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ILV Price:
$15.2 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.6 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ILV today is $87.86 USD.

The lowest ILV price for this period was $0, the highest was $87.86, and the exact current price of one ILV crypto coin is $87.85747.

The all-time high ILV coin price was $1,908.

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The code for Illuvium is #ILV.

Illuvium is 3.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Illuvium is $630,317,096.

Illuvium is ranking downwards to #118 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is large today for #ILV.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Illuvium is $15,178,312.


The circulating supply of ILV is 7,174,314 coins, which is 72% of the maximum coin supply.

A highlight of Illuvium is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


ILV is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the ILV Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


ILV is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 35 crypto exchanges.

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Illuvium Arena v0.2.2 Patch Notes

Intro - Players with weaker PCs rejoice; this is the update you have been waiting for! While there are some changes to balance the game, the main thrust of this patch is optimisation and bug fixing. Remember that this is our first pass at optimisation, and things will improve further in later patches. But for now, please enjoy the reduction in your electricity bill. — Illuvial Changes - Overall, the focus is on removing power from some overperforming outliers (Pangolin via Magma, Lynx Psions, niche Fighter comps) while boosting single-target damage. — Axolotl Line. — All Stages Physical Resist 40 -> 45, Energy Resist 40 -> 45, — Sea Scorpion Line. — Stage 1 — Rypter Physical Attack Damage 50 -> 70, Stage 2 — Rypterus Physical Attack Damage 70 -> 90, Stage 3 — Ryplance Physical Attack Damage 90 -> 110, — Thylacine Line. — Stage 1 — Dash Attack Physical Damage 85 -> 110, Stage 2 — Rake Attack Physical Damage 120 -> 140, Stage 3 — Umbre Attack Physical Damage 150 -> 170, — Ant Eater Line. — Stage 1 — Vermi Attack Energy Damage 55 -> 65, Stage 2 — Vermillia Attack Energy/Physical Damage 35 -> 45, Stage 3 — Vermilliare Attack Energy/Physical Damage 45 -> 55, — Water/Nature/Earth/Air Doka/Volante Lines. — Lesser Doka/Volante Attack Physical Damage 40 -> 45...

Illuvium Arena v0.2.1 Patch Notes

Intro - You don’t need to redownload the client for this patch, as it is purely data. It will automatically update when you load the game. Unfortunately, the in-game text won’t update to reflect these new values until we make a new build to download, so there will be a mismatch until we get the next significant update done. — Illuvial Changes - — Pterodactyl Line. — During the 0.2.0 changes, a buff snuck in, harming the counterplay in Pterodactyl’s design. We’re reverting this buff, increasing its energy cost, and decreasing the starting Energy to allow players to focus on Pterodactyl before it gets its Omega off. Due to the additional Omega Power scaling available via the Phantom Synergy, there has also been a nerf to its base Omega damage. Stage 1 — Rhamphy Starting Energy : 100 -> 60, Omega Energy Damage : 700 -> 500, Stage 2 — Rhamphite Starting Energy : 100 -> 60, Omega Energy Damage : 750 -> 550, Stage 3 — Rhamphyre Starting Energy : 100 -> 60, Omega Energy Damage : 800 -> 600, — Elk Line. — We’re experimenting with increasing the Attack Range of a few units to provide further differentiation between Frontline, Midline, Backline, and Extreme Backline Illuvials. Stage 1 — Ador Attack Range : 60 -> 70, Stage 2 — Adoredo Attack Range : 60 -> 70, Stage 3 — Adorius Attack Range : 60 -> 70, — A...

Illuvidex v2.0 Patch Notes

What is the IlluviDex? - The IlluviDex is the single, convenient marketplace for all purchases related to the Illuvium universe. It also includes Illuvium sale events such as Land auctions and Illuvitars, promo NFTs and bonding. Players can trade Illuvium NFTs purchased or found inside the Illuvium universe with zero gas fees thanks to the Immutable X layer two solution. After the release of the IlluviDex v1, we received a ton of positive feedback from the community and some suggestions on what could be better. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and implement features that our community wants! — So, what’s new in IlluviDex 2.0? - — Overview. — Massively improved end-to-end UX., Analytics Content Areas with Collection-specific Analytics Tab and Graph View. - The Land Collection has a custom map view. (including Region & Tier specific filtering), Beautifully designed IlluviDex Homepage & Product Collection Pages. - New Land page. - New Illuvitars collection page., NFT Product Item Page. - History Tab with product level transaction history., Search Functionality., Improved Land Region Map. - Land plot and map UI/UX upgrades. - Navigation changes. (including zoom and more), Improved Filtering and Sort Functionality., Transfer NFT Feature. - Wallet-to-wallet transfers. - UI/UX Improvements., Listing Flow. - Inclusion of Listing Fee UI., Trade page. - Favourites feature., Activity ...

