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Kyber Network  


KNC Price:
$15.1 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$17.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #KNC today is $0.68 USD.

The lowest KNC price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.676, and the exact current price of one KNC crypto coin is $0.67553.

The all-time high KNC coin price was $5.70.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of KNC with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for Kyber Network crypto currency is #KNC.

Kyber Network is 5.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Kyber Network is $17,200,658.

Kyber Network is ranking upwards to #448 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large daily trading volume on #KNC.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Kyber Network is $15,136,892.


The circulating supply of KNC is 25,462,378 coins, which is 12% of the maximum coin supply.


KNC is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 6 other blockchains.

See list of the KNC Blockchain contracts with 7 different blockchains.


KNC is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 49 crypto exchanges.

View #KNC trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #KNC purchase.



KyberSwap Launches Multichain Integration

Seamless, efficient and safe cross-chain swaps with the best rates on 13 chains and counting; only on KyberSwap. KyberSwap has integrated Multichain to bring even more ease and accessibility to KyberSwap users. So you can now bridge your tokens assets from chain A to chain B in 1 single transaction!Bridge cross-chain on KyberSwap with Multichain Formerly known as Anyswap, Multichain is the leader in the cross-chain field, with a rapidly expanding family of 69 chains and 2000+ bridges to service the needs of different and diverse blockchains. Each blockchain has its own unique services, its own community and its own development ecosystem. For Web3 to reach the next level for consumers, users need a fast, secure, inexpensive and reliable way to exchange value, data and exercise control between the chains. Multichain aims to meet this need. *Learn more about Multichain here“This integration takes us a step closer to a reality of making decentralized finance easy and accessible for all with KyberSwap as the only DEX you need to use. Already, users have the best swap rates through KyberSwap. Now we have eliminated the need for external dApps for bridging and cross-chain swapping.” — Said Victor Tran, CEO of KyberSwap — Why Bridge Assets to Another Blockchain?. — There is a wide wide world of Web3. Built on blockchain technology, a blockchain can host tokens, DApps & data that are immutable and have no cent...

KyberSwap Launches NPS Survey to Build a Better Journey for KyberSwappers

KyberSwap is proud to be a community-driven project and we want to keep doing right by our community. Our team is constantly gathering research and feedback to learn how we can make improvements but we want to do more. Which is what leads us to introduce our first ever NPS Survey! — What is NPS?. — NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. It’s a tool organisations use to better understand customer satisfaction and experience. With your feedback through this tool, we intend to identify our gaps, your satisfaction level and pain points so we can understand and improve our product to build you a better journey with KyberSwap. — What you can get from joining the NPS:. — Give direct feedback to Kyberswap team, all of your feedback will be heard, understood and considered to improve Kyberswap., Have the chance to connect and engage with the team (if you want to), Selected participants will even get first-hand alpha news when we prepare to launch new programs!, Have the chance to win from the rewards pool of 1500 KNC., Your identity will be totally safe, any information you provide is confidential. You can join without providing any personal information if you don’t want to., — How to join:. — Give us your feedback by filling the survey here. — Duration:. — 27th Oct to 6th Nov (23:59 UTC) All feedback will be taken into consideration and rest assured your identities will be kep...

QiDAO will support the Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) token as collateral

Following a successful vote on snapshot, Mai Finance’s QiDAO protocol will be supporting the Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) token as collateral on the Polygon network, through the new KNC vault on! QiDAO is an open source and non-custodial stable protocol for extracting value out of priced assets. Simply create a vault, deposit your crypto assets, and start borrowing stablecoins against your collateral’s value. It is self-sustaining, community-governed, and decentralized. Loans are secured by always having more value locked than the amount of debt given out. Loans are paid out and repaid in MAI (a stablecoin soft pegged to the USD) and at all times, MAI stablecoins are fully backed by collateral. QiDAO already has $65M in TVL! KNC is a utility and governance token and an integral part of KyberSwap. KNC holders can stake their KNC and vote on initiatives to receive trading fees generated on KyberSwap, along with other benefits. — ✨New $KNC Vault on✨. — KNC being supported as a collateral asset on QiDAO adds another valuable utility for token holders! QiDAO allows you to keep your KNC and still be able to spend its value. You are able to borrow the MAI stablecoin with KNC without having to sell your crypto assets, and do so at 0% interest on Polygon! 💠No hidden fees: 0% interest 0% borrow 0% management 0% deposit 0% withdrawal 0.5% repayment — How QiDAO works - — Simple ...

