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Impossible Finance  


IF Price:
$1.2 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$129.0 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #IF today is $0.016 USD.

The lowest IF price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.016, and the current live price for one IF coin is $0.01610.

The all-time high IF coin price was $5.79.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of IF with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Impossible Finance crypto currency is #IF.

Impossible Finance is 2.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Impossible Finance is $128,950.

Impossible Finance is ranking downwards to #1008 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is small during the past 24 hours for #IF.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Impossible Finance is $1,226.


The circulating supply of IF is 8,010,019 coins, which is 38% of the maximum coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Impossible Finance coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


IF is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


IF has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 3 crypto exchanges.

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The Impossible Finance x Pine Protocol AMA

Activity period: 08/12/2022, 2PM (UTC) Do you have burning questions on our launchpad PINE token sale? The best time to ask your questions is during our AMA on 08/12/2022 at 2PM UTC in our own Telegram. Founder, and Head of Product of Pine Protocol, Alex Ho, will personally answer your questions regarding the Pine Protocol project! What’s more, there is up to US$2,000 worth of PINE whitelist allocation to be won during our AMA! (subject to local rules and regulations) Format Part I: Pine Protocol Interview with Alex Ho, Part II: Quiz with 10 Multiple Choice Questions and 5 Short Open-Ended Questions where we will randomly choose 15 winners with the best answers to win US$100 PINE Whitelist Allocation, Part III: Community Questions, the 5 best questions selected by Alex will win US$100 PINE Whitelist Allocation, Our AMA will be held in our telegram group at About Pine Protocol Pine protocol is a two-sided decentralized non-custodial protocol that facilitates NFT asset-backed loan transactions between lenders and borrowers. Pine Protocol is pioneering the NFTfi landscape with an NFT loan infrastructure that empowers NFT mortgages, margin trades and other credit-related transactions simply with the power of your held NFT collectibles. Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium About Impossible Finance Impossible Finance is the go-to crypto investment platform that empowers you with high-quality, fair and accessi...

Impossible Friends Exclusive — Pine Protocol Pop Quiz

Impossible Friends Exclusive — Pine Protocol Pop Quiz - Campaign period: 30/11/2022 & 11/01/2023, 12PM(UTC) Hello Penguins! Ready to take on the good old Pop Quiz, but in a new, revamped manner? After learning about Pine Protocol through our research report and all other Pine Protocol materials, you should now be fit for our Pop Quizzes using our new Impossible Quest platform Winners will get guaranteed PINE whitelist allocation! Details of Pop Quizzes: Pop Quiz will be held in our Exclusive Impossible Quest Platform., Link for the Quest will be sent to our Impossible Friends Discord Group., Join our Discord server and go to #start-here to learn how to join the Impossible Friends Discord group., Members of the group can answer the Pop Quiz questions on the Impossible Quest page within 30 minutes., For the quiz, you are required to sign in with your KYC-ed wallet address on the Impossible Quest platform., For each quiz, there will be 10 questions and 15 winners will be randomly selected from the pool of best answers given., Each lucky winner will win US$100 worth of PINE whitelist allocation., The Quiz will be conducted on the following days (10 questions per quiz): 30/11/2022 Quiz, 11/01/2023 Quiz, Study our research report and all other Pine Protocol materials to get yourselves prepared for the quiz! About Pine Protocol Pine protocol is a two-sided decentralized non-custodial protocol that facilitates N...

The Impossible Finance x Pine Protocol Whitelist Allocation Campaign

Campaign period: 24/11/2022–30/01/2023 2PM (UTC) Hello Penguins! 🐧 To celebrate the launch of our IDO 16, Pine Protocol (PINE), we are opening up US$15,000 of Whitelist Allocation for PINE tokens in our gleam campaign to reward our awesome community members subject to local rules and regulations. Several community tasks are available to increase your chances of winning the whitelist allocation. Flash entries during AMA roadshows are available to score bonus entries! You can earn a significant amount of entries doing flash tasks during these AMAs. ⬇⬇⬇ Learn more and enter the contest below ⬇⬇⬇ — Details of Event. — 300 winners will be randomly selected at the end of the campaign., Each winner will be whitelisted and eligible, after passing KYC, to purchase US$50 of the PINE token during the IDO event. More details on the IDO to be announced later., Participants can increase their chance of whitelisting with multiple task submissions. Each task is worth a number of entries. The more entries you have, the higher the chance of getting an allocation., To increase the chances for a spot in the whitelist allocation campaign, kindly complete these tasks: — Steps to get started. — Fill in the whitelist form:, Enter your TG username, Enter your BSC wallet address, Follow Pine Protocol on Twitter, Join Pine Protocol TG announcement channel, Join Pine Protocol Discord...

Impossible Finance Research Report #16 —Pine Protocol

Context - The rise in popularity of NFTs has been nothing short of spectacular, with a variety of mainstream brands even getting in on the fun and token-based protocols, implementing NFTs as a main component of their ecosystems. From GameFi NFTs in the form of play-to-earn digital assets, to DeFi NFTs used to represent financial positions, such as that of Solv Finance, the utility of these assets are astonishingly creative. This increase in NFT utilization has triggered an arguable ‘worldwide adoption,’ which is further evidenced by NFT marketplace volume. To put this into perspective, total secondary NFT sales volume increased to a whopping $70.6 billion, with the number of monthly traders following suit. For example, at the start of 2021 the total number of monthly traders was about 10,400 worldwide. Fast-forward 12 months later, the peak of the NFT bull run helped onboard over 550,000 monthly traders. That being said, even with the current market downturn there still is a significantly larger proportion of monthly traders in comparison to the start of 2021 — which roughly 360,000 traders last month alone. Pretty strong confirmation that NFTs aren’t going anywhere! To accommodate the increase in demand for NFTs, a number of protocols have arisen to provide an array of product solutions for growing utility functions. Marketplaces are the first that come to mind, ala OpenSea, LooksRare and many more. NFT Aggregator...

