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Helena Financial  


All Time High:
Market Cap:
$31.2 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The last known price of #HELENA is $0.016 USD.

Please note that the price of #HELENA was last updated over 90 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #HELENA statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest HELENA price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.016, and the exact last price of HELENA was $0.01570.

The all-time high HELENA coin price was $22.02.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of HELENA with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Helena Financial crypto currency is #HELENA.

Helena Financial is 2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Helena Financial is $31,218.

Helena Financial is ranking downwards to #2069 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is an unknown daily trading volume on #HELENA.


The circulating supply of HELENA is 1,987,944 coins, which is 80% of the total coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Helena Financial coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


HELENA is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


HELENA has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.



02.19.23 — Helena Financial Weekly Report #13

02.19.23 — Helena Financial Weekly Report #13 - Greetings Helenians! We are pleased to report that the past week has been marked by exciting developments as we have worked tirelessly on the launch of NMS LP and its aftermath. There was a lot of work to do ranging from the Marketing side, content, and of course the development side. We are delighted to say that the launch was executed with precision and resulted in a seamless utility launch experience for all. With much to discuss, let’s proceed without further ado and delve into the events of the past few weeks. This Week’s Recap & Reminders NMS LP and Reward Pool have been released!, We are currently hosting several contests and events learn more about them below!, The current price of Helena is at $0.05 while the mCap is around $445K and the Liquidity was at $410K at the time of writing this article., WINGS price is at $1.53, NMS LP & Reward Pool Systems are Out! We’re excited to announce that Nemesis Network Loyalty Points (NMS LP) have finally been launched! These utility tokens will serve as a crucial link between NMS Network projects and will pave the way for many innovative and beneficial features and utilities to come. Currently, NMS LP tokens are only being used in the NMS LP Reward Pool. As the name suggests, the Reward Pool system is designed to reward both long-time and active investors of NMS Network without any additional taxes. Reward...

02.17.23 — NMS LP Celebration: Contests & Competitions

02.17.23 — NMS LP Celebration: Contests & Competitions - As our community finally accomplished the NMS LP minting milestone, our most awaited feature is finally released. Nemesis Team, with the release of this utility, offers a whole new revenue stream for investors and in the meantime, encourages and rewards being active in the ecosystem via the NMS LP rewarding features. With regard to this news, we’ll be holding lots of contests and offering time-limited opportunities for everyone. BUY TAX REIMBURSEMENT Attention all Helena token buyers! We are thrilled to announce that we will be reimbursing the buy tax (13%) on all Helena tokens purchased for more than 0.1 BNB during the event. This means that if you bought 100 Helena tokens, you would have initially received 87 after paying the purchase tax. However, you will then be reimbursed with 13 Helena tokens within three days following the event’s conclusion. This is our way of showing our appreciation for your support and contribution to the Helena ecosystem. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in the event and be part of this exciting initiative! Start date: 02/15/23, 20:00 UTC End date: 02/25/23, 20:00 UTC HELENA DICE ROLL GAME Join us for a thrilling game of dice matching, where a contest moderator will roll five dice and then ask you to roll five dice as well. The rewards you receive depend on the number of dice matched with contest moderators’, a...

02.16.23 — NMS LP and Loyalty Rewards Hits the Market

02.16.23 — NMS LP and Loyalty Rewards Hits the Market - Constantly crafting new, valuable features is the way to keep a DeFi project in form. NMSLP (Nemesis Network Loyalty Points) was such an idea that was designed carefully and prudential in terms of future utilities, projects, and updates regarding Helena and Nemesis. This step, we believe, is an important one towards creating new revenue streams and a more robust and alive market scenario for NMS Network. WHAT IS NMS LP (LOYALTY POINTS)? WAYS TO EARN IT NMS LP is a utility token that allows users to be incentivized and rewarded while using certain utilities and features offered by Nemesis Network, for example; WINGS Rush, a gameFi on Helena. While using WINGS Rush, participants can receive NMSLP regardless of winning or losing. We are currently planning to implement NMSLP earning contracts to the Helena’s Clubhouse games but in the future, it will be prepared to be present on other parts of Nemesis Network as well. WHAT IS LOYALTY POINT REWARD POOL & HOW DOES IT WORK? Loyalty Points Staking is a brand-new innovative utility that allows users to gain BUSD rewards for participating in certain utilities with NMSLP contracts. As you participate in Nemesis Network utilities such as the previously mentioned WINGS Rush, you earn NMSLP according to the spent WINGS amount. Users can stake these tokens to get ENERGY to become participants in Loyalty Point Staking p...

