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Internet of Services Token  


IOST Price:
$4.2 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.2 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #IOST today is $0.012 USD.

The lowest IOST price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.012, and the current live price for one IOST coin is $0.01189.

The all-time high IOST coin price was $0.13.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of IOST with market cap of ETH and how the supply affects the price of IOST at different market capitalizations.


The code for Internet of Services Token is #IOST.

Internet of Services Token is 4.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for Internet of Services Token is $232,885,276.

Internet of Services Token is ranked #131 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big today for #IOST.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Internet of Services Token is $4,204,792.


The circulating supply of IOST is 19,586,002,564 coins, which is 93% of the maximum coin supply.

Internet of Services Token has a relatively large supply of coins, 161 times larger than Ethereum's supply, as an example.


IOST is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 26 crypto exchanges.

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Bitpoint Japan Exchange Joins IOST Ecosystem Network as Node Partner

The IOST blockchain has provided a developer-friendly environment for developers and stable network for community since its mainnet launch in 2019. The smart contracts supporting JavaScript give programming flexibility, as well as, network transaction costs (gas costs) are virtually free as no tokens are consumed by the mechanism of gas consumption through the deposit of IOST tokens. IOST ecosystem node partners in Japan include developers, web3 game service providers, private investors, media, law firms, and digital asset exchanges, and in globally, world-class Staking providers, such as Binance Staking, Huobi Wallet, Moonstake. Node partners are not only incentivized to participate in verification or block generation, but also play an important role in the network security required for a decentralized network. — Bitpoint Japan offers IOST Staking Service - We believe that the participation of Bitpoint Japan, a well-known Exchange, as a node partner of the IOST ecosystem will revitalize the Japanese IOST community and reaffirm the IOST ecosystem to the global community. Bitpoint Japan also plans to launch an IOST coin staking service in 2022. — Together Contributing on Web 3 Education in Universities - IOST has been providing free workshops on understanding blockchain to universities and educational institutions in Japan. From 2018 to the present (September 2022), a cumulative total of more than 500 students fr...

IOST Ranks 15th In The Most Expected Coin Survey in Japan

Net Money, a Japanese magazine for retail investors, conducted a survey on the usage status of crypto assets on June 2022. IOST was indicated by several of the respondents as the most promising coin of the future. The survey was done by 1,000 men and women aged 20–59 in Japan who have an account at an exchange.“Crypto assets are attractive because they can be invested in small amounts, and the number one reason for choosing an exchange was name recognition and reliability of the company. The most anticipated crypto asset was bitcoin, accounting for 48% of the total. “ — The summary by Net Money — Brand recognition or reliability is the reason to choose exchanges - In Japan, exchanges are competing with each other to get new coins into their hands faster than their competitors. In the survey, the top three exchanges where accounts are opened by respondents and most frequently used exchanges are same which are Number 1 bitflyer, Number 2 Coincheck, and Number 3 GMOCoin. The most common reason for choosing an exchange was brand recognition or reliability, followed by the variety of coins handled and then low fees. — Amount of money invested in crypto assets - In another survey report* on financial investments, crypto asset investing, like FX, is overwhelmingly favored by men and by young adults. The investment amount is small due to the large proportion of young people, in this survey, more than 25% of ...

New Watch-2-Earn project LOFI will be Launched on IOST!

On August 25, 2022, ultra-fast, decentralized blockchain network IOST announced a new partnership with the Watch2Earn Project- LOFI to further expand the NFT and X2E sectors to the IOST ecosystem. — Watch-2-Earn project on IOST! - Many projects tried to become the next Axie Infinity, but in the end, the project that led the next wave of Axie Infinity was StepN. There are too many M2E projects being launched and promised to be a better version of StepN. However, IOST anticipates that the trend after StepN will start with other X2E projects. There is a high potential for Watch to Earn space. IOST believes there are three essential elements for a successful project, and the LOFI team has determined that it has all of the followings: Many users in the target market., It should be used regularly in users’ daily life., Using this product should return a positive impact on users’ life., LOFI’s target users are those who watch videos on Twitch, YouTube, or another video platform. LOFI offers users more benefits than the traditional way of watching the video. It can have a positive impact on users’ lives and has the potential to be used by hundreds of millions of users around the world. The LOFI team will launch the first product through BSC but will later expand to multi-chain and support IOST. IOST hopes to provide high-quality DAPPs to the IOST community through this partnership, and hopefully, this will make the ...

IOST H2 2022 Roadmap Is Unveiled Now!

