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HORD Price:
$57.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$4.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #HORD today is $0.016 USD.

The lowest HORD price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.016, and the exact current price of one HORD crypto coin is $0.01618.

The all-time high HORD coin price was $1.75.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of HORD with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Hord crypto currency is also #HORD.

Hord is 2.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for Hord is $4,917,432.

Hord is ranked #703 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest today for #HORD.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Hord is $57,314.


The circulating supply of HORD is 303,880,000 coins, which is 95% of the total coin supply.


HORD is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the HORD Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


HORD is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Hord to Expand Capabilities & Support Liquid Ethereum Staking

Hord is expanding its product offering by introducing a liquid Ethereum staking platform. Hord will provide the Ethereum network with infrastructure in the form of validator nodes. Validators play a significant role in ensuring the security of the Ethereum network. As there is a growing market for ETH staking & diversity amidst staking pools is lacking, the Hord team developed a liquid Ethereum staking platform. Hord’s ETH staking platform will not require a minimum staking amount and will offer attractive APRs. Ethereum uses its native currency, Ether (ETH), as a form of payment for transactions on the network. Following Ethereum’s transition to a solely Proof-of-Stake consensus model as part of “The Merge,” users can validate transactions by staking ETH and earn rewards. Staking ETH without the use of a staking platform or “solo staking” is possible but exceedingly difficult. To “solo stake” ETH, the user needs robust technical know-how, 32 ETH to run a full node, and a dedicated computer with a 24/7 internet connection. Due to these strict requirements, many ETH stakers choose to use a staking platform instead of running a solo staking node. — Liquid ETH Staking and Hord - Hord is launching a unique and liquid Ethereum staking platform with high APRs and no minimum staking requirements. Hord’s platform will allow users to stake ETH securely without the need to operate validator nodes independ...

Presenting Viking DAO

Viking DAOA unique platform for early-stage crypto investment. At Viking DAO, investors can buy into pools allocated to 20 different projects bought in private rounds for a significant discount. A majority of crypto projects raise funds in private and later public rounds. Private rounds are much cheaper than public rounds, and only a few insiders are allowed to participate. With Viking DAO, you can get exposure to tokens at presale/VC pricing. These tokens are acquired at much lower rates than public presale pricing. Investing at seed/private pricing is an exclusive opportunity usually reserved for just a few. Viking DAO democratizes the process of early-stage investing and opens this door to the public. The allocation on each pool will be represented by the Vpool tokens, and these will be tradable on the Hord DEX right away, or redeemable for the underlying assets once all vesting periods are over. After the Viking DAO mechanism kicks in, token holders can vote on which projects should be included in the pool and when they should be sold. The Viking DAO V1 runs on the BNB chain and raises funds in BUSD. Viking DAO Benefits VC Pricing The best ROI comes from investing like a VC when the project is young and offers the most attractive pricing. When the tokens launch on the market, you will already be in a favorable position since VCs, and private round investors receive tokens much cheaper than the public sale investors. ...

Presenting Hord 2.0

Over a year after the initial roll-out of Hord, we’re proud to say that Hord 2.0 is coming! Hord 2.0 is a completely revamped set of products under the Hord name and protocol. Hord 2.0 includes amazing new apps, a clear go-to-market, a new website, and an expanded new team. Everything works harmoniously to offer users and Hord holders the best possible experience. The Hord token will remain central to the Hord ecosystem. These new functionalities will strengthen the Hord token with buy-backs, burns, and governance options. Among the new products of Hord 2.0 are Viking DAO, Hord Private Pools, Hord DEX, and more. Hord’s domain will also change from to (symbolizing finance). Initially, Hord was an innovative platform for crypto ETFs with Champion’s Pools tokenized crypto strategies. Today with Hord 2.0, Hord has become much more than just that. As the platform grows, Hord’s future is promising. — Viking DAO - Viking Dao is one of Hord 2.0’s key functionalities. A unique platform for early-stage crypto investment that allows you to invest in tokens at VC price. Viking DAO will give retail access to deals that until now were only available to VCs and large players. Backers can invest between $100 to $5,000 BUSD into pools of up to 20 different crypto projects and tokens at the private sale price. The tokens in each pool are initially priced at private sale pricing, which is much lower than public ...

