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DeFi Kingdoms Jewels  


JEWEL Price:
$472.4 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$26.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #JEWEL today is $0.23 USD.

The lowest JEWEL price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.232, and the current live price for one JEWEL coin is $0.23226.

The all-time high JEWEL coin price was $26.58.

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The code for DeFi Kingdoms Jewels crypto currency is #JEWEL.

DeFi Kingdoms Jewels is 2.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for DeFi Kingdoms Jewels is $26,211,369.

DeFi Kingdoms Jewels is ranked #516 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium today for #JEWEL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for DeFi Kingdoms Jewels is $472,411.


The circulating supply of JEWEL is 112,851,539 coins, which is 23% of the maximum coin supply.


JEWEL is the native coin for the Defi Kingdoms Blockchain blockchain.

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JEWEL is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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DFKDuel Season 6 Has Arrived

I challenge you to a Duel!. — Greetings, Adventurers! The time has come to introduce Season 6 of DFK Duel, our TCG-based mini-game. Bringing in equipment, fee changes, and several more enhancements and new features for you to enjoy, let’s get into it! — Season Info - Season Start: November 15th, 2023, 10:00:00pm ET Season End: January 10th, 2024, 11:59:59pm ET — Fee Changes. — All Duel fees have been doubled, including both Power Tokens and Gold. Accordingly, Raffle Ticket payout has also been doubled. — Equipment - We’re pleased to introduce a Hero’s Equipment into DFK Duel! In addition to the existing bonuses for bonded Pets, any equipment your Heroes bring into a Duel will provide a +1 bonus to their overall Duel score! We’re also introducing five new Accessories that provide bonuses exclusive to Duels: The Ring of Dueling is awarded for reaching Rank Legendary II. Reaching this rank in Solo will reward 1x Ring, Squad will reward 3x, and Warr will reward 9x. These Rings provide a minimum of +3 to the Duel Score of the Hero wearing it, but some rare ones will provide +4. This bonus will be shown in the Ring’s description. The Champion’s Medal will be earned by becoming the Champion of one of the Duel modes. Similar to Rings, players will earn 1x Medal for Solo Champion, 3x for Squad, and 9x for Warr. Champion Medals grant a random bonus to the Hero’s Duel Score, which can ran...

Patch Notes 1.2.0

Hello Kingdom! It is patch time again, and this time around it’s an especially exciting patch! We’ve spent a lot of time over the last months to get the Combat Engine into a good place that allows us to introduce fun and rewarding battles with strategic depth, while also updating many visual and sound effects, so it has been a while since a Hero’s Skill Codex has been unlocked. With this patch, our 4th Hero makes its debut to the battlegrounds: the Warrior, a versatile close combat brawler that opens up a variety of new tactics. In addition to that, we’re also introducing the long awaited Pass Turn mechanic. We’ve also changed some Skill formulas to use more rewarding Dynamic Stats, as well as doing tweaks to how Accuracy is calculated. Over the last few weeks, we received plenty of much appreciated feedback from all you Void Hunters. In response, we reduced the HP growth of higher level Mad Boars to more comfortable levels. Additionally we’ve seen the rise of Archer/Archer/Archer teams often demolishing Mama and her Babies. In response, we’re shaving off some of the damage numbers. Knights have seen competition by classes which don’t have their Skill Codex released yet. To make it feel more worthwhile to have a Knight protect your team, we are increasing his overall tankiness granted by his Skills. Enough with the overview, let’s get into more detail about these and many other changes! — General - ...

Release Notes — October 26, 2023

Release Notes — October 26, 2023 - In case our Halloween Spooktacular wasn’t spooky enough, we’ve got a scary-fast and full-featured release coming your way as a follow-up to yesterday’s exciting additions. There are quite a few additional items in this release so I’ll jump right into it! — Equipment Auctions - The headliner for today’s release is the implementation of selling and purchasing for individual Equipment. Haven’t been able to snag a pair of pants out of the mouth of mama boar yet? Check out the market for one of those hot-pink specials! You can access the Equipment purchase menu through the Equipment icon on the left side of your screen. The auction functionality includes all the features you would expect at this point from Hero and Pet auctions, including private sales. So hop in there and get those pants listed! Please? Asking for a friend… — Equipment Filters - To better navigate through the piles and piles of pants available in the marketplace, we have added the first phase of filters to both of the available Equipment views (your personal Equipment inventory and auctions). This will allow you to drill down on the list of available items by ID, price, rarity, or item type. Additional filters will be added in the future. So if you’re looking for the hottest new fashion trends in the kingdom, look no further than the Equipment view! — Equipment Bridging / Transferring - ...

