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GMEE Price:
$361.0 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$5.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #GMEE today is $0.013 USD.

The lowest GMEE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.013, and the current live price for one GMEE coin is $0.01337.

The all-time high GMEE coin price was $0.85.

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The code for GAMEE crypto currency is #GMEE.

GAMEE is 1.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for GAMEE is $5,236,906.

GAMEE is ranked #631 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #GMEE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for GAMEE is $361,014.


The circulating supply of GMEE is 391,583,171 coins, which is 12% of the maximum coin supply.


GMEE is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the GMEE Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


GMEE is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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No Ordinary NFTs: Play With, Breed, Upgrade and Evolve Your G-Bots in Arc8

From October 5th, G-Bot owners will be able to upgrade their G-Bots’ stats, breed them to create Baby Bots, and evolve Baby Bots into a fighting force of their own as adult G-BotsL̶o̶v̶e̶ OMP is in the air Arc8 has always been at the forefront of gaming trends. Created by the GAMEE studio, it is a mobile gaming app that features ad-free content, competitive gaming tournaments, head-to-head battles and a plethora of top-quality games such as Man City Striker, Hoop Shot, Asteroids and Pirate Solitaire. It is unsurprising, then, that the latest updates to hit the G-Bot Metaverse are once again pushing blockchain technology to its limit and delivering a new and exciting range of functionalities. G-Bots — the playable gaming characters that Arc8 players can choose to own and battle with in tournaments and PvP matches — are now much more than a ticket to exclusive games on the Arc8 platform. From October 5th, players can upgrade, breed and evolve them — actions which can only be carried out in players’ external wallets, using the Arc8 web app A small liquidity pool of 10,000 GMEE/2000 OMP is now open on Quickswap. If you take part, make sure you are interacting only with these addresses: GMEE:, OMP:, With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the new G-Bot functionalities!The capabilities of different G-Bot types — UPGRADING. — So you’ve been a...

Welcome to Arc8 Season 5!

Let’s take a look back at Season 4 and explore what’s to come in Season 5, including a spooky new game, updated interface and even more incredible partnerships.. — Arc8 Season 5 — October 3-November 30 It is time to wave farewell to the sensation that was Arc8 Season 4. We witnessed the true power of Web3 technology in bringing different communities together, forged successful partnerships with incredible brands, and introduced two amazing new games to the Arc8 platform. Before we take a peek at what’s coming up next in Arc8, let’s look back at what Season 4 delivered: — Season 4 Round-up - — Howdy, Partners!. — Tokens, tokens and more tokens! Arc8 players had the opportunity to stock their wallets with tokens from the legendary Crypto Prophecies (TCP), from our friends at the Polygon Network (MATIC), and from QUIDD in the biggest Token Takeover we’ve ever hosted, where at least one of you earned enough to build a brand new gaming PC! — Pussy Galore!. — Arc8 became a feline frenzy as players battled it out in the brand new game of Cool Cats Combinations to earn Cool Cats NFTs, Cool Cats G-Bot Starters, and even Cool Cats swag packs! The seamless interoperability of Web3 was plain to see as hundreds of Cool Cats and Cool Pets NFT owners dropped in to enjoy competing in exclusive tournaments. — Et tu, Cube. — Is there anything gamers love more than cubes? Whether...

Try Energy Wars in Arc8 and Take Part in the Great G-Bot Scavenger Hunt!

