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Injective Protocol  


INJ Price:
$0.2 B
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.5 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #INJ today is $25.59 USD.

The lowest INJ price for this period was $0, the highest was $25.59, and the exact current price of one INJ crypto coin is $25.59303.

The all-time high INJ coin price was $52.76.

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The code for Injective Protocol is #INJ.

Injective Protocol is 3.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for Injective Protocol is $2,486,419,980.

Injective Protocol is ranked #42 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a very large volume of trading today on #INJ.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Injective Protocol is $224,780,941.


The circulating supply of INJ is 97,152,223 coins, which is 97% of the total coin supply.


INJ is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 3 other blockchains.

See list of the INJ Blockchain contracts with 4 different blockchains.


INJ is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 63 crypto exchanges.

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Injective Teams Up with Espresso Systems to Pioneer Decentralized Rollups

Injective is excited to announce its collaboration with Espresso Systems, a protocol helping to create decentralized rollup sequencers. This collaboration marks a significant step towards bringing decentralization to rollups built within Injective’s ecosystem, most notably Cascade, the first-ever Solana SVM rollup for Injective and the broader IBC ecosystem. — What is Espresso Systems? - Espresso System builds tools and infrastructure that create more safe, open, and performant options for interacting and transacting on-chain. A core offering of its services is the Espresso sequencer, which plays a crucial role in enabling rollup decentralization and improved interoperability in the context of Layer 2 scaling solutions. It is designed to facilitate fast and efficient processing of transactions while maintaining a decentralized approach, ensuring credible neutrality, security, and fairness in the transaction validation process. The sequencer achieves this without sacrificing the user experience typically associated with single centralized sequencer systems. Espresso Systems is backed by some of the leading firms in the industry such as Electric Capital, Greylock Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Polychain Capital. — How does this affect the Injective community? - Espresso’s shared sequencer solution plays a crucial role in enabling rollup decentralization and enhanced interoperability, without compromising the fas...

Open Liquidity Program (OLP) Launch

The Open Liquidity Program has launched, bringing unmatched liquidity and capital efficient DeFi into the Injective ecosystem. The Open Liquidity Program (OLP) will allow everyday users and institutions to participate in the rapidly growing ecosystem on Injective while simultaneously earning rewards in the form of INJ. OLP members will be able to provide liquidity on Injective’s on-chain orderbook infrastructure in a permissionless manner to attain INJ rewards. Beginning June 13, 2023, 60,000 INJ can be earned by eligible participants during each epoch (28 day period). Get Started: Link OLP Docs: Link — Background. — Injective already supports the most liquid truly on-chain DeFi ecosystem in crypto today. As the fastest blockchain built for finance, Injective seeks to provide robust liquidity across its ecosystem. dApps built on Injective are able to tap into a shared orderbook infrastructure for liquidity. As a result of this pioneering tech, a user transaction from dApp A can be matched with another arising from dApp B. This vastly improves liquidity fragmentation issues that are commonplace in crypto today. Over the past year, the Injective community has continued to find innovation in new avenues to further bring more liquidity. This involved combining the best of finance with groundbreaking infrastructure that can sustain the highest levels of throughput on-chain. Ultimately, these ideas and integrations...

Injective Integrates Astar Network and Polkadot Assets to Expand IBC Interoperability

Injective has integrated Astar, bringing the leading Polkadot parachain into the broader IBC ecosystem for the first time. With this integration, Astar assets can now be accessed by the Injective ecosystem and the larger Cosmos community, integrating two of the largest networks within the broader Polkadot and IBC universe. The integration was made possible thanks to the recent integration of Celer Network, which enabled the support of ASTR assets to be bridged through cBridge. — What is Astar?. — Astar Network is a blockchain that aims to be Polkadot’s smart contract hub and serves as a parachain for Polkadot. It provides the infrastructure for building dApps within both EVM and WASM smart contract environments. Astar is also the leading blockchain in Japan today, having collaborated with corporations such as Sony and Toyota. Astar’s unique Build2Earn model empowers developers to earn through a dApp staking mechanism for their code and the dApps they build. — How does this impact the Injective community?. — Now users on Injective can access both Astar and Polkadot assets seamlessly, in turn bringing the Polkadot and Cosmos ecosystems closer together than ever before.“Bringing together the Cosmos and Polkadot ecosystems has long been a goal for the entire crypto industry, so we are thrilled to be playing a part alongside the teams at Astar and Celer. This integration unlocks not only new synerg...

Injective Releases Liquid Staking with Stride

Injective has launched liquid staking for its native token INJ for the first time! stINJ (the official liquid staked form of INJ) was made possible by Stride, a specialized app chain for liquid staking. With stINJ, users can unlock far more liquidity and yield generation opportunities across the Injective ecosystem. In turn, liquid staking introduces far more use cases and utility for the native INJ token as well. To celebrate this milestone, Injective stakers will receive an exclusive Stride (STRD) airdrop, enabling the community to take part in governing the Stride DAO that helped to create stINJ. — What is Liquid Staking and stINJ?. — Traditionally, staking requires users to lock up their tokens in order to secure a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network. However, locked tokens cannot be utilized for DeFi endeavors (trading, lending, etc.). Liquid staking aims to solve this issue by enabling users to stake while still maintaining their liquidity. Liquid staking is the act of delegating your tokens to a service that stakes for you without losing access to your funds. stINJ is a tokenized derivative of staked INJ enabled by Stride, an interchain protocol specializing in liquid staking. Stride is not only the first liquid staking zone for the cosmos ecosystem but also facilitates the most liquidity for major tokens such as ATOM. Stride allows you to stake INJ while also minting stINJ (staked INJ). stINJ is a representat...

Astroport Mainnet Launches on Injective

The Astroport mainnet is now live on Injective, bringing the most powerful AMM to the Injective ecosystem! Injective now has the most liquid on-chain orderbook infrastructure coupled with a sophisticated AMM application, creating a highly capital efficient environment for users everywhere. Astroport is a sophisticated AMM protocol that allows any user to swap or LP crypto assets using multiple pool types, including Curve-style stableswap pools and Uniswap V2-style constant product pools. Astroport users will also be able to take advantage of Injective’s interoperable network, swapping assets bridged from not only Cosmos or Ethereum, but also from Solana, Aptos, and Avalanche through Injective’s Wormhole integration. Since Astroport launched its testnet on Injective in early January, it has attracted a great deal of attention from the broader Cosmos community during the early-access testing testing phases. Now the mainnet launch not only marks Astroport’s first-ever interchain deployment but also brings a new avenue for users to instantly swap crypto assets and earn yield within the Injective ecosystem. — What Is Astroport?. — Astroport is an automated market maker (AMM) that aims to make it easy for users to swap crypto assets. Unlike traditional exchanges, Astroport’s AMM exchange automatically matches buyers and sellers through algorithms and smart contracts, allowing for instant trades to occur at a pred...

