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HEGIC Price:
$69.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$77.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #HEGIC today is $0.026 USD.

The lowest HEGIC price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.026, and the exact current price of one HEGIC crypto coin is $0.02570.

The all-time high HEGIC coin price was $0.63.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of HEGIC with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Hegic crypto currency is also #HEGIC.

Hegic is 3.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Hegic is $77,417,439.

Hegic is ranked #362 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest volume of trading today on #HEGIC.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Hegic is $69,093.


The circulating supply of HEGIC is 3,012,009,888 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


HEGIC is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 3 other blockchains.

See list of the HEGIC Blockchain contracts with 4 different blockchains.


HEGIC is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

View #HEGIC trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #HEGIC purchase.



Introducing Hegic Reward Pool: $1,000,000 in Ether (ETH)

Today, Hegic celebrates its 🎊 3rd birthday 🎊 with the launch of a new $1,000,000 reward pool. It is live on Hegic and rewards in Ether (ETH) will be accruing for all future exercised options with positive P&L. TL;DR Total reward pool size: $1,000,000 in Ether (ETH), Accruing for all trades with positive P&L on Hegic, Losing trades are not considered in the reward calculation, The reward is active during February 20, 2023 — December 20, 2023, The reward multiplier is based on the total cumulative positive P&L made by all options traders during the period of the pool’s active phase, 0.2x P&L multiplier in the $0 — $1M total cumulative P&L range; 0.3x P&L multiplier in the $1M — $2M total cumulative P&L range; 0.5x P&L multiplier in the $2M— $3M total cumulative P&L range, The reward pool will be distributed once the final $3M total cumulative positive P&L milestone is reached or on December 20, 2023, A $1,000+ individual P&L requirement (made on any any amount of trades) has to be met in order to be eligible for the reward, If the $1,000+ P&L requirement isn’t met by some traders, their rewards will be distributed among those who will meet the requirement, The more traders coordinate and cooperate with each other, the higher the multipliers and final unlocked rewards can be for everyone, — 1/8: Reward Pool: $1,000,000 in ETH - $1,000,0...

New One-Click Option Strategies: Earn Yield in Low Volatility Markets with Long Condor, Long…

New One-Click Option Strategies: Make Profits in Low Volatility Markets with 🦅 Long Condor, 🦋 Long Butterfly, 🐻 Bear Call Spread, and 🐂 Bull Put Spread — Introduction. — In February 2022, the first Hegic One-click Option Strategies such as Straddle, Strap, and Strip were released. Later in April 2022, three more one-click option strategies were shipped: Strangle, Bull Call Spread, and Bear Put Spread. Today, the third batch of Hegic’s one-click option strategies is introduced. Say hi to 🦅 Long Condor, 🦋 Long Butterfly, 🐻 Bear Call Spread, and 🐂 Bull Put Spread. — Bullish, Bearish, High Volatility, and …?. — Something is missing here… Before today’s release, you had the opportunity to choose from bullish, bearish, and high volatility strategies. Something was missing… Exactly! Low Volatility one-click strategies with which you can earn in low vol markets and profit when the market price does not change significantly.Live now on Hegic HardCore: → Arbitrum — TL;DR New One-click Option Strategies (Low Volatility). — Make profits when market volatility is lowImmediately in-the-money (in profits) after purchasing a strategyP&L for new one-click option strategies is distributed automatically Keep in mind that with these new one-click option strategies you will have to wait until expiration to make a profit (if any). You won’t ...

The First Hegic HardCore’s Net Premiums Distribution

Hegic Hardcore, a new version of Hegic on Arbitrum L2, was released on 2/22/2022. Since then, 497 options and one-click option strategies have been acquired by 177 unique addresses with a total trading volume of over $31,000,000. You can trade $ETH ATM/OTM calls/puts and $WBTC ATM/OTM calls/puts as well as one-click option strategies such as Straddles, Strangles, Strips, Straps, Bull Call Spreads and Bear Put Spreads on Hegic HardCore.Visit — Hegic Stake & Cover Pool Mechanics Recap. — In Hegic HardCore, new liquidity aggregation and utilization model was introduced. There is no division into liquidity providers and stakers / premiums and settlement fees on Hegic HardCore. Instead of many different liquidity pools and staking contracts, there is only one Hegic Stake & Cover pool. Staked $HEGIC tokens are utilized to cover the protocol’s net losses on selling options/strategies and earn net profits on all expired options/strategies. The Hegic Stake & Cover (S&C) Pool participants receive 100% of net premiums earned on selling ATM/OTM options (both ETH and WBTC calls & puts) and options strategies (all of them) on Hegic HardCore. The net premiums earned (or losses accrued) are distributed pro-rata among all of the Hegic S&C Pool participants. The net premium is a difference between the total premiums received from all options/strategies buyers and the total profits paid...

