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DeFi Kingdoms Jewels  


JEWEL Price:
$157.9 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$30.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #JEWEL today is $0.27 USD.

The lowest JEWEL price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.273, and the exact current price of one JEWEL crypto coin is $0.27272.

The all-time high JEWEL coin price was $26.58.

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The code for DeFi Kingdoms Jewels crypto currency is #JEWEL.

DeFi Kingdoms Jewels is 1.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for DeFi Kingdoms Jewels is $30,776,504.

DeFi Kingdoms Jewels is ranked #396 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #JEWEL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for DeFi Kingdoms Jewels is $157,902.


The circulating supply of JEWEL is 112,851,539 coins, which is 23% of the maximum coin supply.


JEWEL is the native coin for the Defi Kingdoms Blockchain blockchain.

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JEWEL is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale 입장 방법

암호화폐를 처음 사용하거나 다른 체인에서 온 경우 어떻게 시작할 수 있을까요? 만약 여러분이 암호화폐의 세계는 처음이지만 DeFi Kingdoms에 대해 많이 들어보았고 이번 Serendale의 재출시와 함께 시작해 보고 싶다면, 먼저 이 링크로 가셔야 합니다. 그러면 Metamask 지갑을 만들라는 메시지가 표시됩니다. 지갑을 설치한 후에는 Serendale 또는 Crystalvale을 방문할 수 있는 옵션이 제공됩니다. Serendale을 입장하기로 선택하면 지갑이 클레이튼으로 구성됩니다(Crystalvale 입장에 대한 자세한 내용은 참조). 지갑을 만들면 계정 이름을 만들고 아바타를 선택하라는 메시지가 게임에 표시됩니다. 로그인을 위한 본인 인증을 할 필요가 없습니다. DeFi Kingdoms 계정이 Metamask에 연결되기 때문입니다. Metamask가 설치된 브라우저에서 로그인할 때마다(물론 지갑에 로그인한 경우) DeFi Kingdoms는 사용자를 인식하고 프로필을 로드하게 됩니다. 이제 DeFi Kingdoms를 시작할 준비를 마쳤습니다. 시작하기 위해 할 일이 많을 것입니다. DeFi Kingdoms 게임을 시작하려면 KLAY 토큰을 소유해야 합니다. DeFi Kingdoms는 클레이튼 블록체인에서 호스팅 되므로 가스 요금(토큰을 거래할 때 부과되는 거래 ...

Combat Skills by Class — The Seer

Combat Skills by Class — The Seer - — The Seer Class skill list!. — “Still here? Fine, I’ll tell you more.” — Barkeep Kessing, I assume. Today we bring you the skill list and background of …… the Seer! Fret not, this will not be the last alpha drop, so make sure you’re subscribed to get the latest.**At the time of writing, all contents herein are considered “Pre-Alpha” and are therefore subject to change. We will update these contents as changes are made and date the changes for easy reference.**** — The Seer - A master of the mystic arts! *We will not be releasing animations for newly revealed classes at this time so as to not distract from the development process.*The Seer is a class of powerful and enigmatic mystics, gifted with the ability to see beyond the veil of time and space. They are able to predict the outcomes of battles, uncover hidden weaknesses in their enemies, and offer healing to their allies in the face of danger. These gifts are profound, but the Seer’s gift of foresight is not limited to just the future, it also allows them to uncover truths and secrets in the present, enabling the most powerful amongst them to bend time to suit their needs.The origins of the Seer class can be traced back to the ancient goddess, Skali. According to legend, Skali, the daughter of Gaia, resolved conflicts between nomadic tribes by using her foresight to predict the outcom...

Release Notes: January 27, 2023

Good release day, Kingdom! As promised, we’ve got some exciting new features to introduce today, including Power-Ups and an expansive Hero Hub overhaul. There are so many great improvements packed into these two features that I’ll go ahead and jump right in! Power-Ups and Power-Up Management Head to the Jeweler in your respective realm and look around for the most eccentric person you can find and get prepped to power up your Heroes! On top of the current benefits of holding c/sJEWEL, Power-Ups provide a framework for offering in-game enhancements that will interact with multiple contract types to improve the game’s experience (more info on the currently live Power-Ups below). Each Power-Up has a specific c/sJEWEL amount that must be allocated in order to activate its benefits. Some premium features will also require Power-Up allocations in order to access. Power-Ups do not consume c/sJEWEL nor the JEWEL used to produce the c/sJEWEL, but will only remain active if you continue to hold the necessary c/sJEWEL balance required to activate them. Here are the two Power-Ups that are launching today, with more coming in the future: — Quick Study: This Power-Up grants a 15% bonus to all experience gained during Profession and Training quests for each assigned Hero. — Rapid Renewal: This Power-Up boosts the stamina discount per Hero level from 2 seconds to 5 seconds for each assigned Hero. These are both Type 3 Power-Ups...

