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Lido DAO  


LDO Price:
$0.3 B
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.3 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #LDO today is $2.56 USD.

The lowest LDO price for this period was $0, the highest was $2.56, and the exact current price of one LDO crypto coin is $2.55650.

The all-time high LDO coin price was $7.33.

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The code for Lido DAO is #LDO.

Lido DAO is 3.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Lido DAO is $2,281,227,068.

Lido DAO is ranked #52, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very large during the past 24 hours for #LDO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Lido DAO is $297,313,972.


The circulating supply of LDO is 892,322,880 coins, which is 89% of the maximum coin supply.


LDO is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 3 other blockchains.

See list of the LDO Blockchain contracts with 4 different blockchains.


LDO is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 65 crypto exchanges.

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Lido (LDO) Takes The Lead With 13% Surge Post Ethereum ETF Approval &nda...

    Lido (LDO), the liquid staking protocol for the Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC) blockchains, has seen a significant price spike in the last 24 hours following the long-awaited approval of spot Ethereum ETF applications by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Thursday. The protocol's native token, LDO, has successfully regained the $2.30 level and is looking to break out of its one-month downtrend structure that has been in place since the market correction in April.  LSD Sector Set To Soar With Ethereum ETF Approval? As reported by our sister website, Bitcoinist, the SEC's approval of the Ethereum ETFs was detailed in an official filing, highlighting that the proposals meet the provisions of the Exchange Act and relevant regulations governing national securities exchanges.  The Commission has determined that proposals from notable entities such as BlackRock, Grayscale, Bitwise, VanEck, Ark Invest/21Shares, Invesco Galaxy, Fidelity, and Franklin Templeton fulfill the requirements to prevent fraud and manipulation, protect investors, and safeguard the public interest. Crypto analyst Daan Crypto Trades, commenting on the Ethereum ETF approval on X (formerly Twitter), pointed out that the new index funds approval has led to two sectors emerging as clear winners.  One of these sectors is Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD) coins, with Lido at the forefront. Lido provides staking support for the Ethereum blockchain without the need to lock tokens or ma... read More

Injective (INJ) and Lido DAO (LDO) Reach New Price Mark as Everlodge (EL...

    There has been significant bullish momentum for Injective (INJ) and Lido DAO (LDO) as both tokens gain new price heights. Meanwhile, Everlodge (ELDG) has continued to see an influx of new investors, having entered the 9th presale stage. New Presale Phase for Everlodge (ELDG) Sees More Investors After a successful 2023, Everlodge (ELDG) has started the new year on a high as the project sees an influx of investors. Everlodge has maintained a high reputation and popularity among investors as the token keeps rising in price. Everlodge is attempting to revolutionize the property investment marketplace through the creation of fractionalized NFTs backed by real-world luxury assets. What this means is that when an investor buys fractionalized NFTs from Everlodge, they own fractions of real estate assets from around the globe. This innovative model ensures entering into property investment is made affordable and secure. The Everlodge platform also provides incentives for holders of the ELDG native token. For instance, holders of the token can qualify for complimentary stays in hotels owned by Everlodge. Also, holders of ELDG will soon be able to stake the token for passive income. It's currently selling at a current price of $0.029. The project is in the 9th stage of token presale. Security-wise, the Everlodge project has undergone several audits by Interfi Network and Block Audit teams. To prevent a potential rug pull, the liquidity of the ELDG token will be locked for 8 years. For ... read More

Lido (LDO) Action Heats Up: Nearly 90% Of Holders See Profits On Crypto ...

    The past week has been a triumphant one for Lido DAO, with its LDO token surging an impressive 22%, leaving a sluggish broader crypto market in its dust. This notable feat mirrors the 18% ascent of Ethereum, its underlying blockchain, showcasing a deep synergy between the leading liquid staking platform and its technological foundation. But the good news doesn't stop there. A staggering 87% of Lido DAO token holders are reaping the rewards of their investment, according to data from IntoTheBlock. This solid figure underscores the strong performance of LDO, attributed largely to its stellar weekly performance, as the crypto trading analytics platform noted. Lido Holders Get Good Returns From Their Investment Following a strong price move by $LDO this week, ~87% of LDO addresses are now in profit. — IntoTheBlock (@intotheblock) January 10, 2024 Furthermore, Lido's Total Value Locked (TVL), a crucial metric reflecting the amount of cryptocurrency deposited in its protocol, has also ballooned a remarkable 19% in tandem with the price hike. Analysts attribute LDO's ascent to a potent cocktail of factors. First and foremost, its symbiotic relationship with Ethereum. As the leading smart contract platform enjoys renewed momentum, projects built on its infrastructure – like Lido – relish the rising tide that lifts all boats. Furthermore, Lido's recent bounce back from a critical support level at $2.80 appears to have ignited a bullish f... read More

Analyst Predicts 76% Lido DAO Rally If This Ascending Triangle Break Hap...

