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JST Price:
$17.7 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.3 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #JST today is $0.030 USD.

The lowest JST price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.030, and the current live price for one JST coin is $0.03028.

The all-time high JST coin price was $0.23.

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The code for JUST is #JST.

JUST is 4.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for JUST is $299,765,162.

JUST is ranking downwards to #169 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large volume of trading today on #JST.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for JUST is $17,684,276.


The circulating supply of JST is 9,900,000,000 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.


JST is a token on the Tron blockchain.


JST is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 18 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #JST, and you can view them on our JST disambiguation page.



8 Reasons Why The Bitcoin Bear Phase Is Just A 'Boogeyman': Fund Manager

    While the Bitcoin price hasn't reclaimed the crucial $60,000 level to reenter the previous 4-month trading range, Ikigai Asset Management Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Travis Kling thinks that the current bearish phase is not more than a “boogeyman.” Via X, Kling listed eight reasons to be bullish on Bitcoin. He stated: “NFA. I'm wrong often. The current 'bearish' backdrop seems easier to look through and buy than most of the boogeymen we've had in these markets over the last 6 years.” #1 Rapid Bitcoin Liquidations By Germany Travis Kling observes that Germany has significantly decreased its Bitcoin holdings, from 50,000 BTC to 22,000 BTC in recent weeks. According to him, “Germany is speedrunning their #Bitcoin dump.” He predicts the selling will soon cease, suggesting, 'By the time they get down to ~5k, the market will look through it.' Kling implies that the market impact of Germany's Bitcoin liquidations is temporary and nearing its end. #2 Mt. Gox’s Overestimated Market Impact Kling addressed the potential market effects of the Mt. Gox repayments, characterizing the fear of massive sell-offs as more speculative than based on the creditors' likely actions. He stated, 'Gox seems more FUD than actual mass selling (just a guess but feels that way).' He believes the creditors, many of whom are sophisticated investors, are likely to sell their holdings methodically, e.g. via TWAPs, thus reducing the impact on the market. Regarding th... read More

Crash and Burn: How This Popular Meme Coin Plummeted by 80% in Just a We...

    TL;DR Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple saw minor gains, while AI-related coins like experienced double-digit pumps. On the other hand, the price of one meme coin collapsed by 35% daily and 80% weekly following massive sell-offs by large investors. The Freefall The cryptocurrency market has flashed green in the past 24 hours, recovering much of the losses registered in the past few days. Leading digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP) saw some minor gains, while and other AI-related coins pumped by double digits. However, others are still deep in the red, experiencing severe plunges. One example is the meme coin Beercoin (BEER), whose price collapsed by 35% on a daily scale and 80% weekly.  The downtrend coincided with the actions of several whales who dumped their holdings en masse. The blockchain data analysts platform - Lookonchain - revealed the case of one such large investor who sold 8.78 billion BEER tokens (almost his entire BEER stash) for $1 million. Prior to that, another whale parted with 5.43 billion assets for approximately $1.13 million. Such sell-offs can negatively impact the price of the token since the increased supply can overwhelm the current demand. In addition, the whales' actions can cause a reputational damage to the involved asset, causing panic across the community and prompting other investors to dump their holdings.  Interestingly, BEER was among the best perform... read More

DOGE To The Moon: This Dogecoin Metric Just Turned Bullish For The First...

    Dogecoin (DOGE) is again in the spotlight as the foremost meme coin could be ready for takeoff. This follows crypto analyst Kevin’s (formerly Yomi OG) analysis of Dogecoin, in which he highlighted an important indicator that has turned bullish for the crypto token.  Dogecoin Indicator Turns Green For The First Since 2020 Kevin mentioned in an X (formerly Twitter) post that the 12-day time frame on the Gaussian channel just recently flipped green on Dogecoin’s chart for the first time since December 2020. He claimed that this indicates a “potential strong bullish trend” is on the cards for the meme coin in the coming months. Kevin added that this indicator has never failed in indicating these trend changes, suggesting that Dogecoin has indeed undergone a bullish reversal.  In another X post, Kevin claimed that Dogecoin has looked much stronger than most altcoins throughout this period, during which the crypto market has continued to bleed and trade sideways. He added that Dogecoin will likely move into the golden pocket at the $0.26 to $0.33 range if it can stay above the Macro 0.382 FIB and the blue support zone on the weekly time frame.  Kevin also provided another bullish narrative for Dogecoin in another X post. Looking at the four-hour time frame chart, he highlighted a deviation back into the larger symmetrical triangle, which he claimed is a “bullish sign.” He stated that Dogecoin getting back above key moving averag... read More