The Ninja Masters Ambassador Program Launch

The Injective community is launching the brand new Ninja Masters Ambassador Program today! The program will allow participants to engage with Injective like never before while also for the first time enabling participants to earn exclusive rewards, INJ tokens and perks not available to anyone else. Join the official Injective Discord sever to automatically enter the ambassador program and earn the ninja role! Please be sure to read the complete program details here. The guide will serve as a handy tool for you and provides an overview of all program components. — Introduction. — Injective has experienced rapid growth across its ecosystem as the only layer one blockchain optimized for building Web3 finance applications. A major reason behind Injective’s success to date is its vibrant community worldwide. Now Injective is introducing the brand new Ninja Masters Ambassador Program to further help accelerate Injective community growth and adoption. By becoming a Ninja, you can play a major role in shaping the future of Injective and Web3. — Program Structure. — The Ninja Masters Ambassador Program consists of 5 rankings: Ninja → Warrior → Knight → Lord → Master Every task you complete will earn you points and gaining more points is how you can level up your ranking. Achieving a higher rank will unlock more rewards and benefits! A complete list of level rewards can be found here. — How c...

Introducing the Injective Global Virtual Hackathon

Today the ninja community is releasing the first ever Injective Global Hackathon with up to $1,000,000 in prizes and seed funding to further support the brightest Web3 builders. This is the first season of the Injective Global Hackathon series with participation open to any and all! We will also be hosting technical workshops and developer sessions to help you along in your journey into the Injective universe. Register Here by February 24, 2023 in order to participate. The hackathon is slated to begin in early March. You can find more information on the official Injective Hackathon website. — What is the Injective Hackathon?. — The Injective Global Hackathon is the ultimate builder event for creating tomorrow’s premier Web3 finance applications. During the month-long online hackathon you can launch innovative protocols and dApps with mentorship from industry leaders across crypto. With world-class VCs, technologists, researchers, projects, and financial institutions all joining to power the next generation of DeFi, the Injective Hackathon will serve as the foremost launchpad for developers seeking to revolutionize the world of Web3. Injective is witnessing major growth in developer activity and dApp deployments with projects such as Helix, Frontrunner and White Whale launching on chain. Last week, Astroport, one of the largest AMMs in history also selected Injective as its new L1 destination chain. The Injectiv...

Astroport Beta Launches on Injective

Astroport launches its highly anticipated beta on the Injective testnet today, bringing an advanced AMM to the Injective universe. Originally released on Terra, Astroport was one of the largest DeFi applications on the protocol, regularly facilitating hundreds of millions of dollars in trading volume shortly after its launch. Astroport is a sophisticated AMM protocol that allows any user to swap crypto assets using multiple pool types, including Curve-style stableswap pools and Uniswap v2-style constant product pools. Astroport users will also be able to take advantage of Injective’s interoperable network, swapping assets bridged from not only Cosmos or Ethereum, but also from Solana, Aptos, and Avalanche through Injective’s recent Wormhole integration. This new addition is a major boon for the Injective ecosystem, bringing a new avenue for users to earn and swap tokens within the Injective ecosystem. — What Is Astroport?. — Astroport is an automated market maker (AMM) that aims to make it easy for users to swap crypto assets. Unlike traditional exchanges, Astroport’s AMM exchange automatically matches buyers and sellers through algorithms and smart contracts, allowing for instant trades to occur at a predetermined price. As Astroport is built on Injective, users will be able to take advantage of Injective’s interoperable network, swapping assets from not only Cosmos or Ethereum, but also from chains such ...

Injective: A Review of 2022

To say that 2022 was a monumental year for Injective is an understatement. This year, Injective not only focused on continuing to expand its ecosystem while strengthening the layer one chain but it also accelerated its reach within the broader Web3 community, generating more news and buzz around its mission than ever before. The focus for the community this year was to continue working towards its primary goal: to build the best blockchain for finance. With numerous new integrations, ranging from creating a more interoperable network to providing easier fiat onboarding solutions, multiple protocols were able to launch on Injective, enabling a wide array of new use cases that can cater to the next billion crypto users. Publications, partners and notable leaders all took note, which culminated into a historic raise for Injective, with $40 million in funding from leading financial institutions, Jump Crypto and BH Digital. As Injective enters 2023, a look back on all the progress built this past year is imperative as it not only shows how far Injective has come, but all that can be achieved in one year as it continues to stay in the forefront of driving innovation and adoption of Web3 finance. — Major Injective Milestones - The Injective ecosystem is growing at an astonishing pace The Injective ecosystem grew at an astounding pace this year, reaching a great deal of new milestones along the way. You can view all ecosyste...

White Whale Deploys a Novel Flash Loan and Arbitrage Protocol on Injective

White Whale, the Cosmos interchain liquidity hub, is now live on Injective bringing Flash Loans to the ecosystem for the first time! Injective users can now participate in arbitrage and flash loans without any barriers. With this new integration, users can easily access a wide array of liquidity pools across the broader Cosmos IBC ecosystem. In addition, White Whale AMMs can work in tandem with Injective’s on-chain CLOB primitive to create far more efficient markets. Lastly, arbitrage strategies can be carried out more readily across other IBC-enabled chains which provides users with new avenues to interact with dApps built on Injective. — What is White Whale? - White Whale is an interchain liquidity protocol in the Cosmos ecosystem. White Whale V2 provides a unique interchain liquidity infrastructure in order to decrease fragmented liquidity, fix price disparities, and decentralize market-making in a capital-efficient manner. White Whale aims to solve the key challenges dApps and chains in the Cosmos ecosystem face: Market inefficiencies: The available interchain liquidity is often fragmented across chains. Fractured liquidity results in shallow pools with high spreads and price disparities between chains., Capital inefficiencies: Every arbitrageur and liquidator will need their own capital sitting on every chain to efficiently arb or to liquidate borrowers. When there are no arbs or liquidations, the capital sits ...


