin Sun After He Randomly Received 0.1 ETH from Tornado Cas...

    Decentralized protocol Aave has banned the wallet address of Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of the Tron blockchain project, for unknowingly interacting with sanctioned Ethereum-based crypto mixer Tornado Cash. On Saturday, Justin Sun took to Twitter to confirm that Ethereum-based DeFi protocol Aave had officially blocked his address after an unknown person sent him 0.1 ETH from Tornado Cash. I’m officially blocked by @AaveAave since someone sent 0.1 eth randomly from @TornadoCash to me. @StaniKulechov — H.E. Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) August 13, 2022 U.S. Sanctions Tornado Cash Recall that the United States Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) recently sanctioned Tornado Cash for helping bad actors launder crime proceeds, including those committed against victims in the U.S. The sanctions come after the crypto mixer became a laundering hub for hackers who drained at least $1.4 billion from DeFi bridges and other crypto hacks since the start of this year. Shortly after the sanctions, an unknown user sent 0.1 ETH from a blacklisted Tornado Cash contract address to big crypto-related firms, popular crypto figures, celebrities, and random traders, perhaps in an attempt to mock the U.S. Treasury. According to blockchain security firm PeckShield, more than 600 addresses received 0.1 ETH from Tornado Cash. The list includes Binance, FTX, Beeple, Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong, Justin Sun, sifu.eth, and ... read More

AAVE Slowly Climbs To $109, Resistance At $113 Looms

    AAVE shows that the price is steadily rising as the coin’s bullish streak makes noise in the market. AAVE price is raging bullish today with its steady climb to $109 resistance level The coin faces hurdle at $113.50 AAVE/USD pair support is spotted at $97.91 The AAVE/USD price saw a boost of 12.02% compared to the figures yesterday as the market spikes to $109.99 from yesterday’s $105. AAVE Resistance Spotted At $113.50 According to CoinMarketCap, AAVE has plunged by 0.18% as it trades at $109.87 as of this writing. The token's price faces resistance at $113.50 with the bulls trying to breach the target level. On the flip side, the market has spotted some support at $97.91 as the bulls were able to restore the token’s price up after it dropped below this range. AAVE is currently trading right above the $109 zone, as the bulls managed to push the price up. The 24-hour TVL for the coin sits at $508 million with a current market cap of $1.53 billion. AAVE’s daily chart shows a dramatic and robust upswing seen in the past 24 hours. In fact, the market was able to reach a high of $113.50 before it faced some gigantic selling pressure that caused the price to plunge. However, the bulls were able to push the price shooting above the $97.91 market, and it now trades near its ATH of $109.99. AAVE Tries To Retest Above Resistance The market is largely optimistic and is set to skyrocket in the near term as the bulls are able to push the price up. MACD looks ... read More

Biggest Movers: MATIC Rises for 5th Straight Session, While AAVE Is up N...

    MATIC was one of Friday's notable movers, as prices of the token rose for a fifth consecutive session. This came as crypto markets were mostly in the green for the majority of the day's session, with AAVE hitting a two-week high. Polygon (MATIC) MATIC was a notable mover on Friday, as prices of the token rose for a fifth consecutive day of trading. Prices rose to an intraday peak of $0.5933 earlier in today's session, hitting their highest level since June 26 in the process. This move pushed the token close to its resistance level of $0.6000, with some bulls opting to liquidate positions around that region. As seen from the chart, the last time prices traded around this ceiling there was a high level of uncertainty, and likely knowing this, bulls decided to secure gains at this mark. If we were to see a move beyond this point, then it is likely that we would require an increase in relative strength, which is currently facing an obstacle of its own. As of writing, the Relative Strength Index is tracking at 57.15, which is slightly below a resistance level of 57.50. AAVE AAVE was also in the green during Friday's session, as prices rose to their highest point in over two weeks. Following a low of $66.32 on Thursday, AAVE/USD rose above $70.00 on Friday, as prices of the token went on to hit an intraday peak of $74.94. This move saw the token climb to its highest point since June 26, which is similar to the height reached by MATIC earlier today. Another similarity with AAVE... read More

