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Injective Protocol  


INJ Price:
$12.5 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.1 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #INJ today is $1.90 USD.

The lowest INJ price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.90, and the exact current price of one INJ crypto coin is $1.90477.

The all-time high INJ coin price was $25.22.

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The code for Injective Protocol is #INJ.

Injective Protocol is 2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Injective Protocol is $148,582,852.

Injective Protocol is ranked #175 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large daily trading volume on #INJ.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Injective Protocol is $12,512,212.


The circulating supply of INJ is 78,005,556 coins, which is 78% of the total coin supply.


INJ is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the INJ Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


INJ is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 19 crypto exchanges.

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Helix Launches on Injective

Helix is now live on Injective! Injective Pro is rapidly expanding its overall vision and capabilities to become Helix: The Premier Decentralized Crypto Exchange. Helix is also introducing a diverse array of new upgrades and advanced trading enhancements such as decentralized stop-limit orders. In addition, Helix is launching an intuitive convert interface that can allow new users to easily trade on a fully on-chain orderbook. The new app will bring zero gas fees, best-in-class security, lightning fast speeds, cross-chain assets and market leading rebates. These features coupled with a number of major optimizations help to make Helix the optimal gateway to bring crypto trading to the masses. — What is Helix?. — Helix is the premier platform for trading unlimited cross-chain crypto assets and perpetual markets with market leading rebates. Helix represents a major evolution in the Injective dApp ecosystem to date, bringing forth a completely redesigned exchange, advanced order types, a brand new Convert interface, trading histories, and reward tracking. Helix is powered by the interoperable Injective blockchain which can natively support a wide array of assets such as Cosmos, Ethereum, EVMOS and Moonbeam. Helix also features a simple portfolio to help organize and bridge assets via a host of crypto wallets, creating a seamless end-user experience for all traders. Helix holds the record of becoming one of the faste...

Decentralized USDC Spot Market Listing on Injective Pro

The USDC Spot market is now live on Injective Pro! This USDC/USDT Spot Market will showcase the lowest trading fees for a stablecoin pair available on any exchange. You can start trading $USDC with market and limit orders on Injective Pro, the premier derivatives exchange dApp built on Injective. Injective Pro provides users with a fully decentralized orderbook environment with zero gas fees. You can transfer your USDC through the Injective Bridge from Ethereum or you can start trading USDC on Injective using USDT. Injective is natively able to connect to Ethereum, Cosmos, and a number of other IBC-enabled chains. The Injective Bridge further expanded its supported networks, allowing users to access a wider array of assets and ecosystems, such as Polkadot and Axelar. Moving forward, the recent funding round led by Jump Crypto will look to accelerate the Injective ecosystem growth, increase utility for $INJ, and provide liquidity to existing exchange dApps built on Injective. This is a new milestone for Injective to rapidly grow within institutional circles globally. Get started here: — Why Trade $USDC on Injective? - On Injective Pro, users will be able to trade USDC with zero gas fees and lightning fast speeds. You can place both market and limit orders on a fully decentralized orderbook created for the Injective community. Injective is natively compatible with Ethereum and allows assets to be trans...

Blockchain Startup Injective Nets $40M Round Featuring Jump Crypto, BH Digital

By Bessie Liu of Blockworks Blockchain startup Injective Labs has secured $40 million in its latest funding round, led by Jump Crypto. BH Digital, the digital asset division of hedge fund firm Brevan Howard, is also participating. Injective is behind a layer-1 blockchain network of the same name, which launched its mainnet last year. It’s designed for developers building DeFi applications — including exchanges, derivatives, prediction markets and options. Eric Chen, Injective Labs’ CEO, told Blockworks that as the project evolved, it slowly became a “general purpose layer-1 blockchain with a sector-specific focus.” Chen is hoping that developers will launch their DeFi (decentralized finance) applications on Injective over the raft of rival smart contract-powered networks on offer, such as Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Injective utilizes Ignite (formerly Tendermint), a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. It is compatible with other Cosmos Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) chains but can also communicate with other layer-1 blockchains such as Ethereum. More than 40 people currently work at Injective Labs, and the ecosystem has so far onboarded a handful of applications. Injective boasts just $100 million in total value locked (TVL), a measure of how much crypto is kept inside the network’s DeFi apps. By comparison, Ethereum, the largest network by TVL, currently commands $38.5 b...

