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DeFi Kingdoms Jewels  


JEWEL Price:
$87.9 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$21.0 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #JEWEL today is $0.19 USD.

The lowest JEWEL price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.186, and the current live price for one JEWEL coin is $0.18629.

The all-time high JEWEL coin price was $26.58.

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The code for DeFi Kingdoms Jewels crypto currency is #JEWEL.

DeFi Kingdoms Jewels is a newer coin by our records, at least 10.9 months in age.


The current market capitalization for DeFi Kingdoms Jewels is $21,022,731.

DeFi Kingdoms Jewels is ranked #438 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #JEWEL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for DeFi Kingdoms Jewels is $87,892.


The circulating supply of JEWEL is 112,851,542 coins, which is 23% of the maximum coin supply.


JEWEL is the native coin for the Defi Kingdoms Blockchain blockchain.

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JEWEL is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Feature Release: Multi-Questing

Queue and Claim your Quests all at once! That’s right! Long-awaited but never forgotten, Multi-Questing is finally here! You can now queue or claim multiple Hero quests in a single transaction! Multi-questing begins with a new set of buttons on the bottom left of the screen that allow you to access all the new features. — Quest List - The Quest List lets you access all of the different quests in Crystalvale from a single place. Click “View Quest” to bring up the window for that particular quest, where you can select Heroes for the quest as normal.The Vithraven Quest List lets you access all different quests from a single window However, instead of selecting “Start Quest”, there is a new option to “Queue Multi-Quest”, which will add this quest to your Quest Queue, and remove the Heroes from visibility in the Hero selector window. — Multi-Quest Queue - Once you have queued up all of your quests, visit the Multi-Quest Queue to review them, remove any that you don’t want to submit, and then start the quest. Once you are satisfied with your quest selections, press “Submit all” and sign the transaction. Your Heroes are on their way! — Active Quests - Use the newly improved Active Quests window to review all of your quests that are completed, in-progress, or waiting to begin. From here, you can still collect quests individually, or you can add them to the queue to complete them all at once...

Serendale 1.0 Shutdown

As you’ve probably all heard by now, DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale is moving to Klaytn! More information on the reasons behind that move that can be found in our previous article here: Serendale 2.0 A great transcript of the AMA announcement from Samichpunch can be found here: DeFi Kingdoms Special AMA — Serendale 2.0 (Move to Klatyn blockchain) The first step, which has already started, is the retirement of Serendale 1.0 on Harmony. The full shutdown timeline as it currently stands can be seen below. This article will be updated with any changes to the timeline, but still make sure to connect with us on social media for the most up to date news! — Connect with DeFi Kingdoms - DeFi Kingdoms Website, Whitepaper / Official Docs | Charts (Harmony | DFK Chain), Discord Community, Twitter | Telegram | Reddit | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube, Serendale 1.0 Shutdown was originally published in DeFi Kingdoms Official on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

New Kingdom Building NPCs!

The Castle courtyard For those who have been spending time in the Crystalvale Castle the past few days, you may have noticed a couple of new residents. The Jester and the Archivist are now live and ready to bring you some fun things created by our community of Kingdom Builders. Our Council Jester is the one to see if you want to play any third-party games using DFK assets. The first games that have gone live this week are: DFK Arena: Monetize your Heroes by pitting them against other Heroes. Win large amounts of gold and raffle tickets on victory. Fully animated fights for your unique Heroes. DFK Fight Klub: A turn-based combat game that utilizes player skill and leverages your Heroes from DeFi Kingdoms, with monthly tournaments and daily battles within their community. Meanwhile, Master Archivist Rolando Gribbitz has been hard at work cataloging tools for your use. Pay him a visit if you are looking for services or groups that help support the DFK community. Some new tools that can be found live this week are: Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms: A website, podcast, and discord community focused on the analysis and strategy of DeFi Kingdoms. They focus on delivering value to their users through data democratization. — DFK Eggspert: A comprehensive resource for all things DeFi Kingdoms. Sporting Guides, Infographics and Wiki-level detail, they’ll get you from Beginner to Eggspert in no time. — Rome Terminal: Your DIY DeFi D...

New Crystalvale Tokens and Gardens

We are pleased to announce that through our partnership with Synapse Protocol, a number of new tokens are now available for bridging to DFK Chain! These new tokens include: KLAY (Klaytn), MATIC (Polygon), FTM (Fantom), BTC.b (Avalanche Bitcoin), With the addition of these new tokens, a governance vote was held to determine whether to incentivize new pools. The proposals for KLAY and BTC.b passed, while those for MATIC and FTM did not. Accordingly, on 9/16 at 9pm ET, we will be adding & adjusting the following pools & allocations: New Pools CRYSTAL-BTC.b — 5%, CRYSTAL-KLAY — 5%, JEWEL-KLAY — 5%, JEWEL-AVAX — 5%, JEWEL-BTC.b — 5%, JEWEL-ETH — 5%, BTC.b-USDC — 1%, Allocations Down xJEWEL-JEWEL — 35% --> 14%, CRYSTAL-AVAX — 20% --> 15%, CRYSTAL-ETH — 15% --> 9%, Allocations Up JEWEL-USDC — 4% --> 5%, Additionally, the JEWEL-xJEWEL pool, which was intended to facilitate the reward of CRYSTAL in the early stages of the CV realm, will need to be fully removed prior to the SD 1.0 shut down, so that the xJEWEL can be bridged back and redeemed prior to the bridges no longer supporting JEWEL. This will take place during in October at the earliest. — Connect with DeFi Kingdoms - DeFi Kingdoms Website, Whitepaper / Official Docs | Charts (Harmony | DFK Chain), Discord Community, Twitter | Telegram | Reddit | Instagram | Facebook | Yo...

