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Internet Computer  


ICP Price:
$0.2 B
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$7.1 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ICP today is $15.24 USD.

The lowest ICP price for this period was $0, the highest was $15.24, and the exact current price of one ICP crypto coin is $15.23883.

The all-time high ICP coin price was $495.

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The code for Internet Computer is #ICP.

Internet Computer is 3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Internet Computer is $7,051,276,253.

Internet Computer is ranked #22 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a very large volume of trading today on #ICP.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Internet Computer is $176,735,674.


The circulating supply of ICP is 462,717,821 coins, which is 89% of the total coin supply.


ICP is a token on the Internet Computer blockchain.


ICP is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 43 crypto exchanges.

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Shiku Metaverse at NFT Tallinn: Unveiling The True Potential of the Metaverse

Shiku Metaverse, the first Swiss-based Metaverse Foundation, recently made waves at the prestigious NFT Tallinn event, leaving a lasting impact on industry leaders and enthusiasts alike. The founding president, Dr. Yulin Liu, took center stage in a fireside chat with representatives from Binance, Polina and Celio. This engaging discussion delved deep into the realm of possibilities within the Metaverse and showcased the groundbreaking developments spearheaded by Shiku Metaverse. One of the highlights of Dr. Liu’s talk was the exploration of Dutch auctions, an innovative mechanism that has piqued the interest of collectors and investors. These auctions, conducted through the Yumi NFT marketplace, add a unique twist to the sale of Shiku land NFTs, creating a dynamic experience for participants. Despite the prevailing bearish market sentiment, Shiku Metaverse achieved a remarkable milestone by successfully selling our first land NFT for a sum of approximately $60,000. This groundbreaking achievement firmly establishes Shiku Metaverse as a leading provider of luxurious and highly sought-after land NFTs on a global scale. The significant value attributed to these virtual properties exemplifies the increasing recognition and desirability of digital assets within the Metaverse. “Within Shiku Metaverse, we strive to create an immersive digital ecosystem that revolutionizes the way brands and users connect, collaborate, and communi...

Exchange Rate Canister — A Smart Contract with Oracle Capabilities

Exchange Rate Canister — A Smart Contract with Oracle Capabilities - Canister smart contracts on the Internet Computer have the ability to make direct calls to any Web 2.0 data source via HTTPS outcalls without introducing additional trust assumptions. One fully on-chain DeFi use case is the new Exchange Rate Canister. Written by Thomas Locher The explosive growth in the Web 3.0 space in recent years is testament to the power of smart contracts. Smart contracts running on a blockchain provide a reliable and trustworthy mechanism to carry out complex transactions in a decentralized manner. Their power lies in the fact that both the program code as well as the data they operate on reside on-chain. This entails that users can trust that transactions are executed as intended as long as the blockchain itself is trusted. For example, if a user wishes to swap some token for another one on a decentralized exchange (DEX), a smart contract that implements the functionality of an exchange, this user can be confident that he or she will get the other token at an appropriate exchange rate, and not lose the transferred token because of human error or malicious behavior. While there are clear benefits to having all decisions in a smart contract be based on on-chain information, it is also a limiting factor. Smart contracts on their own cannot readily use the abundance of data available in the “traditional” Web 2.0 world. Think of ...

Global R&D: April 2023 Edition

CigDAO aims to make crypto fun, a dashboard that displays the carbon emissions of the Internet Computer in real-time, a nifty feedback board for ICP developers, plus a whole lot of other cool stuff. Here’s the recap of Global R&D, April 2023. Written by Angela Harp More SNS DAOs Coming! Open Chat SNS and SNS-1 are progressing nicely, both showing a steady increase in activity around proposal submissions and token transactions. OpenChat has also introduced a new feature that allows neuron gated chat groups to be created, which means special groups can now be curated that are restricted to community members vested in governance. Exciting developments are happening with SNS-1 as well. The community has risen to the challenge of building something for this DAO with the kick-off of ICPCoins. The goal of this project is to build a dashboard that tracks the performance of tokens launched on the Internet Computer.* See SNS section of the Internet Computer dashboard for more details about the setup and governance activity on the existing SNS DAOS. While OpenChat SNS and SNS-1 are the first SNS DAO launches, they’re certainly not the last. There’s plenty more in the pipeline. Projects including Catalyze, Hot or Not, Kontribute, Kinic, Nuance and Sonic are gearing up to hand over the control of their dapps to SNS DAOs. What’s more, various dapps in the ecosystem are offering SNS launchpad support beyond the NNS dapp: ICLig...