$36 On The Crosshair: Injective (INJ) Captures Analyst's Attention

    Injective, or INJ, has lately been causing waves in the crypto scene. Many analysts are hopeful about its future even if it has lately dropped. At $20.45 right now, INJ has a market capitalization of $1.91 billion and a daily trading volume of $375.74 million. Analyst Upbeat About Injective Respected expert Jonathan Carter feels INJ is beginning to show indications of recovery. It's deviating from a declining wedge pattern, he notes, which usually marks the conclusion of a downturn. Carter said INJ may soon reach $36 if it breaks over some technical thresholds. Other professionals see this favorably. They stress the need of keeping above the $16.5 to $18 area as INJ is creating a firm bottom and should be kept above such level. Should it sustain this level, they believe it might shoot up to $30, barring any negative pressures. #INJ Injective completed healthy correction and bouncing from the lower border of the falling wedge Breakout above descending resistance and ma 100, could target $36 soon — Jonathan Carter (@JohncyCrypto) July 10, 2024 INJ Staking Power High staking payouts are one of INJ's strongest appeals. With an annual percentage yield (APY) of about 20%, it appeals far more than many other cryptocurrencies and conventional financial instruments. Ethereum provides around 3.3% APY, whereas Solana provides roughly 7%. Assuming the rate remains constant, a $100,000 investment in INJ may perhaps result in $20,000 in yearly incentives... read More

Injective (INJ) Price Prediction: Analyst Foresees Huge Jump To $380

    Injective (INJ), a project known for its cross-chain derivatives protocol, is grabbing headlines after crypto analyst Javon Marks released a bullish prediction. Marks, a popular figure in the crypto space, believes INJ is poised for a 'monstrous rally' towards a staggering $380 target. This optimistic outlook comes amidst a generally volatile cryptocurrency market, leaving investors to wonder: is Injective really hurtling towards the moon, or is this a case of overzealous enthusiasm? Technical Twinkle: Hidden Bullish Divergence Fuels Optimism Marks' prediction hinges on a technical indicator known as 'hidden bullish divergence.' In layman's terms, this suggests a potential disconnect between the asset's price and a technical measure of its momentum. While the price might be dipping, the momentum indicator could be hinting at an underlying bullish trend waiting to erupt. Think of it like a coiled spring - the price may be compressing (going down slightly), but the indicator is suggesting the spring is building tension, and an upward surge could be imminent. This divergence between price and momentum is why it's called 'hidden' - the bullishness is there, but it's not as clear-cut as a straight price increase. $INJ (Injective)'s price looks to still be retesting the $21.6541377 target while holding a major Hidden Bull Divergence that can be indicating a continuation! With prices being above this target level, the next Logarithmic Target is at $380 and the Hidden Bull Divergen... read More

Injective (INJ) Jumps by 12% Daily to $30, Bitcoin (BTC) Calms at $71K (...

    The inflows into the spot Bitcoin ETFs have been nothing short of impressive in the past several days, but BTC has failed to make a major move out of its current trading range of around $70,000 to $71,000. The altcoins are also quite sluggish on a daily basis, with BCH emerging as the top performer from the larger caps. BTC Stalls at $71K As reported over the weekend, the trading action during that period was quite uneventful. BTC had recovered some ground following the late Friday drop and stood at around $67,500. However, the market picked up on Monday, and bitcoin quickly pumped to over $70,000. It failed there at first as the bears stopped the rally, but BTC was not confined and initiated another leg up that propelled an impressive rally to a multi-week peak of $71,767 amid the growing ETF inflows. Since then, though, the asset has failed to maintain its run, even though the ETFs continue to experience substantial inflows. As of now, the cryptocurrency trades at $71,000 once again, with its market cap standing still at $1.4 trillion. Its dominance over the altcoins has not moved either, sitting at 50.4% on CG at the time of this writing. Bitcoin/Price/Chart 07.06.2024. Source: TradingView INJ, BRETT, JASMY on a Roll Most of the larger-cap alts have mimicked BTC's performance in the past few days, meaning that they sit quietly on a daily scale now, too. ETH, BNB, DOGE, SOL, SHIB, AVAX, TRX, and DOT are slightly in the red, while XRP, LINK, TON, and ADA have charted insigni... read More

Injective Market-Shaking News Drives INJ Price Up By 7% – Details

    Injective, a Layer 1 (L1) protocol, emerged as one of the standout performers in the crypto market on Thursday, with its native token INJ experiencing a substantial 7% surge within the past 24 hours.  Accompanying this surge, the protocol's market capitalization is inching closer to the significant milestone of $3 billion. The price movement coincides with notable announcements by the Injective protocol regarding its token and ecosystem. Injective Users To Burn 6 Million INJ One of the key announcements unveiled by the protocol is the release of a comprehensive paper on the Injective Token, INJ. The paper delves into the token's core utilities and mechanisms that power a programmable token economy, specifically focusing on deflationary acceleration.  Additionally, Injective disclosed that INJ token burn auctions are “steadily increasing in size,” with 12,266 tokens being burned indefinitely on the announcement day. Injective users are set to burn a cumulative total of 6 million INJ by next week.  This burning mechanism plays a key role in reducing the total supply of tokens in circulation, thereby increasing scarcity and potentially driving up the value of the remaining tokens. Ultimately, this benefits token holders by establishing a deflationary mechanism and controlling inflation within the protocol. Injera And USDi Launch  Injective also revealed that the anticipated launch of the Injera protocol is scheduled for the end of June, marking t... read More

Injective (INJ) Buy Signal That Led To 700% & 555% Rallies Forms Again

    An analyst has pointed out that Injective is forming a buy signal that previously led to 700% and 555% rallies for the asset's price. Injective Is Forming A TD Sequential Buy Signal On Its Weekly Chart In a new post on X, analyst Ali Martinez has discussed a Tom Demark (TD) Sequential signal that has formed in the weekly price of Injective recently. The TD Sequential refers to an indicator in technical analysis (TA) generally used for spotting potential points of reversal in any asset's price. This indicator involves two phases: setup and countdown. In the first of this setup, candles of the same polarity (green/red) are counted up to nine. Once the nine candles are in, the price may have reached a turnaround point. Naturally, the TD Sequential would suggest a probable bottom in the asset if the candles leading up to the setup's completion were red. Similarly, the indicator would signal selling if the phase finished with an uptrend. After the setup is done, the countdown phase begins. During this second phase, candles of the same type are again counted, this time till thirteen. After the thirteenth candle of the same polarity, the price may be assumed to have encountered another likely top or bottom. According to Martinez, a TD Sequential signal of the former type has been completed for the Injective's weekly price. Below is the chart shared by the analyst that reveals this recent signal in cryptocurrency. As the graph shows, Injective has finished a TD Sequential setup wit... read More

Important Binance Announcement Affecting PEPE, INJ, SUI, and More: Detai...

