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Global Social Chain  


GSC Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$556.6 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The last known price of #GSC is $0.00103 USD.

Please note that the price of #GSC was last updated over 360 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #GSC statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest GSC price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00103, and the exact last price of GSC was $0.00102610.

The all-time high GSC coin price was $0.25.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of GSC with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Global Social Chain crypto currency is #GSC.

Global Social Chain is 4.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for Global Social Chain is $556,607.

Global Social Chain is ranked #1345 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is weak during the past 24 hours for #GSC.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Global Social Chain is $270.


The circulating supply of GSC is 542,448,121 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


GSC is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


GSC has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

View #GSC trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #GSC purchase.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #GSC, and you can view them on our GSC disambiguation page.



Accept the 'Best and Final Offer' or Face Legal Action Gemini's Cameron ...

    According to Cameron Winklevoss, the co-founder of the crypto exchange Gemini, a lawsuit will be filed on July 7 against Barry Silbert and the Digital Currency Group if the latter two fail to accept creditors' 'best and final offer.' Winklevoss also vowed to work with the Genesis Special Committee 'to advance a non-consensual plan that adheres to a strict timeline and provides for immediate distributions to creditors and Earn Users.''Indefinite Forbearance' Cameron Winklevoss, the co-founder of the crypto exchange Gemini, has warned Digital Currency Group (DCG) founder Barry Silbert that a lawsuit will be filed against him and his company on July 7 if refuses to accept creditors' best and final offer.' In an open letter shared via Twitter, Winklevoss, who accuses Silbert of dragging the process to resolve DCG's failure to make creditors whole, said a demand will also be made for the Genesis Special Committee (GSC) to file a turnover motion on or before July 7. Such a step will put DCG into default, the Gemini co-founder added. Earn Update: An Open Letter to @BarrySilbert - Cameron Winklevoss (@cameron) July 4, 2023 Winklevoss' letter to Silbert is the Gemini boss' latest salvo against DCG and its accused founder. As reported by News in May, Gemini co-founder claimed that DCG had failed to make a payment of around $630 million. At the time, Gemini suggested that it would extend 'forbearance' to DCG in order to prevent a default. However... read More

Junkineering Launches a Closed Demo in Q3 2023: New Approach Vision for ...

    What is wrong with the current P2E market Since most P2E projects do not create long-playing products, the Free-to-Play model of the past decade is breaking down, threatening to disrupt a $100B+ industry. The main lessons learned before 2023 are: NFTs were misused for trading and farming, not for gaming, Pay-to-play model anyway to engage in a full-featured game, Low quality graphics and lack of unique generated content, Farming and breeding decrease economy in a long run, Complex onboarding of Web2 gamers. Here’s where Junkineering comes into play, with the goal to improve the model, align incentives between developers and players in a virtuous cycle, as well as deliver a quality product, engaging and Fun-to-Play. The approach they offer is as follows: Game design based on the NFT Utility, Fair free-to-play and Digital Ownership, User Generated Content, No breeding, no farming mechanics, Familiar experience for Web2 audience. What is Junkineering Junkineering is a Free-to-Play MMO RPG game with an NFT-oriented economy and a squad strategic gameplay. The game is being developed by Coleplay Studio, whose main focus is to deliver a high-quality gaming experience by uniting strong aspects of Web2 and Web3 worlds. Concept and Mission The Junkineering team decided on using MMO RPG and PermaDeath Mechanics for 5 primary reasons: They want to target the biggest audience segment in both mobile and web games. F2P and clear steps allow for simple user onboarding across al... read More

Sequel to Iconic RPG Ni No Kuni to Feature NFT Integration and Play-to-E...

    The new installment of Ni No Kuni, an RPG franchise brought by independent gaming studio Level 5 and animated by Studio Ghibli, has launched with blockchain elements present. The game, which has been designed for mobile and PC platforms, introduces a token system that lets players use their earnings outside of the game, and will feature support for NFTs in the future. 'Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds' Goes Blockchain More and more game developers are now including blockchain and play-to-earn elements in their games as a means of innovation and empowering players. 'Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds,' the new sequel to the acclaimed RPG franchise, developed by independent Japanese studio Level 5, has announced it will make use of NFTs and tokens to establish its own game economy. The game, which features studio Ghibli animations and five different characters, each one with different attributes and stories, will use these elements to enrich the player experience. According to the official page of the game: Our goal is to emphasize the game's intrinsic fun factor and create a token economy structure that benefits both players and token holders. Furthermore, the company added that these tokens will be used to 'avoid speculative pre-sales and NFT pre-releases.' Token Economies and Reception Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds designed its token economy with a dual token system. The players will be able to earn two kinds of resources in the game: Territe and Asterite. Players will be able to exchange these ... read More

Top Video Game Artists Adopt NFTs to Help Ukraine, Collection to Release...