Let’s Talk About Ordinals

If you’ve been paying attention to crypto news lately, you’ve probably heard about Ordinals. From an outsider’s perspective, the Ordinals protocol, launched by software engineer Casey Rodarmor on January 21, is a seemingly innocent bit of coding that allows NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain. Read the full article on the InfinitySwap blog here: Let’s Talk About Ordinals was originally published in The Internet Computer Review on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Proof of Green Has Arrived

Carbon Crowd Unveils PoG Dashboard at Sustainability Roundtable In recent years, the tech industry has faced growing scrutiny over its environmental track record, with blockchain technology, in particular, being singled out for its high energy consumption. However, the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) has long been committed to reducing its carbon footprint. And with the introduction of Proof of Green last week, ICP’s efforts to spark a more sustainable Web3 future have received a significant boost. Complimenting their previous collaborations with green-tech startup Carbon Crowd, the DFINITY Foundation, a Swiss non-profit and major contributor to the Internet Computer blockchain, has now launched their landmark Proof of Green (PoG) initiative. The implementation of PoG creates standardized principles for transparently measuring, evaluating, and sharing information around blockchain carbon footprints, helping to promote environmentally responsible practices across the ICP ecosystem and the entirety of Web3. Last year, DFINITY partnered with Carbon Crowd to draft a grassroots proposal (which was overwhelmingly adopted by the ICP community) to promote sustainable practices within the ICP blockchain. This ultimately led to the Internet Computer Footprint: IC Sustainability Report 2022, which evaluated the blockchains’ current electricity usage and carbon footprint and offered recommendations on ICP’s journey toward mass dec...

Aedile Brands its Future

edile logoAedile is the first open and decentralized service offering individuals, teams, and communities, an alternative to their favorite management tools. Built entirely on DFINITY’s “Internet Computer” blockchain, aedile’s front-end and back-end components are decentralized and running at Web speed to ensure a seamless experience for all users, while guaranteeing them transparency, security and full control over their data. — Genesis - Aedile is a passion project. Born from R&D in the Lab of ESENS, a tech consulting company based in Paris, France, aedile’s journey starts with a love for blockchains that led us to explore its endless possibilities. In 2016, disappointed by the state of Web2, tired of hitting walls reading “API rate limits” or “API clients banning”, and disheartened by how little opportunities to build successful applications there were out there, developing new projects sometimes felt like playing a game we’d already lost.And then, we started researching Web3. DApps empower developers to innovate in a permission-less environment. This concept single-handedly solved most of the many problems we had encountered building previous apps. So we started building DApps on Ethereum… and quickly found the UX was lacking for beginners. Not long after burying our latest Ethereum DApp, our Lead Engineer heard about DFINITY and started exploring their full rework of the blockchain. Now,...

The Internet Computer Embraces Real-Time Energy Reporting and the Proof of Green Initiative

Taking the next steps on the sustainability journey, the DFINITY foundation and the ICP ecosystem joins the Proof of Green initiative with Carbon Crowd to make the Internet Computer’s carbon footprint transparent. Written by Aisling Connolly The Internet Computer ecosystem is committed to building green tech, and is already on the path towards reducing its carbon emissions. Recapping the milestones achieved in 2022, a community-authored NNS Proposal #55487 was adopted to establish a carbon footprint and sustainability policy for the blockchain. A project was then launched in collaboration with Carbon Crowd to decarbonize the underlying digital infrastructure of the Internet Computer. The Internet Computer Footprint: IC Sustainability Report 2022, which evaluates the blockchains current electricity usage and carbon footprint, also laid out a series of proposals for the network’s sustainability journey towards decarbonization. Continuing on the green path, the Internet Computer now introduces real time energy reporting and embraces the Proof of Green Initiative — an initiative that aims to cut greenwashing. More specifically, the Internet Computer can now track real-time energy consumption from its nodes, and anyone can verify and hold the blockchain accountable through the measuring mechanisms and scope 2 carbon emissions reporting displayed on the new dashboard launched by Carbon Crowd. These are the first of many s...

