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GO Price:
$56.7 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$8.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #GO today is $0.00743 USD.

The lowest GO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00743, and the exact current price of one GO crypto coin is $0.00742571.

The all-time high GO coin price was $0.12.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of GO with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for GoChain crypto currency is #GO.

GoChain is 4.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for GoChain is $8,853,510.

GoChain is ranked #566 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #GO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for GoChain is $56,664.


The circulating supply of GO is 1,192,278,676 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


GO is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #GO, and you can view them on our GO disambiguation page.



The Detox Project Joins The Gochain Blockchain Network As A Signing Node

The Detox Project is now operating a node of the GoChain public blockchain network ST. KITTS & NEVIS | BULGARIA — SEPTEMBER 01, 2022 — The Detox Project and the GoChain Foundation (GoChain), the developer of the GoChain blockchain protocol, today announced the signing of a Node Operating Agreement whereas The Detox Project is now operating a signing node in support of the global GoChain blockchain network. As a signing node, The Detox Project will be one of a maximum of fifty (50) highly reputable enterprises and organizations to run specialized servers that facilitate GoChain’s novel Proof of Reputation (PoR) consensus algorithm and to validate the blocks of transactions produced on the GoChain blockchain network. The Detox Project joins other world-class organizations and entities as node signers on the GoChain network including Penn State University, Lenovo, Dish, Goldbell, the University of Nicosia, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Most recently, GoChain announced the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and the National Livestock Producers Association as the latest node signers to join the GoChain blockchain network. The Detox Project is a research and certification platform that encourages transparency in the food and supplement industries on the subject of toxic chemicals. Involved in a number of groundbreaking studies over the last few years particularly...

The Ethereum Merge and How it Affects GoChain

Ethereum is switching to Proof of Stake in what is called the Ethereum Merge. The goal is to reduce their environmental impact which is notoriously bad and consumes a significant percent of the world’s electricity. It is also supposed to lay the groundwork for future scaling and lower fees, but scaling and lower fees will not happen immediately. The fees will still be high and it will still be slow until future upgrades in 2023 and beyond.  — @VivekVentures GoChain has always been green. We started green and we continue to be one of the cleanest blockchains around. GoChain already has very low fees. GoChain fees are a fraction of a penny vs dollars or tens of dollars on Ethereum. GoChain is at least 100x cheaper even on the cheapest day on Ethereum, 1000x cheaper on an average day and 10,000x cheaper on a bad day. GoChain is already scalable, 100x more scalable than Ethereum. You can use GoChain as an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain (L2) by using the GoChain bridge at to transfer tokens to GoChain and back to Ethereum, to take advantage of the super low fees and scalability of GoChain. Of course, if you want to be end-to-end sustainable you can use GoChain as your layer 1 chain and deploy your smart contracts on GoChain from the start. — How GoChain Solved the Issues Ethereum 2.0 is Supposed to Solve - GoChain was started over 4 years ago to solve these very issues. It’s literally t...

The GoChain Newsletter

What’s happening with GoChain? Catch up on all the latest developments and recent announcements with The GoChain Newsletter.The GoChain network is the fastest, most sustainable, web3 compatible blockchain. Dear GoChain Community: Despite the ongoing uncertainties and increased volatility in the global markets, the GoChain team remains focused and hard at work to further expand the network and drive adoption of the GoChain blockchain. In recent months, we proudly added two new highly reputable node validators: the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and the National Livestock Producers Association (NLPA). We are on track to exceed our node onboarding goals for this year. Today, GoChain has validator nodes in every continent with the exception of Antarctica. Additionally, with GIP-35 approved and the Hafthor Fork completed in Q1, we now offer additional utility to our community via full staking benefits with 50% of node validator rewards distributed to stakers daily. Moreover, we continue to drive adoption and usage of the GoChain protocol. Both the Zeromint NFT Marketplace and Chainparency continue to grow with exciting new customers and projects built on our highly scalable, low-cost and environmentally-friendly protocol. Chainparency is increasingly emerging as a leader in blockchain traceability to ensure transparent, responsible, and auditable global supply chains. Our collective work has not gone unnoticed and more enterprises and ...

The National Livestock Producers Association Joins The Gochain Blockchain Network As A Signing Node

The NLPA is now operating a node of the GoChain public blockchain networkThe NLPA joins the GoChain blockchain network as a signing node. RENO, NV | COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — FEB 28, 2022 — The National Livestock Producers Association (NLPA) and GoChain, the developer of the GoChain blockchain protocol, today announced the signing of a Node Operating Agreement whereas the NLPA is now operating a signing node in support of the GoChain blockchain network. As a signing node, the NLPA will be one of a maximum of fifty (50) highly reputable enterprises and organizations to run specialized servers that facilitate GoChain’s novel Proof of Reputation (PoR) consensus algorithm and to validate the blocks of transactions produced on the GoChain blockchain network. The NLPA joins other world-class organizations and entities as node signers on the GoChain network including Lenovo, Dish, Goldbell, the University of Nicosia, and the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB). Most recently, GoChain announced the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund (DFGF) as the latest node node signer to join the GoChain blockchain network — GoChain’s first node in Africa. The NLPA was founded 100 years ago in 1921 in the United States and organized to represent the interests of its livestock members and cooperatives. Today, NLPA’s mission is to protect, provide a “strong voice”, and to ensure a positive and fair business environment on be...

