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KP3R Price:
$4.9 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$23.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #KP3R today is $47.42 USD.

The lowest KP3R price for this period was $0, the highest was $47.42, and the exact current price of one KP3R crypto coin is $47.42030.

The all-time high KP3R coin price was $2,031.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of KP3R with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Keep3rV1 crypto currency is #KP3R.

Keep3rV1 is 2.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Keep3rV1 is $23,247,661.

Keep3rV1 is ranking upwards to #400, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big during the past 24 hours for #KP3R.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Keep3rV1 is $4,932,222.


The circulating supply of KP3R is 490,247 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of Keep3rV1 is it's unusually low supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


KP3R is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the KP3R Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


KP3R is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 14 crypto exchanges.

View #KP3R trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #KP3R purchase.



Permissionless Yearn Vaults

wavey0x.eth on Twitter: "Yearn vaults have always been permissionless to create. With this change, ANYONE can now do the following in a single click:- deploy vault- deploy strategy- register both into Yearns prod registry- auto-populate vault on website... no dev required / Twitter" - Yearn vaults have always been permissionless to create. With this change, ANYONE can now do the following in a single click:- deploy vault- deploy strategy- register both into Yearns prod registry- auto-populate vault on website... no dev required Yearn’s Vault Factory is a new way for anyone to create and register yield-generating yVaults through one simple interface quickly. It automates the deployment processes, making it easier for users to access ready-made yield strategies that can be applied to specific DeFi protocols. The factory allows users to deploy Yearn Vaults rapidly and set up risk-adjusted yield strategies with just a few clicks, plus the deployment process does not require any human involvement! We also refer to these vaults as “permissionless” or “automated” vaults. User Interface:, Ethereum Contract: 0x21b1FC8A52f179757bf555346130bF27c0C2A17A, Documentation:, — How Does the Vault Factory Work? - — Adam Cochran (adamscochran.eth) on Twitter: "43/268Yearn also has started to create automated factories that allow any project to deploy autom...

Yearn Strategies Case Study: Lido Staked ETH

Last month we published a DeFi risk case-study that used the lens of the Yearn Risk Framework to analyze the risks involved in operating a yield strategy for the DAI Yearn Vault. This article will use similar methods to look at the risks of investing in stETH (Lido Finance Staked ETH) using Yearn vaults and strategies. To guide our journey, we will explore the risks for each layer until we reach the “steCRV yVault” that includes the risk of all parts, following these in order: What is Proof-of-Stake yield?, What is Liquid Staking, Lido Finance, and stETH?, Overview ETH yVault, Overview steCRV, Overview steCRV yVault, One important thing to note: the Yearn Risk Framework will give scores to strategy operation risks, not token-holding risks. So for example a strategy that invests token X in protocol Y will have risk scores tailored for protocol Y, but the risks for holding token X are on the user. By following through with all the above questions, we will be able to understand both the token-holding and operational risks for each step.The Yearn Strategy Descriptions Glossary might help you if you struggle with the DeFi lingo! — Proof of Stake yield and Validators - As of September 15, 2022, Ethereum started using the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) process to validate new transactions added to the blockchain. The previous method, Proof-of-Work (PoW, required “validator nodes” to spend energy to validate transactions. I...

Introducing Yearn’s new bribe platform for Curve gauge voting

yBribe is a platform where vote-escrowed Curve (veCRV) holders can receive compensation from buyers interested in increasing CRV emissions to their Curve pool’s gauge.. — In DeFi, incentives for voting are commonly referred to as ‘bribes’. yBribe enables veCRV holders — be they protocols, DAOs, or individual users, to extract the value of their voting power. yBribe was launched in November of this year and we have observed early solid adoption with over $500k of bribes in the first round. As a voter, there is no cost to use yBribe. Bribers pay a 1% maintenance fee — the lowest of all platforms in the ecosystem — which is applied when posting the bribe. This article details: * key functionalities * benefits of yBribe * how to get started * brief history * faq — Overview - — yBribe pairs users looking to buy votes, with those looking to sell them.. — Curve conducts weekly gauge votes that determine the allocation of CRV rewards to various pools. By buying votes, DAOs, protocols, and users can influence the direction of these rewards and boost yields in pools beneficial to them. To do this, use the ‘Bribe a Gauge’ function on Once the bribe is posted, voters will see the pending APR for the gauge increase.APRs are listed for the current and upcoming period veCRV holders can sell their gauge votes to the highest bidder each week by voting on the bribed gauge wit...

