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IRIS Price:
$587.9 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$25.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #IRIS today is $0.019 USD.

The lowest IRIS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.019, and the exact current price of one IRIS crypto coin is $0.01863.

The all-time high IRIS coin price was $0.31.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of IRIS with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for IRISnet crypto currency is #IRIS.

IRISnet is 3.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for IRISnet is $25,801,434.

IRISnet is ranking upwards to #399 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium today for #IRIS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for IRISnet is $587,867.


The circulating supply of IRIS is 1,384,841,410 coins, which is 69% of the maximum coin supply.


IRIS is a token on the Osmosis blockchain.


IRIS is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #IRIS, and you can view them on our IRIS disambiguation page.



IRISnet Monthly Update (2022.08)

2022.08— Technology & Ecosystem & Community Recap. — 🌈IRISgardians, Here’s our August Digest! IOBScan-IBC cross-chain explorer v0.5 was released! The new version supports a total of 45 IBC chains. That’s not the end of the story! We’re working immensely to cover the full-range IBCgang!, Governance: 2️⃣ proposals passed! — Prop#16 to request liquidity support for the rIRIS on StaFiHub, and Prop#17 to request Community Pool Spend for the upcoming NFT Collection Launchpad event on the Uptick NFT Marketplace on IRISnet., Community! Following the launch of the IOV/IRIS liquidity pools on in the last month, we’ve prepared a serial event to return contributors of IOV/IRIS liquidity and of both Starname and IRISnet ecosystems! Be sure you follow up tight with our clues on Twitter! The NFT Collection Launchpad Event on also went live, learn & join here!, ⏬Read on to catch more highlights📸 — ⭐Technical Updates⭐ - — irishub. — Composing Cosmos-SDK v0.46.1 upgrade document, preparing for the upcoming 1.4 mainnet upgrade., — IOBScan-IBC. — 1. Released v0.5 • Added support for 20 IBC chains • Added auto-refresh function • Enriched the “Relayers” page with relayer info collected from the Relayer Registry page • UX optimizations 2. Developing v0.6 • Added Timeout, Ack TxHash, Msg and other data • Added auto-conf...

IRISnet Monthly Update

2022.07 — Technology & Ecosystem & Community Recap. — 🌈IRISgardians, Here’s the wrap of July! Some highlights📸👇 IOBScan-IBC cross-chain explorer v0.4 has been released with all IBC-related data in greater details. Single-day transaction volume of the Cosmos/IRISnet tech-based WenChang Chain surpassed Ethereum by 41%! Embrace the Internet of Values! The new IOV/IRIS liquidity & farming pools went live on! Enjoy farming with extra IRIS incentives! Also you may stand a chance of getting additional $IOV rewards through the Liquidity Contribution Event. Learn and join here. — ⭐Technical Updates⭐ - — IOBScan-IBC. — 1. Released v0.4 • Delivered all main features with new pages of Tokens, Chains, Channels, and Relayers • Improved interaction logics • Created the Relayer Register repo for collecting relayers info and showcase on the Relayer page 2. Developing v0.4.5 • Added End Time info on the Transfers page • Updated style in stage environment • Other updates and optimizations for UX and logics — CoinSwap.Market. — Released v0.7 • Supported $IOV • Added IOV/IRIS liquidity and farming pools — ⭐ Ecosystem Updates ⭐ - — IOBScan-IBC Cross-chain Explorer v0.4 was Released for Querying All IBC-related Data. — On July 13, IOBScan-IBC cross-chain explorer v0.4 was released. Users can query all IBC-related data and...

IRISnet Monthly Update

2022.06— Technology & Ecosystem & Community Recap. — 🌈IRISgardians, The first exciting news from June is that Terminet has announced API services for IRISnet builders🧑‍💻, to help devs better focus on their ideas and building out the applications. As we can tell, Web3 is a place where developers help developers. We wish to see more such efforts coming out from our community, and more enjoying the benefits of a safe, open, and quick network. 👉 Apply for IRIS Foundation Tech-grant Being one of our focuses at the current stage, ICS721 interchain NFT transfers created by the IRISnet core dev team has completed the implementation code work and demo, and more exciting activities around this are imminent. Also, the IBC cross-chain explorer —, is under intensive iteration. Its homepage has put on a new look in June and, more functions & new pages will be released soon…Read on to explore! — ⭐Technical Updates⭐ - — interNFT (by the core dev team). — Added batch operation feature to base NFT module to better implement ICS721, Completed implementation work of ICS721, Worked out the demo of ICS721 for the testing of IBC NFT transfers, — IOBScan-IBC. — Stage released v0.4 • Stage released 4 new pages and 1 subpage: Relayer, Channels, Network and Tokens page, and Tokens Details subpage • Improved interaction logics • Created the Relayer Regi...