    Since the outbroke of the Russian-Ukrainian war, many celebrities, social activities, and visual artists joined the league of supporting Ukraine by cryptocurrency and NFT artworks. And the trend just doesn't stop. Now, a group of top-notch artists bring the support and devotion to a brand-new level with long-lasting impact – the avatar NFT series. The absolutely stunning visuals, the breathtakingly painful images, the suffocatingly realistic resemblance of the ongoing cruelty, and the undying power of resilience truly set these artworks apart and earn them a solid place in the contemporary NFT art world.Avatars for Ukraine + MetaHistory A group of top video game industry professionals, credited for game hits Rainbow Six, Warframe, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and a billion-downloaded Asphalt franchise, together with the most talented Ukrainian digital artists created a charity NFT collection to help Ukraine. The collection will be released MAY 19 2022 on MetaHistory, an official Ukrainian charity NFT platform that has already raised 260 ETH / $722k for Ukraine. Their initiative is supported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, a Ukrainian government institution known for its pro-crypto position, that has already raised more than 60 million for Ukraine in crypto donations. The charity NFT collection is named Avatars for Ukraine. The title refers to the original meaning of the word 'avatar', translated from Sanskrit as 'incarnation'. The stunning artworks capture the... read More

Konami's Castlevania Anniversary NFT Sale Raises Over $160K

    Konami, a Japanese game developer and software publisher, raised more than $160K in its first foray into the non-fungible token (NFT) scene. This was the result of an NFT auction related to the 35th anniversary of Castlevania, one of its most popular franchises. The end result contrasts with what other companies have experienced so far, facing a negative backslash regarding these activities. Konami Takes to Opensea With Castlevania NFTs Konami, one of the most recognized Japanese gaming development companies, raised more than $160K in sales during its first NFT related business. The company organized an NFT auction to celebrate the 35th anniversary of one of its most beloved franchises, Castlevania, which has sold more than 20 million copies at a worldwide level. 14 NFTs were sold during the auction, with the highest amount being paid for an NFT depicting the map of the first Dracula's Castle, which sold for more than $26K. The second-highest bid was made by a three-minute video that showed some highlights of the different games of the series, which sold for around $17K. The page of the collection in Opensea now shows that the cheapest piece is now listed for 30 ETH, a little more than $100K at the time of writing. A Different Result The first foray that Konami is making in the NFT world had a very different result from what other gaming companies have experienced so far, even with the bad reception that the NFT auction garnered from gaming-rela... read More

Sega Might Drop NFT Experiments if Perceived by Gamers as a Money Grab

    Sega, a leading videogame development company, has announced its new stance when it comes to the play-to-earn model and the inclusion of NFTs in its games. In the latest management meeting of the company, which happened on December 24th, Sega CEO Haruki Satomi stated that the company may drop its current experiments in the NFT field if players take a negative view of the subject. Sega CEO Reveals Company Might Scrap NFT Plans The CEO of Sega, Haruki Satomi, has referred to the possible stance the company may take regarding NFTs and the play-to-earn movement in the future. In the latest Sega management meeting, that happened on December 24th, Satomi talked about the subject, stating that the company might stop the experiments it has been conducting involving the inclusion of these new technologies in traditional gaming. When asked about Sega's view on play-to-earn technologies at the moment, Satomi answered: We would like to try out various experiments and we have already started many different studies and considerations but nothing is decided at this point regarding P2E. There have been many announcements about this already including overseas but there are users who show negative reactions at this point. The executive further stated that Sega would consider abandoning these actions if the players perceive this as a money-making scheme. Metaverse Mention Satomi also touched on the subject of the metaverse, stating that to hi... read More

Square Enix President Talks NFTs, Metaverse, Blockchain Gaming in New Ye...

    Yosuke Matsuda, president of Square Enix, a leading game developing company, has voiced his opinion about the rise of new technologies and trends like NFTs, blockchain gaming, and the metaverse concept in the gaming space. Matsuda explains the business strategy around these, detailing how Square Enix is moving to include them in their upcoming games. Square Enix Reveals New Tech Strategy Yosuke Matsuda, the president of Square Enix, the game company behind multibillion-dollar franchises like Final Fantasy, has detailed the next steps when it comes to including new, blockchain-based technologies in his plans for the new year. In a new year's letter, Matsuda explains that these new technologies, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the concept of the metaverse, had a rise during the last year, and that these will evolve to a more actionable phase during this year. Matsuda remarked the importance of these to their overall business strategy, stating: As this abstract concept begins to take concrete shape in the form of product and service offerings, I am hoping that it will bring about changes that have a more substantial impact on our business as well. As a consequence of this, the president pointed that the company is conducting aggressive research and development (R&D) efforts and investments in areas that include blockchain gaming and artificial intelligence (AI). The Incentives of Decentralized Gaming Matsuda makes a d... read More

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