    An analyst has explained that Lido DAO (LDO) could rally toward a new all-time high of $6 if a sustained breakout above this pattern occurs. Lido DAO Has Been Forming An Ascending Triangle Recently In a new post on X, analyst Ali discussed an Ascending Triangle that has been taking shape in Lido DAO's weekly price chart. An 'Ascending Triangle' is a pattern in technical analysis that, as its name suggests, has a triangular shape. This pattern has two main lines: an upper level that's horizontal (that is, parallel to the time-axis) and a lower level with some finite slope. The former connects highs in the price, while the latter is created by joining higher lows. Like any other such pattern, the upper level is likely to resist the price, while the lower level can be a potential support point. As the lower line here slows upwards, this consolidation channel gets narrower as the price moves forward. A break out of either of these levels can be significant, as it can suggest a continuation of the price trend in that direction. Naturally, a break above the triangle can be positive for the price, while an exit below indicates the breakdown of the bullish pattern. There is also a similar, but opposite, pattern to the Ascending Triangle called the 'Descending Triangle.' In the case of this pattern, the horizontal line is below, while the sloped line is above, and the triangle narrows towards the downside. Now, here is the chart shared by Ali that reveals the Ascending Triangle poten... read More

Lido DAO (LDO) New All-Time High? One Analyst's Perfect Setup To $37

    Lido DAO has grown over the years to become the leading liquid staking protocol on the Ethereum network and its native LDO token has enjoyed tremendous success on the back of this. The protocol’s continuous growth has been purported to be what will push LDO to new all-time highs and one crypto analyst has revealed how high the token’s price could go. Lido DAO To Beat Previous $7.22 All-Time High Back in the bull run of 2020-2021, the price of Lido DAO’s native LDO token soared with the rest of the market and eventually touched its all-time high price of $7.22. Naturally, this has been the level that bulls have been trying to get back to that would put all holders back in profit. However, crypto analyst Weslad expects the altcoin to completely clear this all-time high price by at least a 4x. In an analysis posted on the TradingView website, Weslad reveals the roadmap for LDO’s price to rise another 1,400% from here. According to the analyst, the LDO/USDT has been showing a “robust ascending triangle pattern.” This pattern, the analyst says, suggests that LDO could move to test the Neckline which is a critical supply zone for the asset. The analyst who is obviously very bullish on LDO expects that this level will be breached and that the altcoin will eventually turn this resistance mark into support. “The Buy back area on the chart should give all the bull an opportunity to accumulate the coin before major move begins and at same time ... read More

Lido DAO Votes to Sunset the Lido on Solana Project

    The Lido on Solana project will wind down following the inability of the P2P team to sustain the project due to financial constraints. According to the team, the sunsetting of the project will happen over the coming months, with stSOL token holders given until February 2024 to unstake through the Lido on the Solana frontend. Lido Discontinues Liquid Staking on Solana The decision for Lido to cease its liquid staking solution on the Solana blockchain comes after an 'extensive DAO discussion and community vote,' according to an announcement on Monday, Oct. 16, 2023. Based on results from a snapshot, over 92% of Lido token holders voted in support of sunsetting the Lido on Solana protocol, while just over 7% voted to provide funding to the project. P2P validator, the team behind the development of Lido on Solana, previously proposed two scenarios to community members – fund the project with $1.5 million to sustain operations or exit the Solana blockchain. Yuri Mediakov of P2P, who put forth the proposals, listed project and business developments, along with profit and losses. Mediakov said the team invested about $700,000 into development and support but got a revenue of $220,000, thereby making a loss of $484,000. The proposal, meanwhile, stated at the time that if the community voted for the sunsetting option, the team would need $20,000 monthly in support from the Lido DAO for technical maintenance for five months, beginning from Sept. 4, 2023. An excerpt from the lates... read More

Cosmos-Based Stride Governance Token, STRD, Surges 330% YTD, Outperformi...

    Cosmos-based Stride has been on a roll lately. According to a recent Nansen report, the protocol currently commands more than 80% of the market share within the Cosmos ecosystem. Despite the prolonged market-wide bearish trend, Stride's governance token - STRD - has surged 330% year-to-date. STRD surpassed both Ethereum (ETH) as well as the native token of Lido (LDO) in YTD price performance. The latter happens to be Stride's rival and a leader in the Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD) space. Cosmos-Based Stride Outperforms Ether and LDO In a report shared with CryptoPotato, Nansen revealed that STRD has a market cap of around $72.29 million and an FDV of $82.58 million, making its FDV/TVL ratio just 2.1. Its analysis suggested that STRD may be undervalued considering its real yield revenues towards STRD stakers, its new value capture mechanisms through transaction fees, and MEV, in addition to other near-term catalysts that increase the addressable market of Stride to billions of untapped markets. However, the token's surge surpassing Ether and LDO can be attributed to the recently launched Liquid Staking Module that enabled ATOM stakers to instantly liquid-stake their ATOM without any bonding periods. Since launching, the number of ATOM tokens liquid staked through the protocol has increased by almost 30% in just over two weeks. Meanwhile, the total value locked (TVL) in Stride has also experienced significant growth this year, having only accelerated since the launch of the ... read More

Lido (LDO) Price Inks Gains Alongside TVL Rise – What Traders Shou...