Lido Finance officially launches onto Layer 2 solutions with wstETH Farms on KyberSwap Elastic!

Ethereum Staking giant Lido Finance has officially expanded to Layer 2 solutions Optimism and Arbitrum! KyberSwap is proud to be the official first mover liquidity partner for Lido Finance wstETH pools and farms. To further celebrate our partnership with Lido Finance, KyberSwap has added 2 new $wstETH pools each on Arbitrum and Optimism chains for liquidity mining incentives! From 8th to 31st Oct, liquidity providers can deposit wstETH, WETH & USDC assets into KyberSwap Elastic and earn your share of LDO and KNC rewards! This first phase is set to bring KyberSwap LPs over ~$130,000 in KNC and LDO incentives, with more to come over the next phases! Don’t forget, LPs can enjoy optimised earnings with higher capital efficiency, thanks to concentrated liquidity and auto-compounding fees on KyberSwap Elastic. *Learn more about KyberSwap Elastic here. — What is wrapped stETH (wstETH)?. — Lido’s wrapped stETH (wstETH) is stETH which is deposited into the stETH wrapper to create a new token called wstETH. Wrapping stETH creates a DeFi-compatible version of the stETH token which allows for easier integrations with DeFi protocols such as KyberSwap. *Learn more about wstETH here — How to get wstETH?. — The easiest way to get wstETH would be to buy directly on KyberSwap on Arbitrum or Optimism chain! Alternatively, stETH holders can wrap your tokens here. — Important Details:. — — E...

KyberSwap partners with Fringe Finance to support KNC as collateral

Borrow against your KNC collateral on Fringe Finance or trade FRIN at the best rates on KyberSwap! KyberSwap regularly seeks to work with DeFi’s best projects to further increase utility for the KNC (Kyber Network Crystal) token. With our partnership with Fringe Finance, KNC holders can now use their tokens to obtain overcollateralized USDC loans, without the need to sell their tokens! Anyone can also purchase FRIN at the best rates on KyberSwap. — Fringe Finance: Creating a safe place for you to invest and borrow against your KNC holdings - Fringe is a lending/borrowing ecosystem that allows you to deploy your capital and earn interest as a lender or borrow (take a stablecoin loan) against your altcoins such as KNC, which is already whitelisted as a collateral asset. KNC is a utility and governance token and an integral part of KyberSwap. KNC holders can stake their KNC and vote on initiatives to receive trading fees generated on KyberSwap, along with other benefits. By supporting KNC as a collateral asset on their platform, Fringe Finance allows you to keep your KNC and still be able to spend its value via the USDC stablecoin. Fringe will soon launch a decentralized stablecoin backed by altcoin loans, USB. Users will be able to deposit altcoin collateral to mint USB. The USB stablecoin is pegged to the US Dollar so you’re always kept in check. You can even stake your FRIN tokens in the Staking Pool and earn reward...

KyberSwap CEO Predicts DeFi will overtake TradFi in 10 years

Victor Tran sets goal for KyberSwap to be #1 privacy focused exchange while discussing the future of DeFi at Token2049.Victor Tran (middle) onstage at Token2049, Singapore SINGAPORE, Sep 29 — At Token2049 with over 7000 industry professionals, institutional investors and regulators attending, KyberSwap CEO Victor Tran, predicted onstage that Decentralized Finance (DeFi) will overtake TradFi in 10 years. On top of that, KyberSwap will also be the most used Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) because of its innate ability to provide the best rates in all of DeFi. Speaking on the panel Decentralized Exchanges: The Road Ahead along with 1inch Network and MANTRA Co-Founders, Victor Tran declared that consumers in the future will value privacy and control, especially considering developments around the world today.“Today, users are still exposing their data as people can see what your wallets hold and what transactions you make at what prices. Users still participate in DeFi as it is a good option to earn while having custody of your own assets. The next step naturally will be privacy in order to protect their privacy. Together with that, major use cases like insurance will be increasing in a major way in order to provide more protection to users,” said Victor. With privacy building through the bear market, improving security measures to users is a priority for the industry. “It is important to provide stability to users as...