New One-Click Option Strategies: Strangle and Spreads ( Bull Call Spread and Bear Put Spread)

Introduction. — Less than two months ago, the first one-click option strategies were released on Hegic. Instead of manually buying different options when constructing a strategy, calculating individual break-evens and P&L of your positions, you can trade structured option products on Hegic HardCore in one click. Three new strategies are available from today: Strangle and Spreads (🐂 Bull Call Spread and 🐻 Bear Put Spread). Both Strangle and Spreads are now available for trading on Hegic HardCore (Arbitrum Network). The Strangle will be your one-click option strategy of choice when you expect volatility to rise significantly and want to pay a very low price for your bet. The Spreads will help you to win on local rises or drops in volatility with a lower cost of the strategy than buying a separate at-the-money option. — Bullish, Bearish, and High Volatility Strategies. — Strategy by Sentiment All one-click option strategies are now sorted in the Hegic interfaces according to the market sentiment that suits them best. You can find them all on → Launch Hegic and Connect to Arbitrum → Buy Options → Buy Strategies 🐂 Bullish strategies are Strap and Bull Call Spread: play with them when you think prices will go up 📈 🐻 Bearish strategies are Strip and Bear Put Spread: play with them when you think prices will go down 📉 ⚡️ High volatility strategies are Straddl...

Hegic HardCore Beta Release

Introduction Today (2/22/22) Hegic reached $500,000,000+ in total cumulative options trading volume since the launch of Hegic V8888 on August 10, 2021. Two days ago the protocol celebrated its 2nd birthday as the very first version of Hegic was released on 2/20/20. There’s no better time to take the next big step in Hegic’s history than now. I’m happy to introduce Hegic HardCore, a new version of Hegic. A sort of a quantum leap for the protocol. And yes, it is live now. Hegic is an on-chain peer-to-pool options trading protocol built on Ethereum. With Hegic you can trade 24/7 American, cash-settled, on-chain ETH and WBTC call/put options with no KYC or registration required for trading. Please note that options trading on Hegic V8888, all operating liquidity pools, and $HEGIC staking contracts will continue to operate as normal. Hegic Long-Term Pools (HLTPs) participants will have the same shares on the distribution day in August 2022 as per HLTPs Year 1 parameters and terms. The hedged liquidity tranches holders are still hedged and have on-chain guarantees to withdraw the same amount of liquidity deposited into the pools. There is no need to do anything extra, withdraw funds, re-stake or migrate from V8888 to HardCore as both versions will run simultaneously and are available at HardCore: What’s New 🟢 Out-of-the-Money ETH Call & Put Options 🟢 Out-...

Hegic V8888 Quarterly Report #2

gm, Molly Wintermute here, the founder and solo core developer of Hegic. Wow! Just Wow! Hegic V8888 is live for six months in a row. What a ride! The real magic is currently happening on the traction side of the protocol. TL;DR A constant double-digit monthly growth on every single metric. Trading volume, options, users, premiums, revenues, and more. It’s my pleasure to share the key protocol metrics for the second quarter of Hegic V8888 being live with all of you. Every single metric presented below can be verified on-chain: feel free to double-check everything by yourself. Happy diving! Hegic V8888 contracts: ● ETH Calls Liquidity Pool ● ETH Puts Liquidity Pool ● WBTC Calls Liquidity Pool ● WBTC Puts Liquidity Pool ● Hegic Options Token (HOT) ● HEGIC Staking (ETH Staking Rewards) ● HEGIC Staking (WBTC Staking Rewards) ● HEGIC Staking (USDC Staking Rewards) And if you are something of a developer yourself and you‘d like to DYOR on the technical part of the protocol, here’s the V8888 open source codebase: ● For those of you who are new to the protocol: Hegic is an on-chain peer-to-pool options trading protocol built on Ethereum. With Hegic you can trade 24/7 American, cash-settled, on-chain ETH and WBTC call / put options with no KYC or registration required for trading. Hegic was founded in February, 2020 with the latest version released 6 months ago.Visit h...