Aave Proposes to Launch an USD-Pegged Stablecoin Called GHO

    DeFi protocol Aave proposed to its community to create a USD-pegged stablecoin, GHO. The project would allow users to mint GHO against their supplied collaterals, with all the interest payments being sent to AaveDAO. Backed by Multiple Types of Collaterals Similar to the MakerDAO-issued stablecoin Dai, GHO would be minted based on users supplying a specific ratio of collaterals, according to the official blog post. When the borrowed amount is repaid, the protocol would burn the users' GHO accordingly. Moreover, the collateral assets deposited on Aave would continue to generate yield while also being used as collateral. According to Aave, a GHO aToken and GHO Debt Token will be deployed to the protocol, following the same mechanisms as any other asset listed on Aave. This integration is designed to facilitate its growth within the Ethereum blockchain. In the wake of the fall of Terra's algorithmic stablecoin, UST, the industry has been under pressure as the uncertainty regarding the underlying collateral of leading projects continues to rise. As such, ceiling caps on lending and borrowing are expected to be imposed as reducing risk is crucial to the project. During a market downturn, the protocol would implement the 'E-Mode' as a stabilizing factor amid high market volatility. GHO demand increases as the price of collateral contracts and users borrow more GHO using other non-volatile collateral assets to repay their positions. This would increase the amount of GHO that enters ... read More

Aave Broke Past Crucial Resistance, Which Way Is It Headed Now?

    Aave managed to break past its crucial resistance of $104 over the last 24 hours. As the market demonstrated strength, altcoins across the industry attempted to move north. Bitcoin climbed above the $30,000 price level and this extended gains across the altcoin market. At the time of writing, Aave was still quite close to the $104 price level which now acts as a support. The bulls need to amplify in order for the bearish thesis to be invalidated. Over the last week, Aave gained about 10% on its chart. A current fall in price will push the coin below the $103 support line. Right now the coin has been facing strong resistance at the $108 price level. For the coin to trade in a bullish price action, it is important for Aave to trade above the $108 resistance level. If the coin doesn't manage to move above the aforementioned level then Aave might extend further losses. Aave Price Analysis: One Day Chart Aave was priced at $105 on the one day chart | Source: AAVEUSD on TradingView The altcoin was trading at $105 at the time of writing after breaking past the $104 resistance level. Overhead resistance for the coin stood at $108. A break below the current price level can push the coin to the $93 mark. The other major resistance mark stood at $120. Aave last traded around this price level in the month of January 2021. Over the last one week however, buyers attempted to return to the market. The same reading was reflected on the volume bars. Volume traded in the last session was in t... read More

Biggest Movers: Cosmos Climbs 15%, as AAVE Nears a 10-Day High

    ATOM was trading over 15% higher on Friday, as prices rose for a second consecutive session. Today's rise took ATOM to its highest point since the start of the week, and comes as AAVE neared a 10-day high. Cosmos (ATOM) ATOM was one of the biggest movers in Friday's session, as price climbed to its highest point since the beginning of the week. Following a low of $10.55 on Thursday, ATOM/USD surged by over 15% on Friday, hitting a peak of $12.12 in the process. The move comes as ATOM used yesterday's support point of $9.90 as a springboard to these heights, following a huge bearish drop the day prior. Today's surge now sees prices approaching a ceiling of $12.35, which has been in place since May 11, following almost two weeks of declines. Looking at the chart, after breaking out of one resistance level of 34, the Relative Strength Index is now tracking at 38, which is close to another ceiling at 40. Should we see ATOM overcome this obstacle, then bulls will likely make a run toward the $15 mark during the course of the weekend. Aave (AAVE) AAVE also rose for the second session running, with Friday's gains pushing prices close to their highest level in nearly two weeks. Today's surge in AAVE/USD, which is also over a 10% climb, saw prices hit a peak of $97.38 less than 24 hours after trading at $86.41. Friday's top is the most AAVE has traded at since May 10, when prices dropped from highs above $120. As a result of the recent market consolidation, which has seen prices ... read More

Aave Launches Social Media Project Lens Protocol With Over 50 Apps Built...