Crypto Just Got Hungrier: DevourGO Now Accepts Payments via Coinbase Com...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Phoenix, United States, June 13th, 2024] Devour, the leading web3-powered food ordering platform, announced today that it's simplifying crypto payments for millions of users with the integration of Coinbase Commerce into its DevourGO checkout. This innovative move allows crypto enthusiasts to seamlessly pay for their favorite meals using their existing or Wallet accounts, all within the DevourGO app. 'We're excited to partner with Coinbase Commerce to make crypto spending on food effortless for millions,' said Shelly Rupel, CEO of Devour. 'This integration unlocks a massive opportunity – crypto holders can now enjoy food delivery while paying with the ease of their Coinbase account. It's a win-win for both sides, offering crypto users the convenience they crave and restaurants a new way to tap into a growing and tech-savvy customer base.” DevourGO leverages the power of web3 technology to create a more engaging and rewarding dining experience for both consumers and restaurants. Empowering food ordering and engagement beyond the traditional apps — in-game, in-entertainment and in-digital communities! With the addition of Coinbase Commerce, DevourGO unlocks a new level of convenience and accessibility for millions of crypto enthusiasts. “Coinbase Commerce was created to provide new and more accessible avenues for businesses and consumers to transact with crypto,” said Lauren Dowling, Group Product Manager, Coinbase Com... read More

Base Dawgz Presale Hits $1M in Just a Week as Some Analysts Say it Could...

    The crypto market has tumbled today, but that has not stopped the new Base Dawgz presale from adding over $200K in the last 24 hours. After a week of rampant success, the presale’s total raise now sits at $1 million, making it one of the hottest emerging meme coins. Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) presale is ongoing and is currently priced at $0.00502. However, this price will rise throughout the campaign, so those seeking the most upside potential should act quickly. Well done to all the $DAWGZ on raising the first million Now we can take all of you skydiving — Base Dawgz (@BaseDawgz) June 12, 2024 Base Dawgz takes hold of the Base meme coin frenzy The meme coin meta continues to fuel crypto excitement, but no ecosystem has provided more opportunity this month than Base. Its frontrunning meme coin, Brett, has led the movement, up over 300% this month. Meanwhile, ecosystem plays like Basenji and ChompCoin have tasted parabolic gains this week, up 89% and 188%, respectively. This comes following the release of Coinbase’s Smart Wallet, which provides seamless access to Base to the exchange’s 110 million users. They will not need to manage seed phrases or download an additional app, making it highly appealing and beginner friendly. The wait is over. Smart wallets are here. — Coinbase Wallet (@CoinbaseWallet) June 5, 2024 According to CoinGecko data, the Base meme coin market has a valuation of $2.4 bill... read More

Elliptic Warns AI-Driven Crypto Crime is Only Just Begining: Report

    A recent report from blockchain intelligence firm Elliptic titled “AI-enabled crime in the cryptoasset ecosystem” has shed light on the emerging threats posed by artificial intelligence (AI) in cryptocurrency crime. The report, supported by case studies, identifies five emerging types of AI-enabled crimes, ranging from deepfake scams to state-sponsored cyberattacks, emphasizing that these threats are still in their infancy. AI Deepfake Scams AI, while having the potential to significantly transform the global economy, also brings risks. According to Elliptic, threat actors are already exploiting AI for illicit activities within the cryptoasset ecosystem. One of the report's findings is the use of AI to create deepfakes. These highly realistic videos and images are being used by scammers to impersonate high-profile individuals such as celebrities, politicians, and industry leaders to legitimize fake projects. “Crypto giveaway and doubling scams are increasingly using deepfake videos of crypto CEOs and celebrities to encourage victims to send funds to scam crypto addresses.” Specific instances mentioned in the report include deepfakes targeting Ripple (XRP) and its CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, particularly following the company's legal victory against the U.S. SEC in July 2023. Other individuals who have been targeted by deepfake scams include Elon Musk, former Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and the 7th and 8th Presidents of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen ... read More

PlayDoge Presale Surges Past $2.5M in Just 10 Days – Could This Me...

    One of the hottest crypto projects right now is a digital Doge pet that combines ‘90s nostalgia with modern Play-to-Earn (P2E) rewards. That project is PlayDoge (PLAY), which has taken the market by storm and raised over $2.5 million in the first 10 days of its presale. With hundreds of thousands pouring into the presale daily, some analysts believe this brand-new meme coin could explode once it hits exchanges. PlayDoge’s Early Access Presale Raises $2.5M in 10 Days Instead of listing directly on exchanges, PlayDoge’s team is taking the popular presale funding route. This crowdfunding approach allows investors to secure PLAY tokens at a discounted rate before they hit the open market. And investors have been lapping up that opportunity. PlayDoge has already raised over $2.5 million through its presale in just 10 days. With PLAY tokens priced at $0.00504 right now, many believe it’s time to load up before that rate climbs in future stages. The investment process is simple: users head to PlayDoge’s website, connect a crypto wallet (like MetaMask), and make a purchase using ETH, BNB, or a credit/debit card. Purchased tokens can be staked right away to begin earning passive rewards. For example, would-be investors could purchase 50,000 PLAY tokens and immediately stake them to benefit from the estimated 119% per year yields. This approach hasn’t been seen before in the presale space. And with the early momentum showing no signs of slowing, Pl... read More

Could this be the Next Crypto to Explode? PlayDoge Presale Raises Over $...

