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Kylin Network  


KYL Price:
$250.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$21.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #KYL today is $0.021 USD.

The lowest KYL price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.021, and the exact current price of one KYL crypto coin is $0.02110.

The all-time high KYL coin price was $2.22.

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The code for Kylin Network crypto currency is #KYL.

Kylin Network is 1.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Kylin Network is $21,101,482.

Kylin Network is ranking downwards to #440 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium daily trading volume on #KYL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Kylin Network is $250,141.


The circulating supply of KYL is 1,000,000,000 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.


KYL is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


KYL is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Kylin Network — Strategic Partnership with Ruby Protocol

Kylin Network — Strategic Partnership with Ruby Protocol - Hello Kylians, We are excited to announce that we’ve established an ecosystem partnership with Ruby Protocol, a privacy-centric web3 data management platform to push the realization of the DeData economy further, even as we build the infrastructure to source complete, valid, and reliable data. While Kylin builds the configurable and modular data infrastructure to guarantee that validated data is fed in and out of the entire blockchain ecosystem, Ruby ensures that privacy is maintained where necessary within the Web3 sphere with its privacy-as-a-service platform. The Kylin Network ecosystem will utilize this ecosystem partnership to; Enforce privacy for users of dapps on the Kylin Network dapp ecosystem. Ruby’s privacy management infrastructure will provide the shielding layer to guarantee users of their data custody. It will also facilitate validated yet private DeData supply across chains., Provide a fine-grained Access Control channel for DeFi, NFT, or DID-gated applications designed with a stratified permission model and other regulatory-compliant use cases., Establish a Private Payment Network to strengthen the data monetization model of the Kylin Infrastructure and its accessible data marketplace., With both infrastructures built with a modular, flexible and synergistic design, more opportunities for integration are anticipated as the partnership gr...

Partnership: Kylin Network Joins Equilibrium’s Closed Beta

Kylians! We are happy to share that Kylin and Equilibrium are teaming up for Equilibrium’s Closed Beta Contest. We have the opportunity to create a team consisting of Kylin community members to beta test their products and, in the process, win some EQ tokens by having the best portfolios. The Equilibrium team posted a detailed article here on the reward mechanism. Any Kylian that is interested in participating will need to sign up using the Kylin community code: KYLIN5443 The registration form will be open until September 10, 00:00 UTC, after which it will be closed. For the Kylin team to be activated, we need to have 30 users sign up using the Kylin community code. $40,000 worth of EQ tokens is up for grabs across the entire event, with 200,000 EQ tokens allocated to the top 10 users on the Kylin team. Also, the Kylin team will be able to win 1.3M EQ in the team qualification. This is an excellent opportunity to help the Equilibrium team deliver a great product while winning some tokens. Everyone wins! About Kylin Network Kylin Network strives to be a composable and configurable multi-level oracle infrastructure built as a Polkadot parachain, for the democratization and delivery of accurate data on time, at a reliably low cost. Kylin hopes to offer a way for chain-agnostic APIs to serve data according to service level agreements (SLA) that the consumers of this data will be aware of. Data source compatibility beyond pric...

Kylin Weekly Update #11: Kylians Assembly!

Project Update Development, operations, and promotion of Kylin Network continue. Despite the unfavorable market conditions, aka crypto winter, Kylin achieves one of its most prominent (if not most significant) achievements in the project’s history. Winning a Polkadot Parachain auction, which by the way, was covered by Yahoo Finance! As covered in last week’s update, Kylin now has a dedicated Assembly on Polkadot for everything Kylin Network. Although we’re still in the early stages, and as such, we’re currently setting things up. First, we have a little set of house rules to ensure Kylin Assembly remains a safe space for everyone interested in the project’s success. We currently have two open discussions, one being the house rules and the other about the upcoming PCHU airdrop. Kylin Assembly We are collecting feedback/insights on the upcoming airdrop; some community members have made suggestions, which the team is currently reviewing. A dApp has been developed to facilitate the handshake of the Metamask wallet and a Pichiu wallet. The next critical phase will be, “WHEN WILL THE PICHIU TOKENS BE TRANSFERED?” for this, we need input from the community. There needs to be ample time for everyone to complete the wallet handshake process before the token transfer is initiated. You can find the community discussion about the airdrop so far here. Kylin’s democratic pallet relies on several processes involving the co...