Illuvium Survival Arena: Private Beta 2 Has Arrived!

The much anticipated Survival Arena Private Beta 2 has arrived! The feedback from the community for Private Beta 1 was absolutely essential. We appreciate your efforts, feedback, and bug reports. The developers have taken your input and worked hard to improve every aspect of the game. Not only is PB2 better, but it also contains a ton of new features. — Overview - There are thousands of updates with PB2, too many to list in this announcement, so here is a quick overview. 106 New units. 75 T0’s and 31 Lynxes., All Illuvials have had their Omega progression simplified. Stage 1s (on average) are more powerful, and stage 3s less., The Shoebill, Pistol Shrimp, Ant Eater, Taipan, and Star Nosed Mole lines have reworked Omegas., Leaderboard now ranks players correctly; Training mode no longer counts towards the Leaderboard., You now gain a 10% interest bonus for unused mastery points per round., Added Augments that players equip to Illuvials to provide additional power and effects., Balance tweaks to almost all Illuvials., Synergy tweaks, generally speaking, primary synergies have had their power increased, and composite synergies have had their power decreased., Checkpoints! Your progress is saved every five waves in Competitive mode and every Wave in Training mode, and you can replay from a checkpoint after you are defeated., The Hyper system has been simplified., All matches now end in a win or a loss., If you want...

Auto Battler v0.2.0 Patch Notes

Intro - Hello everyone, it’s been quite a while since the last patch notes! We’re sorry for the wait but at long last, Survival Arena Auto Battler Public Beta 2 (AB-PB2) is almost here! It features significant changes to almost all facets of the game, so this document is quite lengthy, I have included a quick overview for people just wanting the TL;DR. Where possible I have included the reasoning behind changes, which I hope will help give context and some insight into our thinking. Feedback from AB-PB1 has been exceptionally positive and we hope to further improve on that with AB-PB2. You’ll notice a host of these changes are a result of the feedback the community provided during AB-PB1, so please keep the suggestions coming! ~ Ben — PB2 Access - All players who had AB-PB1 will automatically gain access to AB-PB2. Please note that you must login to your Illuvium account and download an entirely new version of the game. After downloading AB-PB2, you should delete your old PB1 game file folder. If you do not have access to Private Beta yet, you can apply for this on our website. So with that, on to the patch notes! — Overview - 106 New units. 75 T0’s and 31 Lynxes., All Illuvials have had their Omega progression simplified. Stage 1’s on average are more powerful and stage 3 are less., The Shoebill, Pistol Shrimp, Ant Eater, Taipan and Star Nosed Mole lines have had their Omegas reworked., Leaderboar...

Illuvium x Bulldogs Official Jerseys just dropped and are now available on our website.

Illuvium x Bulldogs Official Jerseys just dropped and are now available on our website. We are an official sponsor of the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs. Our partnership with the Bulldogs is the first elite sporting partnership for Illuvium and one of the first in sport for a Triple-A Gaming studio that enables players to own their in-game assets. We’re excited to have teamed up to bring you an exclusive Illuvium x Bulldogs 2022 Official Jersey and Cosplay NFT. Designed exclusively by Illuvium to be worn by the Bulldogs in their Round 25 clash, the jersey features ILV obelisks and armour. 19 random purchasers of the Illuvium x Bulldogs 2022 jersey will receive a jersey signed and worn in-game by a Bulldogs player! Will you be one of the lucky ones who gets a signed jersey? Each Bulldogs x Illuvium Bundle Includes: Illuvium x Bulldogs 2022 Jersey, Illuvium x Bulldogs Exclusive Cosplay NFT, Bulldogs 2023 Classic Membership, This is a limited edition drop. Get Yours Today! Illuvium Te