    TL;DR Binance added new trading pairs and trading bot services, including PEPE/EURO. The company will remove certain trading and margin pairs by the end of May, advising users to close positions to avoid losses. The Latest Updates Binance - the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange - continues implementing changes on its platform to enhance user experience and respond to recent market trends. Most recently, it expanded the list of trading choices offered on Binance Spot with the following pairs: PEPE/EURO, AR/FDUSD, ENA/EUR, REZ/USDC, and TRB/FDUSD. Additionally, the company enabled trading bots services for PEPE/EURO, BB/USDT, NOT/USDT, AR/FDUSD, ENA/EUR, PEPE/EUR, REZ/USDC, and TRB/FDUSD. Showing further support for PEPE coincides with the meme coin's impressive rally as of late. The asset's price recently hit an all-time high, with its market capitalization surpassing the $6 billion mark. Currently, PEPE is the third-biggest token in its realm and the 24th-largest cryptocurrency. Besides adding new trading pairs to its platform, Binance also announced it will remove some existing ones. INJ/TUSD, MEME/TUSD, SNX/ETH, and SYN/BTC will no longer be available from May 24. The firm's margin trading program will undergo some changes, too. MDX/BTC, SEI/TUSD, SUI/TUSD ALPACA/BTC, ARKM/TUSD, CHESS/BTC, MDX/BTC, SEI/TUSD, and SUI/TUSD will be delisted on May 31.  'Please note that users will not be ab... read More

Analyst Predicts Injective (INJ) Breakout: $50 Price Range On The Horizo...

    Injective (INJ), a decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol, is stirring excitement in the cryptocurrency market with analysts predicting a potential price surge. The token has been under the watchful eye of analysts, with many anticipating a significant upward move in its value. Technical Indicators Flash Bullish Signals For Injective Injective's recent price action has caught the attention of market observers, specifically a bullish breakout from a falling wedge pattern. This pattern is often seen as a sign of a reversal in downtrends, and Injective's successful breakout suggests a potential shift in market sentiment towards the token. The breakout from the falling wedge is a welcome sign for Injective investors, said Jonathan Carter, a renowned crypto analyst. This technical indicator often precedes a price increase, and in INJ's case, we're seeing several upside targets that could be reached in the near future, he said. Carter has outlined a series of potential price milestones for Injective, ranging from $27 to $44. Each target represents a stepping stone in INJ's potential price appreciation, and analysts are closely monitoring the token's performance to see if these targets can be achieved. #INJ Injective has broken the falling wedge pattern and now is retesting a descending resistance line The upside targets after bounce from this line are $27.0, $30.0, $36.5, $39.5, and $44.0 — Jonathan Carter (@JohncyCrypto) May 11, 2024 Analyst Com... read More

Injective (INJ) Price In Danger If It Falls To Crucial Support Level: An...

    INJ, the native token of the Injective Network, commenced May with a fluctuating price action marked by a series of significant losses and gains. As INJ attempts to establish a stable price trajectory, popular market analyst with X handle Crypto Tony has highlighted a pivotal support zone for the altcoin in the coming weeks.  INJ Must Not Fall Below $19.30 Level, Analyst Warns In an X post on Friday, Crypto Tony shared a vital insight on the INJ market which could create a sentiment of caution among many traders. The renowned analyst stated that INJ must maintain a market price above the $19.30 price zone, warning that a dip below this support level could spell danger for investors. While Crypto Tony did not say the extent of this danger, the possible loss seems to be likely massive as his statements implied the INJ bull traders could struggle to re-establish market control should the token’s price fall below the specified threshold. Furthermore, the analyst stated that early investors of INJ including himself would be immune to this potential downside. However, he still plans to pull out of the Injective market should the token lose its $19.30 support zone. Currently, INJ trades around $24.70 reflecting a gain of 4.68% in the last day after a period of intense market volatility. The altcoin appears to be gathering momentum for a bullish trend following negative performances in recent weeks resulting in a decline of 24.07% in the last 30 days.  What's N... read More

Buckle Up, Injective (INJ) Primed For Takeoff Towards $50 — Analys...

    Injective Protocol, a blockchain platform dedicated to decentralized finance (DeFi) and derivatives trading, is currently at the center of attention. The platform's proposed upgrade, Injective 3.0, aims to revolutionize its tokenomics by introducing deflationary measures for INJ. This upgrade seeks to address the issue of token inflation, a common challenge faced by many DeFi tokens, by implementing mechanisms to control the creation of new tokens and incentivizing users to stake their existing INJ holdings. Injective: Creating Token Scarcity One of the key objectives of Injective 3.0 is to increase the scarcity of the INJ token. By reducing the rate of token creation and encouraging staking activity, the upgrade aims to create a supply-demand dynamic that could drive up the token's price. This strategy reflects a broader trend within the cryptocurrency space, where projects are exploring innovative ways to enhance token utility and value proposition. Meanwhile, Injective (INJ) has seen a remarkable surge in value. Over the past week, INJ has soared by an impressive 12%, building upon a substantial 24% gain over the last month. This surge in price has prompted speculation about the token's future trajectory and the factors driving its bullish momentum. Analyst Optimism And Price Predictions Amidst the excitement surrounding Injective's upgrade proposal, crypto analyst World Of Charts has issued a bullish prediction for INJ. The analyst's analysis points to a bullish flag ... read More

Injective Votes On Major Upgrade To Make INJ Even More Deflationary: Wil...

    Injective Protocol, a blockchain for decentralized finance (DeFi) and derivatives trading, is voting on a proposal to significantly reshape the platform's tokenomics and introduce a new era dubbed Injective 3.0. According to Injective, through a post on April 19, the proposal is now open for voting via the Injective Hub. For the next four days, stakers and validators are free to participate.  Community Voting On Injective 3.0 Over the months since launching in 2023, Injective caught the crypto community's attention. The team aims to launch a platform for users to launch DeFi-focused protocols in a low-cost, scalable, and yet Ethereum-compatible environment. Though INJ, the native currency of the platform, remains one of the top performers, changes introduced by Injective 3.0 will likely push prices even higher. According to developers, Injective 3.0 aims to make INJ a deflationary asset. A big part of this will be to reduce token minting by controlling the rate of token creation. If the community approves what's laid out in the proposal, the team will change on-chain parameters to slow down token minting.  At the same time, Injective 3.0 plans to make INJ's inflation rate more responsive to staking. Under this model, inflation will slow down as more INJ is locked away via staking, making the coin scarcer.  Proposers predict the network to be more robust and secure if INJ becomes more deflationary. Usually, token prices of scarce assets tend to ... read More