We are excited to move into Q3 and Q4 of 2022 and share with IOSTIANS our goals and plans moving forward. — Q3- 2022 - Enhance user experience in infrastructure and improve IOST explorer and iwallet plugins’ speed and function, Optimize node deployment experience on IOST mainnet and simplify the deployment documentation, Elevate IOST mainnet node running performance cost mechanism, Complete Web3 API for RPC, Source more partnerships in Web3, List IOST coin on more Japan and global changes, Explore more top-tier and quality global ecosystem partners, Upgrade IOST node partner cooperation mechanism and develop Voting Function for community governance via DAO, — Q4- 2022 - Lower down IOST account creating threshold and explore more possibilities in using public keys as addresses, Enrich IOST development documents and accelerate the growth of Dapp ecosystem, Explore EVM automatic migration to run IOST ecological smart contracts, Accelerate the integration of payment platform to upgrade wallet functions, Incubate high-quality projects in GameFi & NFT, Focus on the in-depth layout of Web3 and promote the IOST ecosystem’s development at all levels, Expand the IOST ecosystem and the growth in Europe and America markets, IOST H2 2022 Roadmap Is Unveiled Now! was originally published in IOST on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

IOST and University Laboratory Co-Hosted Web3 Summer School “Metaverse and Smart Contract”…

IOST and University Laboratory Co-Hosted Web3 Summer School “Metaverse and Smart Contract” Contributing to Blockchain Education - The IOST Foundation started the “Blockchain Free Education Program” in 2018 and has provided a cumulative total of more than 500 students at 9 universities and educational institutions in Japan to provide Web3 education. On August 11, 2022, IOST Foundation held the Web3 Summer School “Metaverse and Smart Contracts,” a blockchain learning event co-sponsored by the Kawamura Laboratory of the Department of Intelligent Informatics, Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University. The lecturers were developers from DeNA, a mobile game company and famous for the Yokohama DeNA BayStars NFT movie collection “PLAYBACK 9” and EverSystem, which develops multiple services on the IOST blockchain. In addition, the Japan Blockchain Association supported the event to educate students and develop human resources. Fumitoshi Ogata (System Developer, DeNA Inc.) Ogata introduced himself in Metaverse and shared the sense of the world of Metaverse with the students through an application that digitizes objects in the real world using LiDAR built into smartphones. He talked about the transition from the beginnings of the Internet to the new concept of Web3 and its differences, as well as the globally standardized standards that are important for the diffusion of new technologies. He also introduced DeNA’s bl...

New NFT marketplace “tomonity” launched with built-in wallet on IOST

15 July 2022, Omochi Ltd., CEO: Tomohisa Iwamoto, a web system developer, has announced officially the release of “tomonity”, an NFT marketplace powered by the IOST blockchain. 7 famous Japanese NFT artists, 3D creators, and illustrators will participate in the launch.1. Easy even for Crypto Beginners! Built-in Wallet To lower the barrier to entry for artists and users with no knowledge of cryptocurrency or blockchain, we have introduced a dedicated wallet that is automatically granted upon registration. Users do not need a specific wallet for their crypto assets, eliminating the arduous process of learning and tightly managing a wallet.2. Free transaction fees for users IOST’s unique consensus mechanism allows users to freely execute transactions by covering the cost of the transaction (gas fee) that is originally borne by the user. *A 2.5% transaction closing fee is charged at the time of sale.3. Seven NFT Artists, 3D Creators and Illustrators participateShiberu, 3D Creator, Twitter: @Shiberu_7Kamikaze, 3D Creator, Twitter: @kamikaze_ku92Analogozi, Illustrator, Twitter: @analogoziChanmaroru, Illustrator, Twitter: @chanmaroruIMOKO, Illustrator, Twitter: @IMOKO5555Lemone, Illustrator, Twitter: @Cawaii_Cawaii00Tsumugi Production, Illustrator, Twitter: @Tsumugipro4. Unique IDs to Prevent Fake Collections Fake collections are common in the NFT marketplace, with malicious users buying fake collections that look like wel...

IOST Listed on Huobi Japan Exchange | Deposit & Withdrawal Now Available!

1st June 2022, IOST is now available on Huobi Japan as its 20th officially listed token according to Huobi’s latest announcement. IOST deposit and withdrawal are now open on Huobi Japan exchange to our Japanese IOSTIANS. IOST won the most popular coin in a Popular Coin Voting Contest by Huobi Japan against Against Tezos, Ontology, Enjin, NEO & Qtum so shout out to our IOSTIANs for contributing to this listing announcement. Back in April 2022, Bitpoint Japan officially listed IOST. In May 2022, IOST token was announced on the “GREEN LIST” by JVCEA, the Japan Virtual and Crypto Assets Exchange Association. IOST is also one of the only 18 coins that make it to this Green List, out of 48 coins by JVCEA. In total, there are 4 now compliant exchanges- Coincheck, OKCoin Japan, Bitpoint Japan, and Huobi Japan to support IOST native token in Japan. We are thrilled about our compliance progress, and expansion to get IOST more readily accessible to more users. If you would like to hang out with the IOST community on chat, social media, or discuss product development, we have something for everyone: Telegram |Announcement | Twitter |Japan Twitter | Korea Twitter | CEO Twitter |Developer Community| Facebook |LinkedIn | Medium ……………………………………………………. IOST Listed on Huobi Japan Exchange | Deposit & Withdrawal Now Available! was originally published in IOST on Medium, where people are con...