Feature Release: Power-Ups

Stake JEWEL and receive in-game bonuses! Today, we are excited to introduce additional utility to our governance tokens, cJEWEL and sJEWEL, with the release of Power-Ups! Players can now receive in-game enhancements and rewards by allocating a portion of their holdings toward activating various Power-Ups. These initial Power-Ups are available in both Crystalvale and Serendale, though some future releases may be realm-specific. Read on to find out more!Durnan Gearspinner is ready to help you unlock the secrets of JEWEL! — What are Power-Ups? - Power-Ups are a collection of in-game enhancements that are available to players that hold enough cJEWEL or sJEWEL (hereafter, cJEWEL for simplicity). Each Power-Up has a specific cJEWEL amount that must be allocated to it in order to activate its benefits. Some premium features will also require Power-Up allocations prior to access. Power-Ups do not consume cJEWEL nor the JEWEL used to produce the cJEWEL, but will only remain active if you continue to hold the necessary balance required to activate them. — Power-Up Types. — There are three primary Power-Up types: Type 1 Power-Ups: The simplest type, providing a single tier of benefits that is activated by allocating the required amount of cJEWEL., Type 2 Power-Ups: These present the player with multiple tier options with varying cJEWEL allocation requirements for each tier., Type 3 Power-Ups: These provide a vari...

Combat Skills by Class — Warrior

Combat Skills by Class — Warrior - — The Warrior Class skill list!. — Ahh adventurer, you’ve made it back again! We have a new Combat skill list and background to share, the Warrior! More classes will be coming, so keep a weather eye on the horizon.**At the time of writing, all contents herein are considered “Pre-Alpha” and are therefore subject to change. We will update these contents as changes are made and date the changes for easy reference.**** — The Warrior - A mighty participant in battle! *We will not be releasing animations for newly revealed classes at this time so as to not distract from the development process.* — Hero Background - The thrill of battle, the glory of a hard fought victory, and the oceans of blood and sweat that come along with it; the Warrior lives for the battlefield. Some say Warriors are the fiercest fighters in the realm, others say the gods adorned them with unrivaled strength and endurance, but pretty much everyone agrees that you should never mess with one unless you have to.A durable and powerful melee class, the Warrior excels in close-quarters combat and can adapt to different situations with a wide array of skills and abilities. They are the backbone of any adventuring party, and are often called upon to lead the charge into battle — even as mercenaries. They truly are the embodiment of strength and courage, a true force to be reckoned with.Wh...

DeFi Kingdoms — New Moon Event

DeFi Kingdoms — New Moon Event - It’s a New Moon, and you may have noticed that the bun-buns in Serendale seem to be multiplying… The bun-buns have broken into a shipment of Premium Provisions that was recently delivered for Hero Pets! Sadly, no Pets were able to enjoy these provisions as the bun-buns finished them off…This bun-bun is excited for the New Moon! However, this Supermoon New Moon appears to have infused the Premium Provisions with some sort of special extra energy that is allowing the bun-buns to multiply as they never have before! To enter this special New Moon contest, you’ll need to find all the bun-buns as they multiply this week. Start by counting the bun-buns on the DFK logo on the Bulletin Board, and each day you will need to check each realm (Serendale or Crystalvale) to find where the bun-buns are appearing that day. The event begins January 22nd and runs through January 28th. Entries can be submitted until January 29th, 11:59pm EST via this form: Make sure you keep training your Heroes, because in addition to dealing with this bun-bun infestation they will need to be in top shape for later this month. And don’t worry, more Premium Provisions will be shipping soon to help Power-Up your Pets! — Connect with DeFi Kingdoms - DeFi Kingdoms Website, Whitepaper / Official Docs | Charts (DFK Chain | Klaytn), Discord Community, Twitter | Telegram | Reddit | Instagram | Y...

Combat Skills by Class — Priest

Combat Skills by Class — Priest - — The Priest Class skill list!. — Brave adventurers! It is time for the third installment of our Combat skill list and background series with todays class, the Priest. We will continue to unveil new classes, so stay sharp and stay ready.**At the time of writing, all contents herein are considered “Pre-Alpha” and are therefore subject to change. We will update these contents as changes are made and date the changes for easy reference.**** — The Priest - Let’s get to know our Holiest of friends!The Holy Wrath Ability — Hero Background. — The Priest, a holy warrior anointed with the ancient and mystical power of the divine, is a powerful and versatile class of devoted spellcasters. Each warrior of light wields the magic of prayer, the holy light itself, and an array of gods-given blessings to heal and protect their allies, while channeling the authority of the heavens to smite and vanquish their foes.The codex of the Priest may be easy to stumble upon, but it is not filled with mere trifling incantations. Deep within each holy grimoire dwells formidable blessings that call forth the celestial forces of the light to aid them in battle. While adept in magical weaponry, their faith in the divine is their greatest strength, and it empowers them to become an unrivaled support to their comrades in battle.Reserved for the most devoted servants, three disci...