    A new meme coin project has burst onto the scene in the past week and got everyone talking. PlayDoge (PLAY), hosted on the BNB Smart Chain, has exploded in popularity – raising over $1.4 million in presale funds since launching last Tuesday. Nostalgic Crypto Game PlayDoge Takes Market By Storm PlayDoge is a clever mobile game that meshes the popular “Doge” meme with the nostalgic virtual pet craze of the ‘90s. It’s essentially Tamagotchi meets crypto. The concept is simple: users adopt an adorable virtual pet and feed/entertain it through a fun, mobile-friendly app. But here’s the twist – by playing the mini dodgeball-style games and keeping the pet happy, users will earn PLAY tokens that can be cashed out for real crypto. These PLAY tokens aren’t just for show since they’ll also let users unlock special features within the PlayDoge universe. The project’s tokenomics are no joke, with a capped supply of 9.4 billion PLAY tokens and strategic allocations for liquidity, marketing, staking rewards, and more. Speaking of staking rewards, PLAY holders can lock up their tokens and earn passive income, with estimated annual yields of 225%. So, while nurturing a virtual pet, users can compound their earnings. It’s an appealing setup that has struck a chord - in less than one week, over 1,300 people have followed PlayDoge's Twitter page. PlayDoge Presale Explodes & Raises $1.4M in Less Than a Week PlayDoge is generatin... read More

BlackRock's IBIT Outpaces Grayscale's GBTC in Just 96 Trading Days

    On May 28th, BlackRock finally surpassed Grayscale to become the largest spot Bitcoin ETF with 288,671 BTC in its holdings. It took BlackRock's IBIT just 96 trading days to close the substantial gap with Grayscale's GBTC. IBIT has now reached an impressive asset under management (AUM) of nearly $19.79 billion. Meanwhile, GBTC saw its AUM drop by approximately $18 billion during the same period, now standing at $19.75 billion. On January 11, nine new Bitcoin ETFs, including those from BlackRock and Fidelity, were introduced. Coinciding with these debuts, the long-established Grayscale fund also transitioned into an ETF. This event was a crucial event for the entire cryptocurrency industry that significantly improved Bitcoin's accessibility to investors and ultimately drove its value to an all-time high near $74,000 by March. According to the latest data compiled by SoSoValue, Bitcoin ETFs recorded total net inflows of 632 BTC, worth $43.3 million for yesterday, marking the eleventh consecutive day of inflows. BlackRock led the funds with $102 million. Fidelity also saw growth, adding $34 million, while Ark Invest and 21 Shares' ARKB recorded $4 million. Trailing closing behind is Bitwise's BITB with $3 million in inflows. Invesco and Galaxy Digital's BTCO also recorded the same figure on May 28th. Valkyrie Digital Assets' BRRR settled for just $1 million in inflows, while VanEck's HODL and Franklyn Templeton's EZBC recorded no flows for the day. In contrast, Grayscale experien... read More

Here's Why ETH Just Exploded 10% Back To $3400

    Ether (ETH) surged 10% on Monday in the span of a few minutes following credible rumors that the asset could receive its own spot ETF in the United States within days. ETH traded for $3150 on Monday at 17:44 UTC, before surging to $3450 within 25 minutes. This followed a tweet from Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas at 17:20 UTC that he and his partner, James Seyffart, were upping their odds of ETH ETH approval this month from 25% to 75%. “Hearing chatter this afternoon that SEC could be doing a 180 on this (increasingly political issue), so now everyone scrambling (like us everyone else assumed they'd be denied),” he explained. Earlier this month, the US House and Senate passed H.J.Res.109 – a resolution to scrap an anti-crypto banking rule previously established by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The resolution passed both chambers with bipartisan support despite a promise from President Joe Biden to veto the act if it reached his desk, showing that many Democrats don’t respect the anti-crypto position adopted by their party’s leadership. Seyffart confirmed that his and Balchunas’ accounts were not hacked and that their odds changes were based on input from multiple sources. “Should see a bunch of filings over coming days if we’re correct,” he added. Fox Business reporter Eleanor Terret also said on Wednesday that she’d received input from a prospective ETF issuer that things are “evolving in... read More

Bitcoin Rally Incoming: This Major BTC Metric Just Turned Bullish Once A...

    A crucial Bitcoin metric has just turned bullish, sparking optimism from a crypto analyst regarding an impending rally for Bitcoin. This unique technical pattern suggests that the world’s largest cryptocurrency could see its price ascending further, potentially kick-starting a highly welcomed bull run this cycle.  Bitcoin Technical Pattern Flips Bullish Bitcoin’s price has often followed distinct historical patterns, with the majority of these indicators preceding significant rallies or bearish trends. One of the most compelling signs that Bitcoin may be turning bullish again is seen as the Stablecoin Supply Ratio (SSR) Oscillator breaks below the lower Bollinger Bands, a technical indicator used to measure a market’s volatility and momentum.  According to a crypto analyst identified as ‘Dominando Cripto’ on X (formerly Twitter), the SSR is a unique technical tool designed to evaluate the market sentiment by comparing the supply of stablecoins to Bitcoin. This tool is used by analysts and traders to identify buying and selling opportunities for Bitcoin. Additionally, it quantifies how the 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) of the SSR moves within the Bollinger Bands.  Dominando Cripto has provided an in-depth explanation of how the SSR oscillator is calculated and how to interpret its signals for identifying bullish trends.  “The oscillator is calculated by taking the difference between the current Stablecoin Supply R... read More

This Crypto Trader Just Sold All His Bitcoin For Altcoins Like Cardano A...