There are five Energy Wars G-Bot Starter designs for you to win in a brand new type of competition —with an incredible reward for the first player to get all five. PLUS, Energy Wars — a game exclusive G-Bot owners — is open to all for a limited time from September 13–23.Five exclusive Energy War G-Bot Starter designs Lasers, color combos, powerful explosions and a G-Bot battle for supremacy. That’s just a taste of what you can expect in Energy Wars, which will open up to all Arc8 Players from September 13–23. For a handy guide on how to play this thrilling puzzle-battle game, check out this video: — G-Bot Starter Scavenger Hunt - Do you wanna be the very best, like no one ever was? If catching G-Bot Starters is your real quest, then this brand new competition is the one for you. Gotta mint ’em all! Running from September 15–23 across multiple platforms, this unique competition will see the giveaway of five unique designs of Energy Wars G-Bot Starters. There are twenty of each, and your quest is a blockchain pentathlon — get one of each design to win a legendary reward! Be the FIRST to collect all five of the Energy Wars G-Bot Starter designs and these are the fantastic rewards you will get: A Legendary G-Bot pack, A G-Bot canvas print signed by the creator of G-Bots, 500 OMP, Not sure you can be quick enough? We’ve got you covered. If you come 2nd-6th, you can look forwar...

Cool Cats Combinations — SCORE SYSTEM

Cool Cats Combinations — SCORE SYSTEM - The latest game to join the Arc8 platform is a hexa-puzzle game made in combination with the legendary NFT collection Cool Cats! Let’s dive in to the scoring system of Cool Cats Combinations so you can maximize your points and be in with a chance of winning a variety of epic rewards in the opening week. — Game Principles - The basic principle of the game is to merge numbered tiles with tiles of the same number. The goal is get the highest score you can before the game ends. — Scoring points - If the player connects three tiles of the same number (where the hexagonal tiles are connected by at least one side), they are merged sequentially into a new tile with a higher number. For instance, merge three tiles numbered ‘3’ and they will become a single tile numbered ‘4’. Each merge grants you points! The highest numbered tile is 7, which is marked with a picture of a Cool Cat’s head! Merge three number 7 tiles and they will explode and remove all the tiles around them! You can also play a combo merge, where placing a tile creates more than one merge and gives even more points! — Power-Ups - You can get a power-up by placing tiles on the board — the first one is gained after 9 tiles have been placed. The next power-ups come every time you add another 3 tiles, which fills the bar. Keep in mind that placing a piece with 2 tiles will add +2 to the...

The OMP Token — The Economy Behind Breeding, Upgrading and Evolving for G-Bot NFTs

The OMP Token — The Economy Behind Breeding, Upgrading and Evolving for G-Bot NFTs - — A detailed look at the economy of the OMP token in Arc8. — G-Bots — the playable NFT warriors native to the Arc8 app — are better than ever before. No longer do they serve only to provide access to exclusive combat games in Arc8; from September 14th, players can upgrade their stats, breed them in groups of 2–5 and even evolve their offspring into adult G-Bots. How? The secret is the new G-Bot-exclusive token: Omega Particles, or OMP. Check out last week’s post to learn about these incredible new G-Bot functionalities, or read on to find out all about the economics behind them. And if you don’t have a G-Bot (or you want another to make use of these new functionalities!) then purchase one here on OpenSea and follow this handy video guide: — The Big Picture - The economy as described here is valid for September — October 2022. G-Bot functionalities (breeding, upgrading and evolving) will go offline for one week on October 31st, allowing time to check data, incorporate feedback and make any changes where necessary. Join the Discord to have your say!, On September 14, when the functionalities go live, we will launch a small DEX liquidity pool of GMEE and OMP, With the introduction of upgrading, stats will now play a bigger role in Dark Lords and Energy Wars, and will also become...

Cool Cats in Arc8 with Polygon! New Game, Epic Cool Cats NFT Rewards, New G-Bot Starters, And More