Say No To Gas Wars: The Technology Behind the Illuvium Land Sale

This article details the technical aspects of Illuvium's recently concluded Land Sale, focusing on the backend technology and approach. Warning, it's a long one. I've tried to put enough detail in here so that other teams looking to run a similar NFT sale can take away valuable information and ensure the success of their sale. Apologies to the casual reader!Overview Illuvium's first Land Sale, where we sold ~20,000 NFTs representing virtual plots of land in the Illuvium homeworld, was a great success. During the sale, which ran from June 2nd to June 6th of this year (2022), customers spent over USD 72 million of sILV2 and ETH purchasing plots of land, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Gas costs per plot were typically in the $10–15 USD range, a far cry from the hundreds or thousands of dollars spent per NFT in other similar sales. And, as a cherry on top, very few customers lost gas due to failed transactions. It would be remiss not to note that bear-market conditions played a role in this outcome, as did the community-led decision to use a Dutch Auction with starting prices set at a level where Dutch Auction mechanics can function. That said, there is no doubt that the technology used in the Illuvium Land Sale was critical to its success.Our Approach to Technology and Technology Partners Since our inception, Illuvium's philosophy has been to use best-of-breed solutions and always err on qu...

Illuvium x Immunefi Bug Bounty

As we are continuing to enhance our diverse security plan to further protect against malicious actors and exploits, we have teamed up with Immunefi to implement our new bug bounty program. That means we will now deliver rewards (max bounty up to $150,000) for finding bugs in our website, applications and smart contracts. While we already have skilled in-house team members that focus on our security, code review and development, our partnership with Immunefi will add an additional layer to our security.Teaming Up With Immunefi for our Bug Bounty Programs Illuvium is now paying rewards for white hats who find bugs in our smart contracts and/or vulnerabilities in our protocols. Rewards are distributed according to the impact of the vulnerability. Vulnerability classifications are based on the Immunefi Vulnerability Severity Classification System V2.1, however they are customised to better fit our assets in scope and our threat landscape. For details, please refer to “Impacts in Scope” section here. The following impacts to smart contracts, website and apps are included in the Illuvium bug bounty scope:Loss of funds (including yield, including freezing, theft)Frozen/malfunctioning contract stateUnavailability of web and/or blockchain assetsAuthentication and authorization issues that could result in loss of user fundsReputational damage As we continue to grow our ecosystem, we will continue to add more bounties to the li...

59. Regions — Shardbluff Labyrinth

59. Regions — Shardbluff Labyrinth Shardbluff Labyrinth is a region characterised by the eponymous shard-like mountains rising from the ground as if the ocean had compressed the entire Eastern continent. Long, impassable rock sections jut from the ground. Travelling via the North Sea would be faster, but for Leviathan patrolling the coast. The region is colourless, the sky dark grey. A constant low-hanging mist slicks the angular stone surfaces. Shallow puddles lay scattered everywhere, despite no rain. Many flying Illuvials populate this region, some incredibly powerful.Overview Map of Shardbluff Labyrinth.Nuls Point (Obelisk Area) The journey through Shardbluff begins at Nuls Point. The Obelisk stands out more in this dark, blackened environment. The cracked, rocky ground surrounding the Obelisk draws the eye. Cracks so large they have become natural, concentric moats for the pearlescent spire. The atmosphere is thick, the air salty. A disorienting rumble fills the air from all directions. Waves crash along the black cliffs, funnelling through narrow channels, culminating in misty explosions hundreds of meters into the air. Sunset provides the only colour, painting the vapour burnt orange. Nuls Point is home to the largest living organism in Illuvium. It has adapted to absorb the scant nutrients in the Shardbluff environment and thrive. Often mistaken for multiple distinct creatures, it is singular and connected. M...

Illuvium Universe Land Sale Starts 2 June on Gas-Free Protocol, Immutable X

58. Illuvium Universe Land Sale Starts 2 June on Gas-Free Protocol, Immutable X 1 June 2022, Sydney: Illuvium is excited to announce our integration with Immutable X — the leading Layer 2 (L2) Ethereum scaling solution for NFTs, for our highly anticipated Land Sale that will take place on 2 June 2022. By partnering with Immutable X as its exclusive protocol of choice, Illuvium delivers the next generation of blockchain gaming. A AAA gaming experience with true digital ownership, near-instant and carbon-neutral transactions and all completely gas-free on L2. Illuvium is an open-world exploration, monster collector, and auto battler game, releasing on PC and Mac in 2022. Players will explore the open world to hunt and capture Illuvials — powerful creatures who rule the land. These Illuvials can be trained and fused to create the ultimate team in PvE and PvP battle modes. By building on the Ethereum blockchain, Illuvium brings its players a level of true ownership and interoperability for their digital assets, never before possible in mainstream gaming. Users can create a virtual industrial complex in Illuvium: Zero — the desktop and mobile companion game to Illuvium. Land in Illuvium allows owners to extract fuel, a critical resource required for gameplay in Illuvium Universe games. There are five Land tiers with 20,000 plots available in the first sale, minted with zero gas fees on Immutable X. Players can se...


