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KDA Price:
$6.1 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.3 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #KDA today is $1.25 USD.

The lowest KDA price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.25, and the exact current price of one KDA crypto coin is $1.24531.

The all-time high KDA coin price was $27.73.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of KDA with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Kadena is #KDA.

Kadena is 2.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Kadena is $273,175,958.

Kadena is ranking upwards to #136 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big today for #KDA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Kadena is $6,051,652.


The circulating supply of KDA is 219,364,115 coins, which is 22% of the maximum coin supply.


KDA is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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The Advantages of Kadena’s Proof-of-Work Mining

Proof of Work (PoW) is a consensus algorithm used in blockchain technology to validate transactions and produce new blocks. In PoW mining, “miners” compete to solve hard mathematical problems, and the first to solve a problem adds a new block to the chain and is rewarded with newly minted cryptocurrency. The use of computing power and energy consumption ensures security by preventing centralization as well as the risk of fraud. When no user can attempt to spend the same digital token twice, the integrity of the system remains intact. — Kadena’s scalable Proof of Work and How it is energy efficient. — The design of Kadena’s scalable PoW consensus algorithm is more efficient and secure compared to traditional PoW-only systems, making it a “greener” alternative for crypto mining. Kadena’s unique multi-chain architecture makes it the only platform that can deliver increased energy efficiency as transaction volume scales. With 20 chains live, Kadena’s current network capacity sits at 600 transactions per second (TPS), nearly achieving the energy efficiency of Visa. When the network approaches the need for a higher transaction volume due to increased usage, the network will increase the number of chains again to handle the load. This allows the network to process more transactions per second than a single-chain system such as Bitcoin. Perhaps most significantly, scaling Kadena does not require more min...

Top Web3 Strategies for Web2 Companies

Web3 is not only a finance revolution, it’s also a business evolution that harnesses powerful ideas such as the Wisdom of Crowds, composability, collaboration, decentralized storage, and headless branding. Prior to web3, these concepts were either impossible to implement or didn’t meet business standards. In this new paradigm, these ideas are multipliers that can launch web2 businesses into an ecosystem that is growing exponentially in every direction. Kadena is a web3 protocol that has been built with the security and tooling necessary to make any company’s transition to web3 as smooth as possible. Most importantly, it has the scalability to capitalize on all of the opportunities that decentralization offers. It’s a confusing transition to navigate, but we are here to help. Here are some of the top strategies to help Web2 companies make the most of Web3. — 1. Go Open-Source - Open-source refers to software that is freely available for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. The primary benefit of open-source technology is that an industry only has to solve a problem once rather than multiple times for each organization. For example, if ten companies have to collectively dedicate 100 hours a week to building and maintaining ten separate software stacks, a shared open-source stack would cut that down to 10 hours, reducing each company’s resource requirements by 90% and freeing them up for more productive uses. ...

Why Pact is the Best DeFi Language

2022 has seen over $3 billion worth of hacks in the Ethereum space. Each one was a tragedy for users, but also potentially ruinous for the developers behind the projects. Ethereum’s smart contract language, Solidity, is so expressive that developers have to foresee every undesirable state of the ledger and write specific code to prevent it. As decentralized finance (DeFi) has grown more complex, developers are spending 90% of their time looking for and patching vulnerabilities rather than shipping products. If DeFi is to fulfill its potential as an open-source alternative to centralized finance, then it first has to address this expensive waste of talent. Since 2017, the Kadena team has been building Pact — a smart contract language designed notably for DeFi. Pact combines best practices of Bitcoin script and modern interpreters like the Javascript Virtual Machine (JVM) while retaining basic concepts like token contracts that are familiar to Solidity developers. Pact has been in constant development since 2017 and is currently on release 4.4.1. The team is responsive to the developer community and regularly collaborates on new built-in functionality and other optimizations. The result is a smart-contract language that offers the best of functionality, auditability and transparency. Here are a few reasons why Pact is the future of safe, performant smart contracts: — 1. Human Readable Code. — Smart contract...

