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GHST Price:
$2.0 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$53.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #GHST today is $1.02 USD.

The lowest GHST price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.02, and the current live price for one GHST coin is $1.01903.

The all-time high GHST coin price was $3.18.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of GHST with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Aavegotchi crypto currency is #GHST.

Aavegotchi is 3.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Aavegotchi is $53,751,391.

Aavegotchi is ranking downwards to #404 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big daily trading volume on #GHST.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Aavegotchi is $2,026,755.


The circulating supply of GHST is 52,747,801 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


GHST is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the GHST Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


GHST is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 24 crypto exchanges.

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Vote Now AavegotchiDAO: Core Proposals AGIP 72, 73, 74 & 75

Four new Core Proposals are live for voting on the official Aavegotchi Snapshot: Liquidity Provision: Reimbursement of the DAO, Liquidity Provision: Adding the $2.5M left in a Quickswap Pool, DAO Meeting Management and Delivery: One-time disbursement for fulfilled deliverables, and Aavegotchi X Anata Collaboration. Keep reading to get the full scoop of each Proposal, join the discussion on the official AavegotchiDAO forum, and then finally head into Snapshot to cast your vote! Please examine each proposal carefully before voting. If a CoreProp reaches quorum, XP will be sent to all voting wallets' Aavegotchis regardless of which side of the results one is on. AGIP 72 Discussion (Liquidity Provision: Reimbursement of the DAO), AGIP 73 Discussion (Liquidity Provision: Adding the $2.5M left in a Quickswap Pool), AGIP 74 Discussion (DAO Meeting Management and Delivery: One-time disbursement for fulfilled deliverables), AGIP 75 Discussion (Aavegotchi X Anata Collaboration), The votes for AGIP 72, 73, 74 and 75 are open until Wednesday, April 12th. This gives you plenty of time to consider, discuss and VOTE at the AavegotchiDAO Snapshot. Now, let's have a look at these Core Proposals, shall we?[AGIP 72] Liquidity Provision: Reimbursement of the DAO Author: Maxicrouton#1596 Gotchi ID: 13306 Quorum requirement: 20% (9M) Vote duration: 7 days XP Reward: 20 XP for each Aavegotchi in the voter's wallet Discourse links:

Aavegotchi March 2023 Update

March was another massive month for GotchiGang! Let's check out the shipping logs.GHST Bonding Curve Closed The GHST Bonding Curve is no moar! In a historic moment for the Aavegotchi Protocol, the AavegotchiDAO closed the Curve with an Aragon-based vote on ETH mainnet. A second vote to distribute the Curve's DAI was also passed and the ~30M  DAI collateral backing the Curve has been distributed per the terms of AGIP 65. GHST is now a free floating token!👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻 CURVE IS DEAD! LONG LIVE $GHST CURVE IS DEAD! LONG LIVE $GHST CURVE IS DEAD! LONG LIVE $GHST CURVE IS DEAD! LONG LIVE $GHST CURVE IS DEAD! LONG LIVE $GHST CURVE IS DEAD! LONG LIVE $GHST CURVE IS DEAD! LONG LIVE $GHST 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 Aavegotchi 👻 💜 (@aavegotchi) March 11, 2023 New Game Director Joins Pixelcraft Studios Pixelcraft Studios is excited to welcome Jason Slama to the team as our new Game Director! Jason has a long and distinguished career in the gaming industry, having previously held positions at companies such as CD Projekt Red and Ubisoft. Learn more about Jason and his appointment to Game Director on our blog!Aavegotchi on Magic Eden Aavegotchi NFTs are now tradable on Magic Eden! Magic Eden is one of the l...

