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GXC Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$31.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #GXC today is $0.42 USD.

The lowest GXC price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.416, and the exact current price of one GXC crypto coin is $0.41632.

The all-time high GXC coin price was $187.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of GXC with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for GXChain crypto currency is #GXC.

GXChain is 6.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for GXChain is $31,224,093.

GXChain is ranking downwards to #1229, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is weak during the past 24 hours for #GXC.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for GXChain is $524.


The circulating supply of GXC is 75,000,000 coins, which is 75% of the maximum coin supply.


GXC has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.



REI Network x Forward Protocol Integration— Facilitating No-code dApp Builder

We are delighted to update our community about our partnership with Forward Protocol to connect the REI network with a Value-Driven Economy. REI Network continues to advance in its commitment to making decentralized systems more accessible through customizable and non-technical solutions. We are delighted to announce the details of our latest stride toward our ultimate goal to promote and reward blockchain adoption. — Partnership Details - REI Network does not compete with anybody, we collaborate to make blockchain adoption seamless and straightforward. Through our partnership with Forward Protocol, we aim to allow users to access the drag-and-drop interface of Forward’s no-code dApp builder to deploy full-stack, customizable applications on REI Network even without any technical knowledge. By working together, we are providing developers with the opportunity to monetize their contributions to the smart contract library by producing and submitting dApp templates to the marketplace. Visit to sign up and deploy your smart contract templates on REI Network. The integration between Forward and REI Network represents a revolutionary step towards making blockchain technology more accessible to the masses, particularly those with limited technical knowledge. The Forward platform, which is designed to work similarly to WordPress, offers users an easy-to-use environment that enables them to deploy their dece...

BLS Digital Signature Reduces Validator Storage Space on REI Network

The BLS digital signature is an algorithm that can realize signature aggregation and key aggregation (multiple keys can be aggregated into one key, and multiple signatures can be aggregated into one signature). ETH 2.0 can now use BLS signatures, and REI Network is also developing the BLS signature algorithm, which will be updated to the network in the next hard fork. This article introduces the functions and advantages of the BLS signature algorithm, and what improvements will it bring to REI Network deeply. — Purpose of BLS signature algorithm - The most frequent adoption of BLS is m-n multiple transactions in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. A user can ask his wallet for m-of-n addresses and get a single address and a shared list of keys. Afterward, it distributes the “key share” to different places (computers or hardware wallets). Wallets don’t store these “key shares”, otherwise all of them would be meaningless. The generated address is internally just the public key of the original key (and is no longer known). Furthermore, the address is indistinguishable from a normal 1–1BLS address, which means that it is impossible for anyone to know that this is actually an m-n multisig, nor how many keys are involved or how many shares are required to recover the keys. In this way, no special handling is required for m-n multi-transactions, because internally, verifying a simple signed transaction requires exa...

How the Customized Slash Mechanism Improves the Security of REI Network

The Slash mechanism provides a method for the PoS public chain to impose economic penalties on validators that violate the block-producing rules. The result of the punishment is to take away part or all of the staked rights of the validator to maintain the safe and stable operation of the entire network. — The Origin of Slashing - The slash mechanism has a long history. As early as 2014, Vitalik, the founder of Ethereum, discussed the benefits of the slash mechanism in the article “Slasher: A Punitive Proof-of-Stake Algorithm”, saying that “the Slash mechanism can ensure that every each validator only signs one block on each block number.” After the launch of Ethereum 2.0, the slash mechanism was launched at the same time. When the validator violates rules in the Ethereum, slashing will occur. When the behavior of the validator may confuse or destroy the integrity of the system, part of the existing staked amount of the validator will be “confiscated” until the validator is forcibly expelled from the validator ranks and marked as “SLASHED”, client misconfigurations can also result in slashing. The Cosmos ecosystem built the first efficient implementation of slashing into its BFT consensus protocol, which enforces slashing when validators do not participate in proposing blocks or double-sign ambiguous blocks. REI Network has also introduced the Slash mechanism since its upgrade and iteration in the year ...

