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IRIS Price:
$827.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$24.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #IRIS today is $0.019 USD.

The lowest IRIS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.019, and the current live price for one IRIS coin is $0.01885.

The all-time high IRIS coin price was $0.31.

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The code for IRISnet crypto currency is #IRIS.

IRISnet is 3.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for IRISnet is $24,946,255.

IRISnet is ranked #433 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium today for #IRIS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for IRISnet is $827,794.


The circulating supply of IRIS is 1,323,459,589 coins, which is 62% of the total coin supply.


IRIS is a token on the Osmosis blockchain.


IRIS is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #IRIS, and you can view them on our IRIS disambiguation page.



IRISnet Monthly Update

2022.12 — Technology & Ecosystem & Community Recap. — 🌈IRISgardians, Welcome to the Game of NFTs season! Entering 2023, we’re stepping up the preparation for the exciting Game of NFTs, a joint effort by Interchain Foundation, IRISnet, Stargaze, Gravity Bridge and many other teams to test out the ICS-721 Interchain NFTs and spur innovative use cases on top of it. Most of these efforts are traceable through the proposal recently released in the Cosmos Hub Forum, and the lastest Cosmos Hub Community Call episode. These are perhaps the best ways to learn about the background and next steps of the Game of NFTs, so don’t miss them! Read on for more Technical & Ecosystem & Community Updates! ⏬ … — Table of Content - Technical Updates • irishub • IOBScan-IBC Ecosystem Updates • Progress Report on the Game of NFTs • OKX Has Supported IRISnet in Its Web3 Wallet Mobile App Community Updates • The 21st Execution of the Eco-development Funds Plan was completed! • The Game of NFTs Community Call Episode Was a Hit! • IRISnet Launched Christmas Airdrop • Join IRISnet’s Mailing List for More Updates! — ⭐Technical Updates⭐ - — irishub. — 1. Upgraded to irishub v1.4 2. Preparing Game of NFTs testnet 3. Verified the feasibility of integrating the EVM module onto IRIS Hub 4. Compiled ICS-4907 and ICS-2981 specs, and developed demo code — IOBScan-IBC....

IRISnet Monthly Update

2022.11— Technology & Ecosystem & Community Recap. — 🌈IRISgardians, here comes the IRISnet Monthly Digest! 🗞 The IRISnet mainnet was upgraded to IRIS Hub 1.4! With the Interchain Announts host functionality enabled, we’ve become the 1st mainnet in Cosmos that supports cross-chain managing NFT assets using ICA! The Game of NFTs (GoN) is on the way! Amid the mainnet upgrade, we’re planning a GoN (Incentivized testnets +Hackathon) for extensively testing the Interchain NFT Transfer (ICS-721), and for exploring innovative dApps and use cases!🥳 IOBScan-IBC supported 56 chains! You can now explore more details of registered relayers through their “relayer details” page! Check out now! … Read on!⏬ — Table of Content - Technical Updates • irishub • IOBScan-IBC Ecosystem Updates • IRISnet 1.4 Mainnet Upgrade Has Been Successfully Completed! • IOBScan IBC-centric Interchain Explorer Supported 56 IBC chains✨ • The Game of NFTs is Coming! (Interchain NFTs are Coming to Cosmos) Community Updates • The 20th Execution of the Eco-development Funds Plan was completed! • Sentiment Proposal #21 Draft: IRISnet Mainnet Hard-Fork Upgrade • Content from the IRISnet Community — ⭐Technical Updates⭐ - — irishub. — • Completed migration from irismod/moudels/nft to cosmos-sdk/x/nft • Upgraded to cosmos-sdk v0.46.5 • Upgraded to ibc-go v5.0.1 • Upgraded the te...

IRIS Hub 1.4 Mainnet Upgrade Has Been Successfully Completed

Dear IRISgardians, IRIS Hub validators, and service providers: We're thrilled to announce that we have successfully upgraded to IRIS Hub 1.4 at around 15:00:00 UTC on Dec 5, 2022! Following the passage of upgrade proposal #19 on Dec 5 at 01:36:19 UTC, we officially initiated the upgrade process and received almost instant responses from IRIS Hub validators and service providers, and finally completed the whole process and resumed stable running in 10 hours. Big thanks to all IRIS Hub validators and service providers for the dedicated support throughout the upgrade! Proposal details: IOBScan - IRIS HUB Blockchain Explorer — Feature Overview - This upgrade brings two major changes: 1. Enabled Interchain Accounts (ICA) host functionality IRISnet 1.4 enabled the ICA module as a Host Chain, granting users the access to various native features on IRISnet from one account on the controller chain and enabling users to execute actions native to the host chains beyond simply transferring tokens and following them across different networks. 2. Migrated to x/nft IRISnet 1.4 migrated to x/nft module, which will allow for NFT interconnectability between IRISnet and other chains that enable Interchain NFT transfers — ICS-721. Now with the new features we’ve become the first mainnet in Cosmos to support cross-chain managing NFT/MT assets on IRISnet (the host chain) through ICA controller-chain accounts. A brief of how th...