Introducing the Gotchi Crown: See Through the Eyes of an Aavegotchi

Gather round, frens! We proudly present to you the pinnacle of technological innovation, the latest game-changer to hit the Aavegotchi Protocol: the one and only, Gotchi Crown! Say goodbye to the old-fashioned methods of bonding with your Aavegotchi like petting and dressing, and get ready to embark on the most mystical and truly extraordinary adventure of your life. The Gotchi Crown is nothing short of REVOLUTIONARY! Our world-class Gotchi scientists and based engineers have outdone themselves once again with the cutting-edge Gotchi Crown. This magnificent breakthrough device functions similarly to the groundbreaking neuralink technology, by enabling you to see the world through the eyes of your favorite Aavegotchi! Imagine immersing yourself in the Gotchiverse, soaring across breathtaking landmarks, experiencing the thrill of collecting Alchemica, and battling it out with your frens in the Aarena. The Gotchi Crown empowers you to transcend your human limitations and delve headfirst into the metaphysical dimensions of your Aavegotchi's life. Gain insights into their farming endeavors, try on your favorite Wearables, and witness the camaraderie among Aavegotchis that were once reserved for them alone! Join forces with your Aavegotchi to improve your Gotchiverse farming operation and make new friends across Gotchiverse. This is the FUTURE of gaming! But wait, there's more! With the Gotchi Crown, you can communicate wi...

Aavegotchi in the News

As Q1 comes to a close it's safe to say Aavegotchi has made more noise in the media than ever before! Let's take a look at some of the highlights. The Aavegotchi Protocol has always been about shipping. The almost constant new features, releases, and products have become staples of Pixelcraft Studios and the media has taken notice! Aavegotchi has been featured in numerous well known media outlets like CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, The Block, Benzinga and Yahoo Finance. In addition, we've gained tons of recognition across the wider NFT space in market reports, Twitter spaces, and IRL events. Let's take a look at some recent examples of Aavegotchi in the news!The Aavegotchi Forge The Aavegotchi Forge launched in February, instantly giving Aavegotchi Wearables max composability by breaking them down into their base components. The Forge team's innovation caught the attention of respected news reporters from Coindesk and Yahoo Finance.Bonding Curve Closure Perhaps the biggest news of this year so far for Aavegotchi was the AavegotchiDAO's decision to turn off the GHST token bonding curve. This big decision, coupled with the timing of DAI's depeg, generated newsworthy editorials for crypto media giants Coindesk and Cointelegraph. 30M DAI Raised from Curve Following the closure of the GHST bonding curve, the 30M DAI collateral behind the curve was distributed between Pixelcraft Studios and the AavegotchiDAO. This 30M DAI will be used by ...

AavegotchiDAO Assemble: Core Proposals AGIP 70 and 71 Now Live

Two new Core Proposals are live for voting on the official Aavegotchi Snapshot: Alchemica + GLTR Taskforce Funding and Gotchi Lodge 2023 Budget Revision. Keep reading to get the full scoop of each Proposal, join the discussion on the official AavegotchiDAO forum, and then finally head into Snapshot to cast your vote! Please examine each proposal carefully before voting. If a CoreProp reaches quorum, XP will be sent to all voting wallets' Aavegotchis regardless of which side of the results one is on. AGIP 70 Discussion (Alchemica + GLTR Taskforce Funding), AGIP 71 Discussion (Gotchi Lodge 2023 Budget Revision), The votes for AGIP 70 and 71 are open until Wednesday, April 5th. This gives you plenty of time to consider, discuss and VOTE at the AavegotchiDAO Snapshot. Now, let's have a look at these Core Proposals, shall we?[AGIP 70] Alchemica + GLTR Taskforce Funding Author: Immaterial#0001 Gotchi ID: 16559 Quorum requirement: 20% (9M) Vote duration: 7 days XP Reward: 20 XP for each Aavegotchi in the voter's wallet Discourse links: Hello frens, I've spent the last couple of weeks recruiting a diverse taskforce to generate ideas, conduct research and create sig props for our Alchemica + GLTR tokenomics. I hoped to find 8 members but ended up getting 10 amazing applications from some of the best minds and contributors in the community. These members have different types/sizes of holdings and different polit...

Gaming Industry Veteran Joins Pixelcraft Studios as Game Director

Pixelcraft Studios is excited to welcome Jason Slama to the team as our new Game Director! Jason has a long and distinguished career in the gaming industry, having previously held positions at companies such as CD Projekt Red and Ubisoft. Jason is perhaps best known for his work on the popular card game, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, where he served as Game Director. During his tenure, Gwent became one of the most popular digital card games in the world. That's right GotchiGang, another gaming industry veteran is joining Pixelcraft's team of shippers! "I am excited to join Pixelcraft Studios at this important time in the company's history. I look forward to building on Aavegotchi's success by leading the creation of new and innovative games that players will love. I am honored to be part of such a talented and dedicated team, and I can't wait to get started." - Jason Slama on joining Pixelcraft Studios Jason will be a tremendous asset to the talent-packed Pixelcraft Studios team. In his new role as Game Director he will be responsible for overseeing the development of Gotchi Guardians and ensuring it meets the high standards set by Pixelcraft and the Aavegotchi community. He will work closely with the development team to ensure that the game leverages advantages of blockchain gaming while breaking traditional accessibility barriers and pushing the quality boundaries of web3 games.Slama previously worked as ...