REI DAO Proposal #6 was Passed, Partnership with Future space, XPLUS, and Payrave

Progress Report Jan 17-Jan 24 — Key points: - REI DAO Proposal #6 #REI DAO HardFork: Slash Mechanism Optimization was passed, Strategic partnership with Future space, XPLUS, and Payrave, Connect 2023 — — REINetwork Raffle Tickets Airdrop is ongoing, — A. Product Development Progress - REI-CORE - BLS signature module introduced @testing - The next round of hard fork upgrade content discussion and code preparation @in progress REI-DAO - Optimized the loading effect, and added a loading skeleton to the list page — B. Operational Progress - REI DAO Proposal #6: “REI DAO HardFork: Slash Mechanism Optimization” has successfully passed! In total 30M $REI was voted to support the proposal. Thanks for the support from the community., Massive GleamGiveaway!! Connect 2023 — — REINetwork Raffle Tickets Airdrop. 10,000 $REI Prize pool Click the link to submit your entries NOW! Ending Jan 31. This is an opportunity not to be missed., — C. Ecosystem - Thrilled to announce REINetwork’s partnership with Future space! Future space is a Web3 credential data network. Based on an open and collaborative infrastructure, project space can help Web3 developers and projects build better products and communities. Buidl together!, Let’s meet our partner XPLUS. XPLUS is building the first SocialFi gateway, which empowers users to earn by monetizing social activities and building communi...

Better PoS Hardfork Completed, Partnership with Coinstages

Progress Report Dec 27-Jan 3 Key points: Better PoS Hardfork has completed at block height 9629061, REI Network and Coinstages have formed a media partnership, — A. Product Development Progress - REI-CORE - EVM C++ Binding version supports snapshot synchronization @in progress - System contract call performance optimization @in progress - Cooperate with Better PoS hard fork & upgrade @100% REI-DAO - Added Slash History module @100% - UI adjustment after Hardfork @100% - Subgraph compatible after Hardfork @100% — B. Operational Progress - Better PoS Hardfork has completed at block height 9629061! REINetwork is more efficient with new features: Jail Mechanism, 5 × EVM execution efficiency, 7%(70M) Network Protection Mode Threshold, and Support for snapshot synchronization. Details:, OpenGate x REI Network Giveaway. Opengate is one Web3 company focused on NFT development, and $OGT is the platform token. Prize — 50$ Worth of OGT Tokens for 5 Winners. To enter: Follow @OpenGateNFT and @GXChainGlobal, RT+Like+Tag 3 friends, Join, — C. Ecosystem - REI Network and Coinstages have formed a media partnership. As a crypto organization that provides infographics on Crypto projects according to trusted market data, Coinstages will support REI Network in terms of marketing and connections to achieve success!, — Join the REI Network Community - REI Network is an EVM-com...

AMA Recap|The Hard Fork of REI Network — Better PoS

AMA Recap|The Hard Fork of REI Network — Better PoS - On Dec 1, Dani, the COO of REINetwork, was invited to the AMA in the REI Network international community. Dani shared the details of the latest major upgrade — “Better POS” hard fork, how Jail Mechanism works and how it improves PoS experience, and so on. So many interesting questions from the community about REI Network’s vision. Thank you so much for supporting our AMA. Now let us enjoy the recap! Q1: Today we are super excited to host an AMA with Dani BIANS! Let’s warmly welcome our guest today. Please introduce yourself and this hard fork of REI Network A1: Hey guys!! , I’m Dani BIANS, The COO of REI Network. I haven’t seen you for a while, during the hard fork upgrade period, I would like to chat with you all about the development and future of REI! For me, it’s a pleasure to meet you all here. Hope we will have a great time together in the ama. It has to be said that the current market is in a relatively difficult period. The FTX event had a great impact on the market some time ago, but we realize that the development of REI Network cannot be stopped, so during this period we not only The active expansion of partners but also ushered in the most important upgrade, the Better PoS hard fork upgrade!! I have to say that our team is still working very hard to develop the market and improve the performance of REI, so today’s AMA is bound...

REI DAO Explained|The Significance of Decentralized Governance

REI DAO is a decentralized governance community whose goal is to support the network development of REI Network and help its governance model be more decentralized, open, and transparent. Every $REI holder has both the right to govern the REI Network and the responsibility to maintain the smooth operation of the chain. The ideal DAO is systematic and complex, and it is difficult to realize it in one step, but for the long-term development of the project, it is very important to realize the DAO. Since December 2021, after REI Network completed the rebranding, it has focused on technology development and ecosystem expansion, effectively improving the speed of on-chain transactions, realizing the FreStake module, truly realizing free transactions, and being compatible with Ethereum. As a virtual machine, any DeFi, GameFi, and NFT projects on the EVM chain can be easily migrated to REI Network, and ordinary users can also easily issue NFT assets on REI Network. REI Network has also actively expanded its ecosystem partners and has reached strategic partnerships with hundreds of high-quality Web3 projects. Deeply focusing on technology and doing things in a down-to-earth manner will definitely get due rewards. In the past year, the community of REI Network has also expanded with the increase of ecosystem partners, and the user growth has exceeded 200%. The community is the cornerstone of the development of REI Network. Only when mo...