How to Stake $GO GoChain is now giving 50% of all node rewards to $GO stakers, providing a great way for GoChain supporters to earn while holding GO. This was implemented after a recent community vote on GoChain Improvement Proposal 35. GO is the token that powers the GoChain network, you can read more about it here. — How to Stake - Staking is simple, just follow the steps below: Head over to, Connect your wallet (eg: MetaMask), Click Stake, Choose how much you want to stake and submit the transaction, That’s it! NOTE: Minimum amount to earn rewards is 50,000 GO — Distributions - Rewards will be distributed daily directly to the staking wallet. No action is required. Distributions will begin on March 1st or earlier. — Unstaking - To unstake/withdraw your staked GO, just click the unstake button. GoChain Staking How to Stake $GO was originally published in GoChain on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund Joins Gochain Network As A Signing Node

The Fossey Fund is now operating a node of the GoChain public blockchain networkThe Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund joins the GoChain blockchain network as a signing node. RENO, NV | ATLANTA, GA — FEB 15, 2022 — The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, founded by pioneering primatologist and scientist Dr. Dian Fossey, and the GoChain Foundation, the developer of the highly scalable and green GoChain blockchain protocol, today announced the signing of a Node Operating Agreement whereas the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund is now operating a signing node in support of the GoChain blockchain network. As a signing node, the Fossey Fund will participate as one of a maximum of 50 highly reputable enterprises and organizations to run specialized servers that facilitate the GoChain Foundation’s network’s Proof of Reputation (PoR) consensus algorithm and to validate the blocks of transactions produced on the GoChain blockchain network. The Fossey Fund joins other world-class, high impact organizations and universities including Penn State University, Conservation International, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Dish, and the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) to support GoChain’s Proof of Reputation network. The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund (originally the Digit Fund) is dedicated to the conservation, protection and study of gorillas and their habitats in Africa. The Digit Fund was originally founded by Dr. Fossey, who was a...

Hafthor Fork set for February 23rd

Implements GIP-35 for Staking Rewards. — GIP-35 will go live on February 23rd at block 23817200. This means 50% of the node validator rewards will be distributed to $GO stakers.22 million GO per year will distributed to stakers. Follow our Medium here and Twitter to find out when and how to stake your $GO. GoChain - 100% Ethereum Compatible, 100x faster Hafthor Fork set for February 23rd was originally published in GoChain on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

GoChain Staking is Coming — GIP-35 Vote Passed

GoChain Staking is Coming — GIP-35 Vote Passed - GoChain Improvement Proposal 35 (GIP-35) voting has completed with the 100% of the community vote in favor and the 83% of the node validators in favor resulting in 91.5% in favor. This means staking is coming to GoChain!Community vote results. See this previous post for more information. The GoChain developers don’t expect it to take very long to implement in the GoChain protocol and have estimated it will take about 1 month to roll out. Details on how to stake will come out soon, so stay tuned to our Twitter or this blog and get your $GO ready. GoChain - 100% Ethereum Compatible, 100x faster GoChain Staking is Coming — GIP-35 Vote Passed was originally published in GoChain on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

How to Launch your Token in 10 Minutes for Less than a $0.25

This may be the easiest, and cheapest, way to launch your own token. We’re using GoChain here because a) it’s awesome and b) it’s cheap. You can use these instructions to launch on other blockchains too, but it’ll cost you quite a bit more. Even if you want to launch on another chain, GoChain is a great place to test it out as it’s 100% Ethereum compatible. — Create Token Contract with a Click - You will need some GO in the wallet to pay for transaction fees (10 GO is enough to get started). Then head on over to’s token creator, connect your web3 wallet, and you’ll see a form like this: Simply fill in the form and submit. Boom, that’s it! You have now deployed your own ERC20 token contract. You’ll see a link to your new token page on TokenTapper, click on it to continue. — Minting Tokens - On your token page on TokenTapper, you’ll see a “Mint” section that looks like this: Just enter an address and an amount to mint and submit to start minting your tokens. You will probably want to mint some to yourself so you can send them to other people or list them on a dex like in the next section. — Selling / Swapping Tokens - If you’d like to put your new tokens up for sale, head on over to GoSwap (or whichever dex is appropriate for the blockchain you create it on). Click the “Pool” tab then “Add Liquidity”: Click on the Select Token button: Instead of choosing ...

Register to Vote for GoChain Staking

Voting starts on Friday, so register now!. — GoChain Improvement Proposal 35 (GIP-35) is ready for an official community vote. It has passed the initial vote and the steering committee vote and will now be going for the final community vote. If this passes, GoChain staking will be implemented. — Overview of the Proposal. — The proposal will make staking rewards available to any $GO holders. The staking rate will fluctuate depending on how much is staked, but we expect it to be a very competitive rate and the market will essentially decide on the rate. If 10% of the entire supply of GO gets staked, the rate will be ~20%., If 20% of the total supply of GO gets staked, the rate will be ~10%., Staking along with transaction fees being burnt, implemented early last year, should make holding GO long term very attractive. The proposal details can be found here: gochain/gips#35 — How to Vote. — See this page for details on how to vote: How to vote Register to Vote for GoChain Staking was originally published in GoChain on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


A Mint for the People: Prime Aeternas Prepares to Go Public

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] An NFT gaming project full of utilities is preparing for its public mint. Sure, you have heard the same thing a lot of times, “a new project with utilities' and whatnot, but this is not like your regular project. Prime Aeternas is an under-development trading-card, play-to-earn, quest-based game on the Ethereum blockchain. What sets it apart from other gaming projects is its Quest mode which is the space for a tournament linked to real-life events. Additionally, according to the developers, the Quest mode’s winner will get their hands on a fortune that should be enough for the winner’s early retirement. The game can be played through a browser or on a mobile app. The players can earn daily rewards and can participate in the Quest. The Quest will be a brand new concept that incorporates in-real-life (IRL) events to help search for clues that help unlock superpowers. In the Quest mode, the player must go through a series of unique levels to reach the final destination, The Golden Gate unlocking, which will reward a fortune to the winner. (Prime Aeternas Quest map, seems magical) Dive into a new world of adventure with this trading card game and explore a magical world filled with undiscovered treasures and untold stories. Create and manage your collection of heroes, build your deck for battle, and bring it to life on your screens. Follow the exploits of iconic warriors and cross realms as you embark on a journey worthy ... read More

Solana Shows Bullish Signs Ahead Of 1D Breakout, Can Price Go To $45?