Gotchi Miner Launches with First Public Tournament: Dig for NFT Prizes and XP Rewards

Get ready to dig deep in the world of Gotchi Miner! Join the first ever public tournament from March 28th to April 4th, 2023 and earn for your in-game achievements. The top players will receive amazing rewards, including NFT wearables and FAKE Gotchi NFTs from the popular Hall of Fame series. Developed over the course of a year, Gotchi Miner is a community-developed game starring Aavegotchi NFTs. Join us in the search of ancient treasures hidden under the surface of the Gotchiverse.Gotchi Miner Rocks! In Gotchi Miner, you'll need to dig for Crypto Crystals using your drill, refine them in the refinery, make sure your jetpack has enough fuel, repair any damage using the garage, and trade for explosives, consumables, and gear upgrades. Detailed instructions can be found at To participate, simply go to and connect your wallet. Choose your Aavegotchi avatar and vote for a map to start your adventure. You can play alone or team up with up to 5 players to compete for the top rankings. Not a Gotchi owner yet? No problem! Borrow one from and join the search for ancient treasures.Tournament Prize PoolXP Rewards: - Earn 5 XP for any Gotchi scoring over $10k points Earn 10 XP for any Gotchi ranking in the top 500 Earn 15 XP for any Gotchi ranking in the top 100Top Player Rewards: - #6 to #10: Hall of Fame Fake Gotchi *NFT Wearables are supplied by Pixelcraft Studio...

Web 3 Gaming Studio Inverse Worlds to Develop on Aavegotchi's Supernet

Inverse Worlds is coming to Gotchichain! The web3 game studio, which focuses on building social metaverses, has big plans for development on Aavegotchi's own Polygon Supernet. Inverse Worlds is the first major web3 game studio, besides Pixelcraft Studios of course, to announce plans to develop on the gaming-focused supernet. Supernets are permissioned offshoots of Polygon POS network where any user can transact, but only certain developers can deploy contracts. Aavegotchi's soon to be released Gotchichain Supernet will be the ultimate blockchain gaming environment for both players and developers. The Gotchichain will feature ultra-fast confirmations, minimal fees, and unrivaled scalability.What is Gotchichain? Gotchichain will be the perfect building ground for web3 game studios like Inverse Worlds to create Aavegotchi-themed games, dapps, and experiences. The speedy confirmations and lower fees compared to Polygon POS will make for the ultimate user experience for blockchain gamers. All transactions on Gotchichain will utilize GHST, Aavegotchi's eco-governance token, as the gas token. While all Aavegotchi assets will still be minted on Polygon POS, users can bridge them over to Gotchichain to enjoy a gaming-friendly environment.Aavegotchi X Inverse Worlds Together, Aavegotchi and Inverse are paving the way for web3 brands to build unprecedented blockchain gaming and metaverse experiences by using Polygon's Supernets...

Introducing Gotchichain: Aavegotchi X Polygon Supernets

The Aavegotchi Protocol has already reached new heights this year as we continue to ship our way through 2023. The Year of the Gotchi is off to a hot start having hit major milestones like the release of the Aavegotchi Forge and the Closure of the GHST Bonding Curve. Now we're preparing to launch Gotchichain, a dedicated blockchain for all things Aavegotchi powered by Polygon Supernets!Polygon Supernets Supernets are permissioned offshoots of the Polygon POS network where any user can transact, but only certain developers can deploy contracts. This partnership will allow us to utilize Polygon's Supernets technology to create a blockchain optimized for gaming, with faster transaction times, lower gas fees, and superior scalability. In other words, Gotchichain will be the perfect launching ground for Aavegotchi-themed games and dapps. "We are thrilled to partner with Aavegotchi to bring gaming to the next level," said Hamzah Khan, Head of DeFi at Polygon." Polygon's Supernets technology will enable Aavegotchi to create a blockchain optimized for gaming, providing users with the ultimate NFT gaming experience."A Blockchain for All Things Aavegotchi Gotchichain will be the dedicated blockchain for all things Aavegotchi. Lower fees and faster confirmation times will make it the ultimate user experience for blockchain gamers, and the perfect building ground for developers and game studios. "We are ...