IRISnet Monthly Update

2022.05— Technology & Ecosystem & Community Recap. — 🌈IRISgardians, This month we saw cheerful updates in the NFT/IBC field with the ICS-721 spec already merged and entered into the quick development stage. On the other hand, the Cosmos/IRISnet tech-based WenChang Chain continued to boost NFT use cases through its recent collaboration with the Swiss prestige skincare house La Prairie to launch its 1st travel retail NFTs of this kind, a successful crossover paradigm covered by Moodie Davitt Report. While on the community side, to stimulate participation and further incentivize our community, we collaborated with StaFiHub in April to launch the rIRIS token liquidity staking solution for users, and it’s now live and open for testing! Besides, we’ve announced and Stakewolle as two new grant winners in the latest Rainbow Validator Intro Series. If you’re a validator interested in contributing to the IRISnet ecosystem while winning rewards at the same time, fill out the form! Read on for more! — ⭐Technical Updates⭐ - — irishub. — • The coinswap module v1.4 upgrade has been completed and submitted for testing — IOBScan-IBC. — • Completed prototype design of Relayer, Channels, Networks, and Tokens pages • Updated UI — CoinSwap. — • Upgraded to v_0.6.5, supported new $GRAV, $WETH, $USDC liquidity pools in “Analytics” and optimized the ...

Rainbow Validator Introduction vol.5 | IRISnet Validator Rewards Program & Stakewolle. — The IRIS Foundation launched the Validator Rewards Program in 2020 to support and reward validators for their contributions to the IRISnet ecosystem, boosting the participation of new validators, encouraging community outreach by validators, and incentivizing active engagement in the IRISnet ecosystem. The Rainbow Validator Intro series are announcements of grant winners under the program. The IRIS Foundation will select up to 3 validators and give out grants based on applications we received.Interested in becoming an “Rainbow Validator”? Fill out the application form and win the Rewards! 🌈 Now, let’s meet Vol.5 Rainbow Validators — & Stakewolle!🌟What did they do? — — Integrated IRISnet in’s staking tool, providing functionalities including basic wallet functionality, staking, ledger support and more, and provided a step-by-step user guide.Developed & published overview content, digests, etc. on IRISnet and engaged in interactions with IRISnet on social media as well as in communities.Arranged AMA session to introduce IRISnet project, latest updates, ecosystem news and technical progress to their communities. — Stakewolle. — Made educational videos about the IRISnet ecosystem and technical & community updates regularly.Shared videos, contexts, and other outreach throughout their social media to ...

IRISnet Monthly Update(2022.04)

IRISnet Monthly Update - — 2022.04 — Technology & Ecosystem & Community Recap. — 🌈IRISgardians, In April we were delighted to see that the WeTeam dApp, a DAO tool granted by the IRIS Foundation, has launched on IRIS Hub via iService, marking a zero-to-one achievement of the IRISnet DAO ecosystem. With more DAO features underway, we’ll see a more efficient and decentralized network in the near future, and you’ll be there to witness, participate in, and enjoy all the new possibilities coming from it. Another exciting announcement is that Ignite (formerly Tendermint) has launched the Accelerator Program, a $150M-backed program for Web3 builders, together with Ignite CLI and Ignite Ventures, which has included IRISnet in its first-batch investment list! Apply for your projects on now! For token utility, we will roll out a new rIRIS liquidity staking solution with StaFi, find more details in our announcement. Also, don’t forget to check our recent notice about finding qualified candidates for the position of IRISnet community manager (Hispanic and more). MAY all the good things be around you! 💫 — ⭐Technical Updates⭐ - — irishub. — • Upgraded Cosmos SDK to v0.45.2 • Upgraded irishub and the Coinswap module • Completed the review of new product requirements — IOBScan. — IOBScan IBC v0.3.3 • Supported displaying WETH, USDC, GRAV, and UST tok...

StaFiHub and IRISnet Team up to Launch rIRIS Token Liquid Staking Solution

We’re pleased to announce that IRISnet and StaFiHub have established a strategic cooperation to develop and launch the rIRIS token liquid staking solution (rIRIS Solution) for IRISnet native token, which will be the first rToken developed on StaFiHub Liquid Staking SDK in the StaFiHub ecosystem. Two teams will work closely to further boost the adoption and liquidity of rIRIS token in both ecosystems, as well as across the whole Cosmos ecosystem. StaFiHub is a Cosmos SDK built project developed by StaFi protocol to provide Liquid Staking Derivative SDK solution for Cosmos Eco projects. With StaFiHub, Cosmos Eco projects to easily and quickly get their own liquid staking derivatives with very limited development and time costs. — Provide rIRIS token Liquid Staking Solution. — To have the liquid staking derivative for IRISnet, the IRIS Foundation awards a grant to StaFiHub for implementing rIRIS solution on the StaFiHub chain. Through the rIRIS solution, the IRISnet community can stake IRIS tokens to earn staking incentives while also benefiting from the liquidity of the rIRIS token at the same time, which allows their rIRIS tokens to be freely transferred to any IBC chain at any moment. Also, StaFiHub will shortly release the rIRIS testnet for the IRISnet community, with FIS incentives for both the IRISnet and StaFi communities to participate in the testing. — Boost the Liquidity for rIRIS on rDEX. &mdas...