TL;DR: In collaboration with the one and only NFT collection Cool Cats, players can enjoy playing Cool Cats Combinations and expect an opening week of amazing rewards in Cool Cats merchandise, Cool Cats NFTs and Cool Cats G-Bot Starters, as well as 10,000 MATIC tokens in the Token TakeoverCool Cats and Polygon in Arc8 — September 8-12 Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! Just when you thought Arc8 couldn’t get any better, we go and partner up with the amazing Cool Cats to bring you a brilliant new game, launching on September 8th. If you like cats, tiles and explosions then you’re in the right place — download Arc8 for Android or iOS to get in on the feline frenzy. Cool Cats Combinations In Cool Cats Combinations, take the Cool Cats on a picnic but leave the fish at home, as this game involves a cat’s second favorite thing — numbered tiles! Combine three or more tiles of the same number into a new tile to gain points and rack up combo bonuses. You’ll find yourself nervously clawing at the carpet as the board fills up, so take advantage of power-ups to clear tiles and you’ll once again be purring with joy. Cool Cats Competition There will be three kinds of competition open to these different categories of player: Players who own a Cool Cats NFT, Players who own a Cool Pets NFT, All Arc8 Players, Whichever competitions players are eligible for, they are competing for 3 sets of the same rewards....

Introducing OMP — the New Token that Will Power G-Bot Breeding, Upgrading and Evolving

Introducing OMP — the New Token to Power G-Bot Breeding, Upgrading and Evolving - The OMP token will be essential for G-Bot NFT breeding, evolution and upgrading (coming September 15), and at present can only be acquired as an exclusive reward in Arc8’s G-Bot game tournaments It started with a wormhole. Scientists from Earth sent a probe to inspect this anomaly that had appeared in the solar system, only to discover that what lay beyond it was something they could never have anticipated — a desolate planet, littered with the remnants of a civilization long gone. And in the dirt itself, a particle fizzing with so much power that it would solve all of humanity’s energy problems, and become a new source of wealth, of prosperity, and of greed… These particles became known as Omega Particles, or OMP, and they are what gives G-Bots their life-force. And soon, they will also support a whole host of new G-Bot functionalities. In its tokenized form, it is an ERC-20 token on the Polygon network, and you can get it exclusively by competing in G-Bot games in Arc8. Here are all the amazing things OMP will soon allow you to do from September 15th (1PM UTC): — 1. Breeding - Add to the ranks of your G-Bot army by creating your own unique NFT! G-Bot owners can now combine 2–5 adult G-Bots (not Starters) to breed a whole new Baby Bot. Each time a G-Bot breeds, it donates one of its Energy Cores, so a G-...

Sail the Solitaire Seas and Win A Playable Pirate Solitaire G-Bot Starter in Arc8

Accumulate a total score of 500,000 in Arc8’s Pirate Solitaire between Sept 1–6Arrrrr, here be an etching of this fine marauder! Ahoy there, shipmates! Raise the mainsail, sharpen your cutlass and ready the cannons — it’s time to battle for a limited-edition Pirate Solitaire G-Bot Starter NFT. ARRR! From September 1st-6th, Arc8 players can polish their (card) decks and take part in the cut-throat game of Pirate Solitaire for a treasure you’ll find on no map. The bounty on offer is priceless — one of forty of these fine Pirate Solitaire G-Bot Starters. ARRRRRR! Build a total score of at least 500,000 points in Pirate Solitaire token matches to qualify for the draw. For the most ruthless, saltiest and bravest seadogs among ye, there’ll be no need to enter the draw. Aye aye, that’s right, me hearties — the top 10 players who get the highest total score will automatically receive a Pirate Solitaire G-Bot Starter. The other 30 will be given away in the draw to those scallywags that only reach the qualification score. And if ye don’t reach the qualification score at all? ARRR! You’ll walk the plank — shark bait, the lot of you! I suppose some of you scurvy landlubbers might be wondering why ye be needing a G-Bot Starter at all? Well, these G-Bot Starters will let you play extra games in Arc8 — so ye can compete for even more treasure! And they’re yours to own — keep ’em lo...