New And Upcoming NFT Projects

    Finding the best upcoming NFT projects can be quite challenging, but it's an endeavor filled with excitement and potential rewards. The NFT world is buzzing with innovation and creativity, offering a plethora of opportunities for collectors and enthusiasts alike. This guide is tailored to simplify your journey through this vibrant landscape, highlighting key NFT trends, notable upcoming NFT mints, and standout NFT projects across various platforms. We’ll show you how to find upcoming NFT projects! Upcoming NFT Projects The arena of upcoming NFT projects in 2024 is a treasure trove of innovation and opportunity. As we delve into this space, we discover a range of projects that are setting new standards in the NFT world. From digital art masterpieces to revolutionary utility-based tokens, these upcoming NFT projects are not just about ownership, but also about experiencing the future of digital interaction and community building. The beauty of these upcoming NFT projects lies in their diversity and potential for growth. Whether it's promising and upcoming NFT projects on Solana or Cardano or the latest Ethereum-based artworks, each project offers a unique glimpse into the future of digital assets. The key to navigating this space is staying informed and connected, allowing you to identify NFT trends and engage with the best upcoming NFT projects that resonate with your interests and investment goals. Possible NFT Trends For 2024 In 2024, the NFT space is expected to showc... read More

Crypto's Gainers and Losers: BTT and BONK Spike Amidst Overall Downturn

    Over the past day, a considerable number of crypto assets have experienced a decline. However, looking at the seven-day performance, several of them have maintained a substantial increase. For example, bittorrent (BTT) has seen a significant surge of 188% in the last week, while bonk (BONK) has also recorded a 100% rise during the same period.Market Watch: Identifying This Week's Crypto Fortunes Today's markets have dipped, showing a nearly 5% decline across the spectrum, as per the latest figures on Monday, Dec. 11, 2023. Despite this downtrend, a significant number of cryptocurrencies have recorded impressive gains over the last week. Leading the surge, BTT and BONK have escalated by 188% and 100% respectively. Other top performers include Avalanche (AVAX), with a 69.4% increase, and helium (HNT), which climbed 62.4%. Additional noteworthy risers such as beam (BEAM), kucoin (KCS), injective (INJ), and immutable x (IMX) have all experienced growth ranging from 40% to 65%. In the past 24 hours, the crypto economy witnessed a global trade volume of $112.78 billion, with the overall market value standing at $1.62 trillion. Bitcoin continues to dominate the market with a 50% share of the total capitalization, while ethereum holds a substantial 16.3%. Concurrently, several digital currencies have faced setbacks over the week, with terra luna classic (LUNC) leading the decline by falling 28.7%. Other cryptocurrencies like IOTA, KASPA, STX, and RUNE also encountered losses, decre... read More

What Is Web3 Gaming? Top Web3 Games And Crypto Companies

    Web3 gaming represents a revolutionary intersection of blockchain technology and interactive entertainment, heralding a new era in the gaming industry. This article serves as your comprehensive guide to understanding the intricacies of Web3 gaming, providing insights into the top web3 games and web3 gaming companies that are leading this digital transformation. Whether you're a seasoned gamer curious about the transition from traditional to Web3 gaming, or a crypto enthusiast eager to understand the synergy between gaming and blockchain, this guide has you covered. We'll introduce you to the best web3 games that are redefining player experience and discuss the innovative mechanics that set these games apart. Additionally, our curated list of top Web3 games will serve as a valuable resource for enthusiasts and gamers alike. What Is Web3 Gaming? Web3 gaming, at its core, is an innovative fusion of traditional gaming elements with the decentralized, secure, and transparent features of blockchain technology. Unlike traditional gaming, where the game's data and assets are centrally controlled, Web3 gaming introduces a decentralized approach. This paradigm shift allows players to have true ownership of in-game assets, such as skins, characters, and virtual real estate, in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This ownership is verifiable and transferable across different platforms, thanks to the underlying blockchain technology. The integration of cryptocurrencies in Web3 gaming... read More

Altcoins in the Limelight — LUNC, IOTA, and ORDI Dominate This Wee...