Impossible IDO #15 — Quoll Finance Key Updates

Impossible IDO #15 — Quoll Finance Key Updates - Hey there, Penguins! 🐧 The staking subscription period for Quoll Finance has just ended on the Impossible Launchpad, with a high of US$1.2 million worth of IDIA and vIDIA tokens committed in staked capital. Below are important details you should be aware of: — Token Updates - — ⚠️ Latest Timeline:. — Claiming Period: 03/11/2022 10:00 AM (UTC). Users will be able to claim their QUO tokens on the Impossible Launchpad., Token Trading: Goes live sometime around 03/11/2022 10:00 AM (UTC), — ⚠️ QUO Token Listing. — Tokens will be liquid and tradable on PancakeSwap and Impossible Finance Swap, Listing pairs will be QUO/BUSD, Refer to Quoll Finance and Impossible Twitter account for the latest details, — ⚠️ Token Distribution (Both Public Sale & Whitelist users). — Token Claim: Users will be able to claim their purchased QUO token allocation on the Impossible Launchpad according to the vesting schedule., Token Vesting: 10% of your purchased tokens will be distributed initially, followed by a 1-month cliff and a 9 months vesting period. During the 9 months vesting period, 1% of your purchased tokens will be distributed every 3 days from the specified starting date, — ⚠️ Buy-back Protection Program. — 50% downside protection from public sale price, — Quoll Updates - — ⚠️ Qu...

Kickstart Your Crypto Journey With The Impossible Academy

Hey, Penguins! The crypto space has been growing exponentially over the past few years and we have seen a lot of new users join us. This probably includes your colleagues, friends, or even family. At Impossible, we recognize the importance of providing high-quality information for new and seasoned users of the space. We are thrilled to introduce you to the Impossible Academy, a new way of learning about crypto. The Impossible Academy will be your one-stop hub for all things Impossible Finance! Read about our mission and vision that drives us to strive for excellence through every product and feature. You can also learn more about why we started and the pathway of the Impossible launchpad. Our FAQ is also available for you to access our guides and maximize your experience. From passing KYC to earning LP rewards, it’s all there to provide you with a smooth and easy process. Curious about the Impossible team? You can view the talented minds working behind the scenes including everyone from operations to research and even marketing. Our team is excited for you to get to know us better. Data and information are key in today’s digital era! Without it, decisions are not so easily made. The talented research and data team have included some valuable DUNE Dashboards in the Academy for you to easily see what’s happening. As the Impossible Academy continues to grow, we will be introducing articles designed specifically for you t...

Impossible LP Rewards #3 — Stader Labs

Impossible LP Rewards #3 — Stader Labs - Campaign period: 18/10/2022 2PM UTC Dearest Penguins, We are always excited to partner with projects across the crypto space to launch campaigns and opportunities for our community. That is why we are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Stader Labs to bring you exciting rewards through our Swap! Stader Labs, a non-custodial smart contract-based staking platform, will be Impossible’s next LP Rewards project. With BNBx, you are able to earn rewards through the Stader Labs platform. On top of that, by participating in this LP Rewards campaign, you will be able to get additional SD token rewards by staking BNB-BNBx LP tokens on Impossible’s swap. The campaign will continue for a total of 26 days, with option to be renewed at a later date. What is BNBx? BNBx is a liquid token that can be minted by users when they stake BNB on Stader Labs. Stader Labs optimally stakes deposited BNB across various validators to earn rewards which are then channeled into the BNB stake pool on Stader. As the BNB pool size grows, the value of BNBx increases. BNB-BNBx Rewards Staking:  — Staking starts: 18/10/2022 2PM UTC  — Staking ends: TBC SD Tokens Rewards Distribution: 18/10/2022 to 14/11/2022: US$3,500 in SD Tokens, 19/11/2022 onwards — TBC, How to participate: Step 1 (if you do not have BNB tokens): Purchase BNB on the Impossible Swap, Step 2 (if you do not ha...

Impossible Finance Launches New Rewards Page

GM, Penguins 🐧 We are always looking for new ways to optimize your interactions on the Impossible platforms. From easy navigation to clear division between products, we prioritize giving you a smooth and enjoyable experience. As such, we are excited to unveil the brand-new Impossible Finance Rewards page! The rewards page will be your one-stop shop for staking LP tokens and earning awesome rewards. We highly suggest you read through this article, especially if you have participated in the Aurigami and/or WIRTUAL liquidity reward campaigns. — The Benefits of the new Rewards Page - Convenience is now at your fingertips with easy navigation throughout the page to view all the pools, including live and finished pools as well as pools that have been staked in. On top of that, rewards are also automatically claimed and sent to your connected wallet on a daily basis. With the ROI calculator, you can get an estimate of your rewards based on your investment, allowing for maximum earning potential! — Campaigns - Moving forward, we will be migrating all existing liquidity rewards campaigns from the launchpad to the rewards page. All future rewards campaigns will also be held on the rewards page. As such, here is some information regarding the existing campaigns. Aurigami The last distribution of rewards to all eligible wallets on the Impossible Launchpad will be on 18/10/2022, Users will need to migrate their PLY-USDC L...

Impossible NFT Whitelist #2 — MetaOasis Player One NFT

Impossible NFT Whitelist #2 — MetaOasis Player One NFT - Campaign period: 13-16/10/2022 02:00 PM (UTC) Hey Penguins, We are thrilled to announce a new NFT whitelist staking in collaboration with MetaOasis. With our growing Impossible Research & BD team, we are able to secure even more whitelist allocations and want to make sure we reward our community accordingly. Our second NFT whitelist will be the MetaOasis’s First NFT project! We managed to secure 100 MetaOasis Player One NFT whitelists on ETH. MetaOasis is the next-generation game publishing platform linking web2 and web3. It reduces the entry threshold of web2 users by building the infrastructure of web2 and web3 integration and also provides a series of tools for web3 game developers to solve user’s login and payment problems. The MetaOasis Player One NFT (1P) is a collection of 10,000 beings in the universe, which is a pass to explore the MetaOasis universe. As the first NFT supporting permanent and unconditional refund, it will keep your assets safe and give you the guarantee. Every 1P holder will be granted a new identity in MetaOasis universe, and enter into a shining future, wherever you are Users may obtain a MetaOasis Player One NFT whitelist in 3 ways: STAKING: Stake your vIDIA (BSC) tokens in the Launchpad NFT Card. (Total giveaway 70+25 MetaOasis Player One NFT Whitelists), PENGUINS: 5 MetaOasis Player One NFT Whitelists will be reserved for...

Impossible Finance Introduces The Impossible Quest

Hey, Penguins! Introducing our new Learning Product — Impossible Quest We have always held firmly to our core vision of empowering users in many different ways — one of the key ways being education. At Impossible, we believe that understanding the complex crypto space and how to participate in it is a crucial step for greater user adoption. It is an investment of time and resources that can bring the potential to change lives if equipped with the right knowledge and information. As we take the next step in bringing our core vision to life, we are thrilled to announce Impossible Quest! With Impossible Quest, you can take quizzes to see how fluent your crypto knowledge is and at the same time learn more about various concepts and projects in the crypto space. With Impossible Quest, we hope to enrich your crypto education journey by making the learning process more engaging and fun! Currently, Impossible Quest is available as a beta version. Curious to find out just how degen you are? Participate in our first quiz to test your knowledge on popular crypto logos. The first 100 participants that score 100% on the first try will be displayed on a leaderboard inside our Cryptovoxel metaverse HeadQuarters within the coming few weeks. Meanwhile, we continue working hard behind the scenes to bring you more exciting quizzes and rewards in the near future. Be sure to stay tuned for what’s coming. Feel free to leave us feed...