Monthly Technical Update: July & August 2022

Hello Kylians! We’re excited to provide a technical update on Kylin’s developments for July and August. This is a revision of the previous month’s accomplished work and a synopsis of important accumulated information, outlining tasks that need immediate attention or information that will guide the direction of future development. We onboarded two new senior substrate developers: It’s been a remarkably short ramp-up time for them, as they are already contributing to the project’s development., Installed Democracy Pallet: The democracy pallet will be used to certify and vet all actors in the oracle system. As a first step, this will allow Kylin Network to explore how much we can do without the customization of this pallet., Install RMRK NFT and market functionality: Essential code for managing NFTs, metadata, and transacting them on the market. All ready to be customized., IPFS research: Research creating an OCW IPFS partition for holding metadata and storing large files., Aggregation buffer, Use of orml oracle code: Initially started with ringbuffer from substrate recipes. Orml code seems easier to use for the time being. The buffer evaluation method is median for now., API data structure: SubmitApi extrinsic created, 6. Kusama runtime upgrade Deploy backup node and make data secure for Kusama, 0.9.24 upgrade, Cleanup, Setup subquery for Kusama, 7. Polkadot Onboarding 7.1 Add Kylin-runtime for PolkaDot 7.2 Ru...

Kylin Weekly Update #10: Polkadot Parachain

This has been a monumental week for Kylin Network, in light of winning the parachain auction for #25 via sourcing for crowdloan from the community. The Kylin community and team, in the process of securing a parachain slot, made history. The entire DOTSAMA ecosystem became familiar with the Kylin project over the past week. Kylin Network became the first project in the last seven parachain auctions to max out its bid cap of 150,000 DOT, accruing over $1.1M. Also, Kylin Network became the 3rd project in the history of Polkadot to max out its bid cap, a status only achieved by blue-chip Polkadot projects such as Moonbeam and Efinity. We’re proud to call ourselves a Parachain, not only on Polkadot but also on Kusama. Now, the journey truly begins, as the project sets out to build the data framework for all web3 middleware. Kylin Polkassembly Thanks to our new Parachain status, Kylin now has its dedicated Polkassembly subdomain, which will function as Kylin’s Community Hub. It will be the ideal destination for community discussions, where decisions concerning the future of Kylin Network will be voted upon. Vote on governance, referenda, and motions as it concerns Kylin will take place on Kylin’s Polkassembly. The community has done a fantastic job of bringing Kylin to this point of its existence, now is the time to go further. We invite all Kylin community and supporters to sign up or login into Kylin’s Polkassembly HERE....

Kylin Network Sponsors DeData Salon at the Berlin Blockchain Week 2022

Since its inception, Kylin Network has been promoting DeData (Decentralized Data), a data paradigm that strips away data power from a central source and puts it into the hands of distributed, independent, and incentivized “managers,” which is a step towards keeping data accurate. It’s a step towards a more reliable and stable web. To this end, we’re proud to announce that Kylin Network will be sponsors of the upcoming DeData Saloon, which is part of the Berlin Blockchain Week. The DeData theme will be centered around: “What Data Ownership will mean in the Web3 Economy?”Whether it’s price feeds, weather data, or decentralized identity, most of blockchain’s most exciting applications rely on decentralized data — DeData. The DeData Salon aims to raise awareness of the importance of DeData, and the exciting possibilities that will be unlocked in the new DeData economy. The other key theme of the DeData Salon is as follows: The DeData Salon holds on Monday, 12 September 2022, Spreespeicher, Berlin. You can secure your tickets here. As announced on the Kylin official Twitter account last week, we’ll have members of the Kylin team making a presentation during the DeData Saloon. Sylvain Cormier, Tech Lead, Kylin Network Kylin’s tech lead will be present during the DeData Salon, where he will speak about “Building the Infrastructure to Power P2P Data Management in a Decentralized Data World.” Dylan...

Kylin Network Wins Polkadot 25th Parachain Auction!

Hello Kylians! We are stoked to announce to you that we’ve emerged the winner of the parachain auction 25 on Polkadot! This is a significant milestone in our project journey to build the data framework for all web3 middleware. We are home! Kylin Network is confirmed the winner of the crowdloan auction for parachain slot 25 on Polkadot, whose candle lit up on the 17th of August and “blew out” on the 24th of August. Yes, It was a rough and unprecedented start, as we explained here, due to some technical mishaps, but it ended like a movie with a good storyline would. We’ve crossed many hurdles and weathered many storms to get to this point today, and admittedly, not without breaking a thing or two. We’ve learned some good lessons which will help us as a team and community to sail this ship towards the DeData horizon, which is now closer than ever. Not only is it a great achievement for us as we’ve finally secured a parachain slot on Polkadot, but it’s also a record-breaking one. In the last 7 parachain auctions, Kylin Network became the first project to hit the bid cap of 150,000 DOT, which amounts to over $1.1m as of the time of writing. We literally KYLed it! It’s been a long way to get here; from Kusama to Rococo, now we own a slot on the Polkadot blockchain! As most of our marketing materials read, Kylin Network on Polkadot is no longer a future we hope for but an actualized vision. We are grateful to all K...