Eliminating Smart Contract Bugs with TLA+

Temporal Logic of Actions (TLA+), a general toolkit that can exhaustively test software designs, also works on ckBTC smart contracts. Say goodbye to reentrancy bugs, and hello to more secure BTC <> ICP transfers. Written by Ognjen Maric In June 2016, the excitement was running high. “The DAO”, built on the Ethereum blockchain, was about to become the world’s first fully digital and decentralized investment fund. But within weeks, it became a poster child for DeFi hacks instead, after an attacker drained $50 million worth of Ether from it. To hack The DAO, the attacker exploited a so-called reentrancy bug, a type of concurrency bug where one method of a particular smart contract is called while another one is still executing. And The DAO was just the first in the long progression of smart contracts plagued with such bugs. Prominent successors include Uniswap/Lendf.Me with $25 million stolen in 2020, CREAM was drained of $18 million, 2021, and Fei of $80 million in 2022. The reason why these bugs persist is that they can involve unexpected interactions of code scattered throughout a smart contract, or sometimes even in different smart contracts altogether. The number of such code interactions may be huge, and thus very difficult for humans to detect and weed out the unwanted ones. Moreover, these interactions are usually difficult to test automatically and systematically. TLA+: the Exterminator Enter the Temporal L...

Jens Groth, Principal Researcher at DFINITY, Receives the IACR Test-of-Time Award…

Jens Groth, World-Renowned Cryptographer and Principal Researcher at DFINITY, Receives the IACR Test-of-Time Award for the second time. - Photo credit: UCL “Zero-knowledge proofs allow you to prove a statement is true without revealing anything else but the fact the statement is true,” explains Jens Groth, as he pulls out a deck of cards to illustrate what he means by this. “Let’s say I pick a card, look at it, and tell you it’s a red card. What I tell you could be true or false, and sure, I could show you the card to prove it’s really red, but showing you the card would reveal more than just the fact that the card is, in fact, red.” Groth then spreads out a pile of all the black cards with the red card face down. “Now you know the card is red, but not that it’s the queen of hearts, for example.” This is how Groth — a leading cryptographer known for revolutionizing the area of zero-knowledge proofs with the invention of practical pairing-based non-interactive zero-knowledge (NIZK) proofs — humbly explains the essence of the research paper he co-authored with Amit Sahai. This very paper, titled Efficient Non-interactive Proof Systems for Bilinear Groups, has been used in many research works that followed to develop practical cryptographic schemes and applications, since its publication at Eurocrypt 2008. Today, the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) is crowning the author...

Announcing the Internet Computer BUIDL Bitcoin Hackathon, powered by Encode Club

We’re excited to announce the Internet Computer BUIDL Bitcoin Hackathon powered by Encode Club, a four-week online event designed for developers to explore the Internet Computer and build on Bitcoin. This global hackathon offers hackers a chance to learn, collaborate, and create groundbreaking projects with a range of prizes available. — How it Works - The hackathon begins with a Launch Event on May 22nd and lasts for four weeks. Registered participants can join workshops, get support, and find team members through dedicated Discord channels. Following the provided challenges, participants have until June 18th to submit their projects. The best submissions will be invited to pitch live during an online Finale Event in July for a chance to win major prizes. To participate, simply fill out the registration form, either solo or with a team, and join the IC Dev Community and Encode Club Discord servers for updates and hackathon details. — Hackathon timeline: - April 12th: Registrations open May 22nd: Hackathon Launch June 18th: Submission Deadline June 18th — July 5th: Judging period July 5th: Hackathon Finale event — Bounties and Prizes - Main Track Attention all developers, designers, and crypto enthusiasts! Are you ready to take Bitcoin to the next level? Bitcoin is the king of crypto, but it’s been held back by limited programming capabilities, low speed, and high fees. That’s where the Inte...


Internet Computer (ICP) Integrates Threshold-Schnorr Signatures for Enha...

