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GXC Price:
$3.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$36.7 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #GXC today is $0.49 USD.

The lowest GXC price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.489, and the exact current price of one GXC crypto coin is $0.48931.

The all-time high GXC coin price was $187.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of GXC with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for GXChain crypto currency is #GXC.

GXChain is 5.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for GXChain is $36,698,312.

GXChain is ranking downwards to #1087 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a small daily trading volume on #GXC.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for GXChain is $3,762.


The circulating supply of GXC is 75,000,000 coins, which is 75% of the maximum coin supply.


GXC has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.



OneKey Now Supports REI Network, New Official Ambassador Joined the Team

Progress Report September 27-Oct 4 — Key points: - OneKey, the truly open-source crypto wallet to access all of Web3 now supports REI Network., REI Network is pleased to announce Erdem as an Official Ambassador., — A. Product Development Progress - REI-Network: - Blocking delay optimization @in progress - EVM virtual machine transaction execution performance optimization @in progress - Node Little Black Room Mechanism @in progress REI-DAO: - Added node rewards calculator on the official website @100% - Added Ecosystem entry to the official website @100% - Added item category to Ecosystem module @100% GXC-Convert: - Exchanges processed: 735 transactions - Total: 68,316,505.88641 (91.09% of circulation) — B. Operational Progress - REI Network is pleased to announce Erdem as an Official Ambassador. Erdem not only is a Crypto Enthusiast and but will be the host of online & offline meetups and activities for REI. Welcome to REI Network family!, REI Network X OneKey Giveaway. 50x Partnership Badges NFT for the lucky draw. To Enter: Follow, RT & tag 3 Friends. Complete Quest3. Task: Ends 5th Oct., — C. Ecosystem - OneKey now supported REI Network and is now available on App Store, Google Play, and Chrome with OneKey hardware wallet support. The fully & truly open-sourced OneKey is the smartest way to secure, buy, exchange, and grow your crypto assets. INFO:,...

REI Network Validators Are Securely up & Running, Partnership with Mail3

Progress Report August 30-September 6 Key points:, REI Network Validators are securely up & running, REI Network has formed a partnership with Mail3, — A. Product Development Progress - REI-Network: - Release v1.0.3 @100% - debug_TraceTransaction performance improvement @100% - Added admin api @100% - Added IPC interface @100% - Little Dark Room Mechanism @in progress - EVM performance improvement @in progress REI-DAO: - Fixed Dashboards map info description being too long @100% - My Account has been upgraded to support the display of holding assets Portfolios and NFTs, and supports the display of REI and cross-chain assets @100% GXC-Convert: - Exchanges processed: 713 transactions - Total: 68,309,119.42600 (91.08% of circulation) — B. Operational Progress - CryptoDiffer Validator Node went live on REI Network. As one of the nodes in the REI Network, CryptoDiffer is offering regular support to the community by creating educational content about staking and working as an advisor to the REI Network. Details:, Launch was smooth, REI Network Validators are securely up & running. The foundation has distributed votes support for the Early 21 Nodes! Welcome all the nodes on REI Network! Vote & share rewards:, How do Super Nodes ensure network security? What are the opportunities for the community you wonder? Read the article to find the answer!, — C...

Validators: Playing a Significant Role in REI Network’s Decentralization

On August 15, 2022, there are more than 21 validators on REI Network, and REI DAO Proposal #3: “REI Network Foundation-supported Staking for Encouraging Validators” was passed with almost 100% community support. It is clear that REI Network will complete the network switch at the end of August. At that time, modules such as Blocking by Super Nodes, Distribution of Node Rewards, and FreeStake will be launched. The validator is an important part of decentralized development on REI Network. What is the difference between validators on REI Network and that on other blockchains? How to make the network more secure and decentralized? What are the opportunities for the community? — Super Nodes on REI Network - To ensure the decentralization and security of REI Network, in the network state design, it is necessary to ensure that there are at least 21 official nodes in the ecosystem to support network operation, storage, and calculation, and there must be an unlimited number of candidate nodes when official nodes dropped connections and maintain the healthy node competition. When the number of staked votes in the network does not reach 100 million votes (one $REI, one vote), the REI Network will pre-produce blocks by the nodes set up by the foundation to ensure the basic operation of the network. When the number of staked votes in the network reaches 100 million votes, the network will automatically switch, and the community...

