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KUS Price:
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The price of #KUS today is $0.00756 USD.

The lowest KUS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00756, and the exact current price of one KUS crypto coin is $0.00756014.

The all-time high KUS coin price was $13.00.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of KUS with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for KuSwap crypto currency is #KUS.

KuSwap is 2.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for KuSwap is not available at this time.

KuSwap is ranked #1164 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very weak during the past 24 hours for #KUS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for KuSwap is $49.00.


The circulating supply of KUS is 2 coins, which is 0% of the maximum coin supply.

Note the simply unparalleled tiny supply of KuSwap coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


KUS is a token on the Kucoin Community Chain blockchain.


KUS has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.



Join the First KuSwap v3 Trading Battle: 100,000 KUSv3 Tokens in Rewards

Dear KuSwappers, Get ready for an exhilarating experience in the first-ever KuSwap v3 Trading Battle! Dive into the competition with a prize pool of 100,000 KUSv3 tokens. This is just the beginning, as the market gains momentum, expect the rewards to grow! 📅 Event Duration: From Wednesday, January 17, 2024, to Sunday, February 10, 2024, — 🌐 Join the Battle:. — 🔗 Swap KUSv3-KCS to Enter the Battle 🔗 View the Trading Battle Leaderboard Prize: 2,500 KUSv3 for 5 winners., Participation: Engage with our campaign tweet on Twitter (like & retweet), follow KuSwap, and join our Telegram group., Reward Method: Enter a draw by completing the actions. Five lucky winners, chosen randomly, will each receive 2,500 KUSv3., — 🏆 Battle 2: KUSv3-KCS Trading Showdown. — Prize Pool: 87,500 KUSv3., Competition Basis: Your trading volume in the KUSv3-KCS pair., Distribution:, 🥇 1st Place: 35,000 KUSv3, 🥈 2nd Place: 16,500 KUSv3, 🥉 3rd Place: 6,000 KUSv3, 🏅 4th to 20th Place: Share 30,000 KUSv3, allocated based on individual trading volumes., 🔥 We can’t wait to see the strategies you bring to the forefront. Good luck, traders! #SwapItTillYouMakeIt!

KuSwap v3: Final Migration Updates and Launch

Dear KuSwappers, Thanks for hanging tight with us on KuSwap v3! Together as a community, we’ve pushed through, and now it’s time to come together for the big launch of KCC’s next-level Liquidity Solution. — A Shared Vision - Our vision for KuSwap is to serve as the default liquidity solution for KCC, enabling protocols and projects building on KCC to incentivize their own liquidity using their own token by providing incentives to veKUS holders or by locking veKUS and voting for their own pools. This enables project builders to build liquidity in the most capital-efficient way possible. veKUS holders, on the other hand, will enjoy 100% of the fees and bribes to the pools that they vote for. This establishes a self-regulating mechanism that benefits the most active participants in the ecosystem. — Genesis Liquidity - In order to establish liquidity from the outset, KuSwap has earmarked an additional 300,000 KUS tokens as bribes for the initial pools. This allocation aims to benefit both early Liquidity Providers who migrate their assets, as well as new participants who provide liquidity for the first time. It’s important to note that this bonus allocation of KUS tokens is only applicable for the initial epoch. Following this period, KUS emissions will be distributed to liquidity providers as initially planned in the protocol specifications. By participating early, Liquidity Providers can maximize their rewa...

KuSwap v3 Migration Update, Commitment to Security and Multichain Future

Dear KuSwappers, We sincerely thank you for your continuous support and patience as we navigate through our token migration phase. In the ever-evolving space of decentralized finance, your unwavering trust means the world to us. We’d like to share a crucial update on our migration journey: 1. Reason for the Delay While we had anticipated a certain timeframe for the launch, our in-depth assessments have shown that to align contracts, UI, and backend seamlessly, an additional week is imperative. We prioritize the integrity of our platform and the safety of our community above all. This is a pivotal phase, and we want to get it right the first time. 2. The Path Forward Though we acknowledge that a week’s delay might be significant in the fast-paced DeFi sector, we are steadfast in our belief that this extra time is critical for ensuring an unparalleled user experience and unshakeable platform security. Your safety and satisfaction remain at the forefront of our endeavors. 3. Clear Skies on the Horizn We are looking at a couple of chains where we can start our multichain journey. There are some who, we believe, are interested to have a good and proven team build on theirs, not to mention an unwavering community, pretty much unlike anything seen in other parts of DeFi. In conclusion, your faith and trust drive us to strive for excellence. We understand that delays can be frustrating, but they are sometimes essential for achi...