    Decentralized blockchain network Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) has successfully implemented threshold-Schnorr signatures to harness the potential of Bitcoin-based decentralized finance (DeFi) and web3. According to a release seen by CryptoPotato, the new cryptographic signature scheme will enable ICP smart contracts to etch the Bitcoin token standard, Runes, and trade BRC-20 tokens. Implementing Threshold-Schnorr Signatures Threshold-Schnorr is a digital signature scheme that enables the secure signing of transactions and messages on-chain by facilitating the common ownership of a private key by a group of network participants. ICP said combining threshold-Schnorr-BIP340 with its integration with the Bitcoin network gives rise to new possibilities for decentralized applications that can leverage BTC's liquidity and security. These services would not need centralized bridges and would be fully decentralized. The integration of the signature scheme supports basic and advanced use cases like decentralized exchanges and Bitcoin inscriptions. After the next Bitcoin halving, mining will become less profitable as block rewards will be cut in half. Miners will have to rely on more transaction fees to stay afloat. Introducing innovative applications on Bitcoin will increase the value of blockspaces, resulting in more fees. 'It's super exciting to see the growth and variety of applications building the Bitcoin economy and opening up the Web3 space over the past year. We've seen buil... read More

BTC's Recovery Begins After a 10-Day Low, ICP Steals the Show With 10% S...

    Bitcoin's price took another turn for the worse earlier this morning when the asset plummeted to $64,500 for the first time in ten days, but it reacted well to this decline. The altcoins are in no better shape, with ETH sliding to $3,300 while XRP stands below $0.6. BTC Begins its Recovery? Bitcoin went as high as $71,800 last week on a few occasions but was stopped in its tracks before having the chance to break its all-time high of $73,800. After a few retracements, the cryptocurrency calmed at around $70,000 during the weekend. Another leg up came on Sunday evening but was halted as well at $71,200. The subsequent rejection pushed BTC south hard and it fell to $66,000 yesterday. Another decline came earlier today when BTC dropped to a ten-day low of $64,500 despite the massive outflows from Coinbase. Nevertheless, the bulls managed to intervene at this point and stopped the freefall. Bitcoin has recovered almost two grand since its intra-day low and now stands above $66,000. Its market capitalization remains just inches above $1.3 trillion, while its dominance over the alts is at 49.6% on CoinGecko. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView ICP Steals the Show The altcoin space has been hit by the recent pullbacks as well. Ethereum dropped by around 2% in the past 24 hours once more and now sits at around $3,300. Ripple is down by a similar percentage and sits beneath $0.6. Cardano, Dogecoin, Toncoin, Bitcoin Cash, Avalanche, and Polkadot are also slightly in the red. UNI has declined b... read More

Internet Computer (ICP) Flips Shiba Inu, Can Meme Moguls Compete with FL...

    Internet Computer (ICP) soared by 247% in 2023. During its growth, ICP became the 16th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, flipping the number two memecoin, Shiba Inu. Now, in 2024, Internet Computer looks to rebuild its reputation and has attracted thousands of bullish investors. Meanwhile, Meme Moguls, an exciting new P2E altcoin, also looks to capitalize on the ongoing market growth. Internet Computer Becomes 16th Largest Cryptocurrency Following a dramatic rally in Q4, Internet Computer’s open interest (OI) hit a 6 month high. Currently the 18th largest cryptocurrency in the world, Internet Computer has a daily trading volume of $577 million, over $200 million higher than Shiba Inu, which has a daily trading volume of $333 million. According to data, around 36.6% of Internet Computer’s total trading volume comes from Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange. Now, having dramatically grown its user base over the last quarter, prominent cryptocurrency analysts are praising Internet Computer for its long-term potential. A recent statement from the House of Crypto compared Internet Computer to Bitcoin and Ethereum, stating that its innovations could have revolutionary impacts within the DeFi space. This sentiment was supported by Crypto Ninja, who referred to Internet Computer as a “long-term gem.” FLOKI’s Price Crashes In December While Shiba Inu and Internet Computer thrived in December, FLOKI’s price fell by 10.6%. This wa... read More

ICP Defies Market Movements With 14% Surge, BTC Maintains $45K (Market W...

