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Hakka Finance  


HAKKA Price:
$3.2 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$1.5 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #HAKKA today is $0.00299 USD.

The lowest HAKKA price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00299, and the exact current price of one HAKKA crypto coin is $0.00299167.

The all-time high HAKKA coin price was $1.14.

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The code for Hakka Finance crypto currency is #HAKKA.

Hakka Finance is 3.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Hakka Finance is $1,525,547.

Hakka Finance is ranking downwards to #1251 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is small today for #HAKKA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Hakka Finance is $3,196.


The circulating supply of HAKKA is 509,931,419 coins, which is 91% of the total coin supply.


HAKKA is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


HAKKA is available on at least one crypto currency exchange.

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Hakka Finance AMA Recap: March 2023

One of Hakka Finance’s designers, Shaw Ming, joined us for this Monthly AMA to provide insight into Web3 design. We briefly reminded everyone in the community, prior to the introduction of Shaw, of 3F Mutual’s unique way of protecting and insuring crypto assets from MakerDAO’s Emergency Shutdown. This event can happen at any time, especially if the DAI stablecoin depegs and becomes unstable, as happened last week when DAI was trading around $0.95. We also announced the launch of the Hakka Discord Giveaway, which is aimed at Level 1 and Level 2 Hakka Play-to-Earn players. In terms of Play-to-Earn, we will be launching another mission in the coming days! Monthly AMA: March 2023, with Hakka Finance Designer, Shaw Ming Host: How are you, man? Shaw: Thank you for asking! I'm doing great, and I’m excited to join this AMA session! Host: Can you tell us a bit about your design background and experience in Web3? Shaw: I have over six years of experience as a designer, with a focus on digital design. I have worked on a variety of projects, ranging from branding, marketing materials, infographics, and NFTs. I have also worked on several projects related to Web3 design, and I love implementing 3D elements into my designs. Host: How do you incorporate Hakka cultural elements into your design? Shaw: My main source of inspiration was the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the Hakka people in China. For instance, ...

3F Mutual In-depth Tutorial

How to start securing your crypto assets in the event of volatility — Buying Insurance - You can see your portfolio in the very first tab when you land on the 3F Mutual website. Your Shares: Total shares you own., Your Active Insurances: Your unexpired insurance., Last Bought: The day you bought insurance last time., Basis Price: The price of a single share, the initial value is set when 3F Mutual is deployed. Price may change depending on the amount of ETH received., — Pricing - The total price is the base price multiplied by the insurance rate. Roughly speaking, the share price increases slightly as more and more shares are purchased. You can check the “Basis price” for the price of an individual share. To buy insurance, the fee you need to pay is multiplied by a rate. Accurately, the rate is set to 100% per insured day with a 1% depreciation, and the longest period you can buy is 100 days. By the way, you can buy 0-day insurance with the base price, which gives you merely a share, with no insurance included. In other words, you can get a discount if you buy longer insurance coverage.bp stands for basis price, d is the insurance coverage length in a day “A day of insurance” starts from the current time and ends sharply at 0:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), regardless of your timezone. This means that the “time” is universal, the same for all applicants, to avoid tedious timezone conversions. ...

Wiki: 3F Mutual

The insurance protecting your crypto assets against DeFi systemic risk. — TLDR: - 3F Mutual is an insurance compensating active users with a decentralized pool of capital in the case the MakerDAO Emergency Shutdown occurs on-chain. Find other sections of the Wiki at the end of the article 👇 — Features are summarized as below:. — 3F Mutual is a rainy day fund underwriting insurance with capital collected from sunny days., The more days are covered in a single insurance purchase, the more discounted insurance fees will be., If MakerDAO shutdowns during the time covered by insurance units, insurance buyers can automatically claim compensation with their insurance units in proportion to the total number of active insurance units from other users., Once they buy insurance units, users receive the same amount of insurance units and insurance shares; units expire, but shares do NOT expire. Shares allow users to receive dividends from subsequent users buying units, and their shares are diluted contingently., Anyone can become an insurance agent of 3F Mutual to earn bonuses through the referral system, buy sharing a url to their friends and acquaintances., — What is 3F Mutual? - 3F Mutual employs a rainy-day fund-like mechanism helping you to be compensated against MakerDAO collapse risk. It is neither an option nor a short position of ETH/DAI/MKR. The rainy day fund-like design means it should rathe...