Injective Launches Important Token Tool As INJ Bleeds

    Injective Protocol, a decentralized finance-centric platform, has launched TokenStation. In a blog post on March 18, Injective said the solution, deployed on its mainnet, allows users to launch native tokens. Beyond token minting, the tool allows token management and integration of tokenomics mechanisms like burning. The blockchain is launching the TokenStation days after partnering with AltLayer, a platform backed by Binance Labs dedicated to developing roll-up technology for Ethereum. Through this collaboration, the two will build a re-staking security framework for Injective Ethereum Virtual Machine (inEVM) applications. The recently launched inEVM allows developers to seamlessly build applications leveraging the high scalability and near-zero fees on Injective. Additionally, the inEVM is set to increase composability between WebAssembly (WASM) and EVM environments. Through this unique feature, Injective can bridge the interoperability of Cosmos, the developer activity of Ethereum, and the high scalability of Solana.  Will Volan Help Prop Up INJ Prices? In January, Injective Protocol activated the Volan Upgrade, setting the platform's plans to build a robust real-world tokenization infrastructure into motion. Part of this was the introduction of a Real-World Asset (RWA) module. In this way, institutions can launch regulatory-compliant security tokens.  Additionally, Volan modified INJ tokenomics, making the token progressively deflationary. Burning redu... read More

INJ Price Soars 13% As Injective Unveils 'inEVM,' Ethereum And Solana In...

    In a recent announcement, Layer 2 (L2) protocol Injective (INJ) has reached a major milestone with the launch of its inEVM Layer 2 rollup solution on the mainnet. This technology introduces an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) environment to the Injective ecosystem, opening up new prospects for developers and blockchain interoperability. By integrating with Ethereum (ETH), Cosmos (ATOM), and Solana (SOL), inEVM establishes a multi-chain ecosystem that combines the advantages of different virtual machine environments. inEVM For Ethereum, Cosmos, And Solana According to the March 7 announcement, InEVM, which stands for inEVM Layer 2 rollup solution, allows developers to build applications using the Ethereum programming language Solidity within Injective's platform. This technology connects different blockchain networks by achieving composability across Cosmos and Solana. InEVM leverages Caldera as the rollup provider, Hyperlane as the messaging layer, LayerZero for data and asset transfer, Celestia as the Data Availability (DA) layer, and Pyth as the Oracle provider. These collaborations were reportedly designed to ensure a “secure and robust” environment for developers to deploy their projects. Furthermore, by incorporating inEVM, Injective will enable Ethereum developers to onboard onto its platform while retaining compatibility with the broader blockchain space.  As announced, developers can now take advantage of Injective's benefits, including the protocol... read More

Injective (INJ) and Lido DAO (LDO) Reach New Price Mark as Everlodge (EL...

    There has been significant bullish momentum for Injective (INJ) and Lido DAO (LDO) as both tokens gain new price heights. Meanwhile, Everlodge (ELDG) has continued to see an influx of new investors, having entered the 9th presale stage. New Presale Phase for Everlodge (ELDG) Sees More Investors After a successful 2023, Everlodge (ELDG) has started the new year on a high as the project sees an influx of investors. Everlodge has maintained a high reputation and popularity among investors as the token keeps rising in price. Everlodge is attempting to revolutionize the property investment marketplace through the creation of fractionalized NFTs backed by real-world luxury assets. What this means is that when an investor buys fractionalized NFTs from Everlodge, they own fractions of real estate assets from around the globe. This innovative model ensures entering into property investment is made affordable and secure. The Everlodge platform also provides incentives for holders of the ELDG native token. For instance, holders of the token can qualify for complimentary stays in hotels owned by Everlodge. Also, holders of ELDG will soon be able to stake the token for passive income. It's currently selling at a current price of $0.029. The project is in the 9th stage of token presale. Security-wise, the Everlodge project has undergone several audits by Interfi Network and Block Audit teams. To prevent a potential rug pull, the liquidity of the ELDG token will be locked for 8 years. For ... read More

How To Bridge And Trade On The Injective (INJ) Network

    Injective is a blockchain designed specifically for finance. It is an interoperable and environmentally-friendly layer 1 blockchain that supports advanced DeFi applications, including crypto trading dApps, like spot and derivative exchanges, and lending protocols. That being said, in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, the Injective Network has emerged as a trailblazing force, revolutionizing the landscape with its innovative approach to scalability and seamless trading experiences. In my opinion, I will say that Injective is trying to follow the Solana path in terms of progressive growth in the ecosystem and price value.  In this in-depth guide, we'll navigate through the essential features of the Injective (INJ) Network, unravel the intricacies of initiating your trading journey, and explore various methods to acquire and trade the coveted Injective Coin (INJ). Solving Scalability: The Essence of Injective (INJ) Network The scalability challenge has long been a hurdle for widespread crypto adoption, and Injective Network steps up to the task as a groundbreaking solution. Scalability is the reason some people don’t trade certain coins. For instance, I avoid making certain Ethereum transactions because of the high gas fees. If I want to make any monetary transaction, I prefer to use a more scalable coin like injective (INJ). Scalability isn't just about transaction costs but also about the speed of transactions. Injective Network boasts a remarkable transactio... read More

Crypto Economy Swelled by $909 Billion This Year — INJ and KAS Lea...

    This year, the cryptocurrency market has seen a dramatic surge, ballooning from a modest $827 billion at December's close in 2022, to a robust $1.736 trillion presently. In this period, numerous cryptocurrencies have experienced significant growth. The following analysis delves into the crypto economy's top performers and underperformers over the last year. 2023: A Year of Soaring Valuations and Volatile Futures in the Crypto Market In the last 12 months, bitcoin (BTC) surged 159% relative to the U.S. dollar, while ethereum (ETH) posted an 87.7% increase. Notably, two crypto assets among the top ten - solana (SOL) and avalanche (AVAX) - soared by 743% and 287% respectively. SOL and AVAX stood out as the leading market movers in the top ten, but numerous other digital assets have registered even more substantial gains throughout the year. Data sourced from reveals that the year's leading market performer was the decentralized finance (defi) token injective (INJ), which achieved a 2,839% surge this year. Coming in next for 2023's stellar performers was the proof-of-work (PoW) crypto asset kaspa (KAS), climbing 1,901% over the year. Render (RNDR) experienced a 959% uptick, wemix (WEMIX) ascended by 798%, and conflux (CFX) closely trailed SOL with an impressive 705% increase in 2023. In 2023, other significant risers included aelf (ELF), stacks (STX), immutable x (IMX), avalanche (AVAX), thorchain (RUNE), and ftx token (FTT). Interestingly, even amidst its asso... read More