    The blockchain firm Aave has launched the Lens Protocol, a social media project with applications built on the Polygon blockchain. Lens is similar to the social media platform Twitter but Lens profiles are linked to a non-fungible token (NFT) that can be ported into decentralized applications.Lens Protocol Is Live – Aave Founder Believes People Are 'Ready for a Better Social Media Experience' On Wednesday, the blockchain company Aave announced that the Lens Protocol is now live and roughly 50 applications have debuted on the platform. Aave first revealed the Lens Protocol during the first week of February 2022 and the first applications are built on top of the Polygon network. Stani Kulechov, CEO and founder of Aave Companies said the recent Twitter ordeal with Elon Musk shows that people are looking for something different than the incumbent social media platforms. 'The social media experience has remained relatively unchanged for the last decade, and much of that is due to your content being solely owned by a company, which locks your social network within one platform,' Kulechov said in a statement sent to News. The Aave founder added: But ultimately, as seen from Elon Musk's bid to purchase Twitter, people are ready for a better experience than what they're used to. Ownership over not only the content you create online, but also your profile and social network is long overdue, and empowering users is what Lens aims to achieve. Lens Boasts 50+ Social Ap... read More

Biggest Movers: AVAX Rebounds on Tuesday, AAVE up Over 10%

    Global crypto markets are up over 2% during Tuesday's session, with AAVE and AVAX two of the biggest tokens to rise. Both of these cryptocurrencies rebounded from losses during yesterday's session, with AAVE trading as much 10% higher. Aave (AAVE) AAVE rebounded during Tuesday's trading session, as bulls returned to action after a recent three-day winning streak was snapped yesterday. Following a low of $82.02 to start the week, AAVE/USD rallied by as much as 10% today, hitting a peak of $92.16 in the process. Today's move pushed prices away from the long-term support level of $80, and they now hover marginally below a resistance point of $94. Bulls in AAVE seem to be targeting the $100 level, however we will likely not see a move towards this point unless the current ceiling on the RSI is broken. Looking at the chart, the 14-day Relative Strength Index is tracking below a resistance of 36.30, which is the highest point the indicator has hit in the past ten days. Overall, although prices are currently oversold, both the short and mid-term moving averages show that momentum is still bearish. Avalanche (AVAX) Similar to AAVE, AVAX saw its price climb higher on Tuesday, after a brief stint in the red to start the trading week. AVAX/USD rose to a peak of $35.47 earlier in the day, which comes following a low of $32.22 during Monday's session. As a result of today's move, AVAX is now trading marginally below a resistance level of $37.30, which appears to be the point bulls are t... read More

Aave Below Its Long Term Support; What To Expect Now?

    Aave has been on a downtrend since April amidst intense volatility in the market. Major altcoins have extended losses owing to a major sell off all across the cryptocurrency industry. Over the past week, the coin presented lower lows and displayed intense selling pressure. The altcoin has also experienced high trading volumes which was tied with increased selling pressure. This has also added to the falling market value of the asset on the one day chart. Fall from the current price level would mean Aave could soon eye the support region of $50. Aave has been among the top losers in the industry with a loss of over 51% in the past one week. Aave Price Analysis: One Day Chart Aave was priced at $74 on the one day chart | Source: AAVEUSD on TradingView Aave was priced at $74.80 at the time of writing. The altcoin traded at this price level a year ago in January. The downtrend for Aave seems strong because the altcoin just broke below its long standing support line of over a year. Chances of a price reversal cannot be ruled out yet because the altcoin has broken below its descending trendline. Often after a sharp fall, prices make a turn around. In case of a price revival, Aave could target $111. Another fall from its present price level would make the altcoin trade near the $61 support line and then hover around the range of $50. As mentioned above, the trading volume rose and was seen in red signifying bearishness in the market. Technical Analysis Aave registered sharp sell-o... read More

Luna Foundation to Lend $1.5 Billion in Bitcoin and UST to Market Makers...