Halloween Spooktacular 2023 Events

Limited time Equipment and new Hero skin colors!. — Greetings, brave adventurers of DeFi Kingdoms! It’s that spine-tingling time of year again when the spirits of the Undertree beckon, and the night is bathed in an eerie glow. As the leaves fall and the wind howls, DeFi Kingdoms is thrilled to announce the most hauntingly exciting event of the year: the DeFi Kingdoms Halloween Spooktacular, running from October 25th at 5:00pm EDT to November 1st at 5pm EDT! Dark Summoning for Hero Skin Colors A fell breeze has begun to blow around the Dark Portal, as the Void’s connection to the location has reached a crescendo. Heroes summoned from the depths have occasionally emerged as if touched by that influence. They seem to be no worse off for wear, though their plague- and void-touched skin raise plenty of questions about the soundness of their minds… For a limited time, unleash the power of the shadows and summon Heroes with new, eerie skin colors through Dark Summoning. Featuring Plague-Touched Green and Void-Touched Blue, this exclusive opportunity to create new appearances will be available only during the Halloween Spectacular. Make your Dark Summoned Heroes the stuff of legends and nightmares! Once acquired, these skin colors will be part of the Heroes’ genetics, meaning they can be passed on to future summons through both standard Summoning and Dark Summoning. However, given that no Gen0 Heroes will have them, ...

Tavern Vouchers Guide

A Quick Guide on Using Tavern Vouchers DeFi Kingdoms Tavern Vouchers are a form of wrapped token that is only redeemable at the Tavern, our in-game player to player NFT marketplace. Vouchers are directly minted to the players wallet, there is no need to claim., Once delivered, players will see their voucher balance in the top left of the screen when on, Players should navigate to the Tavern zone of the map and talk to the Agent to purchase Hero NFTs., When selecting a Hero for purchase, players will see their voucher balance again., Vouchers will automatically be spent first for purchasing a Hero., Players can purchase any Hero NFT with their vouchers. If the Hero purchased is less than their voucher balance, the remainder of the balance will be available for additional purchases. If the Hero is more than their voucher balance, the difference will be made up from their CRYSTAL balance., Players have 30 days to use their Vouchers., More information on what Heroes can be used for can be found here. Happy shopping! — Connect with DeFi Kingdoms - DeFi Kingdoms Website, Whitepaper / Official Docs | Charts (DFK Chain | Klaytn), Discord Community, Twitter | Telegram | Reddit | Instagram | YouTube, Tavern Vouchers Guide was originally published in DeFi Kingdoms Official on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Void Hunt: Mad Boar — Live Now!

Void Hunt: Mad Boar — Live Now! - The Void is stirring . . . If you saw our DFK Birthday announcement, you’ve probably been eagerly awaiting the release of Void Hunt: Mad Boar. If you need a refresher, take a look at our previous announcement: Void Hunt: Mad Boar Void Hunt: Mad Boar is our first PvE experience, and the first Void Hunt of many to come! There is a growing darkness in the snowy cliffs above Reyalin Mountain Pass which has infected a group of boars who have become violent (and should we say mad?) and have been attacking the good citizens of Gaia. The Druidic High Council has sent out a call for all Heroes to hunt these beasts. — Void Hunt Basics - All Heroes can answer the call and participate in the Mad Boar Hunt, but Heroes Level 10 and up are best suited for the challenges that await. Speak with Elmer Longbranch in the Tavern to select your Hero party, and choose their skills carefully (these can be edited / reset after selection), and head out to challenge the boars. Currently, Knight, Archer, and Priest have full abilities to choose from. Click the links if you need a refresher on their combat skills! Not sure where to start? Take a look at our Status Effect and Mechanics Keyword Glossary. In conjunction with this new PVE experience, your Heroes will have the opportunity to find a total of five brand new equipment items, with unique stats and randomly assigned dye options. As of now, w...

Introducing the DFK Smart Account

Ease of Access with Halliday ERC-4337. — DeFi Kingdoms, along with our partners at Halliday, bring you the DFK Smart Account, making it easy for users to get started immediately in DeFi Kingdoms! — What is the DFK Smart Account - The Halliday integration allows for the creation of non-custodial in-game wallets powered by ERC-4337 account abstraction, accessible with social login or e-mail address. With the DFK Smart Account, users can experience DFK Kingdoms without the frictions of web3, such as wallet creation and management, or the signing of transactions. Note: Currently the DFK Smart Account only supports DFK Chain (Crystalvale). — How to set up your DFK Smart Account - Note: We are asking our current players to please wait before creating a Halliday account as we add additional features, to ensure that it is available for new players. Setting up your non-custodial wallet is very easy! To get started, first click on your Account Management icon in the top right corner. Afterwards click on “CONNECT WALLET NOW.” Select your preferred login method using either your email address or a social login (Google, Twitter). Note: If you try to re-login, please select the same method as used for setting up the account. — Mobile - The DFK Smart Account is also fully supported by your native mobile browser, meaning users will be able to play DeFi Kingdoms without having to rely on third-party apps lik...