Gardening Quests Arrive in Crystalvale

Greenskeeper Sivia is ready to help you with your gardens! The day has come — your Heroes can finally Garden in Crystalvale! Pay a visit to the Profession Quests area on the map and speak with Greenskeeper Sivia to get started. — Gardening Changes for Crystalvale. — Like in Serendale, you can send Gardeners to each of the incentivized gardens to earn token rewards and rare items. Unlike Serendale, with Crystalvale Gardening, you can send up to two Heroes to each pool at the same time. The first Hero will earn CRYSTAL rewards, and the second Hero will earn JEWEL. — Starting a Gardening Quest. — Begin by clicking on the empty Hero border in the Start Quest dialogue window and selecting a garden for your quest. Choose one or two Heroes to be sent to that Garden. The first Hero will Garden for CRYSTAL and the second Hero will Garden for JEWEL. Once you have chosen your Heroes, click Begin Quest, and sign the transaction. Once you send Heroes on a Gardening Quest, you will not be able to add or remove any Heroes from that team until it finishes. You can still queue multiple Quests at once. — Completing a Gardening Quest. — Once your Heroes have finished Gardening, click Collect Hero to finish the quest and collect your rewards! You can also end a quest early, and will earn rewards only for the number of reward blocks completed. — CRYSTAL & JEWEL Rewards. — Heroes will...

Serendale 2.0

In case you haven’t heard the news, DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale is moving to Klaytn! It’s time for Serendale on Harmony to be retired, and Serendale 2.0 will soon be launching on Klaytn. So why is Klaytn a good home for Serendale? — Klaytn Overview ​​ - Klaytn is an open source L1 public blockchain designed and built for tomorrow’s Metaverse Klaytn was built from the ground up to offer enterprise-grade scalability and performance — vital for providing seamless Web3 experience across all user touch points. Utilizing a hybrid governance structure and an optimized PBFT consensus mechanism, Klaytn outputs 4,000 TPS, in conjunction with 1-second block generation times and immediate finality, SDK and Open Source APIs specially designed for builders looking to create immersive best-in-class Web3 experiences, The Klaytn Governance Council The Klaytn network is secured by a group of trusted entities — the Klaytn Governance Council — comprised of 34 global conglomerates encompassing both key legacy industries, from Consumer Electronics (LG Electronics), Finance (Kakao Pay) to Gaming (Gumi, Neoply, Netmarble) and Crypto-First players such as Binance, Alameda Research, Jump Crypto, 1inch and Hashed, Korean Dominance, Global Expansion Klaytn’s ecosystem has grown exponentially since the launch of its mainnet — Cypress — back in 2019. There are hundreds of services across all categories; with...

DFK 1st Birthday Celebration!

Monday, August 22nd marks one full year of DeFi Kingdoms! We couldn’t let the day go by without a celebration, so here are all the things you have to look forward to! This all goes live 8/22/22 at 8:22PM EDT! The birthday celebrations will run for 48 hours. — Summoning Party. — Increased rarity odds will happen when summoning in Crystalvale! Double the chance for a shiny, and the increased chances below. Snapshots will be taken of all summons in Crystalvale during the birthday extravaganza for some extra special prizes. Everyone who summons will receive a Birthday Cake soulbound token, Everyone who summons will be entered into a raffle to win:, The 1st Crystalvale Gen 0, 2 Crystalvale Gen 0 Crystals, 12 Original pets, Egg Packs (1 of each type), Only Hero crystals that are summoned and opened during the event will be eligible. Each eligible summon is worth one raffle ticket.The citizens of Vithraven wish DFK a Happy 1st Birthday! — Merch Store. — To keep the celebrations lasting longer our special merch store birthday coupon code will run from 8/22–8/29. Use code DFKBDAY for 22% off! DeFi Kingdoms Official Merch And if you’re lucky you might even notice the citizens of Serendale and Crystalvale celebrating with some fireworks! — Klaytn Roundtable. — One other special event will be happening Monday. A community roundtable on Serendale’s new home of Klaytn. Make sure to joi...