REI Network Was Added to Dtools, Details About How Foundation Will Encourage Node Staking

Progress Report August 16-August 23 — Key points: - REI Network has been added to Dtools., Join BigONE $REI Flexible Earning to enjoy 42% APR, Details about how REI Network Foundation will encourage the staking of Super Nodes in steps, — A. Product Development Progress - REI-Network: - Added IPC module and introduced REPL to realize interactive node management command line @testing - debug_TraceTransaction performance improvement @in progress - EVM performance improvement @in progress REI-DAO: - Added Voting Progress in the Voting module @100% - Validator information loading in Voting module in optimized @100% - New design of Account module @internal discussion completed GXC-Convert: - Exchanges processed: 695 transactions - Total: 68,290,775.31269 (91.05% of circulation) — B. Operational Progress - REI Network x BNS giveaway has ended. Get 50 WLs of the domain name service for BNB Chain from Bns.bsc. The rewards will be distributed soon., We are happy to announce REI Network has been added to Dtools. As the next generation of Web3 tool, Dtools will provide a unique plugin with many functionalities based on decentralized technology., DeFinder & REI Network OAT Campaign concluded. Congrats to these 25 winners: How to get promo code & $REI 1) Enter discord 2) DM underdog with your Twitter id or email or address. Claim before August 26, overdue as a waiver., To all ...

Strategic Partnership with Gametaverse, 4everland x REI Network NFT GleamGiveaway Has Started

Progress Report August 2-August 9 — Key points: - REI Network has formed a partnership with Gametaverse, 4everland x REI Network NFT GleamGiveaway has started, — A. Product Development Progress - REI-Network: - Network module optimization: implement mocklibp2p, add mock node connection test case @100% - Added IPC module, introduced REPL to realize interactive node management command line @in progress - Introduced RocksDB performance optimization @in progress REI-DAO: - Added Validator Details, 1st version released @100% - Optimized Overview UI @in progress GXC-Convert: - Exchanges processed: 685 transactions - Total: 67,627,700.03269 (90.17% of circulation) — B. Operational Progress - We are happy to announce REINetwork’s partnership with CryptoPirates! The integration will provide you direct access to its adventurous space where you can explore, connect and earn massive revenue through its exclusive NFTs. Details:, Gametaverse and REI Network have formed a strategic partnership. In celebration of the partnership, 5 x 1000 $REI tokens (Worth $42) are up for grabs. The rewards will be distributed this week., REI Network X .bit Partnership Giveaway. Happy .bit 1st anniversary. End on August 11th. Rewards: 10,000 partnership OAT. Complete tasks: Claim #OAT:, 4everland x REI Network NFT GleamGiveaway! In celebration of our partnership. Exclusive #NFTs & 5,000 $REI ...

Recap|REI Network AMA with SuperNodes

On July 5, 4everland, DeFinder, REI Fans were invited to the AMA about Web3 in the REI Network international community. They explained how they will build web3 with REI Network. So many interesting questions from the community about Web3’s vision and the future of REI Network. Thank you so much for supporting our AMA. Now let us enjoy the recap! Q: Firstly, can you introduce yourself and your project? 4everland: Hello everyone, I’m Sky, the Global Operations Manager at 4EVERLAND. I’m so happy and honored to join today’s AMA, and I hope all of you have a good time here. In a few words, 4EVERLAND is a Web 3.0 cloud computing platform that integrates storage, computing, and network core capabilities. It aims to help the user to make a smooth leap from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and become the infrastructure for millions of Web 3.0 developers and applications. Visit our website for more information: DeFinder: Hi, I am Dora. Happy here to share something about DeFinder Super Note. Hope you can vote for us. Welcome any questions.DeFinder is a blockchain data analysis platform that helps investors make effective investment decisions. DeFinder digs and tracks Smart Money for users through atomic-level analysis of on-chain data, allowing users to obtain dynamic on-chain data for the first time, thereby discovering new investment opportunities.web: REI Fans: Hello everyone, I am ...