    Over the last week, both bitcoin and ethereum experienced significant upticks, with increases of 13% and 10% respectively. Meanwhile, an array of other cryptocurrencies achieved even more impressive growth during the same period. Notably, terra luna classic (LUNC) surged by 122.5% against the dollar, while the BRC20 token ORDI ascended by 118.3%.Alternative Cryptos Gather Double and Triple Digit 7-Day Gains This week witnessed a group of six cryptocurrencies, including LUNC, ORDI, IOTA, TIA, STX, and WEMIX, soaring over 50% in value compared to the dollar. Coinciding with BTC's climb to levels unseen since the Terra LUNA debacle, LUNC marked a remarkable triple-digit rise of 122.5%. In the same vein, ORDI escalated by over 118%, while IOTA leaped by 89.9%. Weekly statistics show TIA's increase at 54.2%, WEMIX at 52.5%, and STX climbing by 50.3%. At present, the overall value of the crypto market stands at $1.611 trillion, marking a 3.9% elevation from the previous day. The market is bustling with a global trading volume of around $106.47 billion across 11,277 cryptocurrencies on 940 exchanges. As of Monday, December 4, 2023, bitcoin's market dominance is at 50.9%, with ethereum following at 16.8%. Besides the six standout performers this week, FXS, NEAR, RUNE, LUNA 2.0, and TAO all recorded over 20% growth against the U.S. dollar. Conversely, six cryptocurrencies, including TON, INJ, BGB, AXS, ILV, and LEO, witnessed declines of more than 2% over the past week. In the rea... read More

Here's Why the Terra Classic Price Has Pumped: 3 Other Altcoins That Cou...

    In the past 24 hours, the Terra Classic (LUNC) price has shocked the market with a sudden 50% pump, hitting the $0.000116 level. LUNC has seen a remarkable resurgence thanks to multiple catalysts, but sustainability remains a question mark hanging over the token’s future trajectory. This article analyzes the drivers behind Terra Classic's pump and identifies three additional altcoins that could post double-digit gains in the coming days. Terra Classic Price Surges Due to Strategic Investment & Token Burns The recent surge in LUNC can be attributed to two key catalysts. Firstly, Terra Classic Labs (TCL) invested approximately $500,000 into TerraClassicUSD (USTC), an algorithmic stablecoin tied to the Terra ecosystem. This investment, involving the acquisition of 25.6 million USTC at $0.021 per token, was a strategic move under TCL's Treasury Reserve Policy aimed at stabilizing USTC's liquidity and bolstering recovery efforts. The investment significantly boosted USTC’s price, which surged over 300% in just one day. This ripple effect helped propel LUNC's price higher, renewing confidence and hopes of reviving the broader Terra ecosystem. Secondly, LUNC’s automated token burn mechanism has substantially reduced its circulating supply. For over a year, the network has implemented a 0.5% burn tax on transactions - a fee that permanently LUNC from circulation, leading to the destruction of more than 74 billion tokens. Binance has been actively participating, co... read More

7-Day Crypto Snapshot: BLUR, APE, KLAY, and MINA Lead This Week's Market...

    In the last week, bitcoin experienced a modest increase of 2.7% against the U.S. dollar, while ethereum saw a rise of 6.5%. Concurrently, a range of other cryptocurrencies registered significant double-digit advances, notably the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Blur's token BLUR, which soared by a significant 72% this past week.17 Crypto Assets Record Double-Digit Growth As of Sunday, November 26, 2023, the total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency sector stands at $1.43 trillion. This week, 17 distinct digital currencies achieved double-digit growth, with BLUR at the forefront with a 72% surge. Trailing BLUR, apecoin (APE) escalated by 26.3%, and klaytn (KLAY) observed a comparable ascent of 26%. Further, mina protocol (MINA) climbed by 24.1%, while illuvium (ILV) rose 22.9% over the week, as per the data from Pursuing ILV, cryptocurrencies such as uniswap (UNI), sui (SUI), and bittensor (TAO) also experienced notable increases, ranging from 16% to 19.2%. Nevertheless, alongside these gains, several digital assets witnessed declines this week. Celestia (TIA) experienced a significant drop, losing 21% over the week, and rollbit coin (RLB) decreased in value by 8.1%. Additionally, MATIC fell by 8%, and kaspa (KAS) suffered a 6% decline. Other cryptocurrencies that didn't fare well during this seven-day period include XDC, BNB, SOL, CAKE, and SHIB. On the flip side, the four digital currencies with the highest trading volumes this week were USDT, ... read More

Gamefi Tokens' Valuation Swells by $4.5 Billion, Eclipsing AI Crypto Sec...