    Despite retracing slightly since yesterday's peak at almost $46,000, the primary cryptocurrency has managed to defend the $45,000 level. Most altcoins have slipped hard today, including yesterday's top gainers - Solana, Avalanche, and MATIC. BTC Slides Back Down to $45K Bitcoin had a quiet last week of 2023, in which it stood mainly in a tight range between $42,000 and $43,000. All eyes are on 2024 now, given the overall bullish sentiment and the start of the new year didn't disappoint. BTC entered 2024 at approximately $42,500, stood still for several hours on Monday, but went on the offensive hard as the first day of the new year was coming to an end. It went even further on Tuesday, though. In fact, the cryptocurrency's price soared by more than three grand by Tuesday and went just inches away from $46,000 to mark its highest level in almost two years. While the community was preparing for another leg-up, though, the asset started retracing slightly and briefly slipped below $45,000. As of now, it stands above that level, with a market capitalization of $890 billion and a 51% dominance over the altcoins. Recall that the metric had dumped to 49.5% last week. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView ICP Defies the Market Most altcoins followed BTC on the way up yesterday, with Solana and Avalanche emerging as the top gainers. Now, though, both these assets have retraced the most from the larger caps. SOL is down by 6% and has slipped below $110, while AVAX (-5%) is close to breaking bene... read More

Is Internet Computer (ICP) The Next Big Thing? 60% Jump Raises Eyebrows

    In the past day, the value of Internet Computer (ICP) has increased by 20% to $15.76. ICP has grown significantly over the last week, showing an astounding increase of more than 60% from its starting value of $8.98 to its current rate. According to data from Coingecko, its current price is a noteworthy increase, highlighting the coin's dynamic performance in the context of recent market movements. It's important to remember that although the price has increased significantly, the all-time high for Internet Computer is still $700.65. This indicates a significant room for expansion, but it also emphasizes how volatile the crypto industry is by nature. Anxiously observing these oscillations, investors and fans are speculating about Internet Computer's future course as it negotiates the intricate terrain of digital asset appraisals. Growing Interest In Internet Computer ICP's fundamentals indicate that it is not solely reliant on the volatility of Bitcoin. Rather, utilities are another factor influencing its worth. Several utilities impact its value, such as its ability to hold money and the ability to stake using its Network Nervous System. The DAO in charge of the Internet Computer blockchain is the NNS. By staking ICP utility tokens in so-called neurons, everyone can take part in this open, permissionless governance system. Voting on proposals, which are open to submission by anybody, determines decisions. It was therefore simple to draw the conclusion that growing interest i... read More

ICP Skyrockets 35% Daily, BTC Reclaims $42K and Eyes $43K (Weekend Watch...

    Bitcoin reacted well to yesterday's price drop to $41,300 and has gained a grand and a half in the following hours. Most altcoins are also slightly in the green during the last day of 2023, with AVAX tapping $40 and SOL maintaining above $100. BTC to Challenge $43K? Bitcoin was trading higher last weekend, and even tried to overcome $44,000 on two occasions but to no avail. The subsequent rejections pushed the cryptocurrency south hard, and the asset fell to $41,600 on Tuesday. The bulls intercepted the move and pushed BTC north by over two grand to just under $44,000. Another rejection followed by the end of the business week and Saturday that resulted in a price drop to a 12-day low of $41,400 (on Bitstamp). Bitcoin has managed to defend its position above $41,000. Moreover, the asset has jumped by $1,500 since then and now stands close to $43,000 after a 2.5% daily increase. Its market capitalization has soared to $836 billion, and its dominance over the alternative coins is back above 50% on CMC after declining by more than 1% in days. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView ICP Steals the Show Most altcoins slipped in value yesterday, but the landscape seems quite different today. Ethereum has increased to just over $2,300 after a minor daily jump. Binance Coin stands above $320 after a 2% pump. Solana has maintained the $100 level following a 3% increase, while AVAX's 4% jump has helped it retap $40. Similar gains are evident from XRP, ADA, DOGE, MATIC, TRX, and LINK. Polkadot's na... read More

ICP Pumps 100% as $ETH Sinks Lower, $GFOX On Route to Hit $1.5 Million?

