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HNY Price:
$2.5 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$457.4 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #HNY today is $12.55 USD.

The lowest HNY price for this period was $0, the highest was $12.55, and the exact current price of one HNY crypto coin is $12.54920.

The all-time high HNY coin price was $1,490.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of HNY with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Honey crypto currency is #HNY.

Honey is 2.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Honey is $457,356.

Honey is ranking downwards to #942 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is small today for #HNY.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Honey is $2,546.


The circulating supply of HNY is 36,445 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of Honey is it's exceptionally low supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


HNY is a token on the xDai blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the HNY Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


HNY is available on at least one crypto currency exchange.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #HNY, and you can view them on our HNY disambiguation page.



1 Hive August 2022 Monthly Recap

Hey everyone, a new recap is finally out. Make sure to support our communities by joining our social channels: Telegram: 1Hive — Agave Twitter: 1Hive — Agave 1 — Gardens — NFBeez Discord: 1Hive — Agave Previous Recaps: Recap July 2022 1 / Recap June 2022 / Recap May 2022 / Recap April 2022 / Recap March 2022 / Recap February 2022 / Recap January 2022 / Recap December 2021 / Recap November 2021 / Recap October 2021 / Recap September 2021 / Recap August 2021 / Recap July 2021 / Recap June 2021 / Recap May 2021 / Recap March 22nd — April 25th / Recap February 9th — March 21st — Swarms Monthly Recap - — Agave Swarm: - While we are working on the sideline to implement new features on our money market platform, this month we have completed our documentation, where technical info, guides, information, and an archive of all our proposals are available. We will update this constantly, so take a look at it! AgaveDaoNotion The growth of our protocol was underlined by reaching $10M in TVL for the first time, officially surpassing the TVL pre-re-entrancy attack. — Buzz Swarm: - We are keeping our focus on integrations, partnerships and internal-external communication as planned. Some of the milestones we achieved for the month of august are : Brave wallet integration on Honeyswap and marketing campaign about it together with Brave team with this tweet and animation Honeyswap ...

1Hive Monthly recap — July 2022

1Hive Monthly recap — July 2022 - Welcome to 1Hive’s July Monthly Recap. Stay up to speed with everything related to 1Hive and make sure to support our communities by joining our social channels: Telegram: 1Hive — Agave Twitter: 1Hive — Agave — Gardens — NFBeez Discord: 1Hive — Agave — Swarms Monthly Recap - — 🌻Gardens Swarm - Gardens TVL (USD value of Common Pools): $4.5M Currently building a new feature: Poll Proposals. This is a frontend-only update that will let Gardens members create polls in their Garden that anyone in the community can respond to with a Suggestion Proposal. Polls will show on the Proposal page with all Suggestion Proposal responses batched together, making it easy for the community to get on-chain consensus for decisions with many options. Poll Proposals are expected to be available this month. — 🌵Agave Swarm: - The work of Agave is continuing through the bear market. We hired a new dev and are working hard on both frontend and backend. We will share more news as we progress. During the next month you can expect some news for what concerns Alvin, our NFT redeemable plushie. We made 2 important improvement proposals, AGIP1 and AGIP2. AGIP1 consists in changing the parameters of some of the tokens listed on our lending platform (read here) while AGIP2 consists in creating a security fund. (read here) We have also updated our reward system...

How 1Hive Solved Domain Hijack Issue on Honeyswap

Dear Honeyswap users! On the 9th of May, we started receiving reports from users both on 1Hive Telegram and Discord channels that their swap transactions do not return to their own wallets. Upon some investigations, we identified that transactions made on the Honeyswap frontend were, in fact, ending up in a malicious address, that of the hacker: 0xD3888a7E6D6A05c6b031F05DdAF3D3dCaB92FC5B Immediately after receiving these reports and verifying that something was off with the transactions, we announced on all our channels not to use the Honeyswap frontend until further notice in order to identify the main source of what was happening. Additionally, we urged the users who may have used Honeyswap frontend before or during the time period we suspected to have been subject to an attack to revoke spending approvals through just in case.  — @Honeyswap Working around the clock to identify the source of the attack, we recognized that the Domain Provider, under which 1Hive websites we\\re registered, actually gave away the ownership of these domains to the attacker upon fake documents. Well, obviously, Web2 security sucks. This being the case, and having no means to access the domains, we had to work with the Domain Provider to give us the ownership of the domains back. As most people who have worked with these conventional companies might know, it took two days to retain the ownership. During this period...

