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HXRO Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$75.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #HXRO today is $0.12 USD.

The lowest HXRO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.123, and the exact current price of one HXRO crypto coin is $0.12328.

The all-time high HXRO coin price was $0.79.

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The code for Hxro is also #HXRO.

Hxro is 4.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Hxro is $75,247,576.

Hxro is ranked #229 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a very weak volume of trading today on #HXRO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Hxro is $33.00.


The circulating supply of HXRO is 610,385,693 coins, which is 39% of the maximum coin supply.


HXRO is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the HXRO Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


HXRO is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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HXRO Weekly Issue #13

The Macro: This week’s major crypto events: • The Bank of Japan has announced it will investigate the feasibility of issuing a CBDC (central bank digital currency). This announcement entirely contradicts its previous statements and intentions. • 21Shares had its Bitcoin ETP (Exchange Traded Product) accepted to be listed on Xetra, Deutshe Boerse’s electronic exchange. Xetra is the fourth entity to do so within the EU. This week’s major legacy events: • Canadian unemployment numbers are due to be released this Friday, with unemployment in June expected to drop 2.1% to an 11.6% unemployment rate. • The Australian Central Bank is expected to hold interest rates this Monday at their current rate of 0.25%Bitcoin + India India has a population of over 1.3 billion people with a median age 27, with a deep understanding and love for technology, and as of march, crypto trading has been legal, after the supreme court overturned a two-year-old ban on trading cryptocurrencies. This tech young, tech savvy population is one of its greatest strengths as the recent restrictions to h1b visa make to more difficult to access the u.s. labor market in the short term, incentivizing entrepreneurs to stay local. Pair a young, tech literate population with a favorable legal backdrop for crypto, and it is easy to see the growth potential of the region. Organizations such as Binance have been active with the mobile association of india (I...

HXRO Weekly Issue #12

The Macro: This week’s major crypto events: · Telegram agreed to pay $18.5m in penalties in a settlement agreement with the sec over their failed ton project, which was supposed to launch last October · Rumors of a possible crypto integration with paypal which would allow its users to directly purchase cryptocurrencies sent social media into a frenzy, however, paypal has yet to confirm anything This week’s major legacy events: · U.s. treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin and federal reserve chairman, Jerome Powell will make separate speeches on Tuesday, speaking about current economic policies, including the proposed second stimulus bill U.s. unemployment numbers are due this Thursday, with projections showing a decrease of 1% to 12.3% as businesses began to re-open across many of the statesBitcoin + Paypal I often think back to the worlds of Gandhi, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”. This has held true for the entire history of bitcoin to date. This progression is most prominent in the banking institutions approach to bitcoin, as well as payment processors, such as paypal. People are excited for this news because if proven true, it would allow more than 300mn users to access bitcoin directly, from a platform that they are already familiar with and trust to use. Trust in platforms has always been a sticky point for bitcoin, as there have been numerous hacks, resul...

HXRO Weekly Issue #11

The Macro This week’s major crypto events:Starting in July, the bank of Thailand will launch a pilot program to test its CBDC payment system with large businesses.Compound launched its governance token, COMP, which set off a mad dash to ‘farm’ yield, sending the token up more than 500% in just a couple of days. This week’s major legacy events:U.S. GDP figures are to be released early Thursday morning, with expectations of a 5% drop as COVID-19 forced most of the country to shut down in the first quarter of the year.New Zealand, one of the least affected countries by the pandemic, is expected to hold interest rates at 0.25% when it announces its decision on Tuesday. We have spoken about central bank-issued digital currencies (CBCD) before, with a focus on China. While it may currently be the leader, in terms of how close it is to launching its digital Yuan, other countries are taking note and ramping up their own research and development. We have now seen many other countries such as Thailand, Canada, and Singapore voice their interest in CBDCs, while nations like Japan have remained skeptical, noting that it does not see a need to replace banknotes at this time. Some primary benefits seen by the central banks are having the ability to significantly reduce costs for cross-border payments and settlement costs, as well as reducing the time to complete transactions. While a country like China is looking to launch its ...