Kadena 2022: Year In Review

Kadena 2022: Year In Review - What a year it has been for Kadena! To say that 2022 has been a wild roller coaster ride for the Web3 and crypto industry as a whole is an understatement. Kadena has been pushing forward and growing beyond our expectations from hiring to engineering to business development. With our actively expanding team, Kadena strives to deliver a robust foundation of resources, content, and environment to support our expanding ecosystem of builders, projects, and users. Now that we’ve reached the end of 2022, we want to wrap up all that Kadena and its community has achieved within the past year, everything from Pact upgrades, Kadena Eco grants, community developments, and new project launches. We’ll also be giving a sneak peek at what Kadena has in store for 2023, with more info to come at the beginning of the year. Let’s dive into it! — Kadena Eco - The year 2022 began with the launch of Kadena Eco, an innovation network designed to fuel mainstream adoption of Web3, Defi, and NFT projects by bringing vital expertise and resources to the Kadena ecosystem. Our Kadena Eco advisory board, which is led by its CEO, Francesco Melpignano, has welcomed and inaugurated Brooke Skinner Ricketts, Zack Seward, and Scott Barker as Kadena Eco’s strategic advisors. All three amazing individuals are seasoned strategic consultants and leaders in their respective fields, primed to help fuel mass adoption and h...

Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake, Kadena’s Advantages, Explained

Kadena is currently the only blockchain on a proof-of-work model that can expand to handle global transaction volumes. This makes it scalable, a difficult feat to accomplish. This forms the building blocks of Kadena’s ecosystem, verifying transactions in a more resilient manner that gives developers room to flex up capacity when their projects take off. With a dynamic design that self-adjusts according to the amount of computing miners are using to mine blocks, Kadena is similar to Bitcoin’s design. What distinguishes Kadena from Bitcoin is that it has 20 chains of blocks, versus Bitcoin’s one chain, and Kadena can add more chains according to demand. Bitcoin was not structured this way and is, therefore, unable to scale to the capacity of Kadena’s chains. Proof of Work is also more battle-tested. Bitcoin has weathered technological attacks, regulatory risks and market volatility since 2009 and hasn’t suffered a catastrophic shutdown. Here are 3 reasons why developers should build on Proof of Work. — 1. It is decentralized.. — There is no one authority that can control or cancel your transaction. While the proof-of-work model has been criticized as using arbitrary amounts of energy, this model strengthens the resilience of your network. This structure prevents your project from being subjected to validators whose self-interest could conflict with yours. — 2. The alternative ‘proof-of stake’ ...

Between the Block: Doug Beardsley

Between the Blocks: Doug Beardsley - Welcome to Kadena’s Personnel Series, where we showcase some of the most brilliant and talented minds behind Kadena! Since its inception in 2016, Kadena has continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation, being the only Layer 1 Proof-of-Work blockchain that has solved the Blockchain Trilemma. Kadena’s extraordinary achievements would not be possible without the hard work, visions and talent of its team members. Today, we will be taking a deep dive with Doug Beardsley, Director of Engineering at Kadena and Technical Advisor of Kadena Eco. Doug has been with Kadena since 2018 and has become an integral part of our community. Doug also hosts Kadena Eco Office Hours on Twitter Spaces, where he provides the most recent updates and developments at Kadena! We will be exploring a more personal side of Doug, including his interests, passions, and his vision for the future. — How did you get into the world of web3 and crypto?. — I started writing software at a young age and have been working in software professionally for close to 20 years. I have worked in defense, cyber security, finance, and tech industries, writing both backend and frontend systems. — Who introduced you to Kadena?. — I first met one of the Kadena founders in the New York City functional programming community via the meetup and conference events that I had organized. We kept in touch over the ye...