1Hive Monthly recap — April 2022

1Hive Monthly recap — April 2022 - Welcome to the April Monthly Recap,There’s plenty of interesting news to check out! Make sure to support our communities by joining our social channels: Telegram: 1Hive — Agave Twitter: 1Hive — Agave — Gardens — NFBeez Discord: 1Hive — Agave Previous Recaps: — Swarms Monthly Recap - — 🌻Gardens Swarm - The Gardens Swarm has been hard at work on several different updates and features. ERC-20 Token Vesting App. Felipe is leading the design and build of a token vesting app to wrap any ERC-20 with pre-set vesting terms for cliff period and time to vest. The streaming token can be freely transferred throughout its vesting terms., Fluid Proposals. Gabi is leading the build of a new type of Gardens proposal to allow for streaming tokens from the Common Pool, using Osmotic Funding and Superfluid. The rates of the token streams will be set in real time by the accrued Conviction on each proposal. The project is still in its conception phase — Gabi is leading a biweekly call on the 1Hive Discord., NextJS upgrade. Anup is leading the upgrade of Gardens to NextJS, which will improve site speed and performance. This upgrade is close to complete and is expected shortly., Ceramic Profiles. Once the NextJS update is complete, work can begin on upgrading Gardens user profiles to Ceramic, a powerful web3 user management system that (among many bene...

1Hive Monthly Recap March 2022

Stay up to speed with everything related to 1Hive and make sure to support our communities by joining our social channels: Telegram: 1Hive — Agave Twitter: 1Hive — Agave — Gardens — NFBeez Discord: 1Hive — Agave — 🌻Gardens Swarm: - News and Updates: Ceramic Profiles — Gardens is in the process of upgrading user profiles to Ceramic, a more powerful tool for creating/reading/updating user profiles. Part of this upgrade will include a migration to NextJS, Fluid Proposals — a working group has been formed to begin modeling and building Fluid Proposals — a funding system for streaming tokens in Gardens using Superfluid and Osmotic Funding: ​​, Gardens growth numbers: of Gardens: 29, of Gardens DAO Members: 3,322, of Gardens Proposals: 251, Total $ in Gardens Common Pools: $20.9M, Total Gardens liquidity on Honeyswap: $2.56M, — 🌎Terra Swarm: - No updates from Terra Swarm for this month. — 🌵Agave Swarm: - What a month this has been for Agave. Unfortunately, on March 15th, Agave and 100Finance, two lending markets on Gnosis chain, suffered a reentrancy attack and most of the funds were stolen by a malicious hacker. This has come to great surprise and honest disappointment for all of us, as it has been absolutely terrible to see community members, seeds and over 700 addresses involved in some kind of losses. Read more about the ...

1Hive Monthly Recap February 2022

As always, make sure to support our communities by joining our social channels: Telegram: 1Hive — Agave Twitter: 1Hive — Agave — Gardens — NFBeez Discord: 1Hive — Agave — 🌻Gardens Swarm: - We’re now using DeWork! DeWork is a web3 project management tool that lets anyone create tasks for feature requests and view their progress. Suggestions with enough upvotes be taken on by the team or funded as a bounty for anyone to complete. We’re excited for the community to become more involved in the development of Gardens. Here’s the invite link to join the DeWork: 1, Gardens Growth Numbers: Total # of Gardens: 22 of Gardens Members: 3,222 of Funding Proposals Created: 205 Total Common Pool value: $21.5M Total Liquidity of Gardens tokens: $2.2M — 🌎Terra Swarm: - Terra Swarm only produced the January Monthly Recap for 1Hive as there was no new documentation to be translated. We are actually internally discussing an ambitious plan to export our product to a broader number of DeFi projects, since in the space our Swarm has a long-lasting experience and a well functioning team. — 🌵Agave Swarm: - On february 28th Agave became 1 year old! In the month of February we have seen less action from the Agave team, but in reality there’s lots of movement behind the scenes. We’re working on giving more utility to the agave token, we are about to add $FOX to ou...