We Asked ChatGPT if Ethereum (ETH) Price Will Reach ATH in 2024

    TL;DR Ethereum's Price and Prospects: Ethereum (ETH) currently trades around $2,100, with the potential for a new all-time high influenced by market trends and technological advancements, especially its shift to proof-of-stake (PoS). Regulatory and Economic Factors: Ethereum's future price could be affected by regulatory changes, with positive developments boosting investments and stricter regulations posing risks. Economic conditions and investor sentiment also play a crucial role. Ethereum vs. Bitcoin Market Cap: ETH's possibility of surpassing Bitcoin in market capitalization is uncertain, dependent on factors like adoption rates and network upgrades. Bitcoin currently leads with a significantly higher market cap. 'There is Potential for Ethereum' Ethereum's native cryptocurrency - Ether (ETH) - is yet another digital asset that has experienced a rapid price increase since the beginning of 2023. It currently trades at around $2,100 (per CoinGecko's data), with some wondering whether a new all-time high (ATH) could be achieved next year. According to ChatGPT, such a development could indeed occur should several vital factors be in place. The AI-powered language model noted market trends and technological advancements as the main ones. It outlined Ethereum's shift from a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism to proof-of-stake (PoS), suggesting other improvements of this type could be bullish for the asset. ChatGPT estimated that positive regulatory developments might enc... read More

The Other Side Of The Bitcoin: Analyst Highlights What Happens If Bulls ...

    Bitcoin has currently entered a stage where the bulls and the bears are vying for absolute control over the price, meaning that it could swing either way. While sentiment is still mostly bullish from here, there is still the possibility that the bears could win out and this side of the coin has prompted crypto analyst FieryTrading to map out what could happen if this ends up being the case. Identifying The Bearish Side Of Bitcoin In the analysis, FieryTrading identified an indicator that might point toward a bearish reversal for Bitcoin and this was the Wyckoff distribution pattern. The analyst observes that the Bitcoin price might actually be current trading within this Wyckoff distribution pattern which would not be positive for the price. “As seen on the chart, the BC/UT/UTAD are nearly identical as on the schematic. Three higher-highs, of which the first two are sold off quickly, and the last (UTAD) took a while before it turned bearish,” Fiery Trading explains. Furthermore, the analyst explains that the AR and SOW phases identified in the chart above are almost identical. However, there is a significant difference, which is that the Bitcoin price has already retested the AR-low between the UT and UTAD identified twice already. In a scenario where this bearish setup plays out, the crypto analyst explains that there will end up being another retest around the SOW region in the future. If this happens and support fails to hold, allowing the price to fall thro... read More

Dogecoin To Double Its Price If This Barrier Breaks, Analyst Predicts

    An analyst has explained how Dogecoin breaking the $0.087 barrier could open the path to DOGE price levels nearly double the recent ones. Dogecoin Has Three Important Lines Converging At $0.087 Right Now In a new post on X, analyst Ali has discussed what the weekly chart of DOGE is looking like right now in terms of some important historical lines. In particular, the levels of interest here are the 100-week EMA, 200-week EMA, and 0.786 Fibonacci. A 'moving average' (MA) refers to an analytical tool that calculates the mean of any given quantity over a specific period of time, and as its name implies, it moves in time and changes its value as the quantity fluctuates. This basic tool is quite useful as it smooths out the curve by removing local fluctuations, making a study of long-term trends easier to perform. In the context of the current topic, though, a normal MA isn't of focus, but rather a modified form called the exponential moving average (EMA). The EMA works like the usual MA, except it places a greater weight on the most recent readings of the quantity. What this means is that the older the reading, the less weightage it has in the metric, so the line's changes reflect the latest price direction more strongly. Now, here is a chart that shows the trend in the 100-week and 200-week EMAs for Dogecoin, as well as the weekly price curve of the meme coin: As is visible from the above graph, these two Dogecoin EMAs have approached each other recently and have converged in... read More

Analyst Sets $47,000 Target For Bitcoin If This Happens

    An analyst has explained how $47,360 could be the next target for Bitcoin if the cryptocurrency can clear the $38,500 resistance wall. Bitcoin URPD Suggests $47,360 Holds Next Major Resistance After $38,500 In a new post on X, analyst Ali talked about what the levels ahead of BTC are looking like right now in terms of the on-chain resistance. The indicator of interest here is the 'UTXO Realized Price Distribution' (URPD), which tells us about the amount of coins (or more precisely, the UTXOs) that were last acquired at the various levels that the cryptocurrency has visited in its history. Generally, the levels that host the cost basis of a significant number of investors can be important levels for Bitcoin, due to how investor psychology tends to work. To any holder, their acquisition price is naturally a level that's important, so whenever the price retests that point, they may become more prone to make some sort of move. How they may react to the retest may depend on what their profitability status was prior to the retest. An investor who was in profits before might want to take a further gamble and buy more, as they may think that the price would go up again in the near term. On the other hand, a holder who was in losses might just want to exit at their acquisition price, just so they can at least avoid going into losses again in the future. Such buying or selling that arises out of these retests can provide support or resistance to the asset's price. As mentioned before,... read More

We Asked ChatGPT if Cardano (ADA) Price Will Explode in 2024

    TL;DR ADA's Recent Growth: Cardano's ADA experienced a significant 40% rise in price, surpassing $0.40, with questions about its future momentum. Predictions for ADA: ChatGPT and analysts predict a potential uptrend for ADA, influenced by various factors, but caution about the market's volatility. Bullish Forecasts: Analysts predict a substantial increase in ADA's value, with targets up to $11 by 2025 and even $30 in a growing global crypto market. The 'Challenging' Prediction Cardano's native token - ADA - has performed quite well recently, surpassing the $0.40 level and marking a 40% price increase on a monthly basis. As such, it is worth observing whether the asset could keep the momentum next year. The popular AI-powered language model - ChatGPT - estimated that such an uptrend could be indeed in the cards, assuming several factors are in place. Successful developments surrounding the asset and positive cryptocurrency market trends were labeled as the two most vital elements that could drive ADA's valuation up. In addition, mass adoption, important partnerships, favorable regulatory environment, technological advancements, and certain macroeconomic factors could also play a role. On the other hand, ChatGPT determined that forecasting the future price of Cardano's coin is 'inherently challenging' due to 'the highly volatile and speculative nature of the market.' Some of the Bullish ADA Predictions Several cryptocurrency analysts, such as Dan Gambardello (Founder of Cryp... read More

