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DeFi Kingdoms Jewels  


JEWEL Price:
$106.6 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$17.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #JEWEL today is $0.15 USD.

The lowest JEWEL price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.154, and the exact current price of one JEWEL crypto coin is $0.15435.

The all-time high JEWEL coin price was $26.58.

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The code for DeFi Kingdoms Jewels crypto currency is #JEWEL.

DeFi Kingdoms Jewels is 1.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for DeFi Kingdoms Jewels is $17,418,950.

DeFi Kingdoms Jewels is ranking upwards to #465, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #JEWEL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for DeFi Kingdoms Jewels is $106,617.


The circulating supply of JEWEL is 112,851,539 coins, which is 23% of the maximum coin supply.


JEWEL is the native coin for the Defi Kingdoms Blockchain blockchain.

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JEWEL is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Combat Skills by Class — The Legionnaire

Combat Skills by Class — The Legionnaire - — The Legionnaire class skill list!. — Adventurer! Wonderful to see you again for the presentation of the pillar of might, the Legionnaire! Make sure your emails are on to see new updates first.**At the time of writing, all contents herein are considered “Pre-Alpha” and are therefore subject to change. We will update these contents as changes are made and date the changes for easy reference.** — The Legionnaire - Prepare for battle!When all seems lost and darkness stretches across the field of battle, the Legionnaire emerges as a pillar of unwavering might and steadfastness. As a martial exemplar, the Legionnaire embodies the cardinal virtues of valor, self-sacrifice, and unswerving fealty. Their imposing presence upon the battlefield serves as a harbinger of security and conviction, infusing their brethren with courage and striking terror into the hearts of their adversaries.As long as the Legionnaire stands tall, the flame of victory shall never be extinguished.The Legionnaire is a frontline warrior that excels in both offensive and defensive engagements. They are the vanguard of the fellowship, bearing the brunt of enemy onslaughts and shielding their comrades with their robust aegis and matchless fortitude. Through their stable of skills and abilities, the Legionnaire adapts to the ever-shifting maelstrom of battle, whether it requires delivering cri...

Gene Rerolling & Crafting Gene Reveal

Through much study and meditation, the Esoteric Wanderer has trained his mind and spirit to access the deep recesses of each Hero’s being and extract their true essence. Visit him at the Meditation Circle to participate in the ritual and unlock your Hero’s full potential by rerolling their Genes! All Heroes will require a reroll in order to determine their Crafting Profession Genes (formerly Stats Unknown 1 and 2). In addition, the rerolling process will repair any Heroes that are currently afflicted with Tainted Genes. Read on to find out more!“The stones speak to those with a talent for creation. Sit still and listen, so that you might hear them.” — Gene Rerolls - — Crafting Genes. — Every existing Hero will need to undergo a reroll in order to reveal its two Crafting Professions. This reroll will set the Dominant and three Recessive genes for both traits. These Heroes are marked by a dice badge: Each of the eight Crafting Professions is associated with two stats and an Element. In the future, Heroes whose stats and Element align with one of their Crafting Professions will be more proficient at that craft. These alignments are as follows: — Crafting Gene Rewards. — When Heroes reroll their crafting genes, they will receive a small permanent stat increase to two stats, based on the newly rolled genes and the table above: +1 to the “Stat 1” corresponding to the Hero’s dominan...

Combat Testing Grounds (Pre-Alpha)

Grab your weapon and smack some blubs! Today, we’re excited to announce the official soft launch of our Pre-alpha Combat Testing Grounds (in conjunction with Wisdom Gaming), where you can get a backstage look at our in-progress combat feature, provide valuable testing and feedback, all while battling a pack of ravenous blubs! Check out additional details below.The Combat Testing Grounds are open! The Combat Testing Grounds are DeFi Kingdoms’ first foray into sharing Pre-Alpha with the community. What does that mean? Alpha testing is considered the first phase of formal testing. Pre-Alpha comes before the normal testing cycle, which means that the features are not yet complete and often not even fully decided on yet. We are excited to show you what we have been working on, but please read the remainder of this article to make sure that your expectations are properly set to give you the most positive experience possible. — What Pre-Alpha IS. — Releasing Pre-Alpha provides you, our players, with the opportunity to contribute to testing on upcoming features but also to give us your feedback and guidance on what those final features could be. Players who engage with Pre-Alpha are acting as test users for various aspects of the game to help our devs make sure that the final product is as strong as it can be. Because this is Pre-Alpha, we expect that you will run into various bugs and issues that mean gameplay is...