1Hive Monthly Recap January 2022

Welcome to the first recap of 2022. While the market is rebounding, the bees of 1Hive keep building and working on cool projects. This month has been very busy, especially for a few Swarms (Commons, Agave, NFBeez, Treasury) and, therefore, make sure to read until the end of the article! Make sure to support our communities by joining our social channels: Telegram: 1Hive — Agave Twitter: 1Hive —Honeyswap — Agave — Gardens — NFBeez Discord: 1Hive — Agave — 🌻Gardens Swarm: - January Highlights: The Token Engineering Commons launched their Garden, with $1M of Wrapped xDai now available for funding proposals in their Common Pool, raised through an Augmented Bonding Curve., We’re on Giveth now:, Growth numbers:, 13 Gardens DAOs now live on Gnosis Chain and Polygon, 3,000+ Gardens DAO members, 142 Proposals, $20M available for funding in Common Pools, $4M in liquidity for Gardens DAOs on Honeyswap, Useful links: Discord’s Swarm channel 1, Garden Sprint Planning #24, Garden Sprint Planning #23, Garden Sprint Planning #22, Garden Sprint Planning #20, — 🌐Commons Swarm: - The Commons Swarm is saying goodbye!, — 💛Support Swarm: - Support Swarm has been everywhere, giving an example of what it is to be a member of 1hive. January was not necessarily a very busy month, but our members have always had a constant presence on all our channels, ready to offer...

1Hive Monthly Recap December 2021

A full year has passed and I am happy to present you the December Monthly Recap. It has been an exciting year for 1hive. We have launched several products: Celeste, Agave, Gardens, Honeycomb, we have expanded to Polygon, strengthened collaborations with projects and communities in the cryptosphere, started new initiatives — 1hive TV, NFBeez — and have much more in the pipeline for the upcoming year. Make sure to support our communities by joining our social channels: Telegram: 1Hive — Agave Twitter: 1Hive — Agave — Gardens — NFBeez Discord: 1Hive — Agave Youtube: 1Hive Previous Recaps: Recap November 2021 / Recap October 2021 / Recap September 2021 / Recap August 2021 / Recap July 2021 / Recap June 2021 / Recap May 2021 / Recap Mar22nd — Apri25th / Recap Feb9th — Mar21st — 🌻Gardens Swarm: - Gardens celebrated the launch of Giveth’s GIV token, which rewards donors to verified social good projects to promote funding for Public Goods: Welcome to the GIVeconomy — YouTube 1 Useful links: Discord’s Swarm channel, Garden Sprint Planning #24 1, Garden Sprint Planning #23, Garden Sprint Planning #22, Garden Sprint Planning #20, — 🌐Commons Swarm: - We have released documentation on how to use the EVMcrispr. This concludes the three-part series of articles written to showcase the outcomes of Commons Swarm. We also have released a new version of EVM...

Welcome to Gardens: let’s plant the seeds for the public economy

Our new home for Gardens: Go ahead, put your farming experience to work, take a shovel and plant the seeds of the public economy. Today we are introducing the Gardens platform, the economic engine for common goods to flourish. Each Garden gives its community powerful tools to experiment at the edges, create currency policies, allocate shared resources, and make decisions bottom-up. Everything while keeping the system credibly neutral, accountable, and self-improving. Important actions in the Garden are bound to the community’s mission, values, and rules. And they’re protected by a dispute resolution protocol in case bad actors want to abuse the system. We are long into the network effects that the Gardens platform will provide for its communities. Even at this early stage, we started seeing examples of DAO2DAO collaboration between Gardens, creating more resilient communities. We released with support on xDai, Polygon, and Rinkeby (for testing). With plans to include Arbitrum or Optimism soon. You can access the platform at — Why Use Gardens - 🟢 DAOs are a leap forward in human coordination progress. They resemble communities more than companies, and when digital communities have capital, it turns out they’re quite powerful. The governance structures of early DAOs however don’t always take advantage of this. Influence in most DAOs unintentionally (or intentionally) gravi...