OneKey Now Supports REI Network, New Official Ambassador Joined the Team

Progress Report September 27-Oct 4 — Key points: - OneKey, the truly open-source crypto wallet to access all of Web3 now supports REI Network., REI Network is pleased to announce Erdem as an Official Ambassador., — A. Product Development Progress - REI-Network: - Blocking delay optimization @in progress - EVM virtual machine transaction execution performance optimization @in progress - Node Little Black Room Mechanism @in progress REI-DAO: - Added node rewards calculator on the official website @100% - Added Ecosystem entry to the official website @100% - Added item category to Ecosystem module @100% GXC-Convert: - Exchanges processed: 735 transactions - Total: 68,316,505.88641 (91.09% of circulation) — B. Operational Progress - REI Network is pleased to announce Erdem as an Official Ambassador. Erdem not only is a Crypto Enthusiast and but will be the host of online & offline meetups and activities for REI. Welcome to REI Network family!, REI Network X OneKey Giveaway. 50x Partnership Badges NFT for the lucky draw. To Enter: Follow, RT & tag 3 Friends. Complete Quest3. Task: Ends 5th Oct., — C. Ecosystem - OneKey now supported REI Network and is now available on App Store, Google Play, and Chrome with OneKey hardware wallet support. The fully & truly open-sourced OneKey is the smartest way to secure, buy, exchange, and grow your crypto assets. INFO:,...

REI Network Validators Are Securely up & Running, Partnership with Mail3

Progress Report August 30-September 6 Key points:, REI Network Validators are securely up & running, REI Network has formed a partnership with Mail3, — A. Product Development Progress - REI-Network: - Release v1.0.3 @100% - debug_TraceTransaction performance improvement @100% - Added admin api @100% - Added IPC interface @100% - Little Dark Room Mechanism @in progress - EVM performance improvement @in progress REI-DAO: - Fixed Dashboards map info description being too long @100% - My Account has been upgraded to support the display of holding assets Portfolios and NFTs, and supports the display of REI and cross-chain assets @100% GXC-Convert: - Exchanges processed: 713 transactions - Total: 68,309,119.42600 (91.08% of circulation) — B. Operational Progress - CryptoDiffer Validator Node went live on REI Network. As one of the nodes in the REI Network, CryptoDiffer is offering regular support to the community by creating educational content about staking and working as an advisor to the REI Network. Details:, Launch was smooth, REI Network Validators are securely up & running. The foundation has distributed votes support for the Early 21 Nodes! Welcome all the nodes on REI Network! Vote & share rewards:, How do Super Nodes ensure network security? What are the opportunities for the community you wonder? Read the article to find the answer!, — C...

Validators: Playing a Significant Role in REI Network’s Decentralization

On August 15, 2022, there are more than 21 validators on REI Network, and REI DAO Proposal #3: “REI Network Foundation-supported Staking for Encouraging Validators” was passed with almost 100% community support. It is clear that REI Network will complete the network switch at the end of August. At that time, modules such as Blocking by Super Nodes, Distribution of Node Rewards, and FreeStake will be launched. The validator is an important part of decentralized development on REI Network. What is the difference between validators on REI Network and that on other blockchains? How to make the network more secure and decentralized? What are the opportunities for the community? — Super Nodes on REI Network - To ensure the decentralization and security of REI Network, in the network state design, it is necessary to ensure that there are at least 21 official nodes in the ecosystem to support network operation, storage, and calculation, and there must be an unlimited number of candidate nodes when official nodes dropped connections and maintain the healthy node competition. When the number of staked votes in the network does not reach 100 million votes (one $REI, one vote), the REI Network will pre-produce blocks by the nodes set up by the foundation to ensure the basic operation of the network. When the number of staked votes in the network reaches 100 million votes, the network will automatically switch, and the community...

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