Release Notes — March 20, 2023

Release Notes — March 20, 2023 - Good release day, Kingdom! Well the aforementioned time has come and we have officially released the following items into the wild: Claim Locked CRYSTAL Locked CRYSTAL will be distributed today and in conjunction with that distribution, we’ve added an option in the Crystalvale Jeweler to claim said locked CRYSTAL to your wallet proper. For a refresher on your owed balance from the distribution, please check this spreadsheet. Quantities in the sheet use the full 18 decimal places, meaning the decimal point belongs 18 digits in from the right. The Median distributed quantity is 13 Locked CRYSTAL. The average distribution, excluding project wallets, is 1633 Locked CRYSTAL. Unlock CRYSTAL The Crystalvale Jeweler will also have a new option for unlocking tokens as they become available. Unlocking will begin on Wednesday, March 22nd, at 8pm EDT. As a reminder, unlocking will take place linearly over 1 year, starting Wednesday. Your locked balance does not become entirely available on Wednesday. The percentage of your balance you can unlock is a function of the last time you unlocked and the remaining days before the unlocking end date. Be sure to claim your Locked CRYSTAL before unlocking tokens to apply the unlock to your new balance. Locked Transfer Allowlist As mentioned before, the locked transfer functionality in the Jeweler manager has been updated to only transfer ...

Combat Skills by Class — The Thief

Combat Skills by Class — The Thief - — The Thief class skill list!. — Welcome back, good adventurers! We are delighted to see you once more and give you a look at the trickiest of tricksters, the Thief! Subscribe to always be the first to see new updates.**At the time of writing, all contents herein are considered “Pre-Alpha” and are therefore subject to change. We will update these contents as changes are made and date the changes for easy reference.**** — The Thief - Watch your wallets! *We will not be releasing animations for newly revealed classes at this time so as to not distract from the development process.*Thieves are often seen as cunning and mischievous, preferring to work in the shadows rather than on the front lines, but that’s really just what they want you to think. They may be skilled pickpockets, infiltrators, or even assassins, but above all, they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Some Thieves use their skills for personal gain, while others use their talents to aid their allies or take down the corrupt. Whatever their motivation, Thieves are not to be trusted, unless they trust you.The Thief is a class that excels in sneaky and underhanded tactics, with a range of skills that allow them to deal damage, sabotage enemies, and even steal from them. The class is divided into three main discipline paths: Sneak, Savvy, and Thug.The Sneak discipline focuses on the Thief...

DFK Duel — Season 3 Begins

DFK Duel — Season 3 Begins - Duels are back and better than ever! It’s that time again — the Heroes are rested from all their recent activities and are itching to play a game of cards in the Tavern. That’s right — we’re excited to launch Season 3 of DFK Duel on Crystalvale & Serendale! This season we’re focused on quality of life improvements, so read on to find out what’s new! — Season 3 Dates. — Begins: February 22, 2023 at launch, Ends: April 19, 2023 at 11:59:59pm EDT (8 weeks), — What’s New? - — Matchmaking. — We’re continuing to refine our matchmaking algorithms in order to ensure that players face a variety of opponents at the same difficulty level. Notably, we caught and fixed a major bug that resulted in not always facing the best opponent, and have made additional changes to remove stale entries from the matchmaking pool. — Locked Token Fee Deferrals. — Just like other in-game Power Token transactions, you can now defer the fees for Duel entries by using either Locked CRYSTAL or Locked JADE. As with other deferrals, using locked tokens has a 4x cost to unlocked tokens, and 75% of those tokens are burned. Missed the recent announcement about deferred fees? Read more about them here: Feature Release: Deferred Fees & Token Offerings — Use Last Team. — A much-requested feature, players can now pull up their last team ...

Combat Skills by Class — The Wizard

Combat Skills by Class — The Wizard - — The Wizard class skill list!. — Well now….let’s test your Intelligence, as you’ll need Wisdom for what we’re bringing you today! The Wizard class is a great example of just how intricate the Combat system will be. Let’s check it out! Make sure you follow us to get the fastest updates!**At the time of writing, all contents herein are considered “Pre-Alpha” and are therefore subject to change. We will update these contents as changes are made and date the changes for easy reference.**** — The Wizard. — A powerful being! *We will not be releasing animations for newly revealed classes at this time so as to not distract from the development process.*Wizards are the masters of arcane knowledge and wielders of great power. They are the keepers of the lost secrets of the universe and can channel the very building blocks of our reality to do their bidding. Their mastery of the elements, their profound understanding of the hidden forces that underlie existence, and their unparalleled ability to manipulate flame, frost, and the mind, place them amongst the most feared and respected magical beings in the land.The Wizard is a mysterious and enigmatic figure, often cloaked in flowing robes and wielding a staff or wand. Their knowledge of the arcane is seemingly endless, and their understanding of the world around them borders on the supernatural. They ...