Aavegotchi NFTs Are Now Available on Magic Eden!

Aavegotchi NFTs have launched on Magic Eden, one of the largest NFT Marketplaces on Polygon! Magic Eden is one of the most well-recognized marketplaces not just on Polygon, but in the entire NFT space. With over 22M unique monthly visitors and 8,000+ collections it's the place to be for Polygon NFTs. With this momentous listing, Aavegotchi is going to attract more eyes than ever before from the wider crypto community!Aavegotchi Grails Trading Contest To celebrate this major moment in Gotchi history, Aavegotchi is partnering with Magic Eden to introduce a unique NFT trading contest. With this partnership Aavegotchi and Magic Eden are offering a 20,000 MATIC prize pool for the top traders of the Aavegotchi collections on Magic Eden's marketplace! The competition will last for 28 days, beginning NOW and ending at midnight EST on Wednesday, April 12th. You can sign up and register for the trading competition here. Only trades made on Magic Eden will count towards the Aavegotchi Grails Trading Contest leaderboard! The prize breakdown is as follows: 1st: 4500 MATIC tokens, 2nd: 4000 MATIC tokens, 3rd: 3000 MATIC tokens, 4th: 2500 MATIC tokens, 5th: 2000 MATIC tokens, 6th: 1000 MATIC tokens, 7th: 1000 MATIC tokens, 8th: 1000 MATIC tokens, 9th: 500 MATIC tokens, 10th: 500 MATIC tokens, Trading Aavegotchi Collections on Magic Eden You can start buying and selling Aavegotchis, Wearables, and Gotchiverse Tiles on Magic Eden RIGHT NOW on ...


Polygon CDK Expansion Takes Precedence as Edge Contributions Cease

    Polygon Labs has discontinued contributions to its Edge platform which is designed to build custom Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. This decision reflects the company's plans to prioritize the expansion of the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK), the open-source development toolkit for building ZK-powered Layer 2 chains on Ethereum for both Web3 projects and Web2 enterprises. Polygon CDK Set to Take Center Stage In the official announcement, Polygon Labs - the developer behind the Polygon blockchain ecosystem - said that Edge has been an open-source project. Its code base is licensed under the permissive Apache License 2.0, which enables the community to use the software for any purpose, distribute, and modify it. However, there has been a change in the team's development priorities over the past year. Rather than developing with Edge, the emphasis will now shift towards CDK, Polygon's toolkit for designing and launching zero knowledge-powered Layer 2 chains. CDX has emerged as a preferred solution for both Web2 and Web3 players. Chains deployed through the CDK are expected to exhibit interoperability across an extensive network. 'The landscape in which Edge was developed has changed and Polygon Labs now supports a solution that empowers developers to build within a (future) unified ecosystem of ZK-powered L2s.' Polygon's ZK Push Polygon Labs has already started doubling down its efforts towards zero-knowledge (ZK) since the beginning of the year. In March, they ... read More

Biconomy releases new SDK for better crypto and blockchain development

    Biconomy, a web3 development platform & toolkit that superpowers blockchain technology stacks, today announced it has launched a software development kit (SDK) to transform the way developers build easy-to-use decentralized applications (dApps). Since 2019, Biconomy has been engaged with the web3 infrastructure space by building easy-to-integrate, plug-and-play APIs for developers to scale their projects. The Biconomy SDK introduces time-saving steps for developers such as reducing multi-step transactions into one-click interactions, simple-to-use smart contract wallets, and a conveniently gasless and chainless experience for users. Easier Development As institutional and retail adoption of cryptocurrencies and dApps grow, dApp developers can onboard more web2 users by hiding the nuts and bolts behind complex on-chain transactions. This way, the majority of web2 users can onboard and interact with dApps easily — playing games, buying and trading NFTs and other digital assets — without deep knowledge of blockchain technology. dApps can save their users a ton of time and costs. “There is no point building in web3 if no one can use your products. User onboarding and retention are key for the growth of individual dApps and the crypto environment as a whole. Biconomy was built with the next billion web3 users in mind and we are fulfilling this goal by meeting developer and user needs. From gasless to one-click transactions, we are making sure engaging with web3 f... read More

Delysium selects Polygon to build its AI-powered decentralized gaming ex...