KuSwap v3 Migration User Interface and Community Contests

Dear KuSwappers, Today, we have exciting updates for the KuSwap v3 migration. Lets get straight to it! — Migration UI Reveal - The migration UI can now be viewed on To ensure that mobody misses the instructions, we have thoughtfully organized each stage of the migration into a step-by-step process for KUS, KUSGOV, and LP Providers. This approach will allow for seamless navigation and clarity as we move forward. Please be reminded that this is just the reveal of the migration UI. The actual Migration will start on July 11, 2023 2PM UTC — KUS Holders. — Migration is pretty straightforward for KUS Holders. Step 1. Connect to the UI using your wallet Step 2. Click Deposit Step 3. Input the amount of KUS you will be migrating Step 4. Confirm the transaction. That’s it! Please migrate as soon as possible in order to get the most of the incentives! A total of 369,200 new KUS tokens will be distributed to KUS Holders and it is timebased. Rewards start to accrue on July 11, 2023 2PM UTC. — KUSGOV Holders. — For KUSGOV Holders, the process is as follows: Step 1: Connect to the UI using your wallet Step 2: Deposit KUSGOV Step 3: Input the amount Step 4: Confirm the transaction This is not timebased so just make sure that you deposit your KUSGOV during the migration period in order to get the bonus. — Liquidity Migration. — Liquidity migration is the most straightforwar...

KuSwap Migration Details

Dear KuSwappers, Here are the details of the Migration Period. June 30, 2023 Announcement of Migration Period, July 8, 2023 Start of KuSwap Migration Community Activities, Reveal of Migration User Interface (UI), A comprehensive, step-by-step migration guide will be published on our official communication channels, July 9, 2023 2PM UTC The KuSwap swap UI will aggregate the Liquidity on v2 and v3 to ensure smooth swapping operations while on migration, Emissions on KuSwap v2 will be set to stop on Migration Start, July 19, 2023 1AM UTC (Migration Start) Emissions on KuSwap v2 (pools & farms) will be stopped, Migration UI will start taking deposits for KUSGOV Migration, Migration UI will start taking deposits for KUS Migration, Migration UI will start automatic LP Migration, Migration UI will start taking additional liquidity for KuSwap v3, July 21, 2023 1AM UTC KUS deposited for migration will start accruing bonus tokens, Migrated LP and Additional Liquidity will start accruing bonus tokens, August 18, 2023 (Migration End) Exact time depends on the block (KCC Block Number 23,254,355), Migration is complete, All migration bonuses stop, Farms will start to earn the new KUS tokens, All KUS will be distributed, Users will be allowed to deposit KUS for veKUS, — No more KUSGOV Minting - From this point, June 30, 2023 2PM UTC, any KUSGOV minted will not be able to join in the migration. In line with this, ...

KuSwap v3 Migration: Painting a New Landscape in DeFi

Dear KuSwappers, Today, we celebrate a remarkable achievement: the passage of the groundbreaking 3-part KuSwap v3 Migration Proposal. We want to extend our congratulations and heartfelt thanks to each and every member of this extraordinary community. Your unwavering support, dedication, and collaboration have paved the way for a better KuSwap. But more importantly, it is a testament to what we can achieve when we join hands. One particular highlight that deserves special mention is the participation of 445K KUSGOV in the part 3 voting. The overwhelming response from KuSwappers clearly demonstrates that we are united behind a shared vision. — Migration Period - The start and end of the migration period will be announced tomorrow at 2PM UTC, as well as details about the migration itself. We would like to remind everyone that any KUSGOV minted after that announcement will not be eligible for migration. In the same line, any KUSGOV minted before the announcement will be accepted for migration. We recommend choosing the highest locking period so as to get the most KUSGOV for migration and to maximize the migration bonus. — Surprise Rewards🎉 - A small bonus of 50,000 KUS tokens from the team will be divided proportionally to all those who joined the voting on the 3 proposals. This is a small token of appreciation to all those who took the time to support the KuSwap migration through their votes. — Looking For...

KuSwap v3 Migration Governance Proposal — Part 3: Migration Strategy

KuSwap v3 Migration Governance Proposal — Part 3: Migration Strategy - Dear KuSwappers, As we keep moving forward towards KuSwap v3, it’s important that we discuss our strategy for the migration. This strategy is key for a smooth switch to the new protocol. In this article, we will talk about important parts of the migration process. Our aim is to be transparent and clear on how KuSwappers can join in the migration and get the most benefits. — Summary - Part 3 of the KuSwap v3 Migration Governance Proposal focuses on the mechanics of the migration. This includes mechanics on how to get BONUS KUS tokens allocated to ensure a smooth migration process. — Objectives - Allow KUSGOV holders to receive a new KUS token allocation equivalent to the original KUS tokens locked for obtaining their KUSGOV., Reward KUSGOV holders with bonus tokens proportionate to the duration of their token lock-in., Encourage early migration for KUS holders by offering bonuses., Provide additional incentives to KUS LP Providers for early migration., Stimulate community activity and reward active information campaign participants post-proposal approval., Award bonus tokens to KUSFOX and KUSFOXES NFT holders., — Stages - To make sure everyone knows what is happening and has enough time to understand the proposal, we are using a three-stage voting process. 1️⃣ Protocol Changes ✅ Passed — This stage was about chang...