02.01.23 — Helena Monthly #2

02.01.23 — Helena Monthly #2 - Hello Helenians! As we are getting closer to 100% in WINGS Rush Milestone, we are getting equally excited as team Helena. NMS LP profit sharing will be unlocked in a matter of days and we can’t wait for it! Without further ado, let us delve into the monthly update. 1.16.23 — Helena Financial Weekly Report #11 90% on WINGS Rush milestone was week 11’s most-talked-about event. In addition, we mentioned the articles we’ve published about NMS LP profit sharing to remind you to stay up to date about the feature until its release. 1.23.23 — Helena Financial Weekly Report #12 The 12th week was slow for Helena, as we were preoccupied with the loyalty point system, but it was a thrilling week for the cryptocurrency market. We discussed the sudden increase in BTC, The WINGS Rush milestone, and a small surprise following the introduction of the loyalty point system. Check it out to ensure you don’t miss anything! 2.1.23 — This Week on Helena Financial Having reached the WINGS Rush milestone of 96%, Team Helena is prepared to implement the loyalty point system. Team Helena is more than ready and prepared to implement the loyalty point system. Currently, we are testing the functionality to make sure everything goes seamless and flawless on release day. This week’s metrics are as followed: WINGS Rush Milestone reached 96%., The current price of Helena is at $0.07 while ...

01.23.23 — Helena Financial Weekly Report #12

01.23.23 — Helena Financial Weekly Report #12 - Hello Helenians! Another one of our weekly updates, where we will be mentioning what happened in the last week. This Week’s Recap & Reminders WINGS Rush milestone reached 93%, The current price of Helena is at $0.07 while the mCap is around $519K and the Liquidity was at $439.76K at the time of writing this article., WINGS price is at $1.73, A Rise in Market and Coming Weeks While the sudden rise in BTC price reinvigorated the crypto space, we are working on all sides to make the most of this positive market trend as the NMS team. WINGS Rush milestone is reaching the finish line at a steady pace and we are as excited as you about the release of NMS Loyalty Point system. We are ready content and marketing-wise regarding the launch of our newest utility. In celebration of the launch, many events and contests will be waiting for you to participate in! Keep in touch with our social media and community to avoid missing any news. That’s all for this week! As a reminder, kindly follow us on our social media to keep yourselves in the loop. See you all next week! Reach us: Social Links Discord: Facebook: Twitter: Medium: Telegram: Instagram: TikTok: Media Contacts Company: Helena Financial Contact: Marketing: E-mail:

01.16.23 — Helena Financial Weekly Report #11

01.16.23 — Helena Financial Weekly Report #11 - Hello Helanians! Another one of our weekly updates, where we will be mentioning what happened in the last week. This Week’s Recap & Reminders WINGS Rush milestone reached 91%, Our first monthly update is out!, The current price of Helena is at $0.08 while the mCap is around $527K and the Liquidity was at $457.95K at the time of writing this article., WINGS price is at $1.80, Almost There! The WINGS Rush milestone is only 10% away, and profit sharing is nearly unlocked! We have already written about profit sharing and are planning to produce additional literature about the feature prior to and following its release. These articles are available on our Medium page, so be sure to read them and familiarize yourself with the feature. Helena Monthly Recap #1 The first episode of Monthly Recap was released last week, and these monthly episodes will replace the final weekly of each month in order to provide you with a better knowledge of what has occurred and what we have planned. In our weekly updates, Team Helena does its best to keep you informed on all topics, so be sure to check them out. That’s all for this week! As a reminder, kindly follow us on our social media to be more informed about Helena and ongoing contests. See you all next week! Reach us: Social Links Discord: Facebook: Twitter: Medium:

01.09.23 — Helena Monthly #1

01.09.23 — Helena Monthly #1 - Welcome to the first episode of the monthly update of Helena Financial, where we’ll be going over the month’s happening regarding Helena Financial to keep you in the loop. Firstly, as NMS Team, we wish everyone a happy and healthy year with many opportunities and fortune waiting for us. Without any further delay, let us delve into the first episode of the Monthly Update on Helena Financial. 12.02.22 — ABCs of DeFi | What is DeFi? The purpose of this post was to enlighten new crypto enthusiasts about the fundamentals of DeFi and to refresh the minds of crypto veterans. In this post, we covered subjects such as the definition of decentralized finance (DeFi), the benefits of DeFi, the key components of DeFi, and the future of DeFi. There may be more advanced informative articles in the future, but if you need to refresh your memory or discover what DeFi is, this article may be all you need. 12.04.22 — Helena Financial Weekly Report #7 Week 7 was driven by the WINGS Rush milestone, the Black Friday Contest rewards, and the ABCs of DeFi piece. We also discussed our intentions for the following weeks as well as $HELENA’s weekly metrics. 12.12.22 — Helena Financial Weekly Report #8 $HELENA filter event was announced to celebrate the coming of new year and the people who stood by our side all this time. If you missed the event, you may find the $HELENA filter on our In...

