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$59.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #GMCOIN today is $0.08 USD.

The lowest GMCOIN price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.083, and the exact current price of one GMCOIN crypto coin is $0.08336.

The all-time high GMCOIN coin price was $1.00.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of GMCOIN with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for GMCoin crypto currency is also #GMCOIN.

GMCoin is 2.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for GMCoin is $3,436,096.

GMCoin is ranking downwards to #2739 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest volume of trading today on #GMCOIN.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for GMCoin is $59,812.


The circulating supply of GMCOIN is 41,219,471 coins, which is 52% of the maximum coin supply.


GMCOIN is a token on the Tron blockchain.


GMCOIN has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.



GM Informatics Starts Funding Rounds With Decentralized Businesses GMCoin Blockchain Project

As seen on: YAHOO! FINANCE, DIGITAL JOURNAL, CRWEWORLD, CRYPTONEWSBTC, MARKETWATCH, INVESTORIDEASGMCoin, a business based blockchain project Bodrum, Turkey, 10 Feb 2022, GM Informatics, a leading Turkish IT and fintech specialist active since 2009, has launched its GMCoin Tron blockchain token to facilitate decentralized business operations across the value chain. Joint Stock Company has launched its $10 Million evaluated funding round in January with several types of investment methods. The funding round process will continue till the end of March and an official statement will be made in April to the start-up ecosystem. Investment rounds are now underway as GM Informatics prepares to scale up operations and welcome key stakeholders into a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency investment opportunity. The landmark new token, GMCoin, aims to enable GM Informatics to encourage innovation through enterprise and business workflow frameworks. This enhanced tokenization model is suitable for any entrepreneur, startup, or well-established business. GMCoin is a further innovation in GM Informatic’s leading legacy of information technology acumen.Investing directly in GMCoin (cETF’s) The decision to launch GMCoin was made after careful deliberation though designed to actualize and capitalize on the advantages of decentralization and the blockchain for the advantage of GM Informatics, but just as much its business investors and entrepreneu...

GMCoin getting listed on INDOEX, world’s first Tron based token decentralizing businesses

GMCoin getting listed on INDOEX As seen on: DIGITAL JOURNAL, ETRENDY STOCK Bodrum, Turkey, 13 Dec 2021, It is with great excitement that GM Informatics Joint Stock Company, the world’s first tokenized company and the creator of the DeBu — Decentralized Businesses concept, which sustains companies and businesses in decentralizing their processes, frameworks, workflows, and standards, announces that its native $GMCoin token will be listed on IndoEx, one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges for altcoins, as of 12:00 PM (UTC) on December 13, 2021. IndoEx is a cutting-edge trading platform that is tailored for experienced digital asset traders. It specializes in altcoins, algorithms, and performance, and is available in multiple languages. When it comes to digital assets, IndoEx is the ultimate trading platform. It offers advanced exchange functionality that allows users to buy and sell digital assets. A major exchange in the cryptocurrency market that has been operational since 2019 and offers more than 250 crypto market pairs as well as 2 fiat ramps. The GMCoin Blockchain project has been listed on the LBank and Probit Global cryptocurrency exchanges, and IndoEx will be the project’s third cryptocurrency exchange to list the project. Moreover, GMCoin brand supports many organizations like; * Beşiktaş Handball Team Sponsor * B.B. Bodrumspor Optimist Team Sponsor * Portugal E-Sports Fifa22 Playstation/XBox...

GMCoin Signs as Official Sponsor for 5th International BodRun Ultra Marathon

As seen on: YAHOO! FİNANCE, YAHOO! SPORTS, YAHOO! MONEY, BODRUM GÜNDEM, YARIMADA GAZETESİ, CRWE WORLD, THE FINTECH BUZZ Bodrum, Turkey, 18 Nov 2021, GMCoin signs as official sponsor for the 5th International BodRun Ultra Marathon, which will be organized on November 19–20 in the most attractive seaside town of Turkey, Bodrum. The town is well known for blue voyages and nightlife, however with BodRun Ultra Marathon participants will have an opportunity to see other faces of the Bodrum.GMCoin International Bodrun Ultra Marathon, Bodrum-Turkey Professional athletes will participate in the International 5th BodRun Ultra Marathon, which consists of 4 different tracks, 6 KM — 10 KM — 23 KM and 60 KM. 23K and 60 K tracks are passing through the wild nature of the peninsula with a magnificent view over Archipelagos. Bodrum had severe wildfires during summer 2021, runners will also run in the affected region but this time they will be witnessing reborn of nature with recent rains. This year, 750 local and foreign athletes will join the BodRun Ultra Marathon. Along with 23 K and 60 K races, there are short tracks such as 6 KM and 10 KM in order to promote sports and running to newcomers. As every year, a colorful children’s race will be held on Saturday, November 20, in order to introduce children to sports and create a sports culture at an early age. The 5th International BodRun Ultra Marathon will be organized u...