KuSwap v3 Migration Governance Proposal — Part 2: Tokenomics Changes

KuSwap v3 Migration Governance Proposal — Part 2: Tokenomics Changes - Dear KuSwappers, The successful passage of the KuSwap v3 Migration Governance Proposal Part 1 by KUSGOV marks a significant milestone for us. It sets the stage for the next phase, Part 2, where we will delve into the proposed tokenomics changes that are necessary to ensure that the DEX can operate under optimal conditions. — Summary - In line with the previous proposal, KuSwap is undergoing a transition from the Emissions Farming model to the RealYield Farming model. This new model brings forth exciting opportunities for veKUS Holders, as they will now have the opportunity to earn 100% of the fees generated from swaps. Additionally, there will be opportunities for stablecoin farming, subject to community decisions made through on-chain voting. This presents a lucrative income stream for veKUS holders who play a crucial role in determining the allocation of emissions and also receive incentives from liquidity providers, including projects that put their liquidity on KuSwap. — Stages - In order to ensure that everyone is well-informed and has sufficient time to ask questions and understand the proposal, we will be implementing a three-stage voting process. 1️⃣ Protocol Changes ✅ Passed Stage 1 is all about protocol changes and additional features. 2️⃣ Tokenomics Changes (We are Here) Stage 2 is all about changes in the supply, di...

KuSwap v3 Migration Governance Proposal — Part 1

KuSwap v3 Migration Governance Proposal — Part 1 - Dear KuSwappers, The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! It’s time to reveal the carefully designed proposals for KuSwap v3. The KuSwap Finance team has been working tirelessly to bring you a complete and exciting package of improvements. So, without any more delay, let’s dive right into the exciting world of possibilities that KuSwap v3 has to offer. Get ready to join us on this thrilling journey! — Summary - This 3-part proposal revolves around the migration of the KuSwap DEX to v3 upon approval of KUSGOV. The key benefits include improved economy, functionality, and security, bringing KuSwap to the forefront of DeFi technological advancements. — Objective - The primary objective of this proposal is to migrate the KUS token from its existing version to v3 to unlock new opportunities and benefits for KUSGOV holders and other participants in the KuSwap Ecosystem. The migration will enable KuSwap to capitalize on the advancements introduced in the latest version, enhancing user experience, scalability, and optimizing the incentivization of liquidity and governance within the ecosystem. — Stages - In order to ensure that everyone is well-informed and has sufficient time to ask questions and understand the proposal, we will be implementing a three-stage voting process. 1️⃣ Protocol Changes (We are Here) Stage 1 is all about p...

KuSwap v3 — Information Campaign and Trading Battle

KuSwap v3 — Information Campaign and Trading Battle - Dear KuSwappers. To celebrate the start of KuSwap v3 information campaign, we’re doing a trading battle for the KUS-KCS token, with a total prize pool worth $2,000. This trading battle starts on May 2 6:00 PM UTC and lasts until May 8, 2023 5:59 PM UTC and can be accessed here: — Battle 1: KuSwap Socials - Prize: 10$ x 20 Winners Follow KuSwap on Twitter: KuSwap Twitter Like and retweet this tweet: Tweet Join the KuSwap Telegram group: KuSwap Telegram Everyone who does all of the above will have an entry to the lottery where 20 winners will be picked, each receiving $10 worth of KUS tokens. — Battle 2: KUS-KCS Trading - Prize Pool: $1,600 A no-holds barred trading battle for KUS-KCS, the only metric that will be used is total trading volume. The top 100 traders will split a $1,400 KUS Prize. 1st Place: $300 2nd Place: $200 3rd Place: $100 4th — 100th Place: $1,000 split based on their trading volume — Battle 3: KUS-KCS Lucky Trading - Prize: 20$ each x 10 winners For the lucky traders, we have also designated special places who will win additional prizes. These lucky places can be viewed on the trading page once the battle starts. Good luck and may the best battler win. Don’t forget to follow the KuSwap socials in order to get the latest updates for KuSwap v3. — KuSwap Finance - Website, Twitter, Tel...

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