Hord Test App is Live

On BSC Testnet. — — Hord Test App on BSC Testnet - Today we are happy to present to you the first major step towards launching the official Hord App: Test App on BSC Testnet. This means all users get the chance to play around with a preliminary version of the app to get a feel for its layout, user experience and functionality. DISCLAIMER: This environment is still under development and might present a buggy experience, please forward any feedback to the Telegram group. — How to participate - There is a number of steps that needs to be taken in order for you to participate in this round of testing: Setup a connection to the BSC Testnet in MetaMask, Acquire free BSC Testnet BNB tokens, Trade some BSC Testnet BNB tokens for HORD tokens on PancakeSwap BSC Testnet HORD token address: 0x9c0166B6Ae1746EDCC291641BfB8bA3A4C87E525, Go to the app:, If you are having any trouble with getting HORD/BNB, send your ERC20 wallet address in the Hord Community group on Telegram and we’ll make sure to send you both. — Testing Calendar - Saturday morning - Sunday evening: Opening subscriptions for first pool, Monday morning: hPool launched, Tuesday morning: hPool rebalanced (increasing number of underlying assets in the pool), Tuesday afternoon: Triggering stop loss/take profit (Exclusive Hord feature not seen before on DEX), Wednesday morning: Liquidate some of the underlying assets, Wednesd...

Hord Development Update 9

Hord Test App is Coming!. — Your host Bart is joined by Nikola, Miljan, Milan and Mohammed again this week to bring you an update on the progress of the app. This week we have some news that you have been waiting on for a long time. Thanks for tuning in again! — Nikola: - App is fully working on Ethereum, App is being ported to BSC as we speak, Test App available to the public coming week, Working on Champion NFTs on BSC, Staging version will feature pools and tokens on PancakeSwap, — Keep up with Hord - Website: Hord.App Twitter: Telegram: Announcements: Youtube: Github: The most powerful and fully decentralized crypto ETF platform. Hord paves the way for the democratization of Assets Under Management and accelerates the move to DeFi from traditional finance. Hord Development Update 9 was originally published in Hord App on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Hord Development Update 8

Audit returned and BSC migration imminent. — Your host Bart is joined by Nikola, Milan and Mohammed again this week to bring you an update on the progress of the app. Lots of interesting updates on the audit, the app and the progress. Thanks for tuning in again! — Nikola: - Certik returned the audit on Monday, Fixes were incorporated and contracts have been sent back to Certik, BSC migration in an advanced stage, Integrating the last parts of the app, — Mohammed: - hPool token redemption flow completed, Showcasing working redemption transactions on Ropsten testnet (Ethereum), — Keep up with Hord - Website: Hord.App Twitter: Telegram: Announcements: Youtube: Github: The most powerful and fully decentralized crypto ETF platform. Hord paves the way for the democratization of Assets Under Management and accelerates the move to DeFi from traditional finance. Hord Development Update 8 was originally published in Hord App on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Hord x ChainPort BNB Airdrop

$10 worth of BNB to 500 users. — — Hord on BSC - Since we announced that Hord would be launching on BSC we have seen a major shift from ERC-20 to BSC Hord tokens. Hord users have been using our official partner bridge ChainPort to port over their HORD tokens from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain in large numbers. To date over 20% of HORD tokens have been ported to 400 unique wallet addresses on BSC using ChainPort. Some of the main reasons users decide to port are decreased transaction costs, more utility when the app goes live and more staking options on — BNB Token - In order to use HORD tokens on BSC, users need BNB to cover gas costs. Our extensive tutorial has helped a lot of less experienced DeFi users to port their tokens. However, since this is their first time using BSC they do not yet have any BNB in their on-chain wallet to cover any gas costs associated with transactions and smart-contract interactions. — BNB Airdrop - To help our community out we have decided to airdrop $10 worth of BNB to the first 500 eligible users that have ported their HORD tokens from Ethereum to BSC. As gas fees on BSC are very low, this amount of BNB should allow for plenty of transactions and smart-contract interactions! To participate you will need to follow these steps: Port HORD tokens from Ethereum to BSC (tutorial), Fill out this form:, The BNB will be airdropped to yo...