ETH now supported on DFK Chain

We are pleased to announce that through our partnership with Synapse, ETH is now supported on DFK Chain. With this new functionality, we will be adding in a few ETH pairs. We will also be adding a JEWEL-USDC pair to have more accurate JEWEL pricing on DFK chain, given its importance to the subnet offering and recent events on Harmony pairs that affected pricing. Proposed CV Gardens Breakdown: New PoolsCRYSTAL-ETH 15%JEWEL — USDC 4%ETH-USDC 1% Existing Pools RebalanceCRYSTAL — USDC 15% — No ChangeCRYSTAL- AVAX 20% — Up 5%CRYSTAL-JEWEL 10% — No ChangexJEWEL-JEWEL 35% — Down 25% In addition, Synapse has updated the estimated GWEI when bridging tokens on Harmony from 45 to 115 (matching our current in-game estimates) to ensure that transactions process without issue.The ETH bridge functionality will be going live shortly, and can be accessed through the Avalanche C-Chain outpost, or gamified bridge at the DFK Docks zone. The above emission allocations will go into effect at least 24 hours after this announcement to give people the opportunity to prepare related tokens to any desired changes to allocations. ETH now supported on DFK Chain was originally published in DeFi Kingdoms Official on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Patch Notes Update — July 28, 2022

Patch Notes Update — July 28, 2022 Good release-adjacent day, Kingdom!We’ve got a set of exciting releases coming your way today as we continue our forward momentum towards Crystalvale parity. — Beetle DudeMining Professions QuestsPickman Khudmire While working late into the evening, Pickman Khudmire broke through a load-bearing wall in the cavern which nearly crushed him with a thousand tons of rock. After recovering, he realized that the collapse had inadvertently opened up a wide region of the cavern that was as yet unexplored, where he found large deposits of Gold and Crystal. And he needs your Heroes’ help clearing it out! Navigate over to the Professions zone and put your miners to work in Crystalvale collecting all the Gold and Crystal they can carry. Just a tip, be careful where you dig! A couple hard numbers to keep in mind while mining for Crystal*:At least 1,250 locked CRYSTAL is required to earn the maximum jackpot of 10 CRYSTAL (periodically)At least 5,000 locked CRYSTAL is required to mine for maximum reward*These numbers are different from Serendale due to the difference in max supplyAlchemist A mysterious figure and his less-than-mysterious assistant have taken up residence in an abandoned storehouse just outside of town and gone straight to work transforming it into a bastion of alchemical delights. Inside the cramped interior, there’s a palpable wall of fumes emanating from several cau...

Quick Update — July 26, 2022

Quick Update — July 26, 2022 Hi Everyone! As announced in the AMA, we are planning to update Crystalvale Gardens allocations this week, contingent on ETH being supported by the integrated bridge through Synapse. However, given recent news, we are looking to adjust down the currently very large SD allocation to J:ONE pool (that increased as a result of the removal of pairs that were affected by bridge incident). New allocation for the SD J:ONE pool will be ~20% of emissions. We plan to give the community at least 12 hours to digest the public information, and this adjustment before implementing. We will keep the group updated if we run into similar issues with the Harmony multi-sig (as we did last adjustment that caused some delays). We will be monitoring APRs and trading, if there is reason, we may consider adjusting sooner (as a crisis management solution) but will update prior to doing so. One more note: there have been some questions on the back of the AMA as it relates to potential options for tokenomics adjustments associated with a potential migration to a different chain. We wanted to reiterate that no current plan being considered involves diluting (adding to) the overall supply of utility tokens. - Dreamer DeFi Kingdoms Website Discord Reddit Telegram Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Quick Update — July 26, 2022 was originally published in DeFi Kingdoms Official on Medium, where people are continuin...


Jewel chooses ERC-3643 and Tokeny platform to issue stablecoins on Polyg...

    Jewel, a Bermuda-based digital asset banking platform, announced today a partnership with Tokeny, a blockchain-asset compliance infrastructure provider. Through the partnership, Jewel will power real-time settlement for digital asset institutions via its own bank-issued USD stablecoin on the Polygon, the popular blockchain development platform, offering scalable and sustainable Web3 infrastructure. Recently, Jewel applied for a combined full-service bank and digital-asset license in Bermuda and seeks to offer a range of services to institutional clients including payments, banking, custody, and lending. Longer-term, Jewel aims to offer a stablecoin-as-a-service solution to other digital asset and financial institutions B2B, allowing those businesses to provide cheaper, easier, and near real-time payments with stablecoins issued and redeemable directly at the bank level via Jewel. Jewel’s stablecoin, Jewel USD (JUSD) will eliminate the need for reconciliation and enable instant payments and transfers to members of its settlement network, “Jewel Settle”. 'Our proposed banking license will allow us to service global firms from Bermuda as we issue fiat-backed stablecoins, first with USD and then a growing number of other proposed single fiat currency stablecoins globally. Through our partnership with Tokeny, we’re able to ensure compliant stablecoin issuance and management in a scalable and easy-to-integrate manner.' - Chancellor Barnett, Jewel Founder & C... read More

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