Crypto Price Analysis Dec-21: ETH, XRP, ADA, SOL, and INJ

    This week, we take a closer look at Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Solana, and Injective. Ethereum (ETH) ETH is lagging again behind Bitcoin, and the rest of the market is unable to really take off. The price is back on the support at $2,150 and lost 2% of its valuation this week. Even if Ethereum may be one of the last altcoins to rally, this price action is concerning because it shows a total lack of bullish momentum. Plus, there is strong resistance between $2,400 and $2,500 should any rally happen. Looking ahead, if bears return, ETH has good support at $2,000 should $2,150 fall. Chart by TradingView Ripple (XRP) XRP continues its flat trend without any significant moves at this time, and its price fell by 1.5% this week. The resistance at 68 cents and support at 54 cents remain unchanged. However, the bigger news is that XRP lost its 5th place by total market cap to Solana, which increased by double digits this week. Looking ahead, XRP needs to resume its uptrend or lose out to competitors that are getting much more attention lately. Chart by TradingView Cardano (ADA) ADA failed to move higher this week and ended up closing the week with a 10% loss. This came after the price lost its support at 60 cents, which is now acting as resistance. With the rally on hold, Cardano is at a critical moment. If it fails to move back above 60 cents, then sellers may take over to push it into a deeper correction. Looking ahead, this cryptocurrency has strong support at 46 cents should bears... read More

Injective (INJ) Hits New ATH At $44 – Is $50 Next This Christmas?

    The Artificial Intelligence (AI) financial blockchain, Injective (INJ), had its price reach an unprecedented $44 on December 20, capping a year of gains of an astounding 3,200%. The Injective ecosystem's biggest investors started to increase their holdings after INJ passed its previous all-time high of $22, according to on-chain data. In 2023, INJ started a parabolic climb. The token hit a new all-time high at the end of this sharp rise before somewhat declining. Although there are some indications of temporary weakening, the general outlook is still very optimistic about continued price growth. INJ Flexes Its Muscles Over the last month, INJ increased by an impressive 150%. Despite big wallet addresses profiting from it, it kept rising. The token's price gains are supported by on-chain measures. As of this writing, INJ weakened a bit, and was trading at $38.60, still up roughly 28% in just the previous seven days despite the retreat. Although some analysts had earlier forecast that INJ prices will probably soar over $40 before the year is up, that is still up in the air given a number of macroeconomic considerations. On Wednesday, injective saw yet another surge as investors kept pouring money into the altcoin and cryptocurrency markets. Situated squarely at the crossroads of decentralized finance and AI, its governance token has emerged as one of the most successful digital assets of 2023. Market watchers have identified a number of major factors driving this incredible ... read More

Injective (INJ) Skyrockets 75% Weekly, Bitcoin (BTC) Stalls Around $43K ...

    Bitcoin's price failed to overcome $43,000 decisively and was later pushed down south by over a grand, but it has recovered most losses as of now. Some larger-cap altcoins, such as BNB, SOL, and AVAX, have posted impressive gains over the past day, while ADA and DOGE have retraced slightly. BTC Returns to $43K After a relatively quiet weekend in which it failed to overcome $43,000 and traded mostly around $42,000, bitcoin's start of the business week was quite painful. The asset slumped by approximately two grand and fell to $40,600 for the first time in 5-6 days. However, the bulls managed to intervene at this point and didn't allow a break below $40,000. Just the opposite, they initiated an impressive leg up that resulted in surging to $43,500 on Tuesday. The cryptocurrency failed to keep up its momentum and found itself slipping beneath $42,000 hours later. As of now, though, it has recovered almost all of its daily losses and stands close to $43,000. Consequently, its market capitalization has declined to just under $440 billion, but its dominance over the alternative coins has remained strong at over 52%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView INJ Keeps Rising The past 24 hours brought some increases for a few larger-cap alts. This is the case with Binance Coin, which, amid the latest company settlement with US authorities, has soared by 5% and sits close to $260. Solana (3%) and Avalanche (4%) are also up daily. In contrast, Ethereum, Cardano, and Dogecoin have lost somewhere betw... read More

Injective (INJ) Rockets To Fresh ATH With 2,700% Surge – Find Out ...

    Driven by heightened futures trading volumes and leverage, the price of Injective (INJ) has soared to unprecedented levels of around $38.49, marking a remarkable 2,700% surge year-to-date. Notably, within a single day, the native token of the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Injective, exhibited resilience and potential, demonstrating a noteworthy increase of 24% in its value. In the context of the cryptocurrency market's ever-changing dynamics, INJ has emerged as a standout performer, positioning itself as one of the top gainers amidst the series of surges and corrections experienced by leading tokens. Analysts have identified a number of major factors that have contributed to this startling rally, including the surge in trading volumes for INJ perpetual futures contracts, which exceeded $25.5 billion in a single day, the incentives offered by centralized exchanges to create volatility, and the acceleration of short-term traders who are seeking leverage. The weekly timeframe's technical analysis reveals that the price of INJ has risen sharply since the year's beginning. As of this writing, the altcoin has experienced a strong seven-day gain of 45%. The price increase for INJs reached a new peak of $34.60 last week, representing an increase of 2,700% in 2023. Based on a mix of technical indicators and fundamental factors, cryptocurrency traders and analysts on X are optimistic about the direction of the INJ price trend going forward. Experts are more confident due to... read More

Record-Breaking Heights: Injective (INJ) Soars Over 70% Amidst AI Uptick

    With the token touching $31.35 early on Friday, the injective (INJ) price formed a new all-time high, suggesting that it has recovered all of its losses. In the cryptocurrency industry, altcoins are gaining traction because most of them have started to rise and are outperforming the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. A couple of the stronger altcoins lately are Avalanche, Bonk, and Solana. INJ, an altcoin that has been making positive noise of late, has attracted a lot of interest as it managed to retain a steady momentum, to the delight of investors. Injective Surges To All-Time Highs, Marking Impressive Weekly Growth One of the top AI-based digital currencies in the cryptocurrency market is INJ, since its horizon is accumulating positive sentiments on a global scale. After breaking over the critical and last region of resistance at $26, its prior ATH, INJ moves into a price discovery mode. As of this writing, the token's value has increased by over 70% in the weekly timeframe, marking the third day in a row that it has increased. A blockchain specifically created for financial applications, the Injective protocol stands out in the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies. With a focus on finance, Injective seeks to provide cutting-edge services and solutions by utilizing blockchain technology to improve the financial industry in a number of ways. Developed as a Layer 2 application on top of the Cosmos blockchain, the platform makes use of cross-chain bridges to enable crypt... read More

DeFi Researcher Questions Injective Protocol's Appeal: Is INJ Overvalued...