    Over the last month, the crypto market has seen appreciable gains, reaching a valuation of $1.4 trillion. Certain areas, however, have registered more pronounced increases against the U.S. dollar. Data reveals that the top gaming tokens from the game finance (gamefi) sector have experienced significant growth over the past week. From the onset of 2023, the market valuation of the gamefi token sector has increased by $4.54 billion, attaining its current value of $11.49 billion. Top Gamefi Tokens Capture Striking Gains Gamefi tokens have registered notable gains in the past week, with several assets achieving double to triple-digit increases. Coins linked with game finance are digital assets employed within blockchain-based gaming platforms, either as in-game currency or for governance purposes, enabling voting on decisions that influence the game's development and operations. Currently, the aggregate value of today's leading gamefi tokens stands at $11.49 billion. This valuation represents less than 1% of the total $1.4 trillion crypto economy, or approximately 0.82%. The largest game token by market capitalization is internet computer (ICP), which is valued at about $1.9 billion. ICP's value increased by 8.1% against the greenback over the past week. Immutable x (IMX), the second-largest gamefi coin, saw a rise of 57.7% this week, with its valuation reaching $1.35 billion. Four gamefi coins posted triple-digit gains during the seven-day period, with netvrk (NTVRK) climbing 3... read More

Weekly Market Recap: Crypto Economy Surges to $1.4T as FTT and ORDI Outs...

    This week, the crypto economy climbed to the $1.4 trillion range as dozens of virtual assets witnessed gains. From November 4 to Saturday, November 11, 2023, several crypto assets recorded triple-digit weekly gains, and a great deal captured double-digit gains. This week, the top two gainers include FTT and ORDI, as they jumped 291% and 158% against the U.S. dollar, respectively.Surge and Decline: The Dual Faces of This Week's $1.4 Trillion Crypto Market As of this report, the crypto economy boasts a valuation of $1.4 trillion, with $85.36 billion traded in the past 24 hours on Saturday. In the span of the preceding week, bitcoin (BTC) appreciated by 6.5%, while ethereum (ETH) posted an 11.8% increase. This week, a significant number of digital currencies outpaced the two leading coins' growth figures, although 15 of the top 200 cryptos by market cap experienced declines during the same period. The week's most impressive performer was ftx token (FTT), soaring 291% against the U.S. dollar, in spite of its association with a defunct exchange and its minimal, concentrated ownership - further marred by the FTX founder's fraud conviction. Following FTT, ordinals (ORDI) secured the spot as the second-largest climber, surging 158%. ORDI, a BRC20 token that operates on the Bitcoin network, shares the same supply limitation. The Kujira Network's token, kujira (KUJI), captured third place in gains, escalating by 141% over the week. Terra's luna (LUNA 2.0) token claimed the title of t... read More

XRP, ETH, or BTC – What Do Whales Withdraw From Binance Amid Lates...

    TL;DR The cryptocurrency market has seen a notable resurgence in the past several weeks, and on-chain data reveals that whales have been actively accumulating. However, Lookonchain data shows that some larger investors might have preferred to purchase lower-cap altcoins rather than well-established giants like BTC and XRP. Whale Going After These Tokens In a recent X post starting with 'What tokens do whales buy,' the popular on-chain monitoring resource tried to answer one of the most asked questions from the retail investment cohort. While large investors typically tend to go for bigger cryptocurrencies, a relatively new wallet, which was the object of Lookonchain's investigation, spent $15 million to accumulate some quite compelling and unexpected assets. Although their buying spree included well-known tokens from the top 100 largest ones like MKR, ETH, 1INCH, and UNI, their biggest withdrawal from Binance was - Illuvium (ILV). What tokens do whales buy? A fresh wallet withdrew ~$15M assets from #Binance in the past 7 days, including: 40,000 $ILV($3.55M) 2,609 $MKR($3.38M) 1,543 $ETH($3.17M) 6.4M #1INCH($2.4M) 352,240 $UNI($1.87M) 60,774 $ENS($546K) 49,997 $LQTY($71K) — Lookonchain (@lookonchain) November 11, 2023 ILV is currently positioned outside of the top 100 largest digital assets, with a market cap of $333M. However, the asset is up by 50% over the past seven days, and there are a few notable events relate... read More

