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Jade Currency  


JADE Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$83.5 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #JADE today is $0.00103 USD.

The lowest JADE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00103, and the exact current price of one JADE crypto coin is $0.00102832.

The all-time high JADE coin price was $0.15.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of JADE with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Jade Currency crypto currency is #JADE.

Jade Currency is 3.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for Jade Currency is $83,500.

Jade Currency is ranked #1601 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very weak during the past 24 hours for #JADE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Jade Currency is $32.00.


The circulating supply of JADE is 81,200,000 coins, which is 65% of the total coin supply.


JADE is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


JADE has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

View #JADE trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #JADE purchase.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #JADE, and you can view them on our JADE disambiguation page.



The Origin of the Jade Currency CZ/Binance Meme

“The only goal is to get CZ of Binance to hold Jade.” — The Creator of Jade Currency It has been 5 years since inception, and we have arrived at our final destination. From Jade to Jade to JADE. Consider this the birth of the Jade Currency CZ/Binance meme project. Below is a collection of thoughts and clues that are important for the journey to remember. Consider these as rules, because after all, Memes will run the universe. “Bull and Bear markets are not important, Jade will not be effected, and the same for other memes.” “This is a 1 of a kind meme, which will be the first of many to enter the competitive space, both friendly and enemy to come.” “The Creator owns no tokens and has sacrificed 18 years of his life to be worthy of this.” “We will stay BSC, as a thanks to CZ of Binance, and also present him our precious JADE to hold, not all at once, he will receive a monthly allowance until he is satisfied.” “The community is most important, for whoever buys a bag and does the work, they will be seen as leaders of Jade Currency.” “The Manifesto has been completed, it shall be revealed when the threshold has passed.” Jade + BNB = ? Official Jade Currency links Website: Telegram: Twitter: Facebook: Dextools:

Jade Currency Rebranding & 1:1 Contract Swap Soon

Contract Swap 1:1. — The Jade Currency (Jade) that you knew, no longer exist. The project will be rebranding and all current BSC investors will be airdropped 1:1 supply to the new contract on August 30th, 2022 at 10:00 UTC. The swap will only happen at Catex Exchange. So, make sure you deposit your Jade on time. After that, remaining tokens will be burned from the total supply or used for other allocations depending on the community vote. It is mostly likely all other exchanges will not support the swap. — Rebrand & Concept. — Jade Currency will now formerly be known as Jade Currency Ventures. The Jade Currency Ventures project will be focused finding new companies or ideas that may or may not be cryptocurrency related but are technology related; are having trouble finding funding the traditional method; have plans to incorporate a cryptocurrency into their business structure; and are looking for funding amounts of less than $100,000. Raising money via Uniswap or Pancakeswap are viable options to raise funding because of the growth of the cryptocurrencies in the DeFi sector and the current regulations regarding these capitalistic markets. Our creator known as the, Fund Manager, has come up with a very unique business model for a venture capital firm. Below, the Fund Manager will detail how it works in DeFi;Do a 1:1 contract swap and rebrand Jade Currency to Jade Currency VenturesThe fund manager will...

Jade Currency Update — May 2022

Jade Currency Update — May 2022Jade Currency Update The Jade Currency project is still active. We are switching management roles, however the developer team is still the same and they are currently working on the marketplace with the expected launch date still the same. We are actively looking for a new CEO and CTO. Also, we will hire a CMO to coordinate the Jade Army and other social media marketing efforts. The new CEO is expected to have previous experience in running another project, have knowledge in the gem/jewelry market, and as a plus, should be a Jade Currency investor. The CTO should have knowledge in defi trends such as NFT, marketplace, and web3 platform development. Cameron Kallhoff will maintain founder status with the project, however he will be actively committed to overseeing this process and will have a direct hand in operations going forward. — What are the next step and changes to the project?. — Hire the new management team Give weekly status updates of the marketplace development (which is still on track to launch August 15th) Do a proposal of the farming allocation (we are thinking of switching it to 50% farming and 50% staking) The Jade team will no longer sell Jade from the team wallet (The founder will vest his tokens for a 6 month period starting from May,2022 to November, 2022) Marketing wallet allocation funds will only be operated by the CMO Development wallet allocation ...