    Lately, altcoins have been experiencing a notable surge in momentum, with many of these tokens outshining the industry's top members in performance. For example, $ICP crypto pumped massively, increasing by more than 100% over the past month, while Ethereum keeps sinking. But what also drives attention in the current market is Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), a new ICO crypto that’s about to hit $2 million in presale funds. Galaxy Fox: What's it All About Investors are always on the lookout for new projects to watch. Sometimes, NFTs are a trend, and sometimes, it’s meme coins, P2E tokens, or DeFi projects that get hyped. However, the market has not seen a mix of all these yet, and Galaxy Fox is proud to present its multi-functional, hyper-deflationary P2E meme coin that also issues NFTs and works as the primary token in the unique, Fox-themed DeFi ecosystem. The whole Galaxy Fox ecosystem is built around its classic Web3 runner game, where players choose their avatars and participate in marathons. However, the competition is tight, considering the handsome rewards the team offers. More precisely, at every gaming season, be it weekly or monthly, Galaxy Fox Leaderboard ranks the most successful players, from which the top 20% get the opportunity to win in-game currencies from the prize pool. These in-game coins can be converted to $GFOX and generate profits for the players. Galaxy Fox further encourages investors with a unique, 3,000 NFT collection, which will be mintable on the... read More

Market Week in Review: Crypto's Highs and Lows With ICP and SNX Leading ...

    Over the past week, bitcoin and ethereum experienced modest declines, ranging from 1.8% to 3.6%, when compared to the U.S. dollar. Concurrently, several crypto assets showcased impressive double-digit growth, with ICP, HNT, BONK, and WOO leading the surge throughout these seven days.16 Crypto Assets Record Double-Digit Gains, 8 Witness Double-Digit Losses Commencing on Monday, Dec. 18, 2023, the crypto market is valued at $1.61 trillion, marking a slight decrease of 1.9% from the previous day. As the holiday season approaches, global trading volumes have dipped, yet in the past 24 hours, a notable $76.24 billion was traded, a significant 30% increase from the day before. Throughout the week, internet computer (ICP) emerged as the top performer, soaring by 85.5%. Helium (HNT) also saw a remarkable rise of 68.9%, while the meme coin bonk (BONK) escalated by 68%. Additionally, woo network (WOO) appreciated by 57.1% against the dollar. Among the more than 11,000 cryptocurrencies listed, 16 experienced double-digit growth this week. Other notable performers this week included OSMO, INJ, ASTR, FET, TKX, STX, TIA, BGB, and GT. Besides BTC and ETH, XRP, SOL, and AVAX were prominent in trading volume. Despite this, XRP dropped by 4.4% over the week, while SOL increased by 3.1%, and AVAX surged by more than 10%. Other high-volume traders like DOGE, BNB, LINK, and ADA also remained in the spotlight. On the other end of the spectrum, synthetix network (SNX) emerged as the week's most s... read More

Internet Computer Loses Grip On $10, But Still Inks 82% Rally – De...

    Internet Computer (ICP) is seeing bullish activity despite the current bearish atmosphere. As of press time, ICP, its native token, has lost its hold on the crucial $10 handle, and currently trading at $9.93, following a weekly rise of more than 80%. ICP surged by 30% over the weekend and peaked at $11.50 earlier. It has now broken into the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The price of the coin has broken through some significant resistances during this rise, giving buyers a chance to extend the rebound. When it comes to blockchain technology, Internet Computer is among the largest and most distinctive networks. The network, which debuted in 2021, has all the functionality developers require to create decentralized apps (dApps). Its abundance of functionality sets it apart from other layer 1 and layer 2 networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Cardano. Users can use its infrastructure to create and host their applications. ICP's price has increased as a result of its support for Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency globally. Because of this connection, its canister smart contracts are able to send, receive, and retain Bitcoin on the network. Stated differently, these canisters are functionally equivalent to other Bitcoin holders on the BTC network. This means that Bitcoin smart contract functions such as decentralized swaps and trading can be handled by Internet computers. Additionally, it has ckBTC, which has a 1:1 Bitcoin backing. Bollinger bands on the I... read More

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Slips to $42K, ICP Skyrockets 40% Daily (Weekend Wat...