    Lido DAO (LDO), the driving force behind the revolutionary liquid staking protocol for Ethereum (ETH), has displayed an impressive 7.41% ascent in its Total Value Locked (TVL) over the course of the last seven days.  This robust surge in TVL has positioned Lido Finance as a prominent contender in the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape, illustrating its resilience amidst a fluctuating market. According to the latest data from DeFiLlama, Lido Finance's TVL witnessed a notable augmentation, securing its place as the most substantial growth among the top five DeFi protocols. This feat underlines Lido's exceptional capacity to adapt and expand, distinguishing itself from its counterparts during a pivotal time for the DeFi sector. Despite the tumultuous price fluctuations that have characterized the altcoin realm, Lido's TVL growth stood unwavering. This achievement can be attributed to a discernible surge in Ethereum deposits within the protocol over the reviewed timeframe. Lido’s ETH Deposits Surge Amidst Uncertainty The primary driver behind Lido's remarkable TVL surge over the past week was a substantial influx of ETH deposits into the platform. Even in the face of significant market price gyrations, Ethereum holders exhibited a commendable degree of confidence in Lido's liquid staking protocol.  Recent technical analysis highlights that the platform saw a cumulative total of 185,500 ETH deposits in the last seven days alone. This not only positioned Li... read More

Grayscale Adds Lido's LDO Token to Defi Fund, Token Becomes Second-Heavi...

    On July 7, 2023, the digital asset manager Grayscale Investments published an update on three of its funds - the Digital Large Cap Fund, the Defi Fund, and the Smart Contract Fund. Although no new tokens were added to two of the funds, Grayscale revealed that it added Lido DAO's native cryptocurrency and governance token, LDO, to the Defi Fund.LDO Added to Grayscale's Defi Fund Grayscale Investments, the digital asset manager, announced its second-quarter 2023 update, which covers fund rebalancing and a new token addition to the Defi Fund. The Digital Large Cap Fund and Smart Contract Fund experienced no changes in terms of added or removed tokens. Nonetheless, Grayscale disclosed in the update that it included Lido's LDO token in the assortment of decentralized finance (defi) tokens held within the Defi Fund. The digital asset manager utilized cash proceeds to acquire the lido (LDO) token for the fund. LDO holds the second-largest weight in the fund's portfolio of coins, with uniswap (UNI) being the largest, representing 45.46% of the fund's holdings, while LDO now accounts for 19.04%. Following UNI and LDO in terms of weight are AAVE (11.53%), MKR (10.82%), CRV (7.03%), and SNX (6.12%). LDO ranks as the 33rd largest market capitalization out of nearly 10,000 crypto assets within the crypto economy. On Saturday, July 8, 2023, LDO increased by 2% against the U.S. dollar, but it has experienced a loss of more than 10% over the past 30 days. Looking at six-month statistics, LD... read More

Analysis of This Week's Worst Performers: LDO, ADA, APT, SOL, and MATIC

    This week, we take a closer look at the worst performing altcoins with a market cap of over $1 billion: Lido, Cardano, Aptos, Solana, and Polygon. Lido (LDO) | -24.8% LDO is the worst performer on our list this week after falling by almost 25%. Buyers failed to sustain the uptrend and with the support at $2 lost, the price was quick to crash. At the time of this post, the most significant support level is found at $1.4 and the resistance is at $1.8. Considering the market sentiment, the price is unlikely to change its current momentum which is bearish. Looking ahead, Lido appears to continue its correction that started in February. With lower lows and lower highs, the bears have the upper hand and they may not stop their assault until the price reaches the key support indicated above. Chart by TradingView Cardano (ADA) | - 20.9% ADA disappointed across the board in June and, in this week alone, has lost 20% of its valuation. Those who were hoping that the support at 30 cents would hold were let down as the price suddenly dropped all the way to 22 cents on June 9th. Since then, the price has recovered somewhat. At this time, sellers have full control of the price action, and they are aiming to take this cryptocurrency to the key support at 24 cents. The current resistance is at 28 cents. Looking ahead, this major correction appears to be picking up speed, and this is confusing most ADA holders. The expectation is that buyers will return once the price hits the key support, sim... read More

Lido DAO (LDO) Soars 17% Weekly, Bitcoin (BTC) Maintains $27K (Weekend W...

    Bitcoin has remained stuck during the weekend amid the lower trading volumes but still stands above $27,000. The altcoins are also quiet on a daily scale, but several - such as LDO, INJ, and QNT, have produced massive weekly gains. BTC Flat at $27K It was less than a week ago, on Monday when the primary cryptocurrency initiated a massive leg-up that resulted in tapping a three-week high at $28,500. This came after the initial deal reached by the US government in regard to the nation's debt ceiling. However, the asset failed to continue upwards and returned to $28,000 by Tuesday. A significant $1,000 price drop occurred on Wednesday, which was mimicked by a similar one a day later. Ultimately, BTC dropped to a weekly low on Friday morning at under $26,600. The bulls managed to intercept the move and helped bitcoin recover some of the losses by the time the weekend arrived. The past two days have been rather uneventful, as the cryptocurrency remains stuck at just above $27,000 amid the typically low weekend trading volumes. Consequently, BTC's total capitalization is still at $525 billion, and its dominance over the alts is at the same place as yesterday - 45.9%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView LDO, INJ, QNT Record Weekly Gains The larger-cap altcoins have mimicked BTC's performance during the weekend, meaning there are little-to-no volatile movements. Despite a minor daily setback, ETH still stands at precisely $1,900 after going below and over that level during the week. Binance ... read More

Lido (LDO) and Aptos (APT) Soar by 7%, BTC Remains Shaky at $27K (Market...