    Solana (SOL) develops bullish sentiments against tether (USDT), as the price of Solana (SOL) seeks to rise with an impending breakout above the current resistance. Bitcoin (BTC) gained significant strength after closing the weekly candle on a high note, with the price remaining above $21,700 for the first time in weeks. Most crypto assets, including Solana (SOL), have benefited from this, with the price aiming to break out. (Data from Binance) Solana (SOL) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart  Weekly SOL Price Chart | Source: SOLUSDT On The price of SOL has struggled to maintain its bullish momentum in recent months, as it was rejected from the $45 area, which was acting as a supply zone for most sellers. Despite growing sentiment that the price of SOL will rise, SOL has struggled to regain its bullish momentum. The weekly chart of SOL looks good, as the week ended bullish with more bullish sentiments. As the price of SOL cannot trend higher, it faces resistance to breaking above $38. SOL must break above this level in order for its price to rise to $40 and possibly $45. For a better chance of trading higher, the price of SOL must break and hold above this resistance. If the price of SOL breaks out with significant volume, the price may rise. If the price of SOL fails, we could see a retest of $31, which would act as a good demand zone for a price sell-off. The price of SOL appears to be rising as the market prepares for a relief rally. Weekly resistance f... read More

Ripple v. SEC: New Major Date Is Scheduled as Parties Will Go Public

    The litigation between the SEC and Ripple has acquired a new twist and a major new date. Thus, it has come to light that on Sept. 19, the parties will file open redacted versions of briefs in support of motions for summary judgment, making only those preliminary changes that the parties requested during the meeting and conference. Then, up until the end of the year, a negotiation process will begin in which lawyers for Ripple and the regulator will discuss and edit the briefs. Jeremy Hogan, an attorney and well-known pro-XRP activist, dubbed the upcoming trial an endgame. According to the lawyer, the importance of Sept. 19 is not to be underestimated, because on that day both sides will lay bare their cards and present much of what they have. Circle September 19 as the day we get to see (most of) the cards the parties are holding! Ripple v. SEC The endgame. It's getting me excited (I'm weird like that). — Jeremy Hogan (@attorneyjeremy1) September 8, 2022 The heat turns up slowly The Ripple trial is probably the most significant showcase of the regulator's pursuit of cryptocurrencies right now. On par with it is probably the trial of former Coinbase product manager Ishan Wahi, accused of insider trading in what the SEC considers securities. At the same time, the crypto space is actively discussing yesterday's speech by the head of the SEC, Gary Gensler. The official said that the crypto market is quite compatible with securities regulation, and mo... read More

Cardano Remains Bullish Ahead Of Vasil's Hard Fork, Can Price Go To $1?

    Cardano (ADA) forms bullish sentiments against tether (USDT) as the price of Cardano (ADA) aims to go higher with an imminent breakout above the current resistance. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) showed great strength after closing the weekly candle on a high, with the price holding above $21,700 for the first time in weeks. This has influenced most crypto assets, including Cardano (ADA), as the price aims to break out. (Data from Binance) Cardano (ADA) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart  Weekly ADA Price Chart | Source: ADAUSDT On The price of ADA has had a tough time maintaining the bullish momentum it has shown in recent months as the price was rejected from the $3 area acting supply zone for most sellers. ADA has since struggled to discover the bullish momentum it experienced, but with the upcoming “Vasil Hard Fork,” there has been growing sentiment of the price of ADA going to as high as $1. Vasil Hard Fork is the latest and highly anticipated upgrade on the Cardano network to improve the usability and scalability of the network. The price of ADA on the weekly chart looks good as the week closed bullish with more bullish sentiments. The price of ADA is faced with resistance to breaking above $0.54 as the price is faced with resistance to trend higher.  ADA’s price needs to break above this region for its price to trend higher to $0.6 and possibly $1. The price of ADA must break and hold above this resistance for a better chance to... read More

Kyber Network (KNC) Ticks All Bullish Sentiments, Can Price Go To $3?

    Kyber Network (KNC) has recently struggled against tether (USDT) after its price was rejected at $5.5. Bitcoin's (BTC) price increased dramatically, rising from a low of $18,500 to a high of $21,000. This movement has impacted other altcoins, as most cryptocurrencies, including Kyber Network, are seeing double-digit gains (KNC). (Data from Binance) Kyber Network (KNC) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart  The price of KNC has had difficulty replicating its recent bullish move, which saw the price rally to $5.5 as the price rallied with a good bullish sentiment. KNC has struggled to stay afloat after falling from a high of $5.5 to a low of $1. The price of KNC has formed good support at $1, which appears to be a good zone for most traders to place buy orders. The price of KNC may be poised to end the week on a more bullish note ahead of a new weekly candle. With such positive sentiment, we could see KNC reach a high of $3. The price of KNC is facing resistance at $1.95 as it cannot trend higher in price; if KNC flips this region, we could see the price rising to $2.5-$3 and even higher. Weekly resistance for the price of KNC - $2.5-$3. Weekly support for the price of KNC - $1. Price Analysis Of KNC On The Daily (1D) Chart Daily KNC Price Chart | Source: KNCUSDT On KNC's price was rejected from $5.5 as it fell to a low of $1; the price of KNC bounced from this after forming support to hold off sell orders. The price of KNC rose from a low of $1 to $1.9 befor... read More

Serum (SRM) Price Looks Set After Hibernation, Can Price Go To $1?

    Serum (SRM) has struggled against tether (USDT) in recent weeks, rising above $0.8 as the price of Serum (SRM) remains range-bound. For weeks, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) fluctuated between $19,500 and $20,000, with the price stalling on the next movement. Most altcoins, including Serum, have been affected by this choppy movement (SRM). (Source: Binance) Serum (SRM) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart  The price of SRM has had difficulty replicating its recent bullish move, which saw the price rally to $3.5 as the price rallied with a good bullish sentiment. SRM has struggled to stay afloat after falling from an all-time high of $13, as the price continues to fall with no sign of a major bounce. With the current indicators, SRM could be poised to rally from its weekly low of $0.8 to around $1.2. The price of SRM is encountering resistance at $1; if the price of SRM flips this region, we may see the price rise to new heights. If the price of SRM maintains this bullish structure, we could see the price of SRM breaking off of its first resistance at $1 with more buy volumes.  Weekly resistance for the price of SRM - $1. Weekly support for the price of SRM - $0.75. Price Analysis Of SRM On The Daily (1D) Chart Daily SRM Price Chart | Source: SRMUSDT On After rallying from its daily low, the price of SRM was rejected and is struggling to break out in a range channel. A break above this bullish channel on the daily timeframe will confirm its bullish strengt... read More

Chainlink (LINK) Price Struggles Underwater, Can Price Go To $10?