    Bitcoin's price has lost some momentum over the past 24 hours and has retraced back down to around $42,000. Most altcoins are also in the red, with SOL and ADA dumping by over 5%. ICP, though, has exploded by a massive 40% surge. BTC Down to $42K It was precisely a week ago when BTC's late 2023 run culminated in a price surge to $44,700. This became the asset's highest price tag in over a year and a half. However, the landscape started to worsen at that point. Monday was particularly harmful as bitcoin dumped by over three grand in hours and slipped beneath $41,000. On Tuesday, the cryptocurrency slumped even further to a weekly low of $40,200. The bulls tried to intercept these price drops and pushed BTC north to $43,000 amid the US CPI data and the latest FOMC meeting. The Ledger vulnerabilities delivered more enhanced volatility as BTC dumped and pumped by $1,500 in hours on Thursday. Since then, though, bitcoin has been struggling to regain its momentum and now sits just inches above $42,000. Its market capitalization has declined to $825 billion, and its dominance over the alts is down to 51.6%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView ADA, SOL Dump, ICP Rolls On Most altcoins have turned red today, with SOL dumping the most from the larger caps. Solana, which has been on a roll lately, perhaps fueled by the BONK movement, is down by 6.5% now. Nevertheless, SOL still trades above $70. Cardano has declined by a similar percentage but has remained north of $0.6. Dogecoin (-3%), Chainli... read More

CRO, ICP Explode 11%, Bitcoin Maintains $29K: Market Watch

    Following the recent massive volatility, bitcoin made another attempt to overcome $30,000 but failed just inches below that level. The altcoins have also calmed today, with ETH maintaining $1,900 and XRP jumping almost 3%. Bitcoin Remains Above $29K The past several days were quite eventful for the primary cryptocurrency. After trading still at around $27,000 during the weekend and until Tuesday, the bulls took complete control over the market and propelled a massive push-up that drove it to $30,000 in hours. However, fake reports came out claiming that wallets connected to Mt. Gox and the US government could be disposing of substantial amounts of BTC that plummeted the asset by almost $3,000. When the news was confirmed to be fake, bitcoin went on the offensive once again and reclaimed $28,000 and then $29,000. That all happened in the span of 36 hours. The past day brought another leg up that drove BTC to just under $30,000. However, it failed there and has since lost several hundred dollars. Nevertheless, BTC still stands above $29,000, and its market cap remains north of $560 billion. Its dominance over the alts is up to 47%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView ICP, CRO Soar by Double Digits Most alternative coins mimicked BTC's enhanced volatility with significant price fluctuations. Ethereum went from $1,800 to over $2,000 in hours, before retracing just as hard and bouncing off. A minor 1% increase in the past 24 hours has helped the second-largest crypto to reclaim $1,900. Ri... read More

Dfinity Foundation Launches Chain-Key Bitcoin, a Native Internet Compute...

    On April 3, 2023, the Dfinity Foundation, a development team behind the Internet Computer (ICP) network, announced the launch of a native ICP token called 'chain-key bitcoin' or 'ckBTC.' The bitcoin derivative is backed 1:1 with the leading cryptocurrency asset. On Monday, Dfinity detailed that the technology 'builds on the protocol-level integration with the Bitcoin network.'Breaking Away from Custodians and Bridges: The Benefits of Chain-Key Bitcoin's Smart Contract-Based System On Twitter, the Dfinity Foundation announced the full release of chain-key bitcoin, also known as ckBTC. 'Proposals 115468, 115470 & 115473 have been adopted with flying colors,' the team explained. 'Many thanks to all the [ICP] people who voted manually to make this happen.' According to a blog post, ckBTC is backed 1:1 with bitcoin (BTC), and the system operates with 'centralized custodians, no bridges, and no traditional cloud providers.' The ICP-based bitcoin derivative is considered a 'significant breakthrough in blockchain interoperability,' and the technology is integrated with Bitcoin at the protocol level, according to the Dfinity blog post. The ckBTC system uses vaults called canisters, which work with a smart contract instead of relying on a custodian or bridge. Essentially, to obtain ckBTC, a person needs to deposit BTC in exchange for the ICP token, and withdrawals work the same way when ckBTC is redeemed for real bitcoin. 'Any canister can submit Bitcoin transactions to the Bitcoin net... read More

Internet Computer (ICP) Sheds 5% In Last 24 Hours As Bulls Lose Aggressi...