Layer 1 blockchain Injective raises $40 million round led by Jump Crypto

Image courtesy of The Block By Tom Matsuda of The Block Injective, a DeFi-focused layer 1 blockchain, raised a $40 million round in a private token sale led by Jump Crypto. Jump will also be acting as a market maker for Injective Pro, one of the ecosystem’s decentralized apps (dApps), according to an announcement this morning. BH Digital, the digital asset division of billionaire hedge fund manager Alan Howard’s Brevan Howard, also took part in the round, which closed in July. The valuation was not disclosed. Through Injective, founder Eric Chen’s aim is to create an interoperable blockchain specialized in decentralized finance use cases. Key features of the technology include its on-chain order book and incentives for reductions in gas fees, Chen adds. The deal also comes at a turbulent time in crypto markets, with the price of bitcoin slumped below $25,000 and startup valuations down across the board. According to The Block research, venture capital deals in the blockchain sector plunged in the second quarter of this year from $12.5 billion in Q1 to $9.8 billion. Despite this, Chen thinks now is the optimal time to raise. “We want to go against what the current trend is,” he says. “We want to be in the best position possible during a bear market to build and support new incoming developers and capture those opportunities.” Injective plans to do this by using the capital is just raised to create incentive...

Jump Crypto leads Injective’s $40M round to help expand DeFi applications

Image courtesy of TechCrunch By Jacquelyn Melinek of TechCrunch Even though digital asset markets have been shaky, the blockchain sector continues to scale as demand increases from both crypto-native and traditional institutions looking to use the technology. Layer-1 blockchain Injective has raised $40 million in a round led by Jump Crypto, Eric Chen, CEO and co-founder of Injective Labs, told TechCrunch. Brevan Howard Digital, the crypto arm of British billionaire hedge fund manager Alan Howard, also participated in the funding round. The capital was raised by Injective and Injective Labs, a software development firm that supports the blockchain, to add new stakeholders to the ecosystem, Chen said. “It’s really about bringing on valuable stakeholders rather than having more capital at hand.” The platform aims to optimize and build decentralized finance (DeFi) applications like exchanges, derivatives, prediction markets and options. It also produces financial decentralized applications (dApps). “This is a fundamental piece of innovation and a fundamental paradigm shift that no one wants to be excluded from or too late on adopting. This is why we’re so excited — those who are making large efforts and commitments are innovating forward.” The new funds will be used to support incoming Injective developers as well as build critical toolkits, support softwares and core upgrades to expand its ecosystem, Chen said...

July Update: CosmWasm Chain Upgrade, and Larger Ecosystem Build!

July was a big month for Injective. From the highly anticipated mainnet chain upgrade, to multiple spotlights on ecosystem growth, Injective is leading to a more vibrant DeFi ecosystem. For a recap of July, check out this highlight reel 👇 — 1. CosmWasm Chain Upgrade - Injective has undergone a mainnet chain upgrade on July 5th which includes support for CosmWasm smart contracts, interchain accounts, binary options, negative maker fees and more. The new CosmWasm implementation will allow developers to build a diverse set of applications on Injective while still utilizing the existing core modules that Injective provides., Negative maker fees for approved markets will provide incentives to market makers when trading on Injective, thus encouraging more liquidity on-chain., Binary options markets will now be supported on-chain to provide support for new types of applications to be built on Injective., — 2. Negative Maker Fees — Live For 17 Markets! - Negative maker fees are now live for seventeen (17) markets across exchange dApps built on Injective. Institutions can receive a -0.01% maker rate for perpetual swaps and spot markets such as $DOT, $EVMOS, $APE, $BTC, $ETH and more. With this benefit, and a Dedicated Market Maker (DMM) program that can provide rewards of up to $120,000 every four weeks, Injective provides some of the highest benefits for institutional traders. — 3. Binary Options: Fron...

Injective Raises $40,000,000 to Advance Web3 Finance

Injective has raised $40M to accelerate the adoption and growth of Web3 finance. The funding round consisted of Jump Crypto and BH Digital (the crypto arm of famed hedge fund manager Alan Howard). This new capital will enable Injective to spur further development aimed at creating the industry-leading blockchain optimized for financial applications. Injective will also continue to invest in its rapidly growing ecosystem in order to solidify its position as the premier destination for Web3 DeFi developers. The funding will also be utilized to further increase utility for the native INJ token, which powers Injective, while also creating new liquidity avenues for dApps built on Injective. — Unmatched Ecosystem Growth - Injective has continued to grow at an unprecedented level. Injective now has reached over 92 million on-chain transactions, outpacing many popular layer one protocols in the market today. Given its state-of-the-art infrastructure, Injective is able to confirm every transaction instantly with zero delays and near zero fees. dApps built on Injective have already generated over $7 Billion in cumulative volume, becoming one of the fastest growing ecosystems in the industry today. With the launch of its multichain CosmWasm smart contracts layer last month, Injective has now taken a pivotal step towards its evolution as it is now poised to be the leading infrastructure optimized for DeFi applications. Injective...