    Delysium, an AI-powered, player-owned AAA web3 game, today announced an integration with Polygon to launch its open-world MMORPG. The integration follows the Delysium $4 million private token sale, led by Galaxy Interactive, Republic Crypto, and Alameda Research. By harnessing Polygon, Delysium aims to create the ultimate, large-scale, decentralized gaming experience. Players' ownership over Delysium's game assets (tokens, NFTs, game resources, etc.) will be fully decentralized and interoperable among various compatible blockchains quickly, reducing the cost of play and revenue acquisition for users. Additionally, Delysium and Polygon Studios — the NFT and gaming arm of Polygon — will work together on technical solutions, game distribution, asset expansion, industry resources, branding, and other aspects to promote the rapid development and launch of Delysium. Billing itself as a cyberpunk style, open-world, MMORPG, Delysium allows players to earn loot boxes by joining various game modes, including PVE and PVP. Players can then sell earned items in the Delysium marketplace, use them to upgrade their character and equipment, or craft user-generated content (UGC). In addition to its play-and-earn mechanism, Delysium also features a bedrock of in-game NPCs powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Notably, these AI-driven NPCs can be purchased or rented by the player and set to work to complete tasks and earn passive income for the user character. Known as ‘Met... read More

Gensokishi Online Announces Listing Metaverse(MV) Token on Gate?io and C...

    PRESS RELEASE. MV/USDT pair will be listed on, a leading Cryptocurrency exchange, on March 23, 2022 at 11:00AM (UTC).. The Gensokishi Online Project is a GameFi and metaverse incarnation of the award winning Nintendo Switch/PS4 game 'Elemental Knights'. It has set numerous records since releasing its website and various social networking sites on December 2, 2021. The community has grown to over 230k members since its release. Gensokish Online Project's token MV(Metaverse) is also ranked second in most held tokens out of all 1,000+ tokens built on Polygon, indicating the high expectations for The Gensokishi Online Project. is one of the leading Cryptocurrency exchanges established in China, founded in 2013. Operating under the direction of Gate Technology Inc., the company provides centralized and decentralized systems for comprehensive protection of user funds, while offering trading and instant deposit and withdrawal services based on state-of-the-art technology. Globally, there are more than a million of users, and the number is still growing. Security measures are of a high standard, including two-step verification, cold wallet management, and multisignature, making it a safe and secure exchange for users around the world. Start-up campaign for a total distribution of 200,000 MV In celebration of the MV listing, a MV startup campaign will be held on VIP 1 and higher tiers of can participate in this campaign, and their USDT deposit ... read More

GensoKishi Online Strives To Be The Project To Watch In 2022

    Genoskishi Online was created under license from Elemental Knights Online, a Japanese 3D MMORPG. Essentially, GensoKishi Online is a new version of Elemental Knights Online, which received the 'Game of the Year Gold Award' in Taiwan in 2012 and has gained over 8 million players worldwide. At its core, this is a 3D Massively Multiplayer Online game (3D MMO) and the service offered combines aspects of NFT and GameFi through a metaverse environment with the overall goal of ushering in a new fantasy world economy using blockchain technology. Elemental Knights Online was initially released as a Japanese online game on FeaturePhone, and it has subsequently been made accessible on Google Play, AppStore, Nintendo Switch, and PS4, among other various platforms. The company has been working on their game for over 13 years during which time numerous players have stated that the team has gained their trust and achieved a lot for both the game itself and the community. What’s so special about GensoKishi? Since the launch of its website and several social networking services on December 2nd, 2021, GensoKishi Online has achieved multiple records and accolades. In the first 20 days of its debut, the community grew to over 100,000 members which have now grown to more than 230,000. Moreover, it became the quickest project ever established by Trustpad, a decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform, selling out in only 20 seconds which is also a record for all projects. As if that weren... read More

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