    With more than $1 billion in market cap, Internet Computer is part of the top 50 cryptocurrencies according to CoinGecko. Although the crypto market is certainly bullish on the token, the positive sentiment on the crypto has not reflected in the charts in the past days.  According to CoinGecko, the token is down by 5% in the daily timescale. However, the bi-weekly timescale shows a 12% gain.  Bullishness Up, But Why Is Internet Computer Down?  DFinity, the company that launched Internet Computer, recently integrated Bitcoin to add smart contracts to the top cryptocurrency.  According to the Santiment insight made by SanTrends, ICP is top 5 just behind Ethereum in development activity. InfinitySwap, the ICP blockchain’s automated market maker (AMM) and staking platform,  has also contributed to the rise in development activity as it also integrated Ethereum, ensuring low fees compared to the top altcoin.  However, this strong bullishness in development was sideswiped by a strong drop in TVL, high-profile crashes in the crypto space, and economic headwinds produced the perfect storm for ICP to crash just a day before 2023 starts.  Security For ICP Is Up, But Not For Investors On-chain security of ICP has been boosted by its integration with BTC. With 2022 being very notorious with the amount of digital assets stolen, this security boost is highly appreciated by the community.  However, on-chain security does not guarantee return... read More

DFINITY brings new smart contract functionality to Bitcoin with Internet...

    DFINITY Foundation, the not-for-profit organization contributing to the development of the Internet Computer (IC) — a high-speed, internet-scale public blockchain — has announced today the Internet Computer's mainnet integration with Bitcoin, bringing smart contract functionality to the cryptocurrency. Now, the Internet Computer can serve as a layer-2 for Bitcoin where smart contracts on the Internet Computer can hold, send and receive bitcoin natively, without the need for bridges or other 3rd-parties. This provides a trustless foundation for varied DeFi and web3 applications seeking to code Bitcoin. 'Blockchains are like walled gardens, incapable of interaction between one another. When this comes to Bitcoin, applications, such as DeFi applications, that could benefit most from interacting with the world's largest cryptocurrency do not have the ability to do so. The Internet Computer's integration with Bitcoin is a true game-changer for the industry, finally bringing smart contract functionality to Bitcoin and enabling a whole new landscape of DeFi and dapp development never before possible using BTC.' - Manu Drijvers, Director of Engineering at the DFINITY Foundation With IC integration, bitcoin can be used for DeFi activities like yield farming, lending, payments, and more... This is achieved through the Internet Computer's enhanced Chain-key cryptography. The direct integration with Bitcoin averts the need for bridged and wrapped Bitcoin, a technique used to ... read More

Daily Pump & Dump | June 2, 2022 Crypto Market Report: BTC, ETH, ICP

    The daily pump & dump is a weekday update on the crypto market providing you with an abbreviated breakdown of price action related to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other trending altcoins.  Today's summary: Bitcoin retests $30,000 after a rejection. Why is Ethereum lagging behind the rest of crypto? ICP posts insane intraday rally. Bitcoin Retests $30,000, Can The Key Level Hold? Bitcoin price was fiercely rejected from resistance at $32,000, sending the cryptocurrency back to retest support at $30,000. The fall took BTCUSD daily to the middle-Bollinger Band - which is a 20-day simple moving average. The top altcoin is not representative of the state of alts as a whole, which have in some cases seen strong recoveries today.  Ethereum could head down further against BTC | Source: ETHUSD on Upon closer inspection, ETHUSD is far below the same middle-Bollinger Band and 20-day SMA as Bitcoin on daily timeframes. The discrepancy is demonstrated in the ETHBTC pair, which is at risk of further breakdown if horizontal support is breached. Internet Computer Boots Up 20% Rally One outlier across the market today is Internet Computer. The Dfinity Foundation coin posted double digit gains on the day. Much like Bitcoin is visually more bullish than Ethereum considering price action and its location within the Bollinger Bands, ICP looks the most poised for aggressive expansion. The Bollinger Bands are a volatility measuring tool. When the bands ti... read More

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