    The past 24 hours saw another dip from bitcoin that drove it south to its lowest price position in a week, but the asset managed to erase those losses in the following hours. The altcoins are slightly in the green on a daily scale now, as ETH has neared $1,900, while ADA and XRP are up by 2-3%. BTC Uncertain at $27K Ever since it tapped a two-week high at $28,500 this week, bitcoin's performance has been quite underwhelming. The cryptocurrency first retraced to $28,000 in a day or so before it plummeted by another grand on Wednesday. After an unsuccessful attempt to overcome $27,500, the asset started losing value fast once again on Thursday and dropped to $26,600. Another multi-day low came in the past 24 hours when it slipped to $26,500 (on Bitstamp). However, the bulls managed to intercept this move and pushed bitcoin north by over $500. As such, BTC now trades above $27,000, and its market cap has risen to $525 billion. Its dominance over the altcoins, though, has taken another hit and is down to 46% after exceeding 46.5% last week. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView FIL, LDO, APT Jump High Most altcoins also fell during the working week but have turned green on a daily scale now. Ethereum went down to $1,850 yesterday, but a 2% increase since then has pushed the second-largest crypto to almost $1,900 as of now. Binance Coin dipped beneath $305 but stands above it now after a 1% pump. Ripple, Cardano, Dogecoin, Polygon, Solana, Litecoin, Tron, Polkadot, and Avalanche are also in... read More

BTC Rejected at $27.5K, While LDO, LTC Dumped by 6% Daily (Market Watch)

    Bitcoin initiated an impressive leg up in the past 24 hours but was violently rejected at the $27,500 resistance level. The altcoins have also turned red on a daily scale, with LTC and LDO losing the most value from the top 36. BTC Stopped at $27.5K As Glassnode informed recently, BTC has been trading in a tight 3.4% range for over a week. In terms of USD numbers, this essentially means that the asset stands between $26,500 and $27,500 without being able to break above or below these levels. The analytics company warned that more enhanced volatility could be right around the corner, and the markets experienced a glimpse of this in the past 24 hours when bitcoin jumped from under $27,000 to a multi-day high of $27,500. However, the resistance line at this point turned out to be too big of an obstacle. BTC failed to breach it, and the subsequent rejection drove it south by almost a grand. Despite recovering a few hundred dollars since the intraday low, the cryptocurrency still struggles way below $27,000. This comes amid the growing number of reports suggesting that BTC investors have focused on HODLing instead of trading their assets. Following the most recent price dump, bitcoin's market cap has slipped under $520 billion. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView LDO, LTC Drop Hard Most alternative coins are in no better shape than BTC on a daily scale. Ethereum, which spiked above $1,850 yesterday, is down below $1,820 after a 2% drop. A similar decrease for BNB means that the asset has ... read More

LDO Jumps Another 4% Following V2 Launch, BTC Maintains $27K (Market Wat...

    Bitcoin jumped above $27,500 yesterday but was once again stopped before having the chance to challenge $28,000. Most altcoins are also slightly in the red, with LDO, LTC, and TRX being among the few exceptions. BTC Still North of $27K Last week's enhanced volatility, propelled by the US CPI announcements on Wednesday, resulted in a massive price drop for bitcoin, which culminated on Friday. That's when the asset plummeted to $25,800 to chart a two-month low. As such, BTC had lost over $2,000 in a matter of just two days. However, the bulls finally stepped up at this point and didn't allow any further declines. Just the opposite, they pushed BTC north, and it quickly reclaimed a grand before taking down $27,000 by Monday. Another leg-up followed, which took BTC to just over $27,600. Nevertheless, it was short-lived, and bitcoin has returned to just over $27,000 as of now. Consequently, its market capitalization has slipped below $530 billion, while its dominance over the altcoins stands relatively still at 46.6%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView LDO Keeps Pumping As reported yesterday, Lido DAO's native token was among the best performers, having surged past $2 with an 8% increase. LDO has only doubled down on its impressive form in the past 24 hours, following another 4% jump. This came as the project announced the launch of its V2, more info on which you can find here. Litecoin, Tron, Chainlink, VET, APE, and Algo are the other larger- and mid-cap alts with minor daily gains. Th... read More

BTC Reclaims $27K, While LDO and LTC Explode by 8% Daily (Market Watch)

    After the painful several days in which BTC slumped below $26,000 to chart a new two-month low, the asset has bounced off and reclaimed $27,000 earlier today. Several altcoins have outperformed bitcoin in the past day so, including LTC, LDO, TONCOIN, APT, BCH, and GRT. BTC Back Above $27K It was less than a week ago when bitcoin skyrocketed to a multi-day high of $28,400 after the US CPI numbers for April came out. However, that pump was short-lived and was followed by a severe rejection that drove the asset down by $1,500. The price fluctuations were not over, and BTC tried its hand at taking down $28,000 again, only to be rejected once more. This time, the price declines were more subtle but violent. It culminated on Friday when the cryptocurrency plummeted to $25,800 for the first time in two months. The bulls finally came out of their hiding grounds at this point and propelled an impressive leg up that drove bitcoin back to $27,000. The weekend was somewhat less eventful, and BTC failed to reclaim that level at first. However, that finally transpired Sunday evening, and the asset currently trades close to $27,500. As such, its market cap has gone above $530 billion, and its dominance over the alts is slightly up to 46.5%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView LTC, LDO Take the Main Stage Most altcoins were also sitting quietly during the weekend, perhaps due to the lower trading volumes. However, the landscape has changed now for several. Ethereum, Binance Coin, Ripple, Cardano, Do... read More