We Asked ChatGPT if Cardano (ADA) Will Outperform Ripple (XRP) in 2024

    TL;DR ADA and XRP in 2023: Both ADA and XRP have shown strong performance in 2023, with ADA being particularly bullish recently. Influential Factors: ADA's potential growth hinges on Cardano's development milestones, while XRP's progress is closely tied to Ripple's SEC lawsuit outcome. Market trends and investor sentiment are crucial for both. Market Positions and Speculation: Despite XRP's larger market cap and Ripple's legal victories, the volatile nature of the crypto market means ADA could still potentially outperform XRP in the future. Could ADA Flip XRP? Cardano's native token - ADA - and Ripple's coin - XRP - are undoubtedly among the trendiest cryptocurrencies, capturing much of the investors' attention. Both assets have charted impressive gains throughout 2023, with the former being in a more bullish mode in the past month. As such, some might be wondering whether ADA's uptrend could continue in 2024 and outperform XRP. The popular AI-powered language model - ChatGPT - estimated that such a scenario includes 'many speculative and uncertain factors.' For example, ongoing development milestones for Cardano might trigger a price rally for ADA, whereas a negative outcome in Ripple's lawsuit against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could hamper XRP's progress. Market trends and investor sentiment are also elements worth observing. 'Public perception, adoption rate, and investor confidence can drastically sway the performance of ADA and XRP,' ChatGPT deter... read More

XRP Price Could Hit $10,000 If It Overtakes SWIFT, Pundit Suggests

    Edward Farina, Head of Social Adoption at XRP Healthcare, recently proposed a scenario where the price of XRP could potentially surge to $10,000. His projection is based on the possibility of the token as a bridge currency and RippleNet replacing SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) in the global cross-border payment systems. Could XRP Price Reach $10,000? Farina's commentary dives into the principles of market dynamics. He argues against common misconceptions about the cryptocurrency's potential growth. “Few people seem to understand the principle of supply and demand. I always see people being shocked when they see someone saying that XRP can reach $10k. (Not saying it necessarily will.),” Farina remarked. He emphasizes that the global financial sector's movement of hundreds of trillions of dollars annually means even a small market share could lead to a significant surge in its valuation. Farina also elaborates on the current capabilities of the SWIFT system, handling billions of transactions per hour, and the impact of RippleNet potentially replacing it. “The problem with the way most people view XRP’s potential to grow exponentially, is that they think it can't reach that high of a market cap. They're failing to realize that Financial Institutions move hundreds of trillions worldwide. If XRP captures a tiny fraction of that, it will catapult XRP to unprecedented levels,” he explains. This highlights the vast, ... read More

XRP Price Prediction – Indicators Suggest Fresh Bull Run If XRP Cl...

    XRP price started a downside correction and tested $0.572. The price is now rising and might gain bullish momentum if it clears $0.642. XRP started a downside correction below $0.650 and $0.620. The price is now trading below $0.640 and the 100 simple moving average (4 hours). There was a break above a major bearish trend line with resistance near $0.608 on the 4-hour chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from Kraken). The pair start a fresh rally if it clears the $0.642 resistance zone. XRP Price Holds Key Support After facing rejection near the $0.740 zone, XRP started a fresh decline. There was a move below the $0.70 and $0.650 support levels. The price even dived below the $0.60 support, underperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum. Finally, the bulls took a stand near $0.572. A low was formed near $0.572 and the price is now attempting a fresh increase. There was a move above the $0.600 resistance. There was a break above a major bearish trend line with resistance near $0.608 on the 4-hour chart of the XRP/USD pair. The price is now testing the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $0.7499 swing high to the $0.5723 low. On the upside, immediate resistance is near the $0.615 level. The first major resistance is near the $0.642 zone or the 100 simple moving average (4 hours). It is close to the 50% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $0.7499 swing high to the $0.5723 low. A close above the $0.642 resistance zone could spark a steady increase. ... read More

Chainlink Retests $14: Here's What Will Happen If Support Holds

    Chainlink has registered some drawdown and has recently retested the $14 level. Here's what might happen if support holds at this mark. On-Chain Data Suggests Resistance Is Thin At Higher Chainlink Levels As pointed out by analyst Ali in a new post on X, Chainlink is currently in a critical on-chain demand zone. In on-chain analysis, a price range is defined as major support or resistance based on the number of investors or addresses that bought their coins inside the said range. To any holder, their cost basis is naturally fundamental, as their profit/loss situation can flip whenever the cryptocurrency retests it. For this reason, an investor becomes more likely to show a move whenever such a retest takes place. If the holder had earlier been holding a loss, but the price has now risen and reached its equilibrium point, they might lean towards selling. This is because they might fear their holdings would go into loss again shortly, so exiting at break-even wouldn't sound like a bad idea. The opposite can be true when the retest occurs from above: the investor might be willing to buy more, thinking that if this same cost basis proved profitable earlier, it would do so again soon. A single investor making such buy or sell moves is insignificant for the rest of the market, but if many investors share the same cost basis, the asset could feel a sizeable reaction when the price retests the level. Now, here is a chart that shows how the Chainlink ranges around the current price l... read More

How Low Will Bitcoin's Price Crash if SEC Rejects Spot BTC ETF in Januar...