    Crypto expert Michaël van de Poppe recently revealed that he had sold all his Bitcoin and rotated his capital to altcoins. The analyst explained the reason for this move and remarked that he was doing this to acquire more of the flagship crypto later on. Why This Analyst Swapped His Bitcoin For Altcoins In an X (formerly Twitter) post, Van de Poppe explained that altcoins have been “crushed unreasonably hard.” As such, he believes things can only improve from here on, noting that the “upside (for these altcoins) can’t be denied.”  Based on his explanation, the analyst suggested that these altcoins will likely outperform Bitcoin from here on as the flagship crypto already had its moment before the halving when crypto natives swapped their altcoins for Bitcoin. Before now, Van de Poppe had already predicted that altcoins would make a bounce in their Bitcoin pairs post-halving.  He also mentioned back then that there would be a narrative shift to Ethereum. More recently, he indicated that the news around the Spot Ethereum ETF would trigger a rally for Ethereum and other altcoins. While explaining his decision to swap his Bitcoins, he again touched on this and hinted that Ethereum would be integral to any move these altcoins make.  Van de Poppe claimed everyone expects the worst, that the Spot Ethereum ETF applications will be denied because the SEC considers the crypto token a security. Therefore, he believes the market is alrea... read More

Why Did Bitcoin Just Jump 10%? Blockchain Firm Weighs In

    The cryptocurrency market has been on a hot streak in the past few days, with several large-cap assets posting significant gains in the past week. Most notably, the Bitcoin price bounced back from around $61,000 to above $67,000 for the first time in nearly a month. As expected, this latest price movement has sparked a lot of speculation and discussion around the premier cryptocurrency. Popular blockchain analytics firm CryptoQuant has shared on-chain insights into the recent Bitcoin price rally and its future trajectory. How Did Bitcoin Price Reach $67,000? In a recent report, CryptoQuant revealed the catalyst and on-chain manifestations behind BTC’s latest rally to above $67,000. According to the analytics firm, the price of Bitcoin rode to its new highs on the back of the news of lower-than-expected inflation in the United States. The inflation data released on Wednesday, May 15 showed that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 0.3% in April - lower than the expected 0.4%. This revelation suggested that inflation might be on a downward slope in the US, making risky assets like Bitcoin more attractive. #Bitcoin's price has rallied from $60K to around $66K, driven by lower-than-expected US inflation and reduced selling pressure. Let's look into the details — (@cryptoquant_com) May 17, 2024 In its report, CryptoQuant revealed that there has been a decreased selling pressure in the BTC market, as short-term holders are selling at low o... read More

Did A Dogecoin Whale Just Sink The DOGE Ship? The $30-Million Transfer M...

    Dogecoin (DOGE), the meme-inspired cryptocurrency with a loyal following, has been riding a wave of optimism lately. Over the past week, its price surged by nearly 8%, much to the delight of investors. However, a recent move by a large DOGE holder has cast a shadow of uncertainty on the future of this playful pup's price trajectory. Dogecoin Fueled By Market Bulls And Short Squeeze The broader crypto market sentiment has been bullish recently, and DOGE has been happily wagging its tail along. The past week saw a significant price increase, and the good times seemed to be rolling with a 3% jump in the last 24 hours alone. This pushed DOGE's price to a cheerful $0.152, bringing smiles back to the faces of many investors who have been patiently waiting for a sustained climb. The party wasn't just limited to the spot market. The derivatives market also saw a notable rise in activity, with Dogecoin Futures open interest jumping a healthy 9%. This suggests a renewed interest from traders, particularly those looking to capitalize on potential price movements through futures contracts. Adding fuel to the fire, short sellers have been feeling the heat lately. According to Coinglass, they've faced liquidations totaling a staggering $2.27 million. This could potentially trigger a short squeeze, a scenario where short sellers are forced to buy back DOGE to cover their positions, and further push the price upwards. However, this positive development hinges on whether it can overpower t... read More

Bitcoin Daily Transactions Just Hit A New ATH – What's Driving It?

    The Bitcoin network has witnessed a surge in trading activity in the days after the halving, as shown by on-chain data. Although the just concluded halving brought a lot of attention to Bitcoin, the recent surge in trading activity can be attributed to something else. According to data from on-chain analytics platform IntoTheBlock, the number of daily BTC transactions has grown rapidly in the past few days to reach a new high of 927,000 thanks to a new token standard called Runes. Bitcoin Daily Transactions Reach New All-Time High Bitcoin's price has been skyrocketing since the beginning of the year with interest in the top cryptocurrency exploding. All that new interest means more people buying, selling, and trading BTC, which has led to a huge increase in the number of daily transactions. Despite the increase in activity, the number of daily transactions failed to break above the 724,000 record for the past four months, until recently this week.  The main catalyst for this activity surge is the recent launch of the Runes token standard on the Bitcoin blockchain. The Runes Protocol is a new token standard on BTC that gives users a more efficient way of creating fungible tokens. The additional functionality provided by Runes opens up new possibilities for Bitcoin, allowing users to create non-fungible tokens more efficiently than the existing BRC-20 token system. The Runes token standard surged immediately among developers and users after launch, constituting over ... read More