Try Dark Lords For A Limited Time in Arc8 and Compete to Win A Dark Lords G-Bot Starter

From August 25–29 (1PM UTC) Dark Lords is open to all Arc8 players. — Arc8’s Dark Lords is the ultimate test of your space piloting skills. Annihilate waves of enemy ships and missile turrets, navigate your way through a barrage of incoming projectiles, and take advantage of power-ups that add guns to your ship or provide a much-needed shield.Haven’t tried Arc8? Download it now for iOS or Android For a limited time between August 25–29, Dark Lords is no longer accessible only to G-Bot owners — now it is unlocked for all Arc8 players to give it a go, with the game replicating the experience you would have if you owned a mid-level G-Bot. And don’t worry if your skills aren’t yet perfect — the chances are high that in most matches you will play against other players checking out the game for the first time — not veteran G-Bot owners! Dark Lords G-Bot Starter If you can’t get enough of the space-blasting action then fear not — you can continue to play after the event by earning a Dark Lords G-Bot Starter. G-Bot Starters are player-owned NFTs that grant access to both the G-Bot games currently on Arc8 and all future additions.Find out more about G-Bot Starters right here! There are two different designs for this limited edition Dark Lords G-Bot Starter, with a 50/50 chance of getting either one. In total, there are 70 to give away! To get one for yourself, you have two o...

G-Bot Starters Could Be the First Ever Playable Character You Actually Own

Love them or hate them, NFTs are on the lips of every tech aficionado, journalist and gaming enthusiast these days. From digital works of art to tokens representing ownership of real-world assets, their uses are essentially infinite. While those NFTs that are nothing more than an image tend to draw a lot of criticism, NFTs in video games are simply the things that players might ordinarily purchase or earn by playing — characters, weapons, and so on — only they’re stored on the blockchain. This means it is the player who owns them, rather than the studio that made them. G-Bots, the playable NFT characters in the Arc8 gaming app, are an ideal example of an NFT with purpose. While the Arc8 app boasts plenty of high-quality games that don’t require an NFT, G-Bots provide access to a number of exclusive games where their unique stats play a vital role in dominating the opposition in multiplayer combat. Add to that the potential to upgrade them and you’ve got a digital playable asset that is something special. In-game purchases are expected to pass $74 billion annually by 2025, and yet only blockchain-based games like Arc8 allow the players to actually own them. They can even be sold or traded as and when players choose. (Try doing that with a AAA-game character or weapon!) And there is no easier way for a gamer to get their hands on their first ever NFT than competing in Arc8 gaming tournaments to win a G-Bot ...


Animoca Brands and Lympo Partner With Play Magnus Group on Chess Blockch...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Tallinn, Estonia, 15th August 2022] Animoca Brands and its subsidiary Lympo, a leading global sports NFT ecosystem, announced today that they are developing Anichess in partnership with Play Magnus Group (PMG), a global leader in the chess industry that offers entertainment and e-learning services via its chess market brands. Anichess is a blockchain-based chess game with a play-and-earn ecosystem, and when it launches in 2023 it will merge the worlds of chess and GameFi to create superior gaming experiences. Play Magnus Group, founded by Magnus Carlsen in 2013, the same year he became a World Chess Champion, is focused on delivering the best online services and experiences to grow the number of chess players globally. With more than 60,000 monthly paying users, Play Magnus Group serves users worldwide and covers key areas of chess, including learning, playing, competing, coaching, and watching. Lympo, a seasoned expert in GameFi and Sports NFTs, will lead the development and launch of Anichess, a chess-inspired blockchain-based game. The partnership with Play Magnus Group enables Lympo to access over 30 chess grandmasters, including Magnus Carlsen, Jan-Krzysztof Duda, Liem Le, and others, to advise, monitor, and test Anichess as an immersive gaming experience for experienced and casual chess players, fans, and strategy game enthusiasts. The unique partnership will bring chess players to blockchain gaming and vice versa. Play Magnus Group will invite top ches... read More

