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KDA Price:
$33.2 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.3 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #KDA today is $1.22 USD.

The lowest KDA price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.22, and the current live price for one KDA coin is $1.22007.

The all-time high KDA coin price was $27.73.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of KDA with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Kadena is #KDA.

Kadena is 3.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Kadena is $321,949,055.

Kadena is ranked #171 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large daily trading volume on #KDA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Kadena is $33,160,438.


The circulating supply of KDA is 263,877,836 coins, which is 26% of the maximum coin supply.


KDA is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 20 crypto exchanges.

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Voting dApps Powered by Kadena Could Improve the Future of Elections

Voting dApps can power an evolution of elections The 2000 general election for president of the United States of America was filled with complications that modern technology could have improved. Problems that year included issues with ballot design, voting technology, and the legal framework for resolving election disputes. The election demonstrated how seemingly minor issues in the electoral process can impact the outcome of a presidential election. Decentralized applications (dApps) for voting, built on blockchain technology, offer a promising solution. Kadena is the ideal platform for creating the most secure and scalable voting dApp. — Problems with Modern Voting, 2000 and Beyond - The voting process, in general, has many inefficiencies that could be improved. Starting with issues that were specific to the 2000 election, but even to the present day, there are an array of issues that need to be fixed to improve integrity in the election process: Butterfly Ballots: Some voters were confused by the “butterfly ballot” design, which placed the candidates’ names on opposite sides of the punch card., Hanging Chads: Punch card voting systems resulted in “hanging chads” and “dimpled chads” on the punched ballots. These were names given to ambiguous markings that later led to disputes over vote validity., Recounts: Due to the close vote margin in Florida, there were calls for manual recounts. This process was...

Kadena & Hyperlane: A Next-Generation Bridge to EVM-Interoperability

Kadena will be going cross-chain via Hyperlane Bridge to Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, and more! In a major step towards achieving interoperability and broader ecosystem adoption, we are thrilled to announce that Kadena has partnered with Ideasoft to bring permissionless interoperability to the Kadena ecosystem via Hyperlane. The partnership will enhance access to several key components of the broader blockchain ecosystem that are not yet available for the Kadena community, including: 1) Opportunities for staking 2) Opportunities to use DeFi financial instruments 3) Potential for a wider user base to interact with dApps on different blockchains 4) Potential for more liquidity and stablecoins with an easy-to-use interface 5) EVM-compatibility — What is Hyperlane? - Hyperlane is an interconnected super highway that connects different blockchains that want to communicate with each other. Hyperlane’s introduction into Kadena’s tech stack addresses a fundamental challenge in the blockchain space: a lack of custom-built, multi-chain security for developers. With the integration of Hyperlane, Kadena is poised to forge connections and foster innovation with some of the industry’s most widely adopted chains, including Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, and more. By harnessing the power of Hyperlane, Kadena further enables developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) quickly and easily, providing seamless, interconnected...

Marmalade Made Easy

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the digital world by storm, revolutionizing the way we buy, sell, and trade digital assets. These unique digital tokens represent ownership of a wide range of digital and physical items, from artwork to collectibles, music, and more. To facilitate the creation and exchange of NFTs, various NFT standards, such as the ERC-721, have emerged, each with its own set of rules and specifications. Among these NFT standards, Marmalade, powered by Kadena, stands out as one of the most unique and innovative standards. Marmalade is set to provide the complete infrastructure to seamlessly create & launch a game-changing NFT experience. In this article, we will explore the concept of NFT standards, highlight some of the challenges facing existing standards, and delve into the distinct features that set Marmalade apart from the rest. — What is an NFT standard?. — An NFT standard refers to a set of rules and specifications that dictate how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are created, stored, and interacted with on a particular blockchain. Standards are essential because they ensure interoperability and compatibility between different NFT platforms, wallets, and marketplaces. They provide a common framework for developers to create and manage NFTs, making it easier for users to understand how these tokens work and to trade them across various ecosystems. The most well-known and earliest NFT stan...