These US Asset Managers Just Bought Bitcoin Through Fidelity's ETF

    More traditional finance firms in the United States are jumping on the crypto bandwagon and giving their clients access to the burgeoning sector. This is seen in the increasing portfolio allocation given to crypto investment products. A tweet by Bloomberg exchange-traded fund (ETF) analyst Eric Balchunas has revealed that two U.S. investment advisors, Legacy Wealth Asset Management and United Capital Management, from Minnesota and Kansas, respectively, have allocated 6% and 5% of their portfolios to the Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund (FBTC). Asset Managers Up BTC Allocation These asset management firms' portfolio allocations saw them invest more than $20 million each into FBTC, surpassing the $17 million a rival injected into BlackRock's ETF, IBIT. Balchunas tagged their allocations a 'new high water mark' for investment into Bitcoin ETFs, adding that such development is a nightmare for 'the RIA Skeptics Branch of the Underwhelmers Club.' On the other hand, the 'pretty high' allocations are a wonderful sight for market participants hoping to see long-term adoption. 'This is as Boomer as it gets. We still have 5-6 weeks of more 13F reporting like this too. We could see 500-1000 firms like this reporting holdings once dust settles. And that's just one 13F season. There are 4 in a year,' the Bloomberg analyst added. Interestingly, a screenshot of United Capital Management's website posted by Balchunas showed 'WE'RE COMING FOR YOUR COINS DEGENS' boldly written on the company's... read More

The Cardano $1 Dream: Is A Price Explosion Coming Or Just Deja Vu?

    Cardano (ADA), the tenth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has been a rollercoaster ride for investors in recent months. After a steep price decline in March, ADA has seen a minor uptick, leaving analysts divided on its future trajectory. Could a repeat of a historical price pattern propel ADA to new heights in 2024, or are there warning signs lurking beneath the surface? Cardano Mimics 2020: Bullish Echo Or False Hope? Hopeful investors are clinging to a familiar chart pattern. According to popular crypto analyst Milkybull, ADA's price movement appears to be mirroring its action in 2020. Back then, an 'Adam and Eve' double bottom pattern preceded a significant price surge. If history rhymes, a breakout from this pattern could see ADA revisit its all-time high this year. $ADA It's following the same path of 2020 that initiated an explosive rally. — Mikybull Crypto (@MikybullCrypto) April 21, 2024 However, historical comparisons are a double-edged sword. While past trends can offer some insight, blindly relying on them can be misleading, especially in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market. Technical Indicators Flash Green, But Network Activity Sputters Technical indicators often used to gauge market sentiment seem to be painting a bullish picture for Cardano. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) are both trending upwards, suggesting a potential price increase. Meanwhile, a crucial metric paints a... read More

Not Just Bitcoin: Gold's Price Dropped 4% in Hours After Fed's Latest Ra...

    The cryptocurrency market is known and critiqued (by some) for its enhanced volatility, a good example of which it witnessed in the past 12 hours or so when prices tumbled, leaving nearly $1 billion in liquidations. Bitcoin was among the least affected assets, but its price still tumbled from around $71,000 to $65,000 before it recovered to approximately $67,000. Volatility Across All Markets The altcoins, however, plunged hard, with numerous double-digit declines within hours. Yet, price declines were evident even in more mature industries, like the US stock markets, where the S&P 500 fell from over 5,210 to under 5,100 in minutes, and so did the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nasdaq Composite. Even gold, arguably the asset best known for its stability amid crisis and lack of volatility, decreased by 4% in hours from its all-time high of $2,433 to $2,333. Before that, the precious metal was on a roll, especially since it decisively broke above $2,000 earlier this year. The geopolitical tension in Europe and the Middle East propelled further gains, but Iran's inclusion resulted in massive price increases that drove gold to its aforementioned highest price against the dollar. XAUUSD. Source: TradingView However, all markets were seemingly impacted by the latest comments coming from various US Federal Reserve high-ranking officials. Raphael Bostic, the President of Atlanta's Federal Reserve Bank, as well as San Francisco's President - Mary Daly - were among those who fore... read More

Bitcoin (BTC) Becomes Even More Secure Just Days Ahead of 2024 Halving

    Bitcoin is all set to undergo halving later this month. With less than 10 days away, the network has reached yet another crucial milestone. The latest stats compiled by CoinWarz revealed a record-breaking mining difficulty for Bitcoin, peaking at 86.39 trillion. Over the last week, it climbed by 3.92%, and within the last month, it surged by 8.87%. This indicates a 3.4% upswing from the prior high of 83 trillion, established on March 28. Bitcoin network hash rate, on the other hand, was found to be 626.56 EH/s, hovering relatively close to its all-time high of 762 EH/s. CoinWarz data also revealed that the next Bitcoin difficulty adjustment is estimated to take place on April 24th, during which the Bitcoin mining difficulty is expected to surge from 86.39 trillion to 89.21 trillion at 1,919 blocks. Hence, the latest difficulty adjustment is potentially the last one to occur before the halving which is scheduled for April 20th, after which the miner reward will be split in half and will fall to 3.125 BTC. Historically, following a halving event, Bitcoin's value has tended to rise. For instance, after the 2012 halving, Bitcoin's skyrocketed from $12 in November 2012 to over $1,000 by November 2013. A similar pattern was observed right after the 2016 halving, as its price surged from $650 in July 2016 to around $2,500 in July 2017, ultimately reaching a record high of $19,700 in December 2017. Following the 2020 halving, the world's largest crypto asset by market cap rose from n... read More

JST Digital & Stablecoin Standard Partner on Creation of Liquidity & Reg...

