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Gatechain Token  


GT Price:
$1.3 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.6 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #GT today is $4.56 USD.

The lowest GT price for this period was $0, the highest was $4.56, and the exact current price of one GT crypto coin is $4.56051.

The all-time high GT coin price was $13.14.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of GT with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for Gatechain Token is #GT.

Gatechain Token is 3.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Gatechain Token is $621,289,207.

Gatechain Token is ranked #91, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big volume of trading today on #GT.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Gatechain Token is $1,273,349.


The circulating supply of GT is 136,232,297 coins, which is 45% of the total coin supply.


GT is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


GT is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

View #GT trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #GT purchase.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #GT, and you can view them on our GT disambiguation page.



How to Install Metamask & Connect with GateChain

Introduction to MetaMask - MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency wallet for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain, focusing on Ethereum-based tools and infrastructures. It allows users to access its Ethereum wallet through a browser extension or mobile app to interact with decentralized applications. — 1. Installation - Example: Install MetaMask in the Chrome browser Search in Chrome browsing: Click to Install, Note: Make sure to select the version provided by, 2. Click “Add to Chrome’’. After the installation is successful, you can go and create an account! — 2. Create an account - 1. You can choose to ‘import a wallet’ or ‘create a wallet’. Here we choose to “Create a Wallet”. 2. Create a password and backup account mnemonic phrases 3. After completing the mnemonic phrases verification, the account is successfully created. Then you can go to connect to the GateChain network! — 3.Configure the GateChain network - Click MetaMask — Settings — Network — Add Network to configure the GateChain network service, When Hipo browser switches chains, you can add chains to your wallet, Customizable addition of networks, Network name: GateChain (customizable), RPC URL1:, RPC URL2:, Chain ID: 86, Symbol: GT, Block explorer:, — 4. Transfer your GT to another MetaMask account - Select the account you wa...

GateChain Popular Science-How to Participate in GateChain Consensus

In order to bring more flexible profit space to the nodes on GateChain, we now support the modification of the maximum commission parameter value of the consensus account. On-chain consensus accounts are now free to modify their maximum commission rate (the default value was 1%). Being a GateChain node allows you to participate in GateChain consensus mining. Freely set your maximum commission value, and obtain stable mining income. This article will give you a detailed introduction of how to participate in the GateChain consensus, including: Node consensus account installation steps, Normal account delegation steps, Explanation of the distribution of proceeds for consensus accounts and delegated accounts, There are four types of GateChain accounts: ordinary accounts, consensus accounts, insurance accounts, and EVM accounts. Satisfying the fast and efficient needs of daily payments, the safe and reliable needs of fund storage, and requirements that Etheruem’s native accounts using GateChain’s EVM. GateChain’s full nodes are key to keeping the network running. A full node has all of GateChain’s features, including building a local testnet, and joining a public testnet or mainnet. It also supports downloading on-chain block data, validating and executing business logic, observing consensus information, and more! By building a full node to participate in the consensus, you can earn delegation commission on top of your mi...

HipoPerp Popular Science: What is A Perprtual Contract?

Perpetual contract - Perpetual contract is a novel and popular financial derivative in the crypto industry. There is an expiration date for General futures contracts and will be a physical spot delivery, but cryptocurrency perpetual contracts are actually futures contracts without expiration dates using some mechanism to make the price close to the spot price and help buyers and sellers to automatically deliver and exchange positions at regular intervals. It is similar to Contracts for Difference (CFDs) in the traditional financial world. Although there are slight differences in the calculation of the interest rate mechanism, they can still be regarded as the same type of derivatives. It is allowed to magnify positions by using leverage in perpetual contracts trading, but the high leverage of the crypto industry is also accompanied by high risks, please do use it with caution! Investors who have been exposed to the derivatives market must have another question, how to maintain the price of the underlying asset for perpetual contracts without expiry dates? The answer is Funding Rate. — What is the funding rate? - The funding rate is made up of two structural indicators — an interest rate and a premium (discount) index. Interest rate: The contract derivatives on each perpetual contract platform consist of two parts: the base currency (cryptocurrency) and the quote currency (USD, USDT). The interest rate here refe...

