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Kylin Network  


KYL Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$1.7 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The last known price of #KYL is $0.00171 USD.

Please note that the price of #KYL was last updated over 40 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #KYL statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest KYL price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00171, and the exact last price of KYL was $0.00170564.

The all-time high KYL coin price was $2.22.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of KYL with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Kylin Network crypto currency is #KYL.

Kylin Network is 3.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Kylin Network is $1,705,641.

Kylin Network is ranking downwards to #1415 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a very weak volume of trading today on #KYL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Kylin Network is $52.00.


The circulating supply of KYL is 1,000,000,000 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.


KYL is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


KYL is available on at least one crypto currency exchange.

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Announcement on $KYL Token Swap & New Token Address

$KYL New Token Address: 0x5d07F52aE5f779422447C2A32F58c93A15E7d6F2 Greeting from Kylin Network, We thank you all for waiting patiently for the token swap. To enhance the security of $KYL and its availability, the token swap will be executed independently on and also with our listing partners. We will also be expanding the exchanges that will support the token swap process and will announce them when ready. Please note that all $KYL token balances from the previous token address (0x67B6D479c7bB412C54e03dCA8E1Bc6740ce6b99C) have been migrated to a new token address (0x5d07F52aE5f779422447C2A32F58c93A15E7d6F2). The official $KYL token swap is now live on, for over 21,900 $KYL token holders. — FAQs - — How to do the token swap?. — It will be a very straightforward process. Go to, Connect your wallet, Check your current balance, Click Exchange to complete the token swap, You will need a small amount of ETH balance for the token swap., — What if I have $KYL in self-custody?. — If so, please go to and complete the token swap ASAP. Also if you have deposited $KYL into a decentralized liquidity pool such as Uniswap or Balancer, you must withdraw your tokens and complete the token swap as soon as possible. — My tokens are in a wallet (Ledger, Trezor, Trust, etc.). What do I need to do? - No action is required before th...

Monthly Technical Update: November 2022 (MVP Special)

Hello Kylians! We’re happy to update you on the technical progress of Kylin’s MVP development in this Kylin Oracle MVP special. We’ll also highlight some updates related to other parts of the project. The Minimum viable product (MVP) of the Kylin Oracle is widely reported and is currently being reviewed by the Substrate Builders Program and the audit from other 3rd parties. However, to build out the completed version of the Kylin Oracle, the existing tech team assembled a to-do list of what needs further development to have a fully developed Oracle. 1. Kylin Oracle — Highlights 1. Design documents 2. Kylin MVP demo version contains 1. Different parachains can be accessed 2. Feed data and read data 3. Documentation and examples — to be added (to be developed by kylin-toolbox) 3. Kylin To Do 1. IPFS stores meta 2. The contract calls oracle 4. Kylin In-progress 1. Charge issues, economy, etc. (low priority) 5. Submit the deliverables directory to the GitHub warehouse collator 1. Design Documentation 2. Resource Documentation 3. Test docking document (to be developed by kylin-toolbox) 6. Short-term development plan - Support JSON path from data source support (multiple data sources can be customized) 11.30 - Quickly build oracle verification environment through docker-compose 12.02 1. docker-compose up - Develop kylin-toolbox oracle function faster verification tool — in progress — 1...

A Message to our Community

We are sorry to have to tell you that we have made a difficult decision to let go of our Technical Lead, Sylvain Cormier. It wasn’t an easy decision to let go of such a talented professional, and we want to thank him for his hard work and dedication to developing the Kylin Network Truth Machine. Sylvain put in his best and most impactful efforts in the eight months he worked with us. We are particularly grateful for his contributions, including the completion of several significant technological milestones for our product, which helped us secure a Polkadot Parachain and the delivery of our MVP. We arrived at this decision considering that we have much fewer technological needs with the MVP completed and currently in testing and under review by the Substrate Builders Program. Usually, these would be features and not bugs for the project’s development. However, the unfortunate reality is that our treasury is depleted after almost three years of development after our relatively small initial raise. Although we are very much an OG and blue chip project in the Dotsama space, compared to our peers like Acala, Astar, and Moonbeam, our raised resourcing is a fraction of theirs. Usually, the recourse in these situations (and something many projects had as a plan B) is the liquidation of team tokens. Given the current market, this option is not viable. Our option of last resort, then, is to shrink our operational burn costs. Thus, ...