IRISnet Monthly Update (2022.10)

2022.10 — Technology & Ecosystem & Community Recap. — 🌈IRISgardians, IRISnet Monthly Digest is here! 🗞 First & biggest: we’ve announced the schedule for the upcoming IRISnet 1.4 mainnet upgrade! Star features include the Interchain Account feature and migration to x/nft! Combining these two features, we’ll be able to support cross-chain managing NFT/MT assets through ICA 🎉🎉🎉 — A significant milestone to-be! The testnet is already live, we strongly encourage all validators, node operators and dApp builders to join and test all things out! Also worth mentioning is IOBScan-IBC, which has shipped a plethora of new features in the past month or so, and foremost increased its total supported IBC chains to 55!👑 We strongly recommend not to miss this game-changing tool in your Interchain journey, it’ll totally make everything easier. Now you can follow @iobscan_ibc to get first-hand updates, and it pays off to be early!🤫 Updates for builders: there were two new dev tools launched in IRISnet! Let’s make the best of these tools and build out every ideas💪 • Wetez API service (free & premium plans avaiable!) • High Stakes Snapshot service Read on!⏬ Technical Updates Ecosystem Updates Community Updates — ⭐Technical Updates⭐ - — irishub. — • Released irishub v1.4.0 • Refactored the nft module • Upgraded to cosmos-sdk v0.46.4 • Upgraded...

IRISnet Mainnet 1.4 Upgrade Pre-Announcement

— Testnet is Live!. — The mainnet upgrade to IRISnet 1.4 is looking to happen in a month, and now the testnet is live for extensive testing! A quick look at what will come with this upgrade: Upgrade to cosmos sdk v0.46.4 and ibc-go v5.0.0, ⭐⭐ Enable ICA (Interchain Account) feature, and migrate irismod/nft to x/nft. The combinition of these two functionalities once live will make IRISnet the first network to support cross-chain managing NFT/MT assets through ICA 🎉🎉🎉, * MT (a multi-token that combines both NFT and FT tokens) is an implementation of the famous ERC-1155 specification, just as NFT is an implementation of ERC-721. By introducing ICA to IRISnet, we’ll be able to further invigorate the NFT Hub, and reversely, by rolling out ICA to NFT/MT cross-chain management scenarios, we’re extending ICA use cases and opening doors for diverse Interchain native products. Now the nyancat testnet is available for validators, service providers and dApp builders on IRISnet to test all things out! 🔱 Join testnet via our Discord server (# 😼-testnet-nyancat) 🧑‍💻 Feel free to reach out to us in the Discord channel for dev support! — New Features Preview - — 1. Enabling Interchain Account. — IRISnet 1.4 will enable the ICA module as a Host Chain, granting users the access to various native features on IRISnet from one account on the controller chain and enabling users to exe...

IRISnet Monthly Update (2022.09)

2022.09 — Technology & Ecosystem & Community Recap. — 🌈IRISgardians, welcome to the IRISnet Sept Digest! The IOBScan-IBC cross-chain explorer has rolled out two new versions — v0.6 and v0.7, by which it integrated 52 IBC chains and allows Cosmonauts to trace the complete IBC path, with raw data and JSON particularly for developers. With the pragmatic tools provided in the explorer, glitches can be quickly and precisely located to ensure a smooth IBC traveling experience. For governance, the passage of proposal#18 led to the renewal of incentives to three pools (GRAV/IRIS, USDC/IRIS, WETH/IRIS) on, with 4,900,000 $IRIS from the Community Pool to be distributed for a 180-day period. Tap and earn 👉 Also if you’re looking for more earning chances, StaFiHub may be a good place to go. We’ve also had a good time with the community during the past two months, with two successive, reward-tied events for participants of both IRISnet and Starname ecosystems.🥰 Looking ahead, we’re expecting to upgrade the mainnet to 1.4 in a month or two, and we’ll keep updating progress on this, please stay tuned via Twitter and Telegram! ⏬Read on for more!⏬ — ⭐Technical Updates⭐ - — irishub. — • irishub components upgraded to cosmos-sdk v0.46 • ibc upgraded to v5.0 and completed testing — IOBScan-IBC. — 1. Released v0.6 • Added ...