HXRO Weekly Issue #10

The Macro This week’s major crypto events: · Belarus will begin a pilot program running from January 1, 2021 to January 1, 2024 to allow commercial and state-owned banks to issue digital tokens · India’s Ministry of Finance has proposed a new blanket law that would outlaw cryptocurrency mining, holding, and transacting within its territory This week’s major legacy events: · The Bank of Japan will announce its interest rate decision on Monday, with expectations to hold rates in the negative territory at -0.1% U.S. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will testify before Congress on Tuesday, providing a broad overview of the economy and the current monetary policies the Fed is pursuingBitcoin on a national stage The Bitcoin experiment likely began in a basement, amongst a select few, but over the past ten years, we have seen family offices, high profile investors and personalities like Jack Dorsey tout the unique benefits that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies offer. In the background, nation states have also been surveying the space, pondering what benefits or drawdowns incorporating Bitcoin and cryptocurrency into their economies might have. On the ‘pro-crypto’ end of the spectrum, Belarus has stood out over the years. It was one of the first countries to legalize crypto related activities, such as mining, smart contract usage, and ICO’s, all of which were to be allowed to operate tax free until 2022. This strategy’s g...

HXRO Weekly Issue #9

The Macro This week’s major crypto events: · Bitcoin Core released its 20th iteration on Wednesday which featured the “Asmap” software. This is intended to protect the network against a theoretical “Erebus” attack. · Coinbase confirmed that it is looking to sell its chain analysis services to the DEA and IRS, which would greatly improve their surveillance of all transactions across publicly accessible blockchains This week’s major legacy events: · The Federal Reserve is expected to hold interest rates at 0.25% this Wednesday. The FOMC will issue a statement which is expected to further outline the steps they are taking to mitigate the economic damage caused by the ongoing pandemic EU GDP (YoY) figures are set to be announced this Tuesday and are expected to come in at -3.2% Is blockchain technology the greatest surveillance tool ever created? Many people view the technology as the deliverer of monetary sovereignty and independence from traditional credit and financial systems. But, as the years have gone by, it has become apparent that blockchain technology’s current and future use cases for traditional financial entities may be focused on surveillance and tracking, rather than providing its users monetary freedom. Wells Fargo and Japan’s SBI Holdings are two traditional institutional names that helped fund Elliptic, a crypto company focused on blockchain forensics. Coinbase confirmed it is looking to s...

1 Minute Alpha: MoonRekt Trading Intro

1:00 Minute Alpha Each week, Hxro Labs publishes market analysis, trading tools education, and insights into the Hxro platform. Each video is approximately 1:00 minute long to maximize the impact of the message, while minimizing the effect on your own busy schedule. — Give yourself an edge today with 1:00 Minute Alpha.. — MoonRekt Trading Intro Hxro’s MoonRekt sets a new standard in peer-to-peer crypto trading. MoonRekt contracts can be used for quick and easy directional exposure as well as to hedge risk on perps, futures, options, CFDs, and spot positions. Contracts are offered in discrete 1 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute, hourly and daily timeframes. Contracts run perpetually, 24/7/365 with the close of one contract marking the start of the next. Think about MoonRekt as buying a European call or put spread, but simplified. Each contract card pools all Moon and Rekt positions for that time period. The potential payout is determined when the contract opens and is based on each side’s percentage of the total contract pool. Your risk of loss is limited ONLY to your position entry size. Upon expiration, the in-the-money positions share the total pool, based on the pro-rata weighting of each entry. Take positions on Bitcoin and other globally traded assets any time, day or night. Consistently actionable liquidity is provided by your peers in the Hx...

The Weekly 6/1/2020

Macro — This week’s major crypto events:. — · BitClave, an ICO that raised money back in 2017 was ordered by the SEC on Thursday to return the $25mn that they raised from investors · South Korea announced that it plans to make amendments to its income tax code to include profitable crypto-to-fiat transactions, as well as profits from ICO’s, which have been banned up to this date — This week’s major legacy events:. — · The EU and Great Britain are set to announce their quarterly GDP figures on Tuesday which are expected to take a nosedive by 3.8% and 5.8%, respectively · The Fed is expected to hold interest rates at 0.25% this Wednesday and the FOMC press conference will commence shortly after Crypto has had a turbulent history in South Korea, and until last week’s announcement, residents of the country enjoyed a tax-free designation on all crypto transactions, including crypto-to-crypto as well as crypto-to-fiat. The Ministry of Strategy and Finance announced it intends to tax profitable crypto transactions when converting back to fiat as well as tokens sold from mining. Profits generated through ICO’s, which were previously deemed illegal in Korea, will be taxed as well. South Korea has been known to have a problem with gambling, and many citizens were burned in the 2017/2018 boom and bust of the ICO space. Back in March, the government proposed restricting citizens from accessing cr...