Hakka Finance — 2022 Retrospective & 2023 Roadmap

Hakka Finance — 2022 Retrospective & 2023 Roadmap - — TL;DR - Even with the tough market in 2022, Hakka Finance still managed to achieve most of the goals set in the previous roadmap., Hakka Finance’s mission is to shake up the world of finance by creating a decentralized ecosystem that gives people everywhere the power to be sovereign on their finances. By using blockchain technology, we’re building a platform that brings transparency and security to the financial world. We’re all in on decentralization and excited to make it happen., Decentralization and transparency are important, but they’re not enough to attract and retain users. To truly reach mainstream success, we need to make our platform accessible to people who are new to DeFi. And the best way to do that is by creating an enjoyable and user-friendly experience. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new Hakka Play2Earn game and granting users more rights!, Also, 2 major DeFi and GameFi projects are in the works 😉, — Previous Roadmap - Our CEO Lucien Lee said it in our previous roadmap in late 2021:“It’s impossible to predict the future, and there will be many things happening out of the scope of this roadmap. It doesn’t mean that the roadmap is worthless. Instead, it represents our vision and what’s essential for us.” 2022 was full of surprises, both good and bad. But, just like the Chinese Hakka people wh...

Hakka Intelligence: January 2023 Prediction Round

Do you think 2023 will be a good year for crypto? Will ETH finally reclaim its all-time high? Let’s see if your prediction is right, and actually get rewarded for it! Start your Q1 predictions now on Hakka Intelligence! — Here are the 5 Steps to start betting on Hakka Intelligence: - — Step 1: Get some HAKKA tokens (Polygon). — There are 2 ways to get HAKKA tokens on the Polygon network: A) Get the amount of HAKKA tokens you need on QuickSwap. See the infographic below for your reference. OR B) Bridge your existing HAKKA (Ethereum & BNB Chain) to HAKKA (Polygon) If you have HAKKA on the Ethereum Mainnet, you can move your tokens to Polygon via a bridge like Multichain., If they are on BNB Chain, moving your tokens directly to Polygon is unfortunately not possible. The only way is to move them first to Ethereum Mainnet with OmniBridge, and then use Multichain., — Step 2: Head on to the Hakka Intelligence website. — Now that the round has started, head on to Hakka Intelligence, and select the latest round by clicking, “Bet Now”. — Step 3: Place your prediction!. — For this round, you would need to predict each coin’s relative changes from today until March 31st, 2023. The coins are the following: ETH, BNB, MATIC, FTM, LINK In this example, the user is ETH to increase by 5% on March 31st, based on the current price of 1,573.15. — Step 4: Set the amount of HAKKA to...

Lunar New Year Meme Competition! — Terms&Conditions

Lunar New Year Meme Competition! — Terms&Conditions - Come and celebrate with us for Lunar New Year, the most important festival in Hakka culture!Hakka Finance, the DAO with Hakka spirit, would like to invite all our Hakka family to enjoy the Lunar New Year by participating in a special event:A Meme Competition! Come celebrate Lunar New Year with us and vote for your favorite memes! An exclusive Hakka Lunar New Year NFT on Galxe and a pool of 100,000 HAKKA tokens are awaiting for the winners! — Meme Competition Information: - — DATE:. — Start: From now End: 08:00UTC 2023/01/30 — Where to participate:. — 2 ways to join the Hakka Lunar New Year Meme Competition: Join our DISCORD and create you best memes in the memes channel., Or you can follow Hakka Finance and quote this tweet with your memes and hashtag #HakkaFinance, — Example:. — — How to Win:. — Discord: We will choose 5 participants who have the most “🧧” emojis as winners. Twitter: We will choose 5 participants who have the most likes as winners. You can choose either Discord or Twitter to participate, or even both! — Rewards:. — Each winner will get 10,000 $HAKKA as a reward!, Furthermore, every single participant (even if you didn’t win) will be able to claim a Lunar New Year Hakka OAT on Galxe!, OAT available on Galxe for every participant! — Terms and Conditions: - C...

Hakka Finance AMA Recap: January 2023

Last Monday, we held our first Monthly AMA for the year 2023 on the official Hakka Discord Server. This time was special, as we were joined by our CEO, Lucien Lee, to officially welcome the year, and for our community to get a chance to interact with him. Before we started, we announced the exciting events happening on Hakka Finance this month. New Hakka Intelligence Round, New Snapshot Voting for January 2023, Hakka Year-End Exam Closing — Winner Reveal on Jan. 18th, More Hakka Play-to-Earn Missions are to come in the next few weeks., Lastly, the most awaited Lunar Year Campaign! More details will be revealed by the end of the week., Monthly AMA: January 2023, with Hakka Finance CEO, Lucien Host: First, how are you? Lucien: Good, we keep on building and working. I’m glad to meet you guys online again! Host: Could you introduce yourself and your role in the Hakka core team? Lucien: I’m Lucien Lee, the CEO of Hakka Finance. Host: What are you currently working on? Lucien: Even though the market is struggling, we’re still here building products and growing our community. If you’ve been active in recent months, you must have known that we held a World Cup 2022 event on Hakka Intelligence last November 2022, and we launched Hakka Play-to-Earn in August of last year, to grow our community.! Now, we’re reviewing our priorities to ensure we can efficiently utilize our resources. We know that our future s...