Overview: Binary Options

The Binary Options module is now live on Injective! As a further result of the Injective Mainnet Chain Upgrade, binary options can now be utilized by any developer or application built on Injective.What Are Binary Options? Binary options are a type of financial derivative in which the trader predicts the outcome from two possible results. Users can choose between two outcomes within a binary option, and dependent on whether the option expires in the trader’s favor, a payout will be given. For example, binary options can be a contract for the outcome of an election: will candidate A become president? The options given within a binary options market are binary — yes or no — and the correct answer will come with a payoff. Binary options are also dependent on an expiration time, as there must be a definitive outcome to the proposition in order to provide the payout to the trader. In the above example, the user who selects the correct outcome will only receive payment once the election results are finalized. Binary options are most frequently used within prediction markets that can propose any number of options for traders to enter into. — How Does This Affect the Injective Community?. — Binary options provide an additional module for developers to utilize and create new types of applications on Injective. New dApps, such as prediction market platforms, will further diversify the ecosystem for Injecti...

Negative Maker Fee Markets Now Live

Negative maker fees are now in effect for 17 new markets across exchange dApps built on Injective! With the passing of Injective Improvement Proposal 162 (IIP-162), maker and taker fees on Injective native exchange dApps will be updated to a -0.01% rate for makers and 0.1% takers for 17 markets on. In addition, Trade & Earn multipliers for both maker and takers will be updated, with a slightly higher rate for a select few markets.Background Negative maker fees are now supported with the latest Injective Mainnet Chain Upgrade. Any exchange built on Injective can allow market makers to take advantage of negative maker fees on governance-approved listings. Negative maker fees provide an additional benefit to market makers by calculating their trading fees at a negative rate, providing a rebate to market makers. Learn more about negative maker fees here.Which Markets Are Affected? This proposal adjusts the maker fee to -0.01%, taker fee to 0.1%, Trade & Earn maker multiplier to 1x and Trade & Earn taker multiplier to 1x for the following markets:ATOM/USDTATOM/USDT PERPAPE/USDTBNB/USDT PERPDOT/USDTEVMOS/USDTGF/USDTLINK/USDTOSMO/USDT PERPSOL/USDT PERPSTX/USDT PERPXPRT/USDT This proposal adjusts the maker fee to -0.01%, taker fee to 0.1%, Trade & Earn maker multiplier to 1.5x and Trade & Earn taker multiplier to 1.5x for the following markets:BTC/USDT PERPETH/USDT PERPINJ/USDTINJ/USDT PERPWETH/USDT Injective e...

Overview: Negative Maker Fees

Negative maker fees are now supported on Injective! Any exchange built on Injective can allow market makers to take advantage of negative maker fees on governance-approved listings. For markets with a negative maker fee, the trading fees for market makers will be calculated at a negative rate, which will provide an immediate monetary benefit for those who provide liquidity to the market. In short, instead of trading fees being collected from those who provide liquidity on Injective, monetary compensation will be given whenever negative maker fees are activated on a specific listing.What Are Negative Maker Fees? Negative maker fees are fees that are paid back to traders who provide liquidity (i.e. tokens) to a market. Traders who undertake to purchase or sell at specified prices at all times are considered market makers. Prior to the mainnet chain upgrade, makers incurred a trading fee on all markets. To provide a further incentive to market makers, Injective Improvement Proposal 159 (IIP-159) was submitted and approved to enable negative fee rates. The proposal also approved the restructuring of base trading fees across Injective exchange dApps and reward programs to allow this to take place.Which Market Listings Will Provide Negative Maker Fees? All negative maker fees are proposed and initiated for market listings through governance proposals. Both a listing and a proposed fee rate must be approved through governance fo...


Injective (INJ) Infuses Adrenaline With Double-digit Gain, Is $2.5 Feasi...

    Injective Protocol (INJ) has had a tough time seeing its price shed over 90% from its all-time high of $24.8 against tether (USDT). Despite recently seeing a huge pullback in the crypto market, Injective Protocol (INJ) continues to show immense strength, racking up double-digit gains. (Data from Binance) Injective Protocol (INJ) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart  Weekly INJ Price Chart | Source: INJUSDT On INJ saw a decline in its price from $24.8 to around $0.9, with an over 90% drop from its all-time high despite having good fundamentals. The price of INJ bounced off after touching a weekly low of $0.9, and the price rallied to $1.7, showing some great strength. The price of INJ on the weekly chart needs to build more volume as the price is faced with resistance at $1.9, unable to trend higher. INJ’s price needs to break out with good volume for the price to have a good chance of trading higher above $1.9 and possibly to a region of $2.5.  INJ must break and hold above the resistance at $1.9 to form a support for the price of INJ to have a chance to trend higher. If the price of INJ fails to break this resistance region, we could see the price retesting the lower weekly region of $1, acting as a good buy zone to push the price of INJ higher and to hold the sell-off.   Weekly resistance for the price of INJ - $1.9. Weekly support for the price of INJ - $1. Price Analysis Of INJ On The Daily (1D) Chart Daily INJ Price Chart | Source... read More

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