Between the Blocks: Emily Pillmore

Kadena’s Personnel Series: It’s time to take a deep dive with Emily Pillmore, Kadena Pact Lead, about her experience, passions, and her journey with Kadena. Welcome to Kadena’s Personnel Series, where we showcase some of the most brilliant and talented minds behind Kadena! Since its inception in 2016, Kadena has continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation, being the only Layer 1 Proof-of-Work blockchain that has solved the Blockchain Trilemma. Kadena’s extraordinary achievements would not be possible without the hard work, visions and talent of its team members. Today, we will be taking a deep dive with Emily Pillmore, Kadena Pact Lead. We will be exploring her past experience, her hobbies and interests, and her journey with Kadena. — Tell us about a bit of yourself and what you do at Kadena. — I started my programming journey late at the age of 21 as an open source Perl 5 developer, writing small CLI utilities. When I graduated university with a degree in Mathematics in 2014, I entered the Finance industry as a model validator, doing consulting work for various boutique modeling firms around NYC. Disillusioned with finance as a longterm career prospect, I made a leap to Software Engineering as a Scala engineer for the Bank of America, and later with Disney Streaming where I flourished in my understanding of software development and programming as a practice. At this time, I came to maintain the la...

Catching Up with Cryptographer, Computer Scientist and Kadena Advisor Stuart Haber

Catching Up with Cryptographer, Computer Scientist and Kadena Advisor: Stuart Haber - Catch up with Stuart Haber, renowned cryptographer, computer scientist and co-inventor of the blockchain! The blockchain and crypto industries have seen a lot of positive changes in recent years, with many professionals and enthusiasts developing new technologies and groundbreaking applications. Kadena has also experienced many significant changes and hit many groundbreaking milestones since its inception in 2016. So, we thought we would catch up with one of the blockchain industry pioneers, Stuart Haber, a renowned cryptographer and a Kadena advisor since 2018. We discuss his past and present work, and his thoughts on the blockchain industry and blockchain-driven applications. — About Stuart Haber. — Stuart Haber is a renowned cryptographer and computer scientist, most well-known for pioneering digital time-stamping technology alongside W. Scott Stornetta, a renowned physicist and scientific researcher. Together, Haber and Stornetta published a technical paper in 1991 titled “How to Time-Stamp a Digital Document,” which outlines their solution to authenticating digital documents by introducing a computationally practical procedure that could essentially time-stamp digital records to ensure that its users are unable to back-date or forward-date the document, without any need to trust a central entity in the system. Haber an...

Kadena Eco Adds Zack Seward to Strategic Advisory Board

Kadena Eco is pleased to announce Zack Seward as strategic advisor. From Day 1, Kadena and Kadena Eco have been the leading forces in blockchain by placing a heavy focus on builder development. The formation of a Kadena Eco Strategic Advisory Board is to unite technical founders and entrepreneurs with the world’s top blockchain leaders, venture capitalists, and acceleration partners to support startups at every phase of their development journey. Today, we welcome Zack Seward, a seasoned journalist and event organizer in the crypto space, as a new member of Kadena Eco’s Strategy Advisory Board. Zack brings to Kadena Eco a wealth of editorial and media experience, having been the deputy editor-in-chief of CoinDesk up until July 2022. Currently, Zack spends his time organizing events and conferences for Web3/crypto projects, in addition to regularly appearing on CoinDesk TV and the CoinDesk Podcast Network as a commentator. Zack will be advising Kadena on its media outreach, events and content development strategies. His expertise, knowledge, and depth of network is sure to support and streamline Kadena’s efforts to further drive blockchain adoption. Be sure to follow Zack on Twitter and LinkedIn!

Between the Blocks: Randy Daal

It’s time to take a deep dive with Randy Daal, Kadena’s Developer Experience Lead, about his past, present, and time at Kadena! Welcome to Kadena’ Personnel Series, where we showcase some of the most brilliant and talented minds behind Kadena! Since its inception in 2016, Kadena has continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation, being the only Layer 1 Proof-of-Work blockchain that has solved the Blockchain Trilemma. Kadena’s extraordinary achievements would not be possible without the hard work, visions and talent of its team members. Today, we will be taking a deep dive with Randy Daal, Kadena’s Developer Experience Lead. We will be exploring his past experience, his passions and hobbies, and his journey with Kadena. — Can you give a brief overview about your career experience prior to Kadena?. — I started my career as a Java developer for a large Dutch Airline company. After 3 years, I found my passion in front-end development. I began working for several large companies in the Netherlands and built many large-scale applications in different domains. I also started a new front-end consultancy company called Up-Front, which later merged with Frontmen, where my team and I grew the company to over 120 front-end developers over the course of a few years. Frontmen became the leading front-end consultancy company in the Netherlands and was featured as “The Top 10 Start-Ups to Work for in the Netherla...