How to Port HORD Tokens to BSC

Step-by-Step Tutorial. — — HORD on BSC - In order to enjoy the full benefits of HORD like Pre-Mainnet Staking, Champion Ticket Staking and LP Staking, you’ll need to have your HORD Tokens on Binance Smart Chain. Luckily our partner ChainPort has everything in place to make the process smooth and simple. In this tutorial we’ll explain to you how to port your tokens step by step. Go to and click “Connect Wallet”, 2. Select your wallet, in this tutorial we’re using MetaMask, we advise you to do the same 3. Click on the “Select A Token” dropdown menu 4. Search for HORD and click on “HORD Token” 5. Under “Balance” click “MAX” to port all tokens currently in your wallet 6. Drag “Set Gas” slider to “Slow” to save yourself some money on gas fees 7. Click “Approve Token” 8. In the MetaMask popup, click “Confirm” 9. Click “Port XXX HORD From Ethereum to BSC” 10. Click “Confirm Porting XXX HORD to BSC” 11. In the MetaMask popup, click “Confirm” 12. Your tokens are now being ported to BSC, wait for 12 confirmations to complete 13. After 12 confirmations you can click “Check It Out” to go to BSCscan and see your tokens 14. We’ll use the Chainport page now to add BSC to MetaMask: in the “From” drop down menu, select BSC 15. Click “Switch your Wallet Chain to BSC” 16. In the MetaMask popup, click “Approve” 17. Click “Switch...

Pre-Mainnet Staking on BSC

Rewarding 300,000 HORD in 30 days. — — Pre-Mainnet Staking - We are very happy to deploy the final stage of our Pre-Mainnet Staking later this week! The program rewards 600,000 HORD over 100 days and is deployed in several stages. The final stage before launch has now been reached and this time it will be deployed on Binance Smart Chain. In this final stage the remaining 300,000 HORD tokens will be distributed during a period of 30 days. HORD tokens need to be staked for a minimum of 10 days and early withdrawal will be penalized. Encompassing this penalty feature will benefit long-term holders since the staking rewards of early withdrawers will be re-added to the rewards pool! — Porting HORD Tokens. — If you are currently HODLing HORD ERC-20 tokens you will need to port them to BSC using A step-by-step tutorial on how to port will follow soon. — Questions? - We understand that this move might bring up a lot of questions. As always our community managers are here to help on Telegram. — Keep up with Hord - Website: Hord.App Twitter: Telegram: Announcements: Youtube: Github: The most powerful and fully decentralized crypto ETF platform. Hord paves the way for the democratization of Assets Under Management and accelerates the move to DeFi from traditional financ...

Hord Goes Multichain

The first step to a blockchain-agnostic future. — Hord.App is launching on Binance Smart Chain! We have listened to our community and have decided to do something about the crippling gas fees on Ethereum. Hord is a platform that was always meant to democratize portfolio management and ETF investing for the masses. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the platform, regardless of the size of their wallets. It pains us to see that some users are simply unable to enjoy some of what we have to offer due to gas fees of $100 or more. That’s why we have decided to speed up our vision for Hord becoming a multichain platform by launching the app on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). — Why BSC? - Binance Smart Chain has seen enormous growth over the past year, capturing 20% of all crypto TVL in May. Developers love the fact that DApps built on BSC are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This means that copying a project to BSC is a straightforward process that makes sense from a cost-benefit perspective. Users love the extremely low fees on BSC. On Ethereum, if one wants to interact with a smart contract, depending on the timing it could cost anywhere from $100 to 300$. The same transaction would set you back a tiny fraction of that on Binance Smart Chain. Another major point is that almost all launchpad projects these days launch on BSC. If champions want to stay ahead of the curve they will want access to thes...

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