LDO Explodes 13%, BTC Eyes $27K After New 2-Month Low (Weekend Watch)

    Bitcoin's troubles continued in the past 24 hours, and the asset charted a new two-month low before recovering over a grand. The altcoins are in the green today, with LDO taking the main stage with a massive double-digit price surge. BTC's Pump and Dump Keeps Rolling The major news from the past week came when the US CPI numbers for April informed that the inflation rates had slowed down and were actually lower than the expectations. Bitcoin reacted positively to the news at first and spiked from $27,500 to almost $28,500 in minutes. However, the landscape changed quickly, and the cryptocurrency plummeted by over a grand. More volatility in the opposite direction followed before the asset finally calmed at its starting point of $27,500. That was short-lived, though, as Thursday and Friday brought more pain for the bulls. This culminated in a price drop to $25,800 late last night, which became BTC's lowest position in approximately two months. The bulls finally stepped up on the gas at this point and pushed bitcoin north. As a result, BTC pumped and touched $27,000. It has been unable to reclaim that level yet, though, and now sits inches below it. Nevertheless, its market cap has neared $520 billion, but its dominance over the altcoins is slightly lower at 46.3%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView LDO Steals the Show The alternative coins also suffered badly in the past few days, but most have turned green now. ETH, for example, went from $2,000 to $1,700. A minor daily increase has... read More

BTC Dips Below $28K, While LDO, BCH Defy Market Sentiment With 7% Jumps ...

    Bitcoin's troubles continued for a third straight day, with another price slide, which took it to almost $27,000 this time. Most altcoins also suffer, with MATIC, SOL, DOGE, and LTC dropping the most. In contrast, LDO and BCH have gone on a tear. BTC's New Local Low It was just days ago when the primary cryptocurrency had initiated an impressive leg-up that drove it to almost $30,000. However, its inability to conquer that coveted level meant upcoming trouble. The bears took control of the market and pushed BTC south to under $29,000. After staying there on Sunday, the landscape started to change for the worse on Monday. As a result, the asset plummeted by another grand. The past 24 hours brought even more pain for the bulls. Bitcoin went from $28,000 to just over $27,200 in another price drop. It has managed to recover a few hundred dollars since then but is still more than 1% down on the day. As a result, bitcoin's market capitalization has slid to $535 billion. Just for reference, the metric was well above $560 billion on Friday night. Its dominance over the altcoins has also retreated slightly to just under 47%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView BCH, LDO Defy Market Sentiment The altcoins have not enjoyed the past several days, either. Ethereum stood well above $1,900 during the weekend but has dropped below $1,850 as of now. Binance Coin is down from over $340 to $315 as of writing these lines. Even more losses come from the likes of XRP, DOGE, MATIC, SOL, and LTC. All of thos... read More

Crypto Markets Drop $30B Daily as LDO, ARB Dump 5% (Market Watch)

    Bitcoin failed at tapping $29,000 yesterday, and the subsequent rejection brought it back down by almost a grand. Most alternative coins have also turned red today, with some, such as DOGE, LDO, and ARB, dropping hard. BTC Back to $28K This week started with a familiar note, with bitcoin slumping to $27,200 after FUD regarding Binance. However, as the exchange's CEO refuted the claims that he was issued a Red Notice by Interpol, and it turned out to be fake news, the cryptocurrency started gaining value and erased all recent losses. It jumped to over $28,000 almost immediately before the bulls initiated another leg-up that brought up all the way up to $28,800 (on Bitstamp). As they were preparing to challenge $29,000, the situation reversed, and BTC started losing value once again, even after MicroStrategy's latest purchase. As of now, the cryptocurrency trades roughly a grand lower as it just dipped beneath $28,000. Its market cap has slipped to $540 billion, while its dominance over the altcoins is at 45.7%. In fact, the metric has declined by almost 1% in the past week or so. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView LDO, DOGE, ARB in the Red Almost the entire altcoin field has turned red today. Dogecoin leads the adverse trend from the top 10 assets with a 6% slump. Nevertheless, the original memecoin is still up by more than 20% on a weekly scale following the most recent engagement from Elon Musk. LDO and ARB are the other more notable losers from the larger-cap alts. Both assets are... read More

BTC's Rollercoaster Around $24K Continues, LDO Soars 14% (Market Watch)