Hakka Finance Year End Exam — Earn 100,000 HAKKA! (Terms&Conditions)

Hakka Finance Year-End Exam — Earn 100,000 HAKKA! (Terms & Conditions) - — What a year!. — The bear market, the stablecoin depegs, the centralized exchanges collapsing, the countless degens getting rekt… …and yet, the Hakka Finance core team and community remain resilient and keep on building! Let’s end that year on a blast and reward the most engaged members of the Hakka community! Ready to take up the challenge? Hakka Finance is officially organizing a Year-End Exam to test how much you have learned about the Hakka ecosystem and DeFi! The user with the highest exam score will be entitled to earn 100,000 HAKKA! 💰 And all exam participants will get the right to collect a Graduation NFT on Galxe (up to 24 hours after submission)! — How to participate in 2 Easy Steps: - Complete the Hakka Year-End Exam on Google Forms and submit your wallet address at the end part., 2. Feel free to collect your NFT for participating in the quiz (optional). Wait until the end of the exam period, January 10th, 2023. If your score is the highest: the 100,000 HAKKA are yours!* — Terms & Conditions: - The campaign period will run from December 26th, 2022, until January 10th, 2023 (23:59 UTC)., The airdrop of token rewards will be on or before January 31st of 2023., We will not accept any requests for changes after submission., 1 user <=> 1 email address <=> 1 wallet address., Use...

Hakka Intelligence Integrates Chainlink Automation to Power its World Cup Betting System

Hakka Intelligence Integrates Chainlink Automation To Support Its World Cup Prediction Game - We are excited to announce that Hakka Intelligence — the prediction platform developed by Hakka Finance — has integrated Chainlink Automation on the Polygon network 🟣. We are leveraging Chainlink Automation to help securely and cost-efficiently trigger user prediction score calculation. As a result, users will not need to return to the platform to calculate their prediction score, resulting in a better user experience. We decided to use Chainlink Automation to power Hakka Intelligence’s score calculation function during its World Cup special prediction round because it is the most reliable Web3 automation service. The Chainlink Automation Network is operated by the same pool of time-tested, provably reliable node operators that currently help secure tens of billions of dollars in DeFi, even during record levels of network congestion and extreme volatility. The proven infrastructure of Chainlink helps ensure that every time a user calculates how accurate his predictions are, the score calculating function is executed on time in a trust-minimized manner, giving users additional guarantees that it will function exactly as intended. Hakka Intelligence’s World Cup prediction platform. Hakka Intelligence is a prediction platform typically used to let users guess the price of crypto tokens after a certain period of time an...

透過 Hakka Intelligence 來參與世界盃預測活動! — 簡易教學手冊

透過 Hakka Intelligence 來參與世界盃預測活動! — 簡易教學手冊 - 詳細版本請閱下方截圖 — TL;DR - Hakka Intelligence 是由 Hakka Finance 打造於區塊鏈上的真實事件預測平台 (就如同預測加密貨幣在未來特定時間內走勢一般)。, 用戶須將 HAKKA代幣當作賭注放進一個池子中,而池子裡的 HAKKA代幣將根據用戶的預測相​​對準確性重新分配回用戶。換句話說,獎勵不僅取決於用戶的準確性,還取決於他與其他用戶相比的相對準確性。, Hakka Finance DAO為了最大化用戶收益並維持正和博弈環境,除了用戶已經下注的代幣之外,還將額外提供 200,000 HAKKA的紅利獎勵!, 在這次活動中,Hakka 用戶將須預測世界杯淘汰賽階段的結果,從四分之一決賽(8 支球隊)開始:用戶將須透過分數預測哪些球隊將輸掉四分之一決賽(4 支球隊每隊 1 分),哪些球隊將止步於半決賽(2 隊每隊 2 分),哪支球隊將成為亞軍 (1 隊 4 分),哪支球隊將成為世界杯冠軍( 1 隊 8 分),共計20 分。, 下注回合將僅在 Polygon Network 上進行。, 下注時間: 12 月 7 日 8am UTC(16 強賽結束)至 12 月 9 日 3pm UTC(四分之一決賽開始), 獎勵發放日期: 12月 19日(比賽結束), — 須遵循的步驟 : - 在投注輪開始之前:需先準備好您欲在 ...

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