    In past weeks, the Chainlink (LINK) price showed so much strength against tether (USDT) as the price of Chainlink broke out of a range as price rallied to a high of $10. The price of LINK has recently faced resistance to trend higher as the price eyes weekly support. (Data from Binance) Chainlink (LINK) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart  LINK prices have dropped from around $10 to $7, finding price trading in a range as the price of LINK tries to break out of this region. LINK saw a weekly low of $6 as price bounced from this region, currently trading at $7 as price eyes a break out to $10. Despite showing a glimpse of strength, the price of LINK found its price rejected as Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies suffered a setback affecting the price of other altcoins. The price of LINK closed the week with good volume; if LINK maintains this momentum and volume, we could see the price of LINK retesting $10. Weekly resistance for the price of LINK - $8.5. Weekly support for the price of LINK - $6. Price Analysis Of LINK On The Daily (1D) Chart Daily LINK Price Chart | Source: LINKUSDT On After successfully breaking out of the daily channel recently, the LINK price was rejected from $10 to its daily range. The price of LINK needs to break out with good volume to trade above the range; if the price of LINK fails to break above the range, we could see price retesting daily support area to build more volume for buyers.  The price of LINK has shown good st... read More

One-inch Price Returns Bullish From The Dead, Can It Go An Inch Higher?

    The price of One-inch (1INCH) has shown some great strength in recent times against tether (USDT) as the price gears up for a rally to the $1.3 mark. Bitcoin's (BTC) price has shown a little strength bouncing off from key support, leading to most crypto assets popping out from their shell, with the price of One-inch (1INCH), not an exception. (Data from Binance) One-inch (1INCH) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart  The price of 1INCH has recently shown a measure of strength, bouncing off from a low of $0.5 to a region of $0.75. The price of 1INCH has had quite an adventure, dropping from an all-time high of $7.8 to a low of $0.5 on the weekly chart. The price of 1INCH formed weekly support at the low region; the price of 1INCH has continued to build strength with more buy orders being set for this crypto asset. 1INCH price is faced with a resistance at $0.83 to break above and trend to the $1.3 mark; if the structure of 1INCH is maintained, this will be achievable. The price of 1INCH is trading above its weekly support at $0.5, with eyes set for more highs.  Weekly resistance for the price of 1INCH - $0.83. Weekly support for the price of 1INCH - $0.55. Price Analysis Of 1INCH On The Daily (1D) Chart Daily 1INCH Price Chart | Source: 1INCHUSDT On After falling to a daily low of $0.5, the price of 1INCH on the daily bounced off this region as it has formed good support, as price rallied to a region of $0.7 where the price is faced with resistance to b... read More

Litecoin Shows A Bullish Reversal Pattern, Will LTC Price Go To $70?

    Litecoin (LTC) has struggled against Tether (USDT) as bulls continue to push the price above the key support region, forming a bullish chart pattern. Bitcoin's (BTC) price has shown less steam compared to recent times; this has affected most crypto assets, including the price of Litecoin (LTC). (Data from Binance) Litecoin (LTC) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart  Litecoin (LTC) price has shown so much strength after hitting a low of $42; the price bounced off from this region and rallied to $55.  The price of LTC rallied to a high of $65 but was rejected as this proved to be a resistance for LTC on the weekly chart.  LTC price dropped to a region of $50, forming weekly support to hold off the price from selling off. The price of LTC has continued to hold above support and build momentum to break above this region. The price of LTC is currently trading below its resistance, stopping the price from trending higher. If the LTC price cannot break past this resistance of $57, we could see the price revisiting the support region at $50, acting as a demand zone for most investors. Weekly resistance for the price of LTC - $57. Weekly support for the price of LTC - $50. Price Analysis Of BTC On The Daily (1D) Chart Daily LTC Price Chart | Source: LTCUSDT On After falling from a high of $400, the price of LTC on the daily timeframe has formed an ascending triangle indicating a potential price reversal could be imminent. The price of LTC found its daily ... read More

Russian Crypto Scammers Go Offline, Open Offices, Central Bank Worried A...

    An increasing number of financial and crypto pyramids targeting Russian investors have been opening physical offices in the country. The Central Bank of Russia has recently expressed concern over the trend which is seen as an indication that the fraudsters expect growing demand.Russian Crypto Scams Launch Offices to Lure More Investors In-person, Bank of Russia Says Financial pyramids and illegal forex dealers in Russia, many of which now specialize in offering crypto investment and settlement opportunities, are moving offline, the daily Izvestia reported quoting the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (CBR). For the first time in recent years, the organizers of such scams are opening offices where they try to convince potential victims to invest in virtual money or suggest services to bypass foreign sanctions and government restrictions. In-person contact is always more effective for that purpose, experts say. They also warn that sharing information with dubious platforms often leads to loss of funds, either fiat or crypto. The trend of going offline indicates that scammers are preparing for a larger demand as Russians' access to global financial assets has become extremely problematic, the report notes. Sanctions imposed by the West over Moscow's invasion of Ukraine and foreign currency restrictions introduced in response by Russian authorities have boosted interest in crypto assets. Many Russians have been buying bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies and stablecoins t... read More

World's Largest Crypto ATM Company Bitcoin Depot to Go Public via SPAC D...

    The largest cryptocurrency automated teller machine (ATM) operator, Bitcoin Depot, has revealed it has plans to go public via a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) deal. The $885 million acquisition deal with GSR II Meteora (GSRM) will make Bitcoin Depot a publicly-traded company listed on Nasdaq.Bitcoin Depot Reveals SPAC Deal With GSRM, Post-Transaction BTM Secures Equity Value of $885 Million On Thursday, the U.S.-based crypto ATM operator Bitcoin Depot announced that the company will soon be a publicly-listed firm after merging with the blank check company GSR II Meteora (Nasdaq: GSRM). SPAC mergers have been a popular vehicle for crypto companies looking to get listed faster than traditional initial public offering (IPO) strategies. Bitcoin Depot is the largest crypto ATM operator in terms of machines deployed worldwide as data from indicates it has close to 7,000 distributed machines. 'Today marks an important milestone for Bitcoin Depot,' Brandon Mintz, the CEO and founder of Bitcoin Depot said in a statement on Thursday. 'We are always looking to expand our reach so as many people as possible can access cryptocurrency to control their own money and conduct easier and simpler financial transactions.' When the transaction with GSRM closes, the business combination will be named 'Bitcoin Depot Inc.,' and shares will trade on the Nasdaq under the new ticker symbol 'BTM.' The close to 7,000 ATMs Bitcoin Depot has installed are mostly situated in Nor... read More

Crypto ATM Operator Bitcoin Depot to Go Public Via $885 Million SPAC Dea...