Upcoming Pet & Hero Changes

Pet Element Changes and Preparing for Crafting. — As discussed in the Jan 12th AMA, found here, there will be some upcoming changes made to the current Pets that hatch from Blue and Grey Eggs, and also to Heroes as we prepare to introduce Crafting.This Blub is excited for crafting! — Changes to Pets - — Pet Element. — Currently, each Pets has three possible Elements, with one getting randomly selected during the Pet Hatching process. After a patch that will be in the next few weeks, this will be changed to two possible elements for each of these. These include: Blue Eggs: Water and Ice, Grey Eggs: Earth and Wind, When Green and Yellow Eggs are hatchable, they will also have two elements each, and Gold will have access to all eight. The reason for the shift is that we are moving from a six-skill crafting system to an eight-skill system that includes Alchemy and Enchanting. The Pet Elements directly decide which crafting bonus the Pet could provide, so this change was made to balance the bonuses between the four egg colors. This will not impact already hatched Pets. — Pet Variants. — Additionally, in the same patch, we are going to add Ultra Rare appearance variants! These Ultra Rare Pets will be even less likely to make a showing than our current Rare appearances. These Pets are aesthetic only, but they make a great collectors item! We want to ensure notice is given so that players c...

New Year Refreshers

Some helpful updates you may have forgotten! As we prepare for an exciting 2023, there are some housekeeping items we want to recall to ensure that Kingdom Studios and the community are all on the same page. Obviously 2022 brought many challenges and changes, so in our pursuit of transparency, we want to refresh some information that may have been forgotten along the way. — Kingdom Studios Organization - First, a brand new Org Chart! This revamped pillar structure allows us to more efficiently work toward our objectives, while having clear and simple cross-pillar communication. Each pillar has its own priorities as well as ones that are shared between pillars to ensure we stay unified on our overall objectives. With regular meetings and communication between the pillar heads, we can best keep the whole team in sync and increase awareness of activity within the team. — Remaining Gen0 Heroes - Second, remaining unminted Gen0 Heroes. Going in order of realm launch: — Serendale (Harmony). — This was our largest mint of Gen0s and included the only ones that were sold. 2,100 Gen0 Heroes were allocated to this original launch, including: 2,000 for the public sale, 50 for a snapshot raffle, 50 for promotional uses, The 2,000 all sold out; we actually gave away 51 during the snapshot raffle (taking the 1 extra from the promotional use), 24 were given to influencers and partners, and 19 were minted for te...

Combat Skills By Class — Knight

Combat Skills By Class — Knight - — The Knight Class skill list!. — Welcome back, adventurers! This is the second of the articles for one-stop references to the Combat skill list and a bit of background lore of each Hero class. These articles will be released over time, so stay tuned for new updates!**At the time of writing, all contents herein are considered “Pre-Alpha” and are therefore subject to change. We will update these contents as changes are made and date the changes for easy reference.**** — Today, it’s time to meet …… the Knight! - The Iron Will Ability — Hero Background. — The trust of the people is earned, not granted, and no class bears this stark truth with greater resolve than the brave and honorable Knight. Dedicated to upholding justice and protecting the innocent, such valiant heroes are truly a sight to behold, for they are the shield of the people, trained in the art of combat to become the ultimate protectors.While Knights share the battle prowess and discipline of their Warrior counterparts, what sets Knights apart is their perennial loyalty to a strict code of chivalry, often in servitude to a Lord or individual holding great power. Knights never abandon their calling to aid, even if they face overwhelming odds.For a Knight, a skill forged in relentless training is a power waiting to be wielded instinctively in battle. In turn, the Knight works tireles...


Jewel chooses ERC-3643 and Tokeny platform to issue stablecoins on Polyg...

    Jewel, a Bermuda-based digital asset banking platform, announced today a partnership with Tokeny, a blockchain-asset compliance infrastructure provider. Through the partnership, Jewel will power real-time settlement for digital asset institutions via its own bank-issued USD stablecoin on the Polygon, the popular blockchain development platform, offering scalable and sustainable Web3 infrastructure. Recently, Jewel applied for a combined full-service bank and digital-asset license in Bermuda and seeks to offer a range of services to institutional clients including payments, banking, custody, and lending. Longer-term, Jewel aims to offer a stablecoin-as-a-service solution to other digital asset and financial institutions B2B, allowing those businesses to provide cheaper, easier, and near real-time payments with stablecoins issued and redeemable directly at the bank level via Jewel. Jewel’s stablecoin, Jewel USD (JUSD) will eliminate the need for reconciliation and enable instant payments and transfers to members of its settlement network, “Jewel Settle”. 'Our proposed banking license will allow us to service global firms from Bermuda as we issue fiat-backed stablecoins, first with USD and then a growing number of other proposed single fiat currency stablecoins globally. Through our partnership with Tokeny, we’re able to ensure compliant stablecoin issuance and management in a scalable and easy-to-integrate manner.' - Chancellor Barnett, Jewel Founder & C... read More

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