Medieval Empires (MEE) Will Be Listed on MEXC December 19

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Medieval Empires will be listed on MEXC Global on December 19 ,12:00 (UTC). Users are able to trade its native token MEE(MEE/USDT).Along with the listing,MEXC launched a deposit MEE to share a 1,000 MX rewards campaign. Medieval Empires is an elaborate, multi-player online strategy game set in what is now modern-day Turkey during the late 13th century. Featuring internationally acclaimed actor, Engin Altan Düzyatan as Kayi Tribe leader Ertu?rul Gazi, the game aims to provide a state-of-the-art Web 3.0 experience to the fans of the character/actor, gamers as well as blockchain and crypto enthusiasts. The game is set in a passive PvE area and starts with players building towns while trading, fighting, and forging alliances.Medieval Empires offers several outstanding features,including multiplayer online strategy,play-to-own gameplay,persistent online world,community battles,physical & digital NFTs with utility and massive historic battles. The land will play an integral part in the gameplay and the game economy, with numerous benefits for landowners.There are 6 tiers of land.They launched a land sale in September 2022. This exclusive feature allows users the first opportunity to enter the immersive world of Medieval Empires. Recently, Medieval Empires raised $2.1 million in the first seed round. Led by some of the key opinion leaders in the space such as  Evan Luthra, James Crypto Guru, Satoshi Stacker, Crypto King, and Davinc... read More

PlanetQuest and Immutable X Launch Community Friendly NFT Planet Sale

    PRESS RELEASE. In a radically different approach to handling an NFT sale, PlanetQuest, has just launched its community friendly Planet Sale at The Cinematic Multiverse and Blockchain Game, backed by Hollywood and Gaming talent, top tier investors and a community of over 215.000 Explorers, is pioneering a whole new sales approach that promises to eliminate gas wars, frustration and front running bots, while ensuring their first ever, real-time 3D Planet NFTs end up in the hands of deserving buyers and community members. After coming out of stealth on the 15th of December of 2021, PlanetQuest had already built a massive fanbase. With its interactive storyline, that saw community members voting to decide the fate of beloved characters, closing in on the end of its first season, an ancient artifact, known as The Cradle, has been discovered and activated, opening wormholes to unexplored galaxies, and setting the stage for the next phase of the PlanetQuest journey: The Community Planet Sale. In this sale, community members will be able to buy not just deeds to a piece of land, but entire planets, each of which completely unique, that can be viewed from orbit in full 3D, right in the browser. Making this one of the first, instantly accessible, real-time 3D NFTs ever sold. A new approach to NFT sales With demand exceeding supply by a large margin, first come, first serve NFT sales have led to massive gas wars, failed and hung transactions, frustration and crashing web... read More

The Evolution of Gaming and Its Integration into the Crypto Universe

    From arcade systems to home consoles and mobile apps, gaming has made its way into the lives of billions across the world. As a result, gaming is a popular activity for many in the modern age and remains one of the globe’s most profitable industries. The first recognized example of a gaming machine debuted at the 1940 New York World’s Fair and was based on the ancient game of Nim. Played by about 50,000 people, the computer won more than 90% of the time. In the mid-20th century, gaming was regarded as an oddity and primarily was just the subject of scientific and academic research projects. It was not until 1967 that the first prototype multiplayer video game system emerged. By 1972, the design turned into the Odyssey console that later inspired Atari’s Pong video game. The 1990s finally brought the gaming industry to prominence. The rise of 3D gaming and successful franchises like Mortal Kombat and Sonic the Hedgehog cultivated generations of loyal gamers. Interest in gaming also established companies like Nintendo and Sony as household names. The Internet Revolution And The Rise Of Modern, Digital Gaming The rise of the internet and better computer processing power ushered in new gaming frontiers. Games and graphics became more intricate while internet servers allowed global gamers to play together. In addition, online storefronts like the Apple App Store and Xbox Live Marketplace made buying and updating games much more effortless. Ease of access through ... read More