    Bitcoin continues with its highly-volatile price movements around $24,000 with a price drop below that line and just a quick bounce off. The altcoins have also turned green today, led by substantial gains from the native tokens of ETH liquid staking solutions. BTC Comes Back Above $24K Ever since the end of last week, there have been very few non-volatile moments for bitcoin. The asset skyrocketed from $21,500 to beyond $25,000 last Wednesday and Thursday, charting a six-month high before dumping by over $1,500 in hours. Although the weekend was slightly less eventful, BTC still spent it attempting to overcome $25,000 but was stopped in its tracks. The latest attempt came on Tuesday, but with the same result. The subsequent rejection, as well as the Wall Street crash, pushed the cryptocurrency south hard. As a result, bitcoin found itself slipping toward $23,500 once more. However, the bulls stepped up at this point and drove bitcoin to above $24,000 again, where it's currently situated. Its market capitalization has reclaimed $470 billion, while its dominance over the alts sits quietly at 42.5%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView LDO Back at it Again One of the best performers for the past few months has been Lido DAO's native cryptocurrency due to the hype around staking services. The last 24 hours brought yet another massive price surge for LDO (14%), which has taken it to over $3 for the first time in a while. Other Ethereum-related tokens that have soared on a daily scale inclu... read More

DeFi Could Face Challenges Due to SEC's Crackdown on Crypto Staking: Lid...

    Jacob Blish, the head of business development at Lido DAO, the decentralized autonomous organization behind the largest liquid staking protocol, believes the recent SEC crackdown on crypto staking services could cause new challenges for decentralized finance (DeFi). According to a Bloomberg report, Blish opined that the state of crypto staking in the U.S. depends on the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) final resolution. SEC Crackdown on Staking Could Affect DeFi Blish disclosed that service providers in the U.S. are facing new challenges due to the SEC's recent actions against crypto staking. Recall that the SEC recently probed and sued major American crypto exchange Kraken for offering staking services to U.S. investors. In a settlement deal with the regulator, Kraken agreed to pay a civil penalty of $30 million and immediately shut down its staking platform in the U.S. Commenting on the SEC's action, Blish opined that although the move could benefit on-chain liquid staking providers, the final resolution could bring up new challenges for DeFi. 'I have been getting a lot more questions about 'does this impact Lido, what are your thoughts on this? I personally think this is a net benefit for on-chain permissionless liquid staking or staking providers, but it really depends on what the final resolution is,' he said. 'A Different Problem'  Furthermore, the Lido DAO executive insisted that there would be a different problem if U.S. regulators decided that no ind... read More

Crypto Market Cap Maintains $1T as Lido (LDO) Recovers 10%: Weekend Watc...

    Bitcoin's recent freefall seems to have stopped for now, as the asset has calmed at just under $22,000. Most altcoins have even registered minor daily increases. Some, such as HBAR and Lido Dao, have even soared by double-digits. Bitcoin Calms Below $22K The situation around bitcoin was significantly more positive last week when it jumped above $24,000 for the first time since August 2022. However, it failed to remain there and retraced by over a grand to $23,000 in the following days. Then came the SEC's clampdown on crypto staking and the subsequent agreement with Kraken. With fear spreading across the board, bitcoin started to lose value rapidly and dumped beneath $22,000. The bears drove it all the way down to $21,400 yesterday, which became a three-week low. Nevertheless, BTC bounced off and recovered a few hundred dollars in the following hours. It has remained rather calm since then and currently trades inches away from $22,000 as well. Its market cap has climbed back above $420 billion, while its dominance over the alts sits still at 41.3%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView LDO's Rollercoaster Continues Following the SEC's actions to go after certain staking offerings in the States, several representatives of the ETH liquid staking niche went on a rollercoaster. These include LDO, FXS, and RTL, all of which dumped by double digits yesterday. Today, though, the landscape with Lido DAO is significantly different as the protocol's native token has recovered 10% and trades clos... read More

Bitcoin Dumps to 3-Week Low, LDO Plummets 14% (Weekend Watch)

    The past 24 hours brought some more pain for the bulls as BTC slipped to another three-week low at under $21,500. Most altcoins are in no better shape, including the ETH liquid staking coins, many of which have seen double-digit price drops. BTC Drops Again The start of the month was highly positive for the primary cryptocurrency, which pumped to $24,200 after the latest interest rate hike by the US Federal Reserve on February 2. However, the landscape changed in the following days, and the asset retraced to around $23,000. After sitting quietly there for a while, bitcoin started to lose value rapidly at the end of this week once the US SEC intensified its clampdown on crypto staking. While industry experts continue to weigh in on how these regulatory actions will affect the market, BTC slumped below $22,000 yesterday and fell to under $21,500 today. The latter became its lowest price tag since January 20. As of now, the cryptocurrency trades a few hundred dollars above that line, but its market cap is under $420 billion. Its dominance over the alts stands still at 41.4%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView ETH Liquid Staking Alts Dump Hard Some of the biggest gainers for the past few days were precisely ETH liquid staking altcoins, such as LDO, FXS, and RPL. However, they have retraced hard after the SEC's actions, and all three are down by over 10% in the past 24 hours alone. The larger-cap alts are calmer today, even though most are in the red as well. Ethereum is down by 2% and s... read More