Kylin Bi-Weekly Community Update #16: Partnership

Partnership with Capsule Corps Labs As Kylin gets closer to its minimum viable product (MVP) launch, it is essential to gather support from intending and existing Parachains who intend to utilize the Kylin Oracle. Last week, we were happy to announce our strategic partnership with Ternoa, developed by Capsule Corp Labs; Ternoa makes NFTs’ mass adoption possible by standardizing on-chain NFT functions, coupled with a javascript Software Development Kit (SDK) to reach out to the most significant possible number of developers. The partnership aims to explore the possibilities of dynamic NFTs from a synergistic data exchange standpoint between the Kylin Network and Ternoa. Once Ternoa achieves its parachain status on Polkadot, a bi-directional data channel will be established between both parachains. A non-binding letter of Intent was initiated between both parties, stating that once Kylin Oracle goes live, Ternoa will be part of the early adopters of the Kylin Oracle service. Future Partnerships with other Parachains Currently, the Kylin team is carrying out our business development endeavors in reaching out to parachains on the DOTSAMA ecosystem, working on having a symbiotic relationship that will see these parachains utilize the Kylin Oracle once it goes to mainnet. Kylin will have interested parachains install the Kylin pallet that will form a bi-directional data flow that will see each parachain report feeds to the Kylin...

Kylin Network x Ternoa Partnership Announcement

More than ever, we need more hands to build the new iteration of the Internet, web3, to supply deeply relevant utilities from DeData to fungible & non-fungible tokens. We are excited to announce our partnership with Ternoa — a substrate-based blockchain dedicated to utility NFTs. Ternoa makes NFTs’ mass adoption possible by standardizing on-chain NFT functions, coupled with a javascript Software Development Kit (SDK), to reach out to the most significant possible number of developers. The partnership aims to explore the possibilities of dynamic NFTs from a synergy of data exchange between the Kylin Network parachain and the anticipated Ternoa parachain on Polkadot. Kylin Network & Ternoa will collaborate as such; Collaborate to prepare Kylin Network for Ternoa chain composability/compatibility in anticipation of its onboarding and provide access to valuable datasets for its development., Support the Ternoa chain’s onboarding process to expand the DOTSAMA ecosystem further., Establish a symbiotic data exchange relationship across the DOTSAMA ecosystem., Provide the data infrastructure to power Ternoa’s customized NFTs., This is an excellent partnership for Kylin Network as Ternoa will provide brilliant and easily adoptable tools to bring dynamic NFTs into the mainstream light. Dylan Dewdney, Kylin Network’s Strategic Lead, had this to say, “ We are happy to work with the team at Ternoa to collaborate...

Monthly Technical Update: October 2022

Hello Kylians! We’re excited to provide a technical update on Kylin and Pichiu’s development endeavor for October 2022. This month’s updates cover all development efforts from Kylin’s dedicated developers led by the Project’s Tech Lead, Sylvain Cormier. Parallel User Crowdloan rewards: Parallel used XCM without a proxy account, so the process could be fully decentralized. The corresponding Kylin account would generally be accessible with the same private key as the one on Polkadot. In this case, a sovereign account was used. We have re-distributed the rewards directly to the parallel users. We will burn all funds in the parallel’s sovereign account after the 2-year vesting. Pichiu Airdrop: Airdrop was conducted on October 22, 2022. A web page was created where 631 correctly signed airdrop requests were signed. Some issues encountered: * 0 KYL balance ( 100 requests) * Invalid substrate addresses (14 requests) * Multiple airdrop requests using the same substrate address * unable to unstake Suggestions were made to handle the large amounts of support requests better: * Set of explanatory videos * User issue board with escalation Subport: To better manage our support requests, we opted for a user issue triage board where team members have been made admin. Total issues: 73 issues in 13 days Distribution Pallet: Work was done to design a higher-level abstraction to help manage payouts. In doing this, it...

Kylin Weekly Update #15: Pichiu Distributed

As promised, on the 22nd of October, 2022, PCHU, the native coin of Kylin’s Canary Network on Kusama, was distributed to every community user that completed the ERC <> Substrate wallet handshake procedure detailed in the last project update. This week’s update will report on how the Pichiu coin distribution was executed and what to expect in the coming weeks. From all observations, the distribution was a complete success. However, several users encountered challenges in receiving their PCHU, most of which have been addressed. This gave rise to several questions from the community, which have also been addressed. If you’re experiencing token distribution challenges, please open an issue on Kylin’s GitHub repository here. We received a total of 635 signed requests; however, over 149 of these requests encountered challenges stemming from the following: 0 KYL balance (over 100 requests), Invalid substrate addresses (14 requests), Multiple requests using the same substrate address, The total amount of KYL hand shook = 67,290,000 The total amount of PCHU distributed = 2,287,860. Handshake done, distribution Dusted: Now that the Pichiu coin distribution has been completed, the engineering team can be reassigned to get the MVP ready for a show and tell in November. Community users that are late to the registration process will not receive PCHU. Unfortunately, there will be no new option to participate in the reception ...