IRISnet Monthly Update (2022.08)

2022.08— Technology & Ecosystem & Community Recap. — 🌈IRISgardians, Here’s our August Digest! IOBScan-IBC cross-chain explorer v0.5 was released! The new version supports a total of 45 IBC chains. That’s not the end of the story! We’re working immensely to cover the full-range IBCgang!, Governance: 2️⃣ proposals passed! — Prop#16 to request liquidity support for the rIRIS on StaFiHub, and Prop#17 to request Community Pool Spend for the upcoming NFT Collection Launchpad event on the Uptick NFT Marketplace on IRISnet., Community! Following the launch of the IOV/IRIS liquidity pools on in the last month, we’ve prepared a serial event to return contributors of IOV/IRIS liquidity and of both Starname and IRISnet ecosystems! Be sure you follow up tight with our clues on Twitter! The NFT Collection Launchpad Event on also went live, learn & join here!, ⏬Read on to catch more highlights📸 — ⭐Technical Updates⭐ - — irishub. — Composing Cosmos-SDK v0.46.1 upgrade document, preparing for the upcoming 1.4 mainnet upgrade., — IOBScan-IBC. — 1. Released v0.5 • Added support for 20 IBC chains • Added auto-refresh function • Enriched the “Relayers” page with relayer info collected from the Relayer Registry page • UX optimizations 2. Developing v0.6 • Added Timeout, Ack TxHash, Msg and other data • Added auto-conf...

IRISnet Monthly Update

2022.07 — Technology & Ecosystem & Community Recap. — 🌈IRISgardians, Here’s the wrap of July! Some highlights📸👇 IOBScan-IBC cross-chain explorer v0.4 has been released with all IBC-related data in greater details. Single-day transaction volume of the Cosmos/IRISnet tech-based WenChang Chain surpassed Ethereum by 41%! Embrace the Internet of Values! The new IOV/IRIS liquidity & farming pools went live on! Enjoy farming with extra IRIS incentives! Also you may stand a chance of getting additional $IOV rewards through the Liquidity Contribution Event. Learn and join here. — ⭐Technical Updates⭐ - — IOBScan-IBC. — 1. Released v0.4 • Delivered all main features with new pages of Tokens, Chains, Channels, and Relayers • Improved interaction logics • Created the Relayer Register repo for collecting relayers info and showcase on the Relayer page 2. Developing v0.4.5 • Added End Time info on the Transfers page • Updated style in stage environment • Other updates and optimizations for UX and logics — CoinSwap.Market. — Released v0.7 • Supported $IOV • Added IOV/IRIS liquidity and farming pools — ⭐ Ecosystem Updates ⭐ - — IOBScan-IBC Cross-chain Explorer v0.4 was Released for Querying All IBC-related Data. — On July 13, IOBScan-IBC cross-chain explorer v0.4 was released. Users can query all IBC-related data and...

IRISnet Monthly Update

2022.06— Technology & Ecosystem & Community Recap. — 🌈IRISgardians, The first exciting news from June is that Terminet has announced API services for IRISnet builders🧑‍💻, to help devs better focus on their ideas and building out the applications. As we can tell, Web3 is a place where developers help developers. We wish to see more such efforts coming out from our community, and more enjoying the benefits of a safe, open, and quick network. 👉 Apply for IRIS Foundation Tech-grant Being one of our focuses at the current stage, ICS721 interchain NFT transfers created by the IRISnet core dev team has completed the implementation code work and demo, and more exciting activities around this are imminent. Also, the IBC cross-chain explorer —, is under intensive iteration. Its homepage has put on a new look in June and, more functions & new pages will be released soon…Read on to explore! — ⭐Technical Updates⭐ - — interNFT (by the core dev team). — Added batch operation feature to base NFT module to better implement ICS721, Completed implementation work of ICS721, Worked out the demo of ICS721 for the testing of IBC NFT transfers, — IOBScan-IBC. — Stage released v0.4 • Stage released 4 new pages and 1 subpage: Relayer, Channels, Network and Tokens page, and Tokens Details subpage • Improved interaction logics • Created the Relayer Regi...