    Popular cryptocurrency ATM operator Bitcoin Depot is reportedly planning to become a publicly-traded company through a partnership with SPAC GSR II Meteora Acquisition Corp. A special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) is a public company established to merge or acquire an existing entity. Although SPACs raise capital from investors through IPOs, they don’t have active business operations, and investors can pull their money before a merger or acquisition is completed. SPAC offers a cheaper and quicker alternative to traditional IPOs, thus allowing private companies to go public. Bitcoin Depot Signs $885M SPAC Deal The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the agreement between Bitcoin Depot and GSR II Meteora SPAC is worth $885 million. If the deal is approved and closed, Bitcoin Depot will replace the shell company in the stock market. The report further noted that GSR II Meteor raised about $320 million, which the ATM operator could use to expand its operations. However, if investors choose to cash out their investments, the company will be left with lesser funds. Bitcoin Depot is one of the largest operators in North America. The company was founded in 2016 with over 7,000 kiosks in the United States and Canada located at major stores such as Circle K. Brandon Mintz, the founder and CEO of Bitcoin Depot, told WSJ that the company had fared well despite the recent crash that wiped more than $1 trillion from the crypto market. “We’re actually doing fan... read More

Natalie Brunell: This is What Made Me Go From Traditional Media to Full-...

    Natalie Brunell is one of the most well-known women in the cryptocurrency industry. With a background in traditional journalism, she currently hosts the Coin Stories podcast, featuring some of the leading voices in both Bitcoin and economics. Brunell is Polish-born and, together with her family, immigrated to the US when she was five. she has broad experience in traditional media, covering breaking news, enterprise reporting, as well as features. Some of her previous roles include the top-rated NBC Station KCRA-TV, as well as being a national correspondent for ABC NewsOne based in LA. A few years ago, however, she started a new chapter in her professional life, going full-time Bitcoin and starting the Coin Stories podcast. In this episode of the CryptoPotato Podcast, Natalie Brunell tells us what made her take this giant leap, which are the most interesting stories she's heard on her podcast ('Michael Saylor'), and of course - women in blockchain. We also chat about the current market condition - whether or not BTC hit the bottom or is yet to find it, how is the broader market shaping up, and if there ever be a cryptocurrency that could replace Bitcoin. 'My Family Lost Everything in 2008' Natalie Brunell was born in Poland. Her family was living under a communistic regimen, and according to her, it was their dream to immigrate to the United States and 'pursue the American dream.' This finally happened when she was 5. 'My parents came (to the US) when they were in their late ... read More

Cryptopunks and BAYC Floor Values Go Head-to-Head, as the Punks Briefly ...

    On Sunday, August 21, 2022, the floor value of the Cryptopunks non-fungible token (NFT) collection briefly surpassed the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection's floor value. While it's not by a huge amount, at the time, Cryptopunks floor was ​​66.45 ether, while BAYC's least expensive NFT was 64.99 ETH.Cryptopunks Reclaims the Throne It Held Last Year by Flipping BAYC's Floor Value Non-fungible token (NFT) sales are not doing so well this week as sales are down 18.75% lower than the week prior's sale volume, according to statistics. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) holds the top sales this week with $15,087,189 million in sales, up 61.47% higher than last week. 👀 - Nick Tomaino (@NTmoney) August 20, 2022 While Cryptopunks is the sixth largest collection in terms of this week's NFT sales with $4,517,133 in sales this week, sales are down 52.38% lower than the week prior. Despite the lower number of sales this past week, Cryptopunks has briefly managed to flip BAYC in terms of floor value. On August 21, at 1:45 p.m. (EST), Cryptopunks' floor value was 66.45 ETH or $107,866. BAYC's floor value slipped down to 64.99 ETH or $105,623 at that time. The head-to-head action has been going on for most of the day, and later in the afternoon, BAYC managed to regain the top floor. NFT floor values are a whole lot different than they were 26 days ago on July 26, 2022. At that time, BAYC had the top floor value with 82 ether ... read More

It's Time to Go Shopping, Says Arthur Hayes After the Crash

    Bitcoin and Ethereum slumped by double-digit percentages weekly after tapping multi-month highs last weekend. This resulted in over $150 billion gone from the entire market cap. Somewhat expectedly, the Fear and Greed Index has returned to a state of fear, but BitMEX's co-founder - Arthur Hayes - believes this retracement could be an opportunity to stack up. Time to Buy, Says Hayes In its latest Twitter thread on the price actions in the crypto market, the former BitMEX executive began by asking his nearly 300K followers whether they have a short-term or a long-term strategy in regard to investing in digital assets. If they are here for the short-run, then the price action is 'ugly.' In the opposite situation, 'it could mean you read the market wrong.' In this case, investors have three options, according to Hayes - to 'cover, sit tight, or add more.' He believes that only those who had their investment thesis changed fundamentally should leave the market. Giving an example with Ethereum and the Merge, he asserted that if the long-anticipated event gets canceled for some reason, that will make him worried about his position. Since this is not the case, and the Merge is still scheduled to undergo in the next several weeks, Hayes remains a believer in the second-largest blockchain protocol and suggested that 'it might be time to go shopping.' 6/ If something critical happened to decrease the probability of a successful merge, I would expect the ETH/BTC cross to fall much lower... read More

TA: Bitcoin Price Won't Go Down Quietly: Key Supports To Watch

    Bitcoin extended losses below the $23,650 support zone against the US Dollar. BTC must stay above $23,200 to avoid more losses in the near term. Bitcoin remained in a bearish zone and traded below the $23,650 support. The price is now trading below the $23,650 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is a connecting bearish trend line forming with resistance near $24,000 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The pair could extend losses if there is a clear move below the $23,200 support in the near term. Bitcoin Price Drops Further Bitcoin price failed to stay in a positive zone above the $24,000 level. BTC started another decline and traded below the $23,650 support zone. There was a clear move below the $23,500 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. Finally, the price found support near the $23,200 zone. A low was formed near $23,193 and the price is now consolidating losses. Bitcoin price is now trading below the $23,650 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. On the upside, an immediate resistance is near the $23,500 level. It is near the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the recent decline from the $24,438 swing high to $23,193 low. The first major resistance on the upside sits near the $23,800 level. It is near the 50% Fib retracement level of the recent decline from the $24,438 swing high to $23,193 low. The main resistance is forming near the $24,000 zone and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is also a c... read More

Why Does Bitcoin Go Crazy Whenever CPI Numbers Are Published?