Kylin x Onfinality Contest: Second Edition

Hello Kylians! Some weeks back, we announced a partnership with our friends at Onfinality. As a way of engaging our community and bringing some attention to our new partnership. Kylin announced the first edition of the Kylin x Onfinality contest targeted at supporting community members to run a Kylin node via the Onfinality platform. We were flushed with streams of entries from various contestants; unfortunately, most participants only saw the first tweet but missed the second tweet in the thread that carried vital information. For this reason, most of the participants were disqualified, which led to only five winners emerging to take the $50 coupon prize. Missed the first contest? We’re happy to announce the second edition of the Kylin x Onfinality contest, and below are the rules of engagement: Follow Kylin CoinMarketCap Community page:, Join our Discord Server:, Make a Bullish post in “Live Kylin Chat” on Kylin’s CMC Community page mentioning one thing you love about Kylin Network., Lastly, tag 3 of your friends on this post on social media, For step 3, make the post in the highlighted area on Kylin’s CMC Community Live Chat page. Five winners, each winning $50 worth of coupons for the V2 of the Kylin x Onfinality contest, will be announced next week, and further instructions will be given on how to claim your prize. Kylians, let’s Kyl this contest! — About Kylin Netwo...

Pichiu KSM Crowdloan Distribution Details

Thanks to the unyielding support of the Kylin community for their help in the Kusama crowdloan, Kylin’s canary Network, Pichiu, is now live on Kusama. We can never thank Kylin’s supporters enough for their consistent support. How could we? Even at the time of the post being written, the community is piling up hundred of thousand of DOTs in support of our ongoing crowdloan to win a parachain slot. A whopping 127k DOT has been crowdloaned to date, and bidding doesn’t start till a few days. With excitement and gratitude to our supporters, we provide information on the crowdloan reward distribution tandem to crowdloaned KSM to PCHU. With reference to a previous post, we provide the following information. The distribution of PCHU token will be distributed to the crowdloaners in a pretty straightforward fashion. The relevant substrate wallet addresses are linked by the very process of loaning their KSM. The rewards for crowdloaning KSM for the Pichiu Network are below 1 KSM = 1488.69 PCHU 30% TGE will be 446.6 PCHU per KSM 70% Released per block means 0.00002067 PCHU per KSM, approximately Block time on Kusama canary network is approximately every 6 seconds **The above block time information is subject to change. KSM Crowdloan Distribution will be executed on the 17th of August, 2022. Here are the final rewards distribution details. The key info: 1. Total Reward(PCHU): 16,743,798.54 2. Pichiu Distribution Day: 2022–...

Kylin Parachain Crowdloan Details

We are happy to announce the details of Kylin Crowdloan! In light of recent events, our Crowdloan auction is already live, and this post provides more details about what to expect from Kylin Network. Kylin Network entered the Polkadot auction 24 to win parachain leases 9–16. Once we go live, from August 27, 2022, to July 1, 2024, Kylin Network will bring a decentralized data marketplace as a Source of Truth to the Dotsama ecosystem. We’ll outline the following details in the article: - Kylin’s product-market vision - Why is Kylin going for auction slot 24 as against the intended 26 - Crowdloan details Kylin Network is Building the World’s first Truth Machine via A Decentralized and Configurable Data Feeding Oracle System. The Kylin Network has always had a mandate for the management of data. Our vision for an impactful product-market fit has evolved from our experience building a decentralized data warehouse on Rococo and researching how to fulfil our mandate as a decentralized oracle system. Hitherto, we aim to be the source of factual and validated info to DeFi first, Web3 applications and smart contract automation. Our solution is an oracle network, synergistic primarily with off-chain workers (OCW) and working with other instances to fetch, validate, and feed data to dApps seeking a fair and decentralized data debit.“ The Kylin Network will now be a Modular & Configurable Data Framework for all Web3 Midd...

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