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HOPR Price:
$98.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$18.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #HOPR today is $0.06 USD.

The lowest HOPR price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.058, and the exact current price of one HOPR crypto coin is $0.05847.

The all-time high HOPR coin price was $2.16.

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The code for HOPR crypto currency is also #HOPR.

HOPR is 1.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for HOPR is $18,794,417.

HOPR is ranked #472 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #HOPR.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for HOPR is $98,083.


The circulating supply of HOPR is 321,424,979 coins, which is 247% of the maximum coin supply.


HOPR is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the HOPR Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


HOPR is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Node and Staking Season Analytics

Staking Season 6 has begun, and at time of writing over 45m HOPR have already been staked. We’ve already shown off our improved staking website and UI, but since node running is a major part of the rewards for this season, we’d like to take this opportunity to share some more ways you can get information about your stake, node, and the staking program and HOPR network as a whole. We’ll also be sharing our plans to further improve network analytics over the next month. — Network Statistics - In addition to our updated staking UI, there have been some improvements to the network page at Like in the staking site, you’ll see a new column labeled “Next estimated network rewards”. Once the network rewards are turned on in February, this column will show you your expected rewards for the current reward period. Please bear in mind that this will show what your rewards would be if the reward period ended now. In reality the rewards can go both up and down depending on the activity of your node and those of other node runners. This figure will get more and more accurate the closer we are to the end of the reward period. At the bottom of the page, you can see some stats about the overall network health, including the number of peers, recent availability, and more. You can also check data from previous months. The lower graph shows detailed availability statistics for the previous week, with dif...

The Road to RPCh — Part 2

The Road to RPCh — Part 2 - With the idea for RPCh set and the prototype built, it was time to see what the Infinite Hackathon in Bogotá would bring. I tried not to have any expectations — crypto is always unpredictable, and you can never be sure how many people will be at an event or how enthusiastic they will be. But it was hard not to feel like there was a lot riding on this event. We wanted RPCh to make a splash and build on the momentum we’d already created with DERP. In the end, there was a huge crowd of developers in town to attend Devcon the next week, and we were delighted to see that local Colombian devs had also showed up to hack. Of course, there was no guarantee that anyone would choose to work on HOPR’s bounty. The format of the hackathon was that projects would give a presentation about their bounty and their project and then teams would choose one or more to work on over the three days of the contest. This made the presentation a key part of the process. I knew from attending hackathons that most people stick with their first choice bounty, or choose several and then drop ones they’re having difficulty with. It’s rare to successfully switch to a brand new bounty mid-way through. So the more people you attract with your initial pitch, the more likely you are to get strong bounty entries. Although we’d put huge efforts in the weeks before to make the bounty accessible and completable,...

HOPR Staking Season 6 Launch

HOPR Staking Season 6 will launch on January 26th 2023, at 2 pm CET. As with all our seasons, it will run for 3 months. Read on for all the changes, including information about the new network rewards. You can get more information on the full staking program here. — Unstaking from Season 5 - Shortly before the season transition, the staking season 5 website will move to Once the season ends, press the Unlock button, and your tokens and NFTs will be returned to your wallet, along with any unclaimed rewards. To restake, head to and follow the instructions. Remember to unwrap your wxHOPR first with our wrapper widget. If you have a Network Registry NFT, staking from the same address will ensure that you can continue to run your node uninterrupted. If you would like to move your node to a different address, that’s fine, but you’ll need to reregister your node in the Network Registry smart contract, so we know the correct address to send your rewards to. There will be a week-long transition period to allow everyone to make this transition. After this time, we will sync the registry contract and only nodes linked to staking season 6 addresses will be able to function within the network. — New Staking UI - For Season 6, we’ve rebuilt the staking website from scratch. Everything works the same way in terms of staking, locking NFTs and claiming rewards, but we’ve made a hu...