Kadena 2023 Q3 Newsletter

As we step into the final stretch of the year, we have seen tremendous progress and growth in every department at Kadena. From new faces to global partnerships to innovative developments, Q3 has been a whirlwind of activity, and we are just getting started. Let’s dive into some of the highlights that showcase our progress in Q3. — Making an ImPact in Partnerships. — In the realm of partnerships, the business development team has been dedicated to driving progress in several key initiatives, each playing a pivotal role in Kadena’s evolution and broader blockchain ecosystem adoption. The team has been focused on growing our array of smart wallets, improving privacy and scalability with ZK proofs, and actively improving infrastructure, development tooling, and storage. Perhaps most excitingly, our team is one step closer to developing a bridge solution to enhance blockchain interoperability with the Hyperlane Network. Hyperlane is a groundbreaking permissionless interoperability layer, that offers APIs for interconnection service between different blockchains, and an SDK to empower developers in building interchain dApps. Hyperlane’s distinguishing feature lies in its adaptability, rendering it compatible with a wide spectrum of blockchain ecosystems. Hyperlane serves as the critical network for establishing essential connections between Kadena, EVM chains, and other chains in the future. Regarding our grant...

Marmalade V2: An Architectural Overview

Background - Marmalade is an NFT smart contract system in Kadena’s blockchain, which is simply a system of multiple contracts that programs and runs logic configured by the token policies that the token is built with. Marmalade has been in action for several years, and now we’ve diligently upgraded to Marmalade V2, encapsulating an entirely new system and simplifying the process of engaging with NFTs. Most excitingly, Marmalade V2 is now live on testnet! Along with this announcement, this article provides a comprehensive overview of Marmalade V2’s intricate contract architecture and explores the key features — Ledger - The ledger functions as the primary contract responsible for user interaction, and it offers the following main functions: create-token: creates the token with URI, policies, and precision of the token, mint: mints token, burn: burns token, Transfer: transfers token from a Marmalade account to another Marmalade account, [sale] offer: 1st step of sale, transfers the token from the seller to an escrow, [sale] buy: 2nd step of sale, transfers the token to from escrow to the buyer, [sale] withdraw: 1st rollback step, transfers the token from escrow back to the seller, Marmalade V1 tokens were designed to be governed by a single policy that allows customization of the core Marmalade functions. In Marmalade V2, token creators can now use multiple policies to program the tokens. — Policy Ma...

Mike Herron: Kadena’s New Chief Marketing Officer

Kadena enters a new era as we welcome our new Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Herron! Mike brings over two decades of experience in marketing and branding, with five years in crypto & blockchain. Before joining Kadena, Mike was the CMO of Chain, where he led brand development, communications, go-to-market strategies, product marketing, and marketing partnerships. At Kadena, Mike will turbocharge marketing verticals, from product to partnerships, under a unified brand, inspiring builders, investors, and developers from all backgrounds to the safest and most scalable blockchain platform. What truly sets Mike apart is his expertise in refining branding processes and forging impactful brand partnerships for renowned global companies across various sectors, including sports, airlines, consumer software, media, entertainment, and more. “I’m incredibly excited to join the team at Kadena and work alongside some truly amazing and talented individuals. From our very first introduction, it was clear that Kadena is a special place. I feel both lucky and honored to be a part of Kadena and to help share its incredible narrative of our products and technology with the world,” Mike comments. As Kadena’s CMO, Mike will leverage his marketing expertise to ensure maximum exposure and propel Kadena’s growth through engaging marketing initiatives, strategic and consistent brand positioning, and innovative marketing campaigns. His weal...

