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KINE Price   

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Kine Protocol  


KINE Price:
$169.2 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #KINE today is $0.06 USD.

The lowest KINE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.064, and the exact current price of one KINE crypto coin is $0.06442.

The all-time high KINE coin price was $6.84.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of KINE with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Kine Protocol crypto currency is #KINE.

Kine Protocol is 1.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Kine Protocol is $2,885,504.

Kine Protocol is ranking downwards to #744 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #KINE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Kine Protocol is $169,184.


The circulating supply of KINE is 44,791,879 coins, which is 45% of the maximum coin supply.


KINE is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


KINE is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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[Kine Academy#2] Peer-to-Pool vs Order Book in Trading

Introduction. — If you want to be a professional crypto trader, you must understand how the underlying system in exchanges work. In particular, the perpetual futures market is now experiencing a revolution in the form of trading systems, from traditional 📘 order book to the innovative 🏊 peer-to-pool model. These new methods are changing the way traders engage with the crypto markets, providing them with additional liquidity and better price discovery. — What is an Order Book System?. — Basically, an order book is a list of open or outstanding orders for a given cryptocurrency pair. An order book normally consists of four basic elements: price, amount, buyers and sellers. Each crypto trading pair on the exchange has its own order book.Traditional Order Book System It is a system that is often used in traditional centralized exchanges, where buyers and sellers can place orders at specific prices, and the order book of the exchange matches those orders to facilitate trades. However, there are a few potential disadvantages of using an order book, such as the possibility of market manipulation by market makers and flash crashes. — Moving on to AMM. — Therefore, more decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are turning to Automated Market Maker (AMM) mechanisms to overcome those drawbacks. AMMs are algorithms that automatically set the prices of assets in a marketplace based on supply and demand dynami...

[Kine Academy] New CEX / DEX Login Switch Online

Dear KINE users, partners and community members: To make crypto trading accessible to all, Kine Protocol, as a Hybrid Derivatives Exchange, is introducing the new ⚙️ CEX / DEX login switch function. The Login Switch feature allows users to easily switch between CEX (Centralized Exchange) and DEX (Decentralized Exchange) login methods while sharing the same trading engine. This novel development is set to give traders more control over their login methods, as well as greater flexibility when it comes to trading.CEX / DEX Login Switch Function Online The Login Switch feature makes it possible for users to keep their most familiar login habits. This means they can take advantage of the best login features of both centralized and decentralized exchanges without having to sacrifice user experience. Furthermore, this increased convenience could result in higher liquidity levels due to improved market access. — Benefits of the Login Switch Function: Streamlined Interface. — 🏪 Convenience: eliminates the difficulties for users to switch between different login methods and makes it more convenient and user-friendly than ever before with the improved UI design. This key feature makes it much easier for users to find the right login method they need without having to search through menus or tabs💪 Increased Flexibility: traders can now stay in their familiar way of login. For DeFi users, they don’t need to bypa...

Christmas Special Blind Box Event ☃️ is Coming

Christmas Blind Box Event Dear KINE users, partners and community members: ❄️ Good news to all holiday enthusiasts! We are excited to announce our annual Christmas blind box event, “The Christmas Accelerator”, taking place this year on December 24th. This year, we have teamed up with Galxe to offer an incredible blind box event. Our team has worked hard to curate a mix of NFT cards with even a few limited edition collectibles that we think you’ll love. — FAQs - — How to participate?. — 🔗 Follow this link to open blind boxHead over to Galxe and participate in our 🎄 Christmas Special Blind Box Event, follow the detailed instructions and complete several simple tasks on Galxe and you will be able to get your 🎁 Blind Box. After opening the blind box, you will get Christmas Card NFTs of different rarities.Christmas Blind Box Event — on Galxe — What is inside the Christmas Blind Box?. — For those unfamiliar with the concept, a blind box is a fun and exciting way to add some extra holiday cheer to your celebration. Kine team has carefully prepared several collectibles inside the blind box with different rarities. You will get one version of the Christmas card randomly (Now its time to test your luck 🍀). — What are the Type of Rewards?. — Each Christmas card opened from our blind box corresponds to a special benefit. There are in total 7 types of Christmas...