The Road to RPCh — Part 1

The Road to RPCh — Part 1 - This is the story of how the whole HOPR team came together to identify an important missing piece of the web3 stack, and how a wonderful new RPCh team was born to turn it from an idea into a real product. This series isn’t going to focus on the technology behind RPCh — you’ll hear a lot more about that as we get closer to launch. Instead I want to share something we don’t hear much about in crypto: the experience of creating RPCh from a product development angle. Forming the idea, designing the product, and building and training a team to get the product off the drawing board and in front of real users. — Step 1: The Shape of an Idea - The first step in creating a product is identifying a need. We’ve been building privacy at HOPR for three years now. I joined the mission early, before the HOPR Association was even founded. I know everyone in crypto says they care deeply about privacy, but I really have always cared deeply about privacy. I felt early on that crypto and web3 provide the tools we need here, but you also don’t have to work long in crypto to see just how far we have to go. Values are essential, but they’re just the catalyst for the real hard work of getting things built. But you have to always keep those values on the horizon, because when the realities of coding and business kick in, it’s easy to lose sight of why you started in the first place. Yo...

Monte Rosa 1.1 Public Release

After a wildly successful 16 weeks, which has seen the Monte Rosa environment scale up to 150 nodes, all running stable, we’ve decided to release Monte Rosa 1.1! This new release comes off a 3-month effort focused on improving network stability and community insight. Here’s everything you need to know about Monte Rosa 1.1. — Grafana Dashboards. — As our network continues to scale, it’s important that we increase the availability of tools and materials the community can use for troubleshooting, analysing and monitoring their nodes. The Grafana dashboard comes as the first phase of this roll-out, providing users access to an array of new node metrics, from simple data consumption to detailed heartbeat analytics. The Grafana dashboards have proved extremely useful in internal testing, especially in diagnosing memory issues. And paired with the soon-to-be-released new troubleshooting materials, we hope the community will be just as excited and active in node diagnostic/analysis. — How to access the Grafana dashboards?. — Currently, the Grafana dashboards are only accessible to Dappnode users. In the coming weeks, we’ll push this to the Docker/Avado setups, but for now, it was implemented on Dappnode first due to the ease of integration provided by the native DMS (Dappnode Monitoring System) package. You can view the quick setup guide for this on our docs. — New HOPR-Admin UI. — With ...

New Staking Program Rewards for Season 6

HOPR’s sixth staking season begins on January 26th. As with all our previous seasons, season 6 brings changes and new ways to earn tokens. The focus this season is on node running, with a whole new kind of reward for people signed up to our network registry. So if you haven’t got your access NFT yet, there’s never been a better time to join the waitlist. — New Node Runner Rewards - In late September 2022, we publicly launched our Monte Rosa release with our new network registry feature which allows us to control the scaling of the HOPR network while we stress test it. Since then, we’ve been slowly growing the network, and we recently hit the milestone of having 100 community-run nodes with high availability and low latency. You can see all the current network stats on our network dashboard. Now that the network has been shown to be stable and scalable, it’s time to start transitioning towards the kind of incentive scheme which will power the permissionless HOPR network. In staking Season 5, node runners have been receiving HOPR Boost NFTs for their Monte Rosa participation, with ranks based on their node uptime, as measured by our pingbot. Starting with Season 6, node runners will be receiving additional HOPR tokens based on their node performance. These tokens will be sent directly to staking addresses as staked xHOPR tokens. So there will be no more waiting for NFTs, and rewards will be more granular. &md...

HOPR Holiday Advent-ure

Are you ready for an advent-ure? It’s been a wild year for HOPR, and we want to celebrate all our great achievements with a month of retrospectives and promotions. Open the HOPR advent calendar with us to learn more about everything we built this year and win a variety of great prizes, including access to our network registry, HOPR tokens, a special Holiday NFT, and even some of our coveted yellow HOPR merch! Solve the final puzzle and win a special edition HOPR DAppNode! — Daily Posts and Prizes - Every day in December until December 24th, check Twitter to see a new door on the HOPR advent calendar. On days with a prize, tweet the answer along with the hashtag #happyHOPRdays to be entered into that day’s raffle. For physical prizes, we’ll try to accommodate every winner, but in the past we’ve been unable to ship to some locations. If that applies to you (or you don’t want to disclose your address), there will be an alternative prize in $HOPR tokens. — Advent Calendar Prizes - There are also some great prizes hidden within the advent calendar itself. Each Twitter post contains a part of the overall puzzle. Check back every day to see how it all fits together. There are two ways to win. First, find the hidden hashtag and tweet it out by January 1st to gain entry to our raffle. Second, we’ll be sending a network registry NFT to the wallet with public key 0x19D0FC17926a773baf25Cf4E4D626246b7a39637. ...