    Thor Hartvigsen, a data-driven decentralized finance (DeFi) researcher, is questioning the appeal of Injective Protocol, a layer-1 platform whose creators say is designed to expressly power finance. As of December 2023, INJ, the native currency of Injective Protocol, is one of the top-performing coins, surpassing Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Is Injective Protocol Undervalued Based On On-Chain Metrics? Taking to X on December 14, Hartvigsen highlighted the platform's relatively low total value locked (TVL) of $11 million and the limited number of protocols launched on the platform, currently standing at seven. Based on the researcher's analysis, the largest dapp on the layer-1, Helix Protocol, a decentralized exchange (DEX), only manages a daily trading volume of about $7.4 million.  Hartvigsen states this is significantly lower than other perpetual futures protocols, including the Perpetual Protocol. These competitors, the analyst notes, are valued at around $200 and $300 million based on fully diluted valuation (FDV). So far, looking at data, there are only seven active protocols on Injective, with Helix managing over 60% of the ecosystem's TVL, reinforcing its dominance. If on-chain activity and the number of active protocol leads, Hartvigsen wants answers to irrefutably justify Injective Protocol's $3.2 billion valuation. The researcher compares Injective with other blockchains, including Ethereum and Solana. These platforms command relatively higher t... read More

Injective (INJ) Trains Guns On $30 After Hitting An All-Time High Of $27...

    Injective Protocol's INJ token has just hit a new all-time high of $27.02. However, it appears that the market is currently in a phase of rest and consolidation, with investors cautiously hopeful yet reluctant to drive prices much higher at the moment. The overall trading activity has decreased from its recent peak, leading to a reduction in market volatility. Despite this, the price of INJ has experienced a 12% increase in the last day, currently trading at $25. Injective Inks 50% Price Rally One of the things to consider as the token searches for more growth is what has propelled it to a record high. So, is there a chance that this rally will last, or will bears ruin the bulls' Yuletide celebration? Injective's native token has experienced a price explosion of over 50% in the previous 30 days, and the steady climb since the lows hit in December 2022 has featured a parabolic rise of over 1,500%. Positive news about the ecosystem and the general bullish mood have driven INJ higher in recent weeks. Just the last day saw a 40% spike in INJ's trading volume to $508 million. The price of INJ has fluctuated by around 15% during the last day, indicating high intraday volatility as well. Traders need to get ready for further volatility in the near future. Now that Injective has a new ATH set, it is in unexplored terrain and might rise swiftly. In the event of a decline, the nearest area of support is at $24, and then $20, which corresponds to the Fibonacci 0.382 retracement lev... read More

INJ Explodes to a New All-Time High, is a Correction Imminent? (Injectiv...

    INJ surprised the market with a new all-time high at $27.6. At this rate, it's interesting to explore the possibility of a correction and, alternatively, check which are the next targets for the cryptocurrency. Key Support levels: $23Key Resistance levels: $28, $32, $40 1. Major Breakout With a new ATH set, Injective is now in uncharted territory, which could see it quickly move higher. Buyers have dominated the chart all year with no end in sight. Chart by TradingView 2. Key Targets to Watch Based on this price action, the most important targets on the chart right now are $28, $32, and $40. There could also be a short correction before the rally continues to the breakout point around $23 which is also acting as support. Chart by TradingView 3. MACD Bullish Momentum Intensifies This breakout has turned the weekly MACD extremely bullish, with the histogram and moving averages rushing higher. Such a strong momentum has not been seen since the last bull market. Chart by TradingView Bias The bias for INJ is bullish. Short-Term Prediction for INJ Price Volatility may increase after this breakout, and INJ could very well continue its rally to aim for $28 and $32 next. The post INJ Explodes to a New All-Time High, is a Correction Imminent? (Injective Price Analysis) appeared first on CryptoPotato. read More

Injective Protocol's Social Activity Rising: Is INJ About To Explode?

    According to AlphaScan data on December 12, social media activity on Injective Protocol (INJ) has steadily increased in the past day and week. This surge in interest has propelled INJ to the second-most mentioned token on social media, trailing only Bitcoin (BTC). Injective Social Media Activity Rising Specifically, data reveals that INJ received nearly 30% of its weekly mentions in the past 24 hours alone. Furthermore, 37% of all monthly mentions of INJ occurred in the past seven days, further highlighting the growing attention surrounding the project.  While this is impressive for the project, it seems like INJ is also popular, looking at the very short-term data over the past trading day. Looking at weekly and monthly mentions, Solana, Avalanche, and Ethereum are ahead.  The uptick in Injective Protocol's social activity also coincides with expanding prices. Based on Alpha Scan data, INJ has outpaced Bitcoin and other top 10 crypto assets in the last data. If the spike in social activity is behind rising prices, INJ may likely extend gains in subsequent sessions. From the INJ daily chart, the coin is at 2023 highs, ripping even higher. As it is, the coin is within a bullish breakout formation, comprehensively easing past November 2023 resistance levels. Of note, the rally is with expanding trading volumes, meaning the leg up is supported and could continue, further drawing more social activity to the project.  Injective Protocol is a decentralized ex... read More

Injective Pumped 50% Last Week: Here's Why (INJ) Price Rallied

    Focused on the DeFi industry, think of Injective Protocol in similar terms as Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano. It's a Layer 1, open, interoperable blockchain optimized for Web 3.0 finance applications. The protocol has an average transaction cost of less than a penny, and it can handle thousands of transactions per second (TPS). With a market cap in excess of $1 billion, Injective is the 44th largest blockchain project in the world by market capitalization. So, what's the reason for the solid pump over the week? Injective Price Pumps on Google Analytics CloudHub On October 24, Injective announced its integration with Google Cloud's data exchange platform, CloudHub. That got the INJ community pumped for the Web3 platform's future possibilities. Eric Chen, CEO and co-founder of Injective Labs, said: 'This integration is a major step forward for the Injective ecosystem in continuing to expand its footprint into institutions and traditional finance.' Kelly Sitarski, Director of Data and Content Partnerships at Google Cloud, said: 'We are excited to add Injective blockchain datasets to the Analytics Hub catalog to help customers enhance their Web3 finance applications.' Sitarski noted the team at Google Cloud helps customers like Injective Labs connect their first-party data with third-party data in Google's BigQuery enterprise data warehouse to enable powerful AI-driven analytic capabilities. Big Ecosystem Growth with Helix, Kava, Cosmos Injective's blockchain ecosystem is bustling... read More

Injective (INJ) Rules Weekend Top 50 Crypto Ranking With 60% Hike &ndash...