GateChain Monthly Report — 2022.October

GateChain Monthly Report — 2022.October - Source: GateChain — 1.Technology & Product Update - — 2.Ecological Construction - — 2.1 HipoPerp testnet is now online! - GateChain’s decentralized perpetual trading product HipoPerp will be launching soon! HipoPerp is a decentralized contract trading platform based on GateChain that allows users to leverage trade. With Zk-rollup technology, HipoPerp will provide users with a wonderful decentralized trading experience. The testnet of HipoPerp is now online. You can apply for GasToken GT and test token USDC for free to participate in the HipoPerp testing. Participate in HipoPerp‘s test by referring to this article: “HipoPerp Test Token USDC Application Guide”.Source: GateChain — 2.2 Ecosystem Update in October - — 2.2.1 GateChain X Egghead have reached a strategic cooperation!. — We are happy to announce that Eggheads is now one of GateChain‘s ecosystem projects and will bring wonderful surprises for community members. Eggheads is a learn to earn platform where you can play minigames and participate in quizzes to learn about GateChain, EVM and much more. Discover more about egghead. — 2.2.2 GateChain&LasMeta have reached a strategic cooperation!. — LasMeta is a play-to-earn VR poker gaming platform built on GateChain and powered by Unreal Engine 5. They allow users to participate in the games for free and als...

HipoPerp Test Token USDC Application Guide

1.Enter . You can also enter from the GateChain official website. - — 2. Connect your wallet. - — 3.Enter HipoPerp and switch the network to the GateChain testnet Meteora. - — 4.In order to initiate deposit and withdrawal transactions on Meteora, please firstly apply for GT as GasToken. You need to enter the on-chain wallet address in the GateScan test GT application box. - — 5.Apply for test tokens USDC, confirm the transaction. - — 6.Check the test GasToken GT and test token USDC in your wallet. - — 7.Enter the Testnet. Connect your wallet to HipoPerp. - — 8.Now you can start testing HipoPerp on Meteora. - — About GateChain - GateChain is a next-generation public blockchain, focused on on-chain asset safety and decentralized trading. With a uniquely designed Vault Account, primed for handling abnormal transactions, GateChain presents an extraordinary clearing mechanism, tackling the challenges of asset theft and private key loss. decentralized trading and cross-chain transfers will also be supported, alongside other core features. Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Mediu

GateChain&MetaMirror AMA Recap

Source: MetaMirror GateChain and MetaMirror held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) in the GateChain’ Official Telegram group at Oct 11th 12pm UTC. Here is the recap for you. GateChain Community Manager: Today, we invite @tracymeet to join our AMA. She’s the marketing & community manager of MetaMirror. We are excited to have her join us today for a discussion on blockchain identity. At the end of the AMA, she will be answering 5 questions from our community. If your question gets selected, you will receive a 10 $USDT reward. So definitely listen carefully AND be prepared to roll those questions in! Another good news: Beyond this giveaway, Tracy has brought us another 1000 $USDT giveaway, shared among 100 winners.In today’s AMA, you will learn more about MBuddy Campaign, with a Soulbound Token as award. Sometime during the AMA, Tracy will drop the entry link for this giveaway. So watch out everyone and don’t miss it! Without further ado, let’s start today’s AMA 🚀🚀 @tracymeet Could you introduce yourself briefly? MetaMirror: Hi everyone, this is Tracy. I’m the marketing & community manager at MetaMirror. And I have over 5 years of experience in Blockchain. I joined Auth3 Network last spring and now I am focusing on MetaMirror development. It’s my pleasure to join Gate Chain AMA and chat with everyone! Today, I’m bringing a small gift for everyone, which is an SBT identity badge for joining today’s AM...

GateChain&Bitkeep Marathon Month Rewards Distribution

Source: GateChain Greetings GateChain Community members, GateChain&BitKeep Marathon Month has ended successfully! Thank you so much for your participation. We’re super excited to be kickstarting things with a fun Marathon lasting for almost one month, which consisted of multiple activities and exciting rewards! For each of these tasks, the user could claim a unique #SoulSwag as proof of achievement. Participants who took part in this marathon event and secured the #SoulSwags in phase1 will have the opportunity to get the random airdrops from a pool of $1000 worth of GT(Gate Tokens) provided by GateChain. The more phases that you participate in, the higher the opportunity to receive the random airdrop rewards. The random $1000 GT airdrop rewards will be airdropped to the user’s UID, therefore phase1 is mandatory. For more detailed rules, please click to check “Join the GateChain & BitKeep Marathon Month, Win $3200 GT and xHashtag Swags!” — Winners List & Rewards Distribution - — Phase1. Off-chain Tasks - All the participants of phase1 will receive the following guaranteed rewards: All the participants in phase1 would be eligible to claim #SoulSwag NFT badges provided by xHashtag., *Top 20 referrals would be eligible to share a $200 GT reward pool. The rewards will be distributed to your UID account., Note: A #SoulSwag NFT badge is a proof of your achievement in this activity ...