    If you haven't noticed by now, Bitcoin's price is going through some serious short-term volatility on the day that the CPI numbers hit. This is not without a good reason. This is arguably one of the most heavily-discussed metrics in the past few months and one that impacts a number of markets. Before we see why is Bitcoin going crazy every time the CPI gets published, let's first take a closer look at what this number represents. What is the Consumer Price Index (CPI)? Inflation is the hottest economic topic in the past months, and that's largely because it's skyrocketing across the world. Although many warned of high inflation being a direct consequence of the massive money printing that was carried out as means of counteracting the consequences of the COVID pandemic, governments around the world still carried out enormous stimulus packages to assist their distressed economies. Inflation can be characterized as a general increase in prices and a decrease in the purchasing value of money. So, when governments printed trillions of dollars (or their respective currencies), this led to a decrease in their purchasing power (essentially inflating the existing supply with new supply). The US economy, which is arguably the world's leading one, is also experiencing high inflation, and the most common way to gauge it is the Consumer Price Index. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is: ... a measure of the average change over time in the price... read More

Blockchain Firm Roxe to Go Public Via a $3.6 Billion SPAC Deal (Report)

    The blockchain-based payments company - Roxe Holding - reportedly struck a $3.6 billion SPAC deal with Goldenstone Acquisition Ltd to become a publicly-traded enterprise with a ticker symbol 'ROXE.' NASDAQ's Next Participant Despite the unfavorable condition of the cryptocurrency market, Roxe Holding and Goldenstone Acquisition decided to enter into a $3.6 billion collaboration and join the online global marketplace as a combined entity. According to a coverage by Reuters, upon closing the transaction, the newly formed organization will operate under Roxe Holding's initials. The initiative still needs to be approved by stakeholders of Goldenstone and financial regulators. It is worth noting that Roxe shareholders will roll 100% of their equity into the combined company, and there is no minimum cash requirement. Earlier this year, Goldenstone raised $57.5 million in its initial public offering (IPO), a small fraction of the billion-dollar deal. Josh Li - Chief Business Officer of Roxe - believes the endeavor is an 'important milestone' that will accelerate his firm's development. The collaboration with Goldenstone will also 'empower users to streamline payments, financial transactions, and value exchange across the globe,' he added. For his part, Goldenstone's CEO - Eddie Ni - praised blockchain technology for its ability to transform the settlement system. Touching upon Roxe, he called it a 'leading blockchain-based open payments network' that applies a 'robust strategy' into... read More

Bitcoin Back At $21K After 75% Drop, Where Does It Go From Here?

    Bitcoin is experiencing price relief in lower timeframes after the crypto market crashed to its 2020 levels. At the time of writing, Bitcoin trades at $21,300 with a 4% profit in the past 24 hours. BTC trends to the downside but with some relief in the 4-hour chart. Source: BTCUSD Tradingview In a market update, trading desk QCP Capital provided potential scenarios for Bitcoin as it recovers from a crash. The firm expects a potential continuation for BTC’s price as it makes it climbs its way to previous levels. Despite the downside trend, QCP Capital claims BTC’s price saw a positive reaction from the lows as it quickly managed to get above $20,000. In that sense, they believe the selling pressure that took BTC to $17,000 was “less leveraged liquidations and more miners reducing inventory”. Liquidation from leveraged positions often leads to price consolidation as the assets take time to recover. In other words, BTC’s price is likely to continue up and less likely to stay in a specific price area, as it did in the past month when it was stuck at $28,600 and $31,500. In addition, QCP Capital believes the options market is hinting at less downside fear. Institutions are “stating to put on bullish structures in size”, the trading firm claimed while adding the following: Macro factors are also lending short-term support. Oil prices have dropped from above 123 to below 110. Other commodities have followed suit as well. This is significant... read More

Ethereum In Green, Can Price Go Higher?

    Ethereum went through weeks of bearishness after which the king of altcoins pushed above the $1000 mark. Over the last 24 hours, it soared close to 9% but in the past week, the coin registered a double-digit loss of 22%. The coin even moved below the $900 mark but as buying strength slowly recovered, ETH moved upwards on the chart. It cannot be said for certain if Ethereum will continue to move northwards because technical outlook still remains quite dicey. Bears are still in control of the market and if the coin fall from the $100 mark, the next trading zone lies between $700-$900. Buyers could then enter the market again and reclaim the price of the asset. Buyers can again enter the market if ETH plunges to the aforementioned trading zone. ETH has been completely bearish for over ten weeks now. Ethereum Price Analysis: Four Hour Chart Ethereum was trading at $1090 on the one day chart | Source: ETHUSD on TradingView ETH rose on its chart after touching the lows of $900 at the time of writing. The asset was priced at $1090 on the four hour chart. Overhead resistance for the coin stood at $1200. Another blow from the sellers will cause the price to fall close to the $800-$900 mark. On the four-hour chart, Ethereum again dipped slightly suggesting bearish influence in the market. Volume of the asset had fallen which meant that less of buying. The red volume bar again pointed towards bearish price action. Technical Analysis Ethereum displayed relief in buying strength on the ... read More

Why Crypto Could Go Another 15% Lower, This Expert Says

    Crypto has dropped below the $1 trillion total market capitalization and has returned to its January 2021 levels. At the time of writing, the total crypto market cap stands at $870 billion and continues to trend to the downside on the daily chart. Total crypto market cap trends to the downside on the daily chart. Source: Tradingview Analyst Justin Bennett believes the sector will “imminently” take a leg lower. He expects the market to find support at $730 billion as it was unable to hold above the $860 billion mark. The current market conditions, the shift in the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) monetary policy, the relentless selling pressure, and the series of negative news in the space seem to support this thesis. Sharing the chart below, Bennett said: The next leg lower looks imminent. This is where we're probably going. Another 15-25% to reach the TOTAL confluence of support and measured objective. Expect a 30% drop for most altcoins. As usual, Bitcoin holds the key for the entire crypto sector as most altcoins tend to follow BTC’s price action. Bennett claims the number one crypto by the market could see a similar 15%-25% drawdown if it breaks the $20,000 area. This would send BTC’s price to its next critical support zone at around $19,850 and for the first time in its history below its previous all-time high. On lower timeframes, data from Material Indicators (MI) records over $15 million in buying orders for BTC at $20,000. In the opposite direction... read More

Phemex Mobile App Offers First Class Crypto Trading Even When You'...