Project Spotlight: UNITT

Welcome to the Kadena Project Spotlight Series, where we highlight the groundbreaking work of organizations currently building and innovating on the Kadena blockchain! Today, we’re shining the spotlight on UNITT. UNITT, The Universal Transaction Token Project, is a project focused on building a tokenized payment infrastructure for chat-based interaction and content discovery. The aim is to have a fairer and more efficient ecosystem for people to buy and sell any type of digital content. The first feature of the project is the “UNITT Instant Messaging and Content Discovery App” which enables creators to sell their content directly to their audiences and to monetize chat-based interactions such as follower engagement, AI chatbots, and paid searches. The project was launched in the Spring of 2022, and currently, the UNITT app, is in the alpha testing phase, with plans for a beta launch later this year. — How does UNITT work for content creators? How does UNITT work for users?. — The UNITT app functions as an easy payment gateway, enabling creators to earn tokens through their content on a pay-per-view model. New viewers can access content without credit cards or external payment services. Instead, the content creators set their own prices for their content (ie. newsletters, blog posts, or Google Docs), and users are granted access to their chosen content only after making a payment, with payments made in the...

Kadena Tech Bulletin #5

Welcome to the 5th issue of The Kadena Tech Bulletin! Whether you are already familiar with Kadena or just learning about it for the first time, the Kadena Tech Bulletin provides a short technical overview of how we are revolutionizing the blockchain industry, one block at a time. From Pact to Chainweb, to how we are refining our builder onboarding process, we will provide our community of builders and developers with all the updates and tools needed to help nurture and scale their projects in our ever-growing ecosystem. Here’s a recap of the last month: — 1. LEDGER!. — After a long wait, you can now store your KDA tokens on Ledger! We are very proud of the team at Kadena and the community for making this happen. Read this article by Ledger Docs for a step-by-step guide to setting up your Ledger Kadena (KDA) account and transferring your KDA tokens to a Ledger device. — 2. Pact 4.8. — We’re excited to announce the release of Pact v 4.8! This release brings a range of improvements, including bug fixes, updates to formal verification, and internal changes that enhance the platform’s performance, stability, and functionality. Official Github link: — 3. Chainweb Stream. — Last month, we released the initial experimental version of Chainweb-stream Server and Client. This new system enables the continuous streaming of transactions, simplifying the process for projects to run...

Project Spotlight: KadenAI

Welcome to the Kadena Project Spotlight Series, where we highlight the groundbreaking work of organizations currently building and innovating on the Kadena blockchain! Today, we’re shining the spotlight on KadenAI, an innovative platform engineered to enhance the creator experience in the NFT space. KadenAI offers a suite of comprehensive tools designed to facilitate the creation of NFT collections. These tools include, but are not limited to, NFT minters, utility generators, and AI-powered image generation. KadenAI is built with Marmalade, Kadena’s NFT standard. Marmalade provides the flexibility of customizing and stacking features, also known as policies, on top of NFTs. The stackable policies simplify the NFT creation process, enabling KadenAI to rapidly deploy unique NFT collections without concerns about underlying code complexities. — How does KadenaAI work? Specifically, how can you generate an NFT with no code?. — KadenAI streamlines the NFT creation process through an intuitive, no-code interface. The following is a simplified guide on how to generate NFTs with KadenAI’s generator tool: Create Images and Metadata: Utilize our generator tool to upload image layers and generate final images and metadata., Create NFT Policy: Use our user-friendly interface to create your NFT policy., Begin minting: Start minting NFTs with or without a collection., Complete: Your NFT is now minted and will now appear ...

Project Spotlight: Swarms.Finance

Welcome to Kadena Project Spotlight Series, where we highlight the groundbreaking work of organizations currently building and innovating on the Kadena blockchain! Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Swarms.Finance! Swarms.Finance is a platform built on the Kadena blockchain, with a mission to transform Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) within the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). The platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features for managing funds, investments, liquidity, swaps, payments, and purchases. — 1. Can you explain the mechanics of how Swarms.Finance will work in terms of the creation and management of DAOs?. — Swarms.Finance’s user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to create and manage DAOs of various shapes and sizes. Whether you are interested in establishing a DAO that embodies the principles of equality, or one with distinct roles and permissions akin to a Discord channel, our intuitive interface and application allows users to experience a streamlined step-by-step setup process, enabling the creation of a fully functional DAO in just 10 minutes. Once a DAO is established, members gain access to the Swarms Dashboard, where they can propose and vote on blockchain actions, such as fund transfers and DEX Swaps. The dashboard is thoughtfully organized into sections, ensuring effortless navigation, with the “Proposals” section serving as a central hub...