Avalanche Rush Phase 3 kicks off with $2 Million in rewards as KyberSwap celebrates 1 year…

Avalanche Rush Phase 3 kicks off with $2 Million in rewards as KyberSwap celebrates 1 year partnership with Avalanche Foundation! - Avalanche Rush Phase 3 begins on KyberSwap Elastic with over $2,000,000 in total rewards!KyberSwap Avalanche Rush Phase 3 Exactly 1 year ago, KyberSwap began a fruitful partnership with Avalanche; starting with a US$5.8 million liquidity mining campaign as part of our Avalanche Rush program. Since then, this partnership has helped bring over $61 million in TVL and more than $10 billion in Total Trading Volume for KyberSwap! In keeping with our pledge, KyberSwap is continuing to provide Avalanche bulls with incentives and better earnings for liquidity providers who deposit and stake their liquidity positions on KyberSwap Elastic! Commencing on 26th Sept, KyberSwap is hosting Phase 3 of Avalanche Rush, with 17 farms bringing YOU up to $2 MILLION in reward incentives! The first stage of Phase 3 is set to bring liquidity providers over $250,000 in KNC and AVAX liquidity mining rewards, with more incentives to come in the next phases! — What is Avalanche? - Avalanche is an open, programmable smart contracts platform with high throughput and near-instant transaction finality. Its high performance has led Avalanche to become a popular, rapidly growing venue for DeFi Dapps and NFTs. KyberSwap will continue to play a vital role in providing critical liquidity infrastructure for the thriving DeFi e...

KyberSwap Launches New Wave of Concentrated Liquidity Yield Farms on Polygon

Farm with $ETH, $USDC, $MAI, $AAVE, $DAI, $LDO $USDT, $stMATIC, $WTBC and unlock your share of over $130,000 in incentives! Concentrated liquidity mining on KyberSwap Elastic continues with 12 more farms to bring higher capital efficiency and optimized earnings for liquidity providers on Polygon! This first phase of this initiative is set to bring liquidity providers over 120,000 KNC in liquidity mining rewards, with more incentives to come in the near future! Polygon is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees without ever sacrificing security. Its core component is Polygon SDK, a modular, flexible framework that supports building multiple types of applications. Polygon provides a wide variety of modules developers can use to easily deploy and configure their own custom blockchain. These include consensus and governance modules, as well as a variety of execution environments and virtual machine implementations. — Liquidity Mining with KyberSwap Elastic on Polygon. — From 22 September, liquidity providers can choose from 12 eligible pools on KyberSwap Elastic to deepen liquidity on Polygon and earn KNC incentives! Don’t forget, LPs can enjoy the advantages of concentrated liquidity, auto-compounding, multiple fee tiers and JIT protection all on KyberSwap Elastic! Learn more about KyberSwap Elastic here. — Important ...

KyberSwap Trading Contest on BNB Chain! 22,000 KNC to be won by 400 winners!

From 22 Sep, BNB builders can perform token swaps with KNC, Doge, Shib, GMT, AXS, C98, LTC, ALICE, ATA and BNB on KyberSwap BNB Chain to earn points and achieve ranked positions on our KyberSwap Leaderboard! Note: Taking our community’s feedback into consideration, we have implemented a captcha as a measure to reduce bot activity. Unusual activity will be monitored and corresponding wallets will be disqualified. More details here. — What is BNB Chain?. — Evolved from Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain, BNB Chain has a dynamic ecosystem, supporting several blockchains and EVM-compatibility. This means that DApps can easily be created or even migrated from Ethereum, which is why BNB features a wide range of DApps and DeFi products such as KyberSwap. BNB Chain supported tokens are known as BEP20 tokens, and their native coin, BNB, is used to fuel transactions on the network and also serves as a governance token. Learn more about BNB Chain here. And don’t forget, with our new bot countermeasure, users must now actively join the contests in order to take part and have your swaps count towards your leaderboard points. The steps are simple, please refer below: Step 1: Access the Campaigns page Step 2: Click the button to connect your wallet. The button will change to [Enter Now] Step 3: Click [Enter now] and complete the captcha. You will see a pop-up confirming your successful registration for the Trading Co...

KyberSwap 交易竞赛继续与 Lido Finance 合作!在規定的 3 条链上使用 Lido 代币 $LDO $stMATIC $wstETH 行交易并赢取大奖!