DAO v0.5 Results and Analysis

The fifth HOPR DAO experiment has reached its conclusion. After almost two weeks of amazing discussion and voting, the DAO decided to allocate $600,000 in liquidity to external management as part of a six month trial. Arrakis Finance and Gamma Strategies will each be given $300,000 in liquidity to manage. — Topic and Rationale - This time round, the topic for discussion was: Who should be responsible for managing the HOPR DAO’s liquidity on Uniswap, and under what conditions? The HOPR DAO is currently responsible for managing around $8m in liquidity across various pools and chains, but it isn’t allocated very efficiently. DeFi has advanced considerably in the time since the HOPR launch, and there are now many more options and services for deploying liquidity. However, many of these require active liquidity management, and although HOPR’s governance processes do a good job of encouraging participation and capturing a wide variety of voices, they aren’t particularly fast or dynamic. This suggested that it might be wise to delegate responsibility to a third party. However, as with any decision there are risks to consider. — Recap - We ran the full three-phase DAO procedure this time, with a week-long discussion phase to produce proposals, a 24hr referendum phase to decide which proposals were worth voting on, and a 48hr vote phase to determine the final result. As always with these experiments, we changed s...

DAO Experiment v0.5

It’s time for another HOPR governance experiment! Join us over the next two weeks to help make an important decision regarding the management of the DAO’s funds. It’s been almost two years since the launch of the HOPR token and the first DAO decision. Since then, DeFi has evolved considerably. Although we believe HOPR’s governance system is great for making big decisions on broad, hard-to-define topics, it’s less well suited for dynamic decision making such as we see in fund management, where decisions sometimes need to be taken quickly and decisively. As a result, we feel that there’s a big missed opportunity to manage the DAO’s liquidity reserves more actively and purposefully. That’s why the HOPR Association has reached out to various projects who specialize in liquidity management and asked them to make proposals for taking over management of a proportion of the DAO’s funds. The DAO would retain ownership of the assets, but day-to-day management would be handed over to the chosen project team. If the experiment goes well, there would be an opportunity to increase the amount of funds managed in this way over the next year. — Topic - With that in mind, the topic for the fifth experiment is: “Who should be responsible for managing the HOPR DAO’s liquidity on Uniswap, and under what conditions?” Unlike previous experiments, this time we’re fielding proposals from external projects. Each proje...

HOPR Staking 5.0

Staking Season 5 is here! The new staking season will begin at 2 pm CEST on Wednesday October 26th 2022. It will run for three months, ending at 2 pm CET on Thursday January 26th 2023. To claim your remaining rewards and unlock your stake, visit once the season has ended and press the Unlock button. Your stake will be returned as xHOPR tokens. Unclaimed rewards will be sent to your wallet as wrapped xHOPR tokens (wxHOPR). These will need to be unwrapped to xHOPR by using our unwrapper at To restake your stake for Season 5, visit, connect your wallet and follow the instructions. To better balance the reward distribution to favour active community members, the base rate has been reduced to 2.5% while the boost cap for NFTs has been raised to 200,000. This season will also see a bigger focus on node running and governance, with almost all issued NFTs falling into these categories. For more information on how staking works, visit our Staking FAQ. — Updated Parameters - For Season 5, we’re further updating the main parameters of the staking contract to continue our push to reward active participation over active staking. The base rate will be dropped to 2.5%, while the NFT boost cap will be increased to 200,000. Our analysis suggests that this should further shift the balance of rewards away from whales and towards more active smaller token holders. In addition ...

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