    [PRESS RELEASE - New York, United States, April 9th, 2024] JST Digital (“the Company” or “JST”), a global financial services firm?specializing in?digital assets,?today?announced that it has joined the Stablecoin Standard, the industry body for stablecoin issuers globally, to help establish international standards for high-quality liquid stablecoins. Scott Freeman, Co-Founder & Partner at JST Digital, commented on joining the Stablecoin Standard, “We believe stablecoins are one of the most promising use cases for digital assets and industry standards that are on par with the ones seen in traditional finance are needed to accelerate the adoption of this revolutionary technology by the global financial system.” As a leading market maker, trading, and financial services firm in the digital asset space, the team at JST Digital has extensive experience working with a variety of stablecoins across various blockchains and plans to bring that perspective to the council. The JST team believes we are still early in the global adoption of stablecoins and is excited to participate in this opportunity to expand the ecosystem. Christian Walker, Chairman & Co-Founder of Stablecoin Standard, commented on JST Digital joining the council, 'The team at JST Digital’s decades of experience trading both traditional financial & digital assets, coupled with their focus on regulatory compliance provides Stablecoin Standard with another unique and important per... read More

MicroStrategy 2.0? This Public Company Just Went All-In On Bitcoin

    Following in the footsteps of Michael Saylor, yet another publicly traded company has decided to make Bitcoin its savings vehicle of choice. Metaplanet, an investment and consulting company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, announced on Monday that it has purchased 1 billion JPY ($6.5 million USD) worth of Bitcoin for its corporate treasury. Metaplanet’s Bitcoin Strategy Per a company tweet, Metaplanet has chosen to “embrace Bitcoin as the core treasury asset of the company.” “This strategic pivot is not just about embracing digital assets but also about pioneering a future where finance meets innovation at its core,” the firm wrote. According to its website, Metaplanet is focused on “building bridges” between Japan and the rest of the world in both “Web2” and “Web3” environments. “Web3” is a catch-all term for the blockchain-based era of the internet, ushering in tokenization and decentralized finance in regular life. Some of the company’s consultation services are specifically geared toward Web3 strategy and blockchain integration. Other businesses include investment, real estate, and a “distribution business” for taking high-quality Japanese products worldwide. Some of the firm’s newest backers supporting its Bitcoin strategy include Sora Ventures, UTXO Management, and Mark Yusko – the Morgan Creek Capital co-founder who sees Bitcoin reaching $150,000 this year. &l... read More

Bullish? 3 Billion USDT Entered These Crypto Exchanges in Just 3 Days: D...

    Tether Treasury has been actively minting USDT tokens amidst choppy market conditions. In the latest development, $3 billion worth of USDT tokens were mined by the Tether Treasury within a period of three days, according to an update by Lookonchain. The tokens were then distributed across the Ethereum and TRON blockchains. This surge in USDT minting has sparked curiosity regarding the destination. Since April 1st, approximately $2.55 billion USDT has flowed into prominent crypto exchanges, including Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, and Coinbase. Notably, Bitfinex received $1.018 billion USDT, while Kraken and Binance witnessed an inflow of $824.1 million and $614.6 million worth of the largest stablecoin. Meanwhile, Coinbase received $93.8 million USDT during the same period. These USDT inflows raised questions among the community about whether investors who were sitting on the sidelines for now are preparing to enter the market. Prices have been falling recently, which provides a good buy-the-dip opportunity. Tether has seen a monumental surge in its dominance over the past years. With the widespread rebound in digital assets price this year, USDT surpassed $100 billion in market cap as it continued to command the lion's share of the stablecoin market. The latest development comes days after the stablecoins issuer expanded its Bitcoin holdings with the acquisition of 8,889 BTC, valued at approximately $627 million. This purchase boosted Tether's Bitcoin reserves, bringing them to ... read More

This DEX Just Launched the First Decentralized Crypto ETF

    CrowdSwap has launched the first decentralized crypto exchange-traded fund (ETF) ever, consisting of ten digital assets, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). According to a press release, the new crypto fund, the Bull Run dETF, offers investors access to a diversified digital asset portfolio while ensuring the processes remain decentralized and secure. The First DeFi Crypto ETF Ever CrowdSwap'sCrowdSwap's Bull Run dETF also consists of Polygon (Matic), Avalanche (AVAX), Chainlink (LINK), Polkadot (DOT), Binance Coin (BNB), Fetch AI (FET), ChainGPT (CGPT), and its native token CROWD. While BTC and ETH comprise 35% of the fund, large-cap altcoins like MATIC, AVAX, LINK, and DOT comprise 10% each. With BNB and FET making up 7.5% each, higher-risk assets like CGPT and CROWD constitute 5% each. The decentralized crypto trading platform said its evaluation of each crypto asset in the fund ensures the ETF is strategically positioned to capitalize on market opportunities. 'This marks a pivotal moment in the intersection of traditional finance and blockchain technology, offering investors unparalleled access to diversified portfolios within the crypto space. This revolutionary financial instrument aims to streamline investment processes while ensuring simplicity, security, and decentralization,' the crypto exchange stated. A Balance Between Stability and Growth The Bull Run dETF's portfolio aims to achieve a balance between stability, risk management, and growth potential. CrowdSw... read More

Dogecoin Pumps 10% as Dogecoin20 Surges – Just 22 Days Until Doge ...