01.07.23 — New Year’s Works | Dev Diaries #6

01.07.23 — New Year’s Works | Dev Diaries #6 - Dear Helenians, first off, I wish you a wonderful new year​. I hope 2023 will ​chase the bear away​ and we’ll charge at full speed. After intense tests during these past weeks, we decided to make some final changes to the PSP page. Also, we went through every single page of the app and made minor improvements and bug fixes all over. I’ll give a quick summary. - ​PSP Income Calculator: We included a calculator so you can estimate your income from the pool. There are two input fields: one for Energy (pre-filled with your current Energy + your NMS LP balance), and the other one for the Wings price. With these, you will be able to calculate how much your daily and total income in BUSD would be, together with other estimations. - Improved UI: There are quite some values on the PSP page, and ​how you ​present ​them makes all the difference. ​So that’s what we did. You’ll also see some small changes on the Account, Wrap, and Multiplier pages. We did some minor but effective changes. - Side Navigation Changes: We made the side navigation more compact and changed some icons. We have many features now, and more is to come​. ​That’s why we had to leave out ​the ​Legacy App​ link too​​​, but you can always reach it at This is the last update before Profit-Sharing Pool (PSP) is unlocked. ​Only around 10% to go​...

12.25.22 — Helena Financial Weekly Report #10

12.25.22 — Helena Financial Weekly Report #10 - Hello Helenians! Welcome to another one of our weekly updates, where we will be mentioning what happened in the last week. This Week’s Recap & Reminders WINGS Rush Milestone reached 78%., Dev Diaries #5 has been released on Medium., As 1 week left to participate, last chance to participate in Helena Filter Contest., The current price of Helena is at $0.08 while the mCap is around $487K and the Liquidity was at $400K at the time of writing this article., WINGS price is at $1.62, 3.8M+ (39.88%) tokens have been burned by Helena’s various burning mechanisms and Circulating Supply is at 5M+ (60.12%) What’s Next? As we mentioned in our previous weekly, due to next week being the month’s end, instead of posting a weekly there’ll be a Monthly, which will cover what has happened throughout this month and also include that week’s happenings as well. Dev Diaries Continue — #5 Our senior developer Arthur Blair kindly wrote a dev diary to give us a heads-up and inform us about what to expect about Helena’s upcoming Profit Sharing System and innovative NMSLP tokens, which is planned to be a bridge between ecosystem tokens, much is planned however, we’ll keep providing you with information as everything finalized. You can read the newest episode of the dev diary here. Merry Christmas! As NMS Team, we wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year...

12.23.22 — On Profit Sharing Pool | Dev Diaries #5

12.23.22 — On Profit Sharing Pool | Dev Diaries #5 - Hello everyone, It has been quite some time since the last dev diary, the longest period ever in between. And that’s because we were busy with the Profit Sharing Pool, and only wanted to update you when we’re almost there. And guess what, we’re almost there. The contracts and the page are both done, and the team as well as some of our old holders are testing it inside out while you’re reading this. So there’s no doubt it’ll be ready soon enough and will be unlocked as soon as we hit 100% (a bit more than a quarter to go now). A little heads up before we dig in deep, and it’s mostly about the wording. We scratched out “Staking” action and replaced it with “Buy Energy”. This is both because there’s no “Unstaking”, and the whole logic fits better. Now about the functionality. Basically, there are two actions: Buy Energy and Claim. You’ll be able to Buy Energy by burning your NMS LP tokens. Following Buy, you are ready to Claim your BUSD profits depending on your Energy share in the pool. As explained various times before, we have this ‘Decay’ mechanism for making it fairer for newcomers. As the name implies, Decay is the only thing that decreases your Energy. We are trying something new and unique altogether with this, so please bear with us. Decay is triggered prior to both Buy and Claim actions, regardless of your Buy or Claim amoun...

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