Yearn <> CoW Swap

Yearn partners with CoW Swap tl;dr; After months of working on a yearn cowswap solver, we reached production ready code. Starting from today you will be able to do complex swaps in CoW Swap like, 3CRV <-> yvSNX. Yearn is committed to settle all strategies trades through CoW Swap and trying to get as much cows as possible to increase users revenue. — Background - Typical Yearn strategies deposit capital into a protocol for yield and sometimes the strategy claims additional tokens which are converted to the user’s wanted token. An example: There is a yvDAI strategy that is depositing DAI in curve’s 3POOL. The liquidity pool token is staked to earn CRV. After some time, the CRV is converted to DAI. If you verify strategies’ code, you will see that often there is a hardcoded path on where to do rewards -> want trades. A typical approach is using a uni-v2 compatible smart-contract. While this approach is working fine, there are pitfalls: Transaction fees, Optimal path is not static, MEV protected harvests are complicated, Can’t settle trades against other strategies and/or internal liquidity, We found out that working with CoW Swap would allow us to tackle our concerns and leap into the future. — Decentralization - At Yearn we want to continue evolving our code to be as decentralized as possible. It would have been easy to set a path for a trade from an off-chain service, but we want to make sure...

Measuring risk for DeFi yield strategies

If you struggle with the lingo for this article check our Strategy Descriptions Glossary which has most of the terms used here explained. DeFi investments are like the wild west: Learn how to use your gun and ride your horse. Otherwise, you are dead! As yield-generation options across the ecosystem mature, some places are explicitly more dangerous than others. However, as veterans trailed and survived, they left tools for newer adventurers to explore DeFi with and avoid known dangers. Yearn assess DeFi strategy risks by examining each investment strategy for key dimensions. In this article we will break down how retail investors can use some of the same tools that the pros use to measure DeFi risks, showcasing the Yearn DeFi Strategy Risk Score Framework. — Risk Dimensions. — Complexity — How complex it is to enter and exit this strategy investment position fully., Protocol Safety — Overall best practices of the protocol, including devs, audits, security procedures, timelock, etc., TVL Impact — How much is our entire investment portfolio impacted if this strategy fails?, Team Knowledge — A measurement of how many folks in Yearn know about the code and can react in an emergency., Longevity — How long has the strategy been live without an issue since deployment?, Testing Score — How covered by automated tests are the strategy contracts?, Code Review — Quantity and frequen...

Yield so good, even central bankers are shilling it tapped Matt Damon for their global media campaign. FTX enlisted Larry David for a Superbowl ad. So we knew for Yearn’s first celebrity influencer partnership we’d have to pull out all the stops. Therefore to launch our new yCRV ecosystem, giving users access to the best Curve yields in DeFi, we’ve tapped up the world’s top yield experts — the head of the FED, ECB and BOE. Yep — Jerome and all his central banker chums are now certified Yearn shills. We just might have forgotten to let them know. You can check out the campaign here. But why are the world’s top central bankers so excited to shill Yearn’s new suite of Curve products? In this next section we’ll break down; Our new simplified token naming conventions., Our revamped UI that makes staking and LP’ing a breeze., The tokenomics driving supercharged yields to stakers and LP’ers., And how with auto harvesting and auto compounding, staking or LP’ing CRV through Yearn is fully set and forget., — “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” - Wise words from Leonardo Da Vinci... who clearly did not work in DeFi. Let’s face it, convoluted token naming conventions don’t help anyone. So we decided to strip ours right back. Our new token conventions are less titled english aristocracy and more Kmart normcore. yCRV is our new baseline curve derivative that trades 1:1 with CRV. You can stake it for st-yCRV, or LP it f...

yDaemon: one API to unify all yearn data

yDaemon (source) is a yearn REST API that provides a single unified interface to consume all relevant Yearn ecosystem data. The API data updates in near real-time thanks to the many daemons that it spawns in order to check data sources for changes: Yearn Subgraph (main source of historical data), Yearn Meta (static data updated by yearn team, like strategy descriptions), Yearn API (APY computations), Yearn Lens (token prices), Yearn Risk Framework (soon), yDaemon exposes 4 routes for you to work with data: getSupportedChains: lists every valid chainID, getAllVaults: lists information all vaults for a chainID, getVault: lists information for a single vault, getBlacklistedVaults: lists vaults not included in yDaemon API, chainID is a unique number that represents a blockchain, for example Ethereum ID is 1. The main routes to use are getAllVaults and getVault, both work with the same vault object type the only difference is that one route returns information for a list of all vaults and the other returns for a single one. Some of the most important information that these routes are: Vault Data: Address, Symbol, Name, Icon, Version, Creation Date, Last Update., Vault Underlying Token Data: Address, Name, Symbol, Icon., Vault TVL: Total Assets, Total Assets in USD, Value of Token in USD ., Vault APY: Gross APR, Net APY, Performance Fees, Management Fees, APY based on Weekly/Monthly/Lifetime performance, Curve APRs brea...