VPL Mexico Primera Division 1A Fifa22 ProClubs ESports League sponsored by DeBu Blockchain project…

VPL Mexico Primera Division 1A Fifa22 ProClubs ESports League sponsored by DeBu Blockchain project “GMCoin” for the 21/22 Season Gameplays. As seen on: COINQUORA, NEWSHERDER, THEBITCOINDAILY, COINPHONY Bodrum, Turkey, 05 Nov 2021, Two emerging industries, ESports and Blockchain, are leading internet development these days. Virtual Pro League (VPL), top performer ESports League Organizer and GMCoin, the project behind the idea of #Decentralized #Businesses meet at VPL Mexico Primera Division 1A ESports League.GMCoin Primera Division 1A Turkish and Estonian IT/ICT Managed Services Provider and industry pioneer GM Informatics Joint Stock Company (GMCoin) is growing its worldwide ESports footprint with the top-tier ProClubs League, VPL Mexico. Mehmet Ali Demirci, the CEO of GMCoin and the project organizer, claims that cryptoassets are pushing the boundaries of esports. “We believe in esports, and the industry’s aspirations align with the demands of our community. As a blockchain-based initiative built on #Decentralization of #Businesses and relying on Business processes and frameworks, we are pleased to support vertical sectors such as esports that benefit from our #Business4.0 knowledge.” Business4.0, according to Demirci, is a revolutionary concept that combines decentralized technology such as blockchain and distributed ledgers with artificial intelligence (AI) to automate functions within an organization. And thi...

CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko lists the first #DeBu token GMCoin

Bodrum, Turkey, 01 Nov 2021, GMCoin Blockchain Project, the brainchild of Mehmet Ali Demirci. GM Informatics Joint Stock Company CEO, multi-certificate holder and HBS Online alumni. It is designed for #businesses, their core #processes and #frameworks, getting attention on cryptocurrency and cryptoasset space.GMCoin CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Announcement The Crypto industry is getting mature each day. The projects based on #DeFi, #NFT, #Metaverse, #Storage and #GameFi focus the attention in this space. On the other hand, the GMCoin is the first project based on #decentralized #business #processes and #frameworks, presenting a new era for the crypto ecosystem. A new mindset that is derived from a #Tron based token is placed at the core of the company “GM Informatics JSC”. Blockchain project GMCoin is also working on the conceptualization of “Subscription-based businesses” by lowering the operational costs in this industry. Just a two month traded coin getting attention in the crypto space. CoinMarketCap, the most popular crypto data aggregator and the world’s most-referenced price tracking web portal for cryptoassets, listed GMCoin. Moreover, CoinGecko, the world’s largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator with over 6,000 different cryptoassets tracked across more than 400 exchanges worldwide, recorded GMCoin in their lists as well. Important Links: CoinMarketCap:

European Fifa22 ProClubs “VPL Poland” E-Sports League Season 21/22 debut with “GMCoin”

As seen on: DIGITAL JOURNAL, NEWS AFFINITY Bodrum, Turkey, 30 Oct 2021, #Decentralized #Businesses concept that GMCoin industrializes is getting connected to the e-sports community with the partnership of the biggest brand in E-Sports organizer Virtual Pro League, VPL.GMCoin Super Liga Poland GMCoin, the blockchain project of GM Informatics Joint Stock Company, an IT/ICT Managed Services Provider and the market innovator in Turkey and Estonia, expanding its global presence on E-Sports with the top-notch ProClubs League VPL Poland. The CEO and the project coordinator for GMCoin, Mehmet Ali Demirci, state that; “GMCoin is pushing the limits for e-sports. We believe in e-sports, and the industry visions match our community needs. Even the GMCoin Blockchain project based on #Decentralization of #Businesses that relies on Business processes and frameworks we are glad to support vertical industries like sports, e-sports that empowers our #Business4.0 insight.” According to Demirci, #Business4.0 is the ideal concept that relies on utilizing decentralization, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies with assisted AI and automation tasks within the company. And this can be achievable with a tokenized company structure which GMCoin is taking ahead right now. Demirci also notes that Virtual Pro League, VPL is the strategic partner for the GMCoin Blockchain #Decentralization of #Businesses project. Virtual Pro League (VPL) ...