    Bitcoin's price has been on somewhat of a rollercoaster throughout the past seven days, but it appears that bulls currently have the upper hand. Data from Coinglass reveals that the market saw a total of $77 million worth of liquidated positions, $55 million of which were betting that the price would go down (short). Many believe that the ongoing rally is mostly due to optimism surrounding the approval of a potential spot Bitcoin ETF by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. In fact, a number of positive Bitcoin price predictions have been centered around the approval of a spot BTC ETF. You can check some of them in our recent video: As mentioned above, most of these BTC price predictions have one thing in common - they all forecast a higher price. In a recent poll on Twitter, Coin Bureau - the account behind one of the industry's largest YouTube channels - asked the community the opposite question: It's January 2024, the SEC starts rejecting these ETF applications. How much lower does Bitcoin go? There were three options - below $30K, below $25K, and below $20K. 47.5% of the votes (close to 9,000), went toward the first choice. Source: X Earlier in November, as CryptoPotato reported, the United States SEC delayed its decision on the Hashdex Spot Bitcoin ETF conversion. The post How Low Will Bitcoin's Price Crash if SEC Rejects Spot BTC ETF in January 2024? appeared first on CryptoPotato. read More

We Asked ChatGPT if Solana (SOL) Will Flip Ripple (XRP) This Year

    TL;DR SOL's Price Increase: Solana's (SOL) price recently spiked to nearly $70, prompting discussions about its potential to surpass Ripple's (XRP) market cap by the end of 2023. Factors for Market Position: The likelihood of SOL overtaking XRP hinges on the regulatory environment, specifically Ripple's SEC lawsuit outcome, and the overall crypto community sentiment. Drivers of Solana's Surge: Solana's growth is linked to the broader positive crypto market trend, institutional interest, Coinbase's SOL perpetual futures listing, and endorsements from industry figures like Cathie Wood. Can SOL Surpass XRP? Solana's native token - SOL - has captured much attention lately due to its considerable price increase. It spiked to almost $70 on November 16, a figure last observed in May 2022. Its market dynamics have become a trendy topic among cryptocurrency participants, with some wondering whether an additional rally could be on the cards before the year's end. According to the AI-powered language model ChatGPT, SOL could continue its uptrend in the remaining months of 2023 and even surpass the market capitalization of Ripple's native token - XRP - should several critical factors be in place. One such element is the regulatory environment. ChatGPT estimated that a favorable update surrounding the lawsuit between Ripple and the US SEC could benefit XRP, meaning it would be tough for SOL to catch up with the pace.  The overall sentiment across the community is also worth observi... read More

If Your Bitcoin Wallet Is A Product Of The 2016 Technology, You Could Be...

    Is your Bitcoin wallet shackled by the outdated chains of 2016 technology? Brace yourself, for trouble may be lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting. In the fast-paced realm of cryptocurrency, your digital fortress could be nothing more than a relic of the past, leaving you vulnerable to the merciless winds of technological evolution. Recently, cryptocurrency startup Unciphered revealed a potential security threat to Bitcoin wallets created prior to 2016. Known as 'Randstorm,' this software flaw encompasses a combination of bugs, architectural choices, and API (Application Programming Interface) modifications that heighten the vulnerability of Bitcoin wallets crafted between 2011 and 2015. The genesis of this issue dates back to last year when Unciphered was assisting a customer who found themselves locked out of a Bitcoin wallet originally created on what is now recognized as Unveiling The Risks: The Potential Perils Lurking In A 2016-era Bitcoin Wallet During the investigation to recover the wallet, Unciphered stumbled upon a critical flaw in wallets generated by BitcoinJS between 2011 and 2015. Unciphered, in its report on Tuesday, highlighted the significance of this flaw, suggesting that it may have impacted approximately 1.4 million Bitcoin. This means, that if 3 to 5 percent of these wallets were affected, the potential value of the at-risk coins could range from $1.2 to $2.1 billion. Eric Michaud, co-founder of Unc... read More

Crypto Analyst Says MATIC Price Will Rocket Above $1.5 If This Happens

    The MATIC price has gained quickly making it one of the top gainers in the last day. But even after growing so much, crypto analysts think that the main event is only beginning, expecting the token to cross the $1 mark once more and make it above $1.5. MATIC Price Could Mount 76% Rally To $1.5 Crypto analyst Babenski has laid out a scenario where the MATIC price could rise back above $1.5. The token has seen investors eagerly await its return and it is expected to be glorious. As the analyst outlines, the Polygon native token is still facing a bit of a resistance but a breakout above the $0.9 would spark a surge. The analyst explains that the price is being held back but is trying to break out of the A&V pattern. Even the fact that the altcoin is trying to break out of this pattern is bullish and a complete break could see it rise up and clear the coveted $1 level. Also, this breakout could see the price rise as high as 76%, as Babenski notes. Such a surge would bring MATIC above $1.5. If this happens, it will be the first time in almost a year that the MATIC price has crossed this level and could signal the start of another bull rally. Maintaining A Bullish Outlook In addition to Babenki, another crypto analyst has taken to TradingView to share their own bullish outlook on the MATIC price. This time around, Nathan at MyCryptoParadise presents their analysis with the fact that MATIC seems to have a well-executed rounding bottom pattern. Then using the daily candle, the an... read More

Bitcoin Could Plunge To $30,200 If This Level Is Lost: Analyst

    On-chain data suggests the next major Bitcoin support level could be at $30,200 if the level pointed out by this analyst is lost. Bitcoin Currently Has Support Levels At $36,400 And $34,300 In a new post on X, analyst Ali has discussed how the various support levels of BTC are looking like right now from an on-chain perspective. A level may be defined as support based on the amount of Bitcoin that was bought by the investors at said level. Generally, whenever the price declines to the cost basis of an investor, they might become more likely to show some kind of move. Since the holder had last been in a state of profit, they might tend to believe that the asset would rise again in the future, if the prevailing trend is bullish in the market. Thus, the investor could decide to buy more near their cost basis, thinking that it would turn out to be a profitable 'dip' buy. Naturally, just a few traders showing this behavior won't have any real effects on the price of the cryptocurrency. But if a large number of investors had bought around the same price level, the asset retesting at this level could produce a notable reaction in the market. Such buying that would emerge could provide support to the cryptocurrency. Now, to view these support levels, the analyst has cited the 'UTXO Realized Price Distribution' (URPD) metric from Glassnode, which tells us about the amount of supply that was last acquired at each of the price levels that the asset has visited in its history. As disp... read More

We Asked ChatGPT if Solana (SOL) Price Will Reach $200 This Year

    TL;DR Solana's recent surge: Trading around $60, up 40% in a week and 300% yearly, making it the 6th largest cryptocurrency with over $25 billion market cap. Price influencers: Factors affecting Solana's future price include market sentiment, technological developments, regulatory environment, market trends, competition, and economic factors. Institutional demand boost: Increasing demand from institutions, highlighted by Grayscale's Solana Trust pricing SOL at a premium, indicating a strong preference among wealthy investors for secure, convenient acquisition methods. Solana's price is making headlights day after day, and it seems like there's no stopping the cryptocurrency from advancing higher. At the time of this writing, it's trading at around $60, up 40% during the past seven days alone. SOL has managed to become the 6th largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of over $25 billion. Over the past year, it's up almost 300% and is easily one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies from the larger altcoins. Source: CoinGecko With that in mind, we decided to turn to ChatGPT to see if it thinks this rally will continue and how high the price can get until the end of 2023. Will SOL Price Reach $200 in 2023? ChatGPT said that the future price of Solana is likely to be determined by several factors. Most important, according to the AI, is market sentiment. The overall sentiment of investors and traders plays a significant role. Positive news, adoption stories, or te... read More

We Asked ChatGPT if BlackRock Will File for an Ripple (XRP) ETF With the...