PICHIU Token Distribution Reminder

Hello Kylian, It’s less than two days to the $PCHU airdrop! The Pichiu airdrop distribution remains on October 22nd, 2022. This article serves as a reminder to Kylians who are yet to prepare for the drop. The PICHIU airdrop is designed to incentivize the holders of ERC20 KYL tokens. If you’re yet to prepare for the airdrop, visit the airdrop page and complete the process either through option 1 or 2. Learn more from the initial airdrop details announcement. PS: Option 1 is a more user-friendly and automatic process. It’s recommended. We’ve also put together guides to walk you through either of the processes. Find the documentation here. From the updated tokenomics, 6% of the total PICHIU supply is earmarked for Holders’ reward amounts, which equals 0.034 $PCHU per $KYL held. Take note that only 1% of the total allocation will be airdropped immediately, and the remnant will be distributed across ten months (0.5% per month). There’s ample time to get set for the $PCHU airdrop. We encourage all holders of the ERC20 based $KYL token to participate in our canary chain airdrop. Please note that holders of ERC20 $KYL tokens on centralized exchanges will not be acknowledged on the token distribution initiation. Move your tokens to metamask to complete the process as prompted on the airdrop page. If you experience any issues, please get in touch with us via the Kylin Network Telegram community. Keep KYLing it, Team Ky...

Kylin Weekly Update #14: Pichiu Imminent Distribution

Our $PCHU airdrop distribution remains on October 22nd, 2022. This post serves as a reminder to Kylians who are yet to prepare for the drop. The PICHIU airdrop is designed to incentivize the holders of ERC20 KYL tokens. If you’re yet to prepare for the airdrop, visit the airdrop page and complete the process either through option 1 or 2. Learn more from the initial airdrop details announcement. PS: Option 1 is a more user-friendly and automatic process. It’s recommended. We’ve also put together guides to walk you through either of the processes. Find the documentation here. Kylin Host Workshop in 2 days As announced sometime last week, Sylvain Cormier, Kylin’s Tech Lead, will remotely host a workshop during the Polkadot LATAM Hackathon. Other Kylin Technical team members will join him. The initial workshop theme was “NFT MetaData or IPFS Storage Layer, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be changing the topic for the workshop to “ Kylin tooling for the Federated Parachain Oracle System.” The time for the hackathon is 15:00 UTC on the 21st of October. Interested community members can join the Kylin hackathon session via Zoom at this link. KYL and PCHU coins are Now Available on Nova Wallet You can now manage and monitor your Kylin assets on Nova Wallet, one of the most advanced applications in the Polkadot Ecosystem. In a recent announcement, we shared that Pichiu and Kylin have been added to the lis...

Kylin Weekly Update #13: Token2049 Exploits and More

Hello, Kylians, We’re happy to share another weekly update on the development effort made by the team behind Kylin Network and the community leaders in promoting Polkadot’s composable and configurable multi-oracle infrastructure. In this week’s edition, we’ll touch on Kylin’s exploits in the just concluded Token2049 event in Sand Marina Bay, Singapore, upcoming events that Kylin will be a part of, product updates, and notable Kylin mentions. The Asia Blockchain Week and Token2049 was a great time out for Kylin Network on many fronts as it provided opportunities for Kylin’s Marketing and Operations Lead, Agbona Igwemoh, known as A.G, to maximize. Connecting with Dotsama: During the #Polkadot Asia Lounge Party, team Kylin met with team members of several other parachains. One cannot underestimate the importance of in-person connection; this helped strengthen existing relationships while creating new ones that didn’t exist before the event. A.G made a tweet about his experience during the event. You can find it here. The result of this endeavor is evident, as Kylin recently has been invited to join a significant number of Polkadot Marketing groups. Together with other parachains, Kylin is planning for future events where we’ll be present. Also, several partnerships are currently underway with projects in the Dotsama space and those on other chains. The goal has always been to find partnerships that offer value, o...


Crypto Market Slides as Total Value Locked in Defi Falls Below $50 Billi...

    The value of the crypto market has started to slide again after a bullish run-up over the last seven weeks. The total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (defi) has slipped below the $50 billion mark to $49.8 billion. The TVL in defi has fallen by 2.24% over the last 24 hours. During that same timeframe, the top smart contract token economy lost 3.7% against the U.S. dollar.Smart Contract Token Economy and Value Locked in Defi Dip Cryptocurrency prices are down this weekend, affecting the values of smart contract tokens and the total value locked in defi. At the time of writing, the smart contract token economy is valued at $326.11 billion, but has dropped 3.7% during the last day. Over the last week, ethereum (ETH) has lost 5.6% against the greenback, and polygon (MATIC) has dropped 17.6% in value. Currently, the TVL in defi today is $49.8 billion, with 18.03% of that value residing in the Lido liquid staking protocol. The value locked in Lido today is around $8.75 billion, up 8.43% over the last month. Makerdao, Curve, Aave, Convex Finance, Uniswap, Justlend, Pancakeswap, Instadapp, and Compound Finance follow Lido in order. Besides Lido's 8.43% rise, Uniswap had the second-largest 30-day increase with 6.43%. TOTALDEFI chart by TradingView new TradingView.widget( { "width": "100%", "height": "400", "symbol": "CRYPTOCAP:TOTALDEFI", "interval": "D", "timezone": "Etc/UTC", "theme": "light", "style": "1", "locale": "en", "toolbar_bg": "#F1F3F6", "enable_pu... read More

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