1Hive Monthly Recap November 2021

Another month has passed, and our swarms have been very active on multiple fronts. Here is what they have been up to — 🌻Gardens Swarm: - Gardens is now live! This week Gardens rolled out its new “Create a Garden’’ interface, letting people build their own DAO using the Covenant/Conviction Voting/Celeste governance model built and pioneered by 1Hive. Gardens is available on both xDai and Polygon, and is being built on Arbitrum as well, ready soon. Check it out at (use Rinkeby network for testing). The launch was first announced on Twitter [thread here]; We hosted a launch party & AMA to celebrate the launch, featuring presentations from Bright ID, Gnosis, TEC and many more. We will soon share a video related to our launch AMA, and stay tuned for the exciting upcoming news! — Useful links - Discord’s Swarm channel, Garden Sprint Planning #24, Garden Sprint Planning #23, Garden Sprint Planning #22, Garden Sprint Planning #20, — 🌐Commons Swarm: - We have the Augmented Bonding Curve contracts almost ready. A new version is deployed on Rinkeby and xDai, however a final revision by Shokai pointed out a few critical issues that we will fix shortly. It will be able to be installed using the instructions in the updated ABC thread in the 1Hive forum., The frontend has been updated accordingly to keep track of the changes., You can test an ABC demo in


Disney's Latest Web3 Move Highlights Importance of NFT Attorneys

    In a move that underscores the importance of attorneys in the NFT space, The Walt Disney Company announced it is looking to hire a corporate attorney who will provide legal advice and support for global NFT products among other responsibilities listed in the job description. This is the latest sign that major corporations are taking notice of what Web3 offers. As the NFT and DeFi industry grows, it will become increasingly crucial for NFT companies to have skilled legal representation. According to the recent job posting by the entertainment conglomerate - Disney is looking for someone who can help it navigate through legal risks and opportunities, and also ensure its NFT products are in compliance with current United States and International laws and regulations. NFT attorneys to streamline how Web3 works This move signals an aggressive push by Disney to stay ahead in the race of 'emerging technologies' – NFTs and the Metaverse. Notably, Disney started exploring the NFTs segment last year when they started exploring these new technologies through experiments. With soaring valuations of $11 billion and counting, the NFT market is a hotbed for fraudulent activity. It often involves scammers minting a fake digital image that does not belong to them. Selling these 'non-authentic' coins breaches copyright laws as well contravenes multiple other local regulations. Hiring the best NFT attorney will help protect company assets and brands from trademark squatters or pirates loo... read More

Nigerian Blockchain Startup Bitmama Closes $2 Million Pre-Seed Round

    After raising $1.65 million via a pre-seed extension, Bitmama, a Nigeria-based blockchain startup, has now closed its pre-seed funding round at $2 million, a report has said. Leading the funding round were two Africa-focused venture capital firms: Unicorn Growth Capital and Launch Africa.New Funding to Help Bitmama Scale Up Crypto Use Cases in Africa A Nigeria-based blockchain startup, Bitmama, recently closed its pre-seed funding round at $2 million after it added $1.65 million to the $350,000 that was raised in October last year. According to a Techcrunch report, the funding round was led by two Africa-focused venture capital (VC) firms, namely, Unicorn Growth Capital and Launch Africa. Also participating in the fundraise were existing and new investors such as Adaverse, Flori Ventures, Tekedia Capital, Greenhouse Capital, ODBA, Five35 Ventures, Chrysalis Capital, Enrich Africa, Thrive Africa, and Angellist Ventures. Angel investors that participated in the round include Rene Reinsberg, Marek Olszewski, and Honey Ogundeyi. According to the report, the blockchain startup will use the funds raised to bolster its team as well as to integrate its product offerings. The funds will further be used to help Bitmama scale up use cases for cryptocurrency on the African continent. Buying and Selling Crypto on Bitmama In remarks following the announcement, Ruth Iselema, a founder and the chief executive officer at Bitmama, said: We started Bitmama to make it easy for anyone across the... read More