IRISnet Monthly Update

2022.05— Technology & Ecosystem & Community Recap. — 🌈IRISgardians, This month we saw cheerful updates in the NFT/IBC field with the ICS-721 spec already merged and entered into the quick development stage. On the other hand, the Cosmos/IRISnet tech-based WenChang Chain continued to boost NFT use cases through its recent collaboration with the Swiss prestige skincare house La Prairie to launch its 1st travel retail NFTs of this kind, a successful crossover paradigm covered by Moodie Davitt Report. While on the community side, to stimulate participation and further incentivize our community, we collaborated with StaFiHub in April to launch the rIRIS token liquidity staking solution for users, and it’s now live and open for testing! Besides, we’ve announced and Stakewolle as two new grant winners in the latest Rainbow Validator Intro Series. If you’re a validator interested in contributing to the IRISnet ecosystem while winning rewards at the same time, fill out the form! Read on for more! — ⭐Technical Updates⭐ - — irishub. — • The coinswap module v1.4 upgrade has been completed and submitted for testing — IOBScan-IBC. — • Completed prototype design of Relayer, Channels, Networks, and Tokens pages • Updated UI — CoinSwap. — • Upgraded to v_0.6.5, supported new $GRAV, $WETH, $USDC liquidity pools in “Analytics” and optimized the ...


Iris Energy Slashes Bitcoin Mining Capacity Due to a Requested Loan

    Iris Energy – an Australian crypto mining company whose main purview is the operation of BTC mining sites in Canada running on renewable energy exclusively – has recently ceased mining in two subsidiaries. Nevertheless, the firm still maintains that its business continues to be profitable. Immediate Repayment of Loan Demanded The subsidiaries operating as Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) used Bitmain mining rigs financed by a $107.8 million loan from the New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG), reads the company's statement. Unfortunately, the crypto winter has shattered the faith many investors had in cryptocurrencies, leading to a demand for immediate repayment of the loan. Due to a combination of adverse market conditions, an increase in mining difficulty as well as in the price of electricity, and the value of BTC itself dropping, the crypto miners in question saw a far smaller return on investment than previously expected. Fortunately for Iris Energy, the machines purchased with the loan were also written down as collateral – meaning the debt will be cleared simply by turning them over to NYDIG. Business Still Profitable Despite Drop in Share Price Iris Energy – a company, headed by Daniel and Will Roberts – recently suffered a wipeout of $220 million in market value due to a 94.5% drop in their stock prices, IREN. Nevertheless, the brothers have stated that they are still optimistic about the cryptocurrency sector. They also reiterated tha... read More

2 Lenders Claim Bitcoin Miner Iris Energy Defaulted on Equipment Loans W...

    Another bitcoin mining company is dealing with financial issues as Iris Energy’s Form 6-K filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shows the company could face default on two loans. Iris Energy’s Form 6-K filing explains to the SEC that the firm “received a notice from its lender alleging the occurrence of an event of default and acceleration under the respective limited recourse equipment financing facilities.”Bitcoin Mining Company Iris Energy Faces Default on 2 Loans On Nov. 7, 2022, the bitcoin mining firm Iris Energy updated investors concerning October’s operations and the company noted it currently operates a hashrate of around 3.9 exahash per second (EH/s). The bitcoin mining company also said its “Mackenzie expansion” in British Columbia, Canada, from 50 megawatts (MW) to 80MW is “on track for energization by the end Q4 2022.” Also, the firm’s Childress facility in Texas is still in the construction and energization phase and operations continue on that end. However, a Form 6-K SEC filing registered in November indicates that two lenders are alleging the company defaulted on $103 million in equipment loans. The loans are being held by two special-purpose vehicles (SPV) and the lenders have sent a “purported acceleration notice” for the alleged defaults. Iris Energy said that a large fraction of its exahash is unaffected by the SPV’s purported acceleration notice. Iris ... read More

Bitcoin Miner Iris Energy On Verge of $103 Million Loan Default

    Yet another major North American Bitcoin miner is looking ill-prepared to pay off its debts before the end of the year.  This time it’s Iris Energy – a sustainability-focused miner that recently revealed its monthly profits to be well under its interest payment obligations.  Iris Energy’s Mining Margins The British Columbia-based firm published an update on Tuesday concerning its financing arrangements with NYDIG, an institutional Bitcoin broker that provided Iris with financing for Bitcoin mining machines, called ASICs.  Iris stated that some of the Bitcoin miners owned by its special-purpose vehicles (SPVs) “produce insufficient cash flow” to cover their debt to the lender. It is currently amid restructuring talks with the lender.  The firm designed three Non-Recourse SPVs with the specific purpose of financing some of its miners. Across all three, Iris has $104 million of principal debt still outstanding. Iris clarified that this is the only debt it has.  At present, the Non-Recourse SPVs produce roughly $2 million in gross monthly profit by mining Bitcoin but are required to pay $7 million in monthly interest payments. Furthermore, the miners owned by the SPVs are only worth an estimated $65 million to $70 million – well under their initial purchase amount. As such, Iris said it does not expect its second or third SPVs to make their scheduled principal payments on November 8th, which would end in default.  ... read More

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