Jade Currency x Metaverse Exchange (MetaCex) Partnership

Jade Currency x MetaCex Partnership Jade Currency is pleased to announce that we have officially formed a strategic Metaverse partnership with Metaverse Exchange (MetaCex). In terms of the logistics of the partnership, Jade Currency shall receive 1 large land plot to build its Metaverse headquarters. Also, the JADE token will be used as the payment method for projects to pay the service subscriptions within the Metaverse Technology Park. MetaCex is considered under the umbrella of the Jade Currency ecosystem and is partly funded by the founder, Cameron Kallhoff. As a result, MetaCex has a very large platform from which it can grow its Metaverse Technology Park. MetaCex official links Dext: Catex: TG: Twitter: Website:

Jade Currency Team Restructure & Expansion

Jade Currency is proud to announce our new team structure and expansion. With the rollout of the final phase of the marketplace and the upcoming Metaverse shop in Decentraland, we have reorganized our team structure and added new team members to get us to the next level. FOUNDER — Cameron Kallhoff CEO — Davi Curvello COO — Valter D. Ribeiro CTO — Abdul Raheem CPO — Gabriela Leite Marketing Manager — Rafael Magacho Jade Army General — Nkemka Ebillah Technology Leader — Ayyappan Mookaiya UX Designer — Manikandan K Assistant Developer — Ajaykumar R Digital Marketing Agency — AnonMedia Marketing Assistant — Gabriela Mendes This new information will be uploaded shortly on the website and whitepaper.

Jade Currency x Degen Gang Partnership

Jade Currency x Degen Gang Partnership We are happy to announce our partnership with Degen Gang. DEGEN GANG Member NFTs grant you exclusive entry to their virtual DEGEN BAR. From here you will enter their virtual reality metaverse on NetVRk, where you can get into BAR FIGHTS (NFT Gaming), hang out with degens, access the merch store and much much more. In celebration, we are giving away 1 of their NFTs to a lucky winner in our Twitter contest and in the future they will make a rare Jade Currency NFT drop to all their holders. Enter Twitter Contest: You can now mint Degen Gang NFTs at

Jade Currency x Hando Digital Print & Media Partnership

Jade Currency x Hando Digital Print & Media As our ongoing process to create utility of the Jade Currency (JADE) economy, we have decided to start offering JADE token as a transaction method. Thanks to our ambassadors in Africa, we have established a partnership with Hando Digital Print & Media. You can now use JADE token to pay for services rendered by their company. About Hando Hando Digital Print and Media is a printing, graphics and signage company. If you have a taste of Classic printing and quality finishing then you are at the right place. It all about everything beautiful and colorful. Business Location & Information Ibilola Chambers Off Igando Bus Stop, Onasa 101501, Lagos, Nigeria Phone :+2348082982268 Email: Website: Facebook: Instagram:

Jade is listing at BitMart Exchange

BitMart will list Jade Currency (JADE) on our digital assets platform on September 13, 2021. The following trading pair will be available: JADE/USDT. Please note the available dates for different functions below: • Deposit feature: 9/12/2021 4:00 AM (EDT) • Trade feature: 9/13/2021 4:00 AM (EDT) • Withdrawal feature: 9/14/2021 4:00 AM (EDT) BitMart is a global digital assets trading platform with over 2.2 million users worldwide. The centralized exchange was launched in 2018 and is based in the Cayman Islands. It also has offices located in New York, China, Hong Kong, and Seoul. BitMart’s vision is “to bring cryptocurrency available to everyone everywhere. They believe that the decentralized digital currency will reshape the global economy fundamentally, such financial freedom would bring further economic innovation, efficiency, and equality to the world.” BitMart says it won’t happen unless they build simple, and secure products for individuals and institutions around the world to discover and interact with this new frontier. The exchange has three main priorities; being trustworthy, accessible, and professional. BitMart supports spot trading, otc trading, and USD trading.

Jade Currency (JADE) Listing on Hotbit

ttps:// Hotbit is scheduled to list JADE(Jade Currency) on Global Section. Deposit function launches at: 2021.08.24 08:00 AM UTC Trading function launches at: 2021.08.24 10:00 AM UTC Withdrawal function launches at: 2021.08.24 10:00 AM UTC Trading Pair: JADE/BTC Sign up at (The referral fees will be used to buyback jade and burn from the circulation supply) Official links Website: Telegram: Pancakeswap: Dext:

Jade Currency Entering Decentraland Metaverse

Jade Currency is entering the Decentraland’s Metaverse on June 30th. Our team is building a precious gem online marketplace and a JADE SHOP in the Metaverse where users can shop for precious gem NFT. The shop will be completed by 2022 and will feature some of the best dealers around the world. On the 30th at 7:00 AM UTC, we will announce which estate we have purchased and break ground. This is an important step for the Jade community. $JADE holders own majority ownership of the estate and JADE SHOP. You can join us in Decentraland after the announcement to come check out the estate where we will be building the JADE SHOP. Dext: Liquidity lock: Web: Telegram:

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