GameFi platform and play-to-earn guild, Polemos closes $14M seed round

    Polemos, a GameFi application and play-to-earn guild, today announced it has closed a US $14 million seed round at a $100 million fully-diluted valuation, establishing it as one of the fastest-growing entrants to the GameFi sector. Funds will go to further developing its proprietary tech platforms, which will facilitate the lodgement and leasing of NFTs, data analytics, and educational resources for scholars, as well as investment into new play-to-earn games and growth of the team. Contributors to the round include Delphi, QCP, Framework, Golden Tree, IOSG, and LD Capital. Notable high net worth backers include the founders of COTI, Tokemak, Sushiswap, and Altered State Machine. Polemos anticipates significant growth in 2022 with the release of a series of high-quality games it will be supporting, including Illuvium, MonkeyLeague, and Fancy Birds. AAA-produced NFT game titles will increasingly drive gamers to the blockchain through platforms and guilds like Polemos. “Polemos’ vision is to become one of the world’s leading DAOs and bring tens of millions of global digital asset providers and gamers together inside a unified GameFi ecosystem. With the growth of our platform, we expect to soon see thousands of guild members playing the most popular play-to-earn games.” - Sascha Zehe, Co-Founder of Polemos Late in 2021, Polemos released a whitepaper that revealed its strategy to build the world’s first GameFi platform to enable any individual or gr... read More

YouHodler: Providing Access to the Metaverse Via Ecosystem Tokens

    Web 3.0 and the metaverse are currently the hottest topics in the crypto and blockchain industry, but these discussions are not limited only to crypto users. Many believe that Web3, a term broadly used to describe a new generation of the internet that seeks to give power back to the people, is the internet of the future. The interest in Web3 and other blockchain concepts such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming, and the Metaverse among mainstream users is becoming widespread. But for the Metaverse market to reach its full potential, everyone has a role to play. This is why YouHodler has ventured into the Metaverse space, offering new ways users can access and utilize the native tokens of different virtual worlds. What is YouHodler? YouHodler is a FinTech platform that provides users with access to different financial services such as crypto-backed lending, stablecoin loans, crypto exchange, crypto savings accounts, and crypto trading  The platform is designed to bridge the gap between the digital assets industry and traditional systems by facilitating fast and seamless transactions. Launched in 2018, YouHodler offers users more opportunities to earn passive income while granting access to quick crypto-backed loans. Users can buy, sell, and exchange a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins. They can also stake their crypto assets and earn staking rewards. As a multi-asset platform, YouHodler employs some of the best security systems to ... read More

Mars4 Embraces a Multi-chain Future with PancakeSwap Listing

    Investors from all over the world are looking for the freshest projects to increase their returns. They might come across the MARS4 project that has been continuously growing and appearing on more and more platforms. Now listed on PancakeSwap, MARS4 is more accessible than ever as it became a multichain project. What is MARS4? MARS4 is a blockchain-based Play-to-Earn game project split into three interconnected parts: land plot NFTs, MARS4 dollars and the upcoming game. These elements come together, allowing players to experience virtual Mars and provide the tools to earn from it. MARS4 NFTs are land plots on virtual Mars that were modeled after NASA’s data to give the most accurate experience of the Red Planet. Their topography will be used for playable zones, so landowners of Mars will be able to interact with their NFT, explore and even terraform it. MARS4 will be a survival game where players struggle against the harsh realities of the Red Planet, explore the vast land and build their dream constructions. The main goal of the MARS4 game developers is to create a fun and captivating game that allows players to gain financially from it. The first playable version of the game will be available from 2022, Q3. It will be a single-player sandbox building and survival experience where the developers and community will refine the mechanics together. Later on, a multiplayer version is planned to be released making MARS4 the first virtual Mars metaverse. Why is it worth buyi... read More

Webbland Metaverse Sales Jump 126% as 2 Penthouses Sell for Six-Figures

    While blockchain virtual worlds have seen significant demand during the last few months, an 'interoperable pixel metaverse' project called Webbland has seen weekly NFT sales spike by 126.24%. The project recorded over $3.6 million in sales over the last seven days, and two Webbland penthouses made it into the top 15 most expensive NFT sales this week.Worldwide Webbland NFT Sales Capture $3.6 Million in Volume Over the Last Week During the last 12 months, metaverse properties have climbed in value as blockchain-based virtual world projects like Decentraland, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and Illuvium have seen significant demand. Metaverse land, apartments, penthouses, and mansions have been selling for anywhere between four to seven figures. This week, Webbland, a project that calls itself an 'interoperable pixel metaverse,' has seen $3.6 million in sales this week up 126.24% since the week prior. Webbland has made it into the 33rd position in terms of seven-day sales during the last week, above Farmers World and just below Sheet Fighter. The project Worldwide Webbland or Webbland is similar to The Sandbox and Decentraland, as it allows players to own land, equip with NFTs, complete quests, and explore. Webbland is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and players have in-game avatars and they can acquire land in the virtual world. 'Lands are in-game spaces owned and controlled by the respective NFT token holder and function as an integral part of the Worldw... read More

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