GMCoin becomes the League name sponsor for Brazil VPL ProClubs Fifa22 PS4 and XBOX E-Sport Leagues

As seen on: Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Money, Yahoo! Sports, Benzinga, MarketWatch, 90Goals Brasil, FVO SITE, Business Insider, BollyInside, Bemmais Brasilia Bodrum, Turkey, 27 Oct 2021, The world’s first #DeBu platform that is operating on #Tron extending its partnerships Globally. Turkey and Estonia based global venture GMCoin, the world’s first #Decentralized #Businesses project and the concept of #Decentralizing #Business #Processes and #Frameworks, is to become the main League sponsor of Fifa22 ProClubs E-Sports League VPL BrazilThe deal will last for a year, two seasons and cover the Playstation and Xbox Platforms,GMCoin is also partnering with other ProClubs E-Sport Leagues like; Portugal, Malaysia, Poland and Romania,GMCoin lastly announced that they have also partnered with VPL Malaysia ProClubs League as the League name GMCoin Liga 1 and GMCoin Liga 2,GMCoin aims to boost the Fifa ProClubs mode and support the esports industry. Virtual Pro League (VPL) is a ProClubs 11vs11 League organizer that covers a wide range of European and International Leagues. VPL also hosts WorldCup Tournaments, European Championships, and EuroPro Leagues. Playstation, Xbox, and PC are among the game’s supported platforms. Many countries, including Italy, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Brazil, Malaysia, Germany, Uruguay, Mexico, and the United States, contribute to this platform. In addition to their subscription-based busines...

GMCoin sponsors VPL Malaysia ProClubs E-Sports League

GMCoin Liga 1, GMCoin Liga 2 Seen on: GMCoin, Tron based token issuer behind the idea of #DeBu, #Decentralized #Business models, supporting the best ProClubs League and E-Sport event in Malaysia. Pro Clubs is one of FIFA’s most intriguing yet underappreciated game modes, allowing you and a group of friends to form a team while each controlling one player or create a single player and play against randoms online. If you’re playing with pals, you may plan out who will play where, what system you’ll use, and which attributes you’d like to improve. However, in games involving randoms, getting to the proper position can be a race. In any case, you’ll want to make sure your player is at their best. That includes knowing which traits are most valuable for that position, which stats FIFA 21 rewards the most, what stats each base position offers, and how height and weight affect stats. All of this and more is detailed in the sections below. VPL-Virtual Pro League is a ProClubs 11vs11 League organizer that covers many European and Worldwide Leagues. Moreover, VPL organizes WorldCup events, European Championships and EuroPro Leagues. The platforms that the game supports are Playstation, Xbox and PC. Many country players contribute to this platform from; Italy, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Brazil, Malaysia, Germany, Uruguay, Mexico, USA… GM I...

Crypto Advantages for Investors

It’s hard to believe that it was only in 2009 that Bitcoin was first created. It took a few years before it gained mainstream traction, but now it’s solid to look anywhere without seeing another article, website, or news story about cryptocurrency. Many of the people involved in cryptocurrencies are looking for a rich quick option, but there are distinct advantages for genuine investors. Here are a few of the reasons you might want to add some coins to your portfolio.It Doesn’t Get More Secure Than Blockchain Even if you are careful in a traditional investment environment, there’s always a small risk that information may be altered after you’ve handed over your investment. Blockchain, the technology that cryptocurrencies are built on, cannot be modified once a transaction is recorded. This means there is no chance of anything shady happening to your money once you’ve invested it.Cryptocurrency Trading and De-Fi Platforms Are Accessible 24 Hours a Day When you invest in conventional markets, you’re restricted to their hours of operation. When the trading floor closes, you have to wait until it opens again before you can buy, sell or trade. That can lead to a few tense hours when things are going bad. Cryptocurrencies are not traditional stocks or bonds, though, and neither are the platforms that trade them. Your portfolio, your crypto, your investments are almost accessible 7/24, from anywhere in the world! You...

GMC sponsors VPL World Cup 2021

GM Informatics JSC, GMC sponsors VPL WorldCup 2021 Tournament The battle of the nations is unique for a soccer World Cup simulation. Every victory brings points for the chosen nation. Thus, football fans can lead their national team and players who have chosen the same team to the top of the top country list. Virtual Soccer enthusiasts eagerly await the VPL WORLD CUP 2021, glances fixate on the big screen. The professional teams from 27 nations are ready to play the battle with hands clawed into the controller. This year, the game is huge as new consoles with better technology have recently been launched that will significantly impact the game for the players and the viewers. Before hopping on to the VPL World cup, VPL CHAMPIONS LEAGUE & VPL EURO PRO LEAGUE 2021 are a step away from their finals dated 9th June. VPL and their official sponsor GM Informatics JSC are ensuring that the players and the audience get the best of the heat from their tournaments. Like previous events of VPL, GM Informatics JSC is continuing to sponsor VPL’s future event, VPL WORLD CUP 2021. About VPL WORLD CUP 2021 The tournament’s live draw will start on SUNDAY 6TH JUNE 2021 on , Schedule of matches 21.30 GMT (UK Time Zone). Two matches would be held per day on 13th June, 20th June, and 27th June for the group stages. From the group’s stage, the teams will then be escalated to the final stage for the Round of 16 on 4...

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