    TL;DR BlackRock's Cryptocurrency ETFs: Filed for a Bitcoin ETF and showed interest in an Ethereum ETF in 2023, impacting market prices, especially for Ethereum. Market Response: Significant price surge in cryptocurrencies due to BlackRock's strong track record in ETF application approvals. XRP ETF Speculation: No current filing for an XRP ETF by BlackRock, with the decision possibly influenced by Ripple's ongoing legal issues with the SEC. BlackRock is the world's largest asset manager. Its involvement with the field of cryptocurrencies can be traced back years, but it was in June this year when the company got really serious. On June 16th, BlackRock filed an application for a spot Bitcoin ETF (exchange-traded fund) with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The company plans to use Coinbase to provide custody for the BTC that will be backing the funds. Moreover, the $10 trillion asset manager has also expressed interest in Ethereum. Let's unpack. BlackRock and Spot Crypto ETFs Apart from the application for a spot Bitcoin ETF filed in June 2023, BlackRock has also signaled its interest in filing for a spot ETH ETF as well. The company has registered the iShares Ethereum Trust in Delaware, which signals that there might be an SEC filing coming soon. The price of ETH has surged in response, climbing above the coveted $2K level and currently trading close to $2.1K. It's obvious that these filings have a massive impact on the price, mostly because BlackRock ha... read More

We Asked Google Bard How The BTC ETF Will Affect Price And If This BTC A...

    The long-awaited spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) is getting closer to approval, marking a huge milestone for the crypto market. With many experts believing that the ETF will encourage institutional investors to buy Bitcoin, we asked Google Bard how it could affect the coin’s price. We also asked Bard which up-and-coming BTC alternatives could also benefit from a spot ETF approval – with Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) emerging as a standout candidate. The Long Road to Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval in the US The possibility of a spot Bitcoin ETF being approved in the US has been discussed for over a decade now, yet the SEC has rejected all applications so far, citing concerns around volatility and price manipulation. However, 2021 saw the approval of several BTC futures ETFs, indicating that the SEC is opening up to crypto-based financial products. Another major development came in August of this year, when Grayscale Investments won a court case against the SEC, with the judge ruling the regulator was “arbitrary” in denying Grayscale’s spot BTC ETF application. According to reports, there are currently 12 pending ETF applications in front of the SEC from various asset managers, including BlackRock, VanEck, and Fidelity. Analysts believe there is a high likelihood the SEC approves at least one of these applications by early 2024, given the positive momentum behind them. Notably, the SEC now has a window from November 9-17 where they could potential... read More

Dogecoin In Tight Zone: Why A Rally Will Happen If DOGE Clears $0.076

    An analyst has explained how the next major Dogecoin resistance hurdle would be at $0.084 if the memecoin manages to clear $0.076. Dogecoin Is Currently Sandwiched Between Major Support And Resistance Levels In a new post on X, analyst Ali has discussed what the on-chain support and resistance levels are looking like for Dogecoin right now. A price level is said to be an on-chain support or resistance level on the basis of whether a large number of investors share their cost basis at it or not. 'Cost basis' here naturally refers to the average price at which a holder acquired their DOGE. When the spot price is below the cost basis of an investor, they are naturally in a state of loss, while it being above implies they are enjoying positive returns. The below chart shows what the distribution of Dogecoin investors looks like currently on the basis of the price range that their cost basis lies. For any investor, their cost basis is an important psychological level and they may be prone to making some moves whenever the spot price retests it. Thus, if a large number of holders share their cost basis close together inside a particular range, the market could potentially see a sizeable reaction when the asset's price ventures into the range. Generally, whenever this retest happens from above (that is, the investors had been in profits before this), the meme coin's price could feel some degree of support. The reason behind this is that the holders may tend to believe that if thi... read More

This Is Bitcoin's Next Target if the Bullish Rally Continues Above $35K:...

    Technical Analysis By Shayan Bitcoin's recent price movement indicates a struggle between sellers and buyers around the significant $35K resistance area, resulting in consolidation with slight volatility. However, a bullish breakout at this level holds the potential for a substantial uptrend. The Daily Chart Upon analyzing the daily chart, Bitcoin has maintained a noticeable uptrend since the beginning of 2023, trending in an ascending channel pattern. The price recently reached the critical resistance at $35K, showcasing prevailing buying pressure and suggesting a potential bullish market. However, encountering strong selling pressure at this resistance zone led to a period of sideways consolidation. The bearish divergence between the RSI indicator and the price confirms seller presence, indicating a decrease in bullish momentum. If buyers successfully secure this pivotal level, it could pave the way for a positive mid-term trend, potentially targeting higher resistance zones. However, considering the bearish divergence, a consolidation correction phase with minor retracements remains likely. In this scenario, the middle boundary of the ascending channel would be the initial support for buyers. Source: TradingView The 4-Hour Chart On the 4-hour chart, Bitcoin has surpassed its previous significant daily swing high at approximately $31,800, sustaining a strong upward momentum. The price aimed to overcome the decisive resistance at $35K, emphasizing the prevailing market deman... read More

If Ripple Settles With the SEC, it's a 99.9% Legal Victory for the Crypt...

    John Deaton, prominent crypto lawyer and founder of Crypto Law, has once again shared his opinion on the ongoing lawsuit between Ripple Labs and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). According to a tweet, the pro-XRP lawyer believes that a settlement of $20 million or less in the lawsuit between the crypto company and the U.S. regulator is a 99.9% legal victory for the former. A 99.9% Legal Victory Deaton stated that people who argued that the SEC got a 50-50 victory in its case against Ripple were wrong because it was more like 90-10 in Ripple’s favor. The crypto lawyer’s comment was triggered by a tweet from Ripple’s chief legal officer, Stuart Alderoty, highlighting another legal loss for the SEC. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled in the case of the SEC vs Govil that the agency cannot request a disgorgement award without first proving that XRP investors were harmed financially. If there is no financial harm, there wouldn’t be any disgorgement. Recall that a few months ago, Judge Analisa Torres ruled that the secondary sales of XRP were not securities or investment contracts. While passing the verdict that gave Ripple its first landmark victory in the lawsuit, the judge also upheld the SEC’s arguments that selling the digital asset to institutions and sophisticated buyers violated securities law. The decision bolstered the agency’s claims of roughly $770 million from institutional XRP ... read More

We Asked ChatGPT if Bitcoin Will be the Best-Performing Cryptocurrency i...