Animoca Brands, Leading Blockchain Games Company, Becomes Lead Liberty G...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] LONDON - Animoca Brands, Hong Kong-based game software company and venture capitalist, has become Liberty Gaming’s primary investor. Liberty Gaming is a leading GameFi ecosystem comprising a gaming community, a play-to-earn gaming guild, as well as an NFT and token fund. The investment will help Liberty Gaming further develop its platform, ecosystem, and community, positioning them as an influential force within the GameFi community as a whole. Liberty Gaming is a gateway for gamers to access highly valued and often inaccessible NFTs required to partake in play-to-earn games. As a company dedicated to driving the evolution of GameFi, Liberty Gaming has invested in an incredible collection of the most promising play-to-earn games in the space, building up its NFT and crypto portfolio, as well as its community of scholars. The GameFi organization seeks to lower the entry barrier to participate for crypto-based players of all ages and backgrounds worldwide. It also aims to empower its scholars through training and educational programs on key topics like DeFi, CeFi, Crypto, and Blockchain, as well as establish a lively community for them with rewards and incentives. Furthermore, Liberty Gaming provides an ecosystem for gamers to improve their skills and prosper within the expanding play-to-earn gaming arena. Liberty is focussing efforts on real-world partnerships with global organizations. This approach is already successfully underw... read More

Gaming Giant Animoca Brands Reveals Ban Against Russian Users, Co-Founde...

    Blockchain gaming firm Animoca Brands has revealed the company is breaking ties with Russian users following the Ukraine invasion that started seven days ago. Animoca Brands co-founder Yat Siu noted in an interview that the company received legal advice about the situation and the Animoca executive compared the newly sanctioned Russia to North Korea.Animoca Brands Restricts Russian Users From Leveraging Firm's Blockchain Gaming Products According to the Hong Kong-based blockchain gaming giant Animoca Brands, the company is imposing restrictions on Russian users. Animoca Brands' overarching ban follows a number of crypto firms like Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase saying the businesses will not blanket ban all Russian users. Animoca Brands co-founder Yat Siu spoke with Bloomberg in an interview and he explained that the company received legal advice about the newly sanctioned country. The co-founder noted that the restrictions could affect specific subsidiaries including the blockchain firm Lympo and Gamee. However, Yat Siu detailed that the company's Russian user base was a low amount of users. The Animoca Brands co-founder did not discuss the effect the restrictions on Russian users might have on the company's most popular game The Sandbox. The company's website, Twitter account, and subsidiaries have not issued any official statements about the Russian user restrictions. Speaking with Bloomberg, Yat Siu said that the company does not want to be 'financially excluded' over asso... read More

Blockchain Firm Animoca Brands Raises $358 Million to Enhance Web3 and t...

    Animoca Brands has announced the blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused firm has raised $358.8 million to bolster the non-fungible token (NFT) industry and 'build the open metaverse.' The capital raise follows the firm's previous $65 million and $138.88 million raises last year and today, Animoca Brands has an overall valuation of $5 billion. Animoca Brands Raises $358 Million in Financing Led by Liberty City Ventures, Blockchain Company Has Pre-Money Valuation of $5 Billion The firm Animoca Brands is a global developer utilizing popular brands, gamification, A.I., blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and mobile technology. On Tuesday, the company announced that the firm has secured $358.8 million in a financing round led by Liberty City Ventures. In a statement sent to News, Animoca Brands further detailed that other investors included Smile Group, Stable Asset Management, Soros Fund Management, Wildcat Capital Management, Winklevoss Capital, 10T Holdings, C Ventures, Delta Fund, Gemini Frontier Fund, Gobi Partners Greater Bay Area, Kingsway, L2 Capital, Mirae Asset, Pacific Century Group, and Parafi Capital. In addition to using the financing to increase NFT and metaverse adoption, Animoca Brands said that the 'new capital will be used to continue funding strategic acquisitions and investments, product development, and licenses for popular intellectual properties.' Animoca Brands has a strong focus on building the metaverse by leveraging blockchain solutions ... read More

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