Yokozuna Finance Launches Sumo themed Play 2 Earn NFT’s and Auction Marketplace on IOST

The non-fungible token (NFT) market was one of the hottest growth areas in the fintech last year. Several well-known and soon-to-be well-known artists, influencers and projects took centre stage for much of 2021, leading the way and racking up more than $50B in sales. The NFT space was red hot, but not without some critics rightly suggesting many entrants were putting forth unimaginative copycat projects and selling static jpegs lacking in use case with only “hope” of creating collectability.Recognising, “hope is not a strategy”, Yokozuna Finance has quickly went from being the new kid on the dohyō, to a leading DeFi NFT platform in the GameFi space. With the gaming market already a multi-billion dollar industry and expected to grow exponentially in the coming decade, it is no surprise that functional NFT’s are finally making their way into the space and here to stay. Today, with the introduction of its’ NFT auction marketplace at, Yokozuna Finances’ innovative Play-to-Earn NFT’s model has taken another step in affording participants the opportunity to use “Functional NFT’s” to monetise their gameplay. The project is loosely based on professional and amateur Sumo with aspirations to educate and entertain users through a fun and unique gamified DeFi experience. Users will not only earn rewards for staking NFT’s, but govern the DAO. The team hopes proposals to fund Sumo initiatives in r...

IOST Token Listed on GREEN LIST by the Japanese Crypto Association

We are excited to share that the IOST token has been listed on the “GREEN LIST” provided by JVCEA, the Japan Virtual and Crypto Assets Exchange Association. IOST is also one of the only 18 coins that make it to this Green List, out of 48 coins by JVCEA. This milestone is a reflection of IOST’s effective business expansion strategy in one of the most highly regulated countries, Japan, and well-deserved recognition of IOST’s contributions to training developers and educating universities students in Japan since 2018, as well as the approval of listing on Coincheck in September 2020, OKCoin Japan in September 2021, and Bitpoint Japan in May 2022. JVCEA has 40 member companies with exchange licenses in Japan, and its activities are aimed at ensuring the appropriate and smooth implementation of crypto-asset exchange business and crypto-asset related derivatives business conducted by its members, and contributing to their sound development, protection of users, and protection of investors. The purpose of JVCEA is to ensure the appropriate and smooth implementation of the crypto-asset exchange business and crypto asset-related derivatives business conducted by its members. Being on the JVCEA’s Green List will unlock future opportunities and strengthen IOST’s compliance status in JapanOnly 18 coins are on the GREEN LIST out of 48 Approved Coins (as of May 2022)IOST token is on GREEN LIST (as of May 2022) The Green Li...

IOST Partners Label Foundation To Drive The Future of Music NFTs

On May 4th, 2022, IOST is excited to announce its strategic partnership with the Label Foundation- one of the earliest pioneers committed to creating a sustainable music IP NFTs ecosystem for the top musicians (Grammy award-winning artists), protected by a distributed ledger. The emerging world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is growing beyond works of art, play-to-earn game items, virtual real estate, and collectibles, and now includes music NFTs. Musicians and music producers are now generating significant revenue by selling digital versions of their art and music. In the case of NFT music IP, it belongs to the realm of rare NFTs stored in blockchain technology. NFT Music IPs typically help block the middlemen that make up the majority of musicians’ revenue, providing a lucrative opportunity for creators to monetize.“By expanding the ecosystem into IOST, Label foundation could benefit from the fast, secure, and reasonable gas fees of the IOST network. The IOST Foundation sees added values and a positive outlook in its collaborations with musical NFTs and top artists via Label Foundation. The IOST and LABEL team believe that music producers can earn significantly more on decentralized platforms than top musicians, either through centralized streaming apps or traditional labels.”- IOST Foundation CMO, Blake Jeong“We are very excited to enter into a strategic partnership with IOST. IOST is a project with high recognition...


IOST sets up $100M fund to push growth of EVM multi-chain ecosystem

    The IOST Foundation, the organization behind the IOST blockchain, a gas-efficient proof-of-believability-powered smart contract platform, announced today together with venture capital institutions and ecosystem partners, the launch of a new $100 million USD incentive fund for EVM developers, aiming to incubate projects and propel the growth of IOST’s multi-chain ecosystem. On March 31, 2022, IOST unveiled Project Entroverse, a roadmap goal to build a growing, interoperable, and interconnected blockchain network. This newly announced 100 million USD fund under Project Entroverse targets developers around the world, and consists of the “New Ecosystem Fund” and the “Accelerator Fund.' New Ecosystem Fund to expand IOST’s on-chain applications, mainnet infrastructure, and tools. Accelerator Fund will provide capital, FA, and bonuses to development teams and projects via IOST. Big Candle Capital (BCC) Seeks to Fuel IOST and More The leading investor of the fund is Big Candle Capital. The scope of this exclusive fund is not limited to applicants developing dApps on the IOST chain exclusively; all outstanding projects deployed on other EVM-compatible chains with multi-chain development plans are also welcome to apply for support. Big Candle Capital is a venture capital firm established in 2017 by the IOST Foundation in conjunction with several investment institutions and ecosystem partner nodes. Big Candle Capital has invested in more than 80 projects,... read More

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