Hive Investments: A Next-Gen DaaS and NFT Ecosystem

    The crypto and blockchain industry has grown beyond just trading cryptocurrencies. Today, blockchain concepts like decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have attracted many investors to the space with the hope of making massive gains. While some investors are experienced with these complex DeFi protocols, the average Joe interested in DeFi products has neither the experience nor the technical skill to maximize their opportunities in the ecosystem. The emergence of DeFi-as-a-Service (DaaS) has changed that narrative, as DaaS protocols are able to manage a treasury of funds on behalf of investors with the returns distributed among them according to their contributions. However, many DaaS protocols also pose significant risks to unwary investors due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency space. Hive Investments intends to become the go-to DaaS platform for the industry by providing investors with long-term sustainability. What is Hive Investments? Hive Investments is a next-gen NFT and DaaS protocol built on the Polygon network that aims to improve on some of the major issues faced by the industry. The project is working to acquire market-leading returns on all treasury investments while expanding its ecosystem. Hive aims to bring the best out of the DeFi and NFT sectors and provide users with sustainable earning opportunities. Users, addressed as Bees, simply have to mint (or purchase) an in-house NFT which gives them access to all platform benefits ... read More

What Happened To Tarantino 's “Pulp Fiction” NFT Colle...

    In the end, Quentin Tarantino ’s “Pulp Fiction” NFT Collection collapsed under its own weight. Did Miramax’s lawyers scare them off? Or was there not sufficient interest in the collection by the buyers? Did the Secret Network have any technical problem that they’re not telling us about? Sadly, we can’t answer those questions at the moment. Something happened, though. We will present the facts and nothing but the facts so that each one can arrive at their own conclusions. As a reminder, in the collection’s official site they now describe the pieces as, “Each NFT in the collection consists of the original script from a single iconic scene, as well as personalized audio commentary from Quentin Tarantino himself.” The Story So Far This case is very complicated. It has a lot of ins, a lot of outs, a lot of what-have-yous. As soon as the news about Quentin Tarantino entering the NFT space hit the press, Miramax sued. The pieces were based on the 1994 movie “Pulp Fiction,” and they owned the rights. There was a strange caveat to the whole story, which Bitcoinist explained: “The Secret Network is a Layer 1 privacy blockchain created by SCRT Labs. The unique value proposition from The Secret Network lies in the name; the NFTs will be “secret” and only accessible by the NFTs owner.” “Just that fact makes the lawsuit endlessly interesting. Only the person that buys the NFT can see what’... read More

What is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)? Everything You Ne...

    Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are a form of governance systems powered by their community. They can be independent of third parties, and government corporations and they also differ a lot in their business and organizational model from traditional organizations. Quick Navigation What is a DAO? The DAO Hack of 2016: The First DAO How Do DAOs Work? Creating a DAO Regulatory Laws and Legal Structure of DAOs Popular DAOs Benefits & Limitations of DAOs The Future of DAOs What is a DAO? In light of the above, we can pinpoint the following characteristics of a DAO: Non-hierarchical system: As the name suggests, DAOs are decentralized systems owned and governed by token holders rather than presidents, managers, or executives like in hierarchical systems. Self-sustained: DAO members inject liquidity into the system by staking their tokens in liquidity pools. They can also promote a crowdfunding campaign to attract investors and venture capitalist firms. Wide range of use cases: DAOs can be anything — their systems allow the creation of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), digital tokens (Dash is a popular example as it's self-governed by its community), or decentralized applications (dApps). On-chain governance: Members of the DAO need to stake a certain amount of tokens to submit proposals for protocol changes or other kinds, which are voted on by other DAO members. Open source: A DAO's rules are code written and stored in its smart contract, which is visible ... read More

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