    Dogecoin has outpaced the market today as its price pumps 10% and crosses the $0.21 mark. Meanwhile, the next-generation meme coin Dogecoin20 surged past $10 million in the first week of presale and now looks ahead to its 4/20 Doge Day IEO. Leading Analysts Back Dogecoin to Outperform Market With Massive Gains A slew of renowned market analysts have provided bullish price forecasts for Dogecoin, suggesting the leading meme coin faces a bullish upcoming trajectory. Currently, DOGE is trading at $0.21, up 10% today, 38% this week, 69% this month, and 187% this year. Nevertheless, analysts anticipate much more upside to come. “DOGE easily has another leg up left in it here. Send it higher,” said Kaelo in a recent tweet. The analyst highlighted that Dogecoin recently broke and retested its November 2022 resistance, speculating the next “leg up” will catapult it toward $0.3. Similarly, Rekt Capital anticipates a move toward $0.3, noting that Dogecoin has broken a long-term trendline resistance. “Dogecoin has ended its macro downtrend and begun a new macro uptrend,” the analyst explained. He continued, “If DOGE monthly closes above the red $0.20 level, it will reclaim historical support that could offer further fuel for a move towards the $0.30+ area.” Last week, CryptoWizzardd, who goes by Wizz, said that Dogecoin could “pull numbers over the next 3-4 weeks.” While the Wizz did not explicitly provide a price target, th... read More

Fantom (FTM) Jumps 180% In 4 Weeks: Just The Beginning?

    Over the past 24 hours, Fantom (FTM) has emerged as the standout performer among the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, registering a remarkable 13.5% gain. This surge is part of a broader rally that has seen the FTM price soar by 180% over the last four weeks, propelling it from $0.42 to $1.20. This upward trajectory has significantly boosted Fantom's market capitalization to $3.3 billion, positioning it as the 41st largest digital asset worldwide. Here's why this might be just the beginning: #1 Sonic Upgrade: The Catalyst for Fantom's Rally The anticipated Sonic upgrade is central to Fantom's recent success. Designed to enhance the Fantom technology stack, Sonic introduces major scalability improvements without necessitating a disruptive hard fork. Key components of the Sonic upgrade include: Fantom Virtual Machine (FVM): Aims to significantly boost transaction throughput. Carmen Database: Promises to reduce storage requirements by up to 90%. Optimized Lachesis Consensus: Improves upon the existing consensus mechanism for enhanced performance. With these enhancements, Fantom targets a throughput of over 2,000 transactions per second (TPS), marking a substantial leap in scalability. Importantly, the upgrade ensures that existing Fantom Opera smart contracts and tools remain fully compatible with the Sonic mainnet, which is scheduled to launch in Spring 2024. Recent testnets have demonstrated Sonic's potential. The closed testnet, focused on ERC-20 swaps, ac... read More

Here's How a Trader Turned 50 SOL into $123K in Just 14 Hours with BOME ...

    Lookonchain has illustrated on X the investment of 50 SOL by a user in the presale of the meme token BOOK OF MEME (BOME), resulting in a return of 767 SOL, equivalent to around $123,000. The post highlights the success of a trader known as Shatter.sol, who capitalized on the explosive growth of the BOME token. The Traders Strategy According to Lookonchain, Shatter.sol invested 50 SOL in the presale of BOME, receiving 170.25 million such tokens in return. Capitalizing on this opportunity, the trader promptly liquidated the complete BOME token holding for 767 SOL, generating a profit of around 123K. Invest 50 $SOL and get back 767 $SOL, earn 717 $SOL($123K) in just 14 hours! shatter.sol spent 50 $SOL to join the presale of $BOME and received 170.25M $BOME. Then he sold all 170.25M $BOME for 767 $SOL. — Lookonchain (@lookonchain) March 14, 2024 BOME, the brainchild of the crypto artist Darkfarms, has quickly gained attention in the crypto space. Darkfarms introduced BOME to create a permanent storage library for memes. They started a preview of the upcoming project on March 10, revealing  'BOOK OF MEME' and its concept on the 12th. TIME TO PRESENT AN 'EVERYTHING BURRITO': a shitcoin, an updatable e-magazine, a multitool to create memes, a CC0 meme clipart gallery, own all links to unminted jpegs, who knows maybe even a decentralized social network, an single NFT that probably will the biggest of links to… pic... read More

Bitcoin ETF 'Floodgates' Are Just Opening, Says Bitwise CIO Amid $72,000...