    TL;DR Bitcoin (BTC) has seen a significant increase in its value since the beginning of 2023, rising from approximately $16,500 to around $34,500, with speculations about its continued uptrend into the next year. Factors influencing Bitcoin's potential performance include increased market adoption, regulatory changes like the possible approval of a spot BTC ETF by BlackRock, technological advancements, competition from other cryptocurrencies, and market sentiment. Economic conditions, such as the Federal Reserve's interest rate policies, are also crucial, as evidenced by Bitcoin's price surge to nearly $36,000 following the pause in rate hikes, underscoring the impact of macroeconomic factors on its value. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and arguably the most popular around the globe - Bitcoin (BTC) - has been on a tear since the beginning of 2023. At the start of the year, its price was approximately $16,500 (per CoinGecko), while currently, it is hovering around $34,500. As such, we asked ChatGPT whether the uptrend could continue next year and whether BTC can emerge as the best-performing crypto asset. The AI-powered language model estimated that there are several vital factors that could influence such a development, with market adoption being at the top of the list. 'If Bitcoin continues to see increased adoption by individuals, businesses, and institutions, its value could potentially rise, influencing its performance,' ChatGPT stated. The regulat... read More

We Asked ChatGPT if Bitcoin (BTC) Price Will Hit New ATH This Year

    TL;DR Bitcoin (BTC) may rally in 2023, with factors like market sentiment and economic conditions influencing a potential surge past its all-time high. Potential setbacks including regulatory changes and market manipulation could negatively impact BTC's value. Price predictions vary, with some extreme views like a $3 million valuation per BTC, while more conservative estimates stand at $38,000 by end of 2023. What Are BTC's Chances? 2023 has been a very interesting year for the cryptocurrency industry, with many experts envisioning price rallies for many of the assets, including the largest by market capitalization - Bitcoin (BTC). As such, we asked ChatGPT whether it could surpass its previous all-time high of almost $70,000 and land on a new peak before January 1, 2024. The AI-powered language model named several factors that could propel such an explosion, with the main one being positive market sentiment.  Economic conditions such as inflation rates, monetary policy amendments by central banks, and global economic stability could also play a role. In addition, BTC's spike toward a fresh ATH could be triggered by rising transaction volumes and an increased number of active addresses. On the other hand, ChatGPT warned that unexpected events, regulatory setbacks, market manipulation, or shifts in investor behavior could negatively affect the valuation of the leading digital asset. How About BTC Reaching $3 Million? One person who laid out an extremely bullish BTC pric... read More

Ethereum Price is About to See 'Liftoff' if It's Able to Hold One Crucia...

    Ethereum price is still struggling to clear the $1,850 resistance against the US dollar. ETH might rally again if it clears $1,820 and $1,850. Ethereum is still facing a key barrier near the $1,850 zone. The price is trading above $1,785 and the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. There is a major rising channel forming with support near $1,800 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken). The pair could extend its increase if it clears the $1,820 resistance. Ethereum Price Remains Supported Ethereum started a slow and steady increase from the $1,740 zone. ETH was able to reclaim the $1,800 resistance zone and avoided a major downside correction, like Bitcoin. The bulls even pushed the price above the 50% Fib retracement level of the downside correction from the $1,865 swing high to the $1,740 low. Moreover, there is a major rising channel forming with support near $1,800 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. Ethereum is now trading above $1,785 and the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. On the upside, the price is facing resistance near the $1,820 level. It is close to the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the downside correction from the $1,865 swing high to the $1,740 low. If ETH surpasses the $1,820 resistance, it could rise toward the key barrier at $1,850. A close above the $1,850 resistance could start a fresh rally. In the stated case, the price could rally toward $1,950. Source: ETHUSD on The next key resistance is near $2,000, above which the price co... read More

Bitcoin Price Topside Bias Vulnerable If It Continues To Struggle Below ...

    Bitcoin price is still struggling to clear the key $35,000 resistance. BTC might correct lower and revisit the $34,000 support zone if it continues to struggle near $35,000. Bitcoin is still facing a major hurdle near the $35,000 resistance. The price is trading above $34,250 and the 100 hourly Simple moving average. There is a key bullish trend line forming with support near $34,260 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The pair could correct lower, but the bulls might remain active near $34,000. Bitcoin Price Remains Supported Bitcoin price attempted another increase above the $34,750 resistance. BTC spiked above the $34,950 level. However, the price remained capped below the main barrier at $35,000. A high was formed near $34,953 and the price recently corrected lower. It traded close to the $34,000 level. A low was formed near $34,060 and the price is now attempting a fresh increase. There was a move above the $34,500 level. It climbed above the 50% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $34,953 swing high to the $34,060 low. Bitcoin is now trading above $34,260 and the 100 hourly Simple moving average. There is also a key bullish trend line forming with support near $34,260 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair. On the upside, immediate resistance is near the $34,650 level. The next key resistance could be near $34,750 or the 76.4% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $34,953 swing high to the $34,060 low. Source... read More

Bitcoin Price Could Skyrocket Like In March If This Happens: Expert

    In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), Ram Ahluwalia, the CEO of Lumida Wealth, weighed in on the potential market impacts on Bitcoin, particularly highlighting the significance of a failed Treasury auction. Lumida Wealth, recognized as an SEC registered investment advisor, is known for its specialization in alternative investments and digital assets. Ahluwalia's tweet emphasized the need to monitor Bitcoin's response to specific macroeconomic events. He stated, 'The test for Bitcoin as a macro asset will be ‘What happens if there is a failed Treasury auction?’ This year, Bitcoin rallied during (1) the March bank failures and (2) as Treasury rates have rattled markets. Here is the third test …” Will Bitcoin See Another 50%+ Rally? To recall, Bitcoin's price shot up by over 55% in the aftermath of the US banking crisis earlier this year. On March 10, 2023, the Silicon Valley Bank's unprecedented collapse, attributed to a bank run coupled with a capital crisis, became a focal point of the broader 2023 United States banking crisis. This saw a domino effect with multiple small to mid-sized US banks falling within a span of five days. While the global banking sector stocks plummeted, Bitcoin experienced a substantial surge in its value. More recently, Bitcoin is rallying even as treasury rates continue to unsettle global markets. With the 10-year US Treasury yield crossing the 5% mark for the first time in 16 years, there are indications of rising inte... read More