Crypto Price Analysis Feb-10: ETH, XRP, ADA, SOL, and LDO

    This week, we take a closer look at Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Solana, and Lido. Ethereum (ETH) With the bullish momentum lost, Ethereum has entered a corrective phase, dropping by 5.9% in the past week. The price action is turning bearish. Sellers rejected ETH again at the $1,660 resistance, and after several failed attempts to break this key level, the bulls could no longer control the price. For this reason, they may need to retreat to the next level of support found at $1,400. Looking ahead, ETH is entering a correction that many consider being long overdue, considering the bullish price action from January. Sellers could be in charge during the next few weeks. Chart by TradingView Ripple (XRP) Ripple also suffered in the past seven days, losing 6% of its valuation. Buyers have retreated at the 36 cents support, and the price is likely to visit this level before they attempt to regain control. With clear lower lows and highs on the price, the trend right now is bearish. The resistance is found at 40 cents, and until that is broken, a return to an uptrend is unlikely. The selling volume also increased as the price fell, and this is a bearish signal. Looking ahead, XRP has two key support levels where buyers can take over again: at 36 or 33 cents. Both can give buyers sufficient confidence to resume the uptrend. However, if the price falls further, then a recovery would become less likely. Chart by TradingView Cardano (ADA) After a clear bearish divergence, the price fell b... read More

Market Watch: The Graph Explodes 33%, Lido (LDO) Soars 16%

    Bitcoin slipped toward $22,500 once again in the past 24 hours but managed to bounce off and is once again situated around $23,000. Most altcoins are calmer today, aside from several mid caps, including LDO and GRT, both of which have skyrocketed by double digits. GRT, LDO Soar Lido DAO's native cryptocurrency went on a roll at the end of last year, as the protocol managed to briefly surpass MakerDAO in terms of Total Value Locked. Since then, LDO has more than doubled its USD value. The past 24 hours alone brought another massive 16% surge that pushed it to over $2.4. The Graph is another notable performer. The asset is up by over 30% and now sits close to $0.17. Litecoin and TONCOIN are among the biggest gainers from the larger-cap altcoins, being up 3% and 4.5%, respectively. Ethereum, Binance Coin, and Polygon are also slightly in the green, while Ripple, Cardano, Dogecoin, OKB, Solana, Shiba Inu, and Polkadot have marked minor daily declines. The total crypto market cap has remained relatively stagnant on a daily scale at $1.065 trillion. Cryptocurrency Market Overview. Source: Quantify Crypto Bitcoin Back at $23K After closing its best month since October 2021 in January, bitcoin went through a volatile first couple of days in February. Propelled by the latest interest rate hike by the US Federal Reserve, the cryptocurrency went from under $22,800 to a five-month high of above $24,200 in a matter of hours amid reports that the FOMO is returning. However, the bears stepp... read More

BNB at Highest Levels Since FTX Crash, Lido (LDO) Taps 5-Month Peak: Mar...

    Bitcoin's adventure around $23,000 continues as the asset pumped above that level hours ago but now sits still just under it. Only a handful of altcoins have produced more impressive 24-hour gains, including BNB and LDO, both of which tapped multi-month highs. BNB, LDO on a Roll With Binance having a key role in FTX's rapid demise, the exchange's native cryptocurrency was among the most volatile during the crash two months ago. At one point, it spiked from $300 to almost $400 in hours before retracing just as hard along with the rest of the market. The most substantial price decline came on December 17 when BNB slumped to a multi-month low of $220. However, it began to gradually increase in value in the following days, and the early 2023 run has only pushed it higher. This culminated in a price jump to over $320 earlier today - the highest BNB has been since the FTX fiasco unfolded. Lido DAO's native crypto has also been riding high for the past several weeks. The last 24 hours brought a 6% increase, which pushed LDO to over $2.6. This became its highest price tag in over five months. Most other altcoins are slightly calmer. Ethereum, in the 9th year of its announcement, continued to trade above $1,600 despite a minor retracement. The crypto market cap remains close to $1.050 trillion on CoinMarketCap. Cryptocurrency Market Overview. Source: Quantify Crypto Bitcoin Sits Still at $23K Ever since the primary cryptocurrency finally broke above $17,000 a few weeks back, it has be... read More

Lido DAO (LDO) Token Outperforms Market With 62% Weekly Gains

    The crypto market is still highly unpredictable and volatile in January 2023. The market generally recorded a 0.3% decrease in the last 24 hours. But as most of the assets falter, some tokens record exponential gains. LDO, the governance token of the Lido DAO network, has increased in value in the past week. The token is up by 62.83% in weekly gains and currently trading at $1.99, a 1.31% increase in 24 hours.   The Lido DAO project is a staking platform where users can stake their ETH tokens. The platform also offers DeFi lending services and requires no minimum deposits. With different financial services and the flexibility of its platform, this upsurge shows increased adoption by users for a variety of purposes.  Despite the uncertain times in the crypto space Lido DAO (LDO) has continued to perform well since the turn of the year. Some factors are behind this recent resurgence and will influence how long the bullish momentum will last. Why Is Lido DAO (LIDO) On The Rise? Some parameters are responsible for the price surge in Lido DAO. A Twitter user states that the Lido finance native token has soared nearly 60% in the last week. The user attributed this to Ethereum's upcoming Shanghai fork. This update will enable users to withdraw their staked ETH tokens. Secondly, BitForex announced the listing of LDO on the exchange. This listing has increased the project's scope and is partly responsible for the price increase noted in the token.  However, Twitt... read More

Lido DAO Surges By More Than 57% in Just A Week – More Gains Up Ah...