Yearn x ETHOnline Hackathon

There’s been a lot of excitement about AI recently. From Google’s ‘sentient’ LaMDA, to Dall-E pictures filling up CT… AI is making waves. So, with our upcoming Hackathon with ETHGlobal’s ETHOline, we wondered if we even need to ask human’s to contribute? Maybe AI can figure out what the next big yield innovation looks like… GPT-3 got off to a pretty good start, nailing the general premise of the hackathon itself. However when we asked it for actual ideas on the next yield innovations, results were… mixed. It suggested everything from selling your dog’s kisses to strangers in the park for money (nfa, dyor) to a toilet based app designed to generate yield whilst you’re in the bathroom (a legitimate strategy according to some Yearn devs). Despite AI’s best attempts, we decided that our money was better spent incentivizing the best and brightest human minds in DeFi to think of the next big yield innovation. That’s why we’re sponsoring the ETHGlobal’s ETHOnline 2022 month long DeFi hackathon to give hackers the opportunity to build on Yearn. Easier access to better yield is one of the most compelling DeFi use cases and in this era of sky high inflation and low yield trad-fi accounts, we believe now is the perfect time to push into new and compelling use-cases for Yearn integrations. — Details. — What: we’re inviting web3 devs to hack exciting, innovative and compelling new use-cases f...

Rebranding Yearn, consistency from chaos.

One of the core principles that lies at the heart of Yearn is a healthy respect for chaos. After all, Yearn was born from chaos. A big bang moment, a zero to one kinetic super collision of creativity that birthed a whole new type of yield aggregator. While some fear chaos, we know it can create new ideas and even spawn whole industries. ‘Brand’ does not sit comfortably with chaos. Brand asks for consistency, it demands structure and comes to the table with a manila folder of best practices tucked neatly under its arm. How can a headless organization even be condensed into one singular brand? It can’t. It’s a contradiction. — Contradictions, what are they good for, absolutely everything.. — We think of contradictions as inconsistencies. Signs that something isn’t quite aligned correctly. But what if contradictions actually indicated healthy frictions. Intriguing tensions that only exist on the edge of new frontiers. When ideas are being pushed into places they have not been before. Yearn is full of contradictions. How could a polymorphous and headless entity be anything else? But rather than try and post rationalize Yearn’s contradictions into something neat, palatable and easy to work with — we instead decided to lean into the contradictions that make Yearn unique. After dozens of core contributor interviews, we unearthed four key aspects of Yearn. Who we are. What we do. How it feels. And Why ...

Subgraphs explained: Yearning for data

A Subgraph is a service that allows developers and users to query blockchain data using well-known database query languages. In this article, we will explore a Yearn Ethereum Subgraph and learn how to ask it for data (a.k.a. query it). This knowledge is extremely important for web3 developers, but any blockchain user may also leverage information found on public subgraphs for their interests. Luckily for us, today we have services like The Graph which provides a human-friendly interface for communicating with subgraphs and also the entire. It’s worth noting that The Graph is a complex protocol that maintains an ecosystem of incentives for many roles that co-exist to make the infrastructure keep on goingThings you can do at The Graph Before diving into a subgraph let’s be clear about why we need one and what it solves: The blockchain is an ever-growing chain of blocks and each block has a small piece of information inside it, when we need to query for something that needs data from many blocks we need to read through them all and aggregate the data, turns out this can get super complex and hard to maintain (to read more on this search for “Event Sourcing”). We already have solutions to deal with querying data called “Databases“, so the subgraph will maintain a Database that we can query for data in a much more human-friendly way to do it.Overview of what the subgraph solves Now that we know what a subgraph is, l...


Fantom Price Rises 20% In One Week Due To This Rumor

    The Fantom price is moving against the general sentiment in the market, while large cryptocurrencies trend to the downside, FTM is reclaiming lost territory. The token is trending to the upside due to speculations about its founder Andre Cronje. — iamdefinitelyandre.ftm (@AndreCronjeTech) November 3, 2022  At the time of writing, the Fantom price trades at $0.2 with a 17% profit in 24 hours and a 20% profit over the previous seven days. In the meantime, Bitcoin and Ethereum are recording losses and are at risk of returning to their range after seeing the bullish momentum exhausted.  FTM's price rallied on the daily chart. Source: FTMUSDT Tradingview Fantom Price Makes A Comeback, Andre Cronje Too? According to a report from Wu Blockchain, the popular and controversial developer Andre Cronje changed his LinkedIn biography to “Memes at Fantom Foundation.” This change has led to rumors about its potential comeback as a key project member.  Cronje is the so-called “DeFi Godfather”; he is behind some of the biggest protocols in the space, including Yearn Finance (YFI), Keep3r Network (KP3R), Fantom, and others. Earlier this year, Andre Cronje and other decentralized finance (DeFi) developers announced their departure from crypto.  The developer cited a need for maturation in the industry and regulatory uncertainty. Cronje’s departure hurt the Fantom price and the valuation of projects associ... read More

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