GateChain Monthly Report-2022.September

Source: GateChain — 1.Technology & Product Update - — 2.Ecological Construction - — 2.1 HipoNFT Launches Gatsby&Blocky NFT Series Preview. — launches brand mascots: Gatsby and Blocky. The fresh and innovative brand mascots will always remain active and work with global digital asset enthusiasts to create a better blockchain world. GateChain will issue limited NFTs for Gatsby&Blocky and will open welfare activities for HipoNFT early-bird users. Stay tuned!Source: GateChain — 2.2 GateChain Native Perpetual Swap Trading Function Launch Notice. — GateChain’s native Perpetual swap trading function will be launched soon! Users will be provided with a decentralized perpetual contract trading page based on zk-rollup. The beta version is live now. You are welcomed to apply the test tokens and enjoy the ultimate trading experience on!Source: GateChain — 2.3 GateChain Ecosysetm Update in Augest. — 2.3.1 GateChain & MetaMirror have reached strategic cooperation! Build an extended Web 3.0+ paradigm where data value from Web 2.0 is bridged onto Web 3.0, as well as the emerging Metaverse. Discover more about MetaMirror.Source: GateChain 2.3.2 GateChain X TrustFi have reached a strategic cooperation! TrustFi Launchpad & TrustFi Farmer will support valuable blockchain projects in the GateChain ecosystem starting from the blockchain’s initial s...

Join the GateChain & BitKeep Marathon Month, Win $3200 GT and xHashtag Swags!

(Source: GateChain) Greetings GateChain Community members, Participate in the GateChain & BitKeep Marathon Month consisting of multiple activities and win exciting GT rewards! GateChain and BitKeep have reached a strategic cooperation. Through the support provided, BitKeep will offer GateChain (GT) to users with a convenient means for token transaction, DApp ecosystem participation, Defi projects access and more. Users will now be able to participate in related projects and trade through BitKeep. xHashtag, a Web3 protocol providing on-chain credentials for Future Of Work, as an ecological member of GateChain, will be a sponsor and provides #SoulSwags in this community event. — Three Phases of GateChain & BitKeep Marathon Month - There will be a set of three tasks that the participants will need to perform, one of them being off-chain and others on-chain. For each of these tasks, the user can claim a unique #SoulSwag provided by xHashtag as a proof of achievement. Participants who took part in this marathon event and secured the #SoulSwags in phase1 will have the opportunity to get the random airdrops from a pool of $1000 worth of GT(Gate Tokens) provided by GateChain. The more phases that you participate in, the higher the opportunity to receive the random airdrop rewards. The random $1000 GT airdrop rewards will be airdropped to the user’s UID, therefore phase1 is mandatory. — Phase1. Off-cha...

GateChain Monthly Report — 2022.August

GateChain Monthly Report — 2022.August - — 1.Technology & Product Update - — 2.Ecological Construction - — 2.1 HipoNFT Launch Notice. — On the occasion of GateChain‘s second anniversary, we solemnly announce to the global community members that HipoNFT, the native decentralized NFT trading platform based on GateChain, will be officially launched soon! HipoNFT is a decentralized NFT trading platform with low gas fee and high TPS built on GateChain. It aims to help users to enter the Web3 world quickly with low cost. On HipoNFT, you can easily buy and trade NFT; you can also create and sell your NFT works at low cost. HipoNFT welcomes high-quality NFT projects around the world. Outstanding artists and creators are welcomed to join the community and become our partners. Let’s build a bright future for HipoNFT together. Contact us: — 2.2 UI update. — Hipo DeFi’s official website ushered in a new UI upgrade in August. We updated the overall brand color and the UX design of the GateBridge page. The adjustment of more saturated colors and rounded corners is to express the characteristics of Hipo products of asset safety, ease of use, and efficiency. There are still some pages that are still being upgraded and developed, and the fully upgraded Hipo will be more complete and better to use. We can’t wait to provide a better DeFi tool in GateChain!(Sour...

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