Analyst Predicts A Mega Bull Run If Bitcoin Breaks $36,000

    Crypto and Bitcoin traders should prepare for another sharp leg up, especially if the coin breaks above the $35,750 to $36,000 resistance wall this week. According to an X user, Alex Thorn, the Head of Firmwide Research, the $250 zone between those prices is a crucial liquidation barrier that derivatives traders closely watch. If bulls have the upper hand and push above the upper limit of the belt, prices could rip higher this week primarily because of the resulting demand in the spot market. Is Bitcoin Ready For Another Rally? Thorn compares the current setup evolving in the Bitcoin chart to the events last week, which saw the coin explode. At spot rates, Bitcoin is stable but trending around 2023 highs, with buyers expecting more gains as market sentiment improves. Though most users are looking at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the potential approval of a spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) as a trigger for the next leg up, Thorn is closely tracking events in the Bitcoin trading scene, specifically, the derivatives market. In the analyst's assessment, options traders will be the primary drivers of the next bull run.  Why $36,000 Is A Key Price Level To Watch Based on the analyst's assessment, once Bitcoin breaks the $35,750 to $36,000 zone, 'options dealers will need to buy $20m in spot BTC for every 1% upside move,' driving prices higher. The reason dealers have to buy or sell Bitcoin at the spot market depends on whether th... read More

What if a Spot Bitcoin ETF Was Approved? Galaxy Digital Foresees Inflows...

    Galaxy Digital, the crypto venture led by U.S. billionaire Mike Novogratz, has projected a substantial capital influx into spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). According to the estimations, these ETFs could witness an impressive $14.4 billion in inflows during their inaugural year, potentially reshaping the investment landscape. The venture contends that the allure of spot Bitcoin ETFs surpasses existing investment avenues, such as trusts and futures, which currently hold assets valued at over $21 billion. It noted that ETF inflows could ramp up by $27 billion by the second year and $39 billion by the third year. Bitcoin ETFs Could Reshape Wealth Management The potential ramifications of this projection are profound. Not only does this forecast hint at a surge in investor interest, but it also signals a paradigm shift in the approach towards cryptocurrency investment. As of October 2023, Galaxy Digital posits that the wealth management sector in the United States could witness a monumental transformation, with assets managed by broker-dealers, banks, and Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) collectively amounting to a staggering $48.3 trillion. Galaxy says that spot Bitcoin ETFs stand as a pivotal development, promising a secure and regulated means for investors to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency. These products would be facilitated through established partners, primarily traditional funds and banks with a demonstrated track record in customer protection and sound ... read More

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction: How High Can BTC Go if ETF is Approved?

    TL;DR The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) briefly listed a spot Bitcoin ETF ticker symbol iBTC - BlackRock's BTC ETF, leading to a BTC price surge to $35K. Market participants perceive the listing as a sign that the approval chances for a spot Bitcoin ETF have increased. Crypto analyst Pentoshi speculated that if a BTC ETF is approved, the Bitcoin price could potentially reach $180K in the next 5 years, though its long-term downside could be around $19-$20K. The topic of a spot Bitcoin ETF approval has been all everyone talked about this week, and not without a good reason. As CryptoPotato reported, BTC's price soared to $35K earlier this week, reaching levels not seen in a long time. The reason for it was that the website of the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) suddenly showed a listing of a spot Bitcoin ETF carrying the ticker symbol iBTC - BlackRock's BTC ETF. Not that long after, however, the ticker was removed. The prices slid a little bit, but it was nothing too concerning. And a few hours later, the ticker appeared once again. The listing of this ticker itself doesn't mean a lot, but market participants are taking it as a sign that the approval chance for a spot Bitcoin ETF grew higher, hence the surge. Now, a very popular crypto analyst - Pentoshi - took the opportunity to speculate on the potential upside for BTC in the next years, assuming an approved BTC ETF. Bitcoin Price to $180K in 5 Years? It's important t... read More

We Asked ChatGPT if Ripple (XRP) Will Outperform Bitcoin (BTC) in 2024

    TL;DR BTC vs. XRP Purpose and Performance: While Bitcoin (BTC) was designed as a decentralized payment system and is now seen as a protection against global inflation, Ripple's XRP is a tool for cross-border payments. 2024 Predictions and Factors: Key regulatory developments, like Bitcoin ETF filings and Ripple's ongoing case with the US Securities and Exchange Commission set for April 2024, could significantly influence the price trajectories of both BTC and XRP. Other Influencing Factors: According to ChatGPT, other factors affecting BTC and XRP's price performance in 2024 include technological advancements, market sentiment, utility and adoption, competition, and external events. BTC and XRP, albeit galaxies away in design and purpose, are two of the most heavily discussed cryptocurrencies in the industry. The former is intended to serve as a decentralized payment system, and in time, its use case has mostly shifted toward protecting purchasing power amid global inflation woes and economic hurdles. Ripple's XRP, on the other hand, is a tool for cross-border payments designed by a centralized company. And yet, both BTC and Ripple's XRP have constantly been part of the top cryptocurrencies. Of course, BTC has always been in the lead as the number one coin by means of total market capitalization, and to this day, the gap seems tremendous. But this doesn't necessarily mean that other cryptocurrencies can't outperform it over a certain period of time. Most recently, BTC's pr... read More

We Asked ChatGPT if Bitcoin (BTC) Price Will Reach $1 Million in 2024

    TL;DR Bitcoin's Recent Surge: A 15% price increase over a week, linked to a Bitcoin ETF ticker by BlackRock appearing on a key website, boosting market sentiment. Spot Bitcoin ETF Significance: It is seen as a potential catalyst for a bull run. ChatGPT's Outlook: For a $1 million Bitcoin price by 2024, multiple factors, especially the 2024 Bitcoin halving, could drive such growth. Bitcoin's price has been the subject of massive debates throughout the years, especially when the cryptocurrency seems to be on the cusp of another bull market. Throughout the past seven days, BTC is up by around 15%, sparking hopes that a new raging bull run is on the horizon. Source: CoinGecko The reason for this sudden surge is the fact that a spot Bitcoin ETF ticker of BlackRock appeared on the website of the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation earlier this week. While this doesn't mean anything in terms of increasing the chances of approval on behalf of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, it elevated spirits and market sentiment. An approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF by the SEC has always been one of the major catalysts that many analysts and experts have touted for a new bull run, each of them giving various BTC price predictions. You can check some of them here: In any case, we decided to take it a step further and check with ChatGPT what it thinks about the prospects of Bitcoin's price hitting a whopping $1 million in 2024. Let's dig in. BTC Price to $1 Million: Possib... read More

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