Combat Skills by Class — The Scholar

Combat Skills by Class — The Scholar - — The Scholar class skill list!. — Gather ‘round, adventurers, the Scholar is here to spread knowledge to all!**At the time of writing, all contents herein are considered “Pre-Alpha” and are therefore subject to change. We will update these contents as changes are made and date the changes for easy reference.** — The Scholar - Read any good books lately?In a world where swords clash and spells sear the skies, where dungeons hide treasures and forests house mythical creatures, the Scholar finds its power in the unyielding realms of the mind. Scholars are not just humble book-keepers or simple scroll-readers. Nay, they are sagacious adventurers, ever vigilant in their quest for enlightenment — and truth.As Wizards harness the elements, Warriors wield weapons of steel, and Archers let loose death from above, the Scholar holds the realm of the mind as its domain. As keepers of ancient knowledge, unriddlers of arcane mysteries, and weavers of scholarly magic both subtle and profound, the Scholar’s gifts come in the form of truths, and those truths can be deadly.With a whispered phrase or a calculated theorem, the Scholar is capable of not only manipulating arcane energies but also weaving spells of persuasion, or deciphering codes that have baffled lesser minds for centuries through steady and stoic study: Observation, Investigation, and Experimentat...

DeFi Kingdoms x Onmeta Partnership

Building Seamless Experiences. — We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Onmeta, the most reliable on and off ramp solution in India and the Philippines! This collaboration will bring the seamless purchase of $JEWEL and $CRYSTAL to gamers in those regions with their preferred local payment methods. We are delighted to work alongside the Onmeta team, with a shared goal of improving the gaming and blockchain experience for all. Using Onmeta, two of the largest gaming communities in the world gain access to near instant transactions using options like UPI and bank transfer in India, GCash, GrabPay, and PayMaya in the Philippines to acquire the native tokens of DeFi Kingdoms. With easy to use KYC and AML processes, security is integrated directly into the experience. This integration is another step on the path to accessibility, eliminating the friction of joining web3. Onmeta also brings the ability to handle small transactions, as low as 100 PHP or INR, ensuring that everyone has a chance to participate in the web3 gaming revolution! “At Onmeta, we understand that lack of local payment methods support has prevented large gaming communities in India & the Philippines from participating in the web3 gaming revolution. Now they can use their favorite payment methods to play one of the most popular web3 games. We will continue to play our part in this revolution” — Bharath T, CEO, Onmeta While this in...

DFK Birthday Leveling Event!

Strengthen your Heroes for a chance to win prizes! Hello again, Adventurers! We hope that by now, you’ve all seen the announcement of the Mad Boar Void Hunt, but if you’ve been working the mines or at the pond fishing all day, make sure to catch up here! Continuing the Birthday celebrations, it is now exactly 2 years, to the minute, since the original launch of DeFi Kingdoms. To celebrate, we’d like to recognize the achievements of all the Heroes that have been working so hard every day! The rules of this event are simple; Level your Heroes, get entries into a drawing. Between Tuesday, August 22 at 8:55 PM EDT and Tuesday, September 5 at 8:55 PM EDT, for each new level reached by a Hero, their owner will receive that many entries (Level 2 → Level 3 = 3 entries), but with a multiplier as follows: New Level 2–9: 1x multiplier, New Level 10–15: 2x multiplier, New Level 16–18: 3x multiplier, New Level 19–20: 5x multiplier, For example, if your Hero is currently level 8, when they reach level 9, you will earn 9 entries. When that Hero reaches level 10, you will receive an additional 20 entries (10 with a 2x multiplier) for a total of 29 entries! For those who may already have level 20 Heroes, you are not forgotten. As long as your Hero consumes at least 420 Stamina during the event, you will earn the same 100 entries as if you’d leveled the Hero in the event. Amulets are coming, and we want to give players...


Jewel chooses ERC-3643 and Tokeny platform to issue stablecoins on Polyg...

    Jewel, a Bermuda-based digital asset banking platform, announced today a partnership with Tokeny, a blockchain-asset compliance infrastructure provider. Through the partnership, Jewel will power real-time settlement for digital asset institutions via its own bank-issued USD stablecoin on the Polygon, the popular blockchain development platform, offering scalable and sustainable Web3 infrastructure. Recently, Jewel applied for a combined full-service bank and digital-asset license in Bermuda and seeks to offer a range of services to institutional clients including payments, banking, custody, and lending. Longer-term, Jewel aims to offer a stablecoin-as-a-service solution to other digital asset and financial institutions B2B, allowing those businesses to provide cheaper, easier, and near real-time payments with stablecoins issued and redeemable directly at the bank level via Jewel. Jewel’s stablecoin, Jewel USD (JUSD) will eliminate the need for reconciliation and enable instant payments and transfers to members of its settlement network, “Jewel Settle”. 'Our proposed banking license will allow us to service global firms from Bermuda as we issue fiat-backed stablecoins, first with USD and then a growing number of other proposed single fiat currency stablecoins globally. Through our partnership with Tokeny, we’re able to ensure compliant stablecoin issuance and management in a scalable and easy-to-integrate manner.' - Chancellor Barnett, Jewel Founder & C... read More

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