    Every crypto trader knows how frustrating it can be when there is an opportunity for a great trade but they aren’t by their computer. This is the reason why Phemex has launched its mobile app on both the Android and iOS platforms. The app offers a premium trading experience even when you are on the go. It is a powerful tool for making important market moves; all in the palm of your hands! Unlike most crypto trading apps in the space, which offer clunky and hard-to-navigate UIs, the Phemex mobile app features an intuitive UI designed exclusively with the needs of the users in mind. It’s so simple to use that even beginners have no problem navigating through the app. It offers all functions a user might need including spot trading, deposits, trading bonus, derivatives markets, etc, all right on the Home Screen. This saves users the hassle of having to figure out where these features are. The Best Of Crypto, All In One App The Phemex mobile app offers everything that a trader can think of. It facilitates various types of trading accounts as well as one of the fastest and most seamless deposits and withdrawal options. For example, a user can simply click Deposits straight from the Home Screen, fund their wallets, and begin trading with no hassle. Instead of just offering an option to copy a wallet address for deposits, it also offers the option of simply scanning a QR code to make a deposit. When it comes to trading activities such as shorting or longing for a digital... read More

Bitcoin Will Go Into the Millions, Predicts MicroStrategy's Michae...

    The frantic price action in the cryptocurrency market does not seem to faze the uber-bullish billionaire CEO of tech firm MicroStrategy. Michael Saylor has yet another bold prediction for Bitcoin, even as his favorite cryptocurrency struggles to hold on to the $30,000-mark. The exec, who started to build up his Bitcoin reserve in 2020, reiterated his stance that he is in for the long-term, and his strategy is still the same - to buy and hold the world's largest cryptocurrency. Michael Saylor's Bold Prediction Owing to countless Bitcoin purchases, the Saylor-led business intelligence firm, MicroStrategy, is still the largest corporate holder of the cryptocurrency, with 129,218 BTC. Its enormous BTC position is currently slightly in red, sitting at approximately $70 million unrealized loss at the time of this writing. However, there is no shaking Saylor's confidence, who assured that there is no price target at which MicroStrategy will begin liquidating its BTC holdings. Even as the market-wide meltdown evaporated trillions of value, the leading Bitcoin maximalist and his company is patiently holding firm. During an interview with Yahoo Finance Live, Saylor was quoted saying, 'There's no price target. I expect we'll be buying bitcoin at the local top forever. And I expect Bitcoin is going to go into the millions. So we're very patient. We think it's the future of money.' Bitcoin - Future of Money? Terra and UST's destructive downward spiral was a huge blow that further cra... read More

Kraken's Jesse Powell to Go All-In on Bitcoin if it Drops to $20K

    Jesse Powell – Co-Founder and CEO of the crypto exchange Kraken – revealed he had used half of his capital to purchase bitcoin in July last year. He assured his holdings stay untouched, vowing to go 'all-in' if the primary cryptocurrency declines to $20,000. 'Godspeed, Paperhands. Godspeed.' Kraken's top executive – Jesse Powell – seems nowhere near concerned about the ongoing crash of the digital asset market, and more specifically, bitcoin. In a recent tweet, he admitted investing 50% of his available capital into BTC in July 2021 (when the asset's USD value was hovering around $30,000). Powell said he had not sold his positions. Moreover, he pledged to allocate his entire wealth to bitcoin if it plunges to $20K. To get there quicker, the executive urged those who can't hold their possessions during times of enhanced volatility to sell. I spent half my available capital to buy #BTC at $30k in July. Still holding, ofc. I told myself I’d have to see $20k to go all-in. Godspeed, paperhands. Godspeed. — Jesse Powell (@jespow) May 9, 2022 The veteran has been part of the digital asset universe since 2011. And while many would think that he is already 'all-in enough,' he assured them this is not the case. Numerous experts in the field believe such market crashes could provide certain benefits like eliminating investors with 'paper hands.' Meltem Demirors – CSO of CoinShares – stood behind that thesis du... read More

How to Go Down the Rabbit Hole: A Beginner's Guide to Buying a Rad...

    As Rad Rabbits gears up to launch its second series of its NFT collection on OpenSea, one popular question looms: How do you buy an NFT? Here is a step by step guide on how you can go down the rabbit hole and purchase a Rad Rabbits NFT. Step 1 - Setting Up a MetaMask Digital Wallet - (where your NFTs are stored) Here is where you can create your MetaMask wallet First download the chrome extension if you want to create a wallet on a desktop or download the mobile app if you want to create a wallet on your phone. You can create a wallet with a 12-word phrase or a 24 word phrase. It’s important to note that this should be written down somewhere secure and never shared. The best practice is to write this 12-word phrase down on a piece of paper stored away safely. Do not keep this phrase on your mobile phone, for safety reasons. You can also secure the wallet login using face ID on your phone. Just an FYI, MetaMask users’ identities remain anonymous.  Rad Rabbits NFTs cost a certain amount of the cryptocurrency Ethereum. Once you know which Rad Rabbit you want to purchase, connect your MetaMask wallet to OpenSea. Once the wallet is connected, you can select which Rad Rabbit you’d like to add to your collection and press “Buy Now” and continue through the checkout process. You will need to account for gas fees - so make sure you have enough ETH in your wallet for gas fees. A gas fee is a term used to describe a “transac... read More

Tether Has No Plans to Go Public: CTO Paolo Ardoino (Exclusive Interview...