在Polygon上使用$LDO和$stMATIC或使用$wstETH在L2链Optimism和Arbitrum上进行交易,就有可能成为幸运儿之一,获得12,000美元的奖励 KyberSwap 最近庆祝了与以太坊质押巨头 Lido Finance 的合作伙伴关系,通过 KyberSwap Elastic 上的 stMATIC 进行流动性挖矿。点击这里查看! 为了让美好的时光继续下去,KyberSwap很高兴能进一步庆祝这个活动,举办专门使用Lido代币的交易竞赛。 本次交易竞赛将在 3 条链上进行:Polygon、Optimism 和 Arbitrum。在 Polygon 上交换 $LDO 或 $stMATIC 或在 Optimism 和 Arbitrum 上交换 $wstETH 以赚取积分并提高您的排名! 注意:考虑到我们社区的反馈,我们已经实现了验证码作为减少机器人活动的措施。异常活动将被监控,相应的钱包将被取消资格。更多细节在这里。 — Lido Finance是什么? - Lido Finance 是一种最先进的流动性质押协议,在其充满活力的生态中为 DeFi 和 CeFi 应用提供支持。 Lido 使质押者能够将他们质押的资产用于他们支持的网络:以太坊、Solana、Polygon 和 Polkadot。 LDO 是一种符合以太坊网络的 ERC-20 治理代币。 LDO 还用于奖励各种 DAO 参与者和活动(以及金库中的 stETH 和其他资产)。它推动了 Lido 独立结构的去中心化所有权和决策,Lido DAO 社区的治理决策基于 LDO。 别忘了,通过我们...


Kyber Network (KNC) Ticks All Bullish Sentiments, Can Price Go To $3?

    Kyber Network (KNC) has recently struggled against tether (USDT) after its price was rejected at $5.5. Bitcoin's (BTC) price increased dramatically, rising from a low of $18,500 to a high of $21,000. This movement has impacted other altcoins, as most cryptocurrencies, including Kyber Network, are seeing double-digit gains (KNC). (Data from Binance) Kyber Network (KNC) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart  The price of KNC has had difficulty replicating its recent bullish move, which saw the price rally to $5.5 as the price rallied with a good bullish sentiment. KNC has struggled to stay afloat after falling from a high of $5.5 to a low of $1. The price of KNC has formed good support at $1, which appears to be a good zone for most traders to place buy orders. The price of KNC may be poised to end the week on a more bullish note ahead of a new weekly candle. With such positive sentiment, we could see KNC reach a high of $3. The price of KNC is facing resistance at $1.95 as it cannot trend higher in price; if KNC flips this region, we could see the price rising to $2.5-$3 and even higher. Weekly resistance for the price of KNC - $2.5-$3. Weekly support for the price of KNC - $1. Price Analysis Of KNC On The Daily (1D) Chart Daily KNC Price Chart | Source: KNCUSDT On KNC's price was rejected from $5.5 as it fell to a low of $1; the price of KNC bounced from this after forming support to hold off sell orders. The price of KNC rose from a low of $1 to $1.9 befor... read More

Kyber Network Hack Update: Attack Vector Removed, Affected Wallet Fully ...

    Decentralized exchange (DEX) Kyber Network has revealed that the attack vector responsible for last week's exploit was successfully identified and removed. In the latest blog post, the platform notified the community that the KyberSwap website and UI were safe and that the attack was neutralized on the same afternoon of being picked up. Kyber's Update on Exploit According to an interim update provided by the DeFi platform, the attack impacted two wallets. One of them was fully compensated for all funds. It added, 'The other wallet provided approvals to the malicious script, and successfully revoked his approval before losing any funds. There are no other wallets that are impacted or lost funds as a result of this exploit.' Kyber is currently engaged with industry partners, top security experts, and law enforcement to identify the hackers and retrieve the stolen funds. It also affirmed that further details on the hack and root causes will be provided later this month. Front-end Attack on Kyber On September 1, Kyber Network, the liquidity protocol on which KyberSwap is built, suffered a front-end attack. The team discovered a vulnerability to its website code that helped perpetrators to compromise the app's front end through the Google Tag Manager (GTM) script. Per the company's announcement, by injecting malicious script via GTM, the attackers were able to make users approve their funds and send them to the hackers' address, and steal $265,000 in the process. The KyberSwap tea... read More

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