    In a recent appearance on CNBC's 'Halftime Report,' Matt Hougan, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Bitwise Asset Management, shared insights into the burgeoning interest and adoption of spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). This discussion comes at a time when BTC has shattered expectations, reaching a new all-time high of nearly $72,500. Bitcoin ETF ‘Floodgates’ Are Just Opening Bob Pisani of CNBC highlighted the unprecedented influx of approximately $20 billion into the market following the mid-January launch of 10 new spot Bitcoin ETFs, including $1.3 Billion in Bitwise's own BITB. This move has significantly broadened the investor base for Bitcoin, attracting a diverse group ranging from retail investors and registered investment advisors to hedge funds and venture capital funds. According to Hougan, 'It's sort of everyone everywhere all at once,' indicating a widespread and multifaceted demand for BTC exposure through these ETFs. He further revealed that “right out of the gate, the initial buyers are retail investors, registered investment advisors, but we're also seeing hedge funds, venture capital funds, and others lining up.” Crucially, Hougan pinpointed the near-future potential for a significant expansion in the investor base for Bitcoin ETFs. He foresees major wealth management platforms — the likes of Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo — opening up to these ETFs, which would mark a pivotal moment in cryptocurrency investment. ... read More

Ethereum Price Hits $4k While the Green Bitcoin ICO Just Raised $3m

    Ethereum (ETH) has reclaimed the $4,000 level for the first time since December 2021, marking a significant milestone in its ongoing bull run. This promising rally comes as the overall crypto market appears to be continuing its positive momentum on Monday morning. Potentially boosting the bullishness further is the hype around Green Bitcoin’s (GBTC) ICO, which has now raised over $3 million in funding. Ethereum Smashes $4,000 as Technicals & Short Squeeze Trigger Rally Ethereum’s rally past $4,000 appears technically backed and driven by a flurry of trading activity. The token’s momentum indicators, like the RSI and MACD, have been flashing bullish over the past week as buying pressure intensifies. More than $22 billion in ETH volume has occurred on major exchanges in the past 24 hours – a staggering 82% spike from the previous day. This heightened liquidity fueled ETH’s breakout as bulls aggressively absorbed sell-side action. On-chain data shows that the uptrend has triggered over $24 million in liquidations from overleveraged ETH shorts on derivatives exchanges. These forced buybacks have only compounded ETH’s rise. The decisive break above $4,000 has also triggered a new wave of buying, with several pundits now eyeing $4,200 as the next upside target. With ETH now just 21% away from its all-time high, a new peak could be in its crosshairs. Anticipation Builds for Ethereum’s Major Dencun Upgrade While technical factors are fuelin... read More

Masa Network Completes Its CoinList Community Sale in Just 17 Minutes

    [PRESS RELEASE - San Francisco, USA, March 7th, 2024] Masa, the world’s leading decentralized personal data network, announces that its MASA Community Sale on CoinList has witnessed record-breaking participation. The community sale participants purchased the initial allocation of 63,554,660 MASA Tokens, or $5,000,000, in just 17 minutes. The additional token allocation also sold-out, bringing a grand total of $8,750,000 raised in the sale. The Masa Community Sale was oversubscribed by 6.4 times, with the demand for the token far exceeding its available supply. Only 6% of the registered users – 3,285 out of 52,606 registrants – managed to get their hands on the initial allocation of 63,554,660 MASA tokens. All the successful buyers will receive 25% of their tokens when MASA gets listed on centralized exchanges, which is targeted for on or around April 11th, 2024. The remaining tokens will be released in a 6-month linear vesting period. “The overwhelming response to our community sale reaffirms our community's trust in Masa's vision. In the new AI era, data is the new oil. Users deserve to own, share and earn from their data,' said Calanthia Mei, the Co-founder of Masa Network. Masa is honored to join the ranks of many prestigious projects that have hosted their community token sale on CoinList, including Solana, Filecoin, Algorand, Near, Immutable X and many others. The MASA token is the native utility and governance token powering the Masa Network, and... read More

These Crypto Heavyweights Just Onboarded Bitcoin's Stacks (STX) Network

    A slew of crypto staking and infrastructure leaders have publicly committed to securing the Stack (STX) blockchain – a network focused on bringing staking, NFTs, and other functionality to Bitcoin (BTC). The eight new organizations joining Stacks Consensus include Blockdaemon, NEAR Foundation, DeSpread, Luxor, Chorus One, Kiln, Restake, and Alum Labs. The new companies join pre-existing groups including Copper, Figment, Luganodes, Xverse, and Ryder, alongside the network’s community Stacking pools, and individual stackers. “Stacking” is one side of the Proof of Transfer Consensus mechanism that helps secure Stacks. First, Stacks miners commit their BTC to Stacks for the right to mine the network’s new blocks, and earn newly minted STX tokens in return. After that, the Stackers – STX owners who choose to lock away their tokens for yield – periodically earn BTC invested by Stacks miners. While the blockchain is open for anyone to become a signer, Stackers will perform the additional role of signing and validating blocks following Stacks’ upcoming Nakamoto upgrade. The upgrade will establish a “trustless” two-way peg for bridging base layer BTC to and from the Stacks network. “The addition of these Signers demonstrates a commitment to fostering greater decentralization of the Stacks network,” said Andre Serrano, sBTC Resident at The Stacks Foundation, in a press release. “Together, we are poised to u... read More

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