IRISnet Monthly Update

2022.03 — Technology & Ecosystem & Community Recap. — 🌈IRISgardians, The past month has marked a series of successful upgrades, including IRISnet mainnet, the official website, CoinSwap, and the Nyan Cat IP, bringing a slew of new & improved cross-chain, NFT features, and liquidity farming choices. On the community front, we’ve seen three on-chain proposals submitted & passed, as well as the announcement of the biggest-ever IRISnet Airdrop event, with 1,880 exclusive Nyan Cat NFTs distributed to all Prop#11 voters. Hidden benefits and massive rewards are waiting! Let’s stay tuned! The IRISnet ecosystem is booming, and it’s never too late to join. — ⭐Technical Updates⭐ - — irishub. — • Fixed issues prior to the release of irishub v1.3.0 • Conducted the pre-research on optimizing the Coinswap module — IOBScan. — 1. IOBScan XP v0.6.3 • Optimized the display scheme of community pools 2. IOBScan XP v0.6.4 • Optimized the on-chain data sync logic 3. IOBScan XP v0.6.5 • Optimized the page-jump scheme • Supported displaying tx details in the Farm module • went offline 4. IOBScan Home v_0.2 Completed the configuration upgrade plan of IBC-enabled chains 5. IOBScan-IBC v0.3.2 • Optimized the display of tx details under the “Others” option in the “Transfer” list • Completed the auxiliary verification of txs • Supporte...

WeTeam DAO App Has Launched on IRISnet!

— The iService-based DAO Tool for Cosmos. — WeTeam, winner of the tech-grant by IRIS Foundation, has recently launched its DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Tool. The WeTeam dApp is the first DAO tooling platform launched on IRISnet mainnet using iService, and will further expand the Cosmos DAO map. Powered by IRISnet’s unique iService and robust interchain capacity, the WeTeam dApp, as a DAO starter, provides a set of convenient DAO management features including team creation, token issuance, incentive model building, proposal governance, and more by using “tokens” as proof for value circulation, and benefit distribution between DAO members. Moreover, to provide universal DAO solutions, WeTeam supports both internet-native projects and traditional organizations. 🔗WeTeam official website: WeTeam As a budding social organizational form, DAO is no doubt a game-changer in the blockchain world and modern business operations. The sooner you become aware of this, the more likely you would lead the game. Having identified the great potential of DAO, IRISnet has set to explore the possibility of expanding the utility of IRIS tokens and NFT applications using DAO tools. While WeTeam, with more NFT features underway, will foreseeably support this plan and further boost the IRISnet NFT ecosystem. Also, with the support of DAO tools, there’re also chances that IRISnet would explore teaming up with more DAO ...

CoinSwap Upgraded: Integrates Gravity Bridge, Opens New Liquidity & Farming Pools

On March 29, the IRISnet mainnet has been successfully upgraded to IRIS Hub 1.3, drawing a remarkable period to the technical roadmap in Q1. Now, as our promise to further improve cross-chain interoperability and the utility of the IRIS tokens, we’re excited to announce that ConiSwap has integrated Gravity Bridge, the cross-chain bridge for Cosmos to connect Ethereum, and opened three new liquidity and farming pools:GRAV-IRISUSDC-IRISWETH-IRIS IRISnet integrating Gravity Bridge helps introduce more Ethereum/EVM-compatible assets into the Cosmos ecosystem. And there’s no question that a growingly interconnected Internet of Blockchains will benefit a wider range of builders and users alike. The new pools were available as soon as the CoinSwap v0.6 is successfully upgraded on April 6. Users can now enjoy safe and free farming to earn dual-assets incentives! For further details, please refer to the guides below.User Guide — CoinSwap v0.6 — What’s different?. — CoinSwap v0.6 has implemented a number of new functions and improvements. To get you familiar, let’s start with a brief introduction to the new version: 1. Navigation Bar: CoinSwap v0.6 has 7 sub-page links, compared to 5 in the last version, including the new “Coins”, “Stake”, “Vote” sub-page links, and the renamed “Swap” (formerly “Coinswap”) and “Stats” (formerly “Charts”) links. Note that the wallet connection i...

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