    The cryptocurrency known as Injective (INJ) has exhibited a remarkable increase in price, exceeding 900% since the commencement of the year, even in the face of a general downward trend in the digital currency market. The price of INJ has remained unaffected by the extensive consolidation observed in the cryptocurrency market since Thursday. On Friday, it had a 10% increase, reaching a trading value of $13.15. The current market valuation of the coin stands at over $1 billion. This places the cryptocurrency at the 44th position in terms of rankings based on market capitalization. Injective Nears Historical Peak Amidst Strong Partnerships The interoperable Layer-1 blockchain, which facilitates the operation of decentralized finance apps (DApps) in the future generation, is approaching its historical peak value of $31.40, positioning it as one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies in the current year. Prominent blockchain protocol Injective has the support of Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban. At the time of writing, INJ was trading at $13.55, and registered a solid 59% increase in the last week, according to figures by crypto market tracker Coingecko. The price range of Injective hit a peak value of nearly $12.8 during a 24-hour period. This represents the highest value observed in almost two years. The rise in the value of the token cannot be attributed entirely to the recent surge in Bitcoin prices. The increase is also influenced by Injective's effo... read More

Ripple Leads With 11% Gains, Bitcoin Struggles With $27K, Injective (INJ...

    The past seven days saw the cryptocurrency market increase, but it wasn't something particularly considerable. Bitcoin remained rather stagnant and managed an increase of slightly more than one percent. However, there were those who exploded and led the market's recovery. Namely, XRP. Let's dive in. Starting with the BTC price - it wasn't very impressive during the last week. In fact, the primary cryptocurrency only booked an increase of slightly more than one percent and is currently unable to convincingly claim the $27K level. The week saw some volatility when BTC soared above $28K, but the buyers were unable to maintain the pressure, and sellers ultimately took over, pushing the price back to where it's currently trading. With Ripple's XRP, though - it was a different story. The cryptocurrency exploded by over 11% in the past seven days. It seems that investors are starting to price in a potential victory for Ripple in the case against the Securities and Exchange Commission. But this wasn't even the most impressive performance of the week. Injective (INJ) is this week's top performer. It's up a whopping 25% in a market that's otherwise rather uncertain. The altcoin has been one of the best performers throughout the year. Elsewhere, the week was also important for stablecoins. USDC launched on Arbitrum, while Tether announced that it will launch a sustainable Bitcoin mining operation in the country of Uruguay. In an interesting bit, we also pinned the two most popular AI-ba... read More

Injective (INJ) Up 17% Weekly, Bitcoin (BTC) Stable Above $29K: Weekend ...

    Bitcoin has finally calmed after the massive volatility mid-week and stands just above $29,000. The altcoins are also sitting quietly today, with Solana being the only notable gainer from the larger caps. BTC Maintains $29K This past working week started rather calmly, as bitcoin continued trading sideways in a tight range of around $27,500. The landscape changed on Tuesday when the bulls initiated a massive leg-up that ultimately drove the cryptocurrency to $30,000. However, that was short-lived as false panic surrounding the US government and Mt. Gox wallets brought the asset south hard. In fact, BTC erased all gains in minutes and slumped back down to $27,000. As the news turned out to be fake, bitcoin went back on the offensive and reclaimed almost all losses this time. As such, it came inches away from tapping $30,000 yesterday but ultimately failed. Despite retracing by several hundred dollars since then, bitcoin still trades above $29,000. Its market capitalization is close to $570 billion, while its dominance over the alternative coins has gained some ground again and is over 47%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView INJ Jumps 17% Weekly The alternative coins faced similar volatility mid-week but have calmed in the past few days. Ethereum, for example, went to over $2,000 before it crashed below $1,800. However, the largest altcoin has reclaimed over $100 since then and currently sits just inches above $1,900. Binance Coin also went up and down but now trades above $320, despi... read More

Massive Rollercoaster for INJ but $9 Resistance Persists, What's Next? (...

    Injective is in a bull market since January, and the price hasn't looked back since. Key Support levels: $6Key Resistance levels: $10 Injective have had an amazing rally in the past four months, increasing by over 600% or from $1.3 to $8. The price does not seem to take any breaks, with bulls determined to take it to $10, where the key resistance awaits. The current support is at $6. Chart by TradingView Trading Volume: The buying volume continues to be high and sustained since January. This explains the quick ascent of the price. RSI: The daily RSI is just under 70 points. The RSI has been hovering around this level since January. So long it stays here, the bias remains bullish. MACD: The daily MACD is curving up and may do a bullish cross soon, which could take the price to $10. Chart by TradingView Bias The bias for INJ is bullish. Short-Term Prediction for ADA Price The bullish momentum could continue. But it would be critical to see how the cryptocurrency will perform if it manages to get to the important resistance at $10. The post Massive Rollercoaster for INJ but $9 Resistance Persists, What's Next? (Injective Price Analysis) appeared first on CryptoPotato. read More

Bitcoin Struggles Above $27K, Injective (INJ) Nosedives 12% Daily: Marke...

    The weekend saw the broader correction within the cryptocurrency market continue, and most projects failed to stage any sort of recovery. Bitcoin's price is declining toward $27K and, at the time of this writing, is trading slightly above it. The past 24 hours offered no relief to altcoins as well, with most of them continuing their downfall. Let's dive in. Bitcoin Price Struggling Around $27K The beginning of the new week has done little to help Bitcoin in its attempt to recover. In fact, the price continues declining, and it looks like $27K is the next level that the cryptocurrency will visit. Source: TradingView It's worth noting that BTC attempted to reclaim $28,000 but was abruptly stopped at around $27.8K, where the bears took complete control. Every hourly candle since then has been red. This previous week saw BTC lose the most value in five months. It's down roughly 10% compared to where it was trading seven days ago. Altcoins Continue Suffering The altcoin market also failed to produce any meaningful recovery during the past 24 hours. Ethereum is trending towards $1.8K, down 2.1% on the day, much like the majority of the major alts by means of total market capitalization. As seen in the heatmap below, it's not looking very pretty. Source: Quantify Crypto Injective Protocol (INJ) is the worst performer from the past 24 hours, losing over 12% in the period. The cryptocurrency is now down over 30% in the past seven days alone. Trailing right behind is Arbitrum's ARB, wh... read More

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