    The leading stablecoin by market capitalization — backed by reserves of cash and money market cash equivalents — USDT has a market cap of approximately $83 billion at the time of this writing. Paolo Ardoino is the chief technology officer (CTO) for Bitfinex and its stablecoin, Tether (USDT). Paolo is a well-known full-stack programmer with deep experience in the financial sector (FIX protocol, Bloomberg API), he describes himself as an innovative computer scientist and creative geek. He’s been with Bitfinx for nearly eight years. He’s also a gregarious and vocal proponent of the stablecoin project online, not shying away from fielding questions and criticisms on Twitter. During the Paris Blockchain Week conference this April, CryptoPotato met up with Ardoino and discussed the future of stablecoins, as well as developments with USDT, its parent company Tether, and the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex. Paolo Ardoino. Source: Finyear Turkey, Venezuela, Dubai, and Brazil: Someone Will Accept USDT Ardoino revealed that they plan to keep doing what they do and provide an “instrument for the people.” The CTO said that they don’t plan on targeting DeFi or banks, or even institutions: “Our success comes from the usage of people. You go in Turkey, you go in Venezuela, you go in Argentina, Brazil, Latin America, India - everywhere you go, even in Dubai, you will find someone that will exchange or will accept USDT.” He mentioned ... read More

MetaGoblin: New NFT Collection From MetaBlaze Set to Go Live

    Non-fungible token (NFT) has become a crypto household name since it exploded in 2021. Interestingly, the NFT market continues to grow by leaps and bounds, with more than $200 million traded daily across different NFT marketplaces. Since non-fungible tokens have helped change the lives of many average crypto traders over the past year, avid NFT enthusiasts are constantly seeking ways to invest in NFT projects with multiple use cases and earning opportunities. Institutional investors and celebrities are also getting on board, and creators have continued to release new NFT projects hoping to become the next most-talked about collection. MetaBlaze is the latest to launch an NFT collection. About MetaBlaze MetaBlaze is a decentralized blockchain gaming firm building a robust ecosystem of immersive play-to-earn gaming metaverse with value-added utilities to help investors maximize their metaverse investments. The platform is leveraging the explosive growth of emerging digital asset trends, including NFTs, GameFi, and more, to boost utility for users. The MetaBlaze multi-faceted ecosystem is designed to harmoniously work together to improve user experience, generate continuous revenue for its economy, and create a robust foundation to optimize scalability while maximizing long-term value. MetaBlaze is becoming very popular among gamers and non-gamers, who resort to other yield earning opportunities on the platform. The project has taken a step further to provide more earning oppor... read More

ADA On Discount? Cardano Whales Go On $200M Shopping Spree

    Cardano (ADA) has been on a steady downtrend since September of 2021 after hitting its all-time high of $3.1. This has been one of the most brutal downtrends for its investors, the majority of which are now drowning in losses. However, as they say, that one man’s misfortune is another man’s come up, whales have seen this as a perfect opportunity to buy up as much ADA as they can.  They have now ramped up their buying and have accumulated about $200 million worth of ADA in the space of a month. Whales Buy 194 Million ADA Over the past five weeks, Cardano whales have been busy accumulating the digital asset. These whales who hold between 1 million and 10 million ADA on their wallet balances have been the most active since the digital asset has been falling and trending around $1. It has caused their collective holdings to drop during this time and in the middle of March had hit one of the lowest points it has ever been. However, after prices had hit a new month low, the whales had resumed their accumulation trend which has increased their collective balances drastically.  #Cardano whale addresses holding 1M to 10M $ADA are accumulating their bags these past 5 weeks (196M more $ADA) after a 7-month stretch of dumping (-1.7M less $ADA). The 9th largest market cap asset recently hit prices last this low in February, 2021. — Santiment (@santimentfeed) May 3, 2022 In total, these whales have purchased ... read More

After 3 Years of Development, Farsite Alpha to Go Live on June 21

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Ever since the inception of bitcoin over a decade ago, the subsequent entire crypto industry has incurred numerous changes, developments, and ultimately, growth and expansion. The way that it is set up right now is significantly different from what it was at the start of the previous decade. The decentralization that came with blockchain technology, however, went several steps further as it allowed other niches to go through massive changes as well. Gaming is among those, as the birth of play-to-earn altered players’ expectations. This led to the emergence of new projects trying to capitalize on this trend but what most of them lack is substantial research and development procedures. In contrast, Farsite has been in production for over three years, but the team behind the project announced that the real deal will come on June 21. Farsite Alpha on the Horizon Thousands of users have already taken advantage of the Farsite universe. The project operates as a decentralized MMO in a post-apocalyptic future where our race is in search of new planets and scarce resources. Farsite has successfully conducted an early pre-order of extremely limited Crates containing unique Ships. The most valuable were sold out within hours, appearing on OpenSea shortly after for twice the price. With all that out of the way, the project announced that its Alpha version will arrive on June 21, which will change the game completely. The development page inf... read More

Why Bitcoin Needs To Go Above This Level To Reclaim $50K

    Bitcoin slows downs as it makes its way back from the high area of around $30,000. The cryptocurrency continues to trade in a tight range but soon could see an increase in volatility. BTC moving sideways on the 4-hour chart. Source: BTCUSD Tradingview Data from Material Indicators (MI) records short-term resistance as BTC’s price is above its current levels. There are over $5 million in asks orders from $41,300 to around $41,400. This could suppress the price from continuing its bullish momentum. On the other side of the trade, there is major support for BTC’s price at $39,000. At these levels, the cryptocurrency records $9 million in bid orders with much more liquidity at lower levels. This suggests BTC could strongly rebound if it returns to that area. BTC with strong support at $39K (bid orders in red and yellow below the price). Source: Material Indicators A pseudonym trader recently pointed out that BTC’s price has seen constant rejection from the 200 Exponential Moving Average (EMA), a level often associated with trend direction for an asset. BTC’s current EMA stands at around $42,000. In that sense, Bitcoin needs to break above that price point to continue upwards into further resistance. This potentially will be located at around $45,000, and $48,000. The latter stands as a major high timeframe for the cryptocurrency. The pseudonym analyst is optimistic about BTC’s price capacity to break above its 200 EMA for the 4-hour chart. $BTC Re... read More

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