    As crypto markets continue to slide in value, concerns about the algorithmic stablecoin terrausd (UST) losing its $1 parity have swelled in recent times. Two days ago on May 7, 2022, UST dipped down to $0.985 per unit against tether (USDT), and the stablecoin's price drop invoked a great deal of speculation concerning UST losing its dollar peg. Following the drop on Saturday, the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) revealed it was lending out millions of dollars worth of bitcoin and UST in order to protect the peg until market conditions normalize.Crypto Market Carnage Strains Algorithmic Stablecoin UST's Peg, Terra Supporters Claim Stablecoin Was Victimized by a 'Coordinated Attack' Digital currency markets have suffered a great deal in recent times as billions of dollars have left the crypto economy during the last few weeks. Of course, crypto market mayhem typically pushes traders toward leveraging stablecoins in order to hedge their wealth from volatile market conditions. During the last few days, BTC has dropped from $40,000 per unit on May 4, to a low of $32,637 per coin on May 9. The entire crypto economy has followed BTC's freefall and the entire lot of 13,432 tokens in existence is down 5.5% against the U.S. dollar. This has fueled trade volumes for tether (USDT), usd coin (USDC), and many other stablecoins including UST. However, UST had dropped in value on May 7, slipping to $0.985 per unit against tether (USDT). While this is not the biggest deal and many other stablecoin... read More

Biggest Movers: APE up Almost 30%, ZIL and AAVE Among Wednesday's ...

    APE was up close to 30% on Wednesday, as the recently listed token climbed to its highest point since it began trading on March 17. AAVE also saw a double-digit percentage increase today, whilst ZIL extended recent gains. AAVE AAVE was up by nearly 10% in today's session, as prices rallied for a third consecutive session, following losses last week. Tuesday saw AAVE/USD hit a low of $175.69, however today, prices surged to an intraday peak of $198.02. This move saw AAVE climb to its highest point in two weeks, April 6 to be precise, where price was trading above $200. Looking at the chart, this $200 mark has long acted as a resistance point, and this ceiling held firm today as bulls raced towards this level. Bulls would have likely taken profits, as the 14-day RSI neared its own ceiling of 54.90, which hasn't been broken in over a month. Should this ceiling be broken, there is a strong possibility that prices could be heading towards $240, which seems to be the next key resistance point. Zilliqa (ZIL) Speaking about resistance, ZIL rose to its own ceiling during Wednesday's session, as traders extended yesterday's bullish momentum. Following a bottom of $0.1097 yesterday, ZIL/USD hit an intraday high of $0.1237 on hump-day, which is its highest level since last Thursday. This high was also marginally below its long-term resistance level at $0.1260, which was last broken two weeks ago. Several false breakouts later, ZIL is now once again back to this point, and bulls have s... read More

EverLend, First Lending Protocol on Everscale Network, Kicks off Operati... is a secured lending protocol powered by Everscale. The platform was successfully launched on the 18th of March, 2022 together with its own utility token. The platform facilitates DeFi lending by hosting funding pools with interest rates based on Everscale's asset supply and demand algorithm. is a protocol where users can play the role of provider, borrower, or both, and interact with each other within the protocol to earn or pay flexible interest rates. At its core, it is a secured lending platform that charges interest on the use of funds. The platform has been in development for more than 6 months by the team. Conceptually, EverLend was modeled on the market-leading Compound protocol. One of the goals in creating the project was providing end users with a simple and clear lending platform that would be comfortable to use. At the same time, the development team, together with the advisory team, revised some parameters of the original model (for example, the system security protocols) and finalized them for improvement. In addition, the implementation has been fully adapted to the specifics of the Everscale blockchain. The project was launched on March 18, 2022 at 11 am Korean time (GMT+9). It is important to note that a formal verification process for the project is currently underway in the format of an Everscale Contest. While contracts for the lending platform have already been launched prior to formal verification on the network, lim... read More

Biggest Movers: ZIL Jumps on Metapolis News, as AAVE Almost 15% Higher o...

    ZIL was on the rise yet again to end the week, as prices are now trading almost 300% higher than on Monday. The increase in value comes as markets gear up to the release of Zilliqa's metaverse service platform called 'Metapolis.' Many expect the official launch to come tomorrow, and anticipate it to be a game-changer in this space. Zilliqa (ZIL) ZIL extended this week's gains, climbing by as much as 14% today, taking its one-week price increase to over 300%. Surges in the price of the Zilliqa token came as markets anticipated a new product launch that would adapt a metaverse-as-a-service model. Bulls have bought into the idea, with ZIL/USD climbing to an intraday high of $0.2281 on the news. This is the most ZIL has traded since May 10 last year, and comes as the 14-day RSI continues to track off the charts. As of writing this, the indicator was tracking at 92.48, which is beyond the overbought threshold of 70, however, does not look to be losing any momentum. However, the age-old adage 'what goes up must come down' rings true, despite current bulls likely to continue riding the wave. AAVE AAVE rose to a multi-month high during Friday's session, as prices rebounded from a disappointing day of trading yesterday. Following a low of around $205.16 to begin the day, AAVE/USD surged to a high of $246.52 during Friday's session. This is the highest point AAVE has hit since January 4, and comes as the 14-day RSI bounded from recent support of 69.05. The surge in price strength ... read More

AAVE Price Surges by 30% as Whales and Sharks Accumulate

    The price of AAVE – the token behind the popular DeFi lending protocol – has seen a major price pump in the past few days after the launch of Aave V3. Whales have contributed to these gains, accumulating over 70,000 AAVE in the last 2 months. The upgrade – reported by CryptoPotato on Wednesday – introduced cross-chain portals, allowing users to take their assets to versions of the protocol on alternative networks. It also reduced gas costs for all Aave functions by an average of 20-25%. AAVE’s price has risen sharply since. Starting at $124 at 10:00 am EST on March 16th, it has now risen to $158 at the time of writing. That’s a 32.9% gain in the past week, since AAVE was at just $116 last Friday. Similar to BNB token, AAVE offers its holders discounted trading fees when using the Aave protocol. It also operates as a governance token, giving its holders a say in Aave’s future development. AAVE saw its all-time high back in May of last year, reaching up to $661. It’s still down 76% from then. However, trading volume is currently around $475 million – highs not seen since early this year. Whale accumulation has been slowly on the rise since about the same time. According to on-chain metrics, users holding between $152,000 and $1.52m in AAVE have accumulated over $10.5m in the token since January.   read More

Aave V3 Goes Live on Mainnet, Including Redesigned App

    Aave – the popular web 3.0 lending protocol – has released its anticipated V3 update. The new version includes multiple new features that reportedly offer “increased capital efficiency” and “enhanced decentralization”. According to an announcement from the company,  one of the new features includes “Portals” allowing for transfers of Aave V3 assets across different chains by “permit listed” bridge protocols, approved by Aave governance. Many chains will be available given that the update was greenlit across Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Harmony. Different blockchain networks can feature varying transaction fees, settlement times, and interoperability with other protocols. However, bridges have been known to face security issues in the past, necessitating trusted resources to empower cross-chain transfers. Another new feature includes “high-efficiency mode” or “E mode”, allowing borrowers to secure more money for their collateral within the same asset category. As a security boost, Aave also added an “isolation mode” that limits the degree to which new and unestablished assets can be used as collateral for loans. New assets are often prone to high volatility, making for unstable collateral and frequent liquidations. Gas costs for all Aave functions have reportedly been reduced by 20-25% with the update. Finally, the Aave App has been redesigned with a new... read More

Aave to Move Forward in Brazil's Central Bank Innovation Challenge

    The central bank of Brazil revealed on March 3rd that it has picked a total of nine projects to advance in its challenge to develop a central bank digital currency (CBDC). One of the projects is Aave. The LIFT Challenge The central bank of Brazil revealed the so-called LIFT Challenge where the current theme is 'Real Digital.' The main objective of this challenge is to evaluate use cases of digital currencies issued by the central bank as well as how technologically feasible they are. There are multiple characteristics that participants have to keep in mind when submitting a proposal some of them include, but are not limited to: Scalability of the proposed solution aimed at 'retail applications of national scope.' Privacy of the information that used in the use case, yet compliance with existing regulations. Interoperability Programmability In a recent announcement, Banco Central de Brasil revealed that they've selected 9 projects for monitoring, representing roughly around 20% of the total proposals that were submitted by all 43 different companies. Aave Amongst the Selected Few One of the projects that made the cut is Aave. The description of the protocol is that it 'gathers resources from several savers (forming a liquidity pool) with a focus on offering loans and guaranteeing the adherence of these operations to the rules of the financial system, using DeFi tools.' Other companies whose proposals were accepted for the next step include Santander Bank of Brazil,... read More

Aave Launches Web3, Smart Contracts-Based Social Media Platform Built on...

    The decentralized finance (defi) lending platform Aave has revealed the launch of a Web3 social media platform called the Lens Protocol. According to the team, Lens is a 'Web3, smart contracts-based social graph' that is built using the Polygon blockchain. Defi Project Aave Drops the Lens Protocol, Platform's Intent Is to 'Empower Creators to Own the Links Between Themselves and Their Community' For quite some time now, decentralized social media has been a Holy Grail to many cryptocurrency advocates. While it is obvious that social media platforms could leverage crypto assets so contributors can utilize micro-payments, blockchain can also be utilized for a decentralized version of censorship-resistant social media ownership. On February 8, the defi lending project Aave revealed the launch of the Lens Protocol, a Web3 social media platform that uses the proof-of-stake (PoS) network Polygon. By the dev team who brought you the Aave Protocol, introducing @Lensprotocol. It's time to own your digital roots🌿Read the full thread to learn more 👇👇👇 - Aave (@AaveAave) February 7, 2022 Aave details in a recently published blog post about the subject, that the Web3 Lens Protocol is 'designed to empower creators to own the links between themselves and their community, forming a fully composable, user-owned social graph.' The developers say the protocol is 'built from the ground up with modularity in mind, allowing new features to ... read More

Permissioned DeFi protocol Aave Arc goes live on Fireblocks

    Firebox, a software platform for custody, managing treasury operations, accessing DeFi, minting & burning tokens, and managing digital asset operations, announced that Aave Arc, a new permissioned DeFi liquidity pool for institutions, is now live with Fireblocks as the very first active white-lister for the protocol. Aave Arc is a DeFi liquidity market designed to be compliant with AML regulations, with all participating institutions required to undergo Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. Providing a separate deployment of the Aave V2 liquidity pool for institutional players, the protocol enables whitelisted institutions to securely participate in DeFi as liquidity suppliers and borrowers. Now, Fireblocks users who volunteer to become whitelisted by undergoing a KYC process can access Aave while benefiting from Fireblocks’ industry-leading security. In general, permissioned protocols like Aave Arc can offer the decentralization benefits of DeFi, while allowing only permissioning (white-listing) to be more centralized for KYC/AML purposes. “DeFi represents a powerful wave of financial innovation including transparency, liquidity, and programmability–and it’s been inaccessible to traditional financial institutions for far too long. The launch of Aave Arc allows these institutions to participate in DeFi in a compliant way for the very first time.” - Stani Kulechov. Founder & CEO of Aave Supporting permissioned DeFi on Aave Arc as a white-lister As Aa... read More

Defi Lending Startup Aave Launches Permissioned Platform to Entice Finan...

    On January 5, the open-source non-custodial decentralized finance (defi) lending platform Aave launched a permissioned version of the protocol aimed at institutions. The platform dubbed Aave Arc will leverage Fireblocks as the first whitelister as the platform aims to help bridge traditional financial institutions with defi. KYC-Centric Defi Liquidity: Aave Launches Aave Arc Permissioned Protocol for Financial Institutions Aave has launched a permissioned platform called Aave Arc on Wednesday, a new protocol dedicated to financial institutions that want to particpitate in defi in a compliant manner. Aave is a popular defi lending platform and the defi protocol has the third-largest total-value locked (TVL) today. Metrics show that Aave has a $14.52 billion TVL spread across three blockchains including Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polygon. The crypto custody firm Fireblocks has approved 30 financial entities to join Aave Arc. The list includes firms like Ribbit Capital, Coinshares, Hidden Road, Wintermute, and Celsius. Aave revealed the Aave Arc concept in July 2021, and in mid-November it was disclosed that Fireblocks was the first whitelister. The defi startup also described how Aave Arc would work after explaining that defi was 'inaccessible to traditional financial institutions.' 'Aave Arc is a permissioned market based on the Aave V2 market,' Aave said at the time. 'In the spirit of innovation and experimentation, Aave Arc creates a Web3-native experience for financial instit... read More

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