Hegic V8888 Quarterly Report #1

gm, Molly Wintermute here, the founder and solo core developer of Hegic. The last three months have been a bright time for Hegic thanks to new V8888 version that I’ve released on August 10, 2021. If you want to learn more about Hegic V8888, the latest version of protocol which is live now, click here to download the Hegic V8888 announcement deck or go to and click Learn more.Hegic V8888 Announcement Deck For those of you who are new to the protocol: Hegic is an on-chain peer-to-pool options trading protocol built on Ethereum. With Hegic you can trade 24/7 American, cash-settled, on-chain ETH and WBTC call / put options with no KYC or registration required for trading. Hegic was founded in February, 2020 with the latest version released 3 months ago.Visit This quarterly report is presented to highlight the progress made by the protocol, to explain a number of unfolding bets behind the current V8888 version from a protocol founder’s / solo core developer’s perspective and to share a sneak peak of coming months. The report is divided into three parts. The first part is focused on the Hegic protocol’s traction. Because I personally believe that for an options trading protocol perfection lies in traction (wow very truth! such wise!). You will be one of the first to discover the key V8888 protocol metrics for the first quarter being live in mainnet. The second part of this re...

How To Trade Gas Fee-Free Options on Hegic V8888

TL;DR VersionGo to your WalletChoose the option: call or put, ETH or WBTC, size and periodApprove Gas Fee-Free TradingClick Confirm Now to buyA Step By Step Guide Step 1 of 15: Visit 👈 website and click Use Hegic Now or Launch Hegic. Note that Hegic isn’t collecting any users personal data. You won’t be asked to register, share your email, reveal your identity or provide your ID. Nothing at all. You’re the boss on Hegic. Step 2 of 15: Connect your wallet on your laptop, PC or smartphone. You can choose from MetaMask, WalletConnect, MyEtherWallet, Coinbase Wallet, Authereum or BurnerWallet. You can also connect your Trezor or Ledger hardware wallet to MetaMask first and then try to connect it to Hegic. Step 3 of 15: You are in the Options citadel now, fellow Hegician. And you can make your first life-changing options trade. It’s time to WAGMI, not to hfsp. But let’s stay focused. You can see that you can choose the option type: Call = Win if price goes 📈 Put = Win if price goes 📉 Step 4 of 15: You can trade: ETH Call Options 📈 WBTC Call Options 📈 ETH Put Options 📉 WBTC Put Options 📉 All options are ATM: Strike Price = Market Price Let’s try a 10 ETH call option with a 1 day period. Note that you’ll need to pay for options in USDC. The price is 619 USDC. Step 5 of 15: But wait a sec! You want buy an option and you don’t know ...

Hegic Long-Term Pools (HLTPs)

Hegic Long-Term Pools (HLTPs): Year 1 Parameters (Live Now).HLTPs as a New Liquidity Providers Incentivization Primitive With No Dependencies on the Protocol’s Native Asset Rewards DistributionAbstract The Hegic long-term pools (HLTPs) is a new incentivization primitive used for rewarding the liquidity providers long-term participation in the protocol which is based solely on the cash flows generated by the protocol. The HLTPs model is not a native asset-based incentivization mechanism. It doesn’t depend on the protocol’s ability for a continuous distribution of the rewards denominated in the protocol’s asset. This is not a new $HEGIC liquidity mining program but a brand new incentivization primitive per se. The Hegic long-term pools (HLTPs) are expected to work in such a way: I. After a fixed period of time (e.g. every 1st day of the month), the total premium rate (the amount paid to the liquidity providers by the options buyers) decreases for a fixed value (e.g. from 100% to 95% in the 1st month). II. This share (5%) of the total premium — the difference between the previous one and the new premium rate — is then redirected to the Hegic long-term pools (HLTPs) contracts that are holding these funds (the future rewards). In the example above, 5% of the premium will start to be redirected to the Hegic long-term pools starting the 1st day of the month (e.g. September, 1). If the total gross premiums gene...

Hegic Protocol Governance Soft Launch. $500 Rewards for the Most Active Hegic Users (Claim Now)

Members of the DeFi community have observed a number of experiments conducted with different governance models over the past ten months or so. The launch of Compound’s $COMP token in Summer 2020 has lead to a new wave of DeFi moonshots and token distribution experiments. Maker has been experimenting with their governance module for years with $MKR tokens. Uniswap has airdropped $UNI tokens to every user of their AMM. Hegic’s way is gradual decentralization. Hegic v888 beta was launched on October 10, 2020. Since then, the protocol was gaining traction in mainnet with more than 1,300+ unique users acquired 4,700+ options with total cumulative trading volume of $291,000,000. You can learn more from the latest quarterly report: Hegic Quarterly Report #2 With the soft launch of Hegic governance, the most active and long-term oriented users of Hegic will own the protocol in terms of their influence on its future. That’s because they have skin in the game. Those who were the most active options buyers and liquidity providers since v888 beta launch, will have the power to make Hegic Improvement Proposals (HIPs) in 2021. Thousands of people can talk about Hegic, criticize it, think that they know the ways of improving it. However, for the long-term success, there is nothing more important than active use of the protocol. I will only hear and believe those who are pressing the keys and actually using the Hegic protocol.🔔 Ann...

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