Mock Trading Function Is Live On Kine Website And App

Kine official website and APP By using Kine Mock Trading, you can practice your trading skills at your own pace. The testnet environment allows you to trade live cryptocurrency markets in real-time without risking any capital. Let's follow the guide below to learn how to Access Mock Trading on Kine Platform. To access Mock Trading, if you don’t have a Kine account, please go to Kine website and click [Log In/Register] to create one first. Click your Profile, then [Mock Trading] located at the top-right corner of the interface, and switch to the Mock Trading environment. Then go to the [Portofolio] page to [receive mock assets] to have a risk-free starting balance of 2,000 USDT that Kine offers. The mock environment allows you to manage your virtual portfolio in which you can apply leverage and implement stop-losses as well as profit orders and experiment with different risk levels. Please, be aware that the candlestick chart and price may differ from the market value within the Mock Trading environment. If you’d like to return to the real trading environment, feel free to click [Back to Live] when you are ready to use your trading skills on Kine. You can also access the mock environment via the Kine App, which is very same as the above steps. Find the switch under your profile, click and enter into the Mock Trading environment. To add testnet assets to your Mock Trading account, back to [Home], click [Receive mock ...

⚽️ World Cup Carnival Event is Coming!

Dear KINE users, partners and community members: We are thrilled to announce that finally, the highly-awaited World Cup Carnival Event will be officially online within 24hrs (⏰ Countdown!) ➡️ Enter World Cup Event ⬅️World Cup Carnival Event at Kine Protocol This is a huge event that will be officially launched on Nov 16, 2022. With LP, everyone can call and support their favorite teams by participating in the prediction games in this carnival on KINE. You can discuss the exciting matches with friends from all over the world in our Discord community, and learn to trade on KINE with ease, what’s more, share a large LP prize pool in the final game! — FAQs - — 1. What is Predict-to-Earn?. — During the World Cup Event, you can deposit LP (Loyalty Points) to predict the match results.For Example, you choose a match [Country A] vs [Country B]. Then the choice of predictions includes: [Country A Wins], [Country B Wins] and [Tie]. You will get LP as prizes if you predict it right 🎉. As simple as that! Start supporting your favorite ⚽️ football team and win a huge rewards at the same time! — 2. How to acquire LP (Loyalty Point)?. — If you are one of our long-term supporters, chances are you already have LP in your KINE account. We have airdropped LPs to our Genesis LP NFT holders previously 🤫 However, if you are new to our project, don't worry, we are having more exciting ev...

Kine Protocol ✖️ Galxe, Phase II Airdrop! Come And Mint This Limited NFT With Us!

Kine Protocol ✖️ Galxe Genesis NFT Campaign Dear Kine fam, partners, and community members: We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Galxe and to start the Phase II LP Airdrop by having this Genesis NFT campaign for the first time! LP, shorthand for Loyalty Points, is a utility point newly issued by Kine Protocol, which plays a vital role as a user incentive in the whole Kine ecosystem. Here is the detailed info of the NFT Campaign: 🎯 Venue: Galxe Campaign ⏰ Time: 5 pm Nov 2, 2022 ~ 5 pm Nov 9, 2022 (GMT+8) 🎁 Benefits: apart from the Genesis LP NFT, you will receive lots of exclusive benefits being as an NFT holder, such as exchange for more LP, a special role in the community, and $KINE token airdrop in the future, etc. 💡 Notes: everyone can participate in the event and mint it. For more info about play-to-earn on Kine, please jump to the Game Center to check out. — FAQs - — What is Genesis LP NFT and Why should I collect it?. — Genesis LP NFT is the first official NFT series issued by Kine Protocol. It features a “π” symbol at the center. π, the symbol of Kine Loyalty Points, is infinite, just like the kine fam power will never end. It is the original edition of Kine’s Loyalty Points series NFT with a limited supply. From its appearance, the whole NFT is full of collectible meaning, including the embossed words of “Genesis” around the special “π” symbol, all ...

Ding! Explore the Huge Treasure in This Playground!

Dear Kine fam, LP owners, and newcomers: The Loyalty Points Playground is now live and available to all users on Kine official website and APP. This is a brand-new entertainment module that provides multiple ways to consume and redeem your LP for big rewards. For users who have not owned Loyalty Points yet, please check how to get LP instructions. If you already have LP, let’s follow the guide below to start exploring this magical playground step by step! Entering into Kine official website, firstly navigate to “Game Center”, and “Mission Center”, next scroll down the page and you will find LP Playground down below the LP Events Progress.LP Playground Is Directly Down Below The LP Events Timeline There are three gameplays in the LP Playground for now, including Treasure Hunt, Limited Edition Treasure Chest, and World Cup Carnival (release soon). Each module has different rules, but you can freely choose to participate in one of them or join multiple games at the same time to consume or redeem your LP. Huge rewards and surprises are waiting for you. — 🎯 Treasure Hunt. — For participating in this event, you only need to click “Deposite LP to Win Rewards” to deposit a small amount of LP to win Big prizes in cryptocurrencies with a higher chance. The deposit of LP is calculated in shares, 1 share equals 160 LP. You can deposit LP multiple times before the final prize draw, up to 100 shares in one s...