The Weekly 5/25/2020

Macro — This week’s major crypto events:. — · A dormant mining wallet from Feb 2009 made a transfer of 50 BTC over the network, sparking a sharp sell-off and rabid speculation of who was moving the coins and if it was the first of many · DeFi suffered another setback as crypto lender Blockfi announced they experienced a data breach that compromised users’ account activity and sensitive personal information — This week’s major legacy events:. — · The Bank of Canada is due to announce their interest rate decision on Wednesday morning, with expectations that they will hold rates at 0.25% · Traders will be on high alert as the monthly U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP) report will be released this Friday morning at 7:30AM EST. Expect another ugly number as the ongoing pandemic has taken a significant tole on U.S. employment figures SIM swapping has plagued the crypto space for years and with the recent surge in prices and renewed interest in crypto, it is prudent to take a closer look at this scam that has affected many prominent crypto personalities and investors. Michael Terpin, a long-time crypto investor, was in the news again this week when he announced he had filed a civil suit against Ellis Pinsky. In 2018, at 15 years old, Pinsky ran a SIM swapping ring and thought he had gotten away with stealing more than $24mn of crypto. Victims of SIM swapping attacks lose control of their phone and any ...

The Weekly 5/18/2020

Macro — This week’s major crypto events:. — · Visa filed a patent application for a process for turning physical fiat currency into a newly digitized version. · Bitcoin options volume on CME broke all-time highs in the week leading up to the halving, recording its first day over $40mn in volume — This week’s major legacy events:. — · Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell testifies in front of the Senate Banking Committee on Thursday afternoon · Japan set to report Q1 2020 GDP — expected to show negative GDP growth as low as -5% The third Bitcoin block reward halving is now behind us, and it’s 210,000 blocks (less than 1,500 days) until we will again gather to discuss the progress that has been made in the four years between halving events. In a time filled with so much uncertainty for individuals and global economies, Bitcoin’s economic model provides that which everyone is searching for — absolute mathematical certainty and dependency. The passing of block number 630,000 was a relative “non-event” across the markets as price has been ranging ever since. However, as previously highlighted in The Weekly, search results around the halving were astronomically higher than the previous two events, suggesting that Bitcoin’s brand awareness and network effects are continuing to grow and strengthen. In three short cycles, Bitcoin has gone from being talked about in dimly lit...

The Weekly 5/11/2020

Macro This week’s major crypto events:Bitcoin is set to complete its third halving event, reducing miner block rewards by 50%Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones announced he has allocated 2% of his portfolio to Bitcoin as a monetary inflation hedge This week’s major legacy events:Major data releases this week include quarterly GDP numbers from the EU, which is expected to fall sharply to -3.8% The institutionalization of the crypto space has been well under way for the past few years. This first became evident when the CME launched Bitcoin futures contracts in December 2017. Fast forward two and a half years and the CME Bitcoin futures product is close to eclipsing $1bn in open interest as leading funds and managers such as Paul Tudor Jones and Renaissance Technologies’ Medallion Funds recently made public statements about their intents to gain long exposure (PTJ) and speculate (RenTech) on the price of Bitcoin via the CME products. The CME futures are cash settled, meaning that settlement of the contract is in USD, not Bitcoin. Historical data from the fallout of past Quantitative Easing actions such as in the U.S. during the financial crisis of ’08 and Japan in the 70’s and 80’s showed that deflation was the greatest risk, not inflation. Will things be different this time or will the inflation risk theory fail to materialize in a significant fashion once again? Regardless, the Bitcoin futures prod...

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