Recap|REI Network AMA with FilDA

On June 15, Shijun Song, the Founder& Development Lead of FilDA, was invited to the AMA about FilDA, in the REI Network international community. Shijun Song explained what makes FilDA special in the decentralized lending protocol and how FilDA’s partnership with REI Network will benefit both parties, and so on. So many interesting questions from the community about FilDA’s vision and the future of the project. Thank you so much for supporting our AMA. Now let us enjoy the recap! Q1:First, would you mind sharing with us a general introduction to FilDA? A1:FilDA is a Web3.0 asset bank, which was launched on January 5, 2021. In a little over a year, FilDA has created nearly 20 million USD of interest income for deposit users, and the peak value of total deposits and loans exceeded 2.1 billion US dollars. FilDA is a very simple way that allows everyone to participate in the DeFi protocol that promotes ecological prosperity and shares the fruits of ecological development by simply depositing and borrowing. Q2:Could you share with us your products and features? What makes FilDA different from other lending protocols? A2:With such a pleasing start on REI our next target is working to empower tokens on-chain and help users capture more value. This is the core purpose of FilDA, and it is also the part that we will focus on improving in 2.0. Specifically, in 2.0 we have made the following improvements: 1. In FilDA 2....

REI Network Improves Cross-chain User Experience by Co-Mint with Multichain&CelerNetwork

REI Network is expanding its on-chain ecosystem cooperation after its rebrand from GXChain. Cooperation with the cross-chain bridges is an important part of ecosystem growth for REI Network, as the bridge is key to the information exchange and asset value conversion between REI Network and other blockchains. At present, REI Network has partnered with the leading bridges Multichain (formerly Anyswap) and cBridge. Moreover, REI Network has announced that its partnership with Multichain (formerly Anyswap) to create Co-Mint to improve the cross-chain experience to solve the problems of different assets minted by multiple Bridges and liquidity fragmentation. What is Co-Mint? How will Co-Mint benefit REI Network ecosystem?The defects in the locked minting model of the cross-chain bridges The locked minting model is currently the most basic model for cross-chain the asset. The cross-chain bridge locks the asset in the original blockchain through the smart contract, issues the “Redeemable Token” (cross-chain) of the original chain asset in the transferred blockchain, and then completes the cross-chain transfer of asset value. All cross-chain (cross-book) assets that currently exist are essentially “Redeemable Token” of the original assets issued by different cross-chain intermediaries. In the process of cross-chain, the user only needs to store the original asset on one side and directly take out the cross-chain asset of the ...

Co-Mint Contract Has Been Deployed, New Official Website is Now Live

Progress Report March 30-April 5Key points:The brand new official website is now liveCo-Mint contract has been deployedA. Product Development Progress REI Network - The getStorageAt method is optimized to support address prefix 0 completion @100% - Engineering code refactoring, streamlining code @100% - Added replayTrace method to support parsing internalTransaction @100% - Add test case @100% - Restore account tree logic based on snapshot @50% - Snapshot merge logic @70% GXC-Convert - Swap processed: 265 transactions - Total: 41,884,549.57540 GXC (55.85%) REI official website - — new version is live Gnosis-Safe - Basic service construction of Multisig wallet @in progress Co-mint contract - - Contract deployment @100% - Docking between cbridge and multichain, permission addition, quota authorization @100% - Token docs have been updated Operational ProgressLunaray security team completed the security audit service for the BridgedERC20 contract of the REI Network project. A total of more than 21 security audit points were carried out this time, and finally, the BridgedERC20 contract complies with various security audit standards for Lunaray smart contracts.REI Network is excited to partner with GamyFi on aspects of fantasy sports & NFT Marketplace. This partnership will enable REI Network ecosyste...

REI Network X GamyFi Ecosystem Partnership

REI Network is excited to partner with GamyFi on aspects of fantasy sports & NFT Marketplace. This partnership will enable REI Network ecosystem partners to be able to tap into GamyFi’s NFT Marketplace & Fantasy sports platform for their requirements. GamyFi is a Blockchain-based E-Sports and gaming platform which incentivizes gamers and sports enthusiasts for their skills and knowledge with exciting rewards and NFTs and multi-chain scalability system. GamyFi is going to launch on multiple blockchains. As part of the partnership, GamyFi is going to build on REI Network. REI Network is compatible with EVM, supporting the ease of integration of GamyFi users on Ethereum, and will provide infrastructure support to GamyFi platform.About GamyFi Platform GamyFi Platform is a blockchain gaming and fantasy sports platform providing cross chain solutions in gaming and NFT fields. GamyFi’s service includes A decentralized NFT Marketplace and a Fantasy Sports application.About REI Network REI Network is now an efficient and secure public chain compatible with EVM. REI Network is based on the lightweight code construction of open-source projects such as LibP2P, EVM, Express, and GRPC, which provide developers with a more relaxed development environment. The innovative free economic model can effectively reduce the on-chain transaction cost of users. REI Network improves on-chain interoperability through high-quality bridges. ...

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