Cryptocurrency Investment Platform HASHFROG Partnered With BITMAIN and A...

    PRESS RELEASE. In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has been exceedingly prosperous, with a series of cryptocurrency projects emerging, bringing rich investment opportunities and market risks to participants in the blockchain industry. KDA is also one of the emerging cryptocurrency projects. However, unlike others, KDA is referred to as the next cryptocurrency project that can be benchmarked with BTC because of its simplicity and transaction cost-efficiency, better scalability than BTC, and the future circulation potential of 990 million tokens. With the joining of BITMAIN, the world's largest miner manufacturer, KDA may become a new opportunity for cryptocurrency investors. HASHFROG, a diversified cryptocurrency investment platform, announced that it had reached strategic cooperation with BITMAIN and ANTPOOL and will jointly launch KDA cloud mining products to provide low-cost, flexible and efficient mining services for KDA participants around the world. On September 13, 2022, the three parties jointly held an online product launch and elaborated on the cooperation relationship and their expectations for the future of the KDA market. Representatives from the Kadena development team and the Kadena Mining Club community also participated in the press conference and expressed their interest and support. It was introduced at the press conference that HASHFROG will adopt the ANTMINER KA3 (hereinafter referred to as KA3) that is newly developed by BITMAIN, with a hash rate o... read More

Kadena Launches $100 Million Grant Fund to Develop Web3 Experiences

    Kadena, a proof-of-work-based cryptocurrency that also has the possibility of supporting smart contracts, has announced a new set of grants directed to incentivize the creation of Web3 experiences. This $100 million grant fund is part of the Kadena Eco initiative, whose objective is to offer builders a complete suite to deploy their solutions on top of the chain. Kadena Grants Seek to Attract People to Ecosystem Kadena, a top-100 cryptocurrency project that is based on proof-of-work (PoW) consensus but also offers the possibility of executing smart contracts, has revealed a new set of developer grants seeking to attract builders to its chain. The grant program, which will have $100 million available for interested teams, is part of the Kadena Eco program, which presents a set of other initiatives directed to help teams, companies, and startups to produce Web3 experiences. The Kadena Eco program includes several other aspects that are to be developed in the near future. Among them are an incubator for growing the skills of more developers in different projects, an accelerator to power other projects, and even a venture fund that aims to 'propel companies using or pivoting to Kadena's blockchain platform to realize their vision.' Regarding this full global support that Kadena seeks to offer builders, Stuart Popejoy, founder and CEO of Kadena, stated: We're empowering builders to pioneer new projects that transform the world, and we're doubling dow... read More

Biggest Movers: RUNE Rallies on Friday, With KDA Climbing Over 10%

    Despite mainly being in the red, there were a few notable big movers in crypto markets on Friday. Initially, STX was one of them, climbing by as much as 36%, before giving up all of these gains. However, RUNE and KDA managed to sustain gains. Thorchain (RUNE) Thorchain (RUNE) rose for the second time in the last three days, as it continues to move towards entering the cryptocurrency top 50. Following a low of $4.82 on Thursday, RUNE/USD rose to an intraday high of $:$6.27 today, which is its highest level since January 17. As of writing this, RUNE is trading nearly 13% higher, following an earlier breakout of its recent ceiling at $5.50. Looking at the chart, today's surge has seen the 14-day RSI climb to a one-week high of 63, which has also historically been a resistance level. In the event that price strength is able to move past this point, there is a strong chance that bulls could be targeting the $7.15 ceiling. Kadena (KDA) Kadena (KDA) climbed to its highest level since March 2 on Friday, as it continued to move away from its recent support level. KDA/USD hit an intraday high of $8.26 during today's session, following a surge from its price floor of $5.70. Today's move sent prices past recent resistance of $7.55, for the first time since February 16, after following a valentine's day price surge. As of writing this, KDA is still trading over 10% higher, tracking at 11.67% for the day, however, gains have eased, as traders seem to have secured earlier profits. H... read More

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