Combat Skills by Class — The Berserker

Combat Skills by Class — The Berserker - The Berserker class skill list! Skål, adventurer! Coming from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow, we have for you today, the hammer of the gods, driving their ships to new lands, The Berserker! No need to wait for a raven to bring you the next class reveal we do, just click the Subscribe button.**At the time of writing, all contents herein are considered “Pre-Alpha” and are therefore subject to change. We will update these contents as changes are made and date the changes for easy reference.**** — The Berserker - A fierce combatant! *We will not be releasing animations for newly revealed classes at this time so as to not distract from the development process.*Unbridled, unrelenting chaos. The Berserker wastes no time to claim what is rightfully theirs: everything. Simply put, the Berserker is a champion of chaos, a herald of destruction, and a brutal warrior who embraces the madness deep within. A Berserker as a party member is a thing of beauty as they effortlessly summon forth overwhelming strength to enact pain on any foe, but also upon any friend. In turn, it’s easy to mistake the Berserker for a natural catastrophe as they are nearly indistinguishable from a tempest of fury or a storm that tears across the battlefield, leaving naught but devastation in their wake. The very earth quakes beneath their feet.The power of ...

DeFi Kingdoms Partnership Announcement: PlayOne Games

DeFi Kingdoms and PlayOne Games join forces!. — DeFi Kingdoms is excited to announce a new partnership with PlayOne Games, a blockchain game aggregation platform with a strong and dedicated community. PlayOne Games is a hub for blockchain gamers, where players can discover games, stay up to date on the latest, and more. This partnership provides a great opportunity for both platforms to grow their community and bring new content to their users. — Introducing PlayOne Games - PlayOne Games aims to create a comprehensive platform for both game users and developers by adding additional features such as an airdrop function, game aggregator, and NFT pre-sales in addition to their launchpad. PlayOne Games seeks to address three main issues facing the player-to-everything (P2E) game ecosystem: fragmented information channels, a lack of initial sales channels for game assets, and a lack of channels for game promotion. By addressing these issues, PlayOne Games hopes to contribute to the growth of the game ecosystem and provide a more user-friendly platform for both game users and developers. — Why Partner? - PlayOne Games’ experience in gaming and marketing, leveraging the unique experiences of DeFi Kingdoms’ gameplay and strong DeFi base, will help to grow both platforms. PlayOne Games has a large network in the Korean market and Klaytn ecosystem, while DeFi Kingdoms has a global audience, allowing for mutually...

Release Notes — February 8, 2023

Release Notes — February 8, 2023 - Good release day, Kingdom! Lo and behold, we’ve got another fantastic update coming your way this week (I can hardly believe it either, honestly). The big, bold headline this week is Deferred Fee payments. Check out the details below! — Deferred Fee Payments. — When participating in select activities, you can now opt to defer the associated fee for that game feature by using the locked token structure, which unlocks tokens according to a preset schedule for access at a later date. In order to access this option, players opt to burn 3x the cost of the selected feature in locked tokens in addition to the base fee, which follows normal fee distributions (Jeweler, Quest Fund, Development, Token Burn). These standard distributions will remain locked according to the unlocking schedule of the realm. Here are the features that now support this payment structure: Summoning Heroes (only allows one summon every 72 hours per chain with deferred fees and does not cover Hiring fees), Dark Summoning Heroes, Leveling Heroes, Hatching Pet Eggs, Additional features may be eligible for Deferred Fee Payment in the future. Check out additional details on this and Token Offerings in our feature release article. — Token Offerings. — Next time you stumble across the Meditation Circle outside Crystalvale, you may notice a new and rather… unique face that has taken up reside...


Jewel chooses ERC-3643 and Tokeny platform to issue stablecoins on Polyg...

    Jewel, a Bermuda-based digital asset banking platform, announced today a partnership with Tokeny, a blockchain-asset compliance infrastructure provider. Through the partnership, Jewel will power real-time settlement for digital asset institutions via its own bank-issued USD stablecoin on the Polygon, the popular blockchain development platform, offering scalable and sustainable Web3 infrastructure. Recently, Jewel applied for a combined full-service bank and digital-asset license in Bermuda and seeks to offer a range of services to institutional clients including payments, banking, custody, and lending. Longer-term, Jewel aims to offer a stablecoin-as-a-service solution to other digital asset and financial institutions B2B, allowing those businesses to provide cheaper, easier, and near real-time payments with stablecoins issued and redeemable directly at the bank level via Jewel. Jewel’s stablecoin, Jewel USD (JUSD) will eliminate the need for reconciliation and enable instant payments and transfers to members of its settlement network, “Jewel Settle”. 'Our proposed banking license will allow us to service global firms from Bermuda as we issue fiat-backed stablecoins, first with USD and then a growing number of other proposed single fiat currency stablecoins globally. Through our partnership with Tokeny, we’re able to ensure compliant stablecoin issuance and management in a scalable and easy-to-integrate manner.' - Chancellor Barnett, Jewel Founder & C... read More

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