Cryptocurrency Investment Platform HASHFROG Partnered With BITMAIN and A...

    PRESS RELEASE. In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has been exceedingly prosperous, with a series of cryptocurrency projects emerging, bringing rich investment opportunities and market risks to participants in the blockchain industry. KDA is also one of the emerging cryptocurrency projects. However, unlike others, KDA is referred to as the next cryptocurrency project that can be benchmarked with BTC because of its simplicity and transaction cost-efficiency, better scalability than BTC, and the future circulation potential of 990 million tokens. With the joining of BITMAIN, the world's largest miner manufacturer, KDA may become a new opportunity for cryptocurrency investors. HASHFROG, a diversified cryptocurrency investment platform, announced that it had reached strategic cooperation with BITMAIN and ANTPOOL and will jointly launch KDA cloud mining products to provide low-cost, flexible and efficient mining services for KDA participants around the world. On September 13, 2022, the three parties jointly held an online product launch and elaborated on the cooperation relationship and their expectations for the future of the KDA market. Representatives from the Kadena development team and the Kadena Mining Club community also participated in the press conference and expressed their interest and support. It was introduced at the press conference that HASHFROG will adopt the ANTMINER KA3 (hereinafter referred to as KA3) that is newly developed by BITMAIN, with a hash rate o... read More

Kadena Launches $100 Million Grant Fund to Develop Web3 Experiences

    Kadena, a proof-of-work-based cryptocurrency that also has the possibility of supporting smart contracts, has announced a new set of grants directed to incentivize the creation of Web3 experiences. This $100 million grant fund is part of the Kadena Eco initiative, whose objective is to offer builders a complete suite to deploy their solutions on top of the chain. Kadena Grants Seek to Attract People to Ecosystem Kadena, a top-100 cryptocurrency project that is based on proof-of-work (PoW) consensus but also offers the possibility of executing smart contracts, has revealed a new set of developer grants seeking to attract builders to its chain. The grant program, which will have $100 million available for interested teams, is part of the Kadena Eco program, which presents a set of other initiatives directed to help teams, companies, and startups to produce Web3 experiences. The Kadena Eco program includes several other aspects that are to be developed in the near future. Among them are an incubator for growing the skills of more developers in different projects, an accelerator to power other projects, and even a venture fund that aims to 'propel companies using or pivoting to Kadena's blockchain platform to realize their vision.' Regarding this full global support that Kadena seeks to offer builders, Stuart Popejoy, founder and CEO of Kadena, stated: We're empowering builders to pioneer new projects that transform the world, and we're doubling dow... read More

Biggest Movers: RUNE Rallies on Friday, With KDA Climbing Over 10%

    Despite mainly being in the red, there were a few notable big movers in crypto markets on Friday. Initially, STX was one of them, climbing by as much as 36%, before giving up all of these gains. However, RUNE and KDA managed to sustain gains. Thorchain (RUNE) Thorchain (RUNE) rose for the second time in the last three days, as it continues to move towards entering the cryptocurrency top 50. Following a low of $4.82 on Thursday, RUNE/USD rose to an intraday high of $:$6.27 today, which is its highest level since January 17. As of writing this, RUNE is trading nearly 13% higher, following an earlier breakout of its recent ceiling at $5.50. Looking at the chart, today's surge has seen the 14-day RSI climb to a one-week high of 63, which has also historically been a resistance level. In the event that price strength is able to move past this point, there is a strong chance that bulls could be targeting the $7.15 ceiling. Kadena (KDA) Kadena (KDA) climbed to its highest level since March 2 on Friday, as it continued to move away from its recent support level. KDA/USD hit an intraday high of $8.26 during today's session, following a surge from its price floor of $5.70. Today's move sent prices past recent resistance of $7.55, for the first time since February 16, after following a valentine's day price surge. As of writing this, KDA is still trading over 10% higher, tracking at 11.67% for the day, however, gains have eased, as traders seem to have secured earlier profits. H... read More

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