Announcing Kine Loyalty Points Airdrop Events!

Loyalty Points Airdrop Phase I, Bettah Tester Dear Kine users, partners, and community fam: We are thrilled to announce that starting from 2022–10–14 11:00 (UTC), a series of Loyalty Points (LP) Airdrop Events will be officially launched! The Kine Loyalty Points aims to build an incentive-based user ecosystem and contribute to a more decentralized and versatile community for our users. In the following weeks, we will launch a series of LP airdrop events for the most loyal and active users in our community. 💚🤔 FAQs about Kine Loyalty Points (LP) — 1. What Exactly The Kine Loyalty Point Is? - — An incentive and benefit. — Loyalty Point, abbreviated as LP, is a type of utility point newly issued by Kine Protocol, which plays a vital role as a user incentive in the whole Kine ecosystem. The amount of it reflects how closely you interact with us to some extent. Everyone can gain LP easily through Airdrops and participation in our community events in the future. In return, your LP points can be redeemed for exclusive perks and benefits from our upcoming “Mission Center” section on Kine's official website. — A special KEY for surprises. — In addition, LP can be used as a unique KEY 🔑 to unlock the ‘Treasure Boxes’ (a feature that will be updated soon) in later activities. Accumulating more LP will increase your chances of getting the big rewards directly. Here we leave you i...

Here We Go! Kine & Remitano OTC Cooperation Events

We are thrilled to announce that Kine has reached an OTC partnership with Remitano, the Top exchange in Vietnam. Based on this cooperation, users can directly Buy Crypto on Kine official website now. To celebrate this strategic cooperation, we have teamed up with Remitano to bring all users the following events to enjoy more: — 🥳 Event 1: Kine fam power! Win 2000 $KINE Giveaway!. — Duration: 11:00 AM Aug 29~11:00AM Sep 9 (UTC) How to participate: Check out the Gleam, more tasks completed, higher chance to win. Rewards: 2000 $KINE for 5 winners (400 each) — 🥳 Event 2: Trading with 0 fees & Share 6000 USDT!. — Duration: 11:00 AM Aug 29~11:00AM Sep 10 (UTC) How to participate: Register on Remitano first, then do margin trading of ANY trading pairs on Kine. Rewards: Trading BTC/USDT & ETH/USDT with no fees., Share Big Prize Pool according to your valid trading days., Details of the prize pool — 🥳 Event 3: 0% fee of buying Crypto from Remitano!. — Duration: 11:00 AM Aug 29~11:00AM Sep 15 (UTC) How to participate: Having a Kine account then do OTC trading on Kine Buy crypto page. (Deposit your wallet by “Buy Crypto with Remitano” as a Payment Partner, then select the coin and fill in the amount that you want to buy.) Rewards:Details of the OTC rewards *🗒 Coin List: *👉 Login/ Register & How to withdraw on Remitano — About Remita...

KINE Launches Zero-Fee Trading for All DeFi Users!

Twitter Zero-fee Warm-up Giveaway Dear all users, partners and community members: To guide more people trade, learn and earn from DeFi, KINE has decided to introduce Zero-Fee Trading for all users on BTC&ETH trading pairs from 2022–08–08 11:00 (UTC). — Validity Period: 2022–08–08 11:00 (UTC) until further notice. — — Event Rules:. — During the validity period, all qualified users will enjoy zero fees for BTC/UDST & ETH/USDT margin (leverage) trading up to 100x.Zero-Fee Trading applies to all users across 4 chains: ETH, BNB Chain, Polygon & Avalanche.Both regular trading and copy trading users can participate. — FAQs:. — 1.What are qualified users for this event? Wallet users on all 4 supported chains (ETH, BNB Chain, Polygon & Avalanche) during the validity period. Please note that email / mobile registered users are not qualified. *Haven’t connected your wallet yet? Connect now 2. If I have registered with email or mobile before, can I participate in the event? Yes, as long as you choose the way to connect your wallet during the validity period. (Refer to FAQ 1) *Start earning now 3. How about referrer and referee during the event? While the original referral program and commission standards will not change, please note that if your referrer qualified with the zero-fee event rules, you will not receive this part of the commission. Also, the Ladder Referra...

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