    Lido DAO (LDO), the native cryptocurrency of Lido Finance, significantly increased its total market capitalization which now stands at $1.25 billion. This no longer comes as a surprise as the crypto asset is in the midst of an incredible run that enabled it to post double-digit gains on its intraday, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly charts. At press time, according to data from Coingecko, LDO is changing hands at $1.51, increasing its value by 13% during the last 24 hours. Over the previous seven days, the digital token went up by 56.5% while also posting a bi-weekly gain of 60% and monthly increase of 50%. Already in the middle of an impressive showing, some analysts believe that Lido DAO still has room for improvement, thanks to a new upcoming ETH upgrade. Lido Expected To Benefit From ETH Shanghai Upgrade According to a recently released analysis, Lido Finance, at the time of this writing, is responsible for nearly 30% of all staked ETH tokens, making it the largest liquid staking platform for Ethereum right now. It has been noted that the demand for the platform increased dramatically after Ethereum switched from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake mechanism back in 2022. Moreover, the analysis stated that the blockchain’s upcoming Shanghai fork will enable users to withdraw their staked ETH tokens which, in turn, is expected to encourage more people to stake through Lido Finance. This will then increase the demand for the project’s native token. Some experts beli... read More

Weekend Watch: Lido DAO Soars to 2-Month High, BTC Touched $17K

    After failing to challenge $17,000 for several straight days, bitcoin finally touched that level, marking a multi-week high. The altcoins also turned green on Saturday, with impressive gains from Ethereum Classic and Lido DAO. Bitcoin Touches $17K The end of 2022 was quite calm for the primary cryptocurrency, and the first day of the new year didn't bring any more excitement either, as it remained at around $16,500. The situation started to change on Monday with a minor push from the bulls to $16,700. BTC tried to come closer to $17,000 in the next few days but ultimately failed to tap that line. The latest rejection from yesterday even pushed the asset south by a few hundred dollars. However, bitcoin indeed touched $17,000 a few hours ago, doing so for the first time since December 20. It has lost some ground as of now and stands just under it, but it's still around 1% up on the day. Its market capitalization has increased to north of $325 billion, but its dominance over the alts is back down to 39.6%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView LDO, ETC on the Run CryptoPotato reported earlier this week when Lido DAO became a leader in terms of Total Value Locked, surpassing MakerDAO. Although the latter reclaimed its first position, the former's native cryptocurrency has continued to rise higher. The latest push came earlier today, as LDO skyrocketed by double digits and reached $1.5. This became its highest price tag in about two months. Ethereum Classic is another notable performer on a... read More

Lido DAO Shows Strength To Breakout; Will The Downtrend Line Be Invalida...

    LDO price shows strength for the first time after post-merge. LDO bounces from the downtrend, hoping to end its bearish run as the price eyes a possible breakout from the downtrend line.  The price of LDO shows bullish signs as price trades below 50 and 200 Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) with good volume.  The price of Lido DAO (LDO) has been one of the best performances before the 'Ethereum Merge,' outperforming the market as the price rallied to an all-time high of $3 against tether (USDT). Although the crypto market faced a new drawback as Bitcoin (BTC) price dropped from a region of $19,000 to $18,100 as the Consumer Price Index (CPI) suggests an increase in inflation affecting the price of BTC negatively with altcoins affected, with recovery from BTC altcoins like Lido DAO showed some strength as the aim to begin a rally. (Data from Binance) Lido DAO (LDO) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart Although the crypto market experienced a sharp decline due to the CPI news, the market appeared to be manipulated as Bitcoin's (BTC) price dropped from $19,200 to $18,200 in hours. The market quickly recovered as most altcoins began to show strength, with LDO looking to breakout of its downtrend that has made the price become crippled to rally. With the current rise in the value of Bitcoin Dominance (BTC.D) after a long while, it is still unclear how the current price bounce after the price decline will be sustained. With BTC.D rising, most altcoins will suffer an inc... read More

Lido DAO (LDO) Struggles At $1.8 After Ethereum Merge, What Next?

    Lido DAO (LDO) showed so much strength as the price rallied from $0.5 to a region of $3, creating a new all-time high against tether (USDT) ahead of the anticipated 'Ethereum Merge.' Lido DAO (LDO) benefited from the relief bounces across the crypto market as it continues to top the chart week in and week out but has since struggled after the merge. (Data from Binance) Lido DAO (LDO) Token Price Analysis On The Daily Chart  Daily LDO Price Chart Analysis | Source: LDOUSDT On LDO saw a decline in price from $3 to $1.8, setting its price up for a new all-time high despite the difficult market conditions. The price of LDO has since struggled to discover the mojo that helped LDO outperform so many altcoins, as many are confused if it is out of steam. The price of LDO on the daily chart faced resistance at $2.2 as the price got rejected severally. LDO's price formed a symmetric triangle as the price continued to range with two options available; an uptrend continuation or a break to the downside to test lower support. For LDO's price to restore its bullish move, the price needs to break out of the triangle and rally to the upside. With good volume, the LDO price would have to break and hold above $2.2, acting as strong resistance preventing the price from the upside. If the price of LDO fails to break to the upside, we would expect the price of LDO to retest the support area at $1